well at least i tried haha


Okay, I’ve tried posting this a few times. Like my new weight, let’s hope it sticks.

Fuck, I’m fat!!! Well, for me, I am. Haha.

I’ve changed my mind about my goal. I know I said I wanted to graduate at 200 in two years. Not anymore. I want to be massive. I feel like I’m finally accepting my destiny, which is to get truly enormous. Like finally accepting one’s own sexual orientation, I’m coming to terms with my gainer identity. I want to be 300, at least, by the time I graduate.

A-Z Headcannons for Danse (NSFW)

A (aftercare)- Danse likes to take a walk with Sole and possibly stretch. He likes to just relax after the intense session.

B (body part, favorite)- Danse loves Sole’s face. He just loves to give them kisses and hold their cheeks. To Danse, their face is so perfect and angelic.

C (cum)- Danse absolutely loves to make Sole cum. It gives him a feeling of dominance and control. For Danse cumming, he’s content with anywhere really.

D (dirty secret)- Danse secretly wishes he could show off Sole. He is obviously too shy to do it, plus he’s not sure Sole would approve either.

E (experience)- Danse has barely any experience, if any. However, he kind of just lets his instincts take over. Sole does help him a lot at first, too.

F (favorite position)- He loves to take Sole from behind. Danse also tends to grab their arms and make them completely helpless at his mercy.

G (goofy)- Have you met Danse? He’s the least goofy person ever. This is the same for in the bedroom.

H (hair, down there)- He’s really bushy… but he tries to keep it tame… a little…

I (intimacy)- Danse is obviously very awkward when it comes to romance, but in the bedroom he feels comfortable to express his love fully since it’s just him and Sole.

J (jack off)- Before Sole and Danse were in an official relationship, he would jack off at the thought of them. I know right😱so scandalous!! Well for him it is haha

K (kink)- Danse has a slight kink for bondage (goes alongside with his dominance thing)

L (location)- He has to make sure it’s a secure area, but he doesn’t mind indulging in places outside of the bedroom.

M (motivation, turn on)- Danse loves it when Sole asks him for help with something. He also loves when Sole helps other people.

N (no, turn off)-Danse absolutely hates it when Sole flirts with other people. He gets super jealous and pulls them away immediately.

O (oral)- Danse likes to get some, but prefers to give Sole oral instead. Like said before, he absolutely loves to make Sole cum so he will spend hours just making them a moaning mess of pleasure.

P (pace)- When Sole and Danse first started having sex, he started off slow to get the hang of things. Once they both got more experienced, they began to get rougher and more instinctual.

Q (quickie)- When he or Sole is really stressed, Danse does enjoy a quickie every now and then. However, he prefers to have really long sessions of love making.

R (risk)- Danse isn’t one to experiment too much. He likes to play it safe and passionate.

S (stamina)- It’s shocking how much stamina this man has. He could last for hours upon hours if Sole could keep up. Must be all that BOS training…

T (toy)- Danse isn’t really a fan of toys, for himself or for Sole. He likes to make sure he’s the only one pleasuring Sole.

U (unfair, teasing)- He doesn’t mess around with teasing. He goes straight in to the good stuff.

V (volume)- Danse is a grunter, but generally pretty quiet. However, if he’s really going good and about to cum, he can’t help himself but be loud.

W (wild card)- Danse is a big spanker. He loves to spank Sole when they’ve been naughty😏

X (xray, what’s going on down there)- Pets be honest, Danse is huge. I mean you know what they say about a man’s feet…

Y (yearning)- Danse doesn’t have a boner 24/7, but when he’s in the mood, he HAS to act on it or he’ll loose his mind.

Z (zzz)- Danse doesn’t really fall asleep afterwards, but if Sole does he’ll just lay with them until they wake up.

Neji babysits Boruto and Himawari!

Requested by anon!

In an alternate universe Neji survived the war. And now he’s been asked to babysit Naruto and Hinata’s kids for one reason or another. What would happen??

1. Neji would immediately regret it. Just like the last time. And the time before that.

Naruto: “Thanks again Neji! You guys be good!”

Boruto: “Okay, dad!”

Neji: “So! What do you guys want to do today?”


Neji: “BORUTO NO.”

2. He would constantly praise Himawari’s byakugan skills, though.

Every time he babysits them her skills seem to get better. She loves the attention. Boruto gets jealous.

Neji: “You’re getting so good at it, Himawari!”


Neji: “BORUTO. NO.”

3. There is yelling. Lots and lots of yelling.

Usually about mess in the playroom. And mess in the bedroom….and in the kitchen.





4. Dinner is always a struggle.

Neji: “I’m going to cook us some katsudon for dinner!”

Himawari: “I love katsudon!”

Boruto: “I don’t want it. I want to have cake for dinner instead!”

Himawari: “I love cake more! Cake for dinner!”

Neji: “N O.”

5. Boruto always ends up missing for an hour or two.

Neji tries to use his byakugan….but….

Himawari: “Byakugan is cheating Uncle Neji!!”

Neji: “But-”

Himawari: “Boruto is playing hide and seek! You can’t cheat!”

Neji: “…….fine.”

He usually ends up in the laundry cupboard.

6. Finger painting is both Neji’s most favourite and least favourite activity.

Neji: “You guys are doing so well! We’ll hang these on the wall after they dry.”

Boruto: “Why hang them on the wall….when they can BE the wall??”

Neji: “Haha that’s….wait, what?”


Neji: “B O R U T O …. N O.”

7. Himawari always demands a bedtime story.

The story about the princess and the frog is her favourite.

Neji: “Okay, what book did you want me to read?”

Himawari: “This one!”

Neji: “But….I read this one to you last time! And the time before that!”

Himawari: “I want THIS one!!”

Neji: “……okay.”

8. Neji finally gets some peace after he’s put them to bed….for 10 minutes.

He collapses on the couch. Closes his eyes. Bliss. It doesn’t last long.

Neji: “Finally….I can rest for a bit…”


Boruto: “LET’S GET PIZZA.”

Neji: “Why must I suffer.”

9. More yelling.




10. In the end they always end up falling asleep on the couch together.

Naruto and Hinata arrive home blissfully unaware of anything that has happened.

Hinata: “Aww look at that! I don’t want to wake them!”

Naruto: “They get along so well. Let’s ask Neji to babysit more often!”

Hades and Persephone

Originally posted by kougami-shinya

Request: “Hades/Persephone: reader is the only friend Ben ever had at his uncle’s Academy. After the fall, the Knights of Ren hunted her and brought her to Ren, at his command. She chose to remain, seeing her lost her friend in Kylo, as much as he tries to deny that. Little she knows Ben had feelings for her and Kylo Ren is selfish enough to desire to keep her by his side.”

“An interesting concept could be a Hades/Persephone story with Hades as Kylo Ren and Persephone as the reader. For Demeter i thought about Rey,but instead of being Persephone’s mother, she could be her older sister.”

“Would you be cool doing a Kylo x reader fic where reader is force sensitive and can see the future? Her village is raided but she escapes because of her ability. Kylo eventually catches her though. I love your writing.”

“Could I request an Emperor!Kylo x reader fic where the reader is the princess of a planet at war with The First Order? He ends up taking her captive after her planet loses and asks her to be his empress.”

Summary: Emperor Kylo has conquered a good portion of the galaxy at this point in his life, has unsurmountable power, a far more advanced base, surpassed his mentor and completed his training, however it’s still not enough. Recalling an old friend, one who has haunted his dreams for years, Kylo calls upon his Knights of Ren to find her and bring her to him. Though he knows it’s selfish he can’t help himself, and he tries to keep her with him…eternally.

A/N: If you have ever wondered how many requests I can bundle into one fic, well here you go haha. Yay for Greek mythology AU’s! I tried to make this as relevant to the SW universe as I could but still kept at least most of the myth in there. Also song recs if you want a creepy vibe while you read haha “Night Time, My Time” Sky Ferreira, “Rolling In On a Burning Tire” Dead Weather, “Once Upon a Dream” Lana Del Rey. Hope you enjoy the fic! :)

Ben watched as (Y/N) sat in the tall grass, whirling a stream of small leaves around her with a smile beaming like the sun that was illuminating around her. Her (Y/H/C) was highlighted with a halo like frame from the streams of light around her. Their afternoons almost always consisted of this, sitting in the fields by themselves finishing their lunches, showing off to each other with tricks of the force. 

Staring at her contagious smile, Ben sighed to himself. His brown eyes were focused on her, his expression dumbfounded. (Y/N) to say the least was a luminous being. Almost everything around her seemed to come to life when she strode through. Her smile could heal the sick, her laugh restore hearing to the deaf, sometimes it seemed as though her simple touch could revive life into things that were otherwise dead and dreary. Giggling (Y/N) turned to him with her same smile.

“Your turn!”

Suddenly shaken out of his admiring gaze Ben’s brows furrowed.


“Now you show me a trick!”

Pausing he tried to think of something that would impress her. The longer he pondered however, the more his aura dropped. All of the tricks he could think of were only destructive, chaotic, things created out of anger. The older he got, the harder it seemed to be to simply be appeased with himself using only forces of the light. It wasn’t enough. He wanted more. The voice in the back of his mind kept encouraging him to seek out more. 

“You do know a good trick don’t you?”

Staring at the fruit in his leather clad hand as he recalled the memory, Kylo rolled the round food around his large palm with the smooth motions of his thumb. The blood red exterior satisfied him greatly, especially with the stark contrast against his black leather gloves, as well as the all dark colorless surroundings he was engulfed with. A pair of Nexus deep in slumber lying at his feet, one at each side of his throne. 

Soon after he had completed his training, Kylo had carried out the ultimate task of defeating his original mentor and manipulator Supreme Leader Snoke. Though it freed him of his mental prison forced on by Snoke, it did not eleviate his destined path. He was in far too deep to be anything but solely committed to the Dark side. Now he sat on the ominos black marble throne, rigid and harsh in its design, as Emperor. He was finally the highest ranking soul of power on the Dark side, after years of dedication and torment, he had come out on top. 

Relishing in the fear he scattered across the galaxy, Kylo took it upon himself to make even more alterations to the First Order and its presence. Taking his Emperial throne, Kylo decided that a palace visible to the public would not be smart for his widely scorned kingdoms preservation. Sending out patrol after patrol, he searched far and wide for a planet, similar to Starkiller, to settle his kingdom onto. Snubbing Hux’s efforts with the newly improved base, Kylo wanted something, something far more impressive for his Empire. Finally, after months of scouting around every system known to the galaxy they came upon an otherwise scarcely populated arctic planet to make their new abode. 

The rolling hills of snow covered rock were seemingly deserted, deathly silent aside from the howling winds, it was like a blank canvas. Though beneath the snowy white surface, within the rocky terrain of the planet laid expansive miles of caverns. Within these grey caverns, twisting and winding through the dark, Kylo built his Emperial abode. It not only kept him concealed and protected, it added to the eerie persona he had established for himself as well as his Empire. 

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040417 JAT 2017 Nagoya

all translations below by SWEETGRAVITY

“Why don’t we go flower viewing (hanami) right now?” / Do you want to go flower viewing from now? - Onew’s ending line in Your Number

Minho:Your line was perfect today. Your last line in YN.
Onew had a hard time remembering what he said for YN ending.
Key: That was like 5 minutes ago

Jonghyun: It’s a tour we began in winter, but it’s become the season for cherry blossoms

They said they toured in NA did the ments in eng so it’s going to take a while to turn the JP switch back on

Taemin said he ripped his pants today. He said he ate a lot during the NA tour and gained weight in places you can’t see. So I guess Taemin went back stage to change his pants but Key didn’t notice because Taemin kept singing as he went back stage. Key only noticed when Taemin wasn’t there when Taemin was supposed to be in the center position.

It was cold in Japan before they left for the NA tour but when they came back it was warm even though they brought thick jackets and they got in the way at the airport - Key

They were asking which of the new songs the fans liked today:
Taemin: (names a couple songs) kimi no seide?
Others: That’s not a new song [..]
Onew: Jojo?
Key: That’s a song from 6 years ago.

Key: (is talking) That’s right. Yes. (blanks out) What was it again?

Minho’s Q was: Person who’s family member currently plays for the Chunichi dragons (a pro baseball team from Nagoya) -> Color: Red
They probably saw one person so Minho (and Onew) started singing sayohito.
Minho: Sayonara Hitori~
Onew: Kanashimanaide (Don’t be saddened)
Minho: Where are you~

Jonghyun: Person named Nagoya
Goal: 5 -> changed to 2
Jonghyun: There aren’t any
Onew: As expected
Key: Not even a single person
Jonghyun: I have a question. Is Nagoya-san, is nagoya a male name?
Taemin: Miyoji (Last name)?
Key: I don’t think it matters

Taemin: This isn’t 1/100 game but I want to ask a question. We see quite a few men/boys in the audience. So here’s my question. Those who’s here for the first time?
All: Ooh~
Taemin: Please come again
After this, Key said it’s not hard to spot the guys in the audience from stage but he sometimes notices they’re not here by choice, and how they’d just chuckle when they’re entertained by shinee’s ment even though they for the most part don’t seem as excited as the others

Key: Idt you can [have them] keep that color (*yellow) for the entire concert. Since it’s boa senpai’s color
Minho: As expected of a Jumping BoA

Taemin: Did everyone know (about the surprise)?….Acting like you don’t know~!

Key used to watch (since he was trainee) Music station and Nobuta wo produce (a popular drama from the early 2000s). Key cried after he went home after recording Music Station for the first time

all translations below by lixx.

Key:last month we had a concert at yoyogi and also one at america, it’s been awhile huh?

They are talking about the yoyogi san they found at the yoyogi concert and now jjong wants to find Nagoya san ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

all accounts below by ipipie

Jonghyun is getting all confused asking if ‘Nagoya’ is a name for male or female😆
Key: Like the name Jenny is rarely a male name, but Nagoya is like Kim, just a surname.
Jonghyun: But one can be called Kim Kim! 😂😂

Jonghyun keeps explaining Onew’s gags for him and Key was like ‘it’s a gag, explanation should not be required.’ Then Onew hugged Jonghyun and said ‘he’s being nice~‘ㅋㅋ

Today is SHINee’s 100th concert in Japan, and they played photos of their first Japan concert till now, while the rest were gasping that they didn’t realised it’s been that many concerts, dear Taemin put his hands on his face and said ‘OMG I’m so fat now!!’ LOL

Key said looking at the photos, the members have become fat then thin, fat then thin again… then Minho said 'I’ve always been okay’ HAHA

Taemin (to the fans):did you guys all know about this?
Fans: YES
Taemin:then you guys have very good acting skills!
Key:did they show this on the screen before the concert started? No? But well I’ve kinda heard the staff saying that it was gonna be our 100th concert soon… just didn’t know it was today
Taemin:At least you heard something… I didn’t even hear a word about it! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

all translations below, KR->EN, by iloveviewsh

when Jinki was asked to say his last line in YN, he was confused between Hanami (cheery blossoms viewing) & Hanabi (Fireworks viewing) HAHA

Jinki was insisting on yellow color today but Jjong kept saying “let’s go with our fav color (SW color)” & tried to stop Jinki’s yellow mood

all translations below, KR->EN, by yitemin

Key:ive heard that it’s our 100th con soon… but for it to be today…
Taemin: no one ever told me! even abt having our 100th soon!

Smart Talk - Armin x Candy

lmaO all I was waiting for was for an anon to say yes so i could start. but yes, tysm anon for the complement. I, personally, love Armin’s parents they’re just so adorable ? Armin and Alexy’s parents are otp goals ok - enjoy.

There were plenty of favorite things that Candy could’ve thought of being at Armin’s house, but one of the top favorites, was his parents. Taking out Alexy, already being her best friend, Candy always loved their company – and they loved her company as well, especially his mother. 

Thankfully, due to spring break, Candy was able to visit his house once again. Armin was obviously up for it, if not always, even with his parents around.This time, it was different. The day wasn’t full of Candy and Armin having their little shenanigans and cuddling all day like they would’ve liked to do. 

It was Candy’s first dinner with Armin’s family. Candy obviously sat next to Armin, as he sat next to Alexy, who sat next to their parents. Sitting around the dining table, Victoria placed the platter of chicken down on its center.

“Alright you guys, here we go,” She said, smiling happily at the finished food. “Wow, that looks really good!” Candy said. “Hmm, thanks – but I should’ve changed it up a bit, I make this all the time on the weekends.”

“Doesn’t mean it’s not good though,” Arnaud said, pulling out a chair for his wife as she sat down. Soon enough, the table grew silent as they began to eat up. It wasn’t too silent between Armin and Candy. Armin had his hand on Candy’s thigh as she stroked his hand from above. They would’ve liked to be alone, sure, but they couldn’t have.

Of course, Alexy noticed something was up between the two. “Y’know, I feel like it shouldn’t be so quiet at the table…” Alexy spoke up, swallowing down his chicken. Armin shot him a side glare, a face of ‘don’t you dare’. “Hmm?” Victoria inquired. 

“What do you mean? It’s usually quiet while we’re eating.” 

“Yeah! But a conversation between the meal wouldn’t hurt, right?” 

Candy gave a confused look, in the back of her mind, she knew that even dinner had to be entertaining.

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  • Sakura: Darling? I have something to confess...
  • Sasuke: Hn?
  • Sakura: (playful grin) I want six more children ♡
  • Sasuke: ...Okay. Let's do it.
  • Sakura: (surprised) Haha Sasuke-kun, you know it's April fools day today, right? I was just joking.
  • Sasuke: ...I wasn't. (pinning Sakura down on the couch)
  • Sakura: ~Eeehhh >.<

This is how I would imagine Nikolai would look like as a child. I’m 100% sure he’d be the type of kid who would steal cookies behind his mother’s back but still be surprisingly mature and well-

(Not sure how I feel about the color scheme but oh well at least I tried right haha😅)

EDIT: this is going to be the first of a series consisting of tiny child versions of TGT and SoC characters

“Gu’d underbite. So tell meh’ lil’ one! ‘Ow much loot ‘ave ya’ pillaged already?“

“Uhhh, I have a bunch of treasure, but it’s more uh, personal than any sort of money wealth?“

“Nothin’ wrong with a whee’ bit of treasure like tha’t. How about’ peasants’, how many lives ‘ave ya’ wrecked ‘en?“

“I’m uh, sorry Miss. I, I’m not sure I wanna be that kind of dragon.. I’ve kidnapped a few, but I don’t really want to cause THAT much suffering?“

“Real’y? Tha’s a DAMN shame! With those teeth you could crush a’ least a few heads in a go!“

“I usually only eat fish and stuff, though..“

“Ah, you poor whee’ thing. Ya’ missin’ out on all the good stuff ya know, ya’ eva’ tried human flesh? It goes well with fish! Da’s a fact for ya’ haha!“

“Hhmmmmmnnngh. I don’t wanna eat people though…“

anonymous asked:

You said you had some wips you weren't doing? Or going tdo? What were they? :0

oh, there’s definitely a couple i’ve had on the back burner (i haven’t forgotten about that Grillby’s gif, or the phone background, they’re… at least partially there;; =v=) but there’s a few that i put away for a bit and didn’t come back to for various reasons. while i try and finish most of my attempts in at least some way, i do have a few others i’m probably just not going to finish, period. one isn’t worth showing really - it never got to any cohesive place, and i’ve improved enough since i first tried it that it’d be something i’d rather just start from scratch if i ever wanted to try it again…

as for the other? hm. well, i guess the wip gif will probably be okay enough to show…? it’s missing several inbetweens, smoothing actions, and i was in the middle of adjusting proportions… but since i’m probably not going to come back to it i guess i can share it. little insight into my process, if nothing else:

the idea was to try animating a different way that sans might ‘summon’ his blasters. i still like the idea… but it’d need a lot more work before it’d be at a place i was happy enough to put colors and finishing everything onto. so for now, it’s probably going to remain in wip hiatus, haha.;;

I Will (Never) Forget You thoughts (warning: language)




Okay, coming from somebody who does not ship Aarmau or at least I dont love it, this episode was amazing! Aaron is going to go and fight for Aph back, and I am so friggin ready.

He truly loves her (which has been shown forever honestly) and his character development since his first appearance has been crazy amazing.

Like seriously, he went from being the lifeless mysterious guy that everybody had the hots for because he was always shirtless (which was probably my biggest pet peeve honestly it annoyed the hell out of me) to being this sweet guy who is so loyal and cares for his friends.

He HAS a personality, and now we know why he even had that bandana on his eyes! At least now I know, I mightve missed it from other series or something.

Either way, I dont watch PDH because honestly I tried it and I just can’t. Its too annoying for me.

But the point is, this Ein bitchass tryna come over here like


I thought everybody loved you.

Like, I was pretty sure he was the guy everyone considered a cinnamon roll and wouldve taken a bullet for.

HAHA well good luck with that now, dudes.

The point is, this lil bitch comes in and thinks he has the right to do this to Aph? Like boi

The NERVE on this lil shit.


Anyways I am SO pumped for Aaron to beat the shit out of Ein, and Garroth and Aaron have been hitting it out with the bromance (something I have been prshing for tbh)


I want the show to show that guys can touch other guys without it being a “no homo tho” moment. Bros need their help too.

But seriously Jess add more gays 😂

Well I love this episode, and Ein better watch his ass because Aaron is ready !!!

anonymous asked:

Last night I had an interesting dream about servamp :o! In my dream the eves and servamps had all changed their personlities like Mahiru was lazy, Misono was stripping (or at least tried it but Lily prevented that), Mikuni was shy and hides himself with Abel, Hyde said all the time "beause I'm a vampire" (*posing*) and Tetsu being like a proud daddy all the times... All in all the dream was really funny.... Just imagine it! xD

That sounds interesting! xD Misono trying to strip would be kind of cute, tbh~ Can’t picture Mahiru beig lazy, he’s so mom-like haha an energetic Kuro would also be the weirdest thing xD NOW THE GREED PAIR, WELL….

Too bizarre hahah they don’t look them anymore ww


Hahah I can’t x’DDD Troll Jeje + Moody Mikuni, that’s quite the spectacle.

Hope you keep having weird dreams about Servamp, Anon, this was fun to draw! x)

peonycampaign  asked:

omg girl! you look so fit! could you do a like what you eat in a day or week post? Your eating habits sound awesome!

Definitely not super fit- but thank you!

I will definitely consider making a more thorough blog post on what I eat, but I try to eat a mostly vegan/plant based diet (I would say I eat vegan 90% of the time- but I definitely had In-and-Out burger last night, not gonna lie). I do not count calories or skip meals or anything like that. My rule of thumb is ‘eat when you’re hungry. Stop eating when you’re full’. I typically eat three meals a day and snack if I get hungry in between. I definitely plan on transitioning 100% to a vegan diet at some point in my life, but it is taking some time and I am not in a huge rush. For me, eating a mostly vegan diet has pretty much nothing to do with the ethical purposes (which I think are totally awesome, don’t get me wrong!). I have been VERY lactose intolerant my entire life. My body does not handle dairy well whatsoever. When I choose vegan meals/food, I know that whatever I am eating does not contain dairy. When I eat dairy, I get really, really sick, and it’s usually just not even worth it because I lay in bed, not feeling like “me”. I also think the vegan diet does a lot to prevent diseases along with so many other benefits for your body (a lot of documentaries like Forks over Knives explain the benefits of a Plant Based diet better than I ever could). I have never been a huge, huge meat eater, but for me, my focus has been cutting dairy out of my diet and finding other alternatives. It was definitely hard to work around in Mississippi, so it’s really nice being back in California where there are tons of dairy free options.

Here are some of the things I eat/etc.

  1. For breakfast- I usually eat a protein bar (I love NuGo dark, Lara bars, and kind bars). I also love Cereal, and lately I have been obsessed with the One Degree ‘Veganic Sprouted Brown Rice Cacao Crisps’ cereal lately. I eat it with almond milk, and I swear it’s addicting. I am also a sucker for avocado toast, which is so basic, I know. 
  2. For lunch/dinner- I love Acai bowls and Chipotle. I learned how to make Acai bowls this past school year, and I really love them. I have had an addiction to Chipotle for at least two years; it’s bad (it’s especially bad when the employees know your exact order). I almost always get three soft tacos (corn, but I like flour too) with black beans, lettuce, corn, and guac. I also like all of the Amy’s microwavable meals (just showed the mac and cheese on my snap today- I really like it). Amy’s makes great allergy-free meals, but I especially love the enchilada dishes and the mac and cheese. I have also been trying to cook lately, but it’s not going well. I tried to make a quesadilla yesterday, and it was embarrassing haha. However, I have been obsessed with making dairy-free grilled cheeses lately with my panini maker (I use bread, vegan butter, and dairy-free pepper jack cheese. I also will sometimes add spicy mustard)! I try to eat fruit on the side of every meal too. I also love Pasta! For dessert, I am obsessed with the So Delicious ice cream bars. They are dairy-free and amazing!! I also love dairy-free chocolate bars and the Sprinkles vegan red velvet cupcake. 

I definitely don’t think you need to eat healthy 100% of the time. I focus on eating healthy the majority of the time (because it makes my body feel its best), but I have a few ‘cheat’ meals every week (that have dairy). I also drink a ton of water!! I lost 15 pounds this past school year, and I think a huge part of that was not drinking alcohol (I am 22). I only drink on very, very rare occasions, and I think cutting out sugary, alcoholic drinks can make a huge difference. Giving up alcohol for several months made a huge difference in my productivity, skin, and overall health. I LOVE teas though. I definitely don’t drink tea every day, but I am a sucker for the Starbucks unsweetened iced green tea. I make hot tea a few times a week, and Tazo is my fave. I also love Kombucha, but I haven’t been able to drink it these past two weeks. It’s definitely one of those things you either love or hate- but it has great benefits. But in general, I think water really is the best liquid you can put in your body! Staying hydrated is SO important along with getting enough sleep every night.

I am definitely no health expert by any means whatsoever, but those are some things I personally do!

delusionalduckling  asked:

Whats your favorite moment of the NU'EST boys on their Produce 101 journey? Either for each member individually or for all of them generally? :)

Ohh now this is a really good question!

A lot of important moments that reflected their career played out, but these all were not happy, most of them very sad. So lets talk about good things lol so many good moments i’ll have to include more than one!

Fave Mingi moment- would have to be the extraness of the punching machine thing and that weird AF thing he does with his shoulders😂

Fave Baekho moment- When the trainees fanboy over him 0.2 seconds into Boy in Luv perf (also his vocal bridge of the perf made me feel….erm.. a certain way id never felt for Baekho b4 haha) + His Get in highnote! + his tat reveal

Fave Minhyun moment- When Seonho tries to kiss him + him being centre for never. Also his downpour vocals.

Fave Jonghyun moment- When Minhyun says “I believe in Jonghyun” and he is made leader for first time birthing legendary sorry sorry team.

My favourite NU'EST moment overall has to do with JR as well. It’s when he is made overall number 1. Seeing him on that number one spot… even if he didn’t make top 11, I’m glad at least once he could be no.1❤

I was furious when I first heard they were going on pd101, but now I understand it was the best thing they could have done. No male group has had a surge in popularity like NU'EST 5 years into debut. They went from almost disbanding to top of charts. I’m so proud of them 😊