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What happened to kon, BTW?😂😆😅

When his fuzzy little cotton stuffing couldn’t compute how nee-sama and Ichigo could’ve possibly not gotten together, he packed up his shit and left for good

Okay, but real talk: I nominate Kon and his storyline for the biggest WASTED POTENTIAL of this whole damn series.  No joke.  At least Kubo sort of tried with other chars even if he didn’t do so well, but Kon?  One shining moment of wonderful storytelling in chapter 16… and that was it.

Y’all remember this?



*sits down and takes a deep, calming breath, massaging temples*

At the very least, the anime writers tried to do something with that storyline.

Personal headcanon?  After discussing it with Rukia at some point, they (as in she and Ichigo) come up with the idea to capitalize on Kisuke’s lingering guilt over the whole Hōgyoku deal.  I say they, but this is all Rukia, master grifter:  

Basically, since Kisuke got away with little more than an apology, Rukia was also given a lifetime free pass on whatever the hell she wants from the shōten, no charge, so she asks Kisuke for a gigai made especially for Kon.

It’s all state of the art, too: undetectable, durable… the works.  Kisuke even offers to use the tech that would eventually turn him into a human, if that’s what Kon wants.

And so Kon is given what he was once so cruelly denied: a life of his own.  He’s free to stick around Karakura and it’s implied that he’s always welcome in the Kurosaki household, but Kon chooses to travel (and yes, every now and then return to Karakura to visit).

They also present Kon with legit (that is, legitimately forged) paperwork.  The first name on the documents? Kai.

Secrets And Lies - Six

Reid x Reader

For two weeks Y/N pushed all thoughts of Georgia and Ellie to the back of her mind.

At least, she tried too. But she wasn’t doing very well at it. Georgia text her four times asking if they could meet up again, and Ella constantly asked if they could go back to the park near her parents so she could play with her new friend. Eventually, Y/N gave in and messaged Spencer’s wife and told her she’d be at the park Friday afternoon at 4pm. And then she consulted JJ.

“Just… Be careful, okay. I don’t want to see you or Ella getting hurt again here. Georgia is a good person, but she is still married to Spencer, regardless of how unhappy they are together.”

“I know, I know. You should have seen then together though JJ. They’re so alike, if we dressed them the same, you’d barely be able to tell the difference.”

She hadn’t told JJ the entire conversation she’d had with Georgia. She didn’t think she could bring herself to talk about how Georgia had admitted to faking a pregnancy and miscarriage because she knew Spencer was going to leave her. And anyway, what difference would JJ knowing now make?

Friday afternoon at 4pm came and Y/N and Ella made their way to the park, seeing Ellie and her mom already there. The two girls ran towards each other, squealing in that way that little girls did. Y/N slowly made her way to the bench where Georgia was sat and gingerly lowered herself down besides her.

In the few weeks since she’d seen her, Georgia had changed. Her hair had been dyed a more vibrant shade of red and she was wearing more make up this time. When Y/N realised she’d been staring far longer than was acceptable, she complimented her quickly.

“You look nice, the hair… It suits you.”

“Thanks…I figured if my old love rival was back in town then I’d need to start making an effort with my appearance. Don’t want the husband straying again…. ”

Y/N’s jaw dropped, not having the first clue how to respond.

“Y/N…it was a joke. Seriously, I’m kidding…. My roots have needed doing for ages so I just decided to go the whole hog. And as for Spencer straying, meh.”

She said the last part so nonchalantly that Y/N wondered whether she was baiting her, but then the woman started making idle chit chat and Y/N pushed the thought to the back of her mind. The two women talked as they watched their daughters playing, taking them to a small diner afterwards where all four slurped on milkshakes and complained of brain freeze. When it was time to leave, Georgia asked Y/N quietly “same time next week?” and she nodded.

And so began the start of an awkward friendship between Spencer’s wife and mother of the child he knew about, and the woman who’d birthed his first born that he knew nothing of. It was strange, extremely so at first but as the women met regularly to watch the two half sisters playing, they realised that they had more in common than they thought. Ultimately, there’d been a reason that Spencer had been attracted to both, they all shared the same interests. They met most weeks, only missing a meeting if Spencer wasn’t out on a case and had made plans with his wife and daughter. Those nights, Y/N tried not to be annoyed or irritated, but she’d be lying if she said she wasn’t jealous. Although Georgia tried not to talk about Reid, after Y/N specifically asked her not to when she commented one too many times that Spencer should know about Ella, Ellie did. And sometimes, it hurt her heart to see Ella listening in awe at stories of her friends daddy and the things they got up together.

After four months of Y/N and Georgia secretly meeting up, Y/N found Ella at bedtime looking solemnly through a photo album that they’d put together.

“What’s wrong, baby?” she climbed onto the bed next to her daughter, seeing her little face crease up as she tried to hide her emotions.

“Mommy, where is my dad? Ellie has one, and even the boys and girls at school who don’t live with their daddies still talk about them. I do have one, right?”

For six years Y/N had always miraculously managed to distract her child from the fact that her father was absent. But now, she no longer knew how to lie to her. She no longer knew if she wanted to lie to her.

“El… It’s complicated.”

“How is it? Babies are made when a mommy and daddy love each other right?”

What the hell had she been reading or watching?

“Yes… Kind of.”

“So that means I have to have a daddy somewhere. Is he…. Is he in heaven?”

Y/N had explained the concept of heaven to her when she’d found out how ill her father was, although he was doing a damn good job of holding on to the land of the living now that he had his granddaughter growing up nearby. It would be so easy for Y/N to lie and say that Reid was in heaven, but she realised that if Ella and Ellie were to continue to be allowed to be friends, then eventually there’d become a time where Georgia and Y/N couldn’t control their meetings and Ella would run into Spencer. Once Spencer saw her, he’d know.

“He’s not in heaven… Listen, mommy needs to make some phone calls, but… We’ll see about finding your father, okay. Just, please don’t keep asking me about him.”


Y/N took the photo album off Ella’s lap and kissed her head, before leaving the room and dimming the light.

When she reached her living room, she grabbed her phone and shot of a text to the contact labelled ‘Gee’ in her phone.

“You know how you keep saying I should tell Reid. I think you’re right.”

Georgia and Y/N decided that they’d meet on mutual ground. Ellie had been left with Georgia’s sister and JJ had taken Ella. If Spencer was going to meet her, the women wanted it to be without Ellie there at first. They figured it would confuse the two girls but they didn’t want to go through the hassle of explaining everything to two six years olds, if on the off chance Spencer wanted nothing to do with her.

They met at a cafe around the corner from JJ and Will’s home, Y/N already in the booth when Georgia walked in with Reid in tow. He had no clue who he was meeting or why and when he saw his wife slide into the booth opposite Y/N, his eyes widened and his jaw dropped.

“Hi,” she said quietly, her heart hammering ten to the dozen.

Spencer looked between Georgia and Y/N and then back again, obviously confused.

“Spencer, please sit down,” Georgia urged him and he carefully slid into the booth next to her. The waitress came over and took their drink orders, Georgia ordering for all three of them as both Reid and Y/N suddenly seemed at a loss for words.

“Well, this is fun and not half as awkward as I thought it would be,” Georgia joked dryly when the drinks arrived and they’d still not spoken. Y/N had learnt over the time they’d spent together that the girl could be incredibly blunt sometimes, a trait she didn’t appear to have had all those years ago.

“Gee.. I’m…I’m confused,” Spencer finally spoke, his eyes not leaving the face of the woman he’d not seen in over six years.

“That’s to be expected, honey. You’re sitting in a booth with your wife AND the woman you cheated on her with, and they’re not ripping each others hair out. Very confusing, I agree.”

Y/N stifled her chuckle at the shocked look upon Reid’s face.

“W-what… You know? W-what?”

‘Tread carefully, Gee,’ Y/N thought to herself. They’d both agreed the Spencer didn’t need to know about her fake pregnancy, but the woman needed to be careful about what she said now.

“Yes. I know, I suspected then, especially when Y/N left suddenly and no one seemed to know why. But I didn’t say anything. And then Ellie came along and we were happy again, so I didn’t want to say anything to you. Why rock the boat?”

Spencer grimaced slightly before taking a sip of his coffee. “So why are we rocking said boat now?”

Georgia looked at Y/N quickly, and she nodded. She knew she’d struggle to tell him so Gee had offered to do most of the talking. She kinda felt she owed Y/N something for all of her own untruths.

“Y/N and I started meeting up around four months ago when we came across each other in a park. She’s moved back into town.”

“You two have been… what? You’re friends?” Reid was now gobsmacked.

“I’d say so, wouldn’t you, Y/N. We’re friends now right?”

“Yes. Me and Georgia are friends. Mainly because…. Oh god. Mainly because our daughters are friends… They’re a similar age, you see. Only Ella’s a few months older than Ellie.”

Confusion crossed Spencer’s face again and Y/N quickly rummaged in her bag and pulled out a photograph.

“Ella’s four months older than Ellie, to be more precise. I only found out I was pregnant when I left.”

Reid stared at her, his genius brain struggling to process the information he was being given.

“This is a….a photo of her.”

Y/N placed the photo face up on the table watching Spencer’s face as he took in the image of the girl that looked so much like the child he tucked into bed each night he was home.

“I am so fucking sorry Spencer.”

I haven’t written anything in a while, but this just needed to be written today

There is a nervous energy around the base. The med centers are full of survivors from the last battle, those who managed to get away. Leia tries very hard not to think of those who didn’t.

They lost the battle. There is no way to talk around it. Sril is lost, and many of the rebellions soldiers as well as the Srillian civilians with it.

They had managed to evacuate 6 million Srillians, at least. Only half the planets population, but better than nothing.

She walks down to the hangar. The Rogues will arrive any moment now, having spent the last few hours guarding the airspace around them. They had argued that they could keep going, that they weren’t tired, but Rieekan had seen right through them and told them that eight hours in the air was enough. Then he had glared at Leia and told her to get rest, too.

So, here she is. Still wearing her uniform, even though she wasn’t allowed anywhere near the fighting. She feels tired, not just phyically, she knows, and she wants to cry, but she keeps her head high and her eyes dry. She is not just some soldier, she is a symbol, The Last Princess Of Alderaan, and she will behave like it.

Some mechanics salute to her, but most just nod as she passes. She likes it better that way.

The boys have are already getting out of their X-Wings when she arrives. Her boys, she sometimes calls them, those reckless pilots around Luke and Wedge who have somehow become her friends. It feels incredibly selfish to be so relieved that all of them are okay, but she still can’t shake it.

She walks up to Luke first. Nobody is surprised, he is her best friend after all. Looking at him, she can almost feel his tiredness, his grief, and his anger. She knows he shot down more enemy ships than any other, knows that he saved as many as he could, knows that he still won’t think of anything but the lifes that were lost. She would be the same, hell, she is the same.

Without thinking about it, Leia envelopes him in a hug. It feels good to have him here, to be able to cling to him, and for a tiny moment she closes her eyes and breathes into it. Luke is safe. At least one person she can still fully rely on.

She doesn’t ask if he’s okay, and neither does he. They aren’t, and there is no point in pretending, at least not for each other.

Slowly, she steps away, even though her hand is still firmly clasped in his. The left one, of course. He still isn’t entirely comfortable with the mechanical right one.

Looking around, she greets the other Rogues, gives one armed hugs and receives pats on the shoulder. They survived. This is not over.

“We will continue fighting.” She says, her voice surprisingly strong. She hadn’t meant to say it this loud, but now she did, and she sees mechanics and other pilots listening, too, so she takes a deep breath and repeats it.

“We will continue fighting. We lost today, but this was just one battle in a huge war. As long as we don’t give up, as long as we get back on our feet, we still have a chance.”

Mystic Messenger but its an Alternate Universe in which they’re characters from Shrek
  • Rika
    -even better because its like,,, fuckwad,, i am so salty at her fight me
  • Saeran
    -one of those,,, u kno…. these i cant remember what theyre called lmao

          -I mean fuckin ruined by Fuckwad Farquaad so ya kno

  • Yoosung
    -Gingerbread man
    -idk i just? at least the way i took it, Rika/Farquaad manipulated him
    -sweet boi, great support
    -dont anger him
  • Zen (A few spoilers for his route in this one!!!)
    -I mean?? At least when he was younger his family tried convincing him he was ugly
    -shitty parents
    -Doesnt want a s/o that cares about his appearance but personality??
    -so,,, Shrek
  • Jaehee
    -Shreks supporter and pal
  • Jumin
    -Puss in Boots
    -you know
  • Seven
    -seven crossdresses s o
    -tries to hide the “ugly” parts of himself until he realizes he can be accepted, like Fiona with being an ogre
    -Fairy Godmother
    -Suspected to be good until the end
    -but then theyre revealed as a villian
    -i still lov u tho V
    -dies in the end
    -or one of the three blind mice
  • Mc
    -terrified viewer
Being Johnny’s little sister would include...

Anonymous said: Can you write a headcannon for what it would be like to be Johnny’s little sister, please? I love your blog btw ☺️💞

  • Him being somewhat overprotective
  • Ponyboy being one of your best friends
  • Dally having a soft spot for you, too
  • Having been abused by your parents as well and Johnny blaming himself
  • “I should have protected you, Y/N”
  • “Johnny stop beating yourself up, you couldn’t do anything”
  • “I at least could have tried”
  • Convincing Dally to bring you with to check on Pony and Johnny in Windrixville.
  • Not knowing what to do when Johnny dies
  • Having a mental breakdown which Pony helps you through
  • Ponyboy helping you through all of the hard times that them running away brought
  • Him reassuring you everything will be okay
  • “It’ll be okay, Y/N. I promise,”
  • “Are you sure?”
  • “Yes”
  • “Thanks, Ponyboy,”
  • “No problem”
Best “Superhero” Alter Ego

So many people just really fuck up their Alter Ego thing. TO an extent, where you are just getting furious about the fact THAT NOBODY RECOGNIZES THEM BECAUSE WHAT THE HELL EVEN ARE YOU BLIND EVERYBODY????

For once we have the originals of all Alter Egos:

Superman aka Clark Kent

Like okay dude: YOU TRIED. Different Hairstyling and Glasses…yet: Nobody buys that shit.

Then we have these two adorable french dorks

Are you even trying!??? At least Adrien gets bonus points for changing his eyes.

and Tony….well at least he admits that he doesn’t give a flying fuck snd openly says who he are. Not the best decision, but well, Tony is Tony.

oh and did I mention this?

IF YOU AT LEAST HAD SOME DECENT HAIR STYLES, BUT NO, THIS BUNS SCREAM FROM A FEW HUNDRED METERS “HERE COMES BUNNY!!” and you also spend all of your time together so how did you expect someone to NOT make the connection?

do you have any idea how hard it is to find a decent not-yuriedit of those two

and last but not least: THIS GEM

The Thing & The Thing in a trench Coat. maybe not 100% Alter Ego, but yet.






I’M TALKING ABOUT MARON. (and also Chiaki)


  • Different Haircolour
  • Different Hairstyle
  • Different EYECOLOR
  • Different Pitch of Voice

A bit of minus points for the remarkable triangle-hair, but who’d guess that’s the same person?

Chiaki even covers his face!!!

Okay, Marvel Heroes are excused, for most time they don’t even try to keep a secret and they have no magical powers (same DC) and Spiderman (Batman and all the heroes with full masks) does a fairly good job BUT WHERE ARE YOU WHEN YOUR MASK GETS RIPPED OFF? *whispers* Also: Contact lenses

SO all the Kudos to Maron and Chiaki for a point on alter ego!

I’ll Wait - Jason Todd x Reader

Originally posted by isitdonproof

Request: Can you do one with Jason Todd there reader is in love with him, but he’s reluctant about them becoming a couple, so reader just tell that they “will wait as long as he needed”. Will he or not change his mind in the end is up to you. Thank you :)

You knew you were in love with Jason when you realized how your mind would always worry to how he was and if he needed anyone to be there for him. Yeah you knew he was Red Hood so the worries grew more during the night.

More or less when you had confessed to him he was a bit shocked but not only that but happy as well considering he was also in love with you but worried that if he went through with this relationship he would be putting you at risk.

“I love you, Jason.” You admitted.
“(Y/N) I….” Jason sighed as he tried to say at least something.
“It’s okay I will wait as long as you need, I know you have to think of what you want to do with that.” You smiled.
“Thanks….I should uhh go out on patrol now.” He nodded towards the door and soon walked out.

Groaning you covered your face with your hands and sat down on the couch, just how stupid were you? It wasn’t like you were scared of rejection well of course you were since it felt like if that were to happen your friendship with him would be forever changed cause of the known feelings you just admitted to him.

“He might hate me now for that.” You sighed.

Laying down you decided to watch some TV to get your mind off of the confession you just pretty much laid out on him a few minutes ago.

**With Jason**

The fact his crush confessed brought great warmth to his chest, but it also scared him. Since Joker was still out there he was afraid that if word got out Red Hood had a girlfriend then you’d be in great danger. Then again hanging out with you in general put you at risk since Joker knew who he really was.

Eyes widening at the realization of that he knew that even if he was with you he’d have to protect you either way since being around someone like him was a risk of putting someone as kind as you at risk.

“Shit! I should of known this! Besides…my feelings for her will just give me more strength to have a chance in protecting her.” Jason said

And with that in mind he decided to wait until his patrol was over before returning to your shared apartment and as he noticed you were asleep on the couch he sighed as he brought his coat and helmet to rest on the chair beside the couch.

“Jeez sleep in your room..” Jason chuckled.

Gently picking you up into his arms he walked into your room and placed you on your bed, covering you with your blankets he kissed your forehead. Hopefully by tomorrow he could tell you he’d be more then happy to be your boyfriend.

Cause even if he was Red Hood it gave him an even more good reason to protect you well enough.

“I promise I’ll protect you, so let’s be together okay.” Jason whispered.

||A/N: Finally a Jason Todd request! Thank you! And sorry for the long wait to this…anyways this is the last request I’ll do for today. Now all I got left is 4 more requests before I will allow the requests to be reopened. BUT! This time only ONE REQUEST per-person alright? cause for some reason I have a feeling the same person who suddenly sent in many requests have given me so many that kind of caused me to close it for now.||

  • Mom: I'm going to store I'll be back.
  • Me: *starts singing* You'll be back, soon I'll see, please remember to get the cheese.
  • Mom: Okay this is ridiculous you are literally obsessed with Alexander Hamilton
  • Me: *still singing* Alexander Hamilton! We are waiting in the wings for yooooooouuuu.
  • Mom: Okay you need to take a break this is crazy.
  • Me: *tries really hard to hold it in*
  • Mom: Don't you f***ing dare.
  • Me: *belts out lyrics* TAKE A BREAK AND WE CAN STaaAAaaAaAaaAAAy
  • Mom: You're adopted.
  • Me: Well at least I'm not a *starts snapping* bastard, orphan, son of a whore, and a Scotsman, dropped in the middle of a forgot-
  • Mom: *slams door and leaves*

Okay, first this is very old (around 2014) and I ’ve always felt sad about not publish it. Second this was a project with @relampago-dorado and the character were a fusion with canon characters from rwby (tries to guess combinations). Really nice, but the proyect died for lack of time (and also for my fault.)

but look at these beautiful children! They’re so aww and 
and I wanted to give them some popularity (?) (i don’t know how to explain that xD)

“I stargaze as
a strawberry crescent bouquet
blossoms within my palm
wistfully weeping,

for your love was never parallel
to mine, as mine curved
between petal from root
to stem, stumbling-
‘til I gave my heart
to you artlessly,

while yours never reached
the same depth,
but rather rose while I

-Couragous Dreamer

I drew Sophie today! I thought it’d be nice to put her in since she is the heroine of the series. Another snowy scenery and a somewhat hesitant/determined look on her face (or at least I tried to). I tried to draw her a little more closely to the ones on the cover and I hope it doesn’t look too far off. Maybe I’ll do Biana some time soon since she is in the cover as well!!

*Okay, off to do something else*

Playlist: 39. The Hidden

“Seamstress” by Dessa

“I kept an angel in a box beneath my bed
Little bitch had broke her jaw and I tried to fix her head
They said I had to put her back
that I had to put her back exactly where I found her
But I know, I saw that she was doing good until the cat got her
Well I’m putting you out of my misery,
We ain’t got much, but we’ve got history
It was a mercy kill, nah, it was a suicide, nah
It was an accident, nah, well at least I tried”

“The helicopter circled the clearing where smoking pieces of the buffalo lay.  They had killed it and yeah, okay, they’d saved me from having to come back and do it myself.  But that still didn’t stop the feelings. Not at all.  

That buffalo had trusted me and for reasons it didn’t understand, maybe would never have been able to understand, I’d let it down.  Or maybe somewhere in its developing, learning human mind, it had understood.”

This song will forever remind me of Cassie, since it’s about trying to fix all the broken things of the world and also holding on too long to things that can’t or shouldn’t be fixed.  It could work for a couple different books narrated by her—she holds on too long to the baby skunks, to Karen and later Aftran, to Jake—but we didn’t really have another song for this book, so here it is.

- Sol

(full playlist


aries: chill mom and dad. it could be worse. at least i’m not pregnant. or am i? … ugh. it’s a joke you’re supposed to laugh.
taurus: well maybe if the teacher knew how to teach…
gemini: f for fuckin awesome lol. 
cancer: but i actually tried this semester!?
leo: did anyone else get a “f”? i don’t want to be the only one.
virgo: is this a typo?
libra: ew this isn’t okay but whatever i’m over it. 
scorpio: yay all those nights i didn’t study finally payed off.
sagittarius: it’s because that teacher HATES me.
capricorn: cool now i’m going to be in a bad mood for the rest of the week.
aquarius: wow wish i cared! 
pisces: i’ll just pretend it’s an “a”. 

sonador-reveur  asked:

Heya 😊 tell me something that makes you happy; tell me an embarrassing story and I'll reply with a more embarrassing one !! * I didn't read the second one where it says I'll have to reply 😉

What makes me happy: when I draw something and it turns out half good..
When my stupidity makes someone laugh and when I used to go fishing with my dad at least every week.

Embarrassing story- I once was super late for school and it was assembly day…all was well in the world of Lola, I just thought it was okay that I’d missed form and I could just leave my bag out side and go casually walk in assembly and sit down unnoticed…

After five minutes of self motivation in the mirror I felt confident nothing could go wrong. Next second every single person in the schools gone silent as they watch at least five rows of chairs do dominoes. And I’m at the other end hands out where I tried to catch the first falling chair 👌🏻
I was so flustered I didn’t even pick up a chair to sit on it, i just sat on the floor 😂😂