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Consider: Group mom ace aro Christine brings snacks everywhere and is the best shoulder to cry on. And if anyone tries to force her to date they get the wrath of the rest of the group.

I VEHEMENTLY AGREE WITH ALL OF THIS aroace christine gives me LIFE, michael’s the one who eats her snacks the most and brooke & jake r the ones who cry to her the most

i feel like for the most part everyone leaves her be with dating because ppl r understanding and Everyone likes christine (plus she can handle herself) but jake has this tendency to like Get Involved even if she’s handling it fine since he’s the one most willing to get into a fight for his friends so its just


I want to be a reporter. I can’t believe I didn’t see it before.


Sketching non chibi Promptis~

College AU thingy…

Where Prompto never greet Noctis on High school and ended up having the Prince of Lucis as his roommate during his second year on college :D

Idk what Major will Noctis pick.. so I put it as “???” for now

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I honestly tried so hard not to ship Destiel but it's just one of those ships y'know you just kinda accidentally ship and I really don't wanna cause some of the fandom is kinda toxic but I can't help but to ship it

Dude, SAME.

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Honestly, I’ve never shipped anything before (I liked it when Spike x Buffy did eventually go somewhere and was kinda beautiful but I didn’t really ship it), I didn’t even know what shipping was until I found tumblr a few months ago, I’m mostly straight (I’m a bit fluid but meh, mostly straight), and I never really thought about representation that much beyond ‘yeah, thats a great thing, there should be more of it’. 

So I just watched the show (on my own) with no previous knowledge of anything at all and…. well…. it was so obvious?!

I mean, I just binge watched the show last year because I love sci-fi and I was in a bit of a bad place and needed a distraction and had watched all the Buffy/True Blood/GoT I could and was looking for something new.

I loved seasons 1-3, I did, but then, enter Castiel and literally, my life has kind of changed?! I have an obsessive personality anyway but…. jeez. What a character and WHAT A ROMANTIC GLORIOUS LOVE STORY!

And then it just dragged… and dragged…. and yet also GREW so much?! 

So, like, what exactly are they doing? Well, I believe they know exactly what they are doing, especially since Dabb took over, but hey, let’s see…. but my blog description is ‘endgame Destiel positive’ so you know what I mean ;)

It’s all THERE, they all know its there, the writers USE it in their plots, the editors make it visually obvious, it’s even referenced in the show, the actors all KNOW, I mean come on!

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It’s not our fault if they use all the romance tropes with these two.

I think it is very relevant that so many Destiel meta-writers and shippers have a background in understanding stories, being teachers, journalists, book worms, cinematography students etc etc and therefore can make pretty good conclusions from the material that is being shown.

I mean, the overall story of these two characters is that one is a fallen, rebellious Angel who just wants to feel Human and belong somewhere and loves caring for others and one is a faithless man with abandonment issues who just wants someone to stay with and care for him.

Said fallen Angel rebels and does it, all of it for Him, eventually looking to Him instead of God, is in return called ‘family’ and cared for himself. 

Said Human learns to have Faith in and through his Angel and through this in himself, which is a key part of his overall story in the whole show.

They’re WRITTEN as each other’s canonical other half (see this post about how its a romantic and not a buddy story according to literary guidelines).

Their story is like so many rom-com, shakespearean and classical for that matter love/mythical stories where they start out on opposite sides and kind of meet in the middle you know? The idea being that they ‘complete’ each other and lead themselves to be the best that they can be and who they really are and want to be deep down? As these two clearly do?!

I’ve said before and I’ll say again, Dean and Cas are canonically central to each other’s CORE CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT and their endgames are INTERLINKED.

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I mean, if this was a guy and a girl and it was a movie, so all the story was shown in 1h30 minutes and at the end they were like oh, no, but you see, they’re just FRIENDS. Literally everyone would just be like WHAT?!

The fact that Disney movies and romcoms are so highly parallel-able with Destiel, because it fits that literary box - as a romance, not a buddy story or a drama or even a familial story, it does up to a point, but it definitely transcends this and moves into romance realms pretty early on, like, season 5 FFS.

It’s not our fault, the show made us do it.

If fandom wank is a problem for you, well, I don’t like it either, I guess no one does apart from the ones instigating it who seem to get a high off it, I just blacklist on tumblr and I don’t attend cons, so… meh, I have this gorgeous little space where we all know and all discuss what is happening and it is lovely, feel free to join us :)

Louis Tomlinson

Here is yet another Louis talking audio. Again, I just put together shorter clips of Louis talking and added piano music. Louis’ voice helps me calm down and deal with pain, so I thought this might help someone else too. Enjoy. <3

Louis talking 2015 | Louis MITAM Track-by-track | Louis talking 2 | Harry MITAM Track-by-track

Vikings Preference "How they react when they get jealous"

(WOOOOO first Vikings preference :3 Yay for our faves being jelly XD hope it is as requested and you all like it :D PS. I meant Porunn not Torvi XD my bad Gifs not mine/found them on google/credits to the original owners.)

Ragnar-Whenever he gets jealous, he’d put on an act, pretending to be fine to see you around other men but from his sarcastic tone and smile as well as his exaggerated actions, you could always tell who is bothering him, making you just want to walk over to him to reassure him.

Rollo-Whenever he gets jealous, he’d clench his jaw and fists as he keeps his eyes on you and whoever is flirting with you. He’d just try his best to maintain his composure until he can’t anymore and finally goes over to whoever it is to back the hell up.

Floki-Whenever he gets jealous, he’d be his usual giddy and excited self but he’d stop once in a while just to glare at whoever is flirting with you and bring them down with a rather mean remark. He’d just want them to leave you alone, making him have his fun with the insults.

Athelstan-Whenever he gets jealous, he’d try to deny he ever felt that way and pretend that everything is alright. He’d avoid your knowing gaze and give you a curt nod or a smile to reassure you that he is indeed alright, only to sigh rather loudly, making you walk over to him.

Bjorn-Whenever he gets jealous, he’d glare at whoever is flirting with you and just stare back at you to hint at you that he isn’t happy about this. He’d find his way to get closer to you and make it clear by holding your hand that you’re his, before walking away with you.

Ubbe-Whenever he gets jealous, he’d want to deny he felt that way and do his best to keep his serious and be “mad” at whoever is flirting with you but as you could always tell with the way you would look at him, he’d end up just calming himself before walking over to take you away with a playful smile.

Hvitserk-Whenever he gets jealous, he’d get cocky and be overconfident about anything. He’d want to prove himself to you as well as to whoever is flirting with you, that apart from himself no one is better suited for you, resulting in him just making you laugh.

Sigurd-Whenever he gets jealous, he’d pout and act as if you weren’t around to avoid your gaze, only to steal glances at you and whoever is flirting with you, making him get closer and closer. He’d want them to know your his, so he’d just end up intruding in the conversation.

Ivar-Whenever he gets jealous, he’d have a hard time hiding it as it would show in his eyes and his actions a little too much. He’d do anything he can to bother you to get your attention, before smirking at you and giving you a warning look about what is about to come for you and whoever is flirting with you.

Halfdan-Whenever he gets jealous, he’d try to ignore you and whoever is around flirting with you, only to end up not being able to and get up to pull you away to keep you for himself. He’d put his trust in you but with his brother’s constant teasing, he wouldn’t be able to stop himself from walking over to you.

Harald-Whenever he gets jealous, he’d talk shit about whoever is flirting with you to his brother and try to compose himself before occasionally losing it. As he wouldn’t be able to take it anymore, he’d walk over to you to pull you to keep you behind him before starting a fight with the other person, sometimes resulting in their death.

Aethelwulf-Whenever he gets jealous, he’d usually sulk on his own and wait for your to return to him before saying anything. He’d just want to hear it from you that whoever was flirting with you didn’t mean a thing and want you to prove yourself to him, making you kiss him in the moment.

King Ecbert-Whenever he gets jealous, he’d just laugh it off and act indifferent about whoever was flirting with you, only to tease you about making him feel that way once you are both alone. He’d tell you about how he felt and all before getting closer to whisper that he’ll “punish” you for that.

Lagertha-Whenever she gets jealous, she’d act like she was confident about herself and just laugh and smile at you whenever you would lock eyes. She’d find herself someone who would flirt with her as well before leading them closer to you and whoever was with you, just to get “back” at you.

Aslaug-Whenever she gets jealous, she’d deny and tell herself and you that she has no reason to feel that way. However, from her gaze and the way she would handle herself it would all be the opposite, but still she wouldn’t ever recognize it.

Porunn-Whenever she gets jealous, she’d try to distract herself from looking over at you, only to end up doing the exact opposite. It wouldn’t matter as to what she is doing, she’d keep her gaze and an ear to you and you conversation, making sure that the other person isn’t crossing any lines.


Here is another addition for my A/B/O Bingo Card, the Chasing square.  This is Chapter 1 of the Dean x Reader miniseries Wild (Masterlist). @spnabobingo

Summary: Sam and Dean come across you and your pack on a hunt.  Will Dean let you go when they realize that you aren’t a killer like your family?

warnings: A/B/O dynamics, Alpha!Dean, Omega!Werewolf!Reader, chasing/hunting

word count: ~1300

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Tyrian's Fate

So, in lieu of what happened in “Punished”, I think I should probably let you guys know what I think will happen to Tyrian. Y’know, since his childish, poetic, and psychopathic nature has made him the best character to grace Volume 4 with his presence.

No, I do not think that Tyrian is going to die.  Will Salem be angry? Yes.  Will Salem punish him?  Yes.  Will the others make fun of him for it?  Hell yes.  After all, he will return empty-handed, disgraced, and crippled, and he’s given away information about Salem herself.  But will she kill him?  No.  Why?  Because he’s the best soldier she’s got.

Let me explain.  Sure, Cinder is the Fall Maiden, and Neo (if she’s still alive) has some mad agility skills, but Tyrian is on a whole new level when it comes to fighting.  From what we’ve seen, Tyrian almost never stops moving.  He’s light on his feet, his balance is incredible, and from what I’ve seen he’s as agile as Qrow.  Now this is all well and good, but there’s one thing that sets Tyrian apart from other really good fighters, and it’s not the venom in his tail.  He’s insanely good at fighting (pun intended)…but he’s blind.

Okay, probably not completely.  But I read that scorpions’ eyes work a lot differently than ours do, and that some of them even use vibrations in the ground to “see.”  So his other senses are vastly enhanced because of that. You can see several things that point to this: 

  • Look at his eyes.  Usually RT uses eyes like these to portray very strong emotions (ex: Weiss concentrating when summoning the Knight, Ruby when attacking Roman, Qrow when telling Ruby and the others to stay back, etc).  But they’re never made as small as Tyrian’s.  There are two reasons for this: either he’s on a constant maniacal high (which is very possible) or there is something physically off about them.  
  • During the legendary Qrow vs Tyrian fight, there is a moment when Tyrian uses his tail to wrench Qrow’s weapon out of his hand and lodge it in a wall, leaving Qrow defenseless.  Or so Tyrian thought, because before he can do anything else, he gets several fists to the face (fists adorned with metal rings, might I add) and he doesn’t even try to defend himself in any way.  He couldn’t hear them coming.
  • After Qrow punches and kicks Tyrian back a few feet, Tyrian allows Qrow to just waltz over and get his weapon from the wall.  Notice Tyrian’s position at that time: his hand was on the ground and he made a noise of frustration. He was trying to feel the vibrations in the ground but couldn’t because Qrow was out of his range.
  • But when Qrow lays his hand on his weapon, there’s a small metal sound and Tyrian looks up, grinning triumphantly, as if to say “Found you!” 
    • If Tyrian is especially good at detecting things through metal sounds, then that could explain why he was so good at deflecting Qrow’s weapon and Ruby’s bullets. Also his “oh sh*t” face when Qrow’s weapon half transformed to get itself out of the wall. 
  • Tyrian falls right through a roof when he lands on a wooden rafter that was obviously broken. 

So basically, Tyrian is like RWBY’s version of Toph.  Let’s stop and think about that for a while, hm?

But what impressed me even more was that Qrow was able to figure it out, because I didn’t realize it until after I rewatched this fight several times.  I think he made the connection when Tyrian easily dispatched Ren and Nora when they ran in to help.  That’s why he told them not to come closer (it also could have been because he didn’t want them to get caught up in his bad-luck space).

I mean, seriously.  They couldn’t even touch him.  And he didn’t even try.

So yeah, back to the point.  Tyrian’s not dying anytime soon.  I fully support the theory that Salem will give him a Death Stalker stinger to replace his old one.  Josh Grelle, the voice actor behind Tyrian, claims that there’s one final scene that Tyrian’s in (in Volume 4) that will bring with it a whole new level to Tyrian’s insanity.

And he will hopefully be back in Volume 5 for some more crazy fun times.

I can’t believe Noctyx is a thing… Noctnyx? Nyxnoct? Caelric? Ulricaelum?

Okakuri Week Day 5- Experiment.

hhrnnn… interesting

The Cost Of Freedom

Request: “Maybe one where the reader was together with Kylo before he turned to the dark side and they’re one opposites sides in a war? The reader is force sensitive and is now together with Rey? I don’t mind angst lolol”

Pairing: Kylo Ren x Reader

Word Count: 2071


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Ben waited for you, sitting on a rock, twiddling with his training lightsaber while you spoke to Luke inside of the temple. Some fellow students waved as they passed him by, one even stopping to talk to him briefly about how gruelling the past couple of tests had been. Ben had always been somewhat sceptical of Luke’s teaching methods, often being the only one courageous enough to speak out against his uncle. Sometimes, he would even take part in a short boycott of his own design, trying to spite Luke into being gentler, more understanding. But no matter what he tried, his old tutor would always convince him to re-join. By no means did Ben hate his uncle, he just found that as he matured, he could find more flaws in his life, and in the ways Luke intended to shape him into a Jedi.

Ben had never wanted to be a Jedi. He longed to roam on board the Millennium Falcon alongside his father, discovering all the Galaxy had to offer him. Or even taking part in the political affairs that his mother was involved in. But no, they had given him no choice. He thought it was so uncharacteristically cruel of his parents to force him into this life, and then continue to bicker about it, using him as a means to drive themselves further apart from each other. He was both the only reason they stayed together, and the only reason they argued until their love dwindled. Even though they had unequivocally banished him to a life under his uncle’s demanding terms, he still longed to see them. He loved them more than anything, well, anything apart from you.

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The One Thing I Can’t Live Without

[Summary]: When Tony gets word of a mission gone wrong that you, his fiancee, and another Avenger were on, everything falls apart. But being stranded and having no communication back to base, how will you let Tony know you’re okay?

[Pairing]: Tony x reader (mentions of the team)

[Warning]: slight angst

Requested by: Anon

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A/N: I’m sooooooo sorry this has taken such a long time to finally get written and posted. There will be a couple references to Iron Man 3…

(Image credit goes to @duckbuttt)

It had been two years since Tony slipped that diamond engagement ring on your finger. You being a part of Tony’s life had changed him and he couldn’t be more happier.

You had joined the Avengers 10 years ago after Bucky had found you during a mission and the team found out you had assassin skills and some form of aurakinesis. You were more than happy to join since you had no where else to go and had no clue if you had a family or not. But the team was able to fill that gap as time went on.

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Lost and found

Summary: What would you feel if you found out that everyone you used to know thought you are dead? What if the person you loved the most thought you were dead and nobody told him you weren’t? How would you break it down?

Warnings: Angsty-ish.

(Y/N) walked calmly down the New York streets. She stopped near the always majestic Stark Tower that stood as tall as always and somehow watched over the city and its inhabitants, making sure everyone were more or less safe. She sighed, with a light smile on her lips and carried on with her way. She noticed something on a light post just a few meters away from the tower; it was a paper stuck to it, but completely battered now. Looking closer, she recognized herself in it, above a question that read “Have you seen this girl?” and with a whole bunch of number available to call to for any information, even a reward was offered, and it was a hell lot of money. She took one and shoved it inside her bag and walked away, hurrying her footsteps to get as far from there as possible.

She got to her boss’s office, enraged and demanding an explanation.

“What the hell does this mean?” She yelled, taking the paper out and showing it.

“You might want to take a seat, agent (Y/L/N).” Replied the man on the other side of the desk with a calmed voice. He knew this moment would arrive, but nothing had prepared him for this unwanted conversation.

Somewhere, not very far away, Steve Rogers laid on a new bed. He had bought it a few months ago, after the team’s persistence to get rid of the old one because the love of his life was not coming back unless he knew a way of bringing the dead back to life, but neither him nor the rest knew if there was a chance of bringing them alive, so they didn’t try.

This was a smaller bed; it was big enough for one and a half and Steve, with all his heart, believe she was his half. He was a full man due to his size and the other things the super-soldier serum had done to him, but the way he remembered her, she was tiny, gorgeous, funny, and overall the woman that’s one of a kind.

“Steve…” Natasha’s soft voice dragged him out of the usual daydreaming about her. “The guys and I called for some pizzas and we thought you might want to join us…” Her voice lingered and slowly faded away. She bit her bottom lip and rested her head on the door frame. Steve looked at her for two seconds, but then looked away to the ceiling.

“Not hungry.” He retorted.

Natasha entered and left a plate with several slices of different kinds of pizza put together in a pile and two bottles of beer on the TV table in front of the bed. “I’ll leave this here if you get hungry and thirsty, and if you get lonely… just go and meet us downstairs.”

If I get lonely.” The blonde soldier repeated in an absent-minded voice. “Thank you, Natasha.”

“Steve, you know I didn’t mean to say that.” She sighed, almost as if she was apologizing for something unsaid. “I worry about you, ok? We all do. I know it’s hard to think (Y/N) is dead, but she is, and it’s about damn time you let her go.”

“The same way you all have done?” Steve asked, growing angrier and even more heartbroken.

“The same way she would have wanted us to do, Steve.” The Russian spy replied coldly. “Don’t forget she was my friend and that I’d known her for longer than you did.” She got out of Steve’s bedroom, slamming the door behind her slim figure and feeling even more hopeless to get both her friends back.

Steve felt lonelier than ever and as much as he hated to make his teammates feel bad for him, he couldn’t just go there and talk it out because they wouldn’t understand. Sure, she was everybody’s friend because who could resist her bubbly personality and sweet words? But no one felt like she had arrived to their lives to pull them back on earth, and surely nobody felt like she was a beacon in the middle of the night. No, because for Steve she was that and so much more.

“What do you mean Steve thinks I’m dead?” (Y/N) asked in a loud voice. Louder than it ever was. She paced around the room trying to find an explanation herself, but it all seemed too crazy and out of an action movie to be real. “Coulson, I am certainly not dead and I haven’t died!”

“I know—I know,” he replied, trying to sooth (Y/N), “but no one else knows that. Well, apart from Fury and Hill, of course.”

“What did you say?” (Y/N) asked again, feeling even more furious than before, but before Coulson could reply, she spoke again. “Fury knows everything, so what does he know?”

“Of course he knows you’re alive—(Y/N), please stop and take the damn seat. It makes me nervous to see you like that.”

“Oh, Coulson, it makes me nervous to find out that everyone I love thinks I’m dead!” She shot back, giving him a menacing look. “Steve and I were supposed to get married, to have kids and all that crap. I wanted that.” The tears started to pool in her eyes. “I wanted to fight side by side with the man I loved and the team that respected me so much—”

“Well, tough!” Coulson replied, feeling exhausted of the conversation. “I had a life too before SHIELD, you know? And I got killed and I was brought back and here I am, running a team and staying away from the one I love. None of us here got it easy, but we move on because that’s what we, agents, do.”

“I am not one of your soldiers, Coulson.” (Y/N) replied coldly and left the office.

Everyone awaited outside Coulson’s office to check out what happened and why all the crazy yelling, but all they got was a fuming (Y/N) that gave no answer and exalted Coulson trying to calm himself by taking deep breaths. May was the first and only one to go inside and with a serious voice, she warned Coulson.

“I don’t want to say I told you so, but you knew damn well this was gonna happen one day. You can’t expect (Y/N) to be away from New York—”

“Agent May, I don’t need this, thank you.” He sighed tiredly and pinched the bridge of his nose.

(Y/N) was far too nervous to do it, but she was already in the elevator on her way to the common room to back down and run away. It seemed like a lifetime since the last time she was there. Her hands were sweaty and her breathing was unsteady, and as she looked around she found everything as if it never changed, but she knew, deep inside, that things had changed and a lot. A soft voice, a very familiar voice, startled her.

“Miss (Y/L/N)?” JARVIS, the AI, asked. “I’m sorry to ask you this, but… is it really you?”

“Yes, J. This is me…” She replied nervously. “Can you please call Captain Rogers to go to the meeting room… if it still is where I think it is?”

“Not a problem.”

Steve was told to go to the meeting room, but he had not heard the usual pacing on the hallway on the way there. It was quiet and it seemed like there was nobody home, but it was JARVIS’s special order.

The soldier slowly walked towards the room, making up a hundred excuses if this was one of those ridiculous interventions from the Avengers. He was ready to put up a fight and a million ways of saying no, but what he saw there made him forget everything he had planned.

“Hello, Steve.” (Y/N) greeted. She was on the furthest seat, intertwining her hands on the table and looking as gorgeous as she ever did. “It’s been quite long, isn’t it?” She pointed at the chair that was near him to sit down, and he did, but it was more of a reflex act than something he wanted to do. The first thing he wanted to ask was— “Yes,” she said, dragging him out of his thoughts, “I am alive and I’m here and all that’s happening is real.”


“I never died…” she explained; the words hurt more than she had thought, “I went missing and Fury found me before you guys did. He and Maria put me back together and then Coulson—”

“Coulson? As in Phil Coulson?” (Y/N) nodded, without giving him a worded answer. “He’s alive too? Why?”

“Steve, please calm down…” her jaw trembled and the tears pooled in her eyes, “I will tell you everything but I need you to calm down.”

She explained everything she had found out thanks to Skye, and she told him everything about the new team of agents Fury had put together, how different they were from the Avengers and the things they fought against and how she thought there was something wrong in SHIELD. They maintained the professional distance between them, even though their bodies longed to be close to one another.

(Y/N) was even more gorgeous than Steve’s blurry memories could remember, and she looked like she had been under some heavier training now. It was as if somebody changed the outside of the girl he wanted to spend the rest of his life with and changed for a woman, but deep inside this new woman he found, there were remains of his (Y/N).

“Why didn’t you call?” Steve asked after the long explanation. He still found hard to believe what he heard, but after seeing aliens, the Norse god of thunder and being brought back to life, he could get used to hearing some strange news. “I mean… you could’ve told me you were fine…”

“I couldn’t do it. Melinda kept a close eye on both Coulson and I because we had connections with the outside world. We both had our lives tied to someone else…” She looked down at her lap and stayed in silence for a while. “I’m sorry if this makes everything worse. It was not my intention.”

“At least I know you’re not dead, (Y/N)…” he shrugged, “I knew you weren’t.”

“I just came by to say howdy… I gotta go now.” She sighed and stood up. “Please, move on… I’m alive, I’m fine and that’s pretty much all you need to know.”

“You’re gonna leave again?” Steve stood up and stopped (Y/N) before she could run away.

“I have to… it’s my job.”

“Please, don’t go…” Steve pleaded, holding (Y/N)’s hand and gazing into her eyes, looking for that spark that he knew she still had and it would prevent her from escaping his life again. “We need to you.”

She smiled and placed a soft hand on the soldier’s cheek. “You’re Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, you don’t need me.”

I need you.”  Steve corrected, and leaned to gently crash his mouth on hers. They needed one another so badly that it hurt. He longed to hold her in his arms once again, and he loved the taste of her lips and how they naturally molded to his.

She pushed him away, knowing that if she had stayed just one second more, she would have surrendered to his words. She had a job and she couldn’t just leave it.

“I’m sorry, Steve.”

Friend Zone ~ Harry Styles Smut Part One

Jeez it has been a long time.  This is part one of the smut, and the next part will have the smut in.  I just did not know how to fit it in, plus I have idea’s leading up to the smut rather than it just being about sex because I find those imagines quite boring.  Anyway enjoy and see you soon.

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Being friends with Harry had its ups and downs.  You knew it would be challenging after he got famous, but to you it was just the boy you had known since you were children.  That was until he started to play with your feelings and made you feel as though he liked you.  You see he was perfect too you when he was home from tour, treating you as though you were his girlfriend.  So, obviously like many human beings do your feelings for him began to grow.  You believed in your heart that he felt this way too.  But, as you were young and naive you allowed yourself too to fall into this trap. That was until you both were at a party celebrating his album release and you over heard conversations from people around you about all the girls Harry had been sleeping with this past month, you knew he had a total which he would say was untrue every time you brought it up.  But, these people were not some news companies, these were all his friends and family and they had no reason to lie, right?  So, this is when it began, you went to house parties saw Harry get with many girls one after the other and then when they were no longer around he would have you.  

You did feel as though you were degrading yourself, part of you regretted ever sleeping with him in the first place.  But, for some reason you continued to be there for him when he was no longer with anymore girls.  Hoping that one day he would turn around and say that he regretted ever getting with them in the first place and only wanted you.  As you can guess this never happened.  So, you decided to distance yourself away from Harry.  This was the last thing you did want to happen as Harry was your best friend.  But, you knew for your own mind you needed this break.  You needed new people to spend time with, and maybe… hopefully get a new boy.  

So, this is where the night had begun, you had not seen Harry in little over a month and you felt deep down that you had moved on.  Which is why when your friends let you know he would be there you said you did not mind. That you were adults who would be able to solve their differences when the time arouse.  You also decided tonight was perfect to show him you were fully over him, and that you were happy to be in the friendzone.  This was going to be the night you finally made your move on some fresh meat, and let me tell you.  You were very excited.  

You made your way into the kitchen and loaded your cup with vodka, knowing deep down you are going to need it after what you are going to face tonight.  You were quiet a shy person most of the time opting to be somewhere alone than with a large group of people.  But, once you begin to have alcohol in your system you don’t mind where you are if its somewhere there is more alcohol.  You began socializing and making yourself known at the party, so that if there were any potentials here they knew that you were available.  You hadn’t seen Harry yet and this you were happy with. The longer you didn’t see him the better, that boy could get under your skin even with small reasons.  You then decided that the kitchen was not the best place to get noticed so you made your way up to the living room where to music was playing, hopefully there would be some attractive people in there.  The night was still young but you needed at least a few hours to know if this person is someone you want to get with.

As you walked in already feeling the effects of the alcohol you noticed Harry leaning up the side of the entrance to the living room on his phone.  You decided not to look for long just in case he looked up and noticed you. He was looking good, his hair pushed back with his shirt unbuttoned half way, and his black jeans on tight.  He did not even need to do anything and he got you flustered.  

When you walked past him you saw in the corner of your eye that he looked up and glanced at you. Which you did not acknowledge as you knew full well that’s what he wanted you too to do.  You began to chat with some boys none being interesting enough to keep a conversation longer than half an hour.  You had cleaned out two rooms of the house already and these boys were not even above average.  Which made you go to the final place and that was in the back yard.  This was usually where all the people who did not want to socialise much came.  There were only 5 boys out here and again they were not even good at a conversation, and most of them smelled like virgins which is not what you needed now. So, you sat down away from everyone and sighed.  This must be the worse night ever that you did not pull, knowing full well Harry is inside finishing off his 6th girl of the night.  This made you feel even worse, so you downed your other drink and grabbed a bottle from the table to quickly drink too.  You looked up to make eye contact with the one boy you had been trying to avoid all today, which he did not seem to notice the death stare and mistake it with a come here stare.  

“Well what can I say, you tried your best it seems” Harry smirked down at you while placing his beet bottle down on the table and sitting opposite you.

“And why do you say that Styles, weren’t stalking me now were you?  Has the music really gone that bad you have moved to investigation?”  you half laughed while standing your ground.

“Some call it stalking, I on the other hand call it observing love.  And you have been trying so hard.  I think you’ve bled this whole place dry with cock.  Well that is apart from one of course” He winked over at you.

“Oh, Harry that ship sailed a long time ago, after you telling me how many times you wished it was me in bed with you apart from… what’s her name now?  Hannah? Gabby? Karen?  I can’t think of the name there’s just been so many”

“Okay Y/N you have made your point.  But, that seriously can’t be the reason you haven’t spoken to me for so long.  But, alas they do say that jealousy is the key reason people fall out so much”  he pushed while putting his hand under his chin acting as though he was deep in thought.

“No if you must know Harry I got fed up.  I was young and you kept feeding me bullshit.  I am so sorry that I could not be everything that you needed in a girl but I really could not care less.  For once I don’t care if I am your type, because you don’t deserve me.  You never did, and I am so glad I have finally realised that.  Now if you would excuse me, I have more important people to speak to” you began walking away, but you stopped in your tracks as soon as you heard Harry scoff behind you.  “Pardon?” You turned around with a disgusted look on your face.  “Did you just scoff at me?”

“Yes, Y/N I did because that is the biggest amount of bullshit I have heard in all my life.  I have been doing some digging myself you see. I asked Jenny, who turns out to be very much obsessed with your life and she told me some valuable information. She told me that you came here to see if you were fully over me, which I have to agree you have tried your best to show me but having not actually pulled anyone makes me think.”

“Oh, Harry you really listened to Jenny.  Let me put something straight in that little head of yours” you said while walking slowly over to Harry until you were just in front of him.  “Jenny is full of shit, and so are you” You then walked away and decided to sit upstairs before anything else could go on.  You needed sleep and personally this party was not going the way you hoped it would, you did make sure to grab the vodka before you went upstairs.  Hopefully this will allow you to forget what’s happening today, and to forget how you feel about Harry.

You were scrolling through Instagram liking everything that you saw, downing shots as you went.  It had been a few hours since your confrontation with Harry and you still hadn’t passed out or fallen asleep.  Either one would have been best right now.  You did not know how to think, how can you like someone that is so annoying and inconsiderate to your feelings.  You knew deep down that you would forgive Harry, and if he were to come in here today you would probably make a very drunken decision and have sex with him.  Which you knew deep down was not the best decision, but right now you really did not care.  

You got woken up by someone moving next to you, which made you flinch.  You were unsure who this person was, and having your back to them you were unsure if you wanted to know who it was in the first place.  Building up the courage you turned around and saw a very familiar face, Harry.  This made you contemplate your entire life, there is no way you two had sex.  Yes, this was in your mind at the time.  But, there is no way your drunken self-decided this was a promising idea.  No way!

Your conscious self must have woken Harry also as you heard him groan next to you, which was very hot by the way.  “Harry, we better not have had sex I swear to God” Harry began to laugh which angered you even more.  

“No love, we didn’t. Even though you very much wanted too.” Harry giggled again.

“What do you mean I wanted too?”

“You jumped on me babe, but I do have respect for woman and considering you were blind out drunk I did not find it appropriate to have sex with you.  It was very tempting though my love”

“This is so humiliating, I AM NEVER DRINKING AGAIN!  And that is most definitely a promise” Harry laughed at you before he began to get changed and head out the door.  

“Well, if you ever want to have sex sober I will be more than happy” He smirked before making his way out the door and leaving you with your own thoughts.

Ease - Part 15



Length: 3.7k

SummaryYou and your best friend Taehyung have recently got into the same university in the capital of Seoul. Hoping that this was your year to finally admit your romantic feelings towards your said best friend, uni seems an exciting prospect. But of course, the future never really goes according to plan.

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“So, it’s over between you and Jungkook?” Yoongi asked, his words indistinct as his teeth were clenched around a pepero stick. “Didn’t last long, did it?”

“King of sympathy, aren’t you Yoongs?” scorned Hoseok, quickly shooting a death glare to his friend before focusing back on his phone screen, which was so close to his face his nose was almost brushing it.

You shook your head understandingly. “It’s okay, we were never really together in the first place. Just trying things out, seeing if we would make a good couple. I’m still sad that it’s over though. I really thought we could make it work, in the end.”

Yoongi continued nibbling at his food, not noticing the crumbs that was accumulating in the folds of his clothes. “I think,” nibble, nibble, “that Jungkook did the right thing. From what I saw,” nibble, nibble, “your relationship was heading down a dangerous road. Outcome wouldn’t have been pretty.”

“Deep down, I knew it was too problematic for true romance, but he’s always been so supportive and he’s had my back. Although,” you added, looking around the practice room, “I have no idea where he is. He was supposed to be here half an hour ago.”

It was the weekend, so it was unusual for any of you to be missing. You had hours of uninterrupted practice in front of you, yet none of you were on your feet, as Jungkook hadn’t turned up and Hoseok was anxiously awaiting the results for the competition.

“There’s no point rehearsing if we haven’t got into the show,” he’d argued, and Yoongi had been more than happy to agree and sit down with no complaints.

After Jungkook announced at the park that he was ending the relationship between you, you’d spent a little while longer talking about everything you’d been too scared to discuss before. You’d asked him what he meant about teaching him about love, but he avoided the question and instead stared distractedly at Taehyung and Jimin playing football.  There was still something about Jungkook that you didn’t quite understand, and even going into detail afterwards about your feelings didn’t clear things the air. It wasn’t to do with him struggling to open up, or how he’d never been in a relationship, but there was something more.

Yoongi let out an exasperated noise as he watched Hoseok’s intense expression. “Hoseok, you’re going to get bad eyesight if you hold your phone that close-”

“IT’S HERE!” he bellowed, causing you both to jump in fright. However, you leapt up and skidded over to Hoseok, you looking over his left shoulder and Yoongi over his right.

“I don’t believe it,” mumbled Yoongi, as Hoseok froze in shock. “We got in! And look Y/N, you and Jungkook are there too!”

“Hoseok, are you okay?”

Hoseok seemed to be staring into space, but surely enough, a huge grin split across his face, lighting up his eyes in excitement. Letting out a massive yell, he leapt to his feet and began a victory dance in the middle of the room, knocking both you and Yoongi backwards onto the floor.

Aish, really?” grumbled Yoongi, rubbing his backside sorrowfully.

The elatedness you felt after hearing the results was short lived, as the panic of Jungkook’s whereabouts set in. Where was he? Checking your phone for the hundredth time, it didn’t surprise you to see no new messages.

“I’m going to go check on Jungkook,” you announced, speaking loudly over Hoseok’s elated shouting.

“You’re leaving me?” asked Yoongi, his furrowed eyebrows making his eyes even more doe-like and pitiful. “With him?”

You just laughed at his crestfallen face. “I’m sure I won’t be long.”

Leaving the practice room, you strode down the cobblestone street towards Jungkook’s house. Your heart couldn’t help lifting at the possibility of Taehyung being there, too.

“You did what?”

Jungkook sighed, but he looked regretful. “I tore a ligament my ankle while I was practising the spin the other day. I asked the doctor if I could still participate in the dance competition, and she strictly forbade me.”

You couldn’t believe it. After rehearsing for so long, Jungkook ruined your chances of winning by injuring himself. Sure, it wasn’t about the money any more, but you couldn’t accept that your weeks, months, of hard work had gone to waste. Your heart sank into your stomach with disappointment, the glorious image of you and Jungkook preparing to go onstage with Hoseok and Yoongi fading in your head.

“You didn’t even text me!”

“Please don’t be mad at me,” said Jungkook softly, ruffling his chocolate-brown hair ruefully. “You could always enter with someone else.”

“What do you mean?” you asked loudly. “They won’t let us change the line-up after the audition process, and plus no one else knows the dance! Well, apart from Hoseok and Yoongi, but they’re in the competition already.”

Jungkook gave you a sideways smirk. “You can teach Taehyung the dance.”

Teach Taehyung? Your heart did a double beat at the thought, but you forced yourself to think rationally.

“It’s a week until the final performance!” you spluttered.

“I’m really sorry, Y/N. I can barely walk let alone dance. It’s either you teach someone else, and let them enter under my name, or pull out from the competition.”

You sank down onto the edge of Jungkook’s bed, eyeing is bandaged ankle warily. You couldn’t possibly teach Taehyung your whole dance in a week. Could you? Jungkook was peering at you with an expression of remorse and upset. You knew he was looking forward to dancing as well, and the outcome of the situation probably stung a lot more than he was letting on. After all, it was his choreography, and he was swallowing his pride by letting someone else dance in his place, just so you still had a chance.

However, it’d taken you a lot longer than a week to learn the routine. Plus, Jungkook seemed a natural at teaching, whereas you could barely get Taehyung to stop talking.

“Taehyung… doesn’t know…” you said hesitatingly, not quite knowing how to break the news. Jungkook waited patiently for you to continue, while you stuttered on. “He doesn’t know about us dancing,” you finished, all in a rush.

Jungkook gawked at you for a few moments, then burst into fits of laughter, his shoulders shaking as he crowed gleefully. You sat there, cheeks beginning to glow red as he continued to howl, not finding it funny in the slightest.

“You never told him,” he wheezed, more of a statement than a question.

Huffing, you folded your arms in defiance. “Why didn’t you ever tell him?”

“He never asked me, so I assumed he knew. Go tell him right now, silly.”

He was still grinning from ear to ear, but it was more playful than happy for your misfortune, so you weren’t reassured at all as you got up and made your way to the door.

“Are you sure you want me to do this?” you asked tentatively. “I mean, you practically hated Taehyung for making me upset, and now you’re willing to let him take your place?”

“I never hated him,” he corrected, “I just thought he was being a bit arrogant. I still want the judges to see my choreography though, so I’m willing to let someone else have a go, even if it is Taehyung. I should’ve never intervened between you two.”

You stood by the doorway, contemplating Jungkook’s words. He sounded honest and sincere, which didn’t help you feel better. He was a good friend and you were happy he was there for you, even though it wasn’t exactly what you needed. “I’m glad you did,” you swallowed, before leaving him in peace.

As you inched your way to Taehyung’s room, you wondered how Jungkook was acting so calm and collected after what happened at the park. After being jealous at any mention of Taehyung, he was now encouraging you to dance with him. He could’ve suggested Jin or Namjoon, but he didn’t. And you couldn’t understand why. He’d been so quick to move on, as if his heart wasn’t broken. Did he really love you, if it didn’t hurt him to leave you?

Taehyung’s room was dim, as his curtains were still half closed. However, Taehyung was sat in the middle of his bed, surrounded by piles of notes and work which he clearly wasn’t doing.

“Ahh, Y/N! Just the person I need! Can you help me? I can’t figure out if we’ve finished the topic or not, or if I was even there for that class. Physically or mentally.”

It was strange talking to Taehyung again; while you were going through turmoil and facing one problem after another, Taehyung seemed bizarrely normal. It was clear something had changed between you, but he seemed determined not to let it get in the way of your friendship. Trying to quell your small smile, you sat down next to Taehyung and worked through his notes, sorting out where information was missing. All the while, Taehyung blabbered on about a video game he’d finished while you listened quietly about graphics, plot twists, and tactics. Normally, you would’ve asked questions and let him ramble on, but this time you were too anxious to tell him about the dance show that you barely responded, until finally he talked himself into silence.

“Are you okay, Y/N? Am I boring you?” he asked quizzically.

“No, no, of course not. It’s interesting, but there’s something I need to tell you.”

“So long as it’s not you getting married to Jungkook.”

You stared at Taehyung in astonishment, wondering how he’d managed to come up with that idea.

However, Taehyung seemed to misread your perplexed expression and turned a pale shade of grey. “Oh, you are getting married. Oh damn, can we do that again? I’ll respond better this time, I swear. Go on, say that you have something to tell me.”

Stunned into silence, you could barely comprehend why Taehyung was jumping to the conclusion of marriage. Nor why he’d begun to wring his hands, or why he was breathing quickly out of his mouth. His lips were a flushed pink as he licked them, readying himself to reply with the appropriate wishes.

“Taehyung,” you laughed breathily, “I’m not getting married.”

He seemed to collapse a few inches as he sighed out of his nose. “Well,” he grumbled, “you could’ve told me that before I embarrassed myself.”

“I was going to tell you why I’m meeting up with Jungkook every morning,” you said, ignoring his mumbling.

“And night.”

“Whatever. Ages ago, I decided to sign up to a dance competition to earn some extra cash. It was an impulsive thing, and I was going to ask you to join, but Jungkook was happy to be my dance partner. That’s what we’ve been doing: rehearsing. We’ve practised so hard, and there was an audition process because of some celebrity judge, and we passed. The actual, final show is next week.”

“A dance competition? Was that all?” He sounded taken aback, as if he was expecting something more dramatic.

“When things got too confusing, it was nice to fall back on dancing as a way to get my mind off it,” you explained, watching Taehyung’s tanned hands fiddle with a pen. “A sort of therapy, if you like. Problem is, Jungkook’s hurt himself, and he can’t participate in the competition. Feels like we’ve fallen at the last hurdle, but Jungkook said that, if you want, I could teach you the routine and you could enter instead.”

You waited expectantly for Taehyung’s reaction, hoping that he wasn’t too offended about the whole situation. Luckily, he was nodding agreeably.

“If you need my help, then sure,” he grinned, showing off his teeth. “Can’t wait! Never expected your meetings to be dancing. You’re full of surprises. It’s going to be fun, right?”

“You’ll need to work hard,” you instructed, raising your eyebrows in a mock seriousness. In a sterner voice, you added, “Don’t make me ask Jin.”

“Does Jin know about the dancing? Does everyone else know, too?”

Meekly, you said yes, avoiding looking straight into Taehyung’s eyes and instead focusing on the extremely interesting sticky note behind him. All that was written was ‘reminder: revise’, but you hoped that Taehyung wasn’t aware of that.

“Can’t believe it,” he moaned. “The only one who didn’t know!”

“You were dating Yeji,” you blurted out. “And I was annoyed with you at the time for abandoning me.”

“Let’s not talk about Yeji,” Taehyung said quickly, dropping the pen onto his notepad with a concluding thud. “Did you want to start practicing now?” His eyes were shifty, but his tone was pressing, so you didn’t feel inclined to push for a further explanation.

Baffled and slightly nervous, you took Taehyung to the practice room to meet Hoseok and Yoongi after saying goodbye to Jungkook. He cheered you on silently, making kissing faces behind Taehyung’s back while you flipped him off and closed the door.

“I regret agreeing to this,” moaned Taehyung, after you’d shown him the choreography to the first verse. “I’m so tired!”

“Think of my poor feet!” you argued. “You’ve trod on me at least eight times.”

Hoseok and Yoongi sat at the side, sipping on cold drinks that you’d stopped off to buy and laughing at your misery. When you’d introduced them, Taehyung stopped in his tracks and his mouth fell open.

“You’re from Cake Corner!” he’d exclaimed, bowing eagerly and almost bouncing back up again. “I didn’t know you were friends with Y/N!”

From there, the three boys got along like a house on fire, and when you explained the plan to let Taehyung enter as Jungkook, they agreed not to give the game away. Yoongi questioned what you would do if they offered Taehyung a chance to become a trainee, but Hoseok shushed him and demanded Taehyung to watch their routine to get his opinion.

Teaching Taehyung was going as well as you thought it would: terribly. He fell about laughing whenever he made a mistake, and when he complained, you threatened to replace him with Jin.

“I can’t do that,” he said obstinately, surveying the demonstration you and Hoseok gave of the roll-across-the-back movement.

“It’s not as hard as it looks,” chuckled Hoseok. “Once you’ve had a few practices, you’ll get the hang of it.”

Easier said than done, you grumbled to yourself. The first time you tried it, Taehyung lifted you so hard that you barely made contact with his back before you skidded off onto the floor. With a sore back, you told him to be gentle, but on the second go, he didn’t even lift you off the ground.

“Somewhere in the middle of those two,” called out Yoongi as he packed to go home, earning a hard glare from you.

Taehyung began practicing a few steps by himself, allowing you to stand with Hoseok as he shrugged on his jacket. “So…” you said slowly, “what do you think of him?”

“He’s special to you,” he stated vaguely, peering at the orange-haired boy as he stumbled over his own feet. “I understand why you like him.”

“Yah, Y/N!” yelled Taehyung from where he sat on the floor. “Remember that teacher we had in middle school, the one who said I would never have good coordination? What if she was right?”

Hoseok winked as he walked through the door. “We’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Good luck!” whooped Yoongi.

Up until that point, you weren’t nervous about the competition. With Jungkook, you were sure you could perform and not come bottom of the ranks, but with Taehyung? Although it was the first time you’d gone through the dance with him, it didn’t look promising. But you were properly in the show now, and you didn’t want to drop out, especially not when Jungkook wanted to see his choreography on stage.

As you walked home, Taehyung noticed your distressed expression as he linked arms with you, just like he always did.

“Are you worried about the dance?” he asked gently, understanding you straightaway. When you didn’t reply, he pulled you to a stop so that you were stood face to face on the street, the sun almost set on the horizon. He put his warm hands on your cheeks, cupping your face and staring at you with his deep brown eyes. “I promise I’ll work hard to get it right,” he assured. “I won’t let you or Jungkook down.”

Feeling his soft palms against your skin and hearing the concern underneath his words made you well up, not knowing quite how to deal with the sudden comfort. As your face began to screw up, Taehyung pulled you into a honey-scented hug. You clung tight, feeling his heartbeat through the thin material of his shirt.

“Is everything okay? You can tell me. I won’t judge you.”

Everything got to you at once. Seeing Taehyung that close and remembering how your life used to be before Seoul and before university got you wound up, and the nostalgia brought a sudden sadness that you couldn’t control.

“Nothing’s going right,” you sniffed, desperately hoping you weren’t leaving snot all over his clothes. “Jungkook’s hurt his stupid ankle and I feel terrible for not loving him enough. I’m feeling pressured about money because I’m not entirely sure my job is covering my rent, although my parents assured me that it is, but they just have to lie about those things, don’t they? And the fight with you got me so down, and now Jungkook’s broke off our relationship and isn’t even upset about it, even when I thought I wouldn’t be, but I am and it’s a horrible feeling, and I wish I had friendly housemates to talk it through with like you do with yours, but I’m not close with them at all-”

“Wait, you’re not dating Jungkook anymore?” interrupted Taehyung, pushing you away from his chest so he could examine your face. “He broke it off?” When you threatened to burst into tears, he muttered, “Never mind,” and hugged you closer. He didn’t hold you like he intended to fix you, or pretend that everything was going to be okay, as if he knew that you hated hearing that. It felt like he simply wanted to be there.

“Why don’t you come back to mine?” he offered, cradling you tightly. “We can have a much needed movie night. Your pick.”

You couldn’t pass up an opportunity like that, so you agreed, and Taehyung lead you carefully down the street, not letting your body stray away from his.

You’d chosen one of your favourite chick flicks that you could almost quote word for word, but you never tired from it. Although Taehyung had also seen it multiple times, as you’d forced him to sit with you, he didn’t complain about your selection and happily grabbed blankets to snuggle under on the sofa.

Now that he knew all the secrets you’d been holding in for months, you felt a whole lot more comfortable around him. A weight had been lifted off your shoulders, and so you began narrating a story that you’d told him many times before, but was repeating just for the sake of it. However, Taehyung listened attentively, like he’d never heard it before, and he laughed in the right places and added little ‘really’s and ‘oh’s to show he was still paying attention. You knew it was because he was trying to cheer you up, but a part of you hoped that he was generally happy to hear you talk.

Before long, the conversation went back to Jungkook, and you ended up telling him how he’d acted if Taehyung was mentioned.

“Did he treat you badly again, like he did before we met up at the cupcake place?” he questioned, his mouth forming a thin line.

“No,” you said firmly, “he never treated me badly, but I’m too independent and feisty to get along with him sometimes. Now that we’re not together, he’s gone back to being soft and tame. Perhaps I just brought out the protective side of him, because I couldn’t love him the way I should’ve. That’s my mistake: agreeing to being with him even though I knew, deep down, it wouldn’t be a healthy relationship.”

“Don’t blame yourself for whatever emotions you have,” he said lowly, his eyes becoming hooded as he laid his hand on top of yours gingerly. “He was scared of losing you, but now that he’s realised that it wasn’t what he wanted either, you shouldn’t stress about it. I think that, somewhere along the way, he thought he was going along the wrong path. So, he turned around and left you stranded, so you’re feeling lost. You feel lost sometimes, I remember. You start wondering if you’re doing the right thing, and you question yourself.”

Blinking twice, you tried not to show your bewilderment. You had no idea that Taehyung paid attention to that sort of thing, and you could feel your spirits lifting as you realised that he bothered to remember the smallest details about you that no one else did.

“Come on,” he grinned, as he grabbed a blanket. “Let’s roll you up.”

“I’m not a sushi,” you whined, as he started pulling the blanket around your body, pinning your arms to your sides.

“That’s exactly what you are. A little sushi roll.”

“Less of the ‘little’, thank you very much.”

It was fair to say that you felt infinitely better as Taehyung cuddled you on the sofa, occasionally feeding you food and giving you water throughout the rest of the film. Sure, things were getting muddled and you were on the verge of having a meltdown every now and then, but maybe, just maybe, things could work out after all. Even if it meant dealing with the clammy hands and heart racing when Taehyung laid his head on yours, his eyes trained on the screen. You should’ve pushed him away, told him that he couldn’t do that to you, but you didn’t have the strength. He was your weakness, and you were perfectly okay with that.

A Snow Flower (Jon Snow X Reader)

Sequel to Flowers and Snow

Written by Admin Maisie

“She looks just like you”

Raising an eyebrow in question, you look towards your husband, watching as he crossed the room to join your side, grinning with all the pride of a new father.

You gently rocked the new-born in your arms, “While that is kind of you dear, I’m afraid you’re absolutely wrong this time.” As if to prove your point, the young babe slowly opened her heavy eyelids, revealing the most beautiful brown eyes that you had ever seen. Well, apart from one other person.

You smiled, “She has every bit of your ‘Northern charm’.”

“My Northern charm?” Jon laughed. He brushed your beautiful, golden locks behind your ear and pressed a gentle kiss on your lips. “I did not know I possessed such a thing.”

“Of course you do. You may not see it yourself, Jon. But I can see it. I can see the way you hold true to honour and what you think is right. You demonstrate those qualities every single day of your life.” You silently giggled to yourself as you saw how wide Jon’s eyes had gotten. “You are kind, honest and loving man, Jon. I know I’m not the best with words, but there are just so many wonderful and incredible things I could say about you. As silly as it sounds, I felt that labelling such qualities as your ‘Northern charm’ allows me to say all those things in one. You truly are one of a kind, Jon Snow. And I can think of no better man to be the father to such a beautiful girl-”

Even before you had finished speaking, Jon had pressed his lips against yours, gently pulling you closer as he engaged you in a sudden, but loving dance.

However, it was short lived. A sharp high pitched cry reminded you that a certain little someone was getting restless. Jon broke away and chuckled, “I guess what you said is true, she is like me.”

You glanced at Jon in confusion, and he smirked, “Both of us do not want to share you with anyone else.”

You lightly punched his shoulder in response, knowing that he probably didn’t even feel the hit. Jon laughed and pretended to rub the spot as if it had hurt, “I merely jest my love. Though I cannot speak for our little Lyanna here.”

As if on cue, Lyanna gurgled and reached out to both of you, as best she could, grasping at the air with her tiny hands. The sight was just too adorable for you to ignore.

“Gods, I love her Jon. I know she has only be in this world but a short time, but I love her with everything in my heart.”

You felt him kiss your cheek and let Lyanna wrap her tiny hands around one of his fingers, “As do I, (Y/N). As do I.”

Only years before, on this fateful day, Flower and Snow met and fell in love.

And from that love, a Blue Winter Flower was born. A gorgeous flower, blooming forth amongst the pure, white snow.

Older!Bros and aftercare with their S/O

since the request I answered has already got 114 notes, I thought ‘let’s get this one written out.’ This is post game and it includes all bros. Because they survived goddamn it. Noct did not die. It was a figment of your imagination. Now lemme tell you: I found barely any older bros to be in gifs and I detested going through the older Noct one…because, you know, the ending… DX
The original: https://airlea-sicarius.tumblr.com/post/159725507612/aftercare-with-the-boys-after-some-love-making

Gladio is still tender. But he is..different. Ten years of darkness, ten years worth of barely being around. He would be surprised to know that you were still his. That despite the strain on the relationship, you understood him. 

So he’d make up for the time lost. He wouldn’t rush you into things, but if you brought up the topic of children he wouldn’t beat around the bush. He was only getting older and so were you. It would just be a matter of time before having a family would be locked out of your lives. 

His caresses with the back of his fingertips would certainly be softer, slower, longer and filled with more love than before. His gaze would only be at your irises, getting absorbed into them.Every tantalising kiss would linger: no pecks, no ghosting touches, just long enough for the feeling to last.

He’d do more than weave your hair around his fingers. He’d brush it through for you if you so wished, he’d put it into a ponytail if you wanted, he’d run his larger hand  up and down your back if the sudden realisation of what you had lost and what you had gained smacked you so hard in the face it caused your heart to ache…

Heck, he’d return to your side, make love to you (which would be intense and heartfelt) and then, the first thing he’d do is hold you to his chest and say ‘marry me’. Quietly, but full of certain. Because heck he values just how long you put up with him and his streak of barely being home. And he didn’t want you to go through that again.

And he’d never leave you alone for so long again. But if he had to go for a couple of weeks to be a shield again, rest assured that he would spend as much with you as possible, and his aftercare would be so much sweeter.

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Prompto would have no idea how to be anymore. There’d still be talk about his photos of the day, but there wouldn’t be so many fun ones. Well…apart from one where Ignis walked into a wall. Don’t get me wrong, both of you felt extremely bad about it afterwards, but it was…kinda funny. Considering that he had never walked into a wall during ten year darkness, but he walks into one when it’s not… actually, it’s not really that funny. 

He would certainly be more willing to make you laugh. Both of you had been suffering from your fair share of depression and loss of hope, but you had it a lot worse: you’d lost everyone.Including yourself, at one point. But when the light came, you returned quickly and Prompto wanted to make you smile so much more.

Tickle fights made a return, blowing raspberries on your neck and shoulders included. Heck, he’d even kiss your stomach until you were a laughing mess before nuzzling his face to it, closing his eyes. He’d say ‘Imagine what it would be like to be parents’. And you’d reply ‘You’d be a way better parent than me. You’re so much fun and when you’re not busy you would totally ready outings.’

‘Hell yeah I would!’ And he’d be grinning from ear to ear. And he’d also be planning outings for everyone else but, in this situation though? It was just you and him and he wasn’t going to use by talking about the opast or the future. Just the now. And making you smile brightly was the most important thing to him right now.

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Ignis on the other hand, had a…difficult time remaining as himself as he could be. He would try but…he couldn’t see you all too you. Admittedly, he could slightly see through the one eye but enough to call it ‘vision’? No. It wasn’t exactly colour or being able to see the shapes of object. Just a slight change of light, just silhouettes. He could sense where you were, had a rough idea upon where your eyes were…he could recall what colour they were but he couldn’t see them…couldn’t get lost in them…

But you were still you, looking into his colourless iris, cupping his cheeks and pressing your lips to his eye lids and scarring… and whenever he felt your lips on his skin, he could feel your loving smile.

But he knew he couldn’t always be you being tender and cute. He had to try. Ignis would favour running his slender fingers up your arm and he would ghost them over your collarbone before having them go up your neck and to your cheek. On the odd occasion he’d run his thumb over your lower lips, telling you how much you mean to him and how grateful he is that you were by his side. And he’d gently press his nose to yours before pressing his lips onto yours. 

And each kiss you would give you would be so tender and so full of emotion: gratitude, love, fear, joy…

Pillow-talk was still a must, but sometimes, what he didn’t want to openly say he would say through physical contact: a hug, a kiss, a small touch. Sometimes, if he felt like saying it would remove his whole demeanour, break him down, he’d just ask you to ‘look after him’ and you would know that he wanted you to just hug him as tightly as you could.

He’d still ask if you were okay and if anything was on your mind. He never wanted it be ‘all about me’ he wanted it to be abut the both of you. Even if it was just complimenting each other, anything was better than constantly wanting his sight back.

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Noctis didn’t only look far more rugged and dashing, but he did look a little less cute. Not that you minded at all. Because he was even cuter than before. Probably to make up for both the ten years of not being around and that death scare that absolutely terrified you. Hell, you actually slapped him across the face afterwards and then you hugged him and cried. You had a very confused chemical reaction that made your emotions very confused too. But he just let you cry on his regal shoulder and he just cried on yours too.

So aftercare was to make up for ten years instead of two and a half. Just like intercourse, aftercare was heartfelt. Admittedly, it wasn’t straight to planning a future, it wasn’t about making you laugh or sharing burdens. It was just about finding familiarity. Cuddling, playing with your fingers. But he still had a large burden on his shoulders and responsibility. The wayward Prince now had a cause. And that had obviously changed him. 

But it wasn’t as much as to completely change Noctis. He may be a Caelum, but he was still Noct. Snoozing on chocobos, teasing you, enjoying fishing. You know the drill. Also, massive sweet tooth and vegetables were still his sworn enemy.

Something he did do more often was hold you. He didn’t want you to protect him anymore. He wanted to shield you. He wanted you to be safe, secure. He worried that the empire would come at large again, than anyone would try and kill you… He knew what it felt like. To be victim…. and it wasn’t something he wanted to experience from his father’s view. From the outside looking in.

Holding you to him, stroking your hair, playing with your fingers, rubbing your back, showering your face with humble kisses and your lips with needy ones… He made it a point to say ‘I love you’ everyday, but each time it was different. Sometimes it would be through actions, others through those three words, other times it would be through compliments and teasing.

But each reiteration meant ‘I love you’.  And he always waited until you fell asleep before he closed his eyes. Because he didn’t want you to seem him fall asleep and think that he’d never wake… 

Eventually though, talk of children would come up. Though he wouldn’t bring it up himself, even if the council were nagging him, because he would want you to be ready. But, when it did come up, you can bet that heartfelt was slightly out the window and it would be more nerves and excitement…. and then he’d crave cake. Or your kisses. 

But on his worst days, he would allow you to hold him to you despite his firm ‘no’. And goddamn didn’t he fall asleep quickly.

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Who on the national team has tattoos and what are they? (besides the obvious of ashlyn and syd)

Well apart from the ones Ash and Syd have..

Kriegy has the ‘liebe’ on her left arm, “Man sieht nur mit dem Herzen gut, das Wesentliche ist für die Augen unsichtbar” which means “One sees clearly only with the heart. Anything essential is invisible to the eyes.” on her ribcage and a Penn State symbol on her right hip.

JJ has a cross behind her left ear. Possibly some on her back.

Hope has a quote on the upper left part of her chest and ‘Solo’ on her wrist. She also has two quotes from Corinthians tattooed on her back — “Persecuted but not forsaken. Cast down but not destroyed.” and another one midway down her back.

Crystal has a couple, the quote “No weapon formed against me shall prosper” which a bible verse. Then on her bicep she has an image of a hummingbird with a Chinese symbol of the word ” strength” and she has more but they’re very small.

Pinoe has on her left inner arm a quote ‘nature ran his course’ and three interlaced triangles and a lightning bolt ( both shared with Lori Lindsey), letter on her left wrist and a word on her right wrist.

Alyssa has the word ‘Persevere’ tattooed.

Sonnett has a cross on the back of her neck.

Mal can possibly have 1-2 on her left ribcage and has a cross on her wrist.

Becky has a small celtic tattoo.

Alex has a rose and ‘thirteen’ on her hip.

And more importantly Emily and Kelley are going to get a tattoo of a peach together (this is a joke).