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Amends (part three)

Carter Baizen x reader

Notes: fluff, smut, angst, mentions of past alcohol and drug abuse, swearing.

A/N: Newest part! I hope you enjoy! Next part is the last one :) xx

There was a slight feeling of panic when you woke up the following morning (afternoon), without Carter by your side. This’d happened many times before, though back then, you woke up in a different state than this morning.

“Mmh, Carter?” you tried to blink away the sleep still clouding your vision to look around the lavish hotelroom. No sign of Carter. Well, goddamn it.

“Carter?” you called out louder, and your heart made a little jump when you heard him respond to you.

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Excursion to the Practice Room

Jimin one-shot

Genre: Fluff, smut kinda

im sorry not sorry

You were abruptly woken up, facing down in your bed, struggling to breathe. After gaining awareness of your surroundings you noticed that you had a flailing boyfriend on top of you. Jimin was furiously rolling around, and jumping on the bed, and on top of you.

Groaning, you reached up and pulled him down into the covers with you, wanting to sleep a little longer. But Jimin was still squirming around, trying to wake you up. “Why are you so persistent today Jiminnie?”

He rolled over and sat on top of you, finally sitting still. “Well, I have a free day today, and I’m not going to spend it doing something boring.” You were about to open your mouth in protest that staying in bed could be fun, but he stopped you before a single word could leave your mouth. “Don’t even start with that. I already know what I want to do, but you have to get up. Hell you can just throw on some sweatpants and a t-shirt, we aren’t doing anything too crazy.”

“Okay, but it’s kinda hard to move when you’re straddling me so…” As soon as you said that he tumbled off of you, almost falling off the bed in the process. “I swear one of these days you’re gonna break something.”

Jimin just rolled his eyes at you and started walking to the door. “I got you coffee, so hurry up and we can get going.”


“So your logic is that, since it’s your day off, you’re going to go where you work anyways?” You spoke sarcastically as you made your way to Jimin’s dance studio. This isn’t the first time you’ve been here. He often calls you to come and watch him practice after all the other members left. Sometimes you get a little, “Distracted”, to say the least.

“Well it’s more fun when I have the place to myself, and we can be touchy without Jungkook’s virgin eyes being tainted,” he said, giggling after. His laugh was so cute, and you couldn’t help but smile.

Once you were both in the practice room, you sat on the floor while Jimin plugged in his phone to the aux cord. The beat to some song you can’t remember the name of started up. Putting his phone down and turned towards you. He dramatically bit his lip, and made a overly greasy face as he did a little dance over to you.

“Stand up, and have fun with me babe,” tugging at your hand, he tried to pull you up. Once you were up, Jimin as swinging himself around, being goofy rather than seriously dance. You did the wave with your arms, ending with a snap and a point in his direction. His eye smile was showing as he was laughing at your antics.

As the song was nearing to the end, and hopped over to his phone. You had a plan. Scrolling through the list of songs, you managed to find it. Hitting the song, you looked over at Jimin, who had a “are you kidding me” expression on as his solo song “Lie” start to play.

“Come on, do the dance for me baby!” He just rolled his eyes as he half-assed the choreography. Though maybe half way through the song, his silly expression started to wear off and was being replaced by a more mischievous one. Biting his lip, he made his way over to you. Pulling you close to him, he brought his lips up to yours, but barely letting them brush past, he started to walk away from you, smirking. You caught him though, and pinned him between you and the wall, kissing him vigorously.

Long after the music had stopped playing, things had only progressed. Jimin’s hands has traveled below your shirt and were gripping your waist as you were trailing slowly down his neck. You could tell he was getting worked up from the small pants coming from him. Reaching a soft spot on his neck, he let out a small moan, but that’s when you heard a voice from across the room.

“Hey guys I left my sweatshir- Holy shit.” it’s was Jungkook. “Oh, am I, uh, interrupting something? Oh my gahd, my bad.” Someone help this boy.

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Nice to Meet You

Mark scenario

Prompt: You are apart of the girl group NCT X and Mark goes to your concert. He gets hurt trying to meet you and you see and help him

Words: 1079

You were a part of the girl group Nct X which happened to be a unit of Nct. Being a part of Nct was amazing because it was like a family. Everyone supported everyone and it was like all of you were one big team. You had met almost all of the members, the only one who hadn’t met yet was Mark. With his super busy schedule and you’re schedule you had never had the chance to introduce yourself to him. You really wanted to meet him and unknown to you he wanted to meet you as well. 

   The music blared from the stage as you waited backstage for your turn to perform. Nct X was having the first comeback since your debut which was about a month ago. You were practicing your moves backstage because as much as you were excited about this performance you were also really nervous. This was your first comeback and you wanted to impress the fans. After about the 10th run through of your dance, you decided to take a water break. As you were walking towards your water bottle you notice the flashing lights that were coming from just outside the backstage area. Putting down your water bottle you went to got check it out.

  As soon as you stepped outside the building you were met with the flashing lights of cameras and the obnoxious yelling of the paparazzi. You being a new idol and never really had to deal with the paparazzi. This felt like a new world for you and you stepped closer to take a look. As you take a closer look you see a figure getting surrounded by the paparazzi. You shift your head to try and see you the figure was and the face that you saw surprised you. It was Mark. The paparazzi started to get more aggressive and tightened the circle. Mark tried to find a way out of the circle but to no avail, the more he tried to move the more the circle tightened. As he tried to squeeze his way out one of the paparazzi tried to prevent him from getting out but ended up hitting him with the camera which caused a huge gash to appear on his cheek.  And that’s when you knew that you had to help.

  You had been told many, MANY times to not do something stupid or act impulsively but honestly, you weren’t a very good listener. You spent about 0.2 seconds on your plan and jumped into your action, and it did not work out as planned. Your plan was to jump in front of Mark and shield him from the paparazzi but you ended up tripping and falling in front of the paparazzi taking Mark down with you. Luckily a guard had noticed you had left and went to go check on you. The guard shooed the paparazzi away but photo evidence of your failed attempt to save Mark had already been taken. You were pulled inside by the guard along with Mark. Boy were you in trouble.

  You were plopped down on the chair with Mark sitting in the chair next to you. The two of you waited in awkward silence until you decide to say something.

   “I didn’t execute that plan well did I?” you blurted out.

   “No, but at least you tried.” Mark laughed

   “Trying doesn’t change the fact that I made a fool of myself in front of you and the rest of the world,” you said turning your head to look at Mark. He had blood on his face from the cut that he got from the camera.

  “You’ll be fine.” 

   “Yeah, I guess. Hey how’s your face, does it hurt?” you grabbed a cloth of the table and wiped off the blood from his cheek which made it tinted with pink. Realizing what you had done you quickly pull away “You should probably go to the infirmary.” you say slightly embarrassed.

  “I’ll be fine, it doesn’t hurt that much anyway,” Mark said with a smile “I’m Mark.”

 “I know,” you flushed in embarrassment as soon as you these words left your “I mean you’re pretty popular around these parts and your a part of nct and I’m a part of nct so I’ve heard of you.” you ramble trying to cover your embarrassing moment “I’m (Y/N).” you finished mentally kicking yourself for being so awkward. 

 “Yeah I know, I mean I came to see you perform today I should probably know what your name is,” Mark responded. You blushed at the thought of him coming to see you performed but being the socially awkward person you were you tried to laugh it off and cover it up with another statement.

 “I can’t wait to see what the headlines will be tomorrow,” you start “probably something scandalous like ‘Nct X’s (Y/N) throws herself on Mark.’” you laugh but can’t get rid of the sinking feeling in your stomach. “I shouldn’t be laughing at this, I probably just ruined my career and maybe yours too. Gosh, I’m so stupid.”

  “Don’t beat yourself up about it, it will all work out fine,” Mark says trying to comfort you.

  “I hope you’re right,” as soon as you say those words you hear footsteps coming towards you and look up to see your manager.

  “(Y/N), how many times have I told you to not doing anything stupid.” you manager scolded.

  “ A lot,” you mumbled.

  Your manager sighed, “You’re lucky this time, I talked the paparazzi and they have agreed to delete the photos and not speak a word about this incident, but if you do anything like this again there will be major consequences, understood.”

  “Yes, ma’am.”
  “And you,” your manager pointed at Mark. “Never pull a stunt like that again. Coming here without any form of security, Really!”

  “Sorry I won’t do it again.”

  “Honestly you kids with be the death of me.” she turned to you “(Y/N), get ready your on in five.” and with that, your manager walked away.

  You turned to Mark, “I should probably get going now.” you say standing up and walking away.

  “Hey!” Mark yells and you stop in your tracks. “We should hang out sometime.”

  You smiled, “Yes, definitely.” and thus a beautiful new friendship was born.

Whoop~ Whoop~ another scenario is done. I hope you like it!

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flint: [glances at silver]

silver: (gotta cook the pig well to impress the captain)

silver: (oh no he’s looking at me)

silver: (i’d better draw attention to the fact that my hands are strategically placed on an elongated object and sigh dreamily :))

#1 Dylan Strome

 dylan strome? he was so cute in that video about the stick thing

please do some dylan strome writings!! :)

YOU ARE AMAZING! can you do one where you’ve been together with Dylan Strome for a while and someone from an other team flirts/hits on you and dylan gets jealous?

Dyl needs more love ok, I love stromer. I hope he’s having a great day (also bby pls shave u look gross atm i dont like it)

Warnings: language

Song suggestion of the day: Tell me the same by MICHL

did some of this remind me of the world junior loss against finland? Did i cry a lot when I thought of that? The answer to both of these is yes because I have nothing better to do than cry over team canada.

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“Dylan,” you called, wandering out of the bedroom and smothering a yawn. “Dylan!”

“Oui Madame?”

You giggled as your boyfriend popped his head out of the kitchen wearing the only apron he owned which had the words ‘world’s okayest cook’ printed in large bold lettering. 

“What’s cookin’, good lookin’” you questioned, resting your chin on his shoulder. “Since when have you made breakfast, huh?”

Dylan rolled his eyes. “Oh so now I can’t just do something nice for my girlfriend, huh?” he joked, turning around to face you.

“Trust me, I’m not complaining.” you assured him with a grin. 

“Good for you, otherwise I would have eaten it all myself.” he smirked, leaning down to kiss you gently.

“Sorry for your loss.” you laughed. “How long do I have to wait, huh?”

Truth be told, Dylan was not the greatest chef but at least the food he made was edible so you couldn’t really complain. You knew part of his reasoning for doing all of this was to take his mind off tonights game, which you both knew was going to be a tough one and you weren’t really going to complain if this was how he chose to deal with it.

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Late night thoughts

I rarely have those moments when I just sink into deep thought those days but I feel like I really should say this right now, in regards to my Tumblr journey up until this point.

I first came into contact with For Honor truly when I started watching TetraNinja on YouTube upload videos of the story mode. And immediately, I was captivated, by the blood, the story that went on in this distant land, of the ancient struggles between the three factions: the valiant Knights, the honorable samurai as well as the ever vigilant Vikings. The clash of metal and the beauty of the artwork that went into each and every one of the designs of the characters and the personality of each of the storyline characters mesmerized me.

Honestly, I thought I was the only one at that point that was so obsessed with this game, obsessed to the point of writing stories and creating my own characters to spin around in this blood-washed world. So when more fanfictions started popping up, after I sent a request email to Fanfiction.net to create a For Honor archive, I felt at least a little happier that there are others who enjoy the game so much.

What truly made my day though was when I accidentally stumbled across the For Honor community on Tumblr. I read through as many posts as I could find, finding myself laughing at the shenanigans that went on during it, the banter and the laughs that was shared between the character blogs. And I, of course, being a avid role player myself, loved the idea. But I was, admittingly, intimidated as well.

It felt as though I was intruding on something, as if I was interacting with celebrities and not just regular people who shared my interest in a game we all loved.

So for a long time, I was just the stalker, the outsider that hung around and watched everyone interact and wishing I could be a part of this group of people. Then, on March 27th, I decided to take the leap into this pool. I looked around at who I can be, and I was genuinely surprised that no one had taken Ayu - my personal favorite character of the entire story mode - and so I jumped at the opportunity, and changed my old Tumblr to this new URL I now hold.


Now with that done came the new, the hard part of it: introducing myself.

By that point I was thinking: “Well, since I got this done, might as well continue to say fuck it and just tag a bunch of people and say hi.” And that was what I did, exactly.

@lawbringer-unofficial and @ferrum-the-conqueror were among the first to greet me with such kindness and hospitality, along with @holdencross-official. I’m almost certain there were more people that came but really I can’t remember, so I sincerely apologize for it if I couldn’t remember you.

That day would forever be imprinted in my memories though, for as I was responding to reblogs and such, I heard a message alert sound that had me peeking up. I had never gotten any messages from anyone on tumblr before so who could it be?

Turns out, it was @daubeny-official. Oh little would I know how much this would change my life. From there on, we started talking, I started talking with people of this awesome community who welcomed me into their ranks as though I was but a friend returning from a long journey. Eventually, I decided to make the move by declaring that we are now brothers and sister <3 and I couldn’t have been more glad.

If you read this, Daubo my brother, I love you so much as my family, my baby brother, and honestly I am glad to have met you that day. We shared our moments together, walking through thick and thin and trading ideas. God, I always look back to that moment when I received the first message from you and think about how lucky I am to have you as a brother, even if we are not related.

That day, March 27th, 2017 would forever change me.

Through this community, I have met so many awesome people, such as @holdencross-official, @official-peacekeeper, @official-lawbringer, @sweatpants-gramps-the-kensei, @the-palkyrie, @valkyrie-official, @daubeny-official, @ferrum-the-conqueror, @fem-warden-official, @orochi-official, @holdens-second-official, @lawbringer-unofficial, @warlord-official, @raider-official, @seijuro-orochi-official, @fem-orochi-official, @docsbum, @peacekeeper-in-training @centurion–official

Honestly, words would not do what I feel justice. I love you guys, all of you. You’re like family to me and I don’t know where I would be right now without you guys by my side. We shared our laughs, our moments, and bonded over the mere four months and became one giant family that I value so much within my heart.

I love the game, I love this community.

It has given me something to treasure, and brought me the love of my life @orochi-official. Yes, I figured you all should know this by now. I love him with all of my heart, my dear Orochi, the great serpent that has my heart and soul. I love you my darling, if you are reading this <3.

But over all.

You are my family.

And my heart goes out to each and every one of you and hope that our bonds will last through the eternity to come, that this family would continue to grow and be strong. Always remember:

I love you all.

And thus, with the kindest regards.


i caught you laughing

Rating: Mature 

Chapters: 1 of 4 (subject to change)

Note: no, I was not high when I wrote this, it was inspired by this gifset lol.

EDIT: ao3, if you prefer

Cassian ran his set through his mind for the trillionth time, pouring himself another glass of mezcal. He couldn’t remember whether it was his third or fourth shot but he couldn’t bring himself to care all that much. Tons of other comics have come in shitfaced every single night and they seemed to perform well (despite slurred speech and sometimes going a bit too far over the line of good taste). If anything, they were probably funnier when drunk out of their mind than they were sober, and from the reception he’d gotten from the crowd in the past few weeks, things looked to be pretty good for him. Everyone in attendance was usually drunk as fuck on open-mic nights anyways.

He parted away from his drink to pay close attention to Kay’s performance, which was dry as ever. His punchlines were too straightforward, too clean, and he relied on puns far too much than any stand up comic ever should. Still, everyone around him seemed to be laughing their asses off, no matter how many ancient dad-jokes he managed to pull out of his sleeve. Tonight was going to be smoother than a baby’s bottom.

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Title: The Moon (Part 12.)

Character(s): Negan, Simon, and Dwight
Summary: Negan is on the road with Simon and Dwight.
Word Count: 1,904

Author’s Note: No Luna in this chapter! This is completely told in Negan’s POV which is completely different for me, but I will attempt it! Things will pick up, very slowly, so please stay tuned and keep reading! You know, only if you like hehe. Enjoy! 

Taglist: @miiraal | @clinicalkayla​ | @ronweaselz​ | @heartfulloffandoms | @warriorqueen1991 | @dead-head-joker | @eliselulu23 | @may85 | @negantrashlucille23 | @myheart4ever47 | @almostinwonderland

(GIF Source: @mypapawinchester)

Fucking fuck. I couldn’t get through to Luna. She wasn’t answering. I was slowly losing patience. It also wasn’t fucking helping that I was in a damn car with Simon and Dwight. It seemed almost comical that we were bunched into one car; it was as if we were all going on a damn road trip.

“What if –”

If Dwight wasn’t driving, I would have tossed him out of this car before he even decided to finish that sentence. He acts like that thought hadn’t crossed my mind, but it was the only option that I forced myself to not succumb to.

I didn’t want to believe or think that Luna was gone, dead. I didn’t want to let down another woman in my life.

“Shut up,” Simon said.

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Amor Vincit Omnia. ( Yoongi /Oc)

Chapter 12

In retrospect, I shouldn’t have eaves dropped.

It would have spared me a lot of heartache really. But then , when you hear your husband’s voice from behind a closed stall in a restroom, you sort of pause. It’s natural i think.

I’d had a good time , danced around a bit with Namjoon ( who was deplorably terrible at it ) and then switched to Jeon Jung Kook who was built just like my old dance teacher, tall and muscular with unfairly co-ordinated limbs. He was also funny in a ridiculous way and I really adored the way he called me ’ Noona’ although I was three years younger than him. I’d also had quite a few drinks because Hoseok was impossible to say no to. i felt pleasantly buzzed, even ignoring the way my husband stayed away from me. I guessed we needed some space after our little tiff. And in a way, I did want to get over him, now that I knew he didn’t really consider even a prospective relationship with me.

Easier said than done, when you consider how … attractive he was in his crisply tailored Italian suit. He didn’t dance and spent the entire evening on one of the luxurious couches, sipping a single glass of wine. He kept flicking through his phone and it seemed to be some universally known symbol of ’ Stay the hell away from me’ because all the guests were giving him a wide birth.

I wanted to go ask him if he was okay but then the sting from his words were still there.

This isn’t a drama, he’d said. And he was right. Real life worked very differently. You didn’t get to skip all the pain and heartbreak or even fast forward the parts you didn’t like to live through. You had to live every painful second, experience every excruciating ache you’re meant to experience. And even then, a happy ending wasn’t really a given.

I accepted another shot glass, marveling how after a few glasses, drinking alcohol becomes easier. Especially when it wa staking the edge of the perpetual heartache I’d been feeling.

“It’s going to hit you like a truck.” Seokjin warned but he was smiling.

“she deserves a night out, hyung.” Jimin said brusquely, getting the glass from me when I was done and ordering a refill. I could feel an unfamiliar buzz start in side me, a pleasant hum that made my limbs feel loose and made my mind relax. I could feel myself grinning and Taehyung started laughing.

“I think she’s completely out of it.” He said looking completely happy about it. I blinked back and nearly tipped over.

“I should go freshen up a bit.” I said, glancing at my husband only to find he was gone. Oh, well.

I made my way to the ladies’ room. Or at least what I thought was the ladies’ room . Once inside I realized that it definitely was not for the female kind of our species. Blushing a bit and feeling a little guilty of being too drunk to read, I made to move when my husband’s voice came from one of the stalls.

“This better be good.” He said brusquely and I froze in place.

“don’t take that tone with me, you bastard. I’m not your airy-fairy spineless wife.” Hye Mi hissed.

I blinked back the veil of alcohol-induced stupor and desperately wished I was sober.

“Hye Mi, this is hardly the place or the time…”

“Shut up. Just shut up will you? There is not place and there is no time… You haven’t slept with me or even met up with me after you got shot. it’s like you’re trying to stay faithful to her.” Hye Mi’s voice held a note of desperate helplessness that I vaguely related to. The words confused me. He hadn’t slept with her? I’d been so sure he had been with her….

Leave. Leave before you hear something that destroys you.

But I stayed rooted to my spot in front of the huge ornate mirror.

“I’m not in the mood for this Hye Mi. You know I care about you more than anyone else in my life. That’s not going to change. Ever.” He said and his voice was just…earnest.

Very true. Very sincere.

In a way that I’d never heard before.

It changed something inside me hearing him say that. It’s one thing to know the first man you’ve ever actually liked, is in love with someone else. But it’s a whole different level of messed up to actually see it first hand. It sort breaks something inside you. That little hopeful part that keeps trying to convince you that it’s okay, if you keep thinking about him enough, if you care for him enough , if you just…love him enough, he’d somehow end up reciprocating.

Women are cursed that way, i think. we’ll always hope. We’ll always think something miraculous will happen.

But sometimes life is just fresh out of miracles and all you’re stuck with is broken fantasies and shattered hearts.

Or in my case a husband in love with another woman.

Whether he recognized it or not, he was in love with her. Even if it wasn’t love , it would always be her.

Suddenly , I realized that I was the other woman.

It sobered me up so fast my head began to spin.

“You don’t care for her, then?” She said angrily.

He didn’t reply and I found myself smiling bitterly.

He’d never be rude enough to say it out loud , of course. Perfect Min Yoongi would stop just short of being cruel.

“What do you want me to do?” He said instead.

“Come home with me tonight. Prove that nothing’s changed.”

I didn’t stay to hear more.

I stumbled out of the restroom, suddenly feeling very lonely and out of place. I didn’t really belong here, I thought vacantly. Yoongi didn’t need me in his life. He’d asked me to leave him alone and I’d wormed my way into his life. And surely, no amount of home-cooked meals are going to make up for taking away his freedom. I caught sight of the rest of Bangtan in the middle of the dance floor and I bit my lips in misery. I felt like an intruder and surely being with his best buddies wasn’t going to help me. I needed air.

And more drinks. I wanted that numbness that had been in my system, before I’d stepped into that restroom. I turned around caught sight of the bar that was exactly on the other side of the dance floor and made a beeline for one of the empty stools.

“Hey beautiful, all alone?” The bartender smiled at me . I blinked. He looked handsome in a black shirt and black jeans, his hair styled to perfection. He looked more like a model than a bartender.

I smiled and nodded.

“Yes, I am. I need a drink. ” My voice slurred just a bit and he laughed.

“Are you even old enough to drink?” He raised an eyebrow but poured me a glass nonetheless. It felt amazing, filling me with warmth from the inside out. I pushed all thoughts of my husband out of my head and rested both my elbows on the table, smiling at him.

“I’m Min Ji Soo. ” I smiled.

He blinked.

“The boss’ wife?” He said warily and i blinked.

“He owns this place?” I said, surprised. But not really.

“Well, yeah. I’m Young Jae by the way. Shouldn’t you be out celebrating with him? You’re newly weds after all.” He grinned.

I would but he’s busy banging his girlfriend in the restroom, so…

“We’re not … We’ve learnt to have fun without each other.” I said with a shrug and his eyes twinkled with delight.

“I love forward thinking women. Listen, my shift ends in a few minutes. You want to dance, after?” He smiled. I nodded quickly, desperate to do something, anything.

When he handed his apron over to the replacement and came around the counter i realized he was actually quite tall . and even more handsome in the dim lighting of the dance floor. I caught sight of Namjoon out of the corner of my eyes and he looked surprised to see me with someone but once I went straight into Young Jae’s arms, inhibitions practically non existent as I leaned on him, he began moving towards us..

“It’s alright. I know him.” I said loudly when he was within ear shot. Namjoon looked surprised.

“You do?” He said suspiciously.

“He’s a good friend.” I said recklessly and Namjoon shot the guy another suspicious look but nodded .

“Okay…I’ll be here if you need anything.” He said still glaring at Young Jae.

“You have a shit load of scary body guards.” He commented. I laughed at that , enjoying his casual way of leading the dance.

“You dance pretty well.” I said honestly and he grinned.

“And you’re pretty wasted. You want to get some fresh air? There’s a small garden out back where we guys run to clear our head’s sometimes.” He said and I nodded.

“clearing my head sounds great.” i said.

The small garden consisted of a patch of lawn with an artificial pond and a small stone bench. I took my heels off and he grinned .

“You’re really tired, you sure you’re okay? Maybe you should ask one of the guys to take you home?” He said softly and i smiled.

“Aren’t you supposed to take advantage of my drunk state?” I said casually.

He grimaced.

“No way. If you’re not into it , I’m not into it.” He said firmly and I smiled.

“I’m lucky I found one of the good guys today, then.” I said mildly.

He pretended to think it over.

“I won’t say good. I am wishing you weren’t married.” He admitted.

“Me too.” I said without thinking and he raised an eyebrow making me blush.

“Care to elaborate?” He smiled .

I almost spilled it all out but then decided against it.

“Nothing personal. We’re just different people who want different things. ”

“Tell me he isn’t cheating on you or something. He’d have to be the worst kind of idiot, you look like a fucking goddess.” He said with genuine offense . I laughed.

“You’re a great ego-booster. Thank you for that compliment. I really needed it.” I smiled.

“I can practically follow you for the rest of your life, telling you you’re gorgeous , if you’re into that kind of thing.” He winked.

I spent the next hour or so exchanging banter with him . He procured a bottle of wine from somewhere and we took turns taking sips from it, laughing a bit too hard and bit too loud. I learned that he was just paying off his student loans while working on his post grad at Seoul University. A smart guy, apparently. He was just a year older than me. He had a family back in Busan and he was hoping to get a nice job after graduation before bringing his parents to Seoul.

We were just laughing over how his dog loved skyping with him when I heard footfalls behind us.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?”

I jumped a bit when I saw my husband standing there, looking like death warmed over.

“Yoongi…” I said , surprised.

“I’ve been looking all over the place for you. We should be going home…” He snapped. I hesitated, every cell inside me suddenly rebelling . i wanted to tell him a lot of things really.

I’m so tired of being told what to do.

I’m tired of being told what to feel.

And I’m tired of feeling like I’m unwanted.

“Okay.” I said, instead. I smiled at Young Jae.

“Thank you. i had a good time.” I said honestly. Young Jae nodded and impulsively hugged me.

A little stunned, i didn’t respond.

To his credit, neither did Yoongi.

Instead he came over picked my shoes from where they lay and knelt down on the grass in front of me, gently holding my ankles and helping me slip them on. I was so groggy I had to place both my palms on his shoulders to stop myself from falling over him. He looked up from down there, giving me an amused shake of the head.

“you’re wasted. Let’s get you home and into bed.” He said smoothly.

I blushed at the way he said it, like he meant something else. Then I saw the slight glance in Youngjae’s direction.

He was marking his territory, I thought in disbelief.

she belongs in my bed so stay the fuck away from her.

I felt upset and on the verge of tears as he stood up and draped an arm over my waist, supporting my slightly unsteady frame.

Once we were outside, bidding farewell to everyone, Yoongi took my hand, placing it on his forearm and he held it there with his. He had sent the chauffeur away and he helped me climb into the first seat, even buckling the belt up for me before getting in behind the wheel.

He shot me a look.

“Who was that guy?” He said casually.

Too casually.

“The bartender.” I said curtly. He raised an eyebrow.

“He works there?” He asked. I nodded.

“Seemed like a nice guy. You planning to meet him again?” He asked.

I stared at him.

“Why’re you asking me that?”

“So I can decide whether I should get rid of him.”

I went perfectly still, not trusting myself to speak.

“Relax. I meant fire. Nothing else.” He said bored.

I thought of Youngjae and his parents in Busan wanting to move in to Seoul and i stared at my husband, the stranger I knew nothing about really.

“No. No I won’t meet him again.” I said quietly. Yoongi hummed.

“it’s nothing personal. You’re a rich young lady. There will always be con artists trying to charm their way into your life. You need to stay away from guys who could hurt you.” He said firmly.

I nodded and turned away.

I did . I really needed to stay away from guys who could hurt me.

Starting with Min Yoongi.

“I’ll drop you off at the penthouse. I have some work at the office.” He said briskly.

I felt physically sick, hearing him lie to me like that.

“I thought you didn’t need my permission to sleep around with other women. so why do you think you should lie to me about it?” I said bitterly.

“what the fuck are you talking about?”

“You can go have sex with your girlfriend all you want. I’m not going to tell you not to. Just don’t lie to me about it and make me feel like an idiot.” I snapped, alcohol loosening my tongue.

“You’re so fucking annoying…I’m not going to have sex with anyone. I’m going to the office …”

“You honestly think I’m going to believe that…” I snapped back.

Ringing silence.

“I don’t care what the fuck you believe. You’re right, I don’t owe you an explanation and I sure as hell don’t need to defend myself against whatever insane thing you’ve been cooking up inside that empty head of yours.” He snarled.

I felt my lips wobble in protest.

“You’re cruel. I hate you.” I said softly.

He sighed and ran his fingers through his hair.

“I don’t want to talk about this anymore. You’re clearly drunk out of your mind. ” He snapped after a few minutes.

We spent the rest of the ride in sullen silence when his phone rang and he transferred it to the car’s audio.

“Hyung. I’m here at the office  already and the reports are literally sky high. You were supposed to be here half an hour ago.” Jung Kook’s voice came over the speakers and I felt like I’d been doused with water.

Embarrassed regret began spreading through my body.


“Just don’t say anything, alright??. I don’t have it in me to deal with you right now. ” Yoongi snapped.

“I was in that rest room… I… I over heard you talking to her.” I said miserably.

He looked away.

“I’ll tell this for the last time. My relationship with Hye Mi isn’t something I can throw away. I’ve known her for decades. If you’re going to go all bitchy on me for every time I talk to her, it’s going to be difficult for both of us.” He said firmly.

“It’s already too difficult for me.” I whispered.

HE stayed quiet for a while.

“You want to leave me? Get a divorce?” He said quietly.

I didn’t reply.

“ Let me be perfectly clear how it will work, if you do. You’d have to have body guards with you all the time. The media will literally hound you to death. And every Tom Dick and harry will want to make you his mistress. I’m not joking. The only reason you walk around these parties without anyone bothering you is because they know I’ll fucking destroy them if they come within ten feet of you. So if you’re okay with all that…if you think you can deal with all that, I’ll file for a divorce.”

SO easy, I thought.

So easy to just say yes and end this miserable life I’d somehow trapped myself into.

“Think about it. Let me know.” He said curtly, coming around and holding the door open for me.

How did we end up like this? We didn’t love each other, I know but did it have to turn into such strong dislike? And why, after all the hurt you throw in my face, i still can’t bring myself to pack up my bags and just leave.

Once I got out, he drove off and I stood staring after him for a long time.


I didn’t see Yoongi for another week, while I started classes at the studio. It was actually a great change and I could feel myself spending lesser time thinking about him. As I spent time with the kids, I realized that there were ways to be happy without being in love or wanting love or craving intimacy. Not that I’d gotten over Min Yoongi. In fact, as I helped kids shape the wet clay into shapes , I realized that I’d made the mistake of thinking that getting over Yoongi was even possible.

I loved him. I did. I would just have to accept it. Getting over him was not happening and trying to do that only ended up with me sobbing into my pillow wishing I’d somehow met him before he’d ever met Hye Mi.

But I couldn’t really hate her either.

If I’d had someone like Min Yoongi in my life, I would probably do my best to keep him as well. You really couldn’t accuse her of anything, except maybe excellent taste in men.

I was just finishing up the class one evening when someone came into the studio. I froze in place as I recognized Wu Yi Fan . I couldn’t believe he’d actually had the gall to come here but he wasn’t alone. A pretty woman with a rather vacant smile and washed out blonde hair accompanied him, her gaze rather sharp as she stared at me.

“Mrs. Min. Such a pleasure to meet you again.” He reached out and shook my hand his touch lingering and a bit too strong for comfort. i pulled my hand away and glanced automatically at the studio office where one of the ladies helping me was writing off the daily records.

“My wife’s really interested in learning this craft, perhaps you’d be kind enough to include her in the classes.”

I smiled and politely  explained that I was only teaching children for now. Maybe later, once I could manage out a proper schedule, I’d be opening classes for adults. I would let them know if that were to happen. All the while Yi Fan kept staring at me with something very odd in his gaze. in the cold light of day , i realized that he was rather cruelly good-looking. Very handsome but without an ounce of warmth in his face.

“Do You give classes at home? Maybe on weekends. We’d be willing to pay handsomely.” He said sleazily and I swallowed the dryness in my throat.

“No. I’m sorry. i don’t think I’d be up for that.” I shook my head.

“Then let me leave you my number, you can call me if something opens up. ” He nodded. I hesitated and took his card, fully aware that I would probably burn it the first moment I could.


That evening, I walked in on Yoongi fresh out of the shower, wrapped in just a towel and my brain shut down rather instantly. He looked completely unperturbed however, lazily towel-drying his hair as he stared at me.

“You’re home early?” He said, moving to the fridge and pouring himself a glass of orange juice. I watched him for a second , trying to process what I was seeing and why.

You’re home?“ I said warily. He gave me a look and disappeared into the bedroom , re emerging a few minutes later dressed in an oversized white t shirt and worn jeans.

"what’s for dinner?” He said casually and I could only stare at him in disbelief. Had he got into an accident and suffered a blow to the head?

“I’ll ask Mrs. Kim to…”

“I’ve sent her home. I thought you’d make something for me.” He said casually.

I found myself fighting laughter and tears at the same time.

“What do you think you’re doing?” I said very softly and he hesitated.

“I thought we were still friends?” He said doubtfully.

It was the first time I’d seen him look so uncertain.

Not sure what to think or how to react, I wordlessly made my way to the kitchen, opening the closets and the store cupboards, gathering ingredients and setting the chicken out to thaw.

I spent the next few hours cooking up a simple meal of fried chicken, rice and gravy with salad and egg rolls. As we sat down to eat, he told me a bit about his day and I listened closely. i almost told him about Yi Fan but then stopped. I had to stop running to him for everything. I would handle things by myself.

“Are you still upset about Hye Mi. I haven’t cheated on our vows and I don’t intend to. You should believe that.” He said casually and I sighed in defeat. It didn’t really matter to me , I though with a tired shake of my head.

“You told me this isn’t a drama. So I won’t play the jealous wife anymore.” I said softly. He looked a bit taken aback but I couldn’t bring myself to care. I was tired. Hurt. Angry at myself.

But mostly just tired.

Once we finished eating, I took all the dishes inside.

“Do you need help? With …something?” He hesitated near the door to the kitchen.

I shook my head, my voice no longer ready to function. My brain was very confused , trying to process what was happening.

He stepped in nonetheless and suddenly the larger than normal kitchen seemed to shrink in on itself. I almost dropped the mixing bowl as he kept coming closer, stopping only when he was right next to me, behind me, the fabric of his shirt touching the back of my dress as he leaned down and reached for a glass over my shoulder, drowning me in his scent. I shut my eyes, biting my lips in distress.

“I’ve got some good news.” He said and his voice was right next to my face, and i turned without thinking about it. He looked as stunned as i felt as I stared up at him, my face less than an inch away from his.

“What?” I whispered, suddenly breathless. His gaze dropped to my lips for a second, a split second and then he dragged his eyes back to look at me. He ran his tongue all over his lips before reaching out and lightly touching my cheek with palm, thumb tracing my skin carefully. The touch of his fingers to my skin spread down and outwards, all the way to the tip of my toes which curled on the soft carpeted floor.

“EXO got caught trafficking drugs last night. They won’t be causing trouble for a while at least.” He said , thumb still rubbing back and forth on my cheeks.

I could give you a divorce right now if you asked , is what he meant.

I grabbed his wrist lightly and pulled his hand away. He hesitated but let his hand drop. He was still too close, much too close and so I stepped back, only to have my back hit the kitchen counter. And the pain wasn’t even worth it because Min Yoongi stepped in closer till his chest pressed against mine and I had to lean back , bending my upper body away as i tried to put distance between us.

“I really can’t do this anymore….” He said mildly,both hands coming to rest on either side of my waist on the counter as he leaned in, looming over me, caging me against the wooden surface.

“Yoongi…what?” I stared in shock when he leaned in closer, lips just an inch away from mine.

“I’m not made for this shit, princess. I don’t do romance. So why the hell can’t i get you out of my fucking head???” He whispered.

What was going on? I felt like Alice falling into the rabbit hole.

“I can leave…i’ll leave…I…”

“Too late for that. You should have left before you managed to claw your way inside my head….fuck you for being so hard to ignore….” He hummed. His eyes narrowed as I  tried to wiggle out of his…his what really? He wasn’t even touching me but it felt like he had me pinned against the bed or something. I began trembling .

“You’re insane….” I said nervously .

“It certainly feels that way, every time you accuse me of sleeping around, I want to scream that I can’t fucking get it on for any other woman because I can’t fucking stop thinking what it would be like if it was you underneath me, instead.  I want to tell you that no, I’m not in love with Hye Mi , no, I don’t think I’d ever feel for her, half the things I feel for you but I know you’re too fucking stubborn to believe me…. ” He said softly  and I gripped the edge of the counter till my knuckles turned white.

“What are you saying…” I said , completely lost. I was pretty certain he wasn’t supposed to be talking to me like this but for the life of me I couldn’t think of a single reason why.

“I’m saying I can’t give you what you’re asking for. I don’t have a heart, or love or fuzzy feelings but I do have money and power and passion and God, baby I could show you heaven in my bed… . I could give you all that… If you promise not to ask for the things I don’t have….. ”

He made it sound like I was wrong, expecting him to feel things for me. That I was expecting something he wasn’t capable of giving and i had the horrible feeling he actually believed that. Before I could open my mouth and deny it, he pushed himself right up against my body.

He grabbed my chin gently, tilted my face up and kissed me. He was as good at kissing as he was at everything else. Smooth and flawless, his lips moving over mine with practiced ease and his tongue finding it’s way inside my mouth without any restraint. I gripped his shoulder hard and he deepened the kiss, leaning back and lightly touching my waist, thumb slipping beneath the hem of my shirt and lightly tracing circles on the skin over my hip. He tasted like heaven and my mind screamed in protest .


this is a mistake

you’re not playing fair.

When he pulled away with his lips, his hips pressed closer, till I was cradled against his pelvis and all coherent thought fled as he stared down into my face.

“So what will it be? Do you want to start ….this …marriage , with me…on my terms?” He whispered.

On his terms?

Lust, Money , power?

And then what?

Heart break, Misery and despair?

I shook my head.

“I…I want more. I want you. all of you. I can’t….i won’t share…” I said stubbornly. Stupidly. His eyes narrowed in obvious frustration.

“You don’t have to fucking share…Who on earth do you think you’re sharing me with ? ” He snapped angrily but I pulled away, moving out of his embrace and holding a hand up.

“I want you to talk to me. I want you to open up to me…”

Say yes.

at least say you’ll try…

Just tell me you’ll give us a chance and I’ll do anything for you..

“Just like a woman. You want my heart and soul, like the witch that you are.” He snapped.

I stared back evenly.

“If that’s what you want you’re welcome to just leave. I’ll give you a fucking divorce. It’s what you wanted all along anyway…i don’t even know why I thought for a second you’d think of what I … ” He stopped, shutting his eyes and turning away.

“Okay. Okay. Then divorce it is.” I said vacantly.

It’s the right thing to do.  

Don’t you dare cry.

Chapter 2 | This Thing Called Love
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

“It’s Joffrey,” she said, sniffling. 

He handed her a paper napkin, then grimaced as she blew her nose. “What’d the little shit do this time?” 

As always, his gravel-over-concrete voice had things clenching deep inside her. Usually she enjoyed the futile sexual tension, but that night it just made her feel even worse.

“He’s just so bad at sex,” she sobbed into the snotty napkin.

Sandor was silent for a long, shocked moment, and then he laughed. Really hard. For a long time. And then said, “If any woman I’d been with ever said that about me, I’d kill myself.” 

Sansa sniffed. “That’s because you’re the type of person who takes pride in a job well done. I don’t think Joffrey even knows what a job well done is, at least where sex is concerned.”

Sandor began laughing again.


pairing: cho chang + roger davies
notes: so maybe he’s always liked her, and maybe he’s always wanted her to look at him the way she still looks at diggory, but this–

–he doesn’t know how it ended up like this.

(a non-magical au look at how roger davies likes this girl so much that he doesn’t sleep with her. a look at the morning after.)

A soft gasp and the feeling of someone jerking away wakes him up.

Roger groans, feeling a slight pounding at his temples, and he turns from his side onto his back and releases a satisfied exhale when the welcome semi-orgasmic quiver that comes with all great stretches finds a nook in his abdomen.

He opens his eyes slowly, adjusting his vision until it’s quite clear that the pastel green star stickers on the ceiling most certainly are not his, so he sits up.


She’s sitting at the foot of the bed with a blanket drawn modestly around her torso and her dark blue push-up bra is hidden behind long, silky hair, but he’s not sneaking glances at her chest, is he, because he can’t pull away from her gaze, fixed so firmly on him, and her eyes are wide, half measures worried and confused, while her dark lips are parted slightly, and never in a million years did he think he would be in the same bed as her–

Roger swallows and feels the inside of his mouth turn to sandpaper.

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Picture Perfect

Oscar Isaac/Reader

Words: 732

Author: Charlee

Anon asked: Would you be willing to do an Oscar Issac x Reader fic where he’s doing promotional pictures for Star Wars and she’s the head photographer, and after the photoshoot’s over, she’s flipping through and showing him pictures on the computer while he just looks at her all cute and asks her out???

“No, I need the fan blowing AT him, Jimmy!” You barked at the intern, assisting the promotional photoshoot for Poe.  “Christ.”  You shook your head, looking back over to Oscar, who was laughing his ass off at the poor intern who just couldn’t seem to tame the giant fan and get it pointed at him.  “Mr. Isaac, please try and focus… We need a serious, pensive yet… sultry.”  

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I fucked up, I know that - Part 3

omy god. first ever proper imagine i have ever posted online that is in english. man, i feel weird. i don’t know what to expect from you guys. i don’t know if you’ll like it, love it or hate it? this blog started out as a message imagine blog thing and now i’m posting a written one bc most of you asked for it like this. omg i’m so nervous lol. tell me all your thoughts about it and also if you want more of these or if is should just stick to the messages. ☺ did i already say that i’m nervous af? bc i totally am omg lmao. btw if you’re not sure how this has formed, i advise you to check out PART I and PART II then come back to this and read it all as this is PART III but i’m sure you could figure it out by its title lmao omg i’m rambling. okay i’ll stop. tell me your thoughts pls pls pls pls omg

Length: 5,299 words and 8 pages

I couldn’t believe what was going on. At one point I thought I actually did something wrong. I mean, I did kind of have a go at Harry for always being in Los Angeles and such, but I knew I had every single right in the whole entire world to do so.

I missed my boyfriend more than anything and the fact that he basically gave absolutely no shits about me or my feelings honestly broke my heart a little tiny bit. Yes, he spent my birthday with me in July and like two more days after it. But then he left. As if those few days didn’t mean anything to him at all. He came home after almost three months to celebrate with me then he left soon enough again. It was now September and I actually felt like we weren’t together anymore. I mean it wasn’t even like we were in a long distance relationship. We never called each other, we never facetimed each other. Nothing. Yes, he asked me like twice to go and visit him in America but I had a job where I had to go and work at. I couldn’t just pack up and leave. I need to tell my manager like three weeks in advance that I’d like x amount of time off from work for whatever reason. I know her well enough to be sure that she wouldn’t let me leave in a blink of an eye just because my boyfriend wants me to travel to a different continent to visit him. I couldn’t and to be fair wouldn’t ever use that excuse that my boyfriend is Harry Styles. That wouldn’t be me. I never actually told anyone who I was with unless they asked because they kind of realised me and stuff. But other than that, I never in my life have ever used Harry’s name or fame to get me somewhere in life. I didn’t even really care to be honest. I was proud of him, of course I was. He has achieved so much with the other boys so there was no reason not to be proud.

A big sigh left my mouth as I put my phone down after having that amazing conversation with Harry. I couldn’t believe that after almost a whole week we finally spoke – well, more like argued. But still. We interacted. And we might have broken up too. Also, he never denied the fact when I said that he never loved me and that it was all a lie. To be brutally honest, that did hit me hard in the heart only because he always used to tell me he loved me more than anything, any chance he got. But I guess things and people change which brings along a change in feelings too.

My phone suddenly started to ring, but I knew better than to expect it to be Harry. But when I saw the caller ID, which was set up as “Anne Twist” I didn’t quite know what to assume was going to go down.

“Y/N, hello,” she greeted me cheerfully which was a big ass relief for me. I didn’t want her to be upset with me because over the years I’ve learnt to love her so much; it was like she was my second mother. “How have you been? It feels like I haven’t seen you or my son in absolute ages!”

“Anne, hi,” I said it back just as happily as she was talking to me. She lifted my mood up instantly, which I was really pleased about. I didn’t want to tell her straight away that Harry and I might have broken up minutes ago. At least not right then and there. I had much more respect towards her than to tell her through a phone call about what happened. I knew for a fact that she’d be kind of devastated and also, I wasn’t entirely sure if we really did break up or not. “I know right, it does feel like ages since we last met up! Gem was talking about you the other day and how much charity work you’ve done these past few months!”

“Oh, yes. I need to keep myself busy these days,” she said laughing and I joined her. She was such a positive person it made me want to be like her. The relationship with my mother and I haven’t been the best recently, which is actually why I have been so fond of Anne. She treated me like her own even though I dated her son. “So, tell me. How’s your job going? Would you like to come down to Cheshire someday? Maybe you could bring my son as well! I feel like he forgot where he came from.”

“I’ve been doing good, getting lost in all my work. But I like it, so I’m not complaining,” was all I said about the work bit, because I never really liked talking about my job. Yes, I liked it but I never felt like it was something I should discuss with others. I guess it is just personal preference. “Yes, I’d absolutely love to visit you sometime! To be honest, I do miss Cheshire quite a bit I haven’t been there since last year! Oh cranky, that is bad, isn’t it?” I asked Anne laughing quietly. Seconds later she joined on and that eased my mood, once again. The last time I went to Cheshire was with Harry, so if I were to go again I think I would be taking that trip on my own. And I just knew that it’d be much more different, not only for me but for Anne as well. She kind of always wanted me to marry her son but I never really got a reason as to why.

“It does sound a bit bad, you’re right about that, dear. But you are always welcome here, you know that. Or at least I’d like to think so.”

“Of course! You made sure I know that which I’m really thankful for. Honestly, sometimes I feel like you’re my best friend and I know that sounds weird but…”

“Oh, no, Y/N!” she laughed and I smiled hearing her reaction. I didn’t plan on making myself look or sound like a freak even though I knew she would never say that to me or anyone else about me. “I in fact am really pleased to hear that you think so… highly of me, I should say. No one ever, well, apart from my children and friends said that to me. It means a lot, actually. So, thank you.”

“Anne, you’re going to make me cry,” I said chuckling as I closed my eyes for a few seconds, trying to get myself together properly again. “Listen, I’m free this weekend, so I might as well go down and visit you and Robin, right?”

“That is a good idea, honey. What do you mean by weekend, though?”

“From Friday to Sunday. There are some changes that my manager needs to work out so all of the staff is basically off. I wouldn’t have anything else to do anyways so that’d really be my only chance.”

“That’s fine. Yeah, erm, I’m free as always. Robin as well, even though I think he might have a shift on Friday night.”

“We can have a girls night then,” I suggested laughing. “Is Gemma coming down anytime to see you?”

“She’s a busy woman, I’m not too sure.”

“Well, I’ll ask her before I head down and text or WhatsApp you the details, yeah?”

“Sure, that’s a good idea,” she agreed. “Well, then I’ll let you go and do your stuff. I just called to see how you’re doing.”

“That’s really kind of you, Anne.” I said. “Have a lovely rest of your day and talk to you soon.”

“You too, my dear. Bye-bye.”


All I could hear was birds chirping when I woke up from my deep slumber. I didn’t even realise what time it was I just rolled onto my other side and let out an exhausted sigh. I had worked my ass off at work yesterday, I felt like I was treated like a dog honestly. I had to run up and down the building to get literally every single person a coffee or a sandwich just because they are working in a higher sector than me. I was hoping that my boss wouldn’t let that happen, but she was a total stress head with all the people in the room and her presentation that she’s been working on since forever. I was really flipping glad that I had a long weekend, which instantly reminded me of the fact that I’m driving down to Holmes Chapel today to meet Anne and Robin. Gemma said she’ll tag along but she’ll only get to Cheshire around seven pm. So, until then, I’m guessing I’ll be left alone with the parents. Which, by the way, I don’t have a problem with.

After getting myself together properly, I locked my apartment up, took the lift down to the underground garage and with the keys in my hand I pressed down on the circle shaped button to open my car up. I have always wanted an Audi so when I got my first ever payment now three years ago, my baby was the first thing I invested it in. It was a black A1 and it was love at first sight.

The journey from London to Holmes Chapel was around three hours since the traffic was terrible. There was an accident on the road and I was on the verge of crying when we couldn’t move more than twenty meters in half an hour. I was never a patient person and I knew that I should have worked on that but come on… effort. But then finally, when I made it to the house that I’ve learnt to like quite a lot I kind of wanted to turn back and go home in an instant. I was honestly not in the mood to talk to Harry and you may wonder why I’m saying this. Well, the reason for this is that his big ass Range Rover was parked in front of the house where he grew up and I was meant to be going and staying for the weekend. Anne didn’t mention this to me and I just knew that she was aware of the situation between me and her son. Why else would she keep Harry visiting a secret? This again, made me realise that the boy who was once my lovely boyfriend really didn’t want to do anything with me. Like, he came back from Los Angeles to visit his family which is okay. Fair enough. He misses them, I get it. But he didn’t tell me? I mean I know that we didn’t have the nicest conversation the other day but… ugh, doesn’t matter. We’ll just have another argument in a minute so I better get over it. Knowing this “new Harry” he’ll find a problem in me coming here rather than me going to America.

I knocked on the front door once I got out of my car but I didn’t bother bringing my bag with me. With Harry here the chances of me staying for the weekend is really damn low.

“Y/N! Hello,” Robin greeted me in a happy mood, his arms wrapping around me in a tight hug. He kind of reminded me of my dad which wasn’t a surprise since Anne was like a mum to me. “How was your journey here? How come it took so long? Anne said you’d be here around 1 pm.”

“Sorry, the traffic was horrid,” I said chuckling lightly as I left out the fact that I slept in until 10:30 am. “I was tempted to take the other route but I much prefer driving on the motorway.”

“Yeah, that’s understandable,” he said nodding his head in agreement. “Oh, gosh, come in, please. I don’t know why we’re standing here still.”

My teeth sunk into my lower lip when I took a deep breath and kicked my shoes off my feet. I was so close to entering the living room and I just didn’t want to. However, I knew that I didn’t have any other choice. Not only was Anne expecting to finally see me but I would’ve been really rude to just turn around and leave. Plus, just because Harry was there it didn’t mean that I had to talk to him.

But then my breath quickened and so did the beat of my heart. It was like as if it wanted to break through my chest and I felt my hands shake and sweat a bit. I haven’t seen him in absolute ages so compared to the last time, he has changed loads. Like from the outside. And most definitely from the inside too because I’ve had the chance to experience his new, I-don’t-care-what-you-think aura. So back to his physical look, I could totally understand why everyone drooled over him. I always could and did. It actually made me quite proud because hey, I could call him my own even though I wasn’t really fond of this “you’re mine and no one else’s” bullshit. As always, he was wearing black jeans which fitted his legs, especially his thighs perfectly. I had a thing for his thighs but we were together for a long enough time for me to realise that his whole entire fan base thought the same. With them black skinny jeans that he never seemed to put down he wore a blue shirt, it was most probably Saint Laurent, with Mickey and Minnie mouse on it. His hair was short which I have noticed through the pictures on twitter and when he came to visit me on my birthday. He smelled insanely good, I could actually sense his aftershave from where I was standing and it wasn’t helping my case. At all.

“Finally, Y/N,” Anne made me jump back to reality from all my thoughts of Harry. I was glad she was the one to break the silence in the room because knowing myself I would’ve said something stupid. And it probably would’ve been directed towards Harry. “I thought you won’t come at all.”

“Oh, no,” I said, smiling. “I wouldn’t just ditch on you like that. It was just a long journey because of the traffic. I just said to Rob that I was thinking about taking another route but you know how I am.”

“It’s fine, dear. I’m glad you are here,” she said then looked at Harry. He was just standing there, quietly watching me and his mother talking. It was awkward, like really awkward. I wished he wasn’t there so I wouldn’t have to keep looking away from him but I wasn’t so lucky. Of course he had to be here for whatever reason. “So, now that you and Harry are both arrived, me and Robin will just go to town and let you two have a little chat. If I’m right, and I know for a fact that I am, you lovebirds need to have a proper conversation.”

“There’s really no need, Anne,” I said right after she had finished talking. I didn’t want to be left alone with Harry. “I came to visit you and not him. Quite frankly, I didn’t even know he was going to be here and I don’t want to sound disrespectful or bitchy or anything like that, but if I knew he was gonna be here I wouldn’t have come down.”

“Now, my love, that is exactly why Robin and I will leave you two to talk things through!” she said confidently. “Please, be careful and don’t make a mess. Thank you. We will be back when we feel like you’ve had enough time just to make sure that you didn’t kill each other.”

And with that, they left. I didn’t actually realise that they were all ready to leave the house when I stepped in and greeted Rob then Anne. I mean I knew Rob had a shift tonight since Anne told me but other than that I thought it’s gonna be me, Anne and Gemma. I was kind of frustrated because I didn’t want to see Harry, I wasn’t up for another argument and I really hoped that he wasn’t either. I knew that if he’ll open his mouth to say shit I’m gonna slap him across his beautiful face, but then again, I wasn’t one to hurt him so I also knew that I would never do that. I wouldn’t want him slapping me so it was only fair if I kept my anger on the down low too.

“So, how have you been?” he asked quietly, taking a seat on one of the armchairs. I had to control myself not to react to his question in a way that would tick him off. Nowadays it was the easiest and the only way for him to react to whatever I said or did.

“Fantastic,” I said sarcastically. “I’ve been fantastic. How have you been?”

“Good, but… erm, could’ve been better.”

“How come?” I asked, arching a brow. Obviously, I knew where he was going with this but we had to keep up a conversation and I wasn’t going to ruin it.

“I just… since that last text message between us. I don’t know. I miss you,” he said, getting quieter with each word that left his mouth. I was a bit surprised, I thought he was gonna cause another fight between us. “I know I said some things which I shouldn’t have but I am well aware of the fact that I was wrong. So damn wrong, Y/N!”

“Glad you realised,” I muttered. He shot his head up, looking straight into my eyes. He looked lost but cuddly at the same time so I wanted to wrap my arms around him and just lay on the couch with him. But then I snapped out of my thoughts and went against it. I had to. We weren’t in a position where I could be day dreaming about shit like this. We had to sort it or end it first. “So then what now?”

“What do you mean what now?” he asked back, confusion spreading on his handsome face that I just wanted to kiss. It’s been way too long since I had the chance to and to think about his friends being able to do it when I wasn’t just made me feel pure shit. “I came home because I want to fix things. I realised that I’ve made a mistake and I kind of already lost you. I don’t want to lose you completely so while I have the chance to make things better, I will.”

“You came home because you wanted to or because your mum found out and she ordered you home? There is a big difference and I don’t know which the truth is. Yeah, you made a mistake and to be fair you already lost me but I’m too stupid to let you go so I guess you still have a chance to make it up to me. I don’t know if it’ll work for sure but you can do it.”

“You’re not sure it’s going to work?” he whispered back but I could still hear his voice crack for a minute. I didn’t like that sound. And not just when it happened to him, but when it happened to other people as well. It made me weak so I would give into people and also draw tears in my eyes for no reason and I just didn’t like it. “What’s that supposed to mean? You’re not going to take me back?”

“I mean I don’t have to,” I said, shrugging. “You didn’t treat me right for a while now. How am I meant to know if you will now? Are you even going to stay in England if we work things out or go back straight to America? You’ve changed so much Harry and I’m so sad when I about it.”

“I haven’t changed, I swear! I’m still the Harry you know and love and I was just influenced by the people who surrounded me. I knew it was a bad decision to be around them but they persuaded me and after I properly realised I couldn’t just back up and leave.”

“Why?” I asked back, curious to know his answer. “Did they threaten you? Did you get involved with people who use drugs and stuff? Is that why you ‘couldn’t back up and leave’?”

“Y/N, don’t take the piss. Not right now at least,” he said, a sigh leaving his lips as he leaned forward and covered his face with his hands. “I’m trying, okay?”

“Yeah, okay,” I nodded while responding normally. “Now answer my question from before. About the drugs and stuff. Unless you have something you are hiding from me.”

“No, I wasn’t threatened and no, I didn’t get involved with drugs. I would never.” He shook his head after he answered. I didn’t want to feel sorry for him but I just couldn’t help it when I heard his sad voice. He always got me and he probably knew it because he used or maybe still does know me better than some of my close friends. “I’m just so fucking sorry, okay? I love you so much and I know I messed things up lately but I didn’t want to! I was just so angry all the time because of my friends, who actually don’t deserve that title. I don’t think they ever did. I mean, they made me turn against you so now you hate me and don’t want to do anything with me.”

“I never said I don’t want anything to do with you. I don’t hate you either. Hate is a strong word and even if you did something really bad I don’t think I could ever hate you. I love you too much to even consider it.” I told him casually, shrugging my shoulders a little. He looked up at me with red eyes while he sunk his teeth into his lower lip. I wanted to hug him so bad and I just couldn’t control myself when I stood up and went over to him.

I sat on his lap, putting his arms around my waist loosely and wrapping mine around his neck so that his face was against my chest while leaning my head on top of his. I closed my eyes as I hugged him tightly, feeling myself warming up from the inside just by being close to him. I have missed him too much and to finally have him here no matter the circumstances I was actually quite happy. Harry tightening his hands around me shook me out of my thoughts and hearing him quietly mutter “I love you so much” a few times made me forget about all of the crap that has went down between us in a snap of a finger. And it was bad, I knew it. I shouldn’t have allowed him to think it was all okay however I had to be close to him for a bit. If I were to not take him back I need to make sure that I’ll remember what it was like to be with him.

A long few minutes passed by and we were just sitting in silence, holding each other tightly. I wouldn’t have had it any other way to be fair. I mean every other girl or woman would have whipped his boyfriend’s ass if they were to be in our position but I wasn’t every other girl or woman. I was different. And maybe stupid.  But I already knew that so it was nothing new.

“I fucked up I know that.” He started off, slowly pulling away from me. He took one of his hands to wipe his cheeks that were stained with tears and that broke my heart. Every time he cried I died a little. “I also know that I didn’t treat you right, oh gosh, I treated you really-really bad and I’m so sorry, baby. I’m possibly the most awful man in the whole entire universe for behaving the way I did especially when it came to you. I should never ever take you for granted but I did and we basically broke up through a text message which was worse than doing it in real life. I’m so horrible I don’t even know how you can stand being in the same room as me.”

“I know for a fact that you’d be on your knees, begging me not to leave the room, so I don’t even want to try.” I laughed lightly which caused him to crack a tiny smile then roll his eyes. “I’m glad you know you fucked up and I hope you also plan on actually making it up to me somehow. Like I don’t know. Staying home for more than two nights? Yeah, that would be an amazing start, don’t you think?”

“Yes, Y/N, that’s what’s going to happen!” he agreed, his voice confident. That made me smile then I remembered that I need to act like a strong, independent woman. I mean that’s what girls say, right? “I have also been thinking about treating you to something for a while now. I never knew how I could just bring it up, then we fought so there was really no place or time for it.”

“Well, then you can re-plan it or something and then surprise me again.” I said. “But make sure it’s a weekend because you know how my manager is.”

“Why do you call her your manager and then your boss? Isn’t that supposed to be two different people? Like your boss would also be your manager’s boss, right?”

“Don’t know and don’t care to be perfectly honest. She pays me anyways and I don’t think she’s bothered what I call her as long as I work properly for her.”

“Oh, okay.” He smiled then it disappeared from his face and I just knew what’s going to happen. “So, am I okay then? Are we okay?”

“I mean I love you, you love me which means we love each other,” I said, over complicating the whole thing but I couldn’t help it. Also, there was nothing else that came to mind that I had to discuss with him even though I was sure there were loads of things that we haven’t even talked through. “I’m quite okay with you trying to get me back and stuff so it’s up to you now really.”

“I have to win you back?” he asked as a big grin spread across his face. I rolled my eyes so hard I could see my brain. Well, okay, maybe I couldn’t but it made me feel like I was funny even if I was only thinking about it. Man, if only Harry knew who he was putting up with, pft. But then again, he was worse. “Okay, I will win you back.”

“I can’t wait to see that.”

“So, Miss Y/L/N, would you like to have lunch with me?” he asked smiling. “I know just the place we could go to, they have your favourite.”

“Oh yeah?” I asked back, pretending to be shocked as I still sat on his lap. One of his arms was still around my waist while the other one holding my hand, our fingers intertwined. I loved it when he intertwined our fingers, they just seemed to fit perfectly and I don’t know. I also had a thing for his hands so I’m guessing this was the reason I really liked it. “So, then what’s my favourite?”

“Anything that’s edible,” he winked at me cheekily and I just laughed. It was true, I was exactly like his band mate, Niall, the only difference is that the boy was half of me. I didn’t have a fast metabolism, I wish I did and I never really worked out so I didn’t have a flat stomach or thigh gap but I was okay with it. “But you absolutely love brownie with vanilla ice cream as well as cookie dough with vanilla ice cream especially the ones from Pizza Hut.”

“True,” I nodded in agreement. I was a sucker for sweet things and he knew it like he did with everything else. He could easily pass as my best friend if I were to challenge him. “But what about like proper food?”

“Even though you’re not American you love Mac and Cheese and I’ll never understand why but you just do. You also love chicken soup, you could eat it anytime doesn’t matter if it’s three am or one pm.”

“Aw, you’re cute. I love you,” I kissed his temple as I smiled.

“I love you much more.”

“Not possible, but okay. So, um, can we go and eat now? I’m quite hungry.”

“You slept in, didn’t you?” he smirked as the question left his kissable lips and I just had to attack them. The kiss was soft and sweet and just perfect and I didn’t want to pull away but we both ran out of breath so we kind of had to. “You slept in so you were late.”

“No, there was an accident on the motorway, that’s why I was late.”

“That and you slept in.”

“No, I didn’t.”

“Oh, yes you did, cheeky girl.”

“Piss off, Harry,” I rolled my eyes as I got off his lap. I felt his hand wrap around my wrist so I turned back to face him just to see him smile in victory. Did I already say that he knows me too well? “Okay, yeah, I slept in. Happy now?”

“More than happy, my love,” he winked at me. “I love you and I’m so sorry, okay? I swear I won’t do it again.”

“Well, actions speak louder than words, right?” I sang back to him.

“And you’re about to break from all you’ve heard.”

“But don’t be scared, I ain’t going nowhere.”

“Okay, that was enough of me and my band for today,” he laughed. “I’m supposed to be on a break where I don’t sing, okay?”

“Oh my god, why are you lying, eh? You’ve been working on a solo album or more for that matter so you sure been singing during this hiatus as you and your friends call it.”

“Shut up, woman. You know too much,” he said jokinagly. “Come give me a kiss then we can go get food, yeah?”

“You don’t deserve none of my kisses, so just get up and let’s get food.”

“Why are you being so rude?”

“Because I can and after our fight you deserve it, so shut up and buy me food,” I winked at him. He just pouted as he stood up and intertwined his fingers in front of himself. I rolled my eyes as I stepped in front of him and I put my hands on his cheeks. His head snapped up and I just pressed my lips against his, a sigh leaving both of our mouths. I might have missed his kisses too much.

“You’re amazing.” He said smiling as we pulled away from each other.

“I know right?” I smirked then took a step back and started to walk towards the hall to get my shoes. He followed me soon enough, slapping my bum gently. “Oi, behave.”

Oi, behave.” He mocked me.

“Shut up and as I said before get me food already. I’m getting moody because I haven’t had anything to eat.”


“Oh geez.”

Floating, Pt19

Word Count: 2403
Author’s Note: I didn’t realize I was this far into posting this! ACK! I’m gonna have to start writing again soon!!
Tags: @medicatemedrmccoy​, @from-kitten-to-kitsune@suzen23smith@outside-the-government@sistasarah-sallysaidso@nymphadora-blurryface@bluebird214 @flirtswithdanger, @to-pick-ourselves-up-7

Katie proved to us that her childhood had not been bereft of fun by completely destroying us at bowling. Every time she got a strike, there was a dance and some good-natured gloating. Paradoxically, Leonard proved he’d been an old curmudgeon by guttering almost every ball.

“It’s a damn good thing that you’re so good at poker, Bones,” I laughed as I turned back from knocking down most of my pins. He grimaced.

“There’s a reason I said it was a bad idea when we were on Proxima B,” he complained. “I could lose money to an infant playing this.”

“Don’t worry, Uncle Bones,” Katie reassured him. “We’ve only got a few more frames left, and then you can go back to your room and lick your wounds.”

I couldn’t help myself. I laughed. Leonard scowled at me and took his turn. I saw him take a different stance and he slowed down, like he was intent and focussed. The ball still went in the gutter. Katie cackled. I bit my lip trying not to laugh. He wagged a finger at me.

“Did you know there’s a zero-grav amusement park on this starbase? Wouldn’t that be fun?” He raised an eyebrow in challenge. Katie squealed in excitement.

“Are you serious? That would be amazing!” She looked between Bones and I for an answer.

“He’s lying.” I called his bluff.

“Your mother doesn’t like floating,” he told her. Katie laughed. “Besides, sweetheart, it’s just about your curfew.”

“Can we go tomorrow then?” She asked, throwing the ball down the lane without paying attention. And getting another strike. Leonard made a disgusted noise and threw up his hands in defeat.

“There isn’t a zero-grav amusement park, Katie-cat,” I laughed. “But nice try, Bones.”

“Besides, tomorrow is your presentation,” Leonard pointed out. “Can’t miss that.”

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Oh my god it's really embarrassing, I sounded like I was pleased Kirishima was arrested but noooo it was just from a storytelling perspective I'm!! sorry Kirishima. I'm laughing at myself, it was so weirdly phrased oh man... Well if it made you laugh that's okay, at least the rest was more correctly conveyed, thank you for being so kind!

NAH MAN it was good, it was funny i was laughing

When my stutter and shy nature made my weight even more hilarious #growingupfat

When the boy who was my dancing partner in gym groans, sighs or has all his friends laugh at him for being with the fat girl #growingupfat

Never being the princess in games #growingupfat

In my first ever school play, which was directed by a professional who wasn’t even a teacher, I was given the last narrative role where I said about three lines and having people whisper that it was because I was fat #growingupfat

Begging my mum not to take pictures of me and having her make fun of my because I cried when she did anyway #growingupfat

Wanting to kill myself when I was nine #growingupfat

My parents laughing at pictures where the cartoon character on my tshirt was too stretched #growingupfat  

Crying when I got my period at nine because no one else in my class had theirs and it was another thing that made me different #growingupfat

When I told on the bullies who called me fat related names being told by a teacher “well you are fat but at least you’re cuddly.” #growingupfat

Being tall and fat and feeling like a giant from a story book #growingupfat

“You’re not fat, I’m fat!”

Hearing a friend say that they are fat and thinking what does that make me? #growingupfat

Learning that I had to be the nicest person ever because the rebel girls would make fun of me otherwise #growingupfat

Some of them making fun of me anyway #growingupfat

Being laughed at because some of the rebel girls would stick up for me and people saying that they just felt bad for me #groeingupfat

A genuinely nice girl saying that I was cute because I looked like Miss Piggy from the Muppets and having a whole class struggle not to laugh #growingupfat

Her not understanding that that wasn’t really a compliment because Miss Piggy is often laughed at for being fat and confident #growingupfat

Every fat person in tv shows and movies becoming happier because they loose weight #growingupfat

The jokes made about how Monica used to be fat and how her controlling nature is because of her fear of being fat again #growingupfat

“I’m hungry.” “You’re always hungry.” #growingupfat

Having to fight to have the prom dress I wanted because mum said I was too fat. #growingupfat

Starving myself for two or three months while my dad growls everyday, “you better be exercising.” #growingupfat

Going into therapy with depression, suicidal thoughts and General Anxiety Disorder because I emotionally shut down as a child which effected my learning and my ability to cope with stress. #growingupfat

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Okay, what's something funny or cheesy that you've done? Lol

Well, I trip a lot. I’m far from the most graceful person. But once I tripped and fell directly in front of Johnny and, to save myself and make it look like it was on purpose, said “I’m falling for you.” That was probably the cheesiest thing I’ve ever done, but at least it made him laugh.

March Madness HiJack Week Day 3: Hogwarts AU

HOO~KAY. So. I made a point of sitting down and watching Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone today so that I could write this and somewhat know a little tiny bit what I was doing. Sort of. Hopefully it makes sense and isn’t too bad. XD;

Note: A polynya is an open area of water surrounded by sea ice. :)

By Senashenta

Hiccup was a Ravenclaw but pretty much everyone thought he should have been sorted into Hufflepuff instead. Sure, he was smart and decently talented with spells and potions, but really, most people tended to look on him as relatively soft and useless. It didn’t help that he was Muggle Born, either.

It was his first year at Hogwarts and while he was enjoying it to a certain extent, he hadn’t made any real friends. One of the girls from Hufflepuff, Rapunzel, was nice to him, would say hi or wave at him in the hallway when they crossed paths, but she was kind to everyone so he wasn’t sure it actually counted.

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Description: Regency AU. Y/n is a princess and about to attend a festival held in celebration of their kingdom’s independence. As tradition states, Y/n is expected to dance with those eligible for marriage and pick a suitor.

Character Pairing: Reader x Sam

A/N: This… did not turn out at all like I expected. What was intended to be a choose-your-own-adventure style story changed drastically because Sam just sort of came in and ran away with it. Sometimes characters get away from us. It’s also the first actual story I’ve posted in a long time, so I hope you guys like it.

“My lady, you really must get out of bed!”

You groan, burrowing further beneath the blankets. The breeze wafting in through the open window carries in the scents of roasting almonds and freshly baked bread, a sign of the festivities to come.

“Let me rest, Meredith,” you reply around a yawn. 

Meredith, who was your nurse as an infant and now serves as a handmaiden, clicks her tongue in disapproval. “If we don’t begin now, we’ll never have you ready in time for the festival.”

The down pillow beneath your head has become an uncomfortable lump. You try in vain to reshape it into something you can sleep on. “So I’ll be late,” you say with a shrug. “The members of the aristocracy do love dramatic entrances.”

“For themselves, m’lady,” Meredith says wryly. “They rather loathe being kept waiting.”

With a relenting sigh, you pull the covers away from your face, eyeing your maid with as much fake anger as you can muster. 

Meredith simply laughs, the wrinkles around her warm brown eyes becoming more pronounced with her smile. “Now, now, Y/n, it won’t be all that bad.”

You try dancing with my suitors and see if you like it. Lord Byron stepped on my feet at least a dozen times last year, and his son couldn’t seem to remove his eyes from my chest.” You shudder at the memory. “And those shoes.” 

“Lord Byron and his son will not be in attendance this evening.” Meredith helps you pull your nightgown over your head, leaving you shivering while she fetches the bottom layer of your dress for the evening. 

“Oh?” Some of your nervousness fades. “Then I guess it might not be as terrible as last year.”

Meredith presses a warm cup of tea into your hand. You hold the steaming glass near your face, breathing in the calming scent of peppermint. “I’ve heard,” Meredith says conspiratorially. “That the prince from Southaven is coming tonight.”

Southaven is the country directly east of your home. 

“Really?” you say without much enthusiasm. 

“Yes, the rest of the staff were discussing it this morning. There’s been talk of marriage, you know.”

Your heart sinks. Of course.

“A union between you would create one between your countries as well,” Meredith reminds you. “It would be very beneficial.”

“I’m sure it would, Meredith,” you reply tiredly. You’ve had this conversation with your father before. “But Father and I have an agreement. I will choose my own husband, and I will choose him for love. Not convenience.”

Though she sighs, Meredith offers you a warm smile. “Stubborn,” she mutters, patting your cheek affectionately. “Just like your mother.”

“I miss her.” The words are no more than a whisper.

“We all do, my lady.” for a long moment, the two of your are silent. Then Meredith straightens up, bright smile back in place. “Now, let’s work on that hair.”


“I told my father that the dispute could be settled with a simple trade agreement, but he insists on displays of brute force.” The man you’re dancing with, a young baron from one of the major cities, steps on your foot again.

You wince, covering the look quickly with the cheeriest smile you can muster. “How barbaric of him.”

Lord - shit, you don’t even remember his name - pulls you a little closer, his hand sliding from your upper back to your waist. “You know, m’lady, I find your company to be quite delightful.”

I find yours to be quite dreadful. 

The words remain unspoken.

“Perhaps once we’ve finished our dance you’d be willing to accompany me for a walk around the palace gardens?” he suggests, raising his eyebrows. As he asks the question, the waltz music slowly begins to fade out.

You’ll be able to escape soon.

“Unfortunately, my lord, I have other guests to attend to this evening,” you reply apologetically, though the sadness in your tone is not the least bit sincere. “Perhaps another time.”

The song ends and you abruptly pull out of his grip, gathering your skirt with one hand to maneuver through the crowd.

“I’ll look forward to it!” he calls after you, and you almost feel bad for him.

You find Meredith at one of the tables, serving wine to the guests who ask for it. “And how was Lord Stanton?” she asks with a knowing wink.

“While I survived the encounter, I’m not sure my feet will,” you reply.

“Only a few more to get through, my dear.” Meredith squeezes your arm. “You’re doing well.”

Just a few more. You can manage a few more dances if it means the rest of the evening will be free. Maybe you’ll take a ride, or go for a walk along the palace walls. Or you could -

Your train of thought is interrupted by the trumpets blaring, signifying the entrance of another guest.

“Who could be arriving this late?” Meredith mutters.

“Prince Samuel of Southaven has arrived!” the herald calls loudly.

A tall young man with chin length brown hair swept carefully away from his brow appears at the top of the grand staircase. His white jacket stands out from the other guests in attendance. Several of the young ladies hovering near the edges of the dance floor whisper excitedly.

“Well, he’s certainly not hard to look at,” Meredith whispers, nudging you playfully. “And to think, he’s here to impress you.”

He’s a prince,” you reply. “Hardly the type I’m looking to marry.”

As you say this, Prince Samuel weaves his way through the throngs of people, his movements so graceful it’s like he’s gliding. It isn’t long before he arrives in front of you. Warm hazel eyes meet yours above a boyish grin.

“The Lady Y/n, I presume.” He takes your hand and kisses the back of it. “It’s a pleasure to finally meet you.”

You curtsy, as is customary, and fight the urge to roll your eyes. “The pleasure is mine, Prince.”

“And may I ask you to grant me the honor of a dance?”

You bite your lower lip, considering the offer.

After hesitating a moment longer, you place your hand in his upturned palm. His fingers are warm and sure as they grip yours, his smile almost radiant. Together, the two of you sweep onto the floor, the crowd parting almost instantly and gathering in a small circle around you.

The music begins, an easy string piece that provides little challenge. You were forced to take dancing lessons for most of your childhood, and you’re familiar with most numbers.

Still, something about the way the prince moves makes it even easier still. His movements are sure as he leads you, one arm strong around your back. The hand holding yours is steady, and his eyes never waver as he looks down at you.

He’s tall, you realize, and you find yourself having to crane your neck to look at him.

“You look lovely,” he comments after a moment, his voice low so the onlookers won’t overhear.

“Thank you, Lord Prince,” you reply.

He shakes his head, laughing a little. “Don’t call me that. There’s no need to be so formal.”

You raise your brows. “You’d prefer Samuel, then?”

“Sam, actually, if you don’t mind.”

“Sam.” Something about the name makes the tension in your chest dissipate. “Why Sam?”

“It’s what my friends call me,” he replies simply. “And I would like to be your friend, Princess. At the very least.”

Friendship. A concept you’ve been unfamiliar with since status and duty got in the way.

“Please. Call me Y/n.”

Sam’s smile grows wider. “Well, Y/n, I have to say you’re a wonderful dancer.”

“I believe as the lead, you’re doing most of the work,” you reply, feeling a blush creep into your cheeks.

“No, you make it easy.“

“My instructor always told me I made it difficult,” you say with a laugh. “He said I’m impossible to lead because I’m always trying to lead myself.”

“When it comes to your life, I don’t doubt it,” Sam replies. “But in dancing? Not impossible at all.”

“You flatter me.”

“I’ll prove it.” He picks up his pace, and suddenly your dance grows more complicated. Sam whirls you around the room, your skirt a swishing blur around your ankles. He spins you in one direction, almost dizzyingly fast, but through it all he is always there to reclaim you, to steady you, to guide you when you’re about to falter. Just before the song ends, he places both hands on your waist and lifts you easily, spinning you once before lowering you into a graceful dip.

When you straighten, you’re breathless.

He leans a little closer to you, placing his lips near your ear. “See? As easy as breathing.” Then he steps away, kissing your hand once more. “While I’d love to claim you for another dance, I’m afraid your other suitors won’t approve.” He nods in the direction of the wine, where there are several other men glaring openly at him.

“Perhaps you could come find me later?” you suggest.

Sam grins. “I would like that very much.”

And then he disappears into the crowd, and another man is asking to dance.


Nearly three hours later, the party is beginning to wind down and you have yet to see Sam again. You stand near the edge of the room, trying not to fidget as you look for him. Meredith comes to stand at your side, giving you a knowing look.

“Waiting for someone?” she asks.

“I was,” you reply, feeling the familiar fingers of disappointment wrap around your heart. “But I’m starting to fear he’s not coming.”

“You couldn’t see the way he was looking at you while you danced,” Meredith replies, sounding a touch exasperated. “He’s coming.”

Nevertheless, the clock is chiming midnight and the Prince of Southaven is nowhere to be seen. Biting back a sigh, you start to make your way to the door, reaching back to pull the pins from your hair.

A hand closes around yours, drawing you to a halt.

“Y/n.” Sam’s expression is apologetic. “I’m so sorry. A duchess was determined to see me married off to her daughter tonight and I’ve only just escaped.”

“Was the wedding nice, at least?” you ask with a laugh.

He shoots you a glare, but there’s no anger in the look. “Yes, the cake was particularly decadent.” He looks around the nearly empty room. “But I fear I’ve missed my chance for another dance.”

You look at the musicians in the corner, recognizing your old music tutor easily. “Give me a moment.” Gathering your skirts, you hurry over to your old professor. “Lord Lutus.”

The old man turns, withered face breaking into a smile when he sees you. “Princess. You’re looking lovely as ever.”

“It’s Y/n to you,” you say sternly, hugging him gently around the shoulders. “As always. I was wondering if you could do me a favor.”

“Anything for my student,” he replies.

“Would you play one more song?”

He looks at you, and then glances over your shoulder at Sam. “For you, my lady, we could play all night.”

As the music begins, Sam takes your hand once again. The dance is simple, this time, just a few steps and a quarter turn. You can’t help but notice the way he draws you a little closer, the way your heart beats just a little faster.

“There’s something I’ve been meaning to ask you.”

“Anything,” you whisper.

His expression is serious. “I’m sure by now you’ve been told the purpose of my visit?”

And now you know the truth.

Your feet stop moving and you pull away from him quickly, anger building deep in your stomach. “I should have known,” you mutter.


“Is that why you’ve been so nice to me?” you demand. “So charming? Woo the princess to make an arranged marriage easier? Did my father put you up to this?”

“Of course not,” he says immediately. “Will you please just listen to me-”

“I’m afraid I have nothing more to discuss with you, Lord Prince.” You practically spit his title, even while tears well up in your eyes. “Goodnight.”

“Y/n.” Sam catches your hand once more, holding fast. “Listen to me, please. I was sent here by my father to try to win your hand, yes, but that’s not why I came. I came here to tell your father that I wasn’t interested in the arrangement. I wanted to tell him I wasn’t willing to force you into a marriage you didn’t want to be a part of. And I wasn’t willing to commit my life to someone I didn’t love simply for economical benefit.”

“Then why did you dance with me?” you demand, whipping around to face him. “Why bother?”

“Because you’re beautiful,” he replies simply. “You took my breath away. And because when I talked with you, I didn’t feel like a prince talking to a princess. I felt like a human.”

Your breath catches in your throat. “I won’t marry anyone I don’t love,” you say stiffly. “That hasn’t changed.”

“Neither will I,” he agrees, even as he takes a step closer to you. “But I think - if you’re willing to take the chance - given time, I could fall in love with you. Part of me thinks I’m already starting.” He brushes your cheek with the tips of his fingers and you fight the urge to lean into his touch.

“And if you’re wrong?” you reply. “If we can’t love each other?”

“Then I stand by what I said before. We part ways. As friends. Please, Y/n, I implore you.” He clutches your hand tightly, like he’s afraid you might disappear. “Take a chance on me.”

And you already know your answer, because you’ve been feeling the same way as him the entire night.

“You’ll have to stay here for a while,” you finally say, and his shoulders slump with visible relief. “It’s a long journey from here to Southaven.”

“I’ll stay as long as you’ll have me.”

“I’ll have Meredith send someone to ready a room.” You begin to draw away, turning to look for your friend.

“Y/n, if I may.”

You turn your attention back to Sam.

“There’s one thing,” he says slowly, “I’d like to try before the night is over.”

“What’s that?” you ask breathlessly.

He places his hand beneath your chin, eyes never leaving yours as he tilts your face up. Then he’s gently touching his lips to yours. Your eyes slide closed as you lean into him, sighing in contentment when his arm wraps around your waist to draw you even closer still.

“Was that alright?” he asks when he pulls away, leaning his forehead against yours.

You smile. “It was perfect.”