well at least i drew it


Haru, there’s no water here….?

haru getting turned on because it isn’t regular water dripping from makoto, but makoto’s sweat, makoto’s own water

Based on what Maki wrote me on twitter when we were talking about the possibility of seeing Makoto playing basketball in Eternal Summer


Alfred: Aw, Artie. If you keep me company, there’s nothing to worry about! 

Arthur: …Is that a threat-

Alfred: Of course not ☆

Hey, @puffychan! I’m your Santa for @usuksecretsanta2015!
Well, kinda- I’m a pinch hitter, but I still got to work on your lovely prompts /)w(\

Their outfits are based from the ones Hima drew- or at least, they were supposed to– //sweats


So I drew a thing for CQ @loverofpiggies. Well 2 things actually! I decided to draw some Pa-Friskle-Toe even if that’s kind of old news by now and these two skele-dorks because i’m a sinner. I just can’t seem to stop my determination to draw CQ fanart! So here you go, and I hope you like them CQ because your a great artist and your work fills me with DETERMINATION!


And then they fused~!

Well….they did around the 10th time Cherry Quartz did this. Cherry stop you’re gonna give the poor thing a conniption XD

Just a quick thing thanks to an idea from arellasmercy, concerning Cherry Quartz & her love of cute, small gems. A group which Dioptase just happens to fall into. At least in comparison to Cherry, since she’s kinda big.

Dio’s decent when it comes to confrontation…as long as her opponent is about her size or smaller. Poor thing has no spine when it comes to bigger gems~ Even if they’re big softies like Cherry here.

((EDIT: Just fyi, arellasmercy created Cherry Quartz~ So go tell them how cute their tall sweetie is~))

…can we take a moment and think about how Soleil resembles Lucina. At least a tiny bit?
Their hairstyles are a little similiar, now that I drew her once,
and she is described to have exceptionally strong feelings of protectiveness towards her father. Well, haven’t I heard that somewhere.

But she’s a cutie after all. She will probably be my first S-support - maybe Aqua!Soleil? Think that will give her some nice skill and speed modifiers.

And damn tumblr you are disappointing me
where are the “you are my sunshine” jokes and angst.

paucartoon asked:

Okay, this is a serious, genuine question. It might sound sarcastic, but it's not. I PROMISE. I'm simply interested in knowing what makes you think you're pretty cool. It's for science.

fake it till u make it, buddy

or well at least it started like that. after a few months of saying this to myself i do believe it now. And like, ive done so many things in the last year… Finished like, three short films, made a bunch of comics, drew a ton… I know that as an artist you always aim for more more MORE IM NOT DOING ENOUGH IM SUCH A FAILURE, but sometimes its good to look back at what you’ve done. And even simple stuff! I learned to not be afraid of calling people on the phone this year!!! I can talk on the phone without feeling consumed by anxiety and fear!!! And believe it or not it’s one of my proudest achievements of last year

and like… i have a lot of people who believe in me, look up to me and stuff. And for a long long time my first answer to “you’re so cool!!!” was, like, “oh, oh no, you’re wrong, im not that cool”, and what kind of example is that? If a person you admire doesnt think they’re cool, what does it say about you? It’s.. kind of almost rude, in a way!

what i’m trying to say is. Fake it till you make it. Look back at what you’ve done. You’re super cool. And when someone compliments you, don’t say “no you’re wrong”, accept it and say “yes! that is a thing about myself that is true!”. Look at yourself in the mirror each morning and say that you’re cool/pretty/awesome/smart/perfect in every way. because it’s true.




oh god his nose is like, way longer than usual there, wtf calm it down sombra



Dance with Devils Character Roughs

(This afternoon I decided to practice drawing again. It’s been a while since I started to frequently draw like before. I had so much fun drawing Lindo’s hair (sarcasm intended) i’m a little afraid to color them in lol but I’ll feel bad if I don’t since I drew them on watercolor pad. Well at least I’ve already preserved their unsullied form before I smother them with paint lol

Please don’t repost~ Reblogs appreciated <33)

Jessica and Mirror!Jessica

Jay | Alex | Tim | Brian | Jessica | Amy | Sarah | Seth 

(Links will be added later for the others when they get drawn)


The Dream Team

My favourite trio. I’m sure there are plenty of mistakes I’m not seeing, but I’ve slept less than 2 hours and I had an exam today, so it’s a miracle this actually came out decent-ish… Now I’m off to play Fallout until I pass out.  

Hey guys! Here’s a quick wip of a poster I’m getting made of ICNG, drawn by my bro lost tyrant, the badass mofo who drew the epic IC poster from 2013!

So guys, tell me what ya think! It gives a good glimpse of their personalities…well except Daniel, only that he gets shit on.

From the front to the back its Anna, Titus, Alex, Elena and last but not least Daniel Nadez!

And no worries, it’s a poster that everyone can see! No Patreon content!!


Connected to this post

We didn’t know it was witchsona week originally but since it is! I drew more of mine and drew my bro’s for them when they asked and it sorta just bloomed into this whole beautiful thing <33

We’ll probs draw at least one more serious one so if we do that’ll get posted as well B)


Anika and Drew were seated almost immediately before a stylist came over.

Anastasia?” Anika asked. Her heart dropped into her stomach. She’d been avoiding Anastasia outside of work for months. This was not going to end well.

“Me? No, I’m Jacqueline, her sister. Jackie for short.” The woman clarified.

“Dear god, there are two of you?” Anika asked. Anastasia never talked about her family life, but she thought she would have at least mentioned having a twin.

Jackie laughed. “Three, actually, we have a sister Anya.” 

“Triplets, wow.” Drew chimed in.

“That’s what our mom said when she had Anya. She was hiding behind Anastasia and I in the ultrasound.” She explained and they all got a good laugh out of it. “What can I do for you today?”

“Nothing too crazy, I just need change.” Anika felt nervous giving her creative freedom. But she figured anything was better than shaving her head.

“I think I know just the thing.”

LOL aren’t I great at coming up with crossover titles? XD (The answer is no. No.)

All credit for this goes to my awesome friend Millenium-Lint! They were actually the first person to come up with this AU/crossover, haha. At least, from what I can tell? Anyway, we talked quite a bit about possibilities for this crossover…and it’s about damn time I drew some fanart for it lmao

I went way overboard with this, tbh. I just started drawing and then….well, this happened. Doing the logo was pretty fun, though! >w< The original file size was HUGE, it was like 9000X12000 pixels or something ridiculous like that. I had to scale it down to even save it properly haha
But sorry for the boring background? I just slapped a gradient on there and called it done pfff sorry!

As for the designs, I did think about keeping the original color scheme for Claus/Ed’s outfit, but then I wondered how awesome Claus would look in Ed’s clothes but with his Commander palette, so here we have it! Also red clashes really badly with Claus’ hair. X3 And since the widely accepted Mother headcanon is that Claus loses his eye and it gets replaced with the fake red one, well…instead of losing a leg like Ed does, Claus loses his eye and covers it up with the eyepatch. (He still gets it replaced, though. And I think, based off the Brotherhood ending, he’ll get his arm back but his eye will stay the same.)
Lucas’ armor is based off the Ghost Armor in Osohe Castle (again, credit goes to Millenium for that idea, I would’ve never thought of it). Compared to Al’s armor it’s really plain, so I added some extra stuff and of course the trademark loincloth lol! I couldn’t decide what color I wanted it to be so I just went with blue //shrugs

Go check out Millenium’s art for this, here and here, okay?

More will be coming soon! I’m doing screenshot redraws of Golden Time Lover with this crossover. (Because Golden Time is my favorite opening of Brotherhood ever. I even memorized the whole english cover for it. It’s so good //cries)

okay ignore Clancee in the corner there

so I can’t draw dragons but I can draw dragon heads and wings so I was like well what if I made it sit like a cat that would be cute but I can’t draw cats either so I looked up a picture of a cat sitting and drew it and then I used my cat drawing as a reference for the dragon

long story short now I can draw dragons in this one position