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Taz saw Asriel and Togore talk. Taz: ya know what, i dont think Togi needs the Flower. hes amazing on his own. ya know what, Whisper said this place had a spectacular bar. I suppose ill just order a Whiskey and be back soo. k T? TDK: well, ya know what sure. Don't take too long sis. ill give you 3 hours before you seriously need to come back. *Taz walked into the bar and ordered a pure malt whiskey.*

Togi seemed to have discovered the familiar female human walk into the bar. He didn’t say a word though, only keeping shut, in regards to what happened with Whisper. He decided to follow, sneaking up inside and looking over at Taz who had placed an order. What was she up to? And did she know about the incident with her sister?