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Safe Forever

Pairing : Percival Graves x Reader , ( Husband!Percival) 

About : Reader helps Percival after saving him from Grindelwald. 

Warning : Angst!! Well, at least I tried to write it that way. Hehe, enjoyyyy


I sat quietly on my side of bed, staring at Percival sleeping beside me. The bedroom was lit dimly by the moonlight and if I properly peeked through the crack of the bedroom door, I could catch a glimpse of out Christmas tree standing proudly in the living room.

The room was still with only the sounds of our breaths. The past few weeks had been rather silent, but the silence were the loudest noises in the household.  Percival wouldn’t let me help him if he woke up from a nightmare, he would quietly mutter he was alright and fall back asleep, or at least pretend he was sleeping.

While he pretended to not hurt, I would stare at his back, mind automatically drifting off to the day it all went downhill.

It was the night of our wedding, we laid facing each other on the big white bed, wrapped in a white blanket with a big stupid smile on our faces.The moonlight shined perfectly on his bare shoulders and mine. The low sounds of beach waves crashing against the sand being the only sound in the room besides our quiet breaths.

The wedding was perfect. We had small private wedding, only inviting our closet friends and family. After that, we had our first dance under the sunset, and Percival wore the biggest smile I had ever seen when we walked to the car, hand in hand, his friends whistling behind us.

I remember tucking a strand of his hair behind his ears, whispering how perfect the day had turned out before snuggling up to his chest, resting my head against his chest, falling asleep to his heartbeats.

The next morning I woke up to an empty bed with a note and a flower. ‘Off to the lobby to sort something out. I love you, darling.’

The Percival that came back that morning was not the man I married. He first walked into the hotel, demanding to go home. He then walked into our house demanding to be left alone. And finally, he demanded privacy and walked out of our marriage. But he didn’t know that I was already onto him, or at least the person who pretended to be him. The break up only made it easier to follow him.

I followed the impersonator everywhere, I went through his personal files and I crept into every corner of his life I could when one day, he roughly shoved me against my office door and told me to stay out business that didn’t concern me and threw a ring at me, similar to the one on my ring finger.

After months of searching, running and fighting, we found Percival tied to a chair, skin painted with bruises, eyes filled with fear and pain. The worst of all, he was held captive in the very hotel we stayed in.

A sharp jerked beside me caused me to stiffen up, I bit my lips trying to hold back tears from the memory when Percival woke up, sweating from another bad dream.

Attempting again, I carefully touched the back of his hand, only to find him pulling away like usual. A tear slipped down my face as I whispered, ‘Please, let me help you.’ His eyes stared into mine for a long time, as if he was searching for something, and for the first time in weeks, he scooted a little to the side of the bed, silently inviting to lay with him.

Carefully, I held him quietly around the shoulders as his head rested against my chest. ‘Cry, Percival. Don’t hold anything in please.’ After what felt like ages, I could feel him shivering, silent tears rolling down his cheeks, damping my shirt. ‘Shhh, you are safe now.’ I whispered, running my hands through his hair.

‘ I.. I remember begging him repeatedly.’ Percival muttered. ‘He threatened to kill for information that I didn’t have. I was so scared that I was gonna.. gonna die and nobody would even no..notice. He confessed, in between silent sobs.

I looked down at his glossy eyes before kissing the top of his head. ‘He’s gone now. You are safe, Percival. Safe forever.’

The bruises healed and he’s definitely gained the weight he needed and gotten the haircut he needed, but the biggest bruise of all was still there in his mind and heart. His left hand was evident of the wedding ring, the first thing he requested the second we returned from the hospital. ‘Will you allow me to help you?’ I asked, gently for the hundredth time. That didn’t matter because I would ask a hundred more. ‘Yes.’ his voice croaked back.

I leaned down to press my lips to his quivering ones, to remind him that this was real. My hands reached up to either side of his face. Percival pushed a strand of hair behind my ears as he pressed into the kiss. This was a different kiss, far different from the quick pecks we shared before I left for work or before bed. This kiss was laced with emotions, small hint of passion and longing. I intertwined our hands together as I pulled away from the kiss, not wanting to push anything too far.

Now, it was his turn to sleep in my arms, to fall asleep to my steady heartbeats.

‘Sleep now, Percival.’ I said, kissing the top of his head. ‘I’ll be right here when you wake up.’

A/N : OKAY SO I HAVE TO SAY SOMETHING. I know  I said I would write a Mr.Graves part 2 but I really couldn’t get the plot right. I have like 2 drafts but they did not turn out the way it should. It all starts out fine but turns a little weird and boring in the middle. So, I decided to give y’all something that’s not a hot mess. I’m so sorry!! Also, tell me if you guys would like to read the drafts of Mr.Graves part 2, cause there’s a lil nasty one there ;) THANK YOU

Life Happens

Bad news kids.  I hate to break it to you like this, but on this small blue rock we all call home, change, life and sh*t all pretty much happen in equal doses. Like so many of us I’m not always a big fan of the way everything always seems to be, and most likely actually is in a constant state of fluctuation here.  However, if we can but gracefully accept change as the inevitable unfolding of reality it is, and see it as something positive and necessary to our own growth and well being, we may even one day awaken to the realization that at least two thirds of everything that happens here is positive, and I won’t even get into the likelihood that everything that happens to us is likely to be in some yet unseen way actually for our own good.  Hey, that’s two thirds at least.  Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me, I’ll take it!  Love you all, Mike.

Change is never painful, only resistance to change is painful
- Buddha     ,    


Sevella: “……we are not naming our son after a plant. Or food. Or any other weird human thing that you can think of.”

Brennan: “You haven’t liked a single one of my suggestions.”

Sevella: “I’m sorry, Bren. But all of them have been bad. Men should never be able to name children. Ever.”

Brennan: “Well, at least you can both spell and pronounce my suggestions. Unlike all of yours. Weird elvish spellings. I wouldn’t know where to begin.”

Sevella: *laughs* “Fair enough. However, I have come up with what I think is a nice compromise. A little of what you want, and a little of what I want. A strong, noble name spelled in a crazy elvish way.”

Brennan: “That sounds promising. Tell me what it is.”

After Sevella had shared with him the name she had been thinking of, she asked him what he thought about it and was delighted when he liked it. And suggested that they use it. Elated, Sevella agreed.

Now their son had a name. ♥


Doctor Who Rewatch: Rose

Man I wish I had like…energy bc I’m going into animation, which I do have a talent for, but I’m also really good at helping people with their problems and since I’ve been through so much shit I’ve seen all kinds of people with all kinds of problems so I have experience with helping different people and knowing how to talk to them, naturally i’d go into being a therapist right? There’s still a lot I need to learn bc I do make mistakes but I know I’ve made a positive difference before. But helping people as a career rather than just helping my friends sounds so fuckin exhausting,, I really only have the energy for my friends (and really anyone who I know that doesn’t have a bad relationship with me. Or anyone on here even if I don’t know them just cause we have Tumblr in common). Idk it’s conflicting bc I know skill wise i’d be really good at it, and I like learning about psychology n shit bc it kinda gives me more of an arsenal (for lack of a better word) of knowledge for helping my friends who are struggling with mental health stuff
And all of this is really cheesy tbh like I haven’t totally accepted it bc since I used to be in such a bad spot I feel like I have to still be like that bc it’s actually comfortable sometimes. Also the whole “helping people!! uwu” feels kinda sappy and embarrassing but hhh. I mean if I’m not going into a career for it, which I’m not planning anyway, I’ll at least have that extra side of me that people can rely on. It’s like a bonus lmao. I’ll probably take a few psychology courses in college and maaaybe if animation falls through I’ll look into being a therapist. Really each job is exhausting in its own right but I’ll see

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i just wanted to say, after your post on black girl stereotypes i tried drawing my oc who's black with long hair, and she looks absolutely stunning!! thank you so much for that post, because not only do i know more about what tropes to break but now my oc has a gorgeous new hairstyle that is outstanding. you're the best!!!

oh!! anon w the oc, also when drawing her i realized i don’t know how to draw dreads all that well so you also inspired me to practice on them and other hair styles!!

omg, i don’t even know what to say she sounds adorable 💕 i’m so glad my post inspired you, but i gotta say that short hair on black girls is gorgeous too, and never a bad thing!!! i just wanted to remind fans that the concept of a girl cutting her hair short isn’t necessarily empowering or rare to all of us, at least not in the same way. i love that you’re practicing drawing different sorts of hairstyles though !!! there are so many lovely hairstyles black girls rock all the time irl that i almost never see reflected in fiction, that’s really awesome 💞

shippingallthelegos  asked:

For Mario, If I remember right the voice you put on-the one that we players hear-it's fake right? (If not I'm sorry but I remember that being mentioned.) if that's the case then what do you sound like? Do you have a regular (Italian) accent? Why put on a fake voice anyways? For Bowser, what do you think about it?

“Well, it wasn’t entirely fake, at least how the folks of the Mushroom Kingdom understood it. The way that I speak, the way that everyone is used to, that’s how it was interpreted when the court of Peach’s Castle first heard me. What you hear me speaking in now is actually translated from the Mushroom Kingdom’s language, which…well, it’s best translated for how you can hear it now. I do have a something of an Italian accent, though not as much of one as you’d expect, and less so than the one that people are used to. It’s just something that I fell in habit of adding to my voice, so it’s part of, well, my presentation. It’s become habit.”

“Mario’s voice is dreamy. Oh Stars above, did I say that out loud?”

“Yep. No going back now.”

“…Bah, fine. Not like it’s surprising anyone here by this point. I love Mario’s voice, in any way he speaks. With the charade accent, it’s adorable and fun. When he’s speaking normally, it’s soft and firm at the same time. And when he sings, my heart throbs and melts. …Is…is it weird that I’m such a sucker for him, down to how he even sounds?”

“Sounds perfectly fine to me!”

“Listen, you may sound cute, but you already know that you can’t answer for that one. Even…even if I like it.”

Bold it- Personality Tag!

I was tagged by wonderful @featureless-spy LEGGO

Bold the statements that are true for you!


I am 5′7″ or taller (I’m 5′6″ rip)
I wear glasses
I have at least one tattoo (kinda want one tho)
I have at least one piercing  
I have blonde hair
I have brown eyes (FYI they green/blue pls dont ask which i never know)
I have short hair
My abs are at least somewhat defined (cries)
I have had braces
There is something i would change about the way I look


My Hogwarts house is: Gryffindor Hufflepuff Ravenclaw Slytherin
I am an introvert
I like meeting new people
People tell me that I’m funny (this sounds arrogant af tho like 2 ppl have told me this)
Helping others with their problems is a big priority for me
I enjoy physical challenges
I enjoy mental challenges (apart from maths tyvm)

I’m playfully rude with people I know well (OK BUT LIKE NOT ALL THE TIME)
I started saying something ironically and now I can’t stop saying it (tumblr has ruined me)
There is something I would change about my personality 


I can sing well (bUT THATS NEVER STOPPED ME)
I can play an instrument 
I can do over 30 pushups without stopping
I’m a fast runner
I can draw well
I have a good memory 
I’m good at doing math in my head (this can fuck right off)
I can hold my breath underwater for over a minute
I have beaten at least 2 people in arm wrestling (COME fIGHT ME)
I know how to cook at least 3 meals from scratch (unless baking counts)
I know how to throw a proper punch 


I enjoy playing sports ( am i good tho….another story)
I’m on a sports team at my school or somewhere else
I’m in a orchestra or choir at my school or somewhere else
I have learned a new song in the past week
I work out at least once a week (does horseriding count cos if so fuck yh)
I’ve gone for runs at least once a week in the warmer months
I have drawn something in the past month (k but like i drew the saltbae meme)
I enjoy writing
(yeee boiiii)
Fandoms are my #1 passion (this is cringey af and gives me 2014 flashbacks but like…can i even deny)
I do or have done martial arts 


I have had my first kiss 
I have had alcohol

I have scored the winning goal in a sports game
I have watched an entire season of a TV show in one sitting
I have been at an overnight event
I have been in a taxi
I have been in the hospital or ER in the past year
I have beaten a video game in one day
I have visited another country
I have been to one of my favorite band’s concerts (come fite me bts)


I’m in a relationship
I have a celebrity crush (lmao do i even need to specify)
I have a crush on someone I know
I have been in at least 3 relationships
I have never been in a relationship
I have asked someone out or admitted my feelings to them 

I get crushes easily
I have had a crush on someone for over a year
I have been in a relationship for at least a year
I have had feelings for a friend ( would not recommend)


I have at least one person I consider a “best friend”
I live close to my school
                                                                          My parents are still together                                                                     I have at least one sibling                                                                           I live in the United States                                                                     There is snow right now where I live

I have hung out with a friend outside of school in the past month
I have a smartphone
I have at least 15 CDs
I share my room with someone


I have breakdanced 
I know a person named Jamie
I have had a teacher with a last name that’s hard to pronounce
I have dyed my hair (I want to but none else wants me to i cri)
I’m listening to one song on repeat right now
I have punched someone in the past week
I know someone who has gone to jail
I have broken a bone
I have eaten a waffle today
I know what I want to do with my life (i mean…vaguely)
I speak at least 2 languages fluently
I have made a new friend in the past year

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You dont have to do this! But I had Fun doing this :) 

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“My kids used to attend a local private school, which was an old converted church. I would do odd jobs and IT work in lieu of paying tuition. Since I had a regular day job, I would always go in there at night to do the work. One night,around 2:00 AM, while painting down in the basement, I realized I had left something upstairs on the main floor. I started walking up the stairs and about half way up I hear the sound of a music box. 

This place was already pretty creepy and that music box sound gave me the chills. But no big deal (I’m a man, fuck it, I think to myself.) So I go find the music box and close it to stop the music. I then grab the painting stuff I needed and begin to head back down into the basement. Well, a few steps down the stairs and I hear at least 3 maybe 4 more music boxes turn on, coming from multiple rooms. 

Scenes from every horror movie start flashing through my mind, i’m like frozen on the stairs, afraid to even turn around. That seemed to last for ever, but was probably only a couple seconds. I finally did turn around and booked out the front door, straight to my car, leaving all the painting stuff right where it was, I didn’t give a shit, I’ll buy new brushes. In the car, it felt like something was in the back seat. Same feeling followed me all the way home, into the house, into bed etc.

I didn’t stop doing work at that school, but would only go there during the daytime. Nothing like that ever happened again.”

By: Billy_mcbutterpants (What is the absolute creepiest yet unexplained thing that has ever happened to you?)

stonehearthguardian  asked:

I'm a house god, a protector of the family that lives in my house. But now that I'm mortal, with some unfortunate circumstances that have me in a homeless shelter, I feel helpless and unable to protect those that live with me. How can I alleviate these feelings? I want to guide them and help them.

Well, that sounds like a pretty bad situation; but for this one I’d personally turn to witchcraft, or at least something that looks like it.

I know you probably don’t have much in the way of objects to use or cash, so most all you can do is energy work. Take the godly energy and everything like that, and turn your attentions towards those that live with you in the shelter. Use that energy to protect them instead.

And if you don’t really have anywhere to put that energy, find something that can be used as storage- crystals or glass bottles/jars tend to work best- and pour your energy into those so at least it’s not in your body. Then go put them away, and take them back out if you need that energy again.

I haven’t much other ideas of what you can do; but this seems to be a time to get creative and think outside the box. Belief goes a long way, always has, and godly energy does Stuff, for most people.

~Mod Lu


Feels Like Heart Ache Part 2

Part 1 part 2 (Isaac)

Author’s note: Currently working on a part 3 for this one :)



It’s been a little over a week since that night I was attacked by the Kanima.

Every time I see Stiles me and him give each other a look. A look that seems to hold a secret between us two. Even when he’s joking around with me there’s this look in his eye. It’s more affectionate.

Everyone else has been noticing the way we look at each other as well.

Allison has asked me a few times if something happened that night and I always answer with the same casual no.

Or at least I’m trying to sound casual.

Nothing REALLY happened it’s just…. I wonder how Stiles would feel if I went around telling all my friends he told me he loved me?

I know I would hate it if he started blabbing about Isaac.

Though there is an appeal to having someone love you. To think someone could find me so appealing. It’s strange how now I feel myself being pulled to Stiles like metal to a magnet.

I’m sitting in class, behind Isaac with Stiles next to me.

I turn my head in the middle of the lecture and gaze at Stiles.

I still love Isaac don’t get me wrong but Stiles isn’t so bad.

Just as I think this he puts the lid to his pen in his mouth and blows it out of his mouth. He then catches it and looks at me.

“Cute” I mouth to him and he winks at me.

I hear shifting in front of me and I turn to face Isaac. He leans close to me and whispers “So are you and Stiles a thing or something?”

I pause and look over at Stiles for a split second.

“No. He just- he helped me when the Kanima attacked me”

“Oh yeah, I’m sorry I couldn’t be there. I was kind of paralyzed from the neck down”

“Just daily things, ya know?”

“Oh yeah, definitely”

I smile and feel that flutter in my chest again. Then  I look in his eyes and I remember he’s with someone else and my heart aches again.

Isaac doesn’t seem to notice how my face falls so quick but Stiles does.

He throws a paper ball on my desk and looks at me expectantly.

I uncrumple it to reveal a little note with pictures on it that were obviously scribbled fast.

It’s a doodle with a cross-eyed wolf with a speech bubble saying ‘Dur Dur Dur, I’m dumb. I can’t see when a totally beautiful girl is so into me. Dur Dur Dur”

I giggle and Isaac asks me what’s on the note.

“Don’t worry about it” I tell him, feeling better.

At lunch, things are a little different.

Normally I sit next to Isaac with Boyd and Erica but today I’m sitting with Stiles, Allison, Scott and Lydia. Normally Jackson would be here but he’s out today.

I see Isaac walking to my old table and as soon as he sees I’m not there he starts looking around the lunch room.

He spots me and the look of absolute betrayal is enough to make me burst out laughing.

“Sorry” I mouth to him, watching his jaw drop.

I look back at the others and smile.

“Are you and Isaac having problems?” Scott asks.

“No, we’re fine”

“She’s choosing not to sit with him because she’s prefer to sit with Stiles” Allison tries to whisper to Scott but we all hear it clear as day.

“Of course, I’m way better than that dumb old wol-” Stiles starts but is halted by Isaac’s piercing eyes, looking back at him.

I’m not quite sure what to say because it’s…true. My cheeks flush red and I struggle to avert my eyes.

“No… I just- uh- I didn’t feel like sitting with his new friends” I excuse.

“Yeah I wouldn’t either” Scott says.

“Oh sure, exactly” Allison chimed in, sarcastically.

I smile obnoxiously at her, shaking my head. The table is filled with laughter and I feel so much better here than with Isaac’s friends.

Then for a moment I look up and see Isaac kiss Erica.

That feeling is back. The tightening in my chest. It’s so tight I am finding it harder to breathe.

Then I feel a hand gently taking hold of mine and that feeling goes away. I look over at Stiles And he gives me a little smile.

I wait until no one is looking at our table and quickly lean over to give him a small peck on the cheek. It’s over in less than a second, but Stiles still looks over at me with wide eyes and some red appearing in his cheeks.

“D-Did you just-”

I shush him, hoping no one around us will get suspicious even though I already know one person saw that.

I look at Isaac and mouth “What? Jealous?”

Me and Stiles are at my house “Studying”.

We’re both laying on our stomachs, our shoulders touching. The conversation has gone a deep route. We were talking about that night with the Kanima when I finally told him how I’ve been feeling the past few days.

“So, since that day you told me you loved me I feel like my feelings have been shifting and I don’t know if it means anything yet but I think I might kind of like you”

“Ok so what do you want? What about Isaac?”

“You know, I think I’d really like to forget about Isaac” I smirked.

“Good, me too” Then he leaned towards me and his lips brushed against mine.

I felt that old flutter in my chest as his lips took mine and the best part was that there was no ache in my heart afterwards.

How to write an essay

Disclaimer: This is how I write informational, persuasive, objective essays. For me this format works very well and helps me get at least 85% (A) on all of my essays. Depending on your style of writing this might not work for you or make your essay sound very unnatural when you try to force yourself into this format. It could also be that your teacher prefers a different format than this one so you have to see if you can adapt this. I am in no way stating that this is the only way to write a good essay, it’s just the way that works best for me and m style of writing.

A Introduction

This part has to be catchy, otherwise the reader won’t read on.
Do not mention the topic of your essay straight away but start with a reference to a recent event or a similar problem. If you’re writing a one-sided essay you could also mention a popular believe about the other side which you will then show is wrong later on in your main part.

In the end of your introduction you should explain the problem you will be discussing in your essay.
Don’t forget to link introduction and main part!

B Main Part

This is where you will try to persuade the reader to take on your point of view even if they have a different opinion to begin with.

Here is the general set-up of a thesis:

Thesis (state your opinion)
Argument 1 (the thesis is true because…)
      Example a (I can support this argument with this…)
      Example b (…and also there are these facts)
      Example c (more examples help you prove your point!)
Argument 2
      Example a
      Example b
Referring back to Thesis
(“…and this shows why my thesis is right”)

Try to have at least two arguments for each thesis, but more than four would be too much. If you only have two theses you should try to get at least 3 arguments per thesis.
There should be 2-4 examples supporting each argument.

One-sided (rising) essay:

Try to have 3-4 theses, if you have too many you can use some theses as arguments for another thesis instead. If you don’t have enough theses, transform some of your arguments into theses.

Start with your weakest thesis and then use the next stronger one so that you finish with your most persuading one. Same goes for the arguments of each thesis. You can change the order slightly if they make more sense in another order or are better to link that way. You should still be able to notice a rising trend in your argumentation though.

weak thesis
stronger thesis
strongest thesis

Two-sided (anti-thetic) essay:

Start with the side that you are against (So if you have to write about if prices of chocolate should rise but you don’t want that, start with arguments that people who want to raise the price would use). Here you should have a declining trend in argumentation, so start with the strongest argument and end with the weakest.

Then you write about the side you are for (holding the chocolate price). Here you start with your weakest argument and conclude with your strongest one (comp. one-sided essay).

The third part is the Synthesis. Here you state your solution, i.e. you accept one of the sides fully or with certain conditions applying. You can also partially accept both sides. Do not simply repeat arguments from one of the sides though, you have to bring up some new ones. 

It is enough to have one thesis for each side if you support each side with a lot of arguments

Thesis you are against
Thesis you are for

C Ending

Yay! You’re nearly done! Don’t let the reader know you’re exhausted though and keep up the writing skills.
Here you round up your essay by referring back to your introduction or giving an outlook into the future. Do not bring any new arguments here, they belong into the main part.

Things to keep in mind:

  • All your theses/arguments/examples need to be linked! You have be able to read the essay “in a flow”. Same goes for introduction – main part and main part – ending
  • Do not generalise (“everyone/ all the time/never,…)
  • Don’t weaken your own arguments by using “sometimes/mostly,…”
  • Figures and quotes are great to prove something
  • “In my opinion/I believe” or “Sadly/Luckily/Thank god” mustn’t be used -> do not express your own opinion, your arguments should all be facts

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parttimedove  asked:

♥ parttimedove (*cough*

Send me a “♥ + a Url”  and my muse will talk about their relationship with them! { Accepting }

Relationship Status: 

“Ah.. Well.. uh.. Friends? Good friends? I-I don’t know to be honest. It’s complicated really.. Though I wouldn’t be so opposed to being something more than friends.”

Feelings toward them: 

“Well I like him of course! He’s kind and sweet, a bit strange, but in a good way. Dove makes me happy to say the least. For a while, everything felt.. gloomy? I don’t want to sound cheesy, but Dove gives me another reason to smile. I like him, but I don’t know if I ‘love’ him.”

Fantasies about them: 

“I’ll be honest, uh.. this is kinda lame, but I really want dance with him. Not like how I dance at parties or clubs and stuff. I just wanna try slow dancing with him. It’d be nice to be held by him as we’re dancing and I wouldn’t mind if it ended with a kiss..

Trait they like: 

“I like a lot of things about Dove, but if I had to pick just one thing, then I’d have to say I like how he’s got my back all the time. Even if it doesn’t work all the time, it just makes me happy that he tries so hard to make me smile when I’m crying or just feeling out of it..”

Trait they dislike:

“Oh god.. I HATE it when he skips meals and sleep so he could work on his magic acts. I know they’re important for his show, but it sucks seeing him do that just so he could keep working. It worries me and it’s why I always want to make lunch for him.”

Favorite thing to do to bug them:

“Dove surprisingly doesn’t get annoyed that easily. Though I’ll admit, I like hiding his hat when he goes to sleep and just watch him play hide and seek with it the next morning.”

Favorite thing to do to cheer them up: 

“This only works when he’s feeling down, but not like depression level down. I like cooking homemade stuff or make desserts with him. I figured it helps take his mind off things. Ah.. That reminds me, I should make Phở with him next time.”

Nightmare they had involving them: 

“Being separated from him. Whether it’s death or something we had no control over, just that finality of it all and never being able to see him again is a terrible fucking nightmare.”

Dream they had involving them: 

“I had a dream where I showed Dove my old hometown and all my old friends, even Savannah. Just holding his hand the entire time with no stand users to bother us while I showed him all my old favorite things about my hometown. Wish I had more serene dreams like that..”

Desire from them right at this moment: 

“I want to kiss him really badly.” “I want him to come back to Napoli soon so I can show him a bunch of cool stuff. I miss him when he’s away, but I know that he’s having fun and either way, it makes me kinda happy.”

Well anyway, it’s really unfortunate when people make it sound like I’m the only rp meme blog they can follow. I understand that I’m annoying and that this isn’t my personal blog but like… just unfollow me? I mean that in the least rudest way possible. Don’t follow blogs that make you uncomfortable or annoy you.

Everyone has all of these
Different ways of saying 
What love is 

The truth is
I’m not sure anyone really knows

That a textbook definition
Cannot possibly explain
Something so very limitless,
So intensely heartwarming,
Heart wrenching,
And fragile

But to say the very least,
For me what love is, 
Is well, you

Love is the late night Skype calls
Until 3 AM

Love is the perfectly aligned freckles
On your cheek

The lines between your fingers
The softness of your skin

The sound of your heartbeat,
Which I’ve said from the very beginning,
Is the most soothing sound
My own heart has ever known

In middle school, high school, 
Love is something that felt hopeless
An illusion,
A self inflicted tragedy,
A ticking bomb
Waiting to explode

So I didn’t look 
I hid away
Pleading love would not find me 
But still wishing buried within me
That it would 
And that it would be good,
That I could be happy

As I’ve grown older I’ve learned,
Well, no one ever said
That all love is always permanent
And only fools would say
That all love is perfect

People do come and people do go,
We must learn to live with this uncertain truth
But not let it keep us
From offering our hearts, 
From falling in deep 
Because love has much more good
Than it does bad

There are those lucky stars
That stay with us through the lonely nights, 
Hold us when tomorrow feels like an already
Distant memory,
Kiss us gently
When our eyes fall weary,
Wipe our tears when we 
Cannot see the sun

And like they to us,
We give all we can give in return
Just to have another day 
Knowing they’ll still by our side

Love is not something
To take for granted,
Because people are not property
And they have hearts of their own 

Love is something to cherish
Each and every day

So we continue to give our hearts
In great hope that forever might truly exist,
Some place, somewhere

And maybe it does
Just maybe 

That fire burning within me 
That hope, that constant weakness,
A connection so intense
My mind turns to static
I’d say, is what love is 

And all of those things, 
I’ve found in you

You have become what love is

And with you,
I’m wishing on forever

—  She is love, December 2015

gladdy-hoe  asked:

send ❣ for a message left on your voicemail after your muse stood mine up.


The message was started with a heavy sigh, trying not to sound too angry with the other…but well…he was stood up after all.

“Gladiolus! What the hell dude, you were suppose to be here like, HOURS ago! You could have at least called me or shot a text my way if you weren’t gonna bother to show…” So much for not sounding angry…

“I looked like an idiot standing here forever, waiting for your ass! …Whatever… Don’t bother calling me for awhile. I’m pissed off and I need some time to cool down.”

Prompto ended the message there, practically stomping moodily all the way back home.

anonymous asked:

76 "you fall in love with everyone you meet" Michael (if you're still doing them)

“Okay but seriously Y/N, did you see her?”

“Michael, I have already answered this seven times.” You sigh, kicking the door shut behind you and your best friend as he makes his way to your sofa. “And just like those other seven times, my answer is still yes.”

“Wasn’t she gorgeous?”

“Absolutely fucking breath taking.” You mutter, taking a sip of your Starbucks before falling into the arm chair opposite him. He misses the bitterness in your tone, continuing anyway.

“I’m going to marry her.”


“Well don’t sound too excited.” He finally glares at you, making you roll your eyes. “As my best friend, you could at least pretend to be a little bit happy for me for falling in love.”

You fall in love with everyone you meet.” You tell him, Michael scoffing in protest. “You do! Yesterday you said you were running off with the girl who served us at McDonalds.”

“She was basically a goddess!”

“And the day before you almost asked the guy in the post office out.”

“I had hair envy! I just wanted to know what dye he used!” He shouts. You roll your eyes for the second time, Michael scowling as he settled further down into your sofa. He continues to glare at you, before he speaks again, this time muttering. “You’re just jealous.”

“Wow. You got me.” You sigh, standing up and heading to your room, slamming the door shut behind you.

You kick off your shoes and throw your jacket on your bed, plugging your phone in so it can charge and your drink beside your bed before moving into the bathroom. You sigh, looking in the mirror when Michael sneaks up behind you.

“M’sorry.” He mumbles, arms wrapping around your waist and face nuzzling into your shoulder. “I didn’t think-“

“You never think.” You reply shortly, his eyes finding yours in the mirror. “Michael, have you ever maybe stopped to think that I actually am jealous?”

“Hoped would be a better word.” He nods, making you raise an eyebrow. “And for the record, the only one I actually fell in love with was you.”

Whoa, whoa, kid! Seems you’re getting way ahead of yourself.  Trust me, nobody is universally unlikable.  Nobody but me, of course!

Well, in some universes, at least.  I’m hard at work with the others!

But if they’re excluding you from their plans constantly, or doing other stuff to make you feel inferior—heh, well, those don’t sound like the best of friends to begin with!  My advice, kid, definitely don’t limit yourself: there are new people in school, outside of school, physically divided in half between the school’s interior and exterior (Haha, believe me, those guys sure make some spiffy friends!), and chances are, you could connect with any one of ‘em!  Try it out!

Also, don’t dive into things thinking someone’s gonna hate you up front.  Heck, I’m the most despicable villain of all time, and even I have pals!  You go into this with the wrong mentality, then—haha—that’s total poison! Not what you want at all!

So basically, don’t settle, don’t assume, and don’t—well, I’m not gonna say don’t give up.  If you’re trying to beat me in a game of interdimensional chess, then give up. But in this case, with the whole friend business, haha, yeah, don’t give up on that!

But ha! Why am I still rambling about this?  With my help, you won’t even have to worry—you’ll be irresistible!  Guess I just wanted to give you some advice in case you encountered any…heh…side effects after shaking my h—

His Best Girl part two. Steve x Reader

part one

A/N: This is ending up longer than expected, so I had to cut it off at a weird spot, but it’ll be worth it, I promise! There will be at least one more part to follow.

word count: 2,319

I always wondered how Natasha was able to fly in and out of traffic so well, but I was never ungrateful for her ability when we made it back to the facility in record time. She whipped the car into her parking space and gave me a wink.
“Why don’t you come to my place? We’ll get ready and head to the party together.”
“Yeah, that sounds good to me.” I knew that her asking was her own way to keep me from backing out last minute, but I was looking forward to the company. Left alone, my mind always went into dark places. I grabbed my white Macy’s bags and followed Nat with her own bags to the elevator that led directly to the apartment complex of the facility.
There was a gym in the complex that we used separately from the training rooms and it was on the main floor, separated from the lobby by crisp steel and glass walls. The door slid open as we were approaching it, Steve walking out into the lobby.
“Oh,” he smiled, flinging his bag strap over his shoulder, “looks like a successful shopping trip there, Y/N.” He waited for us to catch up to him and then he came to my right, following along to grab an elevator.
“It was very successful,” I shook the multiple bags in my hands, Nat did the same with her treasures too, “I guess I just needed a little push.” I gave Natasha a smile and she nudged my shoulder.
“Yeah, you’re welcome.”

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