well as a very happy pet owner

What I Learned on my Ophthalmology Rotation:

- Sometimes the first time an owner notices their animal is blind is when they take them somewhere where they aren’t familiar or move furniture around. Some pets can hide their blindness really surprisingly well.

-Eyes aren’t as gross as I thought they would be. Unless they are proptosed and falling out. That’s still a little concerning…  

- Dry eye (AKA KCS) is FOR LIFE.  

-I can spell ophthalmology now! Whoo-hoo small accomplishments!

-Some owners have varying levels of what they think are ocular emergencies. Some bring their dog in for excessive blinking (which could very well be something), but then some think their dog’s corneal ulcer that is melting unto the floor isn’t a concern. Never a dull moment!

-When in doubt, guess glaucoma, uveitis, ulcer, or cataract. One of those is probably right.  

-Pets can do actually really well blind. It can take a while for pet (and owner) to adjust, but I have met many a happy doggo or kitty whom you may not have even known they were blind unless someone told you.

-If you don’t know what the heck you are looking at, it’s probably a lens luxation.

-Cataract surgery is super cool to watch. But also super terrifying that one false tiny mistake and you can blind the animal for life.

-I could never be an ophthalmologist. You have to have such precision! They operate WITH A FREAKING MICROSCOPE and throw stitches with suture you can barely see with your naked eye!

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prompt: anxiety found a cat on the roof and now its his,, the others prefer dogs over cats i have no idea if this makes sense

I hope you like this!

A cat in a hoodie

Implied Poly Sanders

Warnings: Cat, Prince and Anxiety “fight”


If you asked Anxiety why he liked to sit outside in the ceiling so much he would just shrug and say that he felt calm there. There were no other people, and nothing that could disturb him, just him, the night sky and the gentle summer breeze. That’s why when he saw something on the side he was startled.

There, sitting beside him and looking fully relaxed, was a small black-and-white kitten. Anxiety stared at her for a couple seconds and then shrugged, lying down on the ceiling again and staring at the sky. He didn’t bothered to check when he felt a slight weight on his chest, he just started to pet the now purring kitten and smiled. Being alone had its perks, but when your company is a cat is even better.



He stared at the cat for a few seconds, put a hand under it to avoid dropping it and stood up. The cat stared at him interested and, holding on to his shirt, started to climb to his shoulders. Anx was slightly worried of the cat falling, but when he felt her borrowing on to his hoodie he shrugged, it was probably comfortable for the cat to be there.

“Oh well, what do I know”

When he reached the dining room he put a hand to his lips and pointed to his hoodie, showing the other three the new addition


“Morality, Shhh. She’s asleep”

“Oh my goodness! It’s a she, she’s adorable!”

“Can I… Umh, can I keep her?”

“Well of-”

“Do you know how to care for an animal?”

“Not really? But I can learn!”

“Well, im not a cat person. She’s just going to sleep and do nothing”

“Roman, don’t be mean”

“Got a problem pretty boy?”

“If they didn’t allow me to get a dog, which by the way we all prefer, then why do you get a cat?”

Anxiety frowned, that comment sounded extremely emotionally compromised

“What’s your problem dude? I’ll be the one taking care of her!”

“I don’t agree!”

Neither of them realized they were getting closer until a very loud “HISS” interrupted the staring/glaring contest. From Anxiety’s hoodie the small kitten was hissing at the royal, all puffed up and doing a pretty good impression of the darker persona when he got mad

“Like owner, like pet I guess”

“So I can keep her?”

No one had really noticed how exited Anxiety was at the idea of keeping the kitten, but now that they were actually looking they all could see the shine in the youngest one eyes and the giddy smile he was trying to hide

“I can’t say no to that face…”

“Well… It makes him happy, is the most logical option right?”

“…Keep the pet away from me then”

“In that case, yes you can keep her, she’s adorable!”

Anxiety allowed himself a happy smile, which left the other three feeling all warm and slightly embarrassed, and hugged the fatherly trait

“Thank you, thank you! I’ll take care of her and make sure she doesn’t mess with anything yours or of Logic!”

With that he hugged Logic and stuck his tongue out at Princey who let out an indignant squeak.

VERY IMPORTANT: Pet owners, your pet’s microchip might not be active


If you’re like me, you got your pet microchipped and didn’t think twice about it. It’s in there, so you’re safe if you need it. Today, I called the microchip company (HomeAgain) to get the phone number updated, only to find out that my dog’s microchip was never registered. We paid the SPCA $18, and they implanted the chip, but they never enrolled it with the company. The lady on the phone says that this happens a LOT all over the country, she gets countless calls every day from owners who have lost their pets, only to find out that their microchip was never registered. 

If the chip was never registered/enrolled by the people who implanted it, it has NO personal information on it. It’s a blank chip and your pet can NOT be traced back to their original owner. The chip ID number you were given is basically a dud, and if your pet gets lost or stolen, they might as well NOT be microchipped. 

So PLEASE, find your paperwork and call the microchip company. Ask to speak to a representative, and ask if you can verify that your pet’s chip is active. I was able to activate the chip for FREE. Luckily, my dog isn’t lost so my story has a happy ending, but please, for the sake of your pet, check your microchip. 

A signal boost would be very much appreciated! I don’t want anyone’s pet to get lost with a useless microchip, I can only imagine how much heartbreak that would cause!

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Wanna One's reaction to you having a giant dog (like the size of a Newfoundland dog) and it's really playful! 💓💖

Yoon Jisung - he likes his cats, but Jisung would be open to any kind of pet, really. Would be amazed at how big your dog is, but extremely excited to pet it and play with it; he would probably measure himself and then your dog just for fun. “Quick take a photo of of me while I’m playing with him, I need to show it off to the guys.”  

Ha Sungwoon - mouth wide open as he stares at it smiling from ear to ear. Similar to Jisung in the way that he will want to take lots of pictures of you two having fun with your dog to show it to his friends. The dates in the park while you two are walking your dog would become his favorite and honestly he would always insist on you bringing your dog as well whenever you two meet.

Hwang Minhyun - he would be very happy and more lively than usual; he probably brought some snacks for the dog as well or a new toy because “first impressions matter, especially if it’s your pet”. Once he sees it and your dog runs straight at him, he would let out a squeal and then start petting him. “Aww, you’re such a good boy, no wonder your owner loves you so much.”

Ong Seongwoo - the moment the dog jumps on him he lets out a big laugh and probably starts rolling on the ground along with your dog. He would play with it a lot and probably make you record him or things like that because he wants to show it off. As the dog starts licking his face he would grin at you. “I guess this means I am allowed to be your boyfriend, right Y/N?”

Kim Jaehwan - a bit more calm than the others, but he is probably screaming internally at how cute and fluffy your dog is. He would have already prepared some food he bought especially to feed him, but would be a bit taken aback to do it. He will probably ask you to do it first, just so he can be sure the dog won’t eat him alive.

Kang Daniel - we all know he is a cat person, but that doesn’t mean he would pass the opportunity to pet an incredibly adorable dog. He will probably just act like he does with his cats which is silly and a bit too friendly. But then would start questioning if his cats are going to get along with your dog. “We should take them all out for a walk tomorrow.” So when you told him that cats don’t need to be walked, he would scoff and say something like “it’s going to be a blind date between pets, Y/N.”

Park Jihoon - lets out one million “oh my god” in 30 seconds as he grins widely. One of the most excited when they see it, would want to pet it, hug it, kiss it, play with it, feed it, sleep with it. Literally do anything that involves your dog. The first he meets your dog, he will probably give him more attention than he does to you and in the future he will always ask you if you can go on a walk with it.

Park Woojin - he would actually be a bit worried because “what if your dog hates me?”. Even if you assure him that he is going to love him, Woojin would still overthink things a little; but the moment your dog sees him and runs straight to him and tackles him to the ground, he will let out a chuckle. “I guess I really didn’t have to worry at all.”

Bae Jinyoung - would smile brightly as he sees you petting your dog and telling him to be quiet. He would love it that you have an animal and that you were so attentive to it and he couldn’t lie, you looked damn cute as your dog was licking your hand. He would probably be a bit more affectionate towards both of you because he loves animals a lot and just seeing you play with it, would make him fall for you all over again.

Lee Daehwi -  would be delighted to meet your dog. Prior to the meeting he has been asking about it for the past 2 months and already knows his name, his habits and his favorite toys. “He is so adorable, wow!” He would exclaim as he caresses his shiny fur. As the dog starts licking him he would laugh and smile brightly at you.

Lai Guan Lin - won’t be able to say much, but he will stare in awe at the fluffy creature in front of him. As the dog comes and starts to sniff him, he will probably let out a giggle and get down on the ground: “hey buddy, how’s it going?”. He would probably start running around with your dog following him and then both of them would come cuddle you and give you lots of kisses, while you yell at them to stop in between giggles.

Secrets And Mischief, Chapter 28

1 Year Later

Loki looked to Victoria, who was sat on the sofa cradling the baby against her chest. She nodded to him, giving him the go ahead.

Loki opened the front door and as expected, it was Thor. Bang on time to check up on them like Odin’s little sidekick.

‘How nice to see you, brother.’ Loki said sarcastically.

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You aren't scared of rat bite fever? A kid died of that recently, mostly being caused by pet rats?

You aren’t scared of dogs, as some people have been killed by them? 

Short answer, anon, is no. I’m not scared of it. There are many diseases that we can get from our pets (not just limited to rats - cat scratch fever, roundworm, salmonella… the list goes on), and all you can do is take good personal hygiene steps and make sure their, as well as your, living space is kept very clean. A lot of people see rats as infected vermin - but that is not the case. Animals can be quite dirty when left to their own devices, and it is up to the owner to take care of their pet and themselves. A happy pet also = no biting!

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Nagisa has been handed everything he's ever wanted, money, toys, boys, girls, everything, but he never had anyone in his home. That's why he decided to get a pet, not like a dog or cat, a human pet. Nagisa was sitting in his office when his new pet was brought to him. He had blue hair, red glasses, violet eyes.. He was beautiful he was everything Nagisa wanted. "You may leave." He said to the assistant. When he left Nagisa looked at his pet "Strip." He ordered

Rei was used to being a pet, he was very good so when his owner found out the well known Nagisa Hazuki was looking for one Rei was his first offer. Rei was fine with being sold off, he was sold with all of his clothes and things he needed anyway. He was happy to see Nagisa, the boy was short, Rei thought he was a child for a moment.

“Strip?” He asked. “Why?” He wasn’t used to that order, sure it happened sometimes but that wasn’t normally the first thing people told him to do.