well done belgium!!

From an article in Belgian newspaper De Morgen (no online source as of now). They visited the set of The Drop last year and had a few words with Tom. Translated with the help of google!

“I’m still not convinced,” he smiles when considering the question of what convinced him to take part in this project. “We’re still working.”

And then follow the usual answers: “Great script, great cast, great director.”

No, seriously, what do you think of Michael?

Tom Hardy: “We’ll see I don’t know, because it’s only been two weeks and the studio has not fired him yet (laugh). Michael is definitely an artist and that’s great, he is intelligent and smart. And as a man, he is pleasant to work with. I love his company. I thought Bullhead was a brilliant film. I’ve only watched it here, when we had already started. It’s a striking and innovative piece of work. It’s a hard film, but I could see that Michael is a very talented filmmaker. And what Matthias does,it’s amazing. It’s a film that has touched me., I had that same feeling, for example, with Un Prophète by Jacques Audiard.”

Will you tell us more about the collaboration with Schoenaerts? “He makes me laugh. Matthias is talented, handsome, intelligent, successful. But in addition, he is also very human, kind and generous with his talent. And that is a combination that you rarely find in this profession. Yes he is quite exceptional. Well done, Belgium! ”