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Eh, even if Oda draws women too sexualized, at least they'll never be as grossly sexualized as Rosa is. Seriously tho, her tits are WAY too big. And her shirt is way too fucking revealing. Her waist is too small as well. Especially with how big her tits are. How does her spine not snap? Her body is simply not realistic. It's very uncomfortable to look at, and I've been meaning to say this for a while. If there weren't so many 12.9 year olds and women on this site, I guess I wouldn't care.

i mean i get this ask was sent for the soul purpose of baiting me bcuz i’ve just been str8 out ignoring all the other attempts to get a rise outta me bcuz someone out there is bored, but this just makes u look dumb which is great

my /fan character/ Gol D. Rosa (whom i rarely even draw from the waist down):

a canon female character in One Piece

so i mean if we’re arguing that my fan character is /more sexualized than actual One Piece females/ thats just embarrassing to say especially adding that oh youre just saying it because you care about the children lmao

so some bullet points

  • tits aren’t meant to be inherintly sexual ANY time they are drawn. I draw her shirt like that to both show her chest tattoo, and to allude to Luffy always wearing his vest open (i guess its not sexual when he does it). If she had very small boobs would that somehow make what she wears suddenly safe for the children? we just don’t know, because girls i guess don’t get to decide that
  • -Rosa is around 5'3’’, very short and compact, her waist has fat layers because thats what women have and she eats a ton, but shes very much in shape. I don’t believe i draw her waist as small or smaller than how Oda would draw a woman. At least Rosa has a ribcage.
  • -if Rosa is uncomfortable for you to look at, don’t look at her. unfollow me, and black list the tag ‘Gol D. Rosa’ and you will never see her again. She is not canon and you will never see her in the actual series. Which apparently has women with body shapes you find far less uncomfortable than the ones I draw. So theres that.
  • -i dont kno what a ‘12.9 year old’ is but i dont think i have many of them following me unless you yourself are 12.9 years old that would explain a lot of this ask tbh
  • -go volunteer at an after school program for the children to protect them if you really care about them seeing a make believe cartoon woman’s cleavage and belly button on a pretend mom OC on the internet
  • the fact that u sent me this on Mothers Day is great go have a great day and find a better hobby