well at least i think this is the scene they meant


i was rewatching this scene, and this is right after isak and sana almost get caught transferring the weed. and it’s all from isak’s point of view,  the camera mainly focuses on him, he takes up most of the screen and sana is only seen in the corner, we can only see part of her face. the viewer is meant to focus on isak’s relief at that moment, relief because he didn’t get caught, relief because what he’s mainly thinking of is the fact that he’s going to be able to give back the drug 

but if the point of view was sana’s, or at least an objective one, then we would get a shot of her entire face, and her reaction to her teacher’s words. how hurt and angry and confused she feels. the viewer would see that, feel that. because what is said to her is not okay 

imagine being a bright 16 year old, and you’ve got this class where you perform pretty well. you put in the effort. you’re never late, you always do the required work, you always listen. but you have this prof who is constantly on your case, who keeps making these ignorant/bigoted comments. we’ve seen that prof make such comments twice this season. and we haven’t seen sana in all her classes with that prof, only a few, and only a few minutes each time. so, yeah, we saw this happen twice, but god knows how many more times it has happened? 

imagine being a bright 16 year old, who enjoys school and learning and who is supposed to perceive teachers as impartial people who are there to make you learn, who are supposed to actually defend you when comments like these are made, who are not supposed, not allowed, to be the ones making them. but you can’t perceive that prof that way, you can’t trust her. and in the long run, it’s really damaging, because you find yourself feeling like even if they’re not all bad like this one, you can’t really trust any of your profs. and sana is strong. she is so so strong, and it’s great that she is, but the thing is that this is one of those times when she shouldn’t have to be so strong, this is one of those times when she shouldn’t have to have thick skin. she shouldn’t try to ignore the comments and tell herself that what that prof says doesn’t matter 

and i just. i hope that if sana is the next season’s main, they’ll do a follow up on that storyline. and i hope something is done about this situation. i know adults are not a big part of the show because the writers want the characters to solve their issues themselves, but i really hope sana denounces her prof’s behavior and something is done about it. because the way she treats sana is not allowed. it’s wrong on so many levels. and the viewer needs to understand that, needs to understand that this shouldn’t go unpunished 

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Considering the fact the Jedi Council didn't trust Anakin, do you think they tossed Ahsoka out without second thought was because she was his padawan, and therefore didn't trust her as well?

If we, the audience, were able to see how Anakin influenced Ahsoka’s behavior as she grew, I have no doubt that the Jedi Council saw this too. They feel that Ahsoka is capable of brash behavior and running into situations without thinking.

There had been several cases within the series where Ahsoka has simply ignored the rules – and it being a repeat issue, no doubt sits in their minds when they judge her.

However, keep in mind that the Jedi Council had very little time and very little room to work with in regards to Ahsoka’s situation.

Especially when she escaped the scene of the crime – which, consequently, made her look even more guilty. 

Ahsoka was cornered. Staying meant being persecuted for murder and the bombing, waiting, and putting her faith in the Jedi Council. At the very least, if she escaped, she could try to find proof that she was innocent.

We need to also remember that with Barriss setting her up almost every step of the way. She betrayed her trust willingly. She hurt her physically and emotionally.

If it wasn’t for Barriss, Ahsoka never would have been accused of the bombing in the first place.

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i somehow recall something along the lines of there used to be a larger group of jashinists but when hidan went rogue he killed them all. and i always kind of assumed he became a ninja afterwards. (i don't know why) and then he did the same thing there. i think that's how it went at least. maybe.

Well, the Naruto Wiki says:

After Yugakure deteriorated from a shinobi village to a tourist site, Hidan became infuriated with how things were turning out. He believed that the shinobi that resided there were meant to kill, and thus slaughtered his neighbours before leaving Yugakure, and joining the cult-like faith known as Jashin, a religion that worshiped a deity of the same name.

which apparently comes from one of the databooks. 

So Hidan was still a crazy murderer before Jashin got involved on the scene - probably the reason the two of them get on so well!

-Silver Queen

Sebastian: No matter what I do I keep ending up in between Black Widow’s legs. It’s a tough job.

Chris Hewitt (Host): A few people actually contacted me on Twitter, a few Bucky and Nat fans, and they asked me to ask you guys if you considered giving Bucky and Nat more of a relationship or maybe next time around, more of a relationship? What do you think?

Sebastian: *stares expectantly at the Russos*

Joe Russo: *laughing* We’ve given them a pretty good relationship up until this point. They’ve had two films together, with two scenes in two films.

Anthony Russo: They fight beautifully together.

Joe Russo: Look, you know the next time you’re gonna see most of these characters on screen is Infinity War. And we’re hard at work on the script right now. Who knows where they’re gonna go. The great thing about working at Marvel is that we have this incredibly rich repertoire of characters that have been established in their own films over the last 8 to 9 years and really it’s like two kids in a candy store with the options we have in front of us in terms of character interaction.

Chris Hewitt: That’s a maybe, I think.

@varaenthefallen tagged me in this WIP game:

WIP Game Rules: Go to page 7 of your WIP, count down 7 lines, share 7 sentences, and then tag 7 other writers.

So here’s a bit from the current chapter of Anabasis, some of which people have already seen the notes for. By a bizarre coincidence, that scene ended up on page 7, so here it is in it’s final form.

(Also, I’m doing a little more than 7 lines because it doesn’t make sense otherwise. The actual seven lines start about half-way down.)

“What happened?”

Obi-Wan frowned, but it was Anakin who answered. “Someone offered Boba Fett one million credits to kill you,” he said. “Which is ridiculous. He should have charged at least three million.”

Padmé could only shake her head. She knew him well enough to know that was his idea of a compliment. She also knew it was sincerely meant, which really only made it worse. It was probably best to just ignore it.

“Oh?” said Obi-Wan. He sounded caught somewhere between annoyance and a morbid curiosity. “And how much are you worth, then?”

Padmé watched Anakin open his mouth to answer, and then close it again. Something old and sharp-edged appeared in his eyes, glinting like the stroke of a knife.

“Fifteen thousand Republic credits, roughly,” he said. There was no inflection at all in his voice. “I know it seems like a lot, but I’m a good mechanic, so that makes me more valuable.”

Okay I’ll actually tag some other people this time, but only do it if you want to: @scowlofjustice, @nimblermortal, @grand-duc, @terresdebrume and uh….anybody else on my dash who writes and isn’t writing TFA-related stuff.

Is Ymir Dead

Honestly? I think not. For one, Marco was a minor character, his death was meant to push the wheel of the plot (Jean’s development, Annie’s as well). Ymir? We still know nothing about Ymir. Isayama doesn’t out right tell us things, he shows us little by little, and from what has already been revealed about Ymir, he is telling us that she is really important. I don’t expect her to smash into the scene, all battle ready, but I also really don’t expect to suddenly see her flashback death scene. It’s so pointless. Here is one awesome plot device, something Isayama can use to one, give Historia intense motivation for whatever he needs, and two, shed light on a lot, and I mean a lot of the plot. Ymir knows. How much is still up for debate, but she knows a lot. That titan respected her, why? Her death story won’t explain that. It makes no sense. What I understood from the latest chapter, is that either Ymir was escorted to their village, or they allowed her to go on her own way, away from the drama, where she would then ask Reiner to make sure that he saves Krista. But just remember, Ymir is also very interested in her own self interest, so who is to say she didn’t follow them back to the wall and is waiting to save Krista herself? That last bit is completely based on my own shipper hope, but you never know. Honestly, Ymir showing up out of no where to save Historia makes more sense to me than her dying somewhere off screen, with no importance, with no drama. She means everything to Historia, and Isayama would not disrespect Historia that much. Not unless he has a specific reason. This was just prompted by me seeing lots of people declare Ymir dead, and it really irritated me. There are two places we can probably now get the full story: Eren’s basement, and Ymir.

Rather horrifically, it’s taken as a given, an implicit fact, that Danny could never, ever fall in love with, or have sex with, someone like swishy, gender-fluid Ray. No, no, people like Ray are meant to forever pine in the shadows for American godlings like Danny. But when Jonathan Rhys Meyers’s character successfully seduces Danny, while playing “A Whiter Shade of Pale” on a jukebox no less, it’s understood to be O.K., because he’s at least a somewhat masculine white guy. In that scene, Emmerich keeps cutting back to Ray’s sad expression as he watches the seduction happen, and though Danny is largely meant to be the audience’s safe, easy stand-in, in that scene I think Emmerich wants us to sympathize with Ray.

Because surely we all wish we could be with a Bel-Ami certified twunk like Danny, right? Well some of us do, sure, but of course plenty of other people are instead into what Ray is selling, or any of the other non-white or non-butch hustlers who populate Stonewall but get only a minimal, pat-on-the-head kind of attention. The movie could never even consider such a possibility, though. Here is a startlingly direct exercising of entitlement: “Yeah, I know in real life it happened to those people, but wouldn’t it be better if it happened to someone like this?”
—  Stonewall Is Terribly Offensive, and Offensively Terrible, Richard Lawson for Vanity Fair

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Oh holy hell, we ignored a big clue to Lydia having a female LI. She says "I'm done with teenage boys." We assumed this meant she'd end up with Parrish. What if he's just a sort of red herring?

I’m pretty sure we’ve talked about this on meta chat at least, but maybe we haven’t posted about it? But yes, it’s entirely possible. 

I know I keep raving about the dialogue in TW but it’s freaking awesome, and this is a perfect example of how a sentence like this has us jump to conclusions, but upon consideration actually holds more than one interpretation. 

calicokat-teenwolf did a post today, here’s a link, about how most characters can actually be traced back to scenes and instances that could hint to a fluid sexuality. Like callie, I’m positive we will get a same sex couple in season 5, maybe more than one as well, and I think some will surprise us.

In fact, Jeff Davis did say that Lydia would get a love interest this season and that it would probably surprise us. Which makes me think that it’s not Parrish, since everyone and their mother seem to be shipping that hard. And like you point out, the comment about being done with teenage boys seems to leave the door wide open for that relationship.But perhaps the emphasis shouldn’t be on “teenage” but rather on “boys” being the thing she’s leaving behind. 

So, could Lydia’s surprising romance be with a girl? There was certainly hints I think about a possibility for more than friends with Allison. When Lydia told the story of her grandma and Maddie we saw a picture of them that bore a striking resemblance to the photo of Lydia and Allison on Allison’s desk. 

And let’s not forget how utterly devastated Lydia was after Allison died. She was the character that outward seemed to struggle the most with the loss. Maybe Lydia lost someone who meant more to her than just a friend…. 

This has me pretty excited for season 5 :)