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46# Soft Klance of the Day: Lance discovers that Keith has quite a lot of beauty marks on his back.
He finds it fun to trace them with his fingers, as if drawing and connecting the dots.
“You know, it kind of looks like a shark.” Lance mumbles as he drags his finger through the skin. “I doubt that.” Keith muses.
Lance hums. “You are right, this might actually look like a Lion… hey! How cool would that be? It’s like you were destined to be a pilot of Voltron!”
“Are you sure?” Keith asks with a raised eyebrow, trying to look at his own back, curiosity in his tone.
Lance smirks meeting his gaze.“Nah, it’s totally a shark.”
Keith chuckles. “Figured.”

So a few days ago Jin tweeted something about changing his office? ( Not very clear yet?) If that’s the case, I’m extremely glad…well many people in the Japanese fandom are glad. Because basically, Jin seemed really disappointed on twitter with the plot making. He said something about one of the staffs forced him to give more spotlight to the popular characters when Jin wasn’t actually planning for it, or telling him to make the story more less dark or complicated just only for younger fans (Like????? Jin didn’t start the series that way??? Hello the very first song is about a boy being in huge depression???) Well, basically I believe that he was in a situation where he wasn’t 100% able to right a story in a way that he wants. So it would be great if he no longer needs to deal with those people.


Two Week Hiatus

Hi all!

As of today I’m out of the country for two weeks. I might be on intermittently but I’ll be fairly busy while I’m away so I won’t be blogging much, probably not really answering asks, and I definitely don’t think I’ll be updating any fics during this time. If there’s anything urgent I might wrangle the time to boost it or respond to it, but I won’t have much mental energy.

The silver lining is that I’ll be back in town pretty much just in time to catch The Flash and the Legends season premieres! :)

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Just this blog or afc too??

just this one. at the moment, askfakeconnor is in a very plot heavy spot (i regret everything) and it doesn’t make sense to me personally to do guest artists during that. 


Doods of wolf shifter Kiri and veterinarian Bakugou? I wonder how come the non-human one is always Kirishima when I draw this sort of AUs…

they say french is the language of love. but like, anything can be the language of love if you’re learning it for a loved one.

- wanna get to know your polish grandma better? polish is your language of love.
- significant other is a huge star trek fan? bam, learn some klingon, language of love.
- your new friend friend is deaf? tell them you love em by signing it in ASL

Welp! I’ve been meaning to draw Finny from @dailyskyfox for a while, because gosh darnit I love that blog and this guy is a cutie.