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The Netflix Series of Unfortunate Events is turning out to be awesome! Super stoked for season 2. Loving how VFD members are getting a lot more screen time too! And Lemony Snicket!! And UNCLE MONTY!!!

So there was a small comments war last night/early this morning (while I was sleeping, so I have no idea when it actually happened) on the story @lastbluetardis and I co-authored, between an anonymous reviewer and an absolutely awesome friend who stepped up to defend us (well, several awesome friends, really). It started with the reviewer “challenging” us to rewrite the story in the way they wanted it to go, and just went on from there.

I’ve read and re-read these comments, because that’s what I do when something upsets me – I obsess over it. And there are a few keypoints I picked out from the reviewer that are honestly, I think, the root of the problem when it comes to readers.

The first, and foremost, is that the person seemed to think we absolutely needed to hear what they didn’t like about the story. While critique is something that should always be welcomed, as it helps people grow, this review wasn’t constructive critique. It was “this is how I would have enjoyed the story, rewrite it.” That’s not constructive. It’s barely a critique. And while critique can certainly help a writer grow, unsolicited “this is how I would have done it better” reviews can kill a writer’s spirit. You’re saying the writer isn’t good enough. Why should they even bother?

And “challenging” us to write a better story based on what you want reeks of entitlement. Which brings me to my next point.

I am actually going to quote the review here (it’s posted on a public forum so if for some reason the reviewer is following me and gets mad about me posting it here, well. You posted it on a public forum, buddy), because there’s this one line which basically sums up every single problem with this person’s attitude:

“I took the time to read and consider what was written versus what I didn’t believe worked.”

The implication here is that we should somehow be thankful for them taking time out of their day to decide “here are all the ways this story didn’t work” when we didn’t ask or it. We are not professional writers. We wrote this story for fun. I was logging on while I was at work just to write. This person is treating us like we were paid to write it, and we should value the time they took to tell us everything that was wrong. And that’s not okay. Would you walk up to a professional author and say, “Hey I like your book but here’s everything I think was wrong with it please fix it to my liking?” Of course not. So why would you say it to a fanfiction author?

Which brings me to my next point. @chocolatequeennk kindly (more kindly than I would have) pointed out to the reviewer that fanfiction is a gift, and the reviewer rebuked that, saying that’s a “dangerous metaphor,” and going on to say that their words should have been welcome and that we would never grow as writers if we were never receptive to criticism (they said a lot more but I’m summing it up). And that is a more dangerous mindset than looking at fanfiction as a gift. Writers do not owe readers fanfiction, and saying that we should listen when a reviewer nitpicks (which is basically what this reviewer did) is infinitely more horrifying than saying, “Fanfiction is a gift.”

Because fanfiction is a gift. Fanfic writers look at canon and say, “Fuck that, I can do it better,” or look at characters and say, “I wonder what would happen if you were mermaids.” And then they write it. They spends hours and days going over every little detail of their writing and making it perfect. And they do not have to post that you to read. They do not have to put it up on a public forum and make it available for the masses. But they choose to do that because they want to share it. And if you don’t like it? If the idea doesn’t appeal to you? That’s fine. Everyone is different. But you need to stop and think about what it must have taken for the author to say, “I am happy enough to post this for the public to read.” Fanfiction writers do not owe you the next chapter of their story. They do not owe you the fluffy coffee shop AU they wrote at 3 a.m. when they couldn’t sleep. They posted that because they wanted to, and acting like they owe you something better is rude and entitled. If you think you can do it better, then write it yourself. Hell, I’ve done that. I’ve absolutely read a story and thought “I could do this idea better” and then I went and wrote it. Was it better? Who knows. Probably not. I never posted it. But I wrote it to my liking, and I enjoyed it, and I didn’t make a poor author feel bad about themselves in the process.

We do not get paid to write fanfiction. We do not get paid to post it. We do it because we want to, and for no other reason. Readers are not entitled to anything an author writes. Saying “Write it the way I want you to write it” is rude and uncalled for. If you don’t like a story, or if you start to like it and then don’t like where it’s going, stop reading it. Because no author is ever going to rewrite a story because one singular person says “this is how it could have been better, rewrite it.”

That is not constructive. It’s rude.

I just wanna make a post for those who made 2016 extra special for me, even if we haven’t known each other the entire year or if I have admired you from afar, you guys made 2016 great, even if it was a shit year. Thanks to @lionhardt, @drakthog, @liinkstar, @remembertherandler, @mythical-sophie, @jacularmetteld, @mythical-michelle, @willitrhink, @pringlesaremydivision, and @lovelyrhink, my year wasn’t as bad as it could of been. Thanks, guys.

Here’s to 2017!

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Where does "go team nice work" come from??

oh boy, welcome to the trashcan that is my blog omg

this post pretty much explains it all but essentially @letsgiggletogether cass and i (as well as so many other awesome people that have told us so many great stories) have latched onto it as a pure and supportive meme to cheer each other on


edit: did i create a tab on my blog dedicated to explaining this story to newcomers?? yes i did. yes. i did… (i’m the Worst)

You women are pretty awesome, us guys haven’t done so well in the relationship department. it’s not a hopeless cause but there’s a reason why God calls a man to be the head, and it doesn’t mean to be the boss. It means the protecter, overseer. Not someone who controls. It has to do with Adam, the man being formed first.

Lil’ Pixel-Gaige got to level 5 so now she has her own DT. It’s kinda small tho. I also fixed some minor details on the girl herself.

  • Weiss: Ruby remember to write 'what does that even mean' next to thingy's character page.
  • Ruby: You mean Bu-
  • Jaune: Hey guys, what are you up to?
  • Ruby: Oh hi Jaune, we're working on the script for our latest episode of Rooster Teeth.
  • Jaune: What is Rooster Teeth?
  • Blake: It's a show we've created where members of a company get involved in all sorts of drama.
  • Yang: It was Weiss's idea to have it set at a business.
  • Weiss: Hey! You weren't complaining when I agreed to let your character be Community Manager.
  • Jaune: Sounds cool. Wow, can you imagine what it would be like if we we're someones characters in a show?
  • Ruby: Well whoever thought of us up must be pretty damn awesome!

Last night I was at Pentatonix concert. When was Scott having his little speech between songs, I whispered to my brother: “This guy once played Animal Crossing 16 hours straight.” He gave me the most wtf look and then they started sing.

For KHR Week Day 1

Favourite main character: Tsuna

I love him because he’s useless, clumsy, awkward (x1000), all those qualities that we recognise in ourselves and we are probably embarrassed about. But Tsuna’s cool with that. He’s cool with himself. Even when he’s awesome, I’m pretty sure he doesn’t realise it, and I think that’s true for a lot of us as well :)

stay awesome folks.


Day 7: A song that you associate them with

Fifth Harmony - 1000 Hands

So… Before this video existed, I guess my choice would probably be Saturn by Sleeping at Last. Saturn is beautiful, painful and its lyrics are so Clexa that there are dozens of videos out there using this song.

However, since the first time I watched this video I couldn’t take this song out of my mind. And every time I listen to it (which may be ‘a thousand’ times by now) I think about Clexa. The lyrics also make me think about them and Fifth Harmony’s performance in this song is phenomenal.

The video itself is truly beautiful. The quotes used are awesome and well placed with the scenes and the lyrics from the song. This is one of (if not THE) my favorites of all the Clexa videos I’ve ever watched until now.


Tommy Karevik + Alissa White-Gluz- Liar, Liar