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Poirot and the 1930s Charleston dance

Why I really liked Detective Conan Movie 17

When I was first watching DC movies, I understood surprisingly that some of them are not as good as the original series. Some of them are flat-out absurd, some have uninteresting motive and some of them have plot holes. Recently on DC Discord we did a podcast about movies and the only movie that got 10/10 for me were First and… 17th. 

Why 17? Well, I have a lot to tell about it.

1) Full cast

This movie had Conan, Detective Boys, Shinichi (as voice), Ran, Sonoko, Kogoro, Heiji, Kazuha, Agasa, Haibara and Tokyo MPD, Osaka MPD, Kyoto MPD. That was impressive. Everybody got their own role, nobody was on the background, this movie seemed like a good puzzle, where every piece has its own place.

2) Team Work

I must say: I love team work! When everybody execute their own strength in order to achieve something together. Man, that was great. When Police shared their face-recognition software, when Heiji and Kazuha were in Osaka, searching for spy, when they met with Haibara and Agasa… No, seriously. Conan, on ship, takes a picture of the female staff member. Sends it to Agasa and Haibara. Then tells Heiji to investigate. Heiji stealthy takes the liquid from the body and gives it to Haibara to analyze. And when Heiji and Kazuha were caught at the camera at Osakan park, while Conan and the others watched the monitors to try to catch the spy. It’s hard to explain, but the fact that it happens simultaneously kinda makes me happy. 

3) Nobody Noticed 

MAJOR Japan problem was about to occur, global national-wide problem and nobody noticed a thing. Civilians, I mean. Usually when stuff happens in DC movies, it’s big stuff and it involves massive panic, avalanches and/or rolling… Ferris… wheels… *eye twitches* 

In this movie nobody noticed a thing, and it was well-hidden. Even the helicopter was disguised as a training. Makes me wonder, how many national problems we faced without even noticing it.

4) Romance

Not a prominent part of the movie, but it had its moments. For example, Tropical Land flashback and the call from Ran to Shinichi. And Kazuha and Heiji moment, where he saves her from the bullet. Also little off-topic, but I like how Kazuha was involved. 

And obviously last scene…

5) Ran’s fight and Yuki’s courage 

Ran’s fight. Reminds me why I love this character so much. She only lost because the spy used a dirty tactic, but man, she fought great. Also Yuki. Oh, dear little Yuki. I loved how Ran and Conan behaved like adults towards him, comforting poor guy. Also I loved how he found courage to fight in his own way. Remember, he is 6.

6) Everything is connected

Mitsuhiko’s waterproof watch he gives to Ran at the beginning of the movie saves her in the end. Kogoro’s golden cards show her whereabouts. ‘I will always find you’ motive. Conan screaming her name made her lift her hand from the water, and that’s why Aegis was able to detect her.

7) Motive 

The motive of this movie’s case was not petty ‘I killed her because she didn’t appreciate me’ or not petty but cliche ‘I killed all those people to avenge my beloved’. Oh no. This movie’s case was espionage, national security and betrayal. Also even the ‘murder’ happens accidentally, so this movie doesn’t even have a criminal (apart from the spy of course).

8) Feels

When Sonoko cried for Ran. When she shouted ‘who cares about the sunset, FIND HER’. When Detective Boys flat out cried, and Shinichi felt like he doesn’t deserve to be the detective. When MPD felt at loss and Sato tried to comfort Sonoko. When Conan stopped caring about ‘nee-chan’ at public and just gave the commands to them. 

Feels were strong in this one. I must say, I cry in the end all the time.

9) All in all

All in all, it feels well-paced, doesn’t have plot holes, is really Japanese in all terms, shows the unity of the nation, uses all main cast, shows the power of team work, doesn’t have a petty murder motive, is clever, has an interesting case, heavy emotional, characters are not OOC, and all in all it seems extremely well done.



As though I needed any further proof that Tumblr is a toxic hellhole. People don’t take 10 minutes to fact check, decide I’ve been pregnant ‘too long’ for how old that shitty Macbeth post is, and spread that I’m faking my pregnancy. Because obviously that’s the only possible explanation, right?

If y'all had taken just a moment to scroll back through that Macbeth post you’d have seen that I miscarried the first time I was pregnant you insensitive shits.

So well done. Great detective work.


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Fandom: Detective Conan / Case Closed

Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot

Summary: Gin is assigned with the task of giving Sherry some shooting lessons. Neither expects a shot through the heart. —[Sherry/Gin] [Shiho/Gin] [Dubious Romance] [Drabble]

Pairing: Gin/Sherry ; Gin/Shiho [Ginsherry]

Genre and Rating: Romance (?) ; K+

Word Count: 862

A/N:  I meant to write a joke post and it unsuspectingly turned into this. It’s my worst kept secret that Sherry/Gin is my guilty pleasure. However, I don’t ship it in a HEA way, though I’m most intrigued by their dynamic. If a past romantic relationship were confirmed in canon, I’d be terribly sad. Because Miyano Shiho deserves so much more than have her heart broken by some obsessive psycho, and I’m saying that as a compliment for both characters.

Thanks to @jackel-gull for proofreading <3

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“What is this?” Damian asks, blowing dust off the spine. He flips through a few pages and wrinkles his nose in disgust.
Which is pretty much how he reacts to everything, so you know— whatever. Tim wouldn’t expect him to understand.
“It’s a Hardy Boys mystery,” he tells him. “I used to collect them when I was little. They’re about these two brothers that go around solving cases together.” Tim hears Dick behind him, laughing softly.
“You would be into those, wouldn’t you?”
“Honestly, I was waaay more than into them,” Tim admits. “I was kind of obsessed, if you can believe it.”
“You? Obsessed?”
“Shut up.” Tim takes his book from Damian and tucks it gently back onto the shelf. “This one is special. I sold the other ones a while back, but, uh—” He hesitates because maybe he shouldn’t tell this story with Damian in the room. Ah, who is he kidding? Dick’s going to tell literally everyone anyway. He might as well.
“So I had all of them except this one— number forty-nine. I really, really wanted to complete the set, you know? And I was, I don’t know, seven? Eight? Really little.”
“Go on.”
“There was this bookstore I used to go to every once in a while, and whenever I asked about number forty-nine, they would tell me ‘yeah, we ordered it for you, it should be on the shelf,’ but it never was. I thought—”
Tim knows he’s blushing. “—I thought they were hiding it from me for some reason. So I decided to go track it down. You know, like a detective.”
Dick’s grinning so hard he looks like he’s about to burst. “And then?”
“Um, they found me in the storage room. With a magnifying glass. I was pretending to be you, actually. Robin.”
“I think this story is giving me a toothache,” Damian mutters, but Dick shuts him down.
“Shhh! I want to hear the rest of this. Keep going.”
“I brought my bed sheet to wear as a cape,” Tim tells him. “That’s it. I’m done. Story over.”
“Oh my god.”
“I know.” Tim smiles a little bit, remembering. “But I found the book. It was under the manager’s desk.”
“Well done, Detective Drake,” says Damian. “Can we get lunch now?”

For safety-dancer  (hope you like it)

XOXO Thank you for the headcanon. I feel much better now.



My whole life has been about being perfect: perfect grades, perfect job, being a perfect sister - taking care of Kara. But the one part of my life that I have never been able to make perfect was dating. I just never really liked it. I dunno, I mean, I tried. You know, I got asked out. I just- I never liked being intimate. I just- I dunno, I thought maybe that’s just not the way that I was built, you know. It’s just not my thing. I never- I never thought that it was because of the other- That… Maybe I- I mean, I don’t know. Now, now I can’t stop thinking about- | About what? | That maybe there’s some truth to what you said. | About? | What you said. About me. 

dana watches lucifer (2x05)
  • i am so ready for this ep
  • chloe ain’t dead there’s no way js
  • “ahh son of a biscuit dylan” haha me
  • guys i don’t care just tell me if chloe is okay
  • SHE hurt chloe?
  • omg chloe is fine haha she just gets out i love it no one can hurt chloe
  • lucifer is Protective Boyfriend
  • maze and chloe moving is my favorite thing
  • “read it to me now” trixie is literally demanding reading time i love it
  • oh nooooo she’s worried abt her mom i literally love trixie more than life itself i would die for her
  • haha lucifer acts like he’s turned off when clearly he loves it
  • “i call it tuesday but apparently it’s frowned upon”
  • “for the insta” i am so glad lucifer and his phone are going strong
  • lucifer is ready to go
  • omg so is ella “yeah i mean no
  • “clearly i got the fashion sense in the family” lucifer hits the important issues off the bat
  • what is this yoda bullshit uriel shut up 
  • lucifer looks frickin terrified
  • maze is so protective of chloe i love it
  • okay either chloe x maze x lucifer can be ot3 or polyamory i am good w either
  • i rly want maze and linda together i decided guys
  • “i won’t be leaving ur side” um yes all this deckerstar has got me living
  • “do you have anything constructive to add” no detective douche NEVER has constructive stuff to add i don’t even know his real name
  • “welcome to devil time” I LOVE IT HE IS SUCH A DORK
  • “you’re oddly adorable” DAMN RIGHT THEY ARE actually this detective douche x lucifer brotp has me kinda liking him better
  • don’t quote me on that it could change any second
  • see this actress who plays the mom is rly good and i know that bc in the age of adaline i felt like blake lively was super awkward pretending that her daughter was her daughter when she’s younger looking but the mom is totally believable even thought they’re the same age
  • lucifer is such a dork i love him
  • awww he wants his wife to be happy
  • “what happened to you man? lighthouse, pathetic” lucifer do you see the way you look @ chloe every 0.2 seconds um
  • “i literally don’t know what to say to you right now” i love chloe and i relate
  • the lucifer/amenadiel pep talk gave me life
  • yes amenadiel belittle uriel more i love it
  • my aesthetic is amenadiel calling lucifer “lucy” and uriel “urie”
  • okay i mean i knew uriel would rise bc the episode is like twenty minutes in but it doesn’t mean i’m remotely happy abt it
  • you gotta know that JUST when lucifer says she can go alone something’s gonna happen
  • “god it’s like get a room already” DID I MENTION I LOVE ELLA
  • maze is pissed 
  • lucifer looks devastated and so does amenadiel and i prepared to be sad about chloe not this and owwwww
  • they’re both crying p much but now lucifer is worried about chloe and omg this episode is murdering me
  • “maybe ur not so bad after all” lucifer female bonding is just the best i don’t care who if they’re two main female characters and they are in the same scene i love it
  • oh god chloe you gotta get outta the way 
  • oh god lucifer is so scared
  • oh god oh god oh god
  • aw chloe is crying i love this monologue and i love her my heart feels a little fuller right now
  • “well done detective” thanks for using my otp tag lucifer
  • “just buckle up” he loves her sm 
  • also i love how even though he’s worried for her he still respects her decision and need to do things alone sometimes
  • lucifer can’t lose his mum he can’t lose anything else he’s making me emotional 
  • last episode was full of smiles and friendship and bonding but this episode is so angsty and full of heartache
  • this mother son pep talk is so nice
  • if chloe does not arrive safely i will be very cross
  • i cannot lose chloe and cat grant in the same week okay
  • “maybe i’m building up to a big finale” um not if i can help it
  • that better not be finale foreshadowing
  • whoa he cares abt chloe more than mom
  • lucifer always has such great fight scenes
  • “you can’t stop me brother” lol you thought
  • oh no lucifer bb don’t feel guilty please
  • trixie finally gets the story yes
  • honestly lucifer looks so terrible i am so sad i am so sad
  • this lucifer/mom hug kills me and he’s just a wreck and i am just a wreck and maybe i will never watch this show again i hate it
  • that’s a lie tho
  • “what have i done”
  • next weeks trailer looks intense