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After reading your response to what I wrote, it made me think. I believe you're on to something about Sam's character. And I think my assumption might have to do with their arcs. But it made me think about Sam during the trials and that thing he says in the hallway about the knight. He treats others with more grace than his brother but I think you're right in saying that not everything is good with him. Anyhow, if you care to share, I'd be curious about your thoughts on Sam.

Hey, good to hear from you. :)

I have to say - I’ve had a very wild ride with Sam, and I’m nowhere near an expert about his character and I fully expect people to disagree with most of what I think because I think confusing things about him.

But here goes.

In the beginning Sam made perfect sense to me, because I was him - or, he was the person I would surely have been destined to become if only I’d had a fucked up family and a quest and not nice, middle class parents and a cat. 

Honestly, the first time I saw Supernatural, as I explained here, I kind of disliked Dean - the douchey, sleazy, untrustworthy Casanova - and identified with Sam - a lot. His academic curiosity, his sense of justice and his determination to be himself at any cost really spoke to me. I remember siding with him whenever he fought with Dean, especially when they fought about John, or with John. His whole arc - that of a child destined to rule Hell who managed to refuse Lucifer himself - was incredibly beautiful and it just worked and when Sam fell back inside the abyss, I stopped watching Supernatural because I assumed that was the proper ending to the story. I remember being mildly outraged at the fact there even was a season 6, and even now I sometimes wonder what they will make of it all - on the whole, it’s been a very enjoyable ride, and some episodes have been true masterpieces, but I think it’s hard to deny that sort of cohesive narrative we’ve seen in the earlier seasons is no longer there.

Anyway. When I came back to the story, years later, I got distracted by the very obvious UST between Dean and Cas - watched a couple of seasons thinking I must be the only one foolish enough to notice that, then Googled the thing, found all the Destiel and Dean is bi masterposts, realized I was, indeed, an idiot, and went back to watch the whole thing from the beginning. And this time, I saw Sam in a very different light. This time, I was focused on Dean, and Sam was - sort of mean. Because, well, Sam is a lot of things, and I think he’s more scared of intimacy than even Dean is, which is why he finds it pretty easy to be wise and just and noble when it’s about other people and can be downright weird around his brother. Also, what I noticed was that, more and more, Sam was retreating into himself. It probably has something to do with real world dynamics, but my headcanon is that Sam got burned really bad by Ruby, and all that business with Lucifer just about finished the job. Because, well (please don’t hate me) - what Dean was made to become in Hell, that’s someone he never truly was (sure, in the earlier seasons he boasts about loving the job because he gets to kill things, but we’ve seen clearly since then - and, most notably, through what the Mark did to him and what hallucination!Benny said to him, that Dean doesn’t want to be that thing); but what Lucifer wanted with Sam, and how he set out to get it - he played on who Sam actually was. That, I think was the most cruel thing and the crucial difference between Michael and Lucifer. Michael used brute force, which, sure, wasn’t nice but wasn’t devious, either - and also gave Dean something to push against; but Lucifer, first through Ruby and then simply by being himself, operated a very careful seduction tailored on Sam’s personality. That whole thing with Ruby only worked because Sam was prideful and arrogant and always saw himself more clever than Dean - probably resented the fact, growing up - I assume that Dean, because he was older and more obedient, was given more important tasks by John - we know Sam felt lonely, isolated, even, as a kid - and to be excluded when you can see you’re better than your deadbeat relatives - surely there were no shortages of teachers who praised Sam and encouraged him all the way to his Stanford application - well. And also, this is something we know, isn’t it? As @welkinalauda has pointed out in this post, and others have discussed at length, all Sam wanted was not to stop hunting, but to move up the social ladder. He already knew he was better than his father and his brother, but he needed society to recognize it. He’d seen well enough that you can be as clever as you want, but if you show up in the wrong clothes, you’re going to be dismissed and belittled anyway.

Now, this is a very real struggle many people from a modest background face - your parents want you to do better than they did, and you want that for yourself, but the sense of shame about the implication - that what your loving parents gave you, probably working two jobs to stay afloat, wasn’t good enough - never fully goes away.

Except that Sam didn’t have that - at least, not in the beginning - because of his abusive upbringing. He knew he deserved better, and fuck them. Dean’s love for him, Dean’s protection from John, and what it had meant for him growing up, is the only thing not fitting into the equation, which is why, I think, Sam never contacted Dean once he left for Stanford: not because he didn’t care about Dean, but because he cared too much. He was afraid that if he were really forced to think about it - how he’d left his brother to go after demons and vampires when the only person covering his back was their asshole father (who was not only unpredictable, but often drunk) - Sam would have gone back. No question about it. Look how readily he accepted to help Dean when Dean showed up out of nowhere, visibly troubled and lonely. Sam would do anything for Dean.

But then, inevitably, he resented Dean for dragging him back in, and for everything else. Their fights felt very real, and were vicious. And Sam never really let go of his sense of superiority until that whole Lucifer business. After that, he was soulless, and God knows what he thought about that period - it was never shown, was it? And after that, there was that time of hallucinations and weird stuff - and then Cas sacrificed himself to drag him out. And I know - I know - it was Cas’ fault in the first place, all of it -

(Although, was it? If Dean had taken Cas seriously, Cas would have gone about things a different way, right?)

- but to Sam, king of the logical reasoning, sacrificing the knight that was Cas didn’t give them a queen: it gave them a broken, ruined thing which couldn’t help Dean in any way. Sam had to watch as Dean left his best friend behind - and the best and most powerful ally they’d ever gotten - and chose him instead - the boy who’d never done as he was told, the one Dean had gone to Hell for (the one who’d killed mom - even though, of course, we now know about Mary’s deal, and let’s see what they’ll make of it this coming season). By this time, Sam feels he’s a liability. His head choice versus heart choice thing isn’t a new development. The problem is, he wishes he were strong enough to make the heart choice, but he’s not. We often talk about Dean’s codependency towards his brother, but the opposite is true as well, and perhaps even more so. All Sam had to build his sense of self were precisely those things Lucifer stripped away from him: his trust in his own choices and sound judgement and cleverness and fundamental goodness. Without them, Sam is nothing. I certainly don’t know who Sam is. He’s been more or less an empty shell since season 6.

No, Sam doesn’t trust himself to act alone any longer (that’s why, I think, he never answered Kevin’s calls), and things go seriously awry when he realizes Dean is on a very different path: while Sam had been unraveling, leaving behind the - relatively sane - person he was at 22, Dean has been painstakingly finding himself and building a whole new person, brick by brick. Because his brother is with him, because he gives Dean that love and support Dean so sorely lacked as a kid, Dean is able to sort of let go of Sam. For the first time in his life, he actually makes friends. If you think about it, all the secondary characters who’ve been important in Supernatural - from Charlie to Jody to Garth - have bonded with Dean, not Sam; and this is a complete reversal of the people Dean and Sam were in the first seasons (Sam, the likeably young puppy; and Dean, the no chick flick moments outsider). 

And, again, this is something Sam knows he shouldn’t resent (just like he shouldn’t have resented his painful upbringing) but can’t help but fear. Dean getting close to other people means, quite possibly, Dean walking away, and Sam is afraid to be on his own. That desperate speech at the end of season 8 was completely unfair and heartbreaking for both characters. Sam realized he wasn’t perhaps, as ready to make the head choice and therefore die, as he’d assumed, and this crushed his second-to-last piece of identity (the very last one, his agency, was taken from him when Gadreel moved in). As for Dean - he was forced to give up everything for his brother. He was made to feel that the normal, adjusted person he was slowly becoming (someone who could care for more than one person at once) was somehow wrong. So he gave it up. Season 9 was their childhood, all over again, with Dean obeying an authority figure despite the fact Sam would obviously disagree, and at the same time keeping secrets from friends and loved ones, thus sying away from meaningful attachments. A complete disaster.

As for season 10 - there were a lot of things that went wrong with season 10, imo. Just to keep this answer shorter than 100K, I’ll point out that what Dean was doing with the Mark, Sam was doing without. The reversal of character and personality had sort of gone full circle. Remember Sam in the earlier seasons, trying to make Dean see shades of grey? Well, now Dean sees so fucking many of them he became BFF with a vampire and is karaoking around the country with the literal King of Hell. And Sam, the sensible, sweet student who was so keen on not hurting anyone, has now turned into Jack Bauer. Sam was already willing to sell his soul for Dean’s at the end of season 9 (we saw him calling Crowley, after all; but, of course, Crowley was already there), but in season 10, he gives it up completely. And, as a result, he gets what he feels he deserves: Dean rejecting him, fully and unequivocally (”It should have been you up there.”). Up until then, Dean’s whole life had been about saving Sam and protecting Sam. Even when they’d fought, things had never gotten this far (which is significant: how many times, during vicious arguments, you find yourself saying, I wish you were dead? and yet Dean never went there). It is during this season, I think, that Sam starts to think about healing and redemption. He must have realized, if nothing else, that they both have a right to a proper life - with other people. He says as much in season 11, and we know (though Sam doesn’t) that Dean is on the same page because of his church confession in season 10.

But, again, Sam is thwarted. He thought he would be redempted by dying - by fulfilling his destiny, in fact, because Dean being forced to kill Sam had been on the cards since the very beginning - but this doesn’t come to pass. So Sam tries to work on his redemption in other ways - most notably, through his Christ-like curing of the sick at the beginning of the season - and this is where his character arc gets muddy, because there’s a bit in the middle which is simply missing: his conversation with God and his musings about Lucifer. We know these scenes were scripted and/or filmed, and I hope they’ll be included in the extra, because they are fundamental to understanding Sam’s frame of mind. What we know so far? That by the end, Sam’s idea of penance, perhaps suggested by God, is the bearing of the Mark - and hence, complete solitude, forever. Which, in a way, suits Sam perfectly, because a) there won’t be anyone around him who can be hurt by his bad judgement, and b) Dean will be free to lead a life away from him.

We know that doesn’t work out, though. What happens is the mirror opposite: Dean erased from the face of the Earth leaving behind days and love and words unspent, and Sam responsible for the whole of humanity.

(I know there are other hunters, but somehow it always comes down to the Winchesters, right? So they don’t count.)

In a way, Sam got his wish, but in the most upside down and twisted way ever. He is a Christ figure, with his demon friend and his angel friend, but his brother is the one who was crucified - who died in his place - and now nothing matters anymore. I think Dean saw this perfectly - when he told Cas he was afraid Sam would kill himself, he didn’t mean Sam would kill himself because of grief (Sam has lived without Dean before, though how healthy his relationship with Amelia was is up for debate - personally, I loved that almost fitting headcanon that said Amelia had never existed at all), but that Sam would decide he couldn’t be trusted to do the job on his own. Cas had proved way too obedient once before (by following Sam’s desperate, insane orders in season 10), and Crowley won’t intervene in any way to keep Sam in check (it’s Dean he cared about, after all), so, yes - Sam may very well have decided his life amounted to nothing and the world was safer without him if Toni hadn’t intervened.

And I guess the next step of character development would be putting these guys back together - Dean should finally allow himself to have a relationship (and, again, this Destiel thing - make it canon or make it disappear, because it’s downright insulting by now and has been for some time) and Sam should do something awesome on his own and regain some self-confidence and have a long talk with his brother and possibly tell us a bit more about himself - for starters, what kind of music he likes and what the hell he studied in Stanford.

In this context, I see Mary’s return as a good thing. Sam must have felt guilty his whole life for her death (who wouldn’t?), so that thing being cleared from the board spells Very Good Things for him. And also: the knowledge (which I hope will trickle through) that Sam wasn’t to blame at all - that Mary, GoodMom™ , was the one who lied to her husband for years and endangered her whole family and basically sold her son to a demon - well, I can’t wait to see that discussion go down.

In conclusion, I don’t really know how I feel about Sam. 

I think he’s someone who’s desperate to fix his mistakes without actually understanding why he’s made them in the first place, because that’s a place inside himself he’s scared to go in. I think he’s mostly selfless and good and he honestly cares about other people, but I can’t shake the feeling he also does these things (at least in part) because that’s how he thinks one should behave. I think his relationship with Dean needs to change, because it’s been a parent/child relationship for most of their lives and that’s not healthy. I think that he’s clever enough to know better, and that he should trust his brother more - that fearful admission that he thought Dean would abandon them to create a shiny new world of taupe nail polish and ravens with Amara was completely uncalled for, especially after the many times Dean had said how much he hated the idea, and how he’d die before he’d let it happen. I think Lucifer was right, and Sam still feels guilty about a lot of things he should feel guilty for - not looking for Dean, implicating Charlie in his desperate schemes, endangering Kevin and then killing him (although, yeah) - and I think he should give himself permission to feel all these ugly things and break down so he can start to heal. And I think that won’t happen as long as Lucifer is around, because Sam will never allow himself to be weak in front of Lucifer ever again. 

And sometimes I think I don’t know Sam at all.     

But I still hope he will get all the hugs, because he deserves them - and he fucking needs them.

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If you're still doing prompts could you do a High school Sterek one? Derek is in High school with Stiles and Scott and Derek figures out Stiles is his mate and he has to tell him about everything and brings home home to meet his family? Eep! Love your fics!!!

okie so i almost chose to try to incorporate this into my nerdy!stiles/badboy!derek universe, buuut then i decided i wanted to write derek being a dork, sooo this is a standalone ahaha.

also i bent your request a bit, sorry - this ran away from me before i could get to the part where derek explains werewolves and brings stiles home, but it’s alluded to and also stiles has technically already met derek’s family in this and UGH I FUCKED IT ALL TO HELL I’M SORRY but i hope this is cute enough that you don’t mind ahaha ugh

i am poop. i hope you like it anyway! gahhh


Scott, Stiles, and Derek are known around Beacon Hills as “the terrible trio.” Wherever one goes, the other two follow, even if it means pain, misery, or (most often) trouble. It’s been that way since they all ended up in the same kindergarten class years and years ago, and you’ll get three different versions as to how that happened.

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Prompt: Dex walking in on Nursey soflty singing in the morning and it may just be the most beautiful thing he's ever seen/heard. (BTW you're writing is amazing!!!!!!)

wow thank you so much!!! here’s some idiots in love for u!!!! (ps the song nursey’s singing to is the twenty one pilots cover of can’t help falling in love, because i am trash and nursey is trash and it’s something that would happen, ok)

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Thor (2011 film) : Sentence Starters
  • "The Casket wasn't the only thing you took from ________ that day, was it?"
  • "No. You took me for a purpose. What was it?... TELL ME!"
  • "I don't know. Guy never tells me anything."
  • "I never wanted the throne, I only ever wanted to be your equal!"
  • "She searches for you."
  • "You have betrayed the express command of your king."
  • "So Earth is lost to us."
  • "This drink... I like it!"
  • "ANOTHER!"
  • "Alright, no more smashing. Deal?"
  • "Is there a Renaissance Fair in town?"
  • "It was delicious! I want another!"
  • "Whoa, does he need CPR? 'Cause I totally know CPR!"
  • "It's not a bad thing finding out that you don't have all the answers. You start asking the right questions."
  • "I could have done it, _________! I could have done it! For you! For all of us!"
  • "You can't kill an entire race!"
  • "You were an innocent child."
  • "That was just a bit of fun, really. To ruin my brother's big day, and to protect the realm from his idiotic rule for a while longer."
  • "I... accept."
  • "You know, for a crazy homeless person... he's pretty cute."
  • "My friends, have you forgotten all that we have done together?"
  • "Do you want me to take him down, or would you rather send in more guys for him to beat up?"
  • "We don't have horses. Just dogs, cats, birds."
  • "He's fine! We drank, we fought - he made his ancestors proud!"
  • "Can I come home?"
  • "No. I am sorry. Thank you for coming here."
  • "I need a horse!"
  • "Is it madness? Is it? IS IT?"
  • "________, this is madness!"
  • "Look at you. The mighty _________! With all your strength! And what good does it do you now?"
  • "Do not mistake my appetite for apathy!"
  • "Forget treason, it's suicide!"
  • "I don't think you've been completely honest with me."
  • "You and I, we fight for the same cause: the protection of this world."
  • "You think me strange?"
  • "We should be grateful to him. He saved our lives."
  • "_________'s always been one for mischief, but you're talking about something else entirely!"
  • "You'll be a wise king."
  • "Well, I must have been enforcing _________'s last command."
  • "So is this how you normally look?"
  • "But you're the one who's always pushing me to chase down every possibility, every alternative."
  • "A primitive culture like the Vikings might have worshiped them as deities."
  • "When I am king, I'll hunt the monsters down and slay them all!"
  • "The house of _________ is full of traitors..."
  • "I'm talking about science, not magic."
  • "Good strange, or bad strange?"
  • "Look around you, we're outnumbered."
  • "We will accept your most gracious offer."
  • "Ensure _________ does not return."
  • "They took our backups. They took the backups of our backups. They were extremely thorough."
  • "I just downloaded, like, 30 songs onto there."
  • "It's unwise to be in my company right now."
  • "Run back home, little princess."
  • "Am I cursed?"
  • "He kept the truth from you so you would never feel different."
  • "For the first time in my life, I have no idea what I'm supposed to do."
  • "You dare threaten _________ with such a puny weapon...?"
  • "Your work has impressed a lot of people who are much smarter than I am."
  • "There are passages between worlds to which even you, with all your gifts, are blind."
  • "All is well? They broke into the weapons vault!"
  • "You're very brave, for helping me."
  • "This was an act of war!"
  • "You've come a long way to die."
  • "At least make it a challenge for me!"

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OMG! It's too much to ask for a second part of the 34# for Clark Kent? I enjoyed it so much and you just leave wanting to know what happens next!! You're writting is also so good. Thank you so much! :)

Yeah sure ! I’m glad you liked it ! So here we go, with the second part of the 34 !

Originally posted by fun04inspiration

 Your detractor finally won: you did forgot to breath for a minute. But it wasn’t really your fault for you just heard something very, very unexpected from a person you cared about. You weren’t a total idiot, it was just that you weren’t really self-aware, and that it surprised you. The fact that you were always on the moon had always made you unaware when a guy was actually flirting with you, making them eventually giving up, so it was the first time that you actualy noticed. And that was very confusing because you shouldn’t care, and actually didn’t find it annoying. You were flustered, but did find that nice.

 Still confused, pressured cause you felt like you had to answer to him, you did the most embarassing and silly thing ever. You give him you hand saying:

“Just on the hand then!”

 You immediatly regretted it, opened you eyes wide and took the first file of paper you found on your desk to hit it at you forehead repeatedly.

“Just forgot about it!” You screamed, red as the fire of hell. “Just let me dig a hole where I can burry myself forever!”

 Clark watched you, confused at first but then started to chuckle irrepressibly.

“Cool down Y/N. I’m the one at fault!” He laughed.

 You narrowed your eyes at him.

“Are you mocking me?” You asked indignantly.

“Sorry, I can’t help it… your so cute when your flustered!”

 New silence.

“Cute? You mean cute, like a pet?”

“What? No! Of course not!”

 Feeling the danger in your tone, Clark started to panic too, fearing you could get angry at him, not realizing that you were doing it on purpose to avenge yourself.

“Then I’m not cute?” You frowned.

“… That’s not what I said ! I meant it in more like adorable than cute!”

“Oh.” You said with an almost disappointed look.

 Clark was about to explain himself but suddenly stopped on his track and stared at you before smirking a little, having seen through your game.

“Just have diner with me tonight?” He said with his smile.

“That’s not fair.” You protested with a blush.

“The diner?”

“No, that smile ! You can’t askk for something with that smile! ”

“Oh, sorry.” He apologize and took a serious and almost grumpy face that was hilarious. “What about a diner togniht?”

 You did your best not to burst out laughing, but couldn’t stop a giggle to say:

“You look like Bruce Wayne on his grumpy day!”

“So, Miss Y/L/N?” He added with a low voice. “Can I expect your compagny tonight?”

“Ok you win! I’m coming !”

 You stand up because you needed to find a place to die of laughing in peace, and said before disappearing off the open space :

“Pick me at eight, and let’s call it a date!”

 Sooooo. You said that and acted all confident, but when the time arrived to go home and get prepared, you were as lost as a kitten in the rain.

“What can I wear?! Decontracted or rather dressy ?! High heel or maybe we’ll have to walk?! Somebody help meeee!”

 To your scream of despair answered the ringtone of your phone telling you that you had a message.

Hi, I just realized that I didn’t tell you where we are going, did I ? There is a nice /your favorit type of food/ restaurant downtown. And it’s a little cold outside. Clark.

 Was he psychic? That was synchronization ! So, you finally decided to wear a y/f/c to the knee dress with matching ballerina. You were ready. Well. You were dressed at least. To go out with your best friend who said that he wanted to kiss you, and then invited you out. And you called that a date.  Basically the world was going crazy, because when you should have been embarrased you where rather happy. It didn’t seem gross or abnomal, in fact that was almost natural. At eight, you took your coat and put your phone, and essential stuff in your pockets – bag wasn’t you thing – and didn’t wait for the doorbell to ring to exit your appartment and locked it.

 You place didn’t have an elevator, so you took the stair, knowing you’ll eventually cross. That wasn’t very conventionnal, you knew that. Usualy the girl would wait for the boy to ring at her door with flowers or somthing like that, but you didn’t really care about convention. Plus Clark wasn’t as rich as Croesus – neither were you – and you just couldn’t wait to see him parked his bycicle, because that was a very amusing thing to see him on a bycicle. Anytime soon, you were certain the bycicle would die because his was more too big for it – but that didn’t kept you for racing him whenever you had the occasion – cause you also ride one, a f/c one. And as you were leaving in the same area…

 You get out of the building and smiled like an idiot as he had just arrived with the blue bycicle.

“Hi !” You chuckled. “No need to park I’m ready!”

 You unchained you bike quickly:

“You know, when I see you on that blue bicicle I can’t help but wanna sing the Bohemian Rhapsody of Queen.” You laughed.

“Please don’t.” Replied jokkingly Clark with a faked horrified look on his face.

“Oh come on ! I sing, and you do the ring irng thing, that’ll be a great success !”

“Thank but no thanks! Nice dress by the way, you look beautiful.”

 You didn’t let yourself disconcert by the sudden compliment:

“I just look beautiful? Well you look awsome too, Mister Kent.”

 You grinned to him, and he smiled back fondly at you.

“Should we go then?”

“I bet I’m there faster than you!” You said and start to pedal like crazy.

“You cheating won’t change the fact that I’ll win.” He replied with a laugh.

“Tell that to my back!”

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Will you do a drabble with DracoxHermione 27 & 45 I'm loving the prompt thing! You're the best! ♥

At the age of twenty-six, Draco wasn’t exactly happy to admit to anyone – least of all himself – that the best thing that could have happened to him in his life was somehow befriending Ginny Potter. She’d dragged him, quite literally kicking and screaming, into her circle of inane friends, the least objectionable of which was Ginny herself.

To recap the scoreboard:

Ron Weasley: Obsessed with the Cannons even though they’re pure garbage. Distracting freckles. Obnoxious hair. Has a nasty temper that is ridiculously easy to incite. Unlike his sister, though, he forgives and forgets almost instantaneously, which keeps baiting him from getting boring. Disgustingly nice and feels the need to compliment people who may look “down,” even his former nemesis, Draco Malfoy. Unerringly loyal and stands up for you in a coffee shop that declines to serve former Death Eaters, to your utter mortification. As if you needed defending from a Weasel! Final score: 2/10.

Harry Potter: Goody-two shoes, probably the most obsessed with morality of the whole bunch. Takes forever to make a decision, even on mind-numbingly simple shite like ice cream flavors. Could spend forty years looking into the stupid ice cream case and not know what he bloody well wants. Always a sarcastic little twat right when you don’t need him to be. Can’t turn off his little “inner Auror” telling him that there’s something shady going on at the Death Eater Ranch, aka Malfoy Manor. Probably uses that as an excuse to visit, because he’s as subtle as fifty bricks to the face. His round-about way of socializing may have turned out alright if he’d been honed by seven years of Slytherin, but he’s been Gryffindor-ized, which, on the up-side, does make him an amusing target to drop suspicious hints around. Will say self-deprecating things to make you feel better, a trait which you can’t decide is annoying or endearing. Makes pretty good eggs in the morning after a drunken night out. Final score: 4/10.

Hermione Granger: Know-It-All. The absolute height of insufferable. Always correcting everyone on everything, without even the barest hint of social grace. Probably wakes up at night in screaming sweats over the very idea that someone in the world is still mispronouncing “prerogative.” Her sheets feel like they have a thread-count of seven. Hair gets stuck in your mouth if you roll too close to her after falling asleep. When you ask her out on a proper date after a few drunken late-night encounters, she refuses on the basis that it’s “too weird” and “wants to keep things simple.” Refuses to be alone with you at all after this, even though you got along perfectly swimmingly prior to asking her out – almost as good as you get on with Ginny, actually. Has freckles on her nose. They look appalling. Hands always stained in ink. Clothes always wrinkled. Well below your standards and yet she refuses to date you. Final score: -1,000,000/10.

Of course, Hermione’s well-laid plans to never be alone with Draco ever again were mislaid when Ginny asked them both to babysit the boys, explaining that it was a two-person job. Given Hermione’s expression when she arrived, Draco was willing to bet that it had never been a “two-person job” before this.

But who was he to question the mother’s methods?

Draco eyed Hermione from across the living room. She was avoiding his gaze expertly, giving her undivided attention to the one-year old Albus to the point that it bordered on ridiculous. The kid was one. The most attention the little slug needed was making sure he didn’t fall down straight onto his head, for Merlin’s sake. Instead, she’d spent the past forty-five minutes trying to teach the babbling Pottergoblin her name.

It didn’t escape his attention that doing so left him with James to contend with, who at the age of three was already working Draco’s last nerve. He’d be lucky to make it to his first year of Hogwarts before Draco put him outside with the rest of the trash.

“Granger,” Draco said, charming James’ stuffed teddy bear to sail into the air and float around the room. He watched the toddler stumble after it, laughing. When he was sure that he wasn’t going to run straight into a sharp corner, he turned to look at Hermione, who was staring resolutely down into Albus’ little gremlin face. “Granger.”

“What?” she muttered, a brief scowl crossing her face.

“This is going to be a long evening, if you refuse to even look at me,” he pointed out, his eyes narrowing. It had been nearly a month since their last bed-encounter, and three weeks since he’d tried to ask her out to dinner. The fact that he was once again the one making the friendly overtures was patently absurd and more than a little infuriating. “What, have I finally scared you straight?”

It was hilarious, how easy it was to rile her up, even a decade later. He watched her bristle and straighten, turning a narrow glare onto him that might have scared the literal piss out of him if they’d been back at Hogwarts. She wasn’t exactly an idiot with the wand, after all.

“That you can even briefly entertain the notion that you’re frightening is laughable,” she said, flatly. 

He ground his teeth together. “Look. What’s the matter, really? We were getting along great. I ask you out to dinner, and you suddenly flip your switch on me, and now you’re back to hating me? Why? Was asking you out so unforgivable?”

She fidgeted uncomfortably, her eyes dropping away from him again. “Do we have to talk about this right now?” she asked, testily.

“As opposed to when? Don’t try and pretend like there’s some ‘better time’ that you’re waiting for,” he drawled, unimpressed. It was at moments like these that he could not, for the life of him, imagine how on Earth he found her even remotely attractive. “We were friends. If you don’t want to date, then fine, but is it unreasonable to expect that we can return to that former friendliness?”

Hermione hesitated, perhaps recognizing her own failings in that moment. Her jaw tightened for a moment as she inhaled, and then she shook her head. “No, of course not. I… Of course we can.”

His eyebrow lifted. “Really?”

She nodded. “Yes. And to be honest, I’ve missed our little chats, anyway.”

He had, too. But he wasn’t going to ever admit it. “Well, I’m an accomplished and engaging conversationalist, so that’s to be expected.” She groaned, and he fought back a tiny smile. He’d missed that noise; he’d come to think of it as that special little frustrated noise that only he seemed to be able to really draw out of her. Impulsively, he fell back on one of the games they used to play with each other, before things got awkward: “Tell me a secret.”

Hermione stared at him, her eyes wide. For a moment, she paled a bit, and she looked down at Albus, looking torn. “That old game?” she tried, weakly.

“Come on,” he cajoled. “You liked that one. So, go on. Tell me a secret.”

She swallowed, and he watched her spend a moment carefully fixing Albus’ shirt so that his belly no longer showed. The seconds stretched, and for a moment he was afraid that he’d ruined their momentary truce. Just when he was about to tell her to forget it – that they didn’t have to play that game, after all – she said: 

“I’m pregnant.”

anonymous asked:

It's funny that Darren's now the only one to have written an original song for Glee. It's also funny that you're obviously bias and therefore, your reason does not make any sense. Darren Criss is the reason MANY people started watching Glee in the first place. If it wasn't for Darren, many people wouldn't be watching it still to this day. Chris Colfer is wonderful, but so is Darren Criss. So back up and maybe take your biases somewhere where they are wanted.

First of all…….

It is very funny, Matt got to perform a song from his Album on Glee and direct it. Chris wrote a whole episode, AND Glee had Original songs on the show. Who cares about Darren’s song? His song outside of Glee do not matter, anyone can write a song for a tv show. A song that matters if its good its talked about, you get a number 1 song on billboards ect, and Darren’s song he wrote for Glee first of all sucks really bad and second of all will not be a top hit at all what so ever. 

Lea and Naya both had songs playing on the Radio outside of Glee, what about Darren? Where is his original music playing in my local radio station? Where his album? Oh yeah, it is shelved!

I’m biased? Really? You might message me again and bring up Hedwig so let me just state this right here right now:

Hedwig was suppose to close, but since Darren stans like yourself tweeted the show runners they figure that they maybe can squeeze some change out of you idiots before finally shutting it down since Darren manage to get money out of you suckers for HT$ when he was at the height of his popularity on Glee and there was people who liked him because he was fresh and new, I even liked him at the time and many many other people I know before he started showing his true colors and made me and many people see how untalented and disrespectful Darren really is. 

My prediction about Darren on Hedwig is he will have a big crowed the first few weeks because his fans will want to prove people like me wrong, but since his fan base have died a lot since Darren first started, the seats will become more and more empty, and then the critics will say how horrible his run is and Darren himself will show the world just how lazy he really is. 3 Weeks playing on HT$ got complaints from non Darren stans, lets see what people who do not were those pink sunglasses shades think after watching Darren fail doing a classic production of Hedwig for 12 weeks especially when people he come see him have seen people like Neal Patrick Harris already play the role. I hope REAL critics do come and see him just so you can shut the fuck up out of my inbo and take a damn seat. 

I can admit he was once popular because anyone who was a love interest of Kurt Hummel on Glee would have been popular at that time. Glee was one if the best and highly watched shows on air before Darren entered the show, Chris just won a Golden Globe and Kurt Hummel was America’s gay sweet heart so of course Darren playing Blaine singing Teenage Dream was gonna be a heart throb!

 Kurt’s fans wanted him to have a love interest, hell even people who was not Kurt’s main fans and just enjoyed Glee was excited for Kurt to finally have some one who was gay and can be a love interest so when Teenage Dream happened it was gonna be popular because how happy Kurt was! Kurt’s popularity made Blaine an interest to the Glee fans, Glee fans who were in the 10 millions at that time.

Then season 3 and 4 happened and people started to leave because the writing got horrible and then it became the Blaine and Rachel show and now look? Glee can barely scrape up 1 million viewers when it use to be able to easily have 10 million weekly. Darren might have brought a few thousand Star kid fans, but not 20 thousand, not a hundred thousand fans and most certainly not a million viewers to Glee. I can at least say that Darren most likely was responsible for about 20 thousand viewers who might have came because of Starkid. I will give him that much credit. but in tv viewers, 20 thousand is not a lot what so ever, it is not even a lot of youtube viewers.

Also just so you can see the viewers of Glee before Darren show up I will show you a small quick rating numbers to show you what a fool you are for coming up in my inbox tonight:

I will show you the pilot episode ratings, the highest episode ratings, and the final episode ratings of Glee season 1

  1. The pilot episode of Glee averaged 9.62 million viewers 
  2. Glee returned on April 13, 2010 with “Hell-O”, which was watched by 13.66 million viewers
  3. The final episode, “Journey to Regionals”, was watched by 11.07 million viewersand attained a 4.7 Nielsen rating in the 18–49 demographic, an increase of 18 percent on the previous episode, giving Glee the highest finale rating for a new show in the 2009–2010 television season

That was just season 1 of Glee! BEFORE Darren Criss even existed, he tried out for Finn Hudson and was rejected too thank god! Also looking at the ratings, Glee held a good 9 to 10 million viewership for the total season 1, well god damn Glee, you were popular!

Now, on to season 2 BEFORE Darren was thought of! Ah, I nearly forgotten, Chris won his Golden Globe for an episode in season 2 before Darren showed up also ;) That was back when Glee gave a shit about telling Kurt’s story before Darren ruined the show!

So I will now show the first episode of season 2 Glee ratings, then the highest rated episode, then the final season 2 episode:

  1. The season premiere episode, “Audition”, aired on September 21, 2010; it averaged 12.45 million American viewers 
  2. The second episode, which featured the music of Britney Spears, was also Glee ’​s second best showing at that point after its April 2010 return after a four-month hiatus, with 13.51 million viewers
  3. 11.80 million viewers for the final season 2 episode
  4. For the season as a whole, Glee was number 43 of 268 primetime shows that averaged at least a million viewers, with an average viewership of 10.11 million, while it tied for number 13 of 249 of shows that received at least a 0.5 rating in the 18–49 rating demographic, with a 4.1 rating average.

Basically season 2 was a good 10 milli viewers which was awesome! The highest rated episode was episode 2, and guess what? No Blaine! And also guess what? The viewers did not increase once Darren Criss joined! If they did, they would have Beat Britney/Brittany which had 13.51 million viewers!

Now, let us go on to season 3 when Darren was made an official main character shall we?! 

Since Darren became a Regular and season 3 writing started to have too much focus on relationship drama and not letting the characters be individuals, the ratings have dropped, it looks like Darren’s solos and screen time did not help Glee, Matter of fact I will even list ever single ratings for the episodes of season 3!”

The Purple Piano Project! It had the highest  views of the season and the fans of Glee got to have Blaine as a full time student in Lima yay! that’s what they wanted right? Maybe they did at that time before he showed what a waste of screen time he was!”

  1. The Purple Piano Project 9.27 viewers, 3 million viewers lesser than season 2! and a few hundred thousand less than the pilot!
  2. I am Unicorn 8. 60 million viewers„„ damn, where are the Darren fans who brought Glee more viewers at this episode? :( He even got to sing a solo in purple piano project and I am unicorn, I cant believe all the viewers Darren brought to Glee did not increase the second episode ratings! Like he just showed the US viewers that he was a permanent member on New Directions! Why did viewers leave this episode? D: Ok, let me stop with the comments for now and just list the season 3 episode views mkay!
  3. Asian F 8.42 million viewers
  4. Pot O Gold 7.47 million viewers
  5. The First Time! The Molester Blaine episode had 6.91 million viewers!
  6. Mash Off 7.08 million viewers
  7. I kissed a Girl 7.90 million viewers
  8. Hold On to 16 7.11 million viewers
  9. Extraordinary Merry Christmas 7.13 million viewers
  10. Yes/No 7.50 million viewers
  11. Michael  9.07 million viewers
  12. The Spanish Teacher 7.81 million viewers
  13. Heart 6.99 million viewers
  14.  Ok I lied, I got tired of writing down ever episode ratings, basically it stayed in the 6 millions until the last Glee episode
  15. Goodbye the final episode of season 3 had 7.46 million viewers 

So Season 3 was an average of 7 million viewers, season 2 was an average of 10/11 million, Season 1 was an average of about 9/10 that was all before Darren Criss showed up. Now lets go to season 4 viewers where Blaine was given more screen time after cheating on Kurt and we had the noobies aka old glee characters 2.0! 

So lets see how the ratings suffered when Glee made Darren the ‘leading male’ in season 2! And gave him more songs and Screen time than the original males and 3 year leading males of Glee, Cory and Chris and even Kevin! I am getting bored so I am gonna do it like I did with seasons 1 and 2 and list the first episode of season 4, then the highest, and then the last, then will say how much was the average viewers of season 5 mkay!:

  1. The New Rachel, who the viewers all found out was Blaine, gained  7.41 million viewers
  2. Britney 2.0, The highest episode of season 4 pulled a season 2 with Britney tribute, probably because the Glee viewers thought it would be just as good but was disappointed, gained 7.46 viewers
  3. The views went down hill from then, mostly stayed at  around 5 million viewers
  4. All Or Nothing, which ended showing Blaine with that ring he had for Kurt, the guy he cheated on, even though Blaine was still in highschool, he and Kurt was not together, and Burt told Blaine no when he asked for Kurt’s hand in marriage like if Kurt was a girl or something. That episode had gained 5.92 viewers for season 4 finale 

After that, Glee advertised the engagement for Klaine, Cory Passed away that summer and it was a real hard time for all of the Glee fandom. While we all needed a tribute for Cory and Finn, Glee decided to promote that engagement so we got the two Beatles Tribute for season 5 then The Quarter back. 

Now, Blaine will have been a series regular for 3 full seasons once Season 5 was finished. Now let us see how many viewers was here! I will go with the first episode viewers, then the highest, since The Quarter back was special, I will list the second highest,(Not the fseason 5 premire) then list the final episode of season 5! 

  1. Love Love Love, the highly promoted Klaine engagement episode gained 5.06 million viewers, It was promoted as a Beatles Tribute with Klaine duets and Blarren singing yet was lesser than season 4 finale! Wow! Not only did season 5 had less viewers than the season 4 finale, the viewers started leaving more and more!
  2. The second highest episode was Tina In The Sky with Diamonds at 4.42 million viewers
  3. The viewers officially started to leave when Glee showed Sam and Blaine going to New York In Moving Out (Which had 4.09 million viewers) after Chris, Lea, and Naya just won their PCA awards for fan favorites and Darren and Blam and Klaine lost theirs. It was obvious Viewers and fans of Glee did not care to see Blaine or Blam (Sam stopped being a fan favorite once they dumbed him down in season 4 to become Blaine’s best bro, Glee ruined both Sam and Tina’s character for Blaine.)
  4. The untitled Rachel Berry Project 1.87 Million viewers

Once Blaine and Sam moved on down and New York was no longer what the fans wanted anymore, Glee had an average of 2/3 million viewers, the worst viewers for Glee ever.

Now it is season 6 and obviously the fans have left anon, why isn’t Darren’s fans that he brought to Glee giving us more views? Why is Glee’s average viewers are lesser than 2 million? Including the double gay wedding anon? Why isn’t Darren’s song for Glee promoted all over my t.v like Amber’s song was or Chris episode? Amber got to do an interview for Color Blind on T.v and Chris did interview on popular tv interview for Old Dogs New Tricks too even though Glee did not promote them, they got to promote their work, what about Darren? 

Now, I might be biased, but you are pure delusional to state such bull shit in my inbox. I gave you my proof anon, where is yours? What viewers or critical awards (Not fan voted or best new guy award from Teen choice ect.) Did Darren gain and win? Did he win any actor guild awards? Get any Emmy nominations or wins? Golden Globe nominations or wins? No? Then shut the fuck up! 

Now anon, I will go back to your last remark to me, let me bold your words so I can respound to you in Kind ;)

Your exact words above anon is, ……..

Darren Criss is the reason MANY people started watching Glee in the first place. If it wasn’t for Darren, many people wouldn’t be watching it still to this day. Chris Colfer is wonderful, but so is Darren Criss. So back up and maybe take your biases somewhere where they are wanted.

So… as you can see from this long ass response I gave you, your first statement is false: MANY people DID NOT start watching Glee for Darren Criss, Glee had an average of 9/20 million viewers in season 1. 

In season 2 Glee held an average viewers of 10/11 million viewers and the highest rated episode was episode 2 of season 2 and that was 13 million viewers and Darren Criss or Blaine was not relevant at all to Glee. 

Season 3 of Glee with Darren as a main character had lost viewers and the average ratings was about 7 million viewers, nearly 4 millions viewers :LEFT after Darren was made a regular, what happened? You told me he was the reason why Glee gained Viewers anon :(

Season 4 got even worse, Season 5 was really horrible, and now lok at season 6, Glee can not scrape even 2 million viewers and it was an average 10/11 million viewer show before Darren Criss joined and became a reglar. 

Blaine was popular simply because Kurt and Chris was popular, any guy that was Kurt’s love interest at the time when Glee was super popular and Chris was winning awards for the show and was America’s sweet heart, would have been popular. Blaine the character was not a fan favorite, Kurt’s boyfriend was. 

Now, if Blaine and Kurt broken up in season 2 and Kurt dated someone else, guess what would have happened? The new guy Kurt was involved with would have gotten just as much, maybe even more praise that Darren. Especially if the guy could sing better, was taller, and attractive. 

Glee was at the top of its popularity then and Glee should have been smart and let Kurt date someone else, the rest of the characters of Glee had more than one bf/gf in a season, Glee should hazve made it interesting and gave Kurt another lobve interest as an option inseason 2 and that might have even saved the ratinbgs and GAINED ratings in season 3 if they would have hired an allready famous actor who can sing as Kurt’s new boyfriend.

 Darren Criss is not that great of a singer, his acting is horrible, and his looks are mediocre at best.

 if Glee could have gotten someone like Zac Efron to play Kurt’s NEW boyfriend after Blaine, trust me, the world would have loved him more because he would be able to sing better than Darren, could act better than Darren, was taller than Darren, and for Hollywood shallowness, his abs and hot face and hair would have had the Glee fans and girls going nuts! Damn, Glee should have hired Zac Efron! 

Yes, I am being funny cause the whole 17 again thing. Most likely the person who will be playing the lead is Billy cause he can actually pass as 17 still unlike Darren will by the time the production starts sometime in 2016 lol! And Speaking of Zac Efron, lets have a look at what we could of had as Kurt’s new bf via season 2 and 3 shall we? ;)

Who Glee should have hired as Kurt’s second bf…..

Who us viewers and Kurt got stuck with for 4 horrible seasons with instead

And Blaine can act all crazy and possesive over Kurt and scream at Kurt’s ONLY friend…..

Yet do shit like this?

Be a Cheater

Dont forget how he thought Kurt was just Kurt and not hot…. Yeah what an awesome and supportive person Bland is, not!

Then jump all over Sam and twerk on Ryder!

Yet he can do all this and then have the nerve to be insecure with Kurt about Elliott and Kurt getting noticed at Nyada? LOL, What a waste of a character screen time that could have gone to the Originals , what a waste of a love interest for Kurt that could have gone to several other actors with actual talent! Darren Criss ruined Glee, and that is 1000% The Truth! Mad? So fuckin what, its now 5 am, wanna then inbox me on anon and talk about my grammar, spelling, ect, idgaf im tired and this post is long as fuck, so my feelings are

Please Notice (Prologue)

Summary: Camila Cabello has made Lauren’s life a living hell ever since freshman year of high school. In her junior year, Lauren finally meets someone who makes her feel less alone. The problem? She lives thousands of miles away. For over a year, Juliet has been Lauren’s rock. Lauren thinks she’s finally found the girl she’s meant to be with - but her friends aren’t so sure. In fact, they’re not even entirely convinced that she’s real.

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You're His Partner/Study Buddy Part 2 [Calum]

Part 1:

Part 1: Ashton / Calum / Michael / Luke

Part 2: Luke / Ashton

Requested: yes √ no_

a/n: since this one was requested the most i’m going to do this one first for the part two’s of this little series, so hope ya enjoy 

-z & d

It was 6:45 pm and only 15 more minutes until Calum comes to pick you up to head over to Eddie’s Diner. You finish up adding the last touch of mascara and take a look at yourself in the mirror. You weren’t one for dresses on the first date so instead you had on some cropped boyfriend jeans, a white lace long-sleeve shirt with only the bodice not being see through and your favorite pair of white low-top converse. The sound of knocking on the door catches your attention and you do a last minute mirror check before heading down the stairs in a hurry.

“But, I don’t know how in the world their going to make it through this year. This is Cahill’s last World Cup.” You overhear your dad say.

“Well, we can hope for the best.” Calum’s soft voice speaks and you get a quick peek at him.

He was wearing his Australia Futbol jersey, gray skater style shorts and a pair of grey vans. 

“Ahem.” You clear your voice, making yourself known.

They both turn around and smile at you.

“Hey, Y/N.” He waves, eyeing your outfit. “You look fantastic.”

“Of course, she does.” You father insists, crossing his arms.

“Thank you. You both look incredibly handsome.” You grin, throwing your bag over your shoulder.

“Oh, shucks.” Your dad jokes, acting a bit flambouyant.

“Thanks.” Calum chuckles, holding his arm out to you. “Shall we?”

“We shall.” You reply, taking his arm in yours. “Bye, dad!”

“Bye, Mr. Y/L/N.” He shakes your father’s hand.

“Have a good time, and have her home by 10.” Your dad smiles, still shaking his hand.

“10? Dad that’s too early.” You groan.

“It’s fine, Y/N. Really.” He looks over at you still smiling shyily. “I’ll have her home by then.”

“Well, since you’re more obediant than my own daughter. I guess you can have her home by 11." 

"Yay!” You cheer, jumping for joy.

Your dad and Calum both chuckle while shaking their heads at you.

“Alright, see you then.”

-At the restaurant-

“And she totally fell for it.” You finish and the both of you fall into hysterics.

“Wait so she didn’t even check who did it?” He asks, munching on a fry.

“Nope. I gotta away with the whole thing.” You reply, taking some of  his fries.

“Hey!” He smacks your hand away. “I never said you could have one.”

“So? I don’t need to ask for your permission. I do as I will.” You state matter-o-factly.

“Is that so?” He murmurs, leaning closer to you like he did earlier today.

You get a whiff of his musky cologne which draws you closer to him. He leans in closer until you guys are just centimeters apart—

“So do you guys—er, I can come back another time if you two would like.” The server interrupts, causing you two to jump back to your seats.

“No, no. We can take the check now.” Calum insists, fixing his collar.

“Okay, all you have to do is sign here and give me your choice of payment.” She smiles friendly, giving him the bill.

He takes it from her and his eyes bug out when he takes a look at the final price.

“Do you want to spilt the mon—”

“No, I have enough.” He cuts you off immediately.

“Here you go.” He hands the server a fifty dollar bill.

“Thank you,” She takes the bill and gives him a pen. “and sign here.”

“Alright.” He says, signing the bottom. “Here you go.”

“And here you go.” She grins, handing him back his change.

"You ready to go?” He asks, stuffing the leftover dollar bills into his wallet.


* * *

As you pull up to your driveway, Calum exits his side and opens the door for you like a gentleman and offers his hand.

“Maybe, chivalry isn’t dead.” You tease, climbing out taking ahold of his hands.

They were soft and a little sweaty to say the least.

“Well, I’ll be your knight in shining armour.” He plays along, pulling you closer to him.

Your bodies are pressed against each other and he smirks down at you before he leans in and finally kisses you softly.

“You have exactly 39 seconds before 11 o’clock and I expect her to be at that door, Mr. Hood!” You father exclaims from the window, scaring the living crap out of the both of you.

You both giggle running to the door hand in hand and the door swings open to your father’s beaming face.

“Oh, look. You’re just in time. Did you two have fun?” He beams, looking between the both of you.

“Yes, sir.” You chorus, still giggling.

“Are you two drunk?” Your father cocks an eyebrow, looking at Calum first.

“No, sir.” He shakes his head.

“Hm, okay. I’ll take your word for it this time…Now say your goodbye’s. I’ll be in the other room waiting.” Your dad says before stalking off,

You roll your eyes and then look over at Calum who is currently grinning like an idiot.

“Tonight was great. We should do it again.”

“Like a second date?” You ask, a bit taken back.

You thought him asking you the first time was a total fluke, but now he wants to go on a second date?

“Um, sounds like a plan.” You agree, feeling your face warm.

“Great. I’ll call you later.” He says before pecking you on the lips, but your grab the both sides of his face and deepen the kiss.

“Goodnight.” You murmur, between his lips.

“Goodnight."He replies, slowly letting go of your hand and the kisses it before he lets it fall.

You watch him as he go to his car and he starts it up waving at you before exiting your driveway.

"Aw, young love.” You hear your dad sigh from behind you.

You turn around to see him looking into the distance as he leans against the doorway and sighs once again dramatically.

“Dad, shut up.”