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Something Special

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Request: (by @chigonaconchaHey! Can I request a Winn Schott one shot where Winn wants to ask out reader but doesn’t know how and finds out she’s never been asked out on a date?? Also if u could tag me in it that would be awesome thank uuuu

Pairing: Winn x Reader, feat. Alex, James, and Kara

Warnings: N/A

Words: 2155

A/N: This hits way too close to home…

Winn sat at his computer at the DEO, fidgeting with a toy that he kept on his desk. He stared off into space as he contemplated asking you out. It wasn’t so much whether to ask you out or not, but rather how to ask you out. He always got nervous talking to beautiful women, but with you, it was worse. You were really special to him and therefore needed to be asked out in a special way. He couldn’t just ask you.

“Earth to Winn!” Alex waved a hand in front of his face.

“What? Oh hey, Alex.” He shook his head. “What can I do for you?”

“Can you trace this for me?” She handed him a piece of paper with something written on it.

“Sure can!” He took it from her and started running a trace on his computer.

“So, what’s on your mind?”

“What do you mean?”

“You were totally zoning out a minute ago.”

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Mouthful of forevers

Hola amigos!

My finals are here and so is my imagination and the ability to do anything but study. ;-)

Anyways, I’ve been reading some poetry and I came across Clementine von Radics and her poems. One poem called Mouthful of forevers caught my attention in particular and I decided to write a little something. 

Clearly, the credits go the amazing poet. Without her words, there wouldn’t be mine.

AN: This is set somewhere after 13x21.

Owen was in his bed, having trouble sleeping as usual. After that hug in the elevator Owen kept thinking and thinking about Amelia - not that he hadn’t before. Although they were in an awkward and difficult stage of their relationship, Owen wanted to give her time and space. He wasn’t completely sure what was going on in her head or why she had left him but he was sure it wasn’t because she had stopped loving him.

Although he tried his best not to over think about the messy situation he was in, he felt like he should have done something more. Knowing Amelia, Owen knew it wasn’t best to push her. He had to do something subtle, easy and small. Just a little something so she knew he was there.

The idea seemed great at first but while he was writing the letter, he wondered if it was pathetic and corny. Owen felt stupid for doing it and yet somehow, once he started, he couldn’t stop.

Dear Amelia,

I know things have been hard lately but I hope you know I’m here. This letter may seem silly or stupid but it’s the only thing that felt right. I found this poem online and it really spoke to me. I hope you hear it out as well.

I am not the first person you loved.
You are not the first person I looked at
with a mouthful of forevers.

We both had people who we had loved before we met each other. We both had at least one person who we thought would be our future, our everything. I know I did and I know you did as well. Never in a million years did I imagine spending my life with Derek’s little sister who I occasionally saw in the hospital when she came to visit. But life had a way…

We have both known loss like the sharp edges
of a knife. We have both lived with lips
more scar tissue than skin.

Losing people, losing ourselves… Sounds familiar, right? I wish we didn’t have that thing in common. I wish you wouldn’t have to know that pain. Seeing you suffer after your brother died made my heart ache. I still blame myself for leaving then, for not being stronger and staying with you. Maybe my presence wouldn’t make a difference but maybe it would… I just wish it hadn’t come to the point where you wanted to take drugs again. I wish it hadn’t gone to the point where you had to drink because it hurt too much. I can only imagine how it felt losing so many people in your life.

Our love came unannounced in the middle of the night.
Our love came when we’d given up
on asking love to come. I think
that has to be part
of its miracle.
This is how we heal.

I admit I was a bit lost after Cristina left and I know you didn’t exactly have it easy when you moved here at first. But I think our struggles are worth it because we ended up together. You were the best thing that has ever happened to me. Every time I think about you I remember you coming to my trailer with that bottle of sparkling water. Lime. I like to think that’s when our story officially started although I had my eyes on you long before that. I suppose we like to think that we can do it all by ourselves and that we don’t need anyone; that we’re enough. And as much as I agree on some level, I sure think that I couldn’t do it without you. And maybe, just maybe, I helped you in a way as well.

I will kiss you like forgiveness. You
will hold me like I’m hope. Our arms
will bandage and we will press promises
between us like flowers in a book.
I will write sonnets to the salt of sweat
on your skin. I will write novels to the scar
on your nose. I will write a dictionary
of all the words I have used trying
to describe the way it feels to have finally,
finally found you.

I am not trying to overly romanticize our relationship or try to turn it into a love story with us not being able to live without each other because we can. We did it before and I guess we are kind of doing it now. I know I am able to live without you but I don’t want to. My days are better when I see you and when I see your dimples as you smile. The way you always hold my hands when we kiss is special. Tracing your back in the middle of the night makes the darkness brighter. Hugging you and running my hands through your hair is a privilege I’m not planning to lose.

And I will not be afraid
of your scars.
I know sometimes
it’s still hard to let me see you
in all your cracked perfection,
but please know:
Whether it’s the days you burn
more brilliant than the sun
or the nights you collapse into my lap,
your body broken into a thousand questions,
you are the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

I know you have a history and I know it’s hard for you to let me in on everything. Believe me, I understand it. But I want to tell you that it’s ok. Please know that no matter what you tell or don’t tell me, it won’t change the way I look at you. May it be you burning dinner, operating, trying to push me to talk to Riggs or running away from me, you are still the Amelia Shepherd I fell in love with. There are things you are proud of and there are things you’d rather not talk about and that’s ok.

At first I thought I needed to know everything about you.

But the truth is that I don’t.

I feel in love with messy you, focused you, laughing you, sobbing you, bossy you, scared you, sassy you and every other part I know or don’t know yet. And please know that nothing, absolutely nothing, will change my feelings towards you.

I will love you when you are a still day.
I will love you when you are a hurricane.

Love, Owen

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HI!! i was wondering if you could give me some writing tips. i really love your stories :)

hi anon  ☺️ 

i’m gonna try my best to answer this question. most of the tips i learnt along the way. not that it maters, but i was a journalism student, worked for 3 years, and retired.  i retired mainly because my former employer always said my writing sucked, and i began to doubt myself. and then i forgot why enjoyed writing in the first place. 

1) so my first tip is to believe in yourself. i know it sounds corny, but my former employer told me how much i sucked i started to believe it. i couldn’t perform well, and i was stuck in a creative rut. all i could think of was how much i sucked, and everything i wrote, well it sucked. that was until i found tumblr. i believed i could write some dc smut, i believed 2 people will like my fanfic. and it happened.

when i interned at a youth magazine, i had so much confidence. i believed that i was an amazing intern, and i always shared my ideas with the team. funnily enough, my ideas were trash. but this one day, one of the writers wrote a story and the editor thought it was boring. the editor sent the writer to me for my expert opinion on how to spice things up. i just told the writer to shorten her sentences. write in simple english. that was it. our editor thought i was cool, because i believed i was cool at the time.

2) just start writing. no matter how silly or insignificant you think your story is, just write it. you will be surprised how many people enjoy reading your work. 

3) write ideas down as soon as they pop in your head. i’m that girl who hoard notebooks, all of them containing dialogue for stories i haven’t written yet. you never know when or where you will get inspiration from, so always keep one in your bag or close by. you can also save ideas on your smartphone.

4) get out there and experience things.  i worked as a travel writer, and i never traveled in my life. i was stuck at the office from 8am until 5pm, 5 days a week. i had to write about hot air ballooning and fine dining at visiting private islands, all while i was stuck in a tiny room with horrible fluorescent lighting, eating mcdonalds. some may argue that if you are that great of a writer, you will be able to write about these things even if you’ve never experience it. i’m not one of those people. get out there. go for a walk in the park. visit the beach. go to a cafe. observe people - you might get inspiration for characters.

5) explore a variety of genres. if you want to write dc fanfic, don’t just read dc comic books. the same goes for if you want to write crime dramas. read romance novels, watch reality tv, read people magazine. i got inspiration for leftovers when i watched val mercado’s lookbook on youtube. she wore this champagne dress, and i was inspired to base my main character on her. 

that’s all for now, i will add more in the future. right now i want to pass all my modules for law. so i have to go. hope i helped. and i hope to read some of your work real soon :) <3 

Can’t Help Falling In Love (2): Peter Parker x WOC

Part 2 of Can’t Help Falling In Love. Based on Tom Holland’s Peter Parker, but whichever one you prefer. 

You and Peter had grown closer ever since you had bumped into him in the hallway. 4 months had passed and you were starting to gain feelings for him. You would go to his place to study and would sometimes stare at him as he solved a hard math equation. You adored the way his brown hair got in his face or the way he smiled when you said a corny joke. One time he caught you staring at him and you quickly pretended to focus on your paper. He smiled and continued to work on his homework. 

You found yourself loving Aunt May and how kind she was. “I can see where Pete gets it from.” Peter blushed and looked down at his feet. “Well he’d better be nice. He was brought up to be a gentleman.” She winked. 

One day after school Peter had begged you to come over and watch movies with him. “Sure, but I have to go home first.”

After going home and making your way to his place May answered the door .”Hey Y/N, he isn’t home yet. You can go in his room.” She checked to make sure his room wasn’t a mess and let you in. You sat down in his room for at least 2 hours, May came in, “Hey sweetie, I’m so sorry. I tried calling him but he hasn’t answered. Do you still want to-”

“Yes, I actually don’t have anything to do. “ You laughed. “Well, if you still want to stay I’ll be making dinner.” She smiled and closed the door. “Thanks May!”

You texted Peter and put your phone down. You laid back on Peter’s bed and threw his blanket over you. You found yourself dozing off. 

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How everyone (HEAVENS, Starish, Quartet Night and eventually Saotome) would act at their wedding ?

PHEW THIS IS A LONG ONE. Wrote out everyone, then Jen did Shining because she just captures his dialect so well

Natsuki - Long before his blushing partner came down the aisle, Natsuki was already in tears. He couldn’t stop thinking about how amazing they’d look on the other end. Natsuki considers himself extremely lucky to be the man marrying his lover. He’d have Syo as his best man, constantly needing his assistance to keep himself together and wipe his face free of tear-stains and snot.

Tokiya - His heart’s beating faster than ever, hardly able to contain his excitement. This would be the first step of the rest of their lives together, and he wanted it to be the perfect day for them. He’d be a bit irritable because of his perfectionist attitude, but once the organ starts playing “Wedding March” he relaxes. When his partner reaches him, he’ll murmur “I love you” to them.

Cecil - The night before he paces back and forth in his room. This whole “no seeing each other a day before the wedding” superstition was driving him crazy. All evening and morning he can only see their face in his mind, and once he does lay eyes upon them on the opposite side of the chapel, he has to rub them to ensure it isn’t a dream. Cecil would burst into a wide grin when he realizes it’s reality, marveling at the sight of his gorgeous partner slowly walking towards him.

Ren - “I didn’t think it was possible for you to look more beautiful,” Ren whispered into his lover’s ear, taking their hand from their father and leading them towards the minister. His aura exuded confidence with a dash of pride. This was the moment he’d looked forward to for so long. Finally he could truly call this person his and his alone. He trusted them, as they did with him. He would never have to worry about someone else sweeping them away, because simply hearing the surname “Jinguji” once would be enough to let these people know his partner was off-limits. The idea of it all brought great joy to Ren.

Ittoki - His breathing almost required a brown paper bag. Otoya felt himself sweating more than usual, his knees knocking together. Others would remark at how silly he appeared in his nervousness, to which Otoya could only laugh back. This was a day more important to him than his debut, it was only natural he’d want it to go over well. Just when he thought he had his nerves together, his partner descended through the path. He felt faint, his face burning with a rosy tint. “Here we go,” he mutters to himself, inhaling deeply.

Syo - He twiddles his thumbs, attempting to find something to keep his hands from fidgeting too much. The tension was exceedingly high, causing Syo’s heart to (figuratively) pump right out of his chest. If you had asked him about a decade or so ago, he never would have believed he’d live to get married. The concept made his eyes somewhat blurry with tears, but he put plenty of energy into suppressing them. Insoles in his shoes to combat the evilness of heels, he anxiously awaits on the altar for his partner. Any second longer of waiting, and Syo would think he would die from suspense.

Hijirikawa - Most people fail to notice that Masato’s in a cold sweat. Millions of worrisome thoughts flood his mind. What if they decide not to show up? What if it rains? What if the ring bearer loses the rings? He presses a few fingers to his forehead, trying to withhold them. No, he had to believe in the positives. His partner loved him, so of course they would be there, why else would they agree to marry him? Oh gosh, what if they only want my money? he frets again, mentally chastising himself for being so negative constantly. They love him for him. Nothing was ever going to change that.

Ranmaru - He sucks in his lips, licking them briefly in a poor effort to prevent them from drying. His body is rather stiff, the wedding day fever hitting him hard. In actuality he would’ve preferred a tiny ceremony with strictly family, but he also understood how important it was for his lover to have their close friends around to share in the once-in-a-lifetime occasion. That doesn’t mean he pays them a lot of mind though. From the moment he’s suited up in his tuxedo, his brain only focuses on his partner. Immediately following their arrival at his side, he imagines it’s only the two of them and the minister right there.

Reiji - He’d bounce on his toes, swaying through the corridors of the cathedral to release some of his brimming excitement. Reiji might hum a few tunes, particularly Quartet Night’s song “Marriage” since it fit the time so well. “Today you’re marrying your best friend,” he tells himself while staring into a mirror, slapping his cheeks gently. In the chapel he stands by eagerly. “I thought I was going to be the good-looking one today,” Reiji chuckles to his lover, hoping that his corny joke might’ve loosened their nerves.

AI - The outbreak of sentimental happiness Ai found himself in seemed troublesome at first. It was a whole new experience altogether, and he wondered if his heart might explode from enduring it another second. He placed a hand over his heart, smiling to himself. “Is this really what true love feels like?” he pondered. His bright aquamarine irises beam wistfully, conveying more than the words his mouth could ever dare utter to his lover in the short journey between the drop-off point of the aisle and the steps of the altar.

Camus - In the eyes of some former playboys, getting “tied down” was an idea they felt uncomfortable with. Fortunately for Camus and his lover, that was far from the case. He longed for the day he had found that one special person he could abandon his womanizing habits for. Someone he could eat plenty of sweets with, and cherish deeply in the days to come. Upon the entrance of his partner, he tilts his head lower to kiss their hand. “I’ve been waiting for you, my Queen,” Camus confides tenderly, a pearly-white grin unveiling past his lips.

Eiichi - The angels painted along the cathedral’s ceiling reminded Eiichi of his fans. “Are you all watching over me and passing on your blessings?” he smiles, hands in his pockets while his shoes clicked adjacent to the marble tiles. The echoes of the silent hallway were a pleasing sound to his ears, and also one that distracted him from his uneasy stomach. The day he met his partner was the day he realized that there definitely was someone in the world that he wanted to be worthy of loving, and on this present day he’d have the pleasure of vowing to love them eternally. It clashed with the aggressive styles of his family, but it was a refreshing change.

Nagi - He’d waited a very long time for this day to commence. Nagi had been a young and foolish idol when he met his partner. He would never forget the pangs of anger and jealousy he’d felt when they considered him a kid who understood little about love. Now he was an adult, the kind of man his partner hadn’t dreamt of him becoming until recent years. “Guess I sure showed you, huh,” Nagi teased his lover with a coy smile and a slight poking out of his tongue. He’d never let them live down the strange sensation of marrying someone they used to only see as a “child.”

Kira - The bond connecting two lovers together was something Kira held sacred. Surprisingly enough he did believe in a superstition or two, working hard to prevent any of them from happening as not to spoil the day. He may have been a man of few words, but now he wanted to recite every syllable of a vow he had personally written. He wanted his lover, God, and all their friends and family to hear this rare oration. Kira thought of it as proof enough that he’d move his entire world to display the enormous amount of love he possessed for the person he cared for most.

Shining - This was it. Shining’s most shining day of his life, the day he’d finally be able to exchange vows with his beloved. Today, he would finally be able to do something he thought he’d never get to do in this lifetime. For him to actually find love at his age still surprises and confuses him. Really, how was he able to get such a kind-hearted bijin to fall for a flashy ossan like him? He isn’t complaining though, because right now, he’s probably the happiest he’s been in all his life. But there was one problem, there were just too many eager eyes on him for him to handle. He had accidentally invited too many acquaintances and news crew to witness this special occasion. Are they waiting to see me tear up? Should I have taken off my sunglasses? Does this white tuxedo make me look fat? He couldn’t help but dwell on such trivial things. A part of him soon grew an itch to pull a disappearing act to run away from all the pressure. Kore wa ikenai.. I can’t do that, I’d be a runaway groom! Actually, that would make a good news artic— No! His nervousness now caused his body to be as stable as a newborn deer’s. He then feels a light pat on his back and turns to see Otoya smiling. Almost immediately, Shining’s legs stop shaking. It honestly made him feel calm just knowing that his son’s standing right by his side as his best man on such an important day.
Moments later, Richard Wagner’s “Bridal chorus” starts to play as the bride begins to make her way down the aisle. Shining can’t help but be mesmerized by how especially beautiful and radiant she looks in a wedding gown, and how graceful she looks when she’s running… Hmm? Running? Why is she running? Masaka!
Before he even knew what hit him, he finds his bride clinging onto him and he seems to have already reciprocated the action.

“Everybody, we’d like to thank you all for attending this special day. It’s really too bad we don’t feel like attending it.” Shining shared, his laughter now filling the hotel wedding chapel with uneasiness. The lights soon begin to flicker and eventually go off for a few seconds. By the time the lights were restored, Mr. and Mrs. Saotome were nowhere to be seen.

[Shining writer’s note here.]

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How do you make songs? Because I want to but all I have is a guitar and a keyboard with no batteries and like I have lyrics just no tune and idk were to even start

MAKING MUSIC IS ABOUT WORKING WITHIN YOUR LIMITATIONS!! All u really need is the bare minimum, which is maybe a decently capable computer and 1 instrument. REALLY you dont even need an instrument, as most music software has musical typing where u can just use the computer keys to play notes in real time. I’ve made multiple songs (including Horror Movie) just using that !!! You can also program it as well. Do not use your setup as a reason to be held back, rather as a way to strengthen your creativity. The less technical freedom you have, the more interesting and unique approaches you will take to recording your music. It will also cause your recordings to be more authentic and natural to you!! There are no guidelines!!! Imperfection in music is an extremely great thing in my opinion. Let a small hum from your room or cars or paranormal noises in ur house, stay in the recording. Capture your environment into the song. Some of my favorite musicians have recorded literal masterpiece albums/songs with just a macbook built in mic and garageband!! Let your recordings sound clumsy and off time, to an extent. You will improve and get a more proficient idea of recording + mixing the more you do it, but you also most likely wont get to that point until you begin with what you have. The fact that you have a guitar is super cool ! Start messing around and trying to find chord progressions or riffs that you like. Simple is ok !!! Personally I have a much easier time writing the instrumentation, or at least having a skeleton of it before adding any lyrics. That said, do whatever works for you. Do not doubt yourself !!! Just make something. That’s the #1 most important thing. It is SO easy to doubt yourself and think you cannot make music, especially just starting out, and that causes so many genius ppl to waste their creativity. There is no standard you have to uphold. You probably won’t like your voice if you sing, but almost nobody does. Just go with it and you will probably start being more comfortable with it eventually. I held myself back by not thinking I was capable of making music alone for years, HOWEVER, once I actually got past the initial ideas and difficult parts of beginning a song, it seemed so much less intimidating. TRY. That is all u can do. I am not a good singer or a skillful musician by any means!!! Yet it doesnt matter !!! You do not have to be. Get some batteries or an adapter for your keyboard !! Go to goodwill and look for old keyboards there as well. Maybe get a cheap cassette player and record onto that. Use household items as percussion!! I’ve been using this rando online drum machine that I found and it rules. It sounds almost generic and corny but in a cool way to me. Put your own personal preferences first. Listen to alot of different music and dont be afraid to be heavily influenced. Combine all of ur influences and add ur own personal touch. Make music that you would want to hear !!! I find it also helps to picture an environment or an object or a color scheme that you want a song to sound like, and work with that. Think about a bar of soap and how u would create that in musical form. Watch movies on silent and try to create the soundtrack for them. There are literally endless methods and you just have to find what works for you. Just like everything in life !!! U will do great. Just force yourself to start noooowww despite your equipment or musical background. Do whateva u can. I believe in you good luck thx for asking regards god bless