well at least i had fun coloring these

Went on my way to play around with my face and hair today. (Haha my hair is actually long enough to almost touch my shoulder blades, and for this I had to tie it on the other side of my head and toss the tips on the other side. Sadly the color isn’t right, and I couldn’t bother to photoshop it.) As much as I love Shiro, it pains me I just don’t have what it takes to pull him off well enough. But at least it is fun to do this kind of stuff at home.


When your husband’s a big dork

I really liked the world crafted in Witcher by @tunafax. The clothing Yugi wears in particular got stuck in my head, so I had to try sketching it out.


Dance with Devils Character Roughs

(This afternoon I decided to practice drawing again. It’s been a while since I started to frequently draw like before. I had so much fun drawing Lindo’s hair (sarcasm intended) i’m a little afraid to color them in lol but I’ll feel bad if I don’t since I drew them on watercolor pad. Well at least I’ve already preserved their unsullied form before I smother them with paint lol

Please don’t repost~ Reblogs appreciated <33)

So I basically watch these four and their dumb shenanigans almost every day and I thought it would be fun to draw them all~ =v=

And bonus pic for Mark and Sean’s recent hair color changes for charity:


Well these are not FINISHED finished, but I’m probably not gonna touch them  again till after Christmas at the least so I might as well post ‘em! The project was to do some marketable work you enjoy doing so I might take these as starters for  a junior thesis next year and make a whole tarot deck of new horizons space age scifi style. for any time you wanted to ask magic cards if you ever actually gonna meet an alien.