well at least i had fun coloring these

Went on my way to play around with my face and hair today. (Haha my hair is actually long enough to almost touch my shoulder blades, and for this I had to tie it on the other side of my head and toss the tips on the other side. Sadly the color isn’t right, and I couldn’t bother to photoshop it.) As much as I love Shiro, it pains me I just don’t have what it takes to pull him off well enough. But at least it is fun to do this kind of stuff at home.

@twiglightdragon submitted: I hope you don’t mind… but I really wanted to attempt your art style with a redraw, and let me tell you, you really take on a whole new appreciation for it once you try it! Keep on making beautiful art because you’re the only one who can truly bring out this styles magic!

!!!! A GOOD VIC… you did so well ohmygosh???


From Walt Simonson’s Facebook page:

“Actually, the logo on the poster said ‘Marvel Mutant Massacre Map’. Somebody at Marvel felt that 'Merry Marvel Mutant Massacre Map’ was in poor taste. So it was changed. But that was the original title. ;-)

"The poster outlined the reading order for what I think of as the first true crossover in the modern sense in mainstream comics. There had been occasional character crossovers before this (Iron Man and Sub-mariner come to mind for those of us who go back far enough) and there was an Olympic-themed comic with a lot of Marvel characters in it around 1980. And Thor featured a winter invitational during the Casket of Ancient Winters storyline that a few other titles participated in. So the general idea was floating around in the ether. But AFAIK, this was the first time a series of books at either Marvel or DC were linked in quite this way.

"The collaboration really grew organically out Chris Claremont and Weezie. The story of how that happened, while not THAT long, is longer than I want to post here. But they began collaborating on what became this crossover based on a story idea of Chris’s for X-Men. I got into the act because of Weezie and before we knew it, there were five different titles involved in an overarching crossover. And it really happened because the three of us were involved in these five titles. We did try to write the individual titles in a way that gave readers who were following individual titles a coherent story in each title while at the same time creating a larger story arc throughout all the books.

"At some point, it was decided that a chart showing the various threads and their relationships was needed. Well, both needed and promotional, I think. :) So I drew it up and added a row of figures across the bottom with a separate drawing. I don’t remember now if I did the actual paste-ups of the logos. At the very least, I would have indicated where every title went in which box.

"The entire assemblage was released to comic shops as a two-color poster.

"We all had a lot of fun, and the crossover was successful enough commercially that we found ourselves facing an editorially-mandated crossover the following year. And in general in comics, pretty much every year since.

"Nothing succeeds like success.”


When your husband’s a big dork

I really liked the world crafted in Witcher by @tunafax. The clothing Yugi wears in particular got stuck in my head, so I had to try sketching it out.

Niles/Leon C-S Support

Written by  starciti


Niles: Well, hello, handsome.

Leon: Oh? And who might you be?

Niles: Most call me Niles. Though, I wouldn’t mind being called something else, if it’s coming from a mouth as pretty as yours.

Leon: My, aren’t we forward? You know, where I come from, I know some people who wouldn’t hesitate to strike you if you said something like that to them.

Niles: Is that a promise?

Leon: It most certainly is. Though, unfortunately for you, apparently, I’m not one of them.

Niles: Hmm. How disappointing.

Leon: Sorry, Niles. If you want to be beaten, you’ll have to take it upon yourself. Or perhaps ask (y/n)? The Tenth Stratum shows mercy to no one, or so I’ve heard.

Niles: You know, most would think it cruel to help someone wound themselves.

Leon: I’m just looking out for you, dear. Besides, I’m not one to judge; we all have our preferences, yes?

Niles: Yes, I must agree… you are very interesting, do you know that?

Leon: Ha! I’m not sure if that’s a compliment, but I’ll thank you anyways. You’re quite the character yourself, you know.

Niles: Oh, I know. But I think you’re far more interesting than I. Tell me, what’s your name?

Leon: Flattery, huh? That’ll get you… somewhere, I suppose. My name is Leon. You’ll want to remember that, I’m sure.

Niles: Oh, believe me, I won’t forget. I’ll be saying your name quite a bit, tonight.

Leon: Ha! You have fun with that. Listen, I have some things to get around to, but this has been fun. I’ll see you around, Niles.

Niles: Hmm… Interesting…

[Niles and Leon have reached support rank C.]


Niles: Well, well, if it isn’t Leon.

Leon: It’s nice to see you again, Niles. Though, it looks like you’ve worked up quite a sweat there. Working hard?

Niles: You could say that. (y/n) hasn’t been going easy on us when it comes to training, lately.

Leon: Well, can you blame him/her? The Training Stratums may be difficult, but the Tempest Trials are another story entirely. Even I needed some training, and that’s saying something!

Niles: Hmm. I can’t argue with you there.

Leon: You know, Niles, I’ve noticed something interesting, recently.

Niles: Oh? Do tell.

Leon: Well, you’ve been more… tame around me, as of late.

Niles: Would you prefer my tongue to be sharper? I can make that happen.

Leon: Oh, I don’t mind either way, really. I just find it interesting.

Niles: Oh?

Leon: Well, you’re crude to a fault around most, and I’m sure you know it. Did I not hear you harassing our poor (y/n) about the ‘provocative shape’ of his/her weapon, the other day?

Niles: Ooh, that was fun… But, yes, I’m well aware that I have a… colorful vocabulary. There’s just a reason for it.

Leon: Really? I just assumed it was a personality trait of yours.

Niles: Well, you’re not entirely wrong. It is a trait of mine, it’s just one that I’ve developed on purpose. I had an, ah, interesting childhood, to say the least; I’ve no room in my life for people who lack compassion, you see.

Leon: I do see. So, you make most of what you say provocative to see how people react, and if they’re too put off by it, then you don’t bother with them.

Niles: You’re smarter than I thought, Leon. But, yes, you’ve got it; the more people I offend, the fewer I have to put up with.

Leon: An interesting way of doing things, but an effective one nonetheless.

Niles: All save for you, that is. I hardly ever find myself putting up with you. Daresay, I might even enjoy your company.

Leon: Well, of course you do. Still, it’s nice to know I’ve passed your test, Niles.

Niles: You should feel good about it. But as much as I love your company, I’m afraid I have to get back to training. I’ll see you later, Leon.

Leon: You as well, Niles.

Leon: …

Leon: Hmm. There’s something he’s not telling me…

[Niles and Leon have reached support rank B.]


Leon: Ah, Niles! Just the man I wanted to see.

Niles: Well, isn’t someone excited? To what do I owe this pleasure, Leon?

Leon: I’ve been thinking, lately, about a conversation we had. I think I’ve figured something out about it, and about you.

Niles: Oh? Do tell.

Leon: You lied to me.

Niles: I do a lot of lying, Leon. You’ll have to be more specific.

Leon: That’s… a little worrying. Either way, I’m talking about the other day — when we were talking about your, ah, vocabulary.

Niles: Oh? If I remember correctly, I told you the reasoning behind it. None of that was a lie, Leon. I’m afraid you might be mistaken.

Leon: On the contrary, my dear friend. You told me that there was a reason behind your crude words — when there’s more than one.

Niles: That seems a little nitpicky to me. But go ahead, go on — you’ve gotten me all interested.

Leon: Niles, you told me that you offend people so that you don’t have to deal with them. But I don’t think that’s the case; or at least, it isn’t all of it.

Niles: Mhmm…

Leon: Niles, I think that it’s not that you don’t like dealing with people; it’s that you don’t like dealing with losing them.

Niles: Wh- Excuse me?

Leon: Your reaction tells me that I might be right. You spoke of having a difficult childhood, didn’t you? You didn’t say more than that, but one can make assumptions. Niles, you don’t shut yourself away because you prefer to be alone; in fact, it’s because you fear it.

Niles: …

Leon: Niles?

Niles: Since when do you know more about me than I do?

Leon: You sound… angry. Niles, what’s —

Niles: Forget it. This isn’t an intervention. I don’t need to admit anything to you. Good day, Leon.

Leon: Wh- Niles, wait!

Leon: … Ugh. Well, that could have gone better…

[Niles and Leon have reached support rank A.]


Leon: There you are. Niles, I wanted to apologize for the other day.

Niles: Is that so?

Leon: Absolutely. I never should have tried to get under your skin like that. You’re the only one with the right to your past; I shouldn’t have pretended that I had it.

Niles: Well, it’s good that you’ve realized that. But it’s nothing to worry about, really; I wasn’t exactly nice to you, either.

Leon: You had every right to be rude to me, Niles.

Niles: Normally I would take advantage of that, but I really didn’t. Especially considering that nothing you said was wrong.

Leon: Excuse me?

Niles: You heard me. I hate to admit it, but you were right, Leon. My childhood… I spent it alone, on the streets, starving to death and praying for a release that never came. Those that I did interact with would use me, most of the time, for things less than savory; and when I had served my purpose, they discarded me, like a toy.

Leon: Oh, Niles… I’m so sorry. I never should have tried to assume anything.

Niles: Well, your assumptions were correct, if that means anything. I was under the service of Lord Leo for years, but in the end, I was discarded so that I could be summoned here, even if it wasn’t his choice. I can only assume I’ll end up being thrown away from here as well.

Leon: Don’t be so eager to jump to conclusions, Niles. Things could always change.

Niles: You’re optimistic in thinking that, Leon, but I doubt it. I’ve lost every person I’ve ever worked for or spoken with. Nohr was cruel to me, and Askr will be no different.

Leon: Seriously, I wouldn’t be so certain. But if I truly can’t convince you… then I suppose that now is a good time as any to give this to you.

Niles: Wh- Leon, is that — is that an engagement ring?

Leon: Ha, it certainly is. Do you like it? I had it made just for you.

Niles: I mean, it’s… it’s lovely, Leon, but— I still can’t wrap my head around this.

Leon: Oh, I thought you were smarter than that, Niles… Is it not obvious? I want to marry you. I’ve been told in the past that my standards for men were unreachable, but you’ve gone above and beyond them. Beneath those innuendos is a kind, strong, and certainly handsome man — you’ve brought interest in my life, and managed to capture my heart along the way. How could I not want to marry you?

Niles: …

Niles: Heh. You are something, you know that? You know how to see right through me. Past my lies, past my cruelty, and right into my heart.

Leon: So, does this mean—

Niles: Yes, Leon. I accept.

Leon: Wonderful. You’ve made me very happy today, Niles — I hope I can do the same for you.

Niles: I don’t doubt that you will. But if we’re to be married, I hope you know that I won’t censor myself any longer.

Leon: Ah, of course not— it’s who you are, Niles, I wouldn’t have you any other way. I love you.

Niles: And I, you. But now that we’re together… let’s have some fun, shall we?

[Niles and Leon have reached support rank S.]

A little something for Petyr Baelish week October 5th: One relationship.

Because I really love this character and his relation with Sansa (….in the book at least) and I was waiting for a occasion, an impulsion to draw them :) 

This took wayyyy too long to finish but it’s done and I can finally relax! XD I wanted to try playing around with some hairstyles for Deborah, and what better way to do it than with a hairstyle meme like this? And hopefully, since I drew all these pictures, nobody will mind if I ramble a bit about them.

  • The bun hairstyle came about because I was drawing another picture and realized that Deborah was looking a bit like Jeanette from the 80’s Alvin and the Chipmunks series so… vaguely Jeanette-inspired bun? XD
  • The braid is a vauge attempt at drawing the traditional Korean hairstyle known as daenggi meori, a simple braided style worn by unmarried women. (I was going to try putting her in a hanbok too, until I realized they’re hard to draw and I can’t see well enough with this migraine to do it justice.)
  • The wavy hairstyle was brought about because I was looking at patterns from the 80’s and had a moment of wanting to draw at least Deborah and maybe all the girls in prom outfits (just for fun. X3) I might post the picture separately since it’s a bit bigger than what you see here.
  • The “showing forehead” and “accessorize” pictures are supposed to have actual 80’s hairclips on display, with a ribbon clip in the first, and a ruffly clip and some of the brightly colored Goody Snap-Tight Barrettes in the second. The accessorize picture I think is one Deborah herself regards as a “mistake” brought about probably as a result of hanging out with Tiffany (and heaven forbid Tommy ever finds it!)
  • And lastly…. well the pigtails picture may be the number 1 reason this exists– I wanted to draw her in Ladybug pigtails because Christina Vee voices both Deborah and Marinette/Ladybug. X3 And I figured it would be cute as heck too!
Another Stark (5) ~ (Avengers x Child Reader)

A/N: Welp! This was long overdue, and so are many more stories that I need to finish up. I, as a reader myself despise the waiting and anticipation, yet I made y’all go through that. Not sure if this will make up for it. 

The moment (Y/N) was made aware that Natasha would also be around more often, she hadn’t stopped pestering Nat with her never ending questions. Currently, (Y/N) was asking Nat questions that Tony had never once thought he would have to answer. 

“You have a big chest!” (Y/N) said, staring intently at Nat’s chest area “Will mine be that big one day?” 

“Who knows kid, genetics play a part in that. Did your Mom have big breasts?” Nat asked casually as she munched on a handful of almonds. 

“Is that what they’re called? But no, in the pictures that Daddy has hers weren’t as big” (Y/N) replied, “But do all girls have breasts?” 

“Some girls aren’t born with breasts that are noticeable sometimes, so they usually either leave it that way or get surgery to change it. That or they’re born as the wrong gender” Nat said, as she offered almonds to (Y/N). 

“Oh, okay. That makes sense, I guess” (Y/N) mumbled through a mouthful of almonds.  

“Hey Tony! Is it alright with you if I take (Y/N) to the park?” Natasha asked, sitting up and gently picking (Y/N) up. 

(Y/N)’s eyes sparkled and widened at the suggestion, quickly jumping out of her arms and racing over to her Father in expectation. 

“Can I Daddy? Please, please, please!” (Y/N) begged. 

“I’m not so sure about that sweetie, I mean you haven’t left the tower since you were really little, what if something happened?” Tony countered, desperately hoping that (Y/N) would listen to reason. 

“But Nat is going to be there with me, and she knows how to fight. Nothing is going to happen to me Daddy, can I please go? I’ve never been outside the tower, at least not that I can remember” (Y/N) pleaded, eyes beginning to water.  

“But sweetheart-” Tony began, only to stop just as quickly at her face of utter disappointment. “Just remember to put on plenty of sunblock, and to carry your parasol with you.” 

No sooner did the words leave Tony’s mouth, (Y/N) was bounding out of the living room to get her parasol. 

“Nat, I’m going to be honest with you. I really wish you hadn’t offered to take her outside” Tony said nervously. “She is really sensitive to heat and doesn’t do so well in the sun for too long. So I’m serious when I tell you to take care of her, because I don’t want to see her getting even sicker than she normally is.”  

“I will have everything under control Tony, don’t worry so much” Nat said as she spotted (Y/N) waiting for her, “I mean how much trouble will she be?” 


“Nat! It’s really hot!” (Y/N) whined as she slurped the last of her lemonade, “Can’t you turn off the sun?” 

“I don’t have that kind of power (Y/N), we’re almost at the park just hold on a little longer” Natasha said slightly worried at the bright red color (Y/N)’s face had seemed to take on. 

And just as Natasha had promised, they reached the park sooner than she had expected. Apart from the occasional elderly couple or mother with her children, there didn’t seem to be that many people.  

“WOW!” (Y/N) exclaimed in surprise, “I’ve never been this close to a park before, or at least from what I can remember.”  

“Well then don’t just stand there, go and have fun. I’ll watch you from here okay?” Natasha said, “And don’t be afraid to call me for help if you need it.”

“Okay! Thanks Nat!” (Y/N) chirped, running toward the playground all the while holding onto her bright yellow parasol.  

Natasha smiled at (Y/N) who happily played with an almost abundant amount of energy. But stopped smiling as soon as she felt someone sit almost uncomfortably close to her. 

“Since when do you babysit?” said a familiar voice. 

Out of her peripheral vision, she saw that none other than Clint had sat beside her.


Dance with Devils Character Roughs

(This afternoon I decided to practice drawing again. It’s been a while since I started to frequently draw like before. I had so much fun drawing Lindo’s hair (sarcasm intended) i’m a little afraid to color them in lol but I’ll feel bad if I don’t since I drew them on watercolor pad. Well at least I’ve already preserved their unsullied form before I smother them with paint lol

Please don’t repost~ Reblogs appreciated <33)

Ray Fischer (Fisher?) was fucking great and one of the only things i can call good in the film with 100% certainty, other then a few small things and like fuck. 

These films seem to get more and more basic by the day sadly. I don’t like it when my puerile superhero media feels so disposable.

Whatever at least Ayer’s working on something, i love that guys aesthetic even if it doesn’t always work out.

His Enchantress n’ Harley was fucking 10/10.

Katana had one cool scene then did fucking nothing, gorgeous design tho.

im getting distracted. Still, fucking Cyborg man, rally worked the body horror aspect in well and got his character perfect, it fucking hurts to know that 40 odd mins of deleted scenes supposedly centered on Vic.

I feel like they showed off Gadot’s ass a lot. 

Steppenwolf was at least memorable and fun (Compared to most comic film villains anyhow) though i wish his Armour had a bit more of a burst to its color, i liked the look of it but a pale green hue would’a been unf. Parademons looked fucking great.

Whatever man, its just movies and shitttttttt.

Justice League, i like it 5/10, i judge my films harshly and even my favorite i only see as a 8.

R.I.P Zack Snyder /co/’s divisive dream daddy 

“And here we see the beloved Queen Consorts of the Righteous Warrior and the Heir Apparent. Thier Ladyships are famed for their beauty, their grace, their poise, and the steel in their spines, hidden behind their silks. The Firebird as she’s called amongst the common folk, is the Warrior’s own wedded wife, and the vice-captain of the Royal Army under the Knight of Roses himself. It is said that the Firebird’s power outstrips the Knights, and that she could usurp his position if she so desired. Brave, kind, and a master swordswoman, the Firebird has been so honored as to design the very courses in the Tournament, though she is not yet allowed to fight for the crown. That is not to say that she cant rule in her own right, during the times when the Warrior was at War, she proved to be a capable, just, and memorable ruler. 

As for Her Worship the Lady Turney, the entire kingdom sings her praises. She is said to hail from a long line of Queens before her, from a faraway ancestors land loosely translated as “the Land of Sources”, and her noble bearing, kind soul and preeminence in sorcery support this claim. She captured the heart of the Heir Apparent with her famed beauty and her lovely personality, which with her negotiating skills, her famous candor and her unparalleled power in Illusions, earned her the title of Ambassador to all other Kingdoms. Her power in creating, managing and dispelling illusions far succeeds that of the Mad Kings, and she seems to hold a special sway over his corrupt heart as well. At the Heir’s side, she is a dutiful, kind, noble ruler far more than capable at wielding the sceptre alongside her love.

Many, despite their faultless nature, despise the queens, They seem to think that their only purpose in life is to bear the new royal heirs, that their personalities are vapid and annoying, and that the Warrior and the Heir made poor choices. Yet this slader is well kept quiet. The Queens don’t tolerate such nonsense. and they enjoy extremely close relations with each other, and the Warrior and Heir, and any three would gladly kill for the other’s honor alone.”

and i wanted to try my hand at Lindsay’s ender queen minecraft dress with my own spin on it, but i kept trying to copy other people’s designs, so i had to scrap her designs at least three times, and with Meg it was way worse bc she doesn’t yet have a skin so i had to make her’s up, drew influence from what i though her role in the kingdom would be, and from Gavin’s skin as well, hence the creeper themes, the green, cream and gold-ish color scheme, and the ender pearls around her waist and hairnet. i also added the firebird feather to Lindsay’s hair because i like her penguin skin for this but i wanted to keep some mementos of her bird. 

and i really did have a bunch of fun designing Meg’s dress, i love Meg so much, 

alight i’m done babbling. i’ll probably clean this up, shade it, and add a background but for now, tadah

SRMTHFG 20 Day Challenge - Day 1

  • Why do you love SRMTHFG?

I’m not sure what I can say that hasn’t been said already by others. True, the animation and voice acting at times is off (Chiro often irks me) and some episodes you’re basically just: WTF is going on?

But as others have stated, this show has some great and colorful characters that compliment and play off one another exceptionally well. As for the show’s overall plot - with stories of this nature, simplicity works. The usual work of Super Sentai influenced stories… Power Rangers anyone?

While there are story arcs in this show I wish had been better expressed and more focused upon or taken more seriously, this show is pretty enjoyable. At least for me. It has powerful character dynamics, fun moments, action, thought provoking scenarios, A SKELETON VILLAIN MAN - I LOVE SKELETONS AND DEAD THINGS, freaking skele dudes riding chopper-like skele motorcycles? and some lovely dark themes. Just about as outlandish as Power Rangers or any super hero cartoon, this show accomplishes what a cartoon is supposed to do - it entertains.

I’ve never actually seen the entire show - only one complete season and a few random episodes from others - but I did enjoy this series for the time it ran. Not an incredible must see show but still a lot of fun. Besides, the fandom is really great. The SRMTHFG community was one of the first online communities I became involved in back in 2006 and I have met some neat people through it that have become friends.

anonymous asked:

First of, HAHAHAH.. GET FUCKING MAD YO! Second, aww.. fiddlesticks... And here I thought it was from the good ol' Daken comics... well, to be fair.. the Daken comics were probably some of the most psychedelic comics I've ever read, since they so vividly drew his trips down drug lane color splash mountain, which was... always fun and kinda weird to see in a comic... But hey, at least he had fun? All I keep thinking is that Daken felt abandoned by his dad, so.. this was how he coped.. maybe?

Honestly, I love when Mavel actually tries to get experimental with its art styles–like, the current Old Man Logan series started with a REALLY good artist (I was taking screencaps every other second I swear), and then they switched art direction which……..sigh. 

I understand……like. I’m not gonna straight-up LIE and say Logan didn’t contribute to the way Daken was, but also………….how do you find and raise a child when you had assumed that child was DEAD? What do you do when, once you find out you have a son, it turns out he’s a criminal who does……just…….horrendous shit? 

Honestly Daken’s drug addiction is one of the parts of him I take most seriously and I’d never talk shit about, because like……..that’s some tough shit, and it was played straight in the comics, and with how cata-fucking-strophic drugs are in the Marvel universe, it’d be kinda rude to be like “haha he’s a drug addict,” 

One of my biggest problems with Daken is that he co-signed a lot of fucked up shit when he was running fucked up organizations–like, it’s canon that child prositution continued out of Madripoor when Daken was in charge, and that’s the…..that’s the fucking worst. That’s the thing I hold him to more than anything, and I don’t think he’s close to making up for that shit yet, even if he’s trying to be better. 


Gwens small bedroom floor was littered with half empty drink glasses, plates dusted with crumbs from the desert her and Morpheus had baked together and compacts and tubes of the makeup they had been trying on all evening.

Laughter filled the small room as Morpheus painted Gwens lips a deep ruby red that nearly matched her hair. 

“I’m not sure I could ever wear this color out and about, I love to kiss my friends too much, you’ll all end up covered in lipstick” Gwen mused giggling uncontrollably before pressing a kiss to her dear friends cheek.

“See!” She picked up the mirror and showed him the bright red kiss now adorning his right cheek. “Well maybe this could be fun! At least everyone will have a reminder of how much I love them, just like you do now!”

abyss-wolf  asked:

“Treasure Chest Opened! You Acquired _____” ... Mismatched socks.

Sevasy opened the poorly wrapped package. Inside was a pair of hand-knitted socks, one pink, one purple. At least she thought they were socks. They certainly were a pair of tubular-something.

“They are your favorite colors. Pink and purple. I know they don’t look like much, and, well, as you can tell I don’t have much experience in knitting. I asked everyone on the ship if they had any experience.” Felix smiled a little bit at the memory. “Nadia said she knew how to sew but I know how you get cold sometimes and I thought socks would be nice. Holiday looked up all the tutorials she could find, Tharan found the muunyak wool yarn. Qyzen offered to hunt down a muunyak to make the yarn out of, but thankfully Zenith talked him out of it. Said you would certainly notice his absence and question everyone about it. They decided to compromise and found the dyes to color the wool. Now you know why those two had splotches of color on their skin for a week. I still owe Zenith a bottle of Corellian whisky. Qyzen said it pleased Scorekeeper and wouldn’t let me give him anything. Still going to see if I can’t maybe find something exotic for him to go hunt. Cee-two offered to knit them for me, but, well, I wanted it to be a personal gift from me. To thank you for everything you have done for me and for everyone on this ship. Happy Life Day, Sevasy.”

Cherry Blossoms

Pairing: Phan

Summary: When Dan and Phil are in Japan, Phil decides to take Dan on a little mystery date. 

Genre: Fluff , so sweet that it will give you a cavity.

Warnings: You may die from a feels attack tbh

Have fun (: love Ellie 

“ Dan! wake up!” Phil yells, shaking a sleepy Dan.

“Ughhh let me sleep.”

They had just gotten into Japan 18 hours ago , and they ( as in they I mean Dan) insisted on checking out all of Tokyo well into the night ( 12 am at least) . As soon as Dan got to the hotel room though,  he past the fuck out in the king sized bed they both shared. 

“But an I have a surprise for you. Come on it will be fun!”

Dan moans and rolls out of bed. 

“ But you better buy me a caramel macchiato”

Dan grabs his brown leather suitcase and puts it on his lap. Unzipping it, he reveals the most colorful apparel (not).  The chestnut haired boy pulls out a pair of black skinny jeans and   a gray sweater. Along with his clothes he grabs a pair of socks and his hair straightener. Phil grabs his suitcase as well , and pulls out a pair of mismatched socks, black skinny jeans, and one of his many Pokemon shirts. As Dan goes into the bathroom to straighten his hobbit hair, Phil begins to get dressed, but doesn’t manage to even get his pants on till after Dan’s out of the bathroom. Dan becomes a giggling mess as he watches his boyfriend jump up and down into the jeans. “You need help?” Phil nods and Dan walks right over, pulling the leg traps up as the older boy jumps. After five minutes of struggling, Phil manages to get his pants on “Aw, I already miss you being half naked” Dan exclaims “Shut up.” Phil rolls his eyes as he pops his T-shirt on , making sure to pick up the picnic basket beside him. They both slip their shoes on and rush out the door hand in hand. “So where are you taking me?” Dan asks. “I told you its a surprise.” Dan let’s out a sigh and continues on down the hallway to the silver lift. When they get into the lift, Phil decides to give Dan a peck on the cheek , which only leads to Dan blushing like an idiot. The lift stops at the main floor and the door slides open. A Japanese family, a mother, father, and a little girl, was waiting to get on after the boys, so Dan and Phil quickly rushed out. Dan heard a little “aw” as they walked by the family holding hands. They both loved it when people appreciated their relationship, especially with all of the gay hate in this world we live in. When they both get to the doors that lead outside, Phil pulls out his phone and calls a cab. The white as snow cab comes in a matter of minutes and they both climb inside. Phil hands the driver directions to wherever the two love birds are going and the cab speeds off. “Tokyo is beautiful at this time of day , don’t you think” Dan looks over at Phil “But not a beautiful as you” “Your so cheesy” “I know , but you love me for it” Phil plants a kiss on Dan’s lips, as if they were completely alone. After a moment it starts to get heated but then they remember where they are. The cab makes a abrupt stop at what seems to be a Japanese garden. Pink cherry blossoms float through the air like birds on a summer day. “Phil! You didn’t!” “Oh yes I did” After Phil gives the cab driver the fair , they step out of the vehicle. The cab speeds away , almost hitting Dan. They both walk to the entrance and pay the entry fee. The boys look around for a bit to find somewhere to sit. They finally decide on sitting under a cherry blossom tree in the back of the park. It was quiet, the only sound that could be heard was the squirrels in the tree and the birds chirping. Phil puts down the blanket on the ground and they both sit down on the Mario themed fabric. Thy stare into each others eyes for what seemed minutes, hours, day, or maybe even weeks, but it was only a matter of seconds “I love you.” Phil says , not looking away from the tan skinned boy “I love you too” They separate their gaze, now focusing on the basket of food in front of them Phil pulls out a bottle of fancy wine from Tokyo, and two glasses to put the alcohol in. After about 2 minutes of attempting to open the bottle , it finally pops open. Phil pours a decent amount of wine in each stemmed glass and passes one to Dan. Phil then gets out a dozen cupcakes . “Wine with cupcakes. Charming babe.” Dan then flashes Phil a smile, his dimples showing clearly. “What can I say? I’m a sucker for cupcakes.” Phil opens the plastic package and places it in between them both. Sooner or later, all if the cupcakes were gone, and Dan and Phil were having a great time. “So dan… Can you stand up for me?” “Sure” The boy stands up. Phil stands up as well and grabs Dan’s hands “Dan. I have Benn hopelessly in live with you since the day we started talking. I always wondered if you were the one. Dan, you never fail to make me smile, brightening up my days. I love it when we have those three hour breakfasts or when you fake getting mad at me for eating your cereal. I love your eyes and your personality. I love it when you get all happy cause you beat a level in halo. ” Dan starts trembling. Was he actually going to do what he though he was? Phil gets down on one knee and pulls out a red velvet box. “Daniel James Howell, will you make me the happiest person in the world and marry me?” “Of course!” Phil slips the diamond band onto Dan’s ring finger and pulls him into a kiss, tears streaming down both of their faces. Who knew a vacation in Japan could turn into happly ever after?


And here’s Ink!Sans!

So I have completely fallen in love with both Ink’s design and story so of course I had to make a clay version of him. 

This is probably my most detailed project (sans seraphim is a close second but this had so many more small, individual pieces) and I really enjoyed making this. though will i ever make the original sans? 

  All credit for this design goes to @comyet, the amazing person who came up with this wonderful AU Sans!