well at least i had fun coloring these

Went on my way to play around with my face and hair today. (Haha my hair is actually long enough to almost touch my shoulder blades, and for this I had to tie it on the other side of my head and toss the tips on the other side. Sadly the color isn’t right, and I couldn’t bother to photoshop it.) As much as I love Shiro, it pains me I just don’t have what it takes to pull him off well enough. But at least it is fun to do this kind of stuff at home.


When your husband’s a big dork

I really liked the world crafted in Witcher by @tunafax. The clothing Yugi wears in particular got stuck in my head, so I had to try sketching it out.

I’m here to BLIND YOU WITH SCIENCE!! -Well, color, at least.. For once. Wow. Art block broken? I hope so.
This is incredibly rushed just because it wasn’t really something serious…. But ended up being fun enough to finish. Spent just an hour on it (Inbetween computer freezing because my dumbass had the canvas size at over 3 feet with a bunch of programs running…)
Random Youtube playlist played Living Tombstones Remix of “We Are Number One” And so… The first doodle was created, and I decided to actually redraw it and add a scene.
….Part of me is ashamed, part of me is just a ho for drawing Rick crossovers. I mean there are several crossovers in the actual show, so. Why not.

Since i feel like i owe some explanations xD
I have at least 3 alternative versions of Freddy (not only from appearence but also personality wise) so i also made different designs for them
The same thing is with many of my fnaf chars like Tb,Tf and Bonnie as well,
It ended up like that because of the rps me and @italianghost had/have
We wanted try out different personalities for characters to see how things play out differently etc.
Its fun playing around with different concept ideas so ya

anonymous asked:

I was more hoping for a legit answer. BN designs are top-tier, way more thought put into them than classic, which stuffs in goofy shit last-minute, like Blues's godforsaken pomp of nightmares

1) I dunno how well you know me/how long you’ve been here, but I live for that pomp/ goofy shit. go hard or go home fun stuff is the best

Anyway: purely design-wise, to me his design comes off as ‘we wanted zero but had to call him protoman’ thing that then got pushed through a ‘generic stoic anime rival’ filter. On paper there’s the design cues like the shades in the helmet as well as the red/white color scheme, but that’s about it- a few token elements slapped onto something else rather than a design which at least feels like a similar character.  
( Adding purple and removing almost all the yellow just doesn’t work too well for the scheme either, imo.)

But a lot of my dislike for protoman.exe is just character related, or really the complete lack thereof. There’s no way he could be anything but generic-with-a-slapped-on-name, as he doesn’t even really have a personality of his own- he’s more like a tool for Chaud/extension of his will rather than a separate character. And that’s what really gets me. There’s a lot of separate and different interpretations of classic Proto, but one of the most common themes with him is his self-determination and independence, from main game-Proto, Powered Up, the comic, to even ruby spears Protoman*. And also him being kind of a dick/ just showing up when he feels like it, but yeah. So getting this protoman.exe that lacks any personality beyond the mentioned ‘generic stoic anime rival’ bit, and just works for Chaud is like .. are we talking about the same base dude here? (Plus Chaud himself works for an Established Security/Business Institution at that, what kind of Proto is consistently and legally helpful? Absolutely disgusting.). It’s so aggressively at odds with the core of Protoman’s character, and is a huge part of why the name/design elements feel slapped on.

*I’ll argue this if I have to, this is the hill I will goddamn die on.

But I will say I do like some BN designs! Some originals, like Videoman, Judgeman, and Blastman, but also some with classic counterparts, like Metalman, Plantman, Bass, Flashman, Heatman, Magnetman, and Starman, to give a handful. Just damn was that ball dropped on protoman.exe


Dance with Devils Character Roughs

(This afternoon I decided to practice drawing again. It’s been a while since I started to frequently draw like before. I had so much fun drawing Lindo’s hair (sarcasm intended) i’m a little afraid to color them in lol but I’ll feel bad if I don’t since I drew them on watercolor pad. Well at least I’ve already preserved their unsullied form before I smother them with paint lol

Please don’t repost~ Reblogs appreciated <33)

She Was the Sky (Ashton)


Morning was when he met you. It was a crisp, autumn day and the  leaves had just begun to pick themselves off the branches, almost like a golden rain shower.

Ashton slung his oversized bag on his shoulder, trying to ignore the pounding in his chest. Today was his first day of school, and he couldn’t be more nervous. He had prepped himself up several times in the mirror and packed his schoolbag three days before out of sheer nervousness.

He made his way towards the bus stop, only stopping to pick out a leaf from his golden curls. He spotted the bench his mom had mentioned would be his waiting space for the bus. He hurriedly made his way towards it, anxiety building up in his stomach, thinking that all the children that walked past were judging his skinny frame and short height.

He sat down on the bench, nervously fiddling with his legs and taking out his colouring book to pass the time. He had just begun to pull out his crayons when a small face popped into his line of vision, almost startling him off  his seat. 

“Hey! That looks fun!” You had said, pointing down at the half-colored dinosaur. “Can I try?”

Ashton, shock still evident on his face, merely nodded his head, too scared to say otherwise.

You had given him the biggest grin (with at least two missing  teeth) before discarding your storybook. You plunged your hand in the crayon box, picking a nice shade of blue and started coloring the tail.

It had been several minutes before you had looked up at him, a lop-sided smile adorning your features.

“Well, don’t just sit there silly. Help me!” You tossed him the crayon box and he caught it expertly.

Ashton nervously selected a purple for the head and began coloring the dinosaur’s odd crooked nose.

“You’re good at this!” You proclaimed, watching in awe as he did his work. Unlike him, you hadn’t quite mastered the art of coloring within the lines, but he had done it perfectly. “You should teach me one day. I’m Y/N by the way.”  You stuck out your hand proudly like an adult.

Ashton had taken it, with a smile on his face, his cheeks a bright shade of red at your compliment.


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“And here we see the beloved Queen Consorts of the Righteous Warrior and the Heir Apparent. Thier Ladyships are famed for their beauty, their grace, their poise, and the steel in their spines, hidden behind their silks. The Firebird as she’s called amongst the common folk, is the Warrior’s own wedded wife, and the vice-captain of the Royal Army under the Knight of Roses himself. It is said that the Firebird’s power outstrips the Knights, and that she could usurp his position if she so desired. Brave, kind, and a master swordswoman, the Firebird has been so honored as to design the very courses in the Tournament, though she is not yet allowed to fight for the crown. That is not to say that she cant rule in her own right, during the times when the Warrior was at War, she proved to be a capable, just, and memorable ruler. 

As for Her Worship the Lady Turney, the entire kingdom sings her praises. She is said to hail from a long line of Queens before her, from a faraway ancestors land loosely translated as “the Land of Sources”, and her noble bearing, kind soul and preeminence in sorcery support this claim. She captured the heart of the Heir Apparent with her famed beauty and her lovely personality, which with her negotiating skills, her famous candor and her unparalleled power in Illusions, earned her the title of Ambassador to all other Kingdoms. Her power in creating, managing and dispelling illusions far succeeds that of the Mad Kings, and she seems to hold a special sway over his corrupt heart as well. At the Heir’s side, she is a dutiful, kind, noble ruler far more than capable at wielding the sceptre alongside her love.

Many, despite their faultless nature, despise the queens, They seem to think that their only purpose in life is to bear the new royal heirs, that their personalities are vapid and annoying, and that the Warrior and the Heir made poor choices. Yet this slader is well kept quiet. The Queens don’t tolerate such nonsense. and they enjoy extremely close relations with each other, and the Warrior and Heir, and any three would gladly kill for the other’s honor alone.”

and i wanted to try my hand at Lindsay’s ender queen minecraft dress with my own spin on it, but i kept trying to copy other people’s designs, so i had to scrap her designs at least three times, and with Meg it was way worse bc she doesn’t yet have a skin so i had to make her’s up, drew influence from what i though her role in the kingdom would be, and from Gavin’s skin as well, hence the creeper themes, the green, cream and gold-ish color scheme, and the ender pearls around her waist and hairnet. i also added the firebird feather to Lindsay’s hair because i like her penguin skin for this but i wanted to keep some mementos of her bird. 

and i really did have a bunch of fun designing Meg’s dress, i love Meg so much, 

alight i’m done babbling. i’ll probably clean this up, shade it, and add a background but for now, tadah

SRMTHFG 20 Day Challenge - Day 1

  • Why do you love SRMTHFG?

I’m not sure what I can say that hasn’t been said already by others. True, the animation and voice acting at times is off (Chiro often irks me) and some episodes you’re basically just: WTF is going on?

But as others have stated, this show has some great and colorful characters that compliment and play off one another exceptionally well. As for the show’s overall plot - with stories of this nature, simplicity works. The usual work of Super Sentai influenced stories… Power Rangers anyone?

While there are story arcs in this show I wish had been better expressed and more focused upon or taken more seriously, this show is pretty enjoyable. At least for me. It has powerful character dynamics, fun moments, action, thought provoking scenarios, A SKELETON VILLAIN MAN - I LOVE SKELETONS AND DEAD THINGS, freaking skele dudes riding chopper-like skele motorcycles? and some lovely dark themes. Just about as outlandish as Power Rangers or any super hero cartoon, this show accomplishes what a cartoon is supposed to do - it entertains.

I’ve never actually seen the entire show - only one complete season and a few random episodes from others - but I did enjoy this series for the time it ran. Not an incredible must see show but still a lot of fun. Besides, the fandom is really great. The SRMTHFG community was one of the first online communities I became involved in back in 2006 and I have met some neat people through it that have become friends.

Name: Mabu☆C
Occupation: idol

This is one of the characters I designed for the fake fighting game, Occupational Hazard: Clash of Careers. This is part of a community art challenge started by Overlord JC in his Discord. The goal is to design at least one fighting character that is themed around some type of job. (such as cashier, doctor, and so on)

I had a lot of fun designing Mabu☆C! I challenged myself with her as well, trying out different color combinations with her outfit and keeping myself from getting lazy on any details on her.

Cherry Blossoms

Pairing: Phan

Summary: When Dan and Phil are in Japan, Phil decides to take Dan on a little mystery date. 

Genre: Fluff , so sweet that it will give you a cavity.

Warnings: You may die from a feels attack tbh

Have fun (: love Ellie 

“ Dan! wake up!” Phil yells, shaking a sleepy Dan.

“Ughhh let me sleep.”

They had just gotten into Japan 18 hours ago , and they ( as in they I mean Dan) insisted on checking out all of Tokyo well into the night ( 12 am at least) . As soon as Dan got to the hotel room though,  he past the fuck out in the king sized bed they both shared. 

“But an I have a surprise for you. Come on it will be fun!”

Dan moans and rolls out of bed. 

“ But you better buy me a caramel macchiato”

Dan grabs his brown leather suitcase and puts it on his lap. Unzipping it, he reveals the most colorful apparel (not).  The chestnut haired boy pulls out a pair of black skinny jeans and   a gray sweater. Along with his clothes he grabs a pair of socks and his hair straightener. Phil grabs his suitcase as well , and pulls out a pair of mismatched socks, black skinny jeans, and one of his many Pokemon shirts. As Dan goes into the bathroom to straighten his hobbit hair, Phil begins to get dressed, but doesn’t manage to even get his pants on till after Dan’s out of the bathroom. Dan becomes a giggling mess as he watches his boyfriend jump up and down into the jeans. “You need help?” Phil nods and Dan walks right over, pulling the leg traps up as the older boy jumps. After five minutes of struggling, Phil manages to get his pants on “Aw, I already miss you being half naked” Dan exclaims “Shut up.” Phil rolls his eyes as he pops his T-shirt on , making sure to pick up the picnic basket beside him. They both slip their shoes on and rush out the door hand in hand. “So where are you taking me?” Dan asks. “I told you its a surprise.” Dan let’s out a sigh and continues on down the hallway to the silver lift. When they get into the lift, Phil decides to give Dan a peck on the cheek , which only leads to Dan blushing like an idiot. The lift stops at the main floor and the door slides open. A Japanese family, a mother, father, and a little girl, was waiting to get on after the boys, so Dan and Phil quickly rushed out. Dan heard a little “aw” as they walked by the family holding hands. They both loved it when people appreciated their relationship, especially with all of the gay hate in this world we live in. When they both get to the doors that lead outside, Phil pulls out his phone and calls a cab. The white as snow cab comes in a matter of minutes and they both climb inside. Phil hands the driver directions to wherever the two love birds are going and the cab speeds off. “Tokyo is beautiful at this time of day , don’t you think” Dan looks over at Phil “But not a beautiful as you” “Your so cheesy” “I know , but you love me for it” Phil plants a kiss on Dan’s lips, as if they were completely alone. After a moment it starts to get heated but then they remember where they are. The cab makes a abrupt stop at what seems to be a Japanese garden. Pink cherry blossoms float through the air like birds on a summer day. “Phil! You didn’t!” “Oh yes I did” After Phil gives the cab driver the fair , they step out of the vehicle. The cab speeds away , almost hitting Dan. They both walk to the entrance and pay the entry fee. The boys look around for a bit to find somewhere to sit. They finally decide on sitting under a cherry blossom tree in the back of the park. It was quiet, the only sound that could be heard was the squirrels in the tree and the birds chirping. Phil puts down the blanket on the ground and they both sit down on the Mario themed fabric. Thy stare into each others eyes for what seemed minutes, hours, day, or maybe even weeks, but it was only a matter of seconds “I love you.” Phil says , not looking away from the tan skinned boy “I love you too” They separate their gaze, now focusing on the basket of food in front of them Phil pulls out a bottle of fancy wine from Tokyo, and two glasses to put the alcohol in. After about 2 minutes of attempting to open the bottle , it finally pops open. Phil pours a decent amount of wine in each stemmed glass and passes one to Dan. Phil then gets out a dozen cupcakes . “Wine with cupcakes. Charming babe.” Dan then flashes Phil a smile, his dimples showing clearly. “What can I say? I’m a sucker for cupcakes.” Phil opens the plastic package and places it in between them both. Sooner or later, all if the cupcakes were gone, and Dan and Phil were having a great time. “So dan… Can you stand up for me?” “Sure” The boy stands up. Phil stands up as well and grabs Dan’s hands “Dan. I have Benn hopelessly in live with you since the day we started talking. I always wondered if you were the one. Dan, you never fail to make me smile, brightening up my days. I love it when we have those three hour breakfasts or when you fake getting mad at me for eating your cereal. I love your eyes and your personality. I love it when you get all happy cause you beat a level in halo. ” Dan starts trembling. Was he actually going to do what he though he was? Phil gets down on one knee and pulls out a red velvet box. “Daniel James Howell, will you make me the happiest person in the world and marry me?” “Of course!” Phil slips the diamond band onto Dan’s ring finger and pulls him into a kiss, tears streaming down both of their faces. Who knew a vacation in Japan could turn into happly ever after?


And here’s Ink!Sans!

So I have completely fallen in love with both Ink’s design and story so of course I had to make a clay version of him. 

This is probably my most detailed project (sans seraphim is a close second but this had so many more small, individual pieces) and I really enjoyed making this. though will i ever make the original sans? 

  All credit for this design goes to @comyet, the amazing person who came up with this wonderful AU Sans!

Cool Guys Like Scorchios

Happy Birthday makapedia! As promised, I have delivered the most ridiculous thing I have written to date. Precanon fluff, Soul is way too into neopets. 

The word ‘partnership’ is still a little foreign in Maka’s mouth, as is her own cooking, which is not particularly stellar. Everyone had told her that she should stay in the dorms until she was a little older, but given the choice between living in the same building as her father, and living as far away as possible, with a boy no less, she’d pick the latter. The choice seemed obvious at the time.

She decides very quickly that domesticity is not for her, and especially not with a boy who she barely knows. Soul is moody, to say the least, though if asked in confidence she’ll admit that cranky is a more fitting descriptor. She’s twelve years old, and trying to work out the kinks of cohabitating with another human who won’t put up with her bullshit, but who also is unable to tell her what to do. It’s a steep learning curve for the both of them, and three months into the school year she’s relieved that Soul is going to visit his parents for Christmas.

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You’re welcome Jack. :)

But seriously coming from someone who does watch Jack everyday and screenshots him in every single one of those videos everyday for my posts on here too. It’s just really nice to hear him say that and be very appreciative to those viewers who do watch everything that he does. At least for me, if me watching everyday and making and posting my silly posts saying I enjoyed and had fun with those videos makes Jack appreciative and happy and also means something to him and to other people as well then I’m glad that it does. ^_^ Not that I’m trying to make this post all about me because I like that Jack said this to all the viewers who watch everyday. I’m just talking a little bit in my perspective that’s all. Haha! :D 


Well these are not FINISHED finished, but I’m probably not gonna touch them  again till after Christmas at the least so I might as well post ‘em! The project was to do some marketable work you enjoy doing so I might take these as starters for  a junior thesis next year and make a whole tarot deck of new horizons space age scifi style. for any time you wanted to ask magic cards if you ever actually gonna meet an alien.