dear michael gordon clifford,

you are an incredibly brave human being and your courage will get you through anything and everything. you have the kindest soul and i am very sure that speaking out about your mental health will help thousands of young adults accept their own issues.

i’m extremely proud of you and i love you always


[MUSIC VIDEO] ZICO (지코) - Well Done (feat. Ja Mezz)

When they said “one day, you’ll wake up and realise he was just a douchebag” I never believed it.
But today, today you weren’t the first thing that popped up in my mind.
I didn’t imagine you next to me or check my phone to expect something from you.
Today, I feel better, like I’ve taken one huge step.
Because today, I feel happier.
Finally, happier without you.

my 3 year old brother is the greatest, we were watching Supernatural and it just got to the part where Cas came in after Dean killed all those people in the Bunker and I went, “Crap, Dean’s gonna kill Cas now” and then my brother says
“Dean’s not gonna kill that guy!”
I was like, “why?”
and he says “Because he loves Castiel!”