well at least he apologized for everything he was planning to do in advance

Identity (Peter Parker x Reader)

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Word Count: 1542

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

AN: Believe me I know I haven’t posted in the longest time. It’s my final year of school and I just finished exams a week ago and I’ve been busy but i’m back :) I couldn’t not post when Spider-man homecoming is being released this week which i’m super excited for by the way I can’t contain my excitement I went out and brought a thwip! shirt i’m that excited for this movie. You can read part two , three , four and five here 

The web slinging crime fighting hero had been occupying most of your thoughts recently, ever since you came to the conclusion that he attended your high school. Your were convinced New York’s newest hero walked the same crowded halls you did every day since the time you saw Spider-man crawling out of an empty classroom window wearing a backpack and holding a math textbook in his hand. After that encounter your stubborn and determined attitude had to know the truth about the hero’s real identity and it was still eating away at you to this day. You’d always wanted to be a detective when you grew up and it was easy to see why as you weren’t ever happy unless you had all the answers. And recently the question “Who is Spider-man?” was swirling around in your mind.

“What makes you so sure he even goes here Y/N?” Your best friend Liz Allan questioned from beside you on the bench. Her words distracted you from your deep analysis of the class in front of you doing PE, your eyes searching the room for someone that could possibly be the masked vigilante. Turning towards your friend you slumped back in your seat already feeling bored of this free period. “I have proof, believe me Liz. I just can’t figure out exactly who it is yet.”

The dark haired girl seemed lost in her thoughts as she placed her chin in the palm of her hand, a small lovestruck smile gracing her lips. “Spider-man would have to be dark and mysterious…and incredibly handsome.” Rolling your eyes at Liz romanticising the super hero you playfully nudged her shoulder to snap her out of her thoughts. "Whoa someones got the hots for Spider-man.“ You playfully teased as a deep red coated your friends cheeks in embarrassment. It seems someone else was listening to your conversation as you notice your classmate Peter Parker look over at you and Liz with wide eyes, looking like he just paused mid sit up at the words that just left your mouth. However when he catches your gaze on him he abruptly goes back to what he was doing.

His actions left you confused, mostly to how the boy even heard what you were saying when he was on the other side of the room and as to why he would react in such a way. "Strange…” You muttered out as you focused your attention on the boy for a minute until you were rudely interrupted by your friend snapping her fingers in front of your face. “Hello? Are you even listening to me?" 

Shaking your head from your thoughts you turned your attention back to Liz. "Oh sorry what?” Letting out a sigh in annoyance at her friend, Liz crossed her arms in front of her showing her irritation. "I was saying I don’t have a crush on Spider-man.“ A snort accidentally escaped you at her blatant lies, she should know you can’t lie about such things to your best friend because they always know the truth. "Liz he saved you from dying one day and ever since you get all flustered when his name is brought up in conversation. Who are you trying to fool here? Come on i’m your best friend I notice everything." 

She appeared at a loss for words as she stared back at you, mouth slightly agape."Flash asked me to homecoming.” Her words were rushed out forcefully as she tried to change the subject from her feelings towards Spider-man. “Okay first off stop changing the subject and secondly please tell me you declined.” A groan passed your lips as she nervously looked away from you, already giving you the answer. You had the urge to pull out your hair in frustration at the situation, there was no one you despised more than Flash Thompson. “Seriously Liz?!" 

"I didn’t know how to reject him. I felt bad.” Her bottom lip stuck out expressing her unhappiness with the situation. You gently grabbed your friends hands in your own, your motherly instincts coming out as you were 97 days older than her and you would never let her forget it. "Sweetie you do not owe that guy anything.“ A sigh escaped her as she leaned into your shoulder for comfort. "I know I just…can we just not talk about it." 

A thought popped into your mind as she uttered those words causing another groan to leave your mouth. "Well who am I supposed to go with now?! We were gonna go together remember, since I’m forever single and all that.” You felt her mumble an apology into your shoulder but you didn’t need one, you’d already forgiven her. An idea popped into Liz’s head as she pulled apart from you all of a sudden. “Hey, if you found out Spider-man’s true identity then maybe you could go with him?” She spoke excitedly trying to make you feel better about the situation. But it failed to work as you doubt you’d find out who he really was in time for the dance, let alone the fact that a guy would never ask you to the dance. 

“Looks like i’m going with me, myself and I." 

Later that day you were planning to go to the library to study but didn’t make it far as someone sprinted around a corner and rushed straight into you. Immediately losing your balance you began to fall backwards, but before you could hit the ground you felt a pair of strong arms encircle your waist. Looking up your eyes met with those of Peter Parker. How did he catch you so fast? You never pictured Parker having such fast reflexes, they were almost unnatural. And his eyes are so much darker up close-

“Are you okay Y/N?” The sound of his voice breaks you out of your trance as you stand back up properly, feeling a blush forming on your cheeks which was surprising to you. Not once had a boy made you feel that way; fictional characters didn’t count. “I’m okay but uh thank you for catching me and all that Peter. So…where are you off to in a hurry?”

The boy seemed unprepared for the question as he fumbled over his words and providing a lame and non believable excuse. “Oh just uh-a thing." 

You couldn’t help the giggle that left your body at his words. "Sounds important.” Giggling? Since when did you giggle at a boy?! What on earth was going on with you right now.

Clearing his throat a little Peter appeared nervous at his next question. “Yeah, hey you’re best friends with Liz right?“ And there it was, the line that you’d been asked by countless boys already today and every day since the homecoming was announced. But for some reason when Peter asked the same question it caused your heart to drop a little and your throat to close up momentarily; you weren’t sure as to why you were feeling this way. Pushing away those feelings you put on a brave face and nodded in response. Oh god here it comes. He definitely wasn’t the first guy to ask her the same question today. 

"Do you…do you know if she has a date yet to homecoming?” Thinking back to Liz’s confession earlier that day your felt almost guilty that you had to crush this boys hopes of going with your friend. "I’m…i’m really sorry Peter. Tragically she’s going with Flash.“ His face noticeably dropped at this information and he switched his gaze down to his shoes trying to hide his emotions from you. "Oh. Well I gotta go, but it was nice talking to you Y/N." 

As she started running down the hallway again a sudden thought entered your mind. Peter was always running away and skipping classes this past year and it was strange to say the least. What could he possibly be doing that causes him to be absent half the time unless… 

"Parker wait!” He halted his movements at the sound of your voice and you quickly caught up to him with interrogation on your mind. Reaching for his arm you held onto it to keep him from running away from your questions, trying to ignore the strange feeling you got from touching him. “Where do you go every day Peter?" 

That one question made the boy visibly gulp, obviously he was trying to hide something and didn’t want anyone finding out. Your eyebrows furrowed as you observed the boys behaviour and another thought entered your mind. "And come to think of it, you’ve been acting awfully strange ever since that school trip to Oscorp last year.”  At those words he became even more nervous as he broke away from your grip and began running away from your questions. “I really gotta go. I’ll see you around Y/N." 

You watched as his body disappeared around the corner, could Peter possibly be the guy you’ve been looking for? It would make sense since he’s always running off and coming back with cuts and bruises, not to mention the new discovery of his advanced reflexes. And earlier today when he somehow heard what I said, it all makes sense now. "Holy shit, I think I found him." 

Morals (Jason Todd x Reader)

Summary: (okay, so this is either great or ridiculous. Idk. Decide yourself) You are Damian’s sister, but he doesn’t know that. Talia sent you on a mission to win his and Bruce’s trust so you eventually can kill them with ease. As you live with them, though, and later meet Jason who causes you to feel very strange, you develop morals and feelings and don’t want to harm your brother anymore. Talia just happens to be a step ahead.

Warnings: fighting? Over 3000 words?

A/N: please tell me if the “keep reading” thing doesn’t work, because I’m a mobile tumblr user and [ ][ ] you know.. Also, please request stuff (like pls).

You walked into the cave and caught sight of a tall man with broad shoulders and dark hair. You had only seen pictures of him previously, as Talia taught you about the entire Bat Family.
His name was Jason Todd, he died, but Talia made the mistake to bring him back to life. He was trained by Batman, the League of Assassins and the All-Caste what made him the most dangerous because he moved, thought and fought just like you.

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April fools pt1

You had been sat on the floor for almost 2 hours throwing the ball against the neighbours fence and catching it again as you waited for your brother to let you back in the house. He had locked you outside in retaliation to your first ever April fools joke.

You had been delighted that day in school, when they told you that every year, on the 1st of April, it was totally acceptable to play pranks on anyone and everyone you knew. Your little brain had spent the rest of the afternoon scheming for the perfect prank to play on your family, until Sure enough, when the time came for your mum to pick you up, you had sprinted outside as fast as your chubby legs would carry you to the car, and up the stairs once you arrived home.

You had rummaged through your arts and crafts box to find some balloons before rushing to the bathroom to fill them with freezing cold water. You carried them carefully back to your room, balancing them softly on the floor. Your tiny arms had strained to drag your toy chest across the room to underneath the window, where if you stood on your tiptoes you could just see your brother out in the garden.

Gathering up your balloons you had stood on the toy chest, grinning happily to yourself and counting to three

You yelled, before launching the first balloon out the window, giggling hysterically.

You had thought you were hilarious, unfortunately your nine year old brother didn’t think so.

He had stormed up the stairs, dripping wet, before lifting you. It wasn’t hard to do, you were 5, and small for your age already. You had squirmed as the water soaked off his skin onto your clothes while he ran down the stairs and into garden, where he promptly dropped you on the ground and left you there.

You had tried banging on the door, shouting, threatening to wee yourself. Just about everything. Before finally collecting the ball he had been playing with and sitting opposite the neighbours fence, settling patiently for your mum to come home from across the road and let you in.

Boredom set in quickly and in a short burst of anger you had thrown the ball too hard, launching it over the fence, disappearing altogether.

Sighing, you flopped down onto your back, with nothing left to entertain you.

After another half an hour, you had reached your limit. Recklessly you decided to see if you could climb the shed in the corner of the garden.

You had fallen at least 6 times before you had finally made it, skinny legs dangling off the edge as you sat proudly on top of the wooden shed. Carefully you had examined your news scratches and bruises before glancing into the next door neighbours garden.

You noticed a boy, around the same age as you, playing. Dark brown hair bouncing on his head as he sprinted around the garden.

You had sat watching him a moment, before noticing your ball in the corner of the garden.

“Hi” you had called, but the boy ignored you. You waited a second, before trying again, louder.

The boy stopped running, mid step, turning to face you, mouth frozen in a round O shape.

“Hi” he grinned up at you, blowing some of his curls out of his face so he could see you better.

“Can I have my ball back?” You asked, pointing at the blue ball.

“No.” He had replied, staring at you, with a straight face.

Your tiny cheeks had flushed red with anger and you opened your mouth to speak.

“April fools” he said, before running to the ball and throwing it back over the fence for you.

“Thanks” you grinned at him.

“Want to come play?” He had asked you, hazel eyes gleaming up at you.

“Sure” You crawled towards him, and lowered yourself to a hang on the edge of the fence. Letting go you dropped to the grass, in a crouched position.

“I’m Shawn” he said sticking a hand out to you, whilst impatiently blowing more hair out of his face.

You had wrinkled your nose before grabbing his warm hand and shaking it. “Y/n” you had replied.

Even though Shawn was 7 and you were 5, you became inseparable. You had stayed for tea and if Shawn’s mum was surprised to find that she had another child that night she didn’t show, only shaking her head and smiling as she prepared the food.

** 4 years later **

You tried to stifle a laugh as Shawn took the bait.
“I do not fancy her!”
“Do too” you replied smirking.
“Do not!” He yelled flushing slightly.
He pushed you gently, just like you knew he would, but that was the plan, you rolled yourself off the edge of the shed and landed on the floor with a thud.

You started crying immediately, knowing your mum would come outside in a second with Shawn’s if she didn’t run to get them quickly. Just like you had all planned. Shawn panicked and hopped of the shed, shaking you gently. “Y/n…. I’m sorry…. Y/n”

He stood staring at you for a second, before scooping you up in his arms, for a boy of 11 he had become quite strong. He carried you through to the kitchen where your mums were and you buried your face in his t shirt trying to hide your flushed face, as they exchanged knowing glances.

They knew what to do, you had let them in on the secret months in advance, but you had been expecting Shawn to call for help, not carry you bridal style into the house.

Your mum played her part well, asking what hurt, helping you stand and allowing you to lean on her as you hobbled to the car to go to the “hosptial”. Shawn had tried to come with you but eventually you had managed to convince him to stay, saying you would be back soon and you could watch a film like normal.

Your mum started the car, looking at you sprawled on the backseat through the mirror. “Don’t you think your taking this abit far?” She asked you. You shook your head laughing. “Did you see his face? Oh my god. This is gonna be great” you cackled. She smiled at you and continued with the plan, driving round the corner, waiting five minutes before driving back home.

You waited exactly 2 hours and 43 minutes before sprinting through to your mums room. “I can’t wait any longer, put it on, put it ooooon” you whined. “Hold still then” she murmured grinning at you.

10 minutes later you were stood outside Shawn’s house with a pair of crutches and a fake cast on your leg. “Shawn” you shouted.

You heard him sprint down the stairs to unlock the door.

“Y/n! Why didn’t you come over the fence like you norma….” He trailed off as you noticed the cast on your leg.

A flurry of oh my gods, and I’m so sorry followed, each one making you want to laugh even harder. But you kept it together, pushing past him and into the living room so you could sit on the sofa and “rest” your “broken leg”.

Approximately two hours later, after being fed take away pizza, you and Shawn were arguing over what to watch on tv. You using the excuse of “Shawn… You broke my leg” and him replying with “that was hours ago”. He reached forward to grab the remote, pushing your leg off the table in the process where the cast banged noisily on the floor.

His eyes started to fill with tears as he began streaming apologies for the 3rd time that day, you could barely contain your laughter.

When the tears actually started to fall you realised how harsh it was, and could take it no longer. You stood and slid the cast off your leg grinning at him. “It’s fake, Shawn stop, it’s fake”. He froze for a second, at a loss for words before tackling you back into the sofa “you are so dead”

**7 years later**

You had just finished setting up your prank for Shawn when your phone vibrated rapidly, with the special vibration that matched only with Shawn.

“Get your ass over here”

You smiled and glanced out your window.

“No, I’m lazy, you come here”

You put your phone back down as you made sure everything was in order. This year you had prepared your best prank yet. Your phone buzzed again and you grinned, knowing you would be seeing him soon.

“I have cookies”

Okay, you thought, well, one hour won’t hurt. You jogged down the stairs and slid on some shoes before wandering over to his house.

“Shawn” you called as you opened the door.

“Cookies are in the living room, be down in a sec” he yelled back. You toed off your shoes and padded down the hall. You opened the door only to be confronted with a bucket full of powdered paint tumbling down onto you. You shirked loudly and Shawn’s head poked round the door. “Gotcha!” He laughed, staring at you, phone in his hand as he took a photo.

“You -” you sputtered at him. You grinned and took a few steps towards him “how ‘bout a hug?” You cackled trying to close the distance between you.

You were stopped in your tracks by a bombardment of more powder paint. This time of the blue variety as opposed to the yellow from before. You screamed, which only made you get the powder into your mouth.

You sprinted across the room catching Shawn just in front of his sofa, fingers leaving little green fingerprints across his warm tanned skin. You tackled him down, both of you falling dramatically onto the cushions.

You were both laughing exhaustidly, and remained where you were. Eventually you came to your senses and realised you were still on top of Shawn. A flush crept across your cheeks and you hoped Shawn wouldn’t notice as you were covered in paint. Slowly you untangled yourself so you were lying side by side.

He grinned up at you, oblivious to your sudden shift in mood, he shifted quickly so that he was planking over you, stealing your breath away. You could feel his breath warm against your cheek, “you got alittle something…” He licked the pad of his thumb and brushed it over your cheek.

A loud cough sent Shawn scrambling off the sofa as his dad entered the room

**1 year later**

March 31st.
Shawn was 19 now, and you were 17. Shawn had been on tour for 3 months now, and you were feeling the familiar ache of missing him. He wasn’t going to home for April 1st this year, and that saddened you more than anything. But it did leave you with options. This was the first time he wasn’t going to be home, and a small part of you was relieved, after last years paint encounter it was becoming difficult to hang around Shawn as “friends”. You had always liked him as more, but never had the courage to tell him. Until now.

You swiped your keys off the counter and sent out to texts.

To Shawn: “miss you x”

To Em: “I’m coming over, got news”

You grabbed a pair of shoes off the rack and pulled them on.

You arrived at Em’s house and banged on the door. “OPEN UP”

“COMIIIIIINNG” came the reply

“What’s the news?!” She asked immediately.

You laughed at her eagerness, before replying. “I’m gonna tell him.”

Her eyes widened in shock and she pulled you into the kitchen releasing a squeal.

“… And if I tell him tomorrow and he tells me to back off, I can just say it’s April fools right?” You trailed off, glancing up at her over your cup.


April 1st.
You re-read the message one last time.
“ Your the most annoying, ridiculous person I’ve ever met. The way you run your hand through your hair, and the fact that your never silent, always humming or singing or tapping something. It drives me insane. And I love it. I love you. I love your laugh, your smile, the way you can tap songs out onto my leg when we watch tv. I want to be with you. I want to be able to call you mine, for as long as you let me.”

You bit your lip, squeezed your eyes shut and hit send.

The panic hit you almost immediately. What if this ruined your friendship? What if he didn’t feel the same?

Your screen lit up as a message came through. You held your breath.

Oh it’s just em, you thought

“You done it yet? ”

“It’s gone” you replied.

You place your phone on the counter face down, waiting for the familiar vibration that signalled Shawn had messaged you.

You waited, and waited and waited.


You began to get worried and shakily you pulled your phone back towards you. Maybe you missed the vibration? You thought. You tapped the screen. No new messages.

Well one phone call couldn’t hurt could it ?

“Hi, can I speak to Shawn please?”
You asked as you connected with his team manager.

“Who is this?”
They asked you politely, if alittle coldly.

“Y/n?” You replied frowning, usually they put you straight through.

“One moment please” you heard shuffling in the background as the speaker went to talk to Shawn.

“Y/n’s on the phone for you, Shawn.”
“I don’t want to talk to her.”

You gasped unsure if you had heard him correctly.

“Fine. Pass it here.”

“What do you want y/n?” He asked in a barely contained irritation.

“Ummm… I was just checkin in on my best friend.. You uh you weren’t answering your messages?” You stumbled out.

“Had you ever thought that’s for a reason?” He snapped at you.

“I -I um” you tried to form a coherent sentance as you racked your brain for some explanation.

“Look y/n. I don’t want you around anymore. Your so needy. Texting me all the time.” He spoke harshly

“Shawn…” You murmured shocked at his sudden outburst.

“Always trying to get my attention. Just leave me alone. I’ll change my phone if I have to. We are done”. He continued ignoring you completely.


You were interrupted by the siren that signalled he had hung up on you.

Your mind reeled, as you pitched forward to lean against the counter. Tears began pooling in your eyes as you choked down sobs.

Your mug of hot chocolate fell to the floor, forgotten and cold. You allowed the tears to spill out, leaving burning trails down your cheeks and dripping off your chin to mingle with the contents of your mug below.

You moved away from the mess, catching sight of yourself in the glasses in the open cupboard.

Anger made your blood boil, how dare he. How could he do this to you after all this time? Just when you finally got the courage to tell him how you felt about him.

In a moment of blind fury you grabbed a glass and threw it against the wall. Watching it shatter into pieces. Broken. Just like you. More followed, until every glass in the cupboard Lay in a heap on the floor.

Rage fueled you as you continued into the next cupboard.

After smashing all the glasses in the house you moved to the living room, slumping onto the sofa in exhaustion.

You were awakened a few hours later the sound of a knock on the door.

The clothes make the man

Birthday gift for the lovely @bxdcubes, who deserves it all. I hope you enjoy this, Mar! Happy birthday!

Also, people, NC-17 this one, although I suppose you can skip the sex scene. Apart from that, dorky Stiles a galore, humour and fluff.

The trick to sneaking into a building where you shouldn’t be is to make it seem to all eyes like you should. Stiles has been doing this since he was a little older than toddler and he wanted to get back his Batman action figure from the evidence room in his dad’s Police Station.

(Of course, he got caught that time. He was a kid, what was to be expected? But to all intents and purposes he’s not talking about the after part, but the before. And he got into that evidence room just fine and got his Batman back, so that’s what counts.)

For starters, one has to look the part. And that means clothing and attitude wise, of course. It doesn’t matter if they don a suit if they don’t own it and make it theirs, because they will look like a kid playing with their dad’s clothes and get caught. Apart from that, one has to be able to lie like a pirate while looking innocent like a choir boy if they do get caught. Once one dominates those two aspects, they’re set for success.

Stiles has a three piece suit on, a strut created by the gods and a general I’m-da-boss disposition with a facial expression to match. He also has a very nifty fake identification that he flashes at the guard along with a vaguely superior squint of the eyes (nothing more than that because some security personnel take that as a challenge) that says I dare you to stop me.

He breezes through security.

(Which is good, because he may not be wearing a coat over just lingerie like some girls in the profession, but he’s not wearing any underwear and with the way these trousers fit, Stiles is more than sure that it’s pretty noticeable… which would be a little hard to explain.)

He gets on the elevator and makes sure to keep a calm and unquestionable countenance as the doors close up. There’s a security camera up in the corner and he wishes he could put a hat on, that fedoras where still a thing nowadays… partly because he would totally rock one, partly because that would cover his face nicely. As it is, he has to content himself with using the “paperwork” to cover his features but if things go south and he has to make a hasty retreat, he can always shave off his beard and he’ll be unrecognizable.

(His partner sure will be happy if that happens, because he prefers it when his face is bare and has just been bearing with the change. Stiles needed the beard for this, though, so it couldn’t be helped.)

(Darrows and braiding jokes aside, Stiles doesn’t like having a beard either, to be honest. It’s way to much work to maintain it looking nice and to not let it go over the fence into scruffy lumberack territory. Which, for the record, looks horrible on him because more than a man with a beard it looks like a beard with a man attached. That’s how much the look owns him rather than the other way around.)

The elevator chimes when it reaches the executive floor and Stiles’ eyes dart around quickly, trying to locate any guards and finding none. Mr. Christopher Argent’s office is at the far end of the hall and there’s at least one office in the middle with its lights on, which worries Stiles but not overly much, because despite appearances he’s a pro at being silent when it counts.

And the reward he will get for his services tonight counts a lot. Stiles got really lucky with this one. He’s more than easy on the eyes (fit and handsome) and despite initial appearances he’s not an asshole whose way of getting off is having a capable and attractive looking young man humiliated and licking at his polished and very expensive shoes. Not that there’s anything wrong with that if both parties enjoy it, mind you, it’s just not Stiles’ thing and he hasn’t been always lucky in that department.

He pushes himself forward and advances through the spacious and airy hallway, trying to look inconspicuous as he passes one of the lighted offices. There are plants tastefully placed on both sides and a very wide window on the left that extends from Stiles’ elevator’s exit to another one at the far end (locked after office hours) and he has to admit it’s an impressive view. The smell of pine permeates the air but it’s soft enough to not be bothersome. Stiles supposes it comes from strategically placed air fresheners rather than from the actual wooden floors. Overall, the general sensation it provokes is tranquillity and calm, which Stiles finds slightly ironic since this is a high-end lawyer firm.

The overall effect is ruined, though, when a voice comes right from behind him taking with it some years of his life.

“What are you doing here?”

Stiles turns around abruptly, hoping that his expression is more a mild oh-my-you-startled-me rather than a full on holy-crap-you-scared-the-bejeezus-out-of-me or a fuck-I-got-caught-what-crap-should-I-spew-right-now when he recognizes the big boss among bosses, Peter Hale.

Peter “The Wolf” Hale they call him and he sounded pretty pissed off too. Stiles may have just popped a fear boner just now even if the man looks more surprised than anything else at the moment.

“Ah, good night, sir,” he answers amicably. “Sorry if I startled you. Mr. Argent said that he concentrates better when the office is empty and asked if I could accommodate him today. Frankly, I work better at night myself, so I didn’t mind working the kinks over at this late hour.” He feigns looking and then frowning at his paperwork. “As it is, it will probably take us quite a few intense sessions to hash out everything,” he sighs as if put upon, “so I should probably get going. Sorry again for bothering you.”

He’s a little shit, he knows. Stiles has always gotten his kicks out of playing with dogs bigger than he is. More specifically, from looking harmless like a toy poodle and then turning into a wolf when they least expect it or not letting them realize what has happened until it’s over. Either of those two options is just fine, the reactions are always priceless. He knows this bad habit of his will come back to bite him in the ass someday, but what can he say? He’s a man of many vices.

But, oh, one Peter Hale is the top dog among top dogs and Stiles can feel himself pumped up for the confrontation, the battle of wits, the clash of wills… Ok, but he’s getting carried away, back on track, Stiles. But, really? Peter “The Wolf” Hale. If this isn’t a call for him to… Back on track, Stiles! These pants are tailored to fit him to the millimetre, he can’t afford to pop a full boner. And sadly, as it is, he’s already half mast so he needs to take a grip of himself.


(Wrong analogy.)

(Abort, abort, abort.)

(You’re a high class prostitute, Stiles, he reminds himself firmly, be more chill!)

Stiles forces himself to nod casually at the man and to turn around to go towards Argent’s office. There’s a pointed silence at his back that feels like the calm before the storm, but he doesn’t let himself react to it and just continues on.

“And when exactly did he make this appointment?” Peter asks nonchalantly before he can take a single step. Stiles turns back around with wide innocent eyes that would probably work better without the beard but whatever.

“About a week ago?” Stiles hums thoughtfully. “On Tuesday afternoon if I recall well. Why? Is there a problem, sir?”

“Ah, you must be the consultant for the Whittemore case then.” Stiles doesn’t confirm or deny, giddy with the knowledge that this may work out in the end even if it isn’t exactly what he planned in the beginning. “I’m afraid that Mr. Argent has taken some days off due to extenuating circumstances and he failed to inform you. I apologize for that, it was very unprofessional.”

“Oh, no harm done, they were extenuating circumstances, after all.” Stiles waves it off. “We can reschedule for when he comes back then.”

“No need, no need! I’m taking on some of his cases until then, and as it happens, the Whittemore’ is one of them. I can pencil you in right now so I hope this at least makes up for the oversight.”

(Crap, Stiles doesn’t trust that congenial smile one bit.)

Stiles plasters a bland smile on his face as he motions to Peter to lead the way and then, discarding the option of making a hasty retreat and the fun that would entail, he follows behind the man towards the one of the lighted offices. As he enters, he takes stock of the room quickly now that the man’s back is to him.

Peter Hale is clearly a fan of the minimalist trend because it’s a very spacious office with relatively few pieces of furniture and trichromatic (black, white and with silver here and there) in its composition. To the left and over a very tasteful but simple black rug, there’s a sitting area with two black leather couches, a big rectangular glass table in the middle of those and a library with law texts covering the entire wall beside the whole set. To the right, and again over a black but different rug, a slightly classic looking wooden desk (oak maybe?) with one of those ergonomic adjustable leather chairs behind and two other simpler but comfortable seeming chairs at the front. At the moment, there are stacks upon stacks of folders and paper on top of the desk, but seeing that even with that seer number of things on it it’s not in disarray, Stiles can bet that normally the man keeps it scrupulously organized. To finish, there are exactly four plants in the office, one on each corner, and little else in the way of decoration. But then again, the view from the massive window right in front of Stiles is more than enough decoration in and of itself.

“I’ll admit that I’m a little… perplexed by your presence here,” Peter states, voice mild as milk, as he takes a seat behind the desk. He makes an inviting gesture towards the chairs in front of it.

“How so?” he inquires just as silkily as he copies the man and accommodates on his seat. He then plasters a genial smile that is in equal parts amicable and challenging and Peter pauses for a nanosecond before he copies the gesture.

“Don’t take offense but the case is an open-and-shut one.” The man carries on, raising up to the challenge and issuing one of his own, and Stiles has a hard time containing a delighted grin. “Besides trying to get a lighter punishment, there’s not much else we can do when the boy got himself caught on tape doing the deed, so I don’t see what it is that you can… assist us with.”

“Well, and that’s exactly why you need my help,” he points out brightly, taking a pen from a holder on the desk and twirling it between his fingers skillfully. Peter’s smile acquires a dangerous edge and Stiles fights to not squirm on his seat at the wave of heat that it provokes on him. “No disrespect meant, of course, outside perspective and all that, you know.”

Stiles may not know the intricacies of what happened with Jackson Whittemore three weeks ago, but he still does know quite a bit because he buys the newspaper, thank you very much, and the society section is always filled with some incident or another of the upper crust of the city. Whittemore is an insufferable rich kid that is always in an on and off relationship with Lydia Martin because of how much of an asshole he is. However, while Stiles may not be able to stand him because of that shitty attitude, he has to concede that he’s also a generally good best friend to Danny Mahealani, who was frequently targeted because of his sexuality until Jackson started to forcefully shut mouths and not care about if it all ended up plastered on the newspapers or not. All of which leads him to believe that the incident of tree weeks ago outside a gay club (which Stiles has been to before, by the way) is less of a hate crime like the newspapers are selling and more of a Jackson stepping up to defend his friend and having the bad luck of just having had the tail end of it caught by the security cameras. So, all in all, he has enough knowledge of the case and of the inner workings of that club to spend at least a good fifteen minutes talking about it without giving the game away.

“Of course,” Peter answers blandly and Stiles shivers again at the tone before he forces himself to snap out of it. “You’re right. Mr. Argent and I may have missed something these three weeks we’ve been combing through all the evidence. A fresh pair of eyes could be all we need to make a breakthrough.”

Ok, Stiles has the self-preservation instincts of a newborn baby and a self-restraint to match, because he wants to climb Peter Hale like a tree right now. That sarcasm was beautiful.

“Exactly! That’s exactly the spirit,” he replies instead tracing his lips with the cap of the pen. Peter’s eyes follow the movement subconsciously and Stiles fights a smirk.

“And you come highly recommended too, so I’m sure your insight will be… priceless.”

“Well, why lie?” Stiles smiles and bites his lip as if he’s being bashful about how sure he is of himself. “I only leave satisfied customers behind so I’d say I’m well worth my fees.”

“That’s a very bold statement to make,” Peter points out as he leans on his chair with a raised eyebrow.

“I’m sure you understand that there’s a time to be bold and a time to be meek.” Stiles explains as he opens his legs a little further and leans on the armrest slightly. “I can be both, of course, because one has to be versatile in my line of work, but I tend to be more brazen when let to choose.”

“Ah,” Peter smirks and Stiles tenses in anticipation. “I can see that. Being forced to take a meek approach must be difficult for you, then.”

“Well, it’s always hard, of course, but it’s nothing that I can’t handle. I’ve been through harder situations than just having to control my natural urges-” he lifts his hand to tangle with the locks of hair at his nape at the same time that he mouths at the cap, as if in remembrance of something “-for the sake of the completion of a job.”

“That’s very professional, I’ll give you that, but with all due respect I still fail to see how your versatility can be of any use for me.”

“Well, that may be because you also fail to see that I’m not only versatile. I’m flexible, skillful and I have a lot of stamina, so it’s next to impossible to wear me down once I have my sight set on the goal. But then again, I don’t understand why am I here trying to sell my services to you when Mr. Argent already bought them.”

Peter remains silent, his eyes boring into Stiles’ with an intensity that leaves him nearly breathless. Then he rises up from the chair slowly and like a predator stalking his prey, he goes around the desk to stop in front of Stiles, who has to look up to maintain his defiant look.

“So,” he says insolently and nearly grins at the way Peter’s eyes darken dangerously. “How long are we going to draw this out, Mr. Hale? I’ve already told to you that my services are excellent and that you need them, but if you still have doubts I have no problem taking my business elsewhere. I assure you I have people lining up for my services.”

“You have quite the skillful tongue, I’ll give you that,” he replies silkily, as he advances the last couple of steps until Stiles has to lean back to look at his face.

“You have no idea,” Stiles answers cockily as he rises from his seat with as much grace as he can with Peter so close to him. The action leaves their faces at less than an inch from each other. “And that’s something that won’t change since now I’m the one reconsidering this whole agreement.”

And with that, Stiles turns to leave. Before he can take more than two steps, he’s grabbed and turned around. After a few disorienting seconds, he finds himself restrained against the desk with a hand pressing his neck firmly against the wood.

“And what the hell do you think you’re doing, Mr. Hale?” he snaps at the man.

“Well, as you said, your services have already been paid for-”

“By Mr. Argent.”

“Ah, but that’s the crux, isn’t it? Because if he bought your services for the company and this company is mine… I’m sure you can do the math, sweetheart.” Stiles glares at him and Peter chuckles, pulling him up and turning him around so he can press himself against Stiles’ front. Stiles who is still hard as a rock, gasps at the sensation and Peter smiles like a shark. “Besides, I never said I refused your services, I just said I failed to see their usefulness. But at this point, if it’s already been paid for, any use is better than none, right? In any case,” he smirks as he reaches to tangle a hand on Stiles’ hair, exactly at the spot where he had just done the same moments before to provoke Peter, “paid for or not, I have standards.”

“Wha-” Stiles splutters as Peter starts pushing him backwards.

“I like my twinks barefaced, sweetheart, so that scruff has to go if we’re going to make this experience at the very least tolerable.”

The next thing Stiles knows is that he’s sitting on the restroom’s countertop without his jacket and vest and that Peter is right between his legs tutting a subtle insult about his incompetence. He also has his face lathered up and a barber’s knife is touching his neck, brandished by said man. Ah, and the fear boner is definitely there in full swing. Peter may be possibly smirking too. Stiles would entertain the thought of an adequate answer if, well, he wasn’t too busy paying attention to the very sharp knife currently making its way tortuously slow towards his jaw.

“Well, so far I don’t see where the benefit is in here for me,” the man says loftily as he cleans the lather off the blade and Stiles closes his long legs to press him in as hard as he can in his position.

“I’d say you’re enjoying yourself so far, Mr. Hale,” he quips as he rolls his hips.

“It’s been more trouble than it’s worth so far, the way I see it,” the man smirks pressing harder, earning a shuddering jerk from Stiles. Then he retreats to turn Stiles’ face the way he wants it to make another pass and finish shaving him. When he has his face clean, Peter’s finger presses inside his mouth as he muses softly, “skillful tongue, hmm,” before grabbing his necktie and pulling him off the counter so he can turn him around and press against his back. “But I’m sure you will change that. Right, sweetheart?”

“Yes, Mr. Hale,” Stiles grunts with thick sarcasm as he grounds his hips back, trying to get the reins back and failing.

Peter retreats suddenly and since he still has a firm grip on Stiles’ necktie, he has to follow him with as much grace as he can. He finds himself in the sitting area near the library and has to bend awkwardly when the man lets himself fall to sit on the couch without having a care about how he pulls Stiles with him when he does so. His intentions are clear though, when he pulls again and Stiles has to fall to his knees to relieve some of the pressure and this time it’s him between the other man’s legs.

“I suggest you’re thorough, sweetheart, because this is all the help you’re going to get,” Peter states cockily, softening his grip on the tie just enough to give him some space to maneuver.

“Ah, Mr. Hale, but we’ve already established that I’m a professional,” he smirks against his bulge, looking upwards to Peter’s eyes the way he knows every man likes, “so of course I came prepared.”

There’s just a couple of seconds in which Peter stills and his eyes seem to burn with intensity before he’s being pulled up and into the man’s lap. Before he knows it his trousers are down, revealing nothing underneath, which prompts a growl out of Peter. Then he’s being maneuvered into straddling him and fighting to not laugh because this tastes like victory already.

Stiles locks his eyes into Peter’s before he smirks and reaches behind himself to grab him, enjoying Peter’s sharp intake of breath at the action. Then he lowers himself tortuously slow, making sure to pause and squeeze every couple of seconds before resuming his way. By the time Peter is fully sheathed he’s clearly fighting for control if the way his fingers are digging into Stiles’ hips is any indication.

Stiles hums with satisfaction and bites his lip before he smiles challengingly. Then he starts grounding his hips in slow circles, wondering when the man’s control will snap. Peter’s eyes promise a gruesome retribution but Stiles just laughs in his face and makes no move to hasten his pace.

Stiles should have known better.

Suddenly, Peter lets go of his hips to grab at Stiles’ hair and pull his head back with one hand and to slip the other between his butt cheeks. Stiles jerks at the sensation and groans when teeth find his nipple through his shirt.

“You dirty cheater,” he groans biting his lip to prevent a louder noise from escaping him.

“All is fair in love and war,” Peter replies a little out of breath but way more in control that he should have any right to. In response, Stiles tries to go the other route to regain the upper hand and quickens his pace. “Ah, ah, ah,” Peter tutts. “And you where doing so well… Slow it down, sweetheart, there’s no rush.”

Stiles arches and whines softly when Peter presses him tighter to himself, adding another friction to his already overloading senses. He tries to go harder again but Peter’s hold doesn’t let him. He glares at the man and he gets a smirk in response. And no, this is not happening. Stiles is not going to suffer through this indignity alone. Either they both win or they both lose.

With that in mind, he twists his hips sharply, making sure to squeeze as hard as he can. Peter curses, tightening his grip, and Stiles laughs breathlessly.

“Peter,” he whines softly in his ear as he squeezes once again.

Peter curses lowly again, becomes taut as a coiled spring, and jabs a vicious finger in revenge that has Stiles shuddering as much as he is. Then they both collapse gasping for breath.

Several minutes later, Peter huffs a laugh and presses a kiss into Stiles’ sweaty shoulder. “Don’t tell me this is why you were growing that beard.”

“It was completely necessary,” Stiles replies into his neck pouting as he swats at his arm weakly.

“Well, I’ll admit that I enjoyed shaving it immensely,” Peter laughs and Stiles waves a there-you-have-it gesture at him, still too spent to move. “But you’re still a dork, sweetheart.”

“Happy birthday, love,” Stiles murmurs turning to look at him with a loving smile. “I’m sure you’ll love my other present.”

“I will, hmm?” Peter hums before kissing his husband softly. “And what could possibly top this?”

“Well, that’s impossible,” Stiles jokes and Peter snorts, “but I’m sure it comes as close as it could possibly be because I know you’ve been really pissed off about that missing recording.”

Peter freezes.

“As in- How in the hell- You can’t mean Jackson’s-”

“Yeah, that recording,” Stiles says smugly before exploding into guffaws right afterwards at the man’s gobsmacked expression.

(Spolier alert: Peter silences his laughter easily enough.)

If you’ve liked this, I invite you to read it once more now that you know that Stiles was role playing to fully appreciate the extent of his dorkiness XD.

Also, kudos to anyone that got that tiny Stiles dressed as a cop to get his batman figure back and that the only reason he got inside was because everyone was too busy laughing/being surprised/trying to find a camera to record it.

anonymous asked:

How would the DAI companions react if the Herald was Shepard from Mass Effect. Please include romances. Femshep preferred

Cassandra: She’s baffled as the soldiers bring in a soldier in unusual armor, with unusual weapons, and numerous injuries that should be fatal, as if they had survived an explosion they were in the center of. To add to her shock, they recover ridiculously fast, and she realizes they are not normal, aside from the mark. She’s even more cautious and suspicious of them at the start, but when she finds out exactly where they’re from and their circumstances, she has no idea how to handle them. She firmly believes they were brought here to be the Herald of Andraste, a belief that is solidified every time she hears a new story about what they did to stop the Reapers. The fact they were once dead and then revived shocks her, and despite the fact Cerberus is responsible, she believes their memories and soul’s return was also due to the grace of the Maker. If Romanced: His accomplishments are good, but she still demands what she would demand of anyone wanting to romance her. So he regales her with poetry and numerous lit candles, and as they lay under the stars, he promises to bring her there, one day. She snorts at him and smiles. “Perhaps. Provided you read poetry then, too.”

Blackwall: The man isn’t quite sure what to make of Shepard. He knows a soldier when he sees one, and he knows eyes that have seen too much. He’s definitely not sure what to make of anything, from technology to aliens, that Shepard describes, so he settles on just talking with them in the evening. They talk about their experiences in war and commiserate. When his identity is revealed, the look Shepard gives him isn’t one of shock or dismay– just disappointment, which hurts him worse than shock or dismay. To his surprise, they readily forgive him, and mention off-hand that what he’s done is hardly the worst thing one of their friends have done. If Romanced: He’s stunned that Shepard’s interested in him. She could have someone so much better, he thinks, and he’s cautious going into romance. He won’t deny that he’s attracted to her, but a space marine who saved a galaxy and is going to save Thedas? He’s floored. He feels unworthy, but Shepard loves him, and he’s more than happy to love her back. For once, he is happy.

Iron Bull: He could tell Shepard was dangerous from first glance, just watching them fight without an ounce of fear. He has his habit of looking over people to think about how to fight them, if he had to, and is a bit dismayed to come up with nothing on Shepard, at least, alone. At the same time… he finds it hot as fuck. Shepard quickly and easily earns his respect, and he loves hearing about all the shit they’ve pulled. He also tries to drink them under the table and finds himself incapable– a rare feat for a human, but Shepard wasn’t normal by any means. He subtly tries to learn more information about the Lazarus project, and what exactly it did to them. If Romanced: This is everything Bull has ever wanted and more, bonus points if Shepard is red-headed. He practically worships the ground they walk on when deep into romance. “I’m the luckiest man in the whole damn world– or galaxy.” he says proudly. “I’m with a complete and utter bad-ass.”

Sera: The Herald’s an odd one, that’s for certain. She wasn’t sure when exactly she was tipped off, made aware of this fact– but learning about where they’re from, and what they did, solidifies it. She’d be lying if she said she wasn’t scared of Shepard at first, especially when she hears that they were dead at one point, among other things. She warms up easily to a Paragon Shepard, though, and realizes this is just a person who probably wants to get back to their own world. “At least Coryphytit’s a pushover compared to Shepard.” she remarks. If Romanced: Her first thought upon seeing Shepard is hot. She relaxes around Shepard, shamelessly flirting with her, and is delighted when Shepard seems to reciprocate those feelings. “See? This world isn’t so bad. You got me. And pranks.” she says cheerfully as they sit on the rooftop one evening. Shepard gives her a playful wink, and Sera tackles her with a kiss.

Varric: He wants to know everything they’ve done. Every last detail and story, he wants to hear every last bit. Shepard has some of the greatest stories he’s ever heard, and he would be damned if he didn’t hear about all of it. Many evenings are spent in the tavern with Shepard (he marvels at how much they can drink without even getting remotely drunk) and they talk and laugh and Shepard smiles, a little less stressed. A friendship forms between them quickly. When he finds out about the Lazarus Project, he asks if they’re alright talking about it, and then remarks: “See, this is why you’re the perfect hero in this scenario! Corypheus apparently can’t die, and neither can you. Not permanently, anyways.”

Cole: He feels every ounce of pain in Shepard, old heartaches that will never stop aching. They may not announce it or discuss it, but he feels it. If they were in Akuze or a colonist, he starts talking, involving their memories, before they ask him to stop. “You hurt. You’ve hurt so much. You don’t need to worry, Joker. The hell I do, you’re basically half robot at this point. They died because of me, they’re almost falling apart, I have to help.” One night after a nightmare, he approaches them. “It’s not your fault the boy died.” he tries to reassure. “You tried to help. That is more than most.” Shepard cares for Cole, but finds being around him painful at times, because he tends to bring up hurt that can’t be easily healed.

Dorian: Shepard is absolutely fascinating to him. He wants to know all about their galaxy, and what they’ve done, and detailed descriptions of their galaxy’s advanced technology. He has never-ending questions borne of intense curiosity– especially about the Lazarus Project. If they are biotic, that also brings a volley of questions. “I suppose, with your level of technology, rebuilding a body isn’t out of the realm of possibilities, but drawing the soul back across the Veil… ah, but the Fade doesn’t exist where you’re from– I think? Now, do you have any residual memories? Can I perform a few tests? Please, bear with me, you are the first being to ever be brought back to life from total death…” He pauses and frowns. “I mean… if you’re comfortable. I imagine the subject matter is sensitive. I apologize if I have overstepped my bounds.” He offers them a drink and enjoys talking with them on quiet evenings. If Romanced: He’s thrilled when Shepard seems interested in him and flirts back with him. He’s had a bit of a crush on him, though he’d be lying if he said he wasn’t surprised that Shepard wanted more than just fun. One evening, as they look out at a clear night sky, Dorian grins at him. “You’re going to bring me up there with you one day, I hope. I can’t wait. It will be nauseatingly romantic.”

Solas: He’s cautious around Shepard. He knows very well that they have a very, very good chance of successfully stopping him if they were to find out what he was up to. In the meanwhile, he asks them a bunch of questions like Dorian does and asks for many details of their world. He persuades them to let him join them in the Fade, where he can see their memories reveal the intricacies of all sorts of places they’ve been– the Normandy, the Citadel, the ruins of London during the last battle, and all sorts of alien planets. He is utterly enthralled by the memories, and almost every night pleads to see more. If Shepard is biotic, he can tell immediately that their biotics are not magic, as he can tell the Veil isn’t being tugged by its use. He’s very curious about it, and asks for demonstrations of its use. He takes detailed notes and tries to make sense of Element Zero– he wonders if it’s at all magical. If Romanced: He has never been interested in a human before, but Shepard is different. The romance proceeds more slowly, as he’s worried about letting his guard down, but she is… she’s something he never expected. Sharing the Fade with her strengthens the bond between them, and he can’t help but kiss her back when she kisses him. His heart palpitates with fear, however, knowing what may happen if he crosses her. He doesn’t know what it will mean for his plans, and it terrifies him.

Vivienne: She knows another strong person when she sees one. Shepard won’t be toyed with or manipulated. So she sets on figuring out their intentions, and ends up finding herself talking with them about their galaxy, and their victories and losses– and a desire to go home. She vows to help find a way for them, once they’re good enough friends, and grows to deeply respect Shepard. She helps them learn to play the Game as well, and they tell her about al-Jilani, the journalist who earned their ire. When Vivienne finds out about their death and the Lazarus Project, she’s initially worried that they’re possessed by a spirit. When it’s clear that they’re not, it only amplifies her curiosity, and like Dorian and Solas, she delves into theory and many, many questions. Her efforts to find a way back for Shepard hasten considerably when she hears about how advanced their medical technology is. When she learns about biotics, should Shepard be biotic, she’s just as curious about it as the Lazarus Project. 

Josephine: She wants to hear all about the exotic places Shepard has been, but restrains herself until a moment in which they are not busy, and she is more comfortable with them. She could listen to them tell her all about the Milky Way for hours, and travel among the stars. She hears about inventions like computers, phones, the extranet, and ballpoint pens and her heart aches with desire. At other times, she discusses etiquette and proper public behavior, and her reaction to Shepard varies in this regard. If Shepard punched al-Jilani one or more times, she worries about their temper and asks them to restrain themselves. If Shepard did not punch al-Jilani, she seems relieved that Shepard can act so calm and professional in such situations. If Romanced: She is all blushes and giggles as they gaze up at the stars together, and Shepard regales her with tales and compliments of her beauty. The thought of seeing other worlds with her lover makes her heart soar, and she feels so safe and so happy in Shepard’s arms. A life here and beyond, so long as they would stay by her side, and she by theirs.

Leliana: She knew Shepard was dangerous before even finding out about anything else. She knew by watching her that they could kill, and kill easily. This was an experienced soldier, none like she’d ever seen. She sets to compile any and all information that can be gathered about Shepard, and where they came from. The Lazarus Project sticks out to her, and she lingers by the mages and Dagna when they fuss over Shepard, looking them over, poking them, asking for details. She’s even more cautious around Shepard than a normal Inquisitor, though she feels pangs of pity for them when she hears some of the more gruesome, sadder details. Shepard seems to be equally aware of the Spymaster watching, but doesn’t do anything about it beyond winking at her when they know she’s paying attention. Slowly they warm up to each other and share tales of their adventures.

Cullen: He and Shepard get along well, and he feels more comfortable talking with them about the troops, and is pleased when they have good advice to offer– usually remarkably good strategic advice. He’s befuddled by the whole business of their world and their technologies, and isn’t sure how to go about it. If Shepard is a Sole Survivor, when he hears about the incident on Akuze, he feels so much sympathy– he knows that sort of emotional and physical hardship. Eventually, he may ask to know how they handle it, and after they find out about what happened in the Circle tower, they don’t press him for details, and they just nod in understanding. Some wounds never heal, and it’s refreshing for both of them to know someone who has been in a similarly bad situation. If Romanced: He found her attractive from the start, but didn’t want to overstep his bounds. He’s bewildered when she voices her feelings, but he’s elated, too. They can share their hardships, knowing the other will understand. If she can survive, so can he, and she will be a source of strength, and he a source of strength to her. 

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Hey @levians , try LOVEians. This gift is for you!

Our gifter says:

“Hello! Happy Valentine’s Day, love!

This is my present for you (I apologize in advance for any mistake, English is not my first language)

Enjoy! <3

Playlist (if you want):

Ellie Drennan – Ghost

Charlie Puth – Enemy

Snakehips – Cruel

Astrid S – Jump

Frenhip & Emily Warren – Capsize

Valerie Broussard – Trouble

Gavin James – For You (Bearcubs remix)

The Weekend – High for this

Nick Jonas ft Tove lo – Close

Snakehips & MO – Don’t leave

Flume ft Tove lo – Say it

Christine and The Queens – Here

Broods – Bridges

KINGDM – Can’t get over you”

UntitledThis is from Harry’s point of view. He is feeling bitter and alone after the war. Comes Ron and Hermione’s annual Valentine’s Day dinner and Harry needs a date. Blaise Zabini offers to bring someone. That someone turns out to be no other than Draco Malfoy. 9518 words.

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A Good Man

Before watching BBC Sherlock I had never read ACD, largely because I had somewhere picked up the ridiculous notion that cannon Holmes is cold and unfeeling. When I finally started watching the show, with considerable skepticism, I was certainly intrigued by the storytelling and instantly drawn to John and fascinated by Sherlock. Nevertheless, there seemed reason to fear that it was going to offer exactly what I didn’t want to see: a story about a detective who one is expected to love because he is clever and sexy and abrasive, but who has no real heart to him. That, I knew, was a story I would struggle to invest in. 

But then, John asked why Lestrade let Sherlock hang around. And Lestrade began by admitting that he was desperate for the help; but then he added this:

Originally posted by kestrellady

That was it. That, right there, is the line that sold me on the show. I’ll admit it feels a bit heavy-handed; but it is one of my favorite lines anyway because it gave me permission to love Sherlock in all his faults and in the eager hope that he would develop into the good man he already showed glimpses of becoming. That was the first arc I became invested in, long before I shipped  Johnlock and even before I fully latched onto John and Sherlock’s friendship. So Lestrade’s line in TPF: “He’s better than [a great man]: he’s a good one,” ought to have felt deeply satisfying: the culmination of the story arc that drew me into this series in the first place. But it didn’t. In fact, I saw the line coming a few beats before it was spoken and positively grimaced when it was actually spoken.

There are a lot of reasons the line is so unsatisfying, of course, the primary one being the deeply unsatisfying nature of the whole episode and the flood of cheap, rushed callbacks in the last few minutes. There is also the fact that it is clumsily delivered (in terms of writing, not acting), and that Lestrade wasn’t present for the events of TFP, increasing the sense that the statement didn’t grow organically from this moment of the story. But I think there is also a broader reason this line feels wrong: it is not only misplaced within the episode, but misplaced within the series as a whole. The statement appears either too late or too early in Sherlock’s development: the timing isn’t right.

(Continued below the cut, because this wound up rather longer than expected!)

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Calm Down

Flustered and confused were the words that fit your mood at the moment. Tonight was the only night left before your finals in the morning and you were going all out on studying and reviewing every subject you knew. Tomorrow’s  would consist of Maths, Science, English, History, Geography, etc. and you were definitely on edge about the whole thing.

You let out an irritated groan of displeasure and let your head fall to the mattress of your bed to which you were sitting on.
“This is hopeless! How can one human hold all this knowledge in their brain? Ugh.” You threw down your pencil on the open Math book in front of you, the advanced algebra really threw you off your game and made you acquire a throbbing headache. You rubbed your eyes desperately  and persistently in hopes of soothing your bad mood, it didn’t.

“Knock knock, can I come in?” The sound of Percy’s voice sounded through your cabin door. 

You rolled your eyes at this, “What could you possibly want?” You didn’t mean to snap. In fact, you already planned on apologizing later on.

He came in with a sour look on his face, closing the door behind him he walked over to lean on your bed frame. 
“Why are you so mean to me? What did I do this time?” He spoke softly yet playfully.

You shook your head and threw your legs over the side of the bed and let your feet sway back and forth with the sway of the Agro II’s sail since Leo decided to take her out for a joyride once more. “I’m sorry it’s just-” You sighed, “ finals are in the morning and I have to be there to finish the semester. I’m not ready for it just yet, I-I need more time!” You quickly realized the little time left and went back to re-reading the first section of the page.

Percy swung his leg over the bed frame and leapt onto the bed to sit, jostling your books and papers. “ Chill out and relax-          ”

“Relax?! I can’t relax Percy, I have to pass this in order to get a good mark on my college application. I don’t think I can do this, it’s way too hard!” You interrupted feeling like your  nerves were sparking up and dissolving from so much stress and tension. 

Percy raised his hands up to stop your rambling, “ Hey, calm down and breathe. My dad always said that a smooth sea never made a skilful sailor or something like that. My point is that maybe it’s hard now but at least you’ll know these things and they may come in handy someday.”
You dropped your head to your hands and groaned loudly into your hands.

Knock Knock
“Hey it’s Jason, are you okay in there?" 

With you not answering at the moment, Percy shouted to him. "She’s okay I think… you might wanna come cheer your girlfriend up though.”

The door creaked open gently. The gap in the door was soon replaced by Jason’s head poking inside to look before opening all the way.
“Hey, what’s going on?” He walked over to your bedside and pulled up your desk chair to sit in, he looked down and saw your school books spread out across the duvet and sighed heavily. “I told you not to stress about it, Y/n. You got this in the bag already, I can already tell you passed,”

You lifted your face to look at him with wide puppy dog eyes full of hopelessness. You honestly felt so overwhelmed about all of this and actually considered dropping out if you failed. 

Percy rested his hand on your shoulder and gave a comforting lopsided smile. His sea-green eyes spoke volumes of comfort and security, just like the sea itself. “Look I got to go check on Leo, Jason, get her to chill out, please?” He laughed out and stood up from the bed where he sat, “Good luck!” With a wave and a much-needed hug he left.

You turned your head in Jason’s direction and gave a ghostly smile.

Shaking his head at you, he opened his arms for you to be embraced and comforted by him, “Come here..”

You gladly accepted his offer and abandoned your schoolbooks for relaxation and your boyfriend. All cuddled up in his arms now, 
he spoke softly. “You can’t do that to yourself, Y/n. It’s not fair to yourself that you put yourself through all this stress.”
You didn’t say anything back to him, instead just nuzzling your head to hide in his arms.

“You’ll do great, I know you will. But, if you keep stressing about it, you might forget everything you studied for.” Jason whispered into your hair as he gave gentle kisses to the top of your head.
You scoffed at his words, “Gee thanks, Jase, now I know all that studying I did earlier was for nothing. Better hit the books again.” You sarcastically said, rolling your eyes and shoving yourself out of his embrace to lean over the open book once more.

Jason groaned and sat up to close your book and pull you back to him, “ No~ I didn’t mean it like that! I just meant that with you worrying so much you might not retain anything you might need to.” He rested his chin on your shoulder and kissed your cheek in efforts to comfort you.
You rolled your eyes again and turned your head  away from him.

“Go away now. I won’t stress about it, but I still need to stud-     ” You were cut off by Jason kissing you in the middle of your sentence. When he pulled away you sighed half frustrated and half happy from the kiss, “ I hate it when you do that. I never get to finish those kind of sentences around you, especially if you disagree with them.” He chuckled and smiled at you in triumph.

Just as he was about to speak, Percy swung open the door, Leo and Annabeth in tow behind him. Annabeth looking slightly annoyed and Leo looking utterly confused.

“Okay, you are going to love me for this, Y/n. I’ve brought you the master of work,” He gestured to Annabeth like a TV host,“ And the master of play.” He gestured to a waving Leo,“ Together they make the ultimate study buddy group!”

Jason grimaced at the pair, suddenly worrying about the squabbling to come if he stayed. He stood up quickly which made you fall backwards a little, “ Well I did my part. Heh, I gotta go~” With that he fast-walked out of the room and closed the door behind him.

Annabeth scoffed at his actions and cracked her knuckles in preparation, nudging Leo with her elbow she walked over to sit next to you and the open school books, “ Alright let’s get down to business.”

**Wow the ending sucks. sorry for being MIA lately, I’ve gotten all the research I need done so I should be updating more often. I really hope this is ok**

MCL Boyfriend Headcanons: Their parents’ reactions to finding out they have a girlfriend and then inviting her to dinner

(I’ll kind of go back and forth between referring to you as candy and vice versa cause it’s just easier for me to write that way and also sorry that some boys are way shorter, I just had more ideas for certain boys. And also apologizing in advance for any typos, I typed this at 4:00 AM and I was too tired to at least skim through it xD)


  • I honestly don’t even think Nathaniel would mention you to his parents tbh. Not cause he doesn’t want to, he’s just not comfortable with them, and he wants to protect you from their judgmental ways. They would most likely found out from Amber, who brought it up over dinner. They wouldn’t pry about it too much at first, but after learning that it’s CANDY, oh man they’d be pissed. We’ve already seen his mom’s reaction to Candy plenty of times, and none of them were positive so yeah. But if none of that had happened they probably still wouldn’t like the idea in general, because they see it as a distraction.
  • It would take way longer for his parents to consider having you around at all. It would take some time but his mom would warm up to the idea first. She would eventually realize that she can’t hold a grudge against you for something she should have stopped years ago. She’d be a little hesitant about it, not knowing how to approach the subject but she’d basically say something like “Well, if she’s going to be around for a while then it’s necessary for me to get to know her…”
  • His dad honestly wouldn’t even care to meet you, like at all. I feel like he’s too stubborn to admit his wrongdoings and would be completely upset with his wife for bothering to do so. The dinner wouldn’t even be at their house cause of his dad, it’d be at Nathaniel’s apartment or maybe at a nice restaurant. Amber might even tag along if her mother bugged her enough about it. She’d still be her normal bitchy self though. (I like to think that with time Amber would warm up to you) Conversation would be a little awkward at first but as time goes by you’d flow into casual conversation. It would be overall pleasant. His mom may be a bit stuck up but you find out she’s actually a decent woman once you get on her good side. Nathaniel would have to initiate most of the conversation just cause both of you are too nervous to. He’d reassuringly hold your hand or place his hand on your thigh and give it a small squeeze. His mom notices and it kinda warms her heart.
  • Once you leave I feel like she would probably apologize to Nathaniel for the way she treated you and for everything that had happened up until then. She’s too proud to apologize directly to you but she means what she says. “She seems like a very nice girl, I’m happy for you.”


  • Castiel wouldn’t exactly come right out and say he has a girlfriend; he’d just kind of mention you here and there until his mom finally got the hint and pestered him with questions. “Are you dating??” “Why didn’t you tell me?” “How long has it been?” And this reaction is exactly why he didn’t want to tell her in the first place cause he didn’t want to deal with her nagging. His dad just kind of gives him a small smile and a pat on the back, saying “You should bring her over sometime.”
  • It would take a while for you to meet his parents since their jobs keep them so busy so it wouldn’t even happen till months later. And even then he would be a little nervous about it, because he thinks it’s super cheesy and he’s scared that his mom’s eagerness would scare you away. He’ll ask you but he wouldn’t make a huge deal about it, just kinda like “Hey you should come over for dinner this weekend.” Simple like that.
  • You’d never be able to tell but he’s secretly really excited for his mom to meet you because he knows she’ll love you. His mom never liked Deborah, she’s just really good at reading people from the start. He never understood why she disapproved of her at first, he was too stubborn to actually listen to her, but when he realized she was right, oh man did he feel so stupid. His mom’s opinion matters a lot to him now so he’s taking this more seriously than you think. The dinner would be at his house, his mom makes the entire meal by herself to impress you with her mad cooking skills. She freaking adores you the second you walk through the door and she instantly pulls you into a tight hug. She’ll pull you away, leaving Castiel and his dad alone while you two talk in the kitchen. She’ll ask how you guys met, when you started liking him, when you first kissed him, all of that. She doesn’t care, she wants all the details. The dinner overall is really nice, filled with laughing and his mom telling stories of baby Cas. His dad just has this gentle smile on his face as he watches the two of you interact, he’s just really happy to see his son with someone who actually seems like a decent person cause he probably didn’t like Deborah much either. Castiel is just really glad his parents like you and he’ll just kind of stare at you while you’re conversing with them, with a smirk on his face cause he’s super glad to have you.
  • When you leave, his mom will make him help her clean up and she’ll just flat out ask “So, have you guys had sex yet?” Like I said, she wants all the details and if Cas isn’t a virgin she’d probably already know anyway so it wouldn’t matter. Of course, she still lectures him about protection and such.


  • He would kind of let the news just flow out; it wouldn’t be a huge announcement or planned out or anything. It would come up in conversation, his mom would ask about the girl she forgot the name of and would mention to him how he seems to have taken a liking to her. He would smile and nod his head, a very subtle blush on his cheeks. “Yes, we’re actually dating now though.” His parents would be a little surprised, but also very happy for him and his mother would ask him a few questions about you. He would shyly tell them how lovely you are, and how he’d like to officially introduce you. His parents would be delighted to meet you as his girlfriend, instead of confusing you for Rosalya half the time.
  • You’d have dinner at his parents’ house because I doubt Leigh or Lysander can cook, at least not fabulously. His mother would be so sweet to you when she greets you at the door. Their house has a very warm and cozy feel to it and it’s very welcoming. His dad would give you a warm smile and shake your hand. The conversation would be really nice and they would immediately like you. His mom would mention how grateful she is to you for making her son so happy, cause he pretty much keeps to himself but it just seems like ever since you came into the picture he’s come out of his shell a lot more than usual, and they are really happy about that. They just want their precious baby to be happy, okay.

  • After that his mom would always be asking about you, especially if you hadn’t come around in a while. She really takes a liking to you, and even his dad will occasionally mention how he hasn’t seen you recently. They’re always telling him to bring you over more often and if he shows up without you his mom is like “Well where is Candy?” It’s so cute.


  • Armin’s mom can tell something is up way before he even mentions having a girlfriend so she’ll probably ask him about it before he even has the chance. “So, are you and that girl a thing now or what?” She’s pretty perceptive so you can’t hide anything from her tbh. Alexy probably would have spilled the beans sooner or later anyway. His dad is probably a little surprised that something other than video games caught his attention for once so he’s pretty curious about you too. “Bring her over sometime, kiddo.”
  • His parents are super cool and slightly amusing. His mom is constantly teasing/embarrassing him in some way, and his dad just kind of sits back and watches everything unfold, poking fun here and there. They make you feel like you’re a part of the family already, and there’s no awkwardness at all. From the very beginning you fit right in. His mom was definitely trying to analyze you at first but she definitely likes you after getting to know you. She seemed to be pretty blunt and straight forward so unlike Castiel’s mom she’ll just come right out and say it while you’re there: “Are you guys having sex?” It’s super embarrassing but she’s just trying to make sure her son isn’t gonna do anything stupid. If you are she probably already knows just from looking at you two.
  • After meeting you his mom is always inviting you over, sometimes without Armin even knowing. I could see her taking you out occasionally just cause she likes you s much. If you guys are still together in the future she’s definitely that cool mother-in-law who you go shopping and talk shit with because she’s just that awesome. His dad also likes you a lot and is always telling you “not to be a stranger” and come over.


  • Kentin probably mentioned you a lot to his parents before military school, and after he came back and began to like you again he talked about you a few times, letting himself get carried away. When he tells his dad, his dad is super proud of his son “becoming a man” and his mom smiles and kisses his cheek, saying her “baby is growing up.” He’s a shy about it and annoyed by his parents reactions but he’s happy to tell them nonetheless. He’s pretty proud of you.
  • When he invites you he’s kind of excited about it actually, because he knows his parents will love you and he feels it’s an important step in the relationship. His mom pulls you down for a hug and his dad gives you a firm handshake. They’re happy to finally be able to talk to the girl their son talks about nonstop. His dad doesn’t say much, maybe asking you if Kentin is acting like the gentleman he should be but other than the he really just sits back and observes. His mom is really happy for Kenny cause he finally got the girl of his dreams. She spoils you with desserts and basically won’t stop feeding you until you’re about to die. His parents love you and think you’re great.

  • His mom will occasionally call you to invite you over herself. I could see her being that mom who wants her son’s girlfriend to participate in everything. Family events, dinners, outings, heck even grocery shopping.
Off Limits (Skam - Chris x OC) Part 14

Pairing: Chris x OC

Synopsis: Mara Magnusson has always had everything she ever wanted in her life, except for one thing. The boyish charm of her brother’s childhood friend had wrecked her poor heart and ruined her for any other guy – you can trust her, she has tried. She could see the way he looked at her, though she knew there were rules about not hitting on your best friend’s little sister. Luckily for her, there were no restrictions when it was the other way around.

Word count: 2.1k

A/N: You know this is taking mad proportions, right? It was supposed to be a oneshot


Part 13 <<< >>> Part 15

Chris was the first one to cast a stone at Mara. It was predictable – it honestly was – though a bystander might have bet on Mara to do that. Chris was so entirely committed to her, in a way he never was to any other girl before, that people tended to forget how devoted he actually was to his friendship with William. And some might even wonder if it didn’t outweigh his affection for Mara.

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In a Name 29

ARGHaefkleajlekjfeoajieojs Here is excitement ramped up for the ball and oh boy and I just blew it… just… yea *waves hands at this* I’m more excited for what I have planned next but like, I feel like I’ve been building up for soo long and then this is what I come up with and like, shouldn’t it be better? I don’t know, please enjoy if you can…

The people @ladytaissa @xordinaryxwomanx @megasimpleplan4ever @stace1394 @thebookisbtr @lucifer-the-cuddler @xdebora @hannah-caitlynn @graysonmalfoy @falltoashes @solsticestorm @bingewatchingmylifegoby @elenoranave @incadinkadoo @melanin—senpai @juuliiaa05 @sigridlaufeyson @ihaveanobsessenproblem @oneweirdfangirl @kristenscamander @pabegay1

And before you truly realized it, the day of the ball was upon you. You were summoned early from your chambers, brought to the queen’s private rooms to be scrubbed and coifed and primped and preened and all around made beautiful. Your hair was done up, makeup added and as you looked in the mirror, for a moment you might’ve believed you were a princess; but when your mind turned to Loki, you knew it would never be enough.

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Faking It (Part Nine)

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: brief mention of death

Series Summary: When a young billionaire who’s a former friend of yours becomes the target for the Avengers, you’re sent on an undercover mission. The mission should be easy; one week on the Upper East Side with Bucky as your “boyfriend.” The only problem? The two of you can’t stand each other. 

Originally posted by itsawkwardfangirl

Your name: submit What is this?

“She’s insufferable.”

“I would just like to point out that everyone adores (Y/N) except for you. Why can’t you just get along?” Steve’s response is the last thing Bucky wants to hear. He shouldn’t be surprised though, Steve says this a lot. He pinches the bridge of his nose in frustration. 

“Seriously Steve, I need you to be on my side. I don’t need a lecture.” 

“I’m not giving you a lecture, I’m simply making a point.” 

“You’ve made your damn point,” he growls into the phone.

“What is it about (Y/N) that makes it so impossible for you to be civil with her?”

“Where do I start?” he scoffs dryly, “She’s a pain in the ass, a spoiled brat,” Bucky grips his phone harder as he gets even more fired up, nearly crushing the object in his metal hand, “She’s mean and judgmental, she pisses me off for fun, she pushes people away on purpose-”

“I’m gonna stop you right there,” Steve says, cutting the rant off, “She’s not the one who pushes people away, that’s you.”

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(Jared Leto)Joker x Reader - Deadly Voice (Part 1)

Okay this is my first imagine - I’m worried its really bad, and doesn’t flow at all - I would really appreciate feedback if anyone can be asked to read this! It is only part 1 but I need to know if there is any point in writing the rest

i apologize for the length of it but once i started i just get going, I don’t believe there are any warnings really… Enjoy?


I took a deep breath as I stood in my coat outside the back door of the club. This wasn’t me, but I couldn’t stand this anymore. This was unfair and he couldn’t just do it and get away with it. He had to pay – even if it hurt me.

My exhale of breath steamed and swirled before me in the cold night air and I quickly pushed open the heavy black door that led to a corridor only dimly lit by the faint glow of the lights above.

I walked through the familiar grubby dark corridor to the back stage area where my dressing room was and pushed my door open.

It was a basic room – a wardrobe, dressing table, stool and a comfy sofa. No windows - it was practically a cupboard by I didn’t mind. I didn’t need anything else.

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7 Faces of Life (An iKON AU Series) – Prologue

Inspired by this prompt from @writing-prompt-s

Characters:  iKON members (Kim Jinhwan, Song Yunhyeong, Kim Jiwon (Bobby), Kim Hanbin (BI), Kim Donghyuk, Goo Junhoe, Jung Chanwoo x Death/You (Reader, OC)

Genre:  Supernatural!AU, Afterlife!AU, Death!OC, Mostly fluff, Bit of Angst and Smut on selected chapters

Length: 2,688 words

A/N:  Hello every one!  Me again! So this is the new series that I have been wanting to start since last year but didn’t have the time to actually begin writing.  I stumbled upon this prompt while browsing through good AU plots/prompts and I find it really unique and since I have wanted to write an AU series for my sons for long, I guess this would be a great start!  The series will be generally fluff and comedy; though some may have some kick-ass smut and angst in it, it really depends :)  So, here it goes, I would appreciate any feedback and thoughts, though I will not be expecting anything, as always :))

This is my very first supernatural AU so please be nice hahaha!

You are Death, and you’ve accidentally taken someone’s life before her time.  In order to hide your mistake, you decided to live in the person’s place until the day she was supposed to die.

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Cloud Nine (Chapter Four)

Fandom: Mystic Messenger
Pairing: Jumin/MC (you)
Rating: Fluff
Summary: The RFA members say that MC was trapped, but how could anyone claim to be trapped when she said so herself that she was in heaven? Retells the events of MC visiting Jumin in his pent-house. Set between days 7-11 in Jumin’s route. (* spoiler alert!)

[Chapter Three] | [Chapter Five]

Chapter Four: A Bolt out of the Blue

When the morning rays peeked its way in through the penthouse’s giant glass windows, Jumin’s eyes fluttered open as he welcomed another beautiful day. His arms stretched out, his back arching in tow. The young man took a quick glance at MC, who was still sound asleep. The smile on his face reflected his relief in seeing that she was resting so peacefully.

“Wish I could stay here a bit longer…” He sighed with a bit of disappointment as he kept his eyes on her, a finger reaching out slowly to brush against her cheek. It took everything in him not to make any further advancements, let alone say any more than he did. “But, I must get ready.”

Jumin walked over to another room to change clothes and ready himself before eventually making his way over to the kitchen, slowly opening more blinds along the way. He poked his head and hands through cupboards and cabinets, finding things so that he could prepare breakfast. He did tell her that he was going to make her pancakes, and he felt excitement in merely the thought of doing so.

The brightness of the sun’s welcoming light continually flooded through his spacious penthouse, and just as he was mixing ingredients into a bowl, Jumin turned as he heard the rustling of silk sheets and a soft yawn escaping from MC’s lips. He stopped what he was doing at that very moment and he walked over to her side of the bed to greet her.

“MC… Your sleepy eyes look very cute…” His eyes softened, a hand over his fist as she looked up at him, half awake.

“Good morning…” She said to him quietly as she stretched her arms above her head, fixing her messy bangs as she quickly checked her phone for the time. She then let him know that she was going to freshen up and she walked to the bathroom to do so.

MC continued to scroll through the notifications on her lock screen as she noticed that there were some text messages from the gang as well as a few emails to get back to from party guests she had been working on inviting, to which she worked on as she got herself ready.

Jumin smirked slightly from the other room as he watched her name appear as ‘online’ in the RFA app, proceeding to do so as well, while going back to what he was doing.

[Jumin Han has entered the chatroom]

[MC has entered the chatroom]

Jumin Han: It hasn’t been scientifically proven that beautiful women sleep more.

Jumin Han: But it’s been said that women tend to sleep longer than men on average.

She didn’t want to tell him that she had to reread what he said multiple times in her mind to make sure that she wasn’t dreaming. After trying to make sense of reality, she attempted to finally think of a way to reply to such eloquent words.

MC: Do you… think that I’m beautiful?

Jumin Han: I’m sorry, was I too direct?

She gasped lightly, a hand shot to her mouth. She couldn’t stop staring at her phone in disbelief. Was he talking to her right now? Surely, he must be mistaken. She thanked herself quietly for making the decision to excuse herself to the bathroom at that moment.

Jumin Han: Good morning.

Jumin Han: I’m making pancakes for a beautiful lady.

Jumin Han: Isn’t it quite funny though,

Jumin Han: That we’re both logged in the messenger when we’re at the same place?

MC had walked out to the kitchen at this time, immediately catching his attention once more. She caught herself breathtakingly meeting her eyes with his after the messenger showed him that she read what he sent. There was a glow that she found somewhere beneath the dark undertones in the soft shades of gray. The gleam on her smile reflected onto him and he couldn’t help but let a small grin form on his somber expression. He happily continued what he was doing, as they continually held their gaze in silence.

[Jaehee Kang has entered the chatroom]

Jaehee Kang: Mr. Han!

Jaehee Kang: Finally, you’re logged in.

Jaehee Kang: I’ve waited for you.

However, MC watched as Jumin’s face deflated significantly after a sudden interruption caught him off-guard. She understood anyhow — for she, herself, enjoyed hearing Jumin Han, of all people, talk so sweetly to her like that.

Jumin Han: Good morning :3

Jaehee Kang: This isn’t the time to say good morning…

The brunette snickered lightly at his playfulness, finding both comfort yet also disbelief in this almost completely different side of him that she’d never seen before in the messenger. She then looked down for a moment to type a greeting to their fellow RFA member. “Heya Jaehee.”

Jaehee Kang: Hello MC

Jaehee Kang: I apologize, but I must talk with Mr. Han

Jaehee Kang: …Mr. Han.

Jumin Han: Yes?

Jaehee Kang: I did read that you wouldn’t be coming to work because of Elizabeth…

Jaehee Kang: But I sincerely hope that you will.

Jumin Han: Is something wrong?

Jaehee Kang: Nothing is “wrong”

Jaehee Kang: But there is a huge pile of documents that must be signed… but I’m sure that is not very important to you right now.

And he continually made the latter very clear to her and that he was quite obviously much more concerned about other manners instead of wanting to talk about the situations happening at work. The messages quickly flooded, to which Jumin half-listened as he started pouring batter into a heated frying pan. Jaehee continued to assert the imperative need of Jumin to go to the office aside from matters that involved work itself, with MC also taking these thoughts into consideration as well.

Rumors at C&R apparently began spreading like wildfire that claimed that Jumin had apparently been unable to make an appearance at work recently because he was “too busy planning for the wedding.” This boiled his blood, in a way that only MC could see, as she was witnessing this physically.

“Preparing for the wedding… That’s not pleasant.” MC watched as Jumin’s expression grew more and more sour at the thought.

Jaehee Kang: Yes!

Jaehee Kang: The media is free to talk about whatever they want

Jaehee Kang: But you should at least stop your own employees from gossiping.

Jaehee Kang: Not only for MC, but Elizabeth as well

And his assistant knew full well that if she tried to tie Elizabeth the 3rd into the conversation as a means of motivation to get him to go to work, that it might be enough to convince him. MC could already sense what she was attempting to do, and she went along with it, as well.

Jumin Han: Do you think so?

Jaehee Kang: Yes!!

Jaehee Kang: She will be distraught!!

Jaehee Kang: Isn’t that true, MC?

Before she could even say anything, Jumin turned to read her expression in hopes that her response in the chat corresponded with her true feelings.

“Nothing good can come out from all these rumors going around.” MC nodded at him after her reply sent.

“I see…” Jumin said this aloud to her as he also typed the response out to the chatroom, feeling like he understood more when it was MC telling him these things. “I can’t let this affect Elizabeth the 3rd.”

Jaehee Kang: I am not asking for much but please just make an appearance at the office ^^

Jumin Han: But

Jaehee Kang: But what??

Jumin Han: What if someone kidnaps Elizabeth the 3rd while I am gone?

MC: I’ll take care of her! Just go to the office today, please Jumin?

Jaehee Kang: That is such a good idea!

Jaehee Kang: Don’t you feel much safer if someone you trust is guarding her?

Jaehee Kang: Especially if it’s MC

Jumin Han: Yes… I can trust MC…

Jaehee Kang: That’s it! Then leave her there with her and come to work!

MC: I agree. It’s not worth ignoring your work for this…

Jumin Han: Wait, I’m thinking

Jaehee Kang: Whatever you may be thinking

Jaehee Kang: I hope you decide to come to the office

Jumin Han: Alright

Jumin Han: I’ll contact you once I finish thinking.

Jumin Han: Oh, actually

Jumin Han: I finished the pancakes, MC

Jumin Han: We should eat together before they get cold

Jumin Han: Then goodbye

[Jumin Han has left the chatroom.]

MC looked up expectantly as she heard the sound of plates and utensils clattering softly against the table. She was motioned by him to take her seat at the table, but she was stopped as the same sound of messages flooding in commenced once more. This prevented her from getting up as she made attempts to keep up with the load that dropped at that moment.

The brunette felt Jumin’s eyes on her as she watched his assistant helplessly ramble about her stress and concerns once more in the chatroom. She silently gestured to him that she would be another minute, for a part of her heart ached for the perseverance and efforts Jaehee was giving despite the admitted lack of proper gratitude that she was being given. Just by looking at her, Jumin could immediately sense MC’s rather caring nature.

Jaehee Kang: I haven’t prayed in a while but I should…

Jaehee Kang: So that he comes to work.

Jaehee Kang: God… I have to leave because of a meeting.

Jaehee Kang: MC… Please convince Mr. Han, I beg of you.

MC: I’ll do my best. Go ahead, Jaehee…

Jaehee Kang: Yes! Thank you!

Jaehee Kang: I will get going.

Jaehee Kang: Anyways… Please help him make the right decision…

MC: I will, don’t worry!

[Jaehee Kang has left the chatroom.]

[MC has left the chatroom.]

She sighed softly as she clicked her phone locked. The inviting smell of freshly made food made her feel eager as she was greeted to a table that was already set.

“I didn’t know what kind of tea you liked, by the way, so I made you Earl Grey.” Jumin placed a tea cup and an accompanying saucer down as he said this, pouring the hot brew out from the ceramic pot after doing so. “Is that fine with you?”

“It’s perfect, Jumin.” MC smiled as she twined her hands together and placed them on the table, taking her seat. “Thank you, so much. You really didn’t have to do all of this.”

“Oh, but I wanted to.” He reassured her, following suit as he scooted his own chair closer to the table.

MC’s eyes lit up as she breathed in the smell of freshly made pancakes mixed with juicy strawberries and newly brewed tea. It had been a while since she had a decent meal after being in Rika’s apartment, so the thought of breakfast made her feel a bit excited.

She asked him how he learned to cook, to which Jumin explained that he simply enjoyed knowing a little bit of everything here and there. MC genuinely looked at him with interest as he spoke, feeling like she could just listen to him speak all day. He stopped after some time, however, a hand gesturing a motion that told her to eat.

“Tell me what you think.” Jumin said, as he curiously examined her expression carefully. He watched expectantly as she took her first bite, chewing rather slowly at first. His eyes widened in concern as she appeared rather straight-faced for that moment.

“These… are heavenly… Wow, I’m impressed!” She felt as if hearts were about to fly out of her eyes, eating more but remaining careful to savor the flavor. “And the strawberries! They taste so fresh! These are so good!”

“I’m very glad to hear that you like them.” He smiled, incredibly pleased as he started to take a few bites of his own.

“What can you not do, Jumin?” MC beamed widely, as she raised her teacup for a toast.

“That’s a good question.” He snickered, clinking his cup with hers as they exchanged smiles across the table.

They remained quiet afterwards as the two of them had their breakfast, catching each other’s gaze occasionally. Otherwise, it was merely the sound of silverware softly meeting fine china while delicious food met their hungry stomachs.

Jumin tugged lightly at his tie as his focus remained fixated at her. He decided to break the silence after finishing up what left he had on his plate. “MC, I have something that I want to say to you. Do you have a moment?”

“Of course.” She gushed, still reveling in awe at the sweet things he said to her earlier.

He set his utensils down for a moment, a hand lightly brushing against his hair as he took an extra moment before saying to her, “I… I think I’ll have to go to work today.”

MC shot a hand onto her chest as she heaved a sigh of relief, although she caught herself quickly in hopes that her reaction didn’t give off the wrong impression. A million thoughts had raced in her mind wondering what he wanted to tell her, but was glad to hear that he was slowly becoming more open to her about his thoughts and feelings.

“I can’t just sit here and let strange rumors get around in my office. Of course, I will tell the body guards everything, and I’ll come back as soon as I can. If you take care of Elizabeth the 3rd, I’ll feel safe while I’m gone knowing that she’s with you… Will you be okay with that?” Jumin smiled at her.

“I’ll take good care of her.” MC nodded without hesitation, glad that she was finally able to do something for him for once. She secretly enjoyed the idea of being treated like a princess, but not entirely to a point where she couldn’t even lift a finger without being one-upped with more things for him to offer her. “Don’t worry about us so much and please, just go to work, and we’ll both be here waiting for you.”

“You have a beautiful heart.” He exhaled lightly, as if a weight was just lifted from his shoulders, and for that, they both were glad. “Elizabeth the 3rd is so important to me, and I’m glad that you understand that when nobody else does. But that’s how much I trust you, also… so I won’t have to be anxious while taking care of work. I hope that you both stay safe until I come back.”

She glanced over at the white, majestic fur ball, her light blue eyes intently focused on them both as she sleepily laid along the side of the large cage she was inside of. She knew that Jumin was overly concerned of her well-being as of late, considering the extra bit of protection he provided for her. Yet, something about it still didn’t feel right to her.

“If everything goes well in the morning, why don’t we go shopping in the afternoon? There’s an outfit that I’d like to buy for you. A princess should have clothes fit for a princess. My father has taught me this ever since I was a little boy.” His eyes practically lit up when he said this, unlocking the steel cage and allowing Elizabeth to walk around at will.

“Thank you for being so kind, Jumin.” MC felt her face getting red again. “But please don’t worry about me, and do what you have to do. I really don’t need anything like that from you.” I just need you. She added that thought to herself as she smiled up at him.

“A beautiful girl, with a beautiful soul… You never cease to amaze me, MC… And for that, it’s even more of a reason why I should be absolutely sure that I’ll find a way to make it up to you anyway.” Jumin said with a cheeky grin. “If anything happens, though, you know that you can call me, right? You must let me know if anyone tries to do anything to you. Of course, nothing like that will happen, I’m sure.”

MC laughed lightly as she shook her head in disbelief at how well she was being treated. “Jumin, please stop worrying so much. You need to get ready for work.”

“Yes but, I have an idea, actually… I know that you already met but I’d like to further introduce you to my Chief of Security.” He nodded.

Opening the front door, he went out and spoke softly to the man who continually stood guard at his place, as well as another small handful of people that seemed to be associated with Jumin as well. “…Yes, it’s me. Please come in. I’d like you to meet somebody.”

After coming back in, Jumin kept the door slightly open as he went back to speaking with MC. “They’ll have to know your face to give you complete protection, so I think this is the perfect opportunity for you both to be better acquainted.”

“For the meantime, Jumin, can you tell me how I should take care of Elizabeth?” MC ran a hand through the feline’s soft, white fur as she returned her kindness by gently rubbing herself against her legs.

“Well, I want her to stay inside the cage, so really, there won’t be much for you to do. I’ll give her food before I go, so if I don’t return until the afternoon, you can just give her more. Here, let me show you what I do for her.” He nodded, reaching a hand out to her as she greeted her owner.

Jumin filled two pink crystal bowls and placed them on the ground for her to eat from. He softly petted her on her head as she went for the food and water. “Lucky you. You’ll be spending the morning with MC. She’s a nice person, so I hope that you get to know her better.”

“Meow, meow~!” Elizabeth happily cooed.

“She looked so tired being inside that cage, Jumin… I don’t think she wants to go back in there.” MC looked at her so sadly. “When are you going to let her roam around freely like this again?”

“I don’t intend to keep her in there forever, of course. Just until I feel reassured of her safety.” Jumin said. “Anyways, please take care of my darling while I’m gone.”

“Oh, the door’s still open.” The brunette noted, instinctively walking over to it to close it after the Chief of Security made his way inside.

“Actually, you can leave it like that. This will be quick.” He told her, to which she walked over to where they are. He also explained that once Elizabeth was finished with eating that she would be put back in the cage.

Jumin further spoke to the uniformed male, imperatively speaking of MC’s safety and to remember what she looked like so that if she were to be in any form of danger that they would know what to do, to which he listened carefully and intently through all of it. MC could sense that he was very loyal to Jumin, beyond how much he was probably being paid and how well he was treated.

“Ah, yes. We met when she first came in last night. It’s nice to see you again, MC. If anything happens, you can call for me anytime.” He reached a hand out for her to shake, to which she returned politely.

MC quietly listened in as he and Jumin exchanged words once more. It appeared that a lot of what was being reiterated was rather straight-forward, but there were no interjections and the orders were heard.

“Er… Mr. Han, I’m sorry to interrupt you, but!” The Chief of Security said this after some time, his brows suddenly furrowed in concern.

“What is it?” Jumin’s face was quick to follow suit.

“Unless I’m crazy, I’m pretty sure that something white moved very quickly just now.” He quickly turned his head over to the door, which appeared to be more open than it was when he first entered his place.

Jumin feared for the worst, not wanting to believe what he just said. “…What do you mean?”

“It can’t be…” MC’s eyes widened. “Elizabeth?”

“Elizabeth the 3rd!” He gasped as he bolted towards the entrance of his penthouse. “She was right there just now… Where did she go!?”

“I believe she headed towards that way.” He pointed at the direction towards the elevator. “I couldn’t see properly because I was looking at MC, but…”

“I’ll lock all the building gates right now. She couldn’t have gone far.” Jumin’s face was flushed out of all happiness that he had built up previously. “God…”

“Mr. Han…?” The Chief of Security could immediately sense his concern.

“Tell all the security guards! Right now, hurry!” Jumin ordered.

“Yes, sir.” He complied. “Are you still going to be leaving, as planned?”

“Not anymore. Please lead me to the security room where I can see all of the CCTV screens of the hallway and lobby. Finding my cat is top priority.”

“Yes, sir!”

“Jumin, I’ll help you find her!” MC said, already putting her shoes on as she said this.

“No.” He touched a hand on her shoulder to stop what she was doing, his eyes sharp as he made it clear that that was an order and not a suggestion. “You have to stay here, MC.”

“But I want to help you…” The brunette said sadly, clearly wanting to be of assistance to him.

Jumin waited until the Chief of Security silently, and quickly, made his way out to alert the rest of the guards of the current situation. He stood close to her now, looking down to meet her eyes. “This might sound strange, but if even you won’t stay here, then I will feel very troubled. Please don’t leave this place. Alright? Don’t. Leave.

MC’s mouth dropped as she heard further emphasis on the latter. The level of concern he must have had in him skyrocketed to its maximum extent. And although she didn’t exactly agree with his decision, she fully read the worry and anguish in his eyes as he scrambled to get his thoughts together.

“Ugh… God… Keep calm, keep calm…” Jumin’s fingers ran through his jet-black hair, looking as if though he was ready to pull the strands out all at once from the stress. He heaved a deep sigh as he looked over at the brunette, readying himself to leave at once. “I’ll come back with Elizabeth the 3rd. Just wait for me here!”

“I know you will!” She watched as he ran out the door, closing it behind him as she heard his footsteps make a mad dash down the hall outside.

Anonymous: can I request a scenario where their lover breaks up with them?

(Hope everyone enjoys! I’ll post the next half soon. Don’t be afraid to heart, reblog and follow! -Tana-chan


“Hey,  Shu!” You chirped happily as you ran up to him. “How were your classes today?” You were disappointed when he simply grunted in response. “Hehe, well, nothing much happened for me today, too. Today was rather boring. I’m sure that tomorrow will be better for the both of us!” Awkwardly, you bit your lip.

The blond glared at you with half-lidded eyes. “Shut up. You’re ruining Beethoven’s masterpiece.” After that short complaint, he said nothing more. You pretended to shrug off his rude comment yet you couldn’t help but feel the twinge in your heart.

“I’m sorry, Shu… I’ll keep quiet now!” You absentmindedly shouted and looked up at him with a brilliant smile. Your grin dropped, however, when his eye twitched in irritation. “Tch, noisy woman. Go bother someone else.” He closed his eyes harder, as though he wanted to shut you out of his world.

You felt your heart break with every word he said to you. You closed your eyes to and allowed your warm tears to leak. “Shu, I cant- urgh, I can’t do this with you anymore!” You yelled and grabbed his headphones so he’d hear everything you were saying to him. “I love you so much. I try to make you as happy as I can! I do everything you want! I try to keep whatever we have alive…” You sniffed. “But every single time I try to be me, every time I do what makes me smile, you shove me away.

His beautiful blue eyes widened as he stared at your sobbing face. “(Y\N), I-“ in your emotional state, you cut him off.

“No! Shu, it feels like you don’t even like me! It’s like I’m here trying to show you that someone cares and you go on and tell me I’m annoying! Is this relationship one-sided, Shu? Am I someone who you’d rather not be associated with?” You cried and weakly punched his chest.

“(Y\N), it’s definitely not like that.” He tried to tell you.

“Really? What am I to you, then? A joke? A lover or a burden?” Shu was silent as he blankly looked at you.

When no answer was heard, you nodded your head in defeat. “Alright. I know when I’m not wanted. Thank you for your precious time and attention, Shu-san.” You bowed and scurried from his sight; you didn’t want him to know how much he mattered to you.

Shu stayed rooted in his spot. He didn’t move one inch. He prayed to whoever was out there that this was just a dream and he simply needed to close his eyes hard enough to wake up.



“You’re doing it wrong, (Y\N)” The bespectacled vampire huffed in irritation. “You need to distribute the two before you divide it to sixteen raised to the eighth power.” He grabbed the eraser and cleared your paper once more.

“Sorry, Reiji.”

“Pitiful. You obviously don’t even care about your education. Why do you even go to school?” He sniffed in distaste. You bit your tongue to prevent yourself from saying anything inappropriate about him.

“I’m sorry, Reiji.” You damned your pride and apologized once more. He stiffly nodded and watched everything you wrote down.

You tried to do the advanced math equation again… only to fail once more. As he got your pencil and proceeded to explain it for the fifth time, you felt frustrated tears piling up in your eyes. ‘You can’t cry in front of Reiji, he’ll think you’re weak!’

He sharpened your blunt pencil and handed it back to you. “I have repeatedly told you how to do this, (Y\N). Don’t disappoint me.”

“Yes, Reiji.”

Of course, not everything goes as planned. You keep forgetting specific formulas and you had the tendency to skip over many numbers. Reiji, being the intense perfectionist he is, makes you feel worse with his comments and corrections.

Getting tired of the stress, you sneakily tried to doodle on the sheet of paper. You were so lost in your world that you didn’t see him watch you until you were too late.“What is this?” You winced at his sharp tone. Much to his annoyance, you didn’t immediately give him the reply he desired. “(Y\N), I demand an answer now.” He glared at you behind his glasses.

“It’s just a drawing…” You trailed off. “Why are you doodling when you could be doing something productive?” He snobbishly scolded you. “But I was drawing my favorite character! You know how much I love reading, Reiji. Brining my beloved characters to life makes me happy…” You tried to reason with him.

“You are being foolish. It’d be better if you read science or perhaps even math books rather than your shallow fantasy books.” He clicked his tongue. “Call for me once you awaken from your fantasy world, (Y\N).”

You were angry. You were red with frustration and humiliation.”You know what? I don’t need this. I’m going home and I am going to read as many shallow books I want. Have fun with your one-dimensional college textbooks, Reiji.” You imitated his sneer. “it’ll be the only thing you’ll have left in your life.”



You cheerfully walked along the halls of the school. You held a colorful box in your handas you searched for your Ayato. After several minutes of roaming around the campus, you finally spotted him sleeping soundly under a tree. You grinned and sprinted toward him.

You placed the box beside you and woke him up. “Ayato! You lazy ass, wake up!” After forcing him to consciousness, he groggily opened his eyes. “Finally, it was like I was talking to a log.” You teased him. Ayato rolled his eyes. “Chichinashi? What do you want?” He yawned and attempted to go back to sleep.

“Dummy, do you know what today is?” You attempted to lead him to the answer. “No,” he lazily replied. “I don’t really care right now. Reiji kept us up all night and Ore-sama needs his power nap.” Ayato loudly yawned to emphasize his point. “Ore-sama wants you to keep quiet.” He closed his eyes once more.

You groaned. “C’mon, Ayato.” You poked his pale cheek. “Please wake up.” He didn’t look at you but he still replied. “You better give me a good reason first! Ore-sama doesn’t care about useless things that women usually say.”

“Oh, You want a good reason?” You glared at his sleeping form. Without any hesitation, you opened his eye by pulling his lashes. “It’s our fucking anniversary, Ayato!” He woke up immediately after you told him. “Hah? Really?” He asked you with a befuddled look. You scowled. “Yes, really.”

He smirked up at you. “That means that it’s been a year since you were blessed with a perfect boyfriend!” You didn’t think it was possible, but the frown on your face deepened. “That’s great and all, Ayato, but did you really forget that today was our anniversary?” You felt disappointed when he nonchalantly nodded.

“Fine,” you pouted. “I’ll assume you didn’t get me a present.” You shrugged that off. “It doesn’t matter, then.” Your eyes brightened to their normal happy glow when you remembered you had a gift to give him. “Well, I got you something! It’s not much, but at least I’m giving you anything.

Ayato grew curious. “Cool! Chichinashi got me a present? This better be good!” HE huddled close to you like a child. “Here!” You gave the wrapped box to him. When he opened it, the box revealed a photo of you and Ayato posing weirdly for the camera. Your heart quenched when you saw the disappointed look on his face. “Huh? A photo? It’s okay, I guess. You’ve got tons of these in your phone. It’s nothing worth Ore-sama’s sleep, though!” He continued sleeping under the tree.

You were left with stony silence. “Ayato… What the hell?!?” You screeched. “Are you serious? I got you a gift for our anniversary and you say it’s not worth it?” You growled at him. “Fuck you, asshole! Now I see how much I matter to you.” You stood up and wiped the dust off of your uniform. You gave Ayato one last glare. “Don’t you ever come near me again.”

You walked away. Ayato did nothing but watch and contemplated what in the bloody hell just happened.

Undercover - Bestfriend!Clint Barton x Reader, Bucky Barnes x Reader

Originally posted by thefirstgingerdoctor

Words- 1362
Paring: Bestfriend!Clint x Reader, kind of Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: kidnapping, mentions of needles, a few swear words.
Requested by @lclb52
A/n: This was a requested imagine where you’re an undercover agent to go into Hydra, also Clint’s best friend and Laura is your sister. I kind of changed the end of the request as I couldn’t get it to go in that direction from what I had. BUT, if it is wanted then feel free to request a part two of this imagine!

Part One Part Two Part Three

You knew that Clint would go after you, so you had to act fast.

Acting fast could take days, weeks, or months. And without the perfect plan, it would take even longer.

You told Clint that you would be back to help him after you went to pickup lunch. It sounded so simple- just go a few blocks down and get the random food that he and you liked so much- but it wasn’t that simple. You knew that today was the day the plan would go into action, and both he and Laura could tell something was up with you.

You didn’t know how you knew that today was the day, but when you decided to take that shortcut you’re always told not to take and heard footsteps behind you, there was no going back.

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Drawn to Midnight

A/N: Intially this was supposed to be a short little Negan x reader fic for Ash’s 2k writing challenge under the New Year prompt. But with the New Year fast approaching, I got a little carried away with it! Excuse my lack of editing as time ticks down on 2016 and plans get in the way of being able to conclude it properly (or give a decent title). I wanted to finish it in time for the celebrations so I apologise in advanced for the last couple of thousand words. Nonetheless I hope you enjoy this imagining of our Savior and a very happy new year to all!

Word Count: 10,554

Warnings: Swearing, violence, death, minor smut.

Tags: @negans-network , @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash

That week between Christmas and New Year had always been a timeless space, an empty gap in your life. It seemed sad really, that you never did have the friends to hang out with, the family to celebrate with. Instead you had been alone, wondering whether you really ought to reach out to those long lost. Of course now, none of that mattered… There was no one at the end of an awkward, long distance phone call- you couldn’t even remember the last time you held a damn phone. The world had changed. No longer did you watch the glitter ball drop in Times Square on TV as the seconds counted down to midnight. No longer did you fall asleep, curled up on your couch with a half drunken cup of coffee. No longer did such luxuries matter.

It was New Year’s Eve, Sanctuary looking the same as every other day. No fireworks ready and waiting, no dastardly countdown to new beginnings. It was all bullshit anyway. Resolutions and making promises you’d never keep. You hadn’t done such things since you were a teenager. Now, as a fully fledged grown woman, you realised how pitiful your life had been. Before this, before the world came to a halt and the dead reanimated, you’d been a college graduate, working a shitty 9-5 receptionist number whilst trying to make it as an illustrator. You’d been shot down more times than you cared to remember, made to think you were worthless in a worthy society. Oh how the tables had turned. See, Sanctuary was a worthy society, it was THE community you had always belonged in. And meeting the love of your life? That had just been a damn coincidence.

When you’d first arrived however many months ago, you never thought you’d meet ‘the one’. To be honest, you never believed in that so called soulmate to begin with. It was all a crock of shit fantasy the media had forced the fragile minded to convince them their lives were shit without someone else in it. Yeah, you had pretty strong feelings about love back then. You still did now, except now, you were in love. It was still an unexplainable feeling, a crazy whirlwind of emotion. Love wasn’t just one thought or one action, it was everything you’d ever do or say again. It affected you wholly, consumed your very being. Love had a name though, that it did. Love was named Negan.

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