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Teen Top: Family Member Edition

Chunji: the wine mom

-naturally fabulous and is ready to gossip at any time

-the wine mom spends her time gossiping about the scandalous neighbours and her work colleagues

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C.A.P: the grandpa that’s passed out half way through dinner

-he means well but after 5 pm, there is no waking him

-always tells the kids stories about the ‘good old days’,sometimes tells embarrassing stories of the parents - pretty chill

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Niel: the vodka aunt

-1000% done with everyone and is willing to expose them

-enjoys creating drama at every family gathering

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L.joe: the ‘smart’ uncle

-thinks he’s honestly a genius and will set out to prove everyone else wrong

-doesn’t always get along with the wine mom and the vodka aunt but enjoys the drama they create

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Ricky: the cousin who thinks they are the shit

-self confidence level 1000%  (cute and they know it)

-brags about their life 25/7 but no one in the family will roast them

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Changjo: the relateable cousin

-so done with everyone’s shit and is only there for the food

-tries to spend all their time in their room (or as far away from the family as possible) but still gets pulled into every argument

-usually, the least problematic, but when mad, is the grand master roaster

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DJ Shindong: How many kids would L.Joe like to have?
L.Joe: I would like to have three.
Chunji: Really~! *laughs*
L.Joe: I want a son, a daughter, and a son. Chunji! Son, daughter, son.
DJ Shindong: Ah, yes. Have you perhaps thought of a name?
L.Joe: Well, since Chunji’s real name is Chanhee, and add Byung, so Byungchannie~♥