well dayum son

Watching Flash Ep.2
  • me: Where's Harrison Wells?
  • me: *sees "with Tom Cavanagh"*
  • me: Where's Harrison Wells?
  • barry: the last person that helped me like this was a man i looked up to. idolized. he taught me how to get faster, how to get stronger. how to use my powers to save people. that same man murdered my mother.
  • me: yeah yeah. We get it. Where is he?
  • *later*
  • tour guide lady: *talks*
  • me: bitch, there's two minutes left. WHERE THE FUCK IS HARRISON WELLS?
  • tour guide lady: .... specializing in artificial intelligence, genetics and meta-human study- oh... are we in for an unexpected treat!
  • me: *looks at the blonde girl with glasses on the left* i feel ya kid.
  • tour guide lady: it is my absolute honor to introduce you to the founder of the S.T.A.R Labs. The savior of Central City.
  • me: say it. YAAAS. SAY IT
  • tour guide lady: Dr. Harriosn Wells.
  • me: *screams*
  • everyone else: *claps*
  • dr. harrison wells: hello kids.
  • me: *screaming intensifies*
  • me: *dies*