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I just saw a post about someone being frustrated that people only seem to want Dean to be bi to have major lgbt representation when Crowley is canon pansexual. What? What did I miss? WHen was it made canon?

Hey, dear anon :)

Well, I guess “canon” is maybe too strong of a word since they never explicitly discuss or confirm Crowley’s sexuality on the show, but Mark Sheppard himself said at a convention a few years back that he believes Crowley to be “more pansexual than anything else” and it seems that a bunch of people agree with that (me included, by the way).

I mean, in his very first scene he’s kissing a man (granted, mainly to seal a deal, but still ;p), he’s indulging in constant sexual remarks and innuendos towards almost anyone who seems to perk his interest one way or another and it’s at least quite canon that he participated in an orgy while possessing a female vessel (with women and men involved). And, of course, more importantly, don’t forget his good time with demon!Dean and some triplets  ;DD

In this regard he doesn’t seem to see much of a difference between men and women, humans, demons (I mean, Lilith had been rumored to be his lover, for example) or angels/reapers (Naomi and Billie [both only implied, but rather heavily imo ;)]).

So I think pansexuality is a good way to describe his preferences. You may call it canon, you may not.

In the end it’s Crowley and he does whatever the hell he wants :DD


“How does it work?” You might ask. WELL, MY DEAR, STEP RIGHT UP AND TAKE A LOOK. 

Something like this suit your fancy?

Or this perhaps? 

Want me to do a similar-style painting for you portraying whatever you’d like? Now’s your chance! 

However, unlike my other works, prices are not determined by number of characters, but by the hour. Due to the extensive amount of work involved, I will keep track of how long it takes me to do your piece and charge accordingly. 

Here’s how that works: 

Flat rate of $8/hour, before discounts, with a $50 deposit at the start. This deposit will, naturally, be deducted from the final invoice so you won’t have to pay it twice. 

Discounts apply to anybody who supports me on Patreon, as well as for JJBA, Homestuck, or Steven Universe-related commissions.

I will paint anything that I will draw, so the general rules for commissions still stand. However, please be aware that gore/nsfw content might take longer and, therefore, cost more. 

I am taking three slots for paintings alongside normal commission slots. They may fill up fast, but I can open up a waiting list if necessary.

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With the girls at school and Severus "retired", what joint activities have returned to your normal routine to replace those focused on the children when they lived at home full time?

Pictured: The Snapes at home // Artwork: Insaitable: part 1 by Cherieosaurus

Dear Anon,

Well, we do still have our littlest one at home with us, but our routine has certainly changed–and slowed down a bit–with our other children away at Hogwarts.

Severus and I cook dinner together nearly every night now, which, for me, is wonderful. We spent too many nights over the years not seeing each other and eating separate meals, so it’s lovely to have that ‘proper time’ to catch up on each other’s day face to face. 

Some nights we’ll go out for a meal, whether it’s during the week when Severus can meet me in London when I get off work or on the weekends when we might do lunch and include Jeannie in the mix. 

As I mentioned, our lives have slowed down, too, which is an admittedly nice change of pace. We spend a lot of time reading, as we normally did, but now we have more opportunities to converse with one another about our interests and just have the relief of having an adult conversation we couldn’t always afford. 

I’ve gotten more involved in Severus’s potion-making business and he’s been able to take a greater interest in the work I do, simply because we have more time to converse and be together.

I suppose, to put it simply, we’ve gained a lot more of one another’s company. We made the limited time we had before quality time, of course, but it’s far richer and much more complete since Severus has come home. 



We also have a lot more sex, Anon.


-loud gasp-


-slaps his arm-




It’s true.


-blushes furiously-


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What's some of your favorite Taylor Swift songs? All Too Well is my ultimate favorite, but some others I will always love are Last Kiss, If This Was a Movie, Enchanted, Tim McGraw, Mine, Sad Beautiful Tragic, and You Are In Love.

I think Red is her best album, I don’t think there is one song (or any of the extra tracks) that isn’t stellar and incredible. 

I think lyrically her best songs are: All Too Well, Dear John, Clean You Are In Love and The Moment I Knew

Then personal faves? I have to break it down by my top 3 albums:

Speak Now: Dear John/Last Kiss/The Story of Us/Long Live/Back To December/Mine

Red: State of Grace/All Too Well/Begin Again/Treacherous/The Moment I Knew/Come Back Be Here/Red

1989: Style/Clean/This Love/You Are In Love/Wonderland

*connor’s phone rings*

jared: *reads the contact name*

jared: dude. you still call your father “daddy”?

*connor answers his phone*

connor, not breaking eye contact with jared: hey evan

jared: *spits out drink*

here’s what the ratty shoebox under dean’s bed contains:

  • an old leather wallet with the initials “j.h.w” embossed on the front.
  • two tattered notebooks with ripped covers and loose pages full of scribbles about monsters, lyrics from songs, messy doodles, and phone numbers from truckstop diner waitresses.
  • a handful of photographs featuring a few familiar faces that are still painful to look at.
  • a dog-eared slaughterhouse five, a coverless grapes of wrath, and a relatively intact hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy.
  • some stray bullets.
  • some jewellery.
  • five mix tapes with handwritten titles in faded pen such as “tunes for ass-kicking” and “songs to get laid to.”

someone: i always skip “to break in a glove” to be honest…like what’s the importance of a baseball glove, wtf


  • Arthur Weasley: Well, I manage my department, and I’ve been doing that for several years now. And, Merlin, I’ve learned a lot of life lessons along the way.
  • Molly Weasley: Your department’s just you, right?
  • Arthur Weasley: Well, yes, Molly dear, but I am not easy to manage.