well done michaela :)

Busy these past few weeks, and I finally got caught up with HTGAWM. I can go into the descriptions and what not, but I am going to focus on this one, itty bitty spot with Michaela and Asher.

I don’t want to say it’s rare. BW/WM relationships do and can happen in the media. It can be done well, and Michaela/Asher are one of the ones that are done, in my opinion, particularly well. It isn’t perfect, but it isn’t meant to be perfect. Instead of falling into the trope of the BW teaching the WM the error of his ways, guiding him from his problematic upbringing and thinking, Michaela puts it to a stop.

It isn’t going to go there. It isn’t her job to teach Asher the error of his ways. It isn’t any PoC/WoC’s job to teach their white friends/romantic interests/significant others the problems with their racist/prejudice mindset. In many films where it’s dealing with this kind of thing—it’s what happens?

Films/shows do exist where this is brought up. Where it isn’t their job to teach, but to engage and love. But I don’t see enough of it.

Asher’s development comes from being a part of the Keating Five. They’re aren’t teaching him, but he’s learning. Going back to where he was first season, I’ll say he has grown in some ways, and it’s fine. I actually like Asher. I like Michaela. 

They’re not a big damn romance. They’re not serious. But there’s affection, they care for each other, and it’s nice. It’s really nice to see them.