well always but

Context: There’s been a group terrorizing this town- we were supposed to deliver a package to them but upon investigating, it seemed we were sent a gatling gun. So, of course, we set it up and used it on them instead after our bounty one shotted the head guy (in the head), as he had boasted he would, as he always does when it comes to gun fights.

Thief: “My first massacre…”
Cowboy: “You always remember your first!”
Me: “I only killed one guy! Well, that and tricking the entire group to come into range so you all could ambush them and open up fire on them with that gattling gun.”
DM: “Yeah, I’m sure you’ll sleep well tonight.”
Bounty hunter: “I always sleep well.”


alex: sooo, you are gay? i mean i kind of suspected but I didn’t want to make myself look like an ass if i was wrong.

blaire: boy im queen of the gays ok. (‘:

alex: well do I get to meet your girlfriend sometime your highness?

blaire: yikes! sore subject alert.

alex: oh!! Im sorry, I just thought maybe-

blaire: nope! this queen is perpetually single. i was talking to this girl hazel for a while.. she kind of turned out straight?ish? i don’t know but I’m convinced dating is dumb and i’m never doing it ever again.

alex: yeahh.. i understand what you mean, it’s such a shitty feeling.

blaire: I KNOW RIGHT? ugh, but atleast I have a friend who get’s it now. im drowning in straight people here in windenburg.

alex: well (‘: im always here to listen.

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Mama, I've been having really bad anxiety attacks and they haven't been stopping, they keep coming. Do you have any advice on how to cope or how to just calm down? Also I love you and hope you doing well!

Well, personally I always like to have something that I can play with, like a pen I can click or a rubber band I can flick. But then again I only get anxious and don’t really have anxiety attacks. 

What I think is always a good thing to do is to concentrate on your breathing. Like try to even out your breath and feel the breath filling your lungs. Try to visualize how the oxygen gets exchanged with carbon dioxide. It’s a good way to find back to yourself and get your mind off the worrying thing. Another thing you can do is ask yourself “What is the worst that can happen? And is it actually rational that this happens?” as a try to get yourself back to rational thinking and to get a healthy approach to the situation. If you’re worried about stuff going wrong keep asking yourself ‘So what?’ Often you’ll find, that even if things come in pretty bad in the end of the day you can go home and relax.

 Anyway here are a few sites that have some more professional tips as well (x) (x) (x

I hope any of this helps and you get better soon. I love you! 


She wears strength and darkness equally well,
the girl has always been half goddess, half hell.

Rich || Jack Maynard

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Word Count: 1.1k+

Summary: This is basically a drabble with little to no plot, but it was fun to write and I quite like it and I hope you guys do too!!xo

Dedicated too: All the people who got bullied for being a little more wealthy: you are still human, you can still be humble, you are still appreciative. Focus on your goals for the future and stick to them lovelies

Ever since you were young and your fathers business began to multiply into a worldwide success, you always had everything you could’ve possibly wanted. Your mother spoiled you, and your father never failed to surprise you with the most expensive and luxurious gifts whenever he returned from a particularly long business trip.

However, your mother always made sure that you remained the humble, well mannered girl you  always had been. You knew that her main priority was making sure you didn’t turn into a cliche rich girl who didn’t appreciate anything she had. You never took advantage of any opportunities that presented themselves to you: and as you got older you began to work for your father, who was thrilled to have you join his team.

Even now, he’d still surprise you with presents every now and then, from new cars to handbags to simply a framed photograph of yourself and him. They were all of the same value to you: and if you were honest you always loved when he’s give you something like a photograph, as he’d obviously put love and care into it.

You met Jack when you were nineteen and he was twenty-one. He treated you like a princess from the moment he met you and treated you no differently when he found out how wealthy yourself and your family was. He simply shrugged it off, and grew to become good friends with both your mother and your father - who approved greatly of him.

Jack was your very own Prince Charming. He held your hand wherever you went and carried you up to bed whenever you’d fall asleep on the couch. He woke you up with a thousand kisses every morning and made sure to remind you of how much he loved you multiple times a day. That was when you realised, that money didn’t buy happiness, you just had to be patient and eventually, happiness would find you.

You were a bookworm, and had your own personal library in your apartment - something you’d always dreamed of. And even though you adored your apartment, when you first left home you were worried that you wouldn’t be able to handle the pressure; but you were a responsible adult and were determined to learn how to live without your mother. Eventually, you got the hang of everything, and your apartment became your home. You had photographs hung and music playing constantly, your favourite scented candle always burning. It was a dream.

It was a rainy Tuesday morning, and you were midway through cleaning your grand piano when you received a phone call from Jack, asking if he could bring his friends over to meet you today. You agreed happily, having been excited to meet his well regarded friends for quite a while but always being unable to find the time.

Luckily, you’d already attended a business meeting with your father in Central London that morning, and so you were already dressed and had just enough makeup on to boost your confidence enough to be meeting your boyfriends friends for the first time. You hum along to your music and swing your hips from side to side as you walk around the apartment, straightening everything up and making sure nothing had dust on it. Something you did daily, especially after insisting that you didn’t need a cleaner - you were determined to prove your mother wrong.

When your door clicks open you smile widely and glance over your shoulder, watching as jack led his awestruck friends into your apartment. You walk into his arms, brushing your lips against his and smiling against them, opening your eyes and looking into his deep blue ones lovingly. “Hi.”

He places his hands on you waist and pulls away, pecking your nose quickly. “Hi princess, the boys were all getting impatient and demanded to meet you today. I hope you weren’t too busy.” He frowns in worry, but you shake your head quickly, reassuring him that you didn’t have anything important planned.

“It’s fine, I’ve been wanting to meet these guys for months.” You smile up at him before turning to his friends and moving from person to person, sharing a few words of greeting and hugging them all lightly before smiling at them all and lifting your arms. “Make yourselves at home, you can touch anything you want, just try not to break anything.” You laugh, and they all nod, immediately jogging off in different directions of the room.

Joe headed to the room to your left which had an arrow pointing to it that said ‘Gaming Room’. Josh and Mikey walked over to the built in fish tank and began to point out all of the different breeds. Conor, even though he’d been to your apartment before, walks toward your piano and lifts the lid, reaching down and pulling out the music sheets that he’d sketched when he last visited. Oli heads into the kitchen and brushes his hands across the marble features, somewhat in awe of the beauty. Caspar runs over to the spiral staircase that lead up to your library, and after shooting you a quick look to make sure he could, he runs up them and into the library.

You smile in content ad turn around, winding your arms around Jack’s neck and smiling at him softly as Joe walks out of the gaming round you glance at him over Jack’s shoulder with a grin. He holds up his camera curiously. “Would you mind if I vlogged a little? This place is amazing.”

You shrug and nod, “go ahead. Just try to avoid filming the mess.”

He chuckles and nods in agreement, jogging back into the gaming room as Conor begins to play one of his own songs on the piano making you glance at him over your shoulder and smile gently. You adored listening to Conor play the piano, and seeing as he was the one who taught you to play in the first place, it only seemed fitting that you let him use the piano whenever he wished.

You look up at Jack and brush your noses together with a quiet giggle. “I think your friends like my house.”

He rolls his eyes and kisses you lightly. “They like you too.”

“Good, because I can see myself becoming quite good friends with them all at some point: and besides, Conor already spends the majority  of his free time here already, what harm could five other boys do?”

The answer? Well, lets just say, when they left that night, your kitchen was covered head to toe in flour and your gaming room was covered in crumbs and rubbish. As you stare at a patch of egg on your wall, you began to think that maybe taking your mothers advice and hiring a cleaner wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

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Silly Question for the Au Ra. You can pretend this is a drunk person or my drunk keeper asking for humor reasons. How do you Au Ra kiss anyone properly with those horns in the way. You could poke an eye out with those things.

“We hope for the best. It doesn’t always end well.”


Just got back from going out with this girl :D We went and got coffee/lunch and played Snipperclips on my Switch for a few hours. Things are going really well with her! We always have a lot of fun together. I’ll have to check what other Switch games have couch co op besides that+Shovel Knight.

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aa a i hope u can help me!! i was wondering if u knew how to mass/batch edit icons using a psd on photoshop?? i have 400+ and i wanna know if its possible before doing it all by hand qq

personally , i’ve never tried to do this myself so i’m not sure how well these work or if there’s alternative ways to go about it. this one looks quite in depth & they have pictures to go by as well , this one has a three part tutorial & is quite detailed as well !! you could always try & combine the tutorials since they might have different tips & tricks within them. if any of my followers know of a good tutorial to do this, please feel free to reply to this post for the anon !!

(I hope that a sunny smile in your heart makes it a full-bloom spring for you―.)

The season of cherry blossom petals.
A season of goodbyes― and beginnings.

For someone so plain and introverted as myself, in the bright spring sunshine, and the gentle scent of flowers―.
I’ve always felt anxious in the spring.

A new transfer.
A new school, and new teachers.
I’m anxious about everything―.
A new school year.
There are class changes after all.
What if I can’t make any friends in my new classes?
I’m bad at introducing myself in front of people.
New grounds.
What will I do― it’s my first time at this place, my first time in this environment― in a place that differs so completely from where I’ve been until now, I― will I make it well?
Always, always.
I was full of anxiety.

But, earlier, I was talking to Chika about the season― and Chika said to me.
“I always get super excited when the cherry blossoms bloom!!!
The beginning of a new season, the beginning of a new school year, and then meeting all sorts of new people―.”
As her eyes sparkled hugely, Chika spun her bento box around.
“Plus, it was this kind of season when I met you, Riko―”
Chika grinned as she said so.
“If you hadn’t said goodbye to Tokyo, and come here, we would never have met― so spring is the best season after all!!!”
And she thrust her box up to the heavens, and put it back just as quickly.

At that moment, deep in my chest, a warm, fuzzy feeling flowed up― and I realized.
Spring is the season of meetings and goodbyes― that’s how it’s been.
Each goodbye connects to a new meeting.
And anxiety is the opposite side of new hope.
We picked up the sausages that had spilled out of Chika’s lunch.
I think, from now on― I’ll be able to look forward to spring♡
With a blossoming smile in the new season― I want to bloom a flower of my very own.


Arc-v au : Bracelet boys and Demon girls au (swap role/role reversal) - more of au!

Despite the ending of Arc-v, I still want to continue this au ; w ;

again, thanks to ​ @dreamymilkshake who being my inspiration! >w< it’s really fun to talk with you :D 

What should I draw next? more of the boys and the girls or other character who get their role swap? = w =

  • First, Yugo is kinda scare of Selena, I think. then, I must made Yuri scare of Rin’s hugging lol
  • Rin would never stop talking about her boy friend, right?
  • Getting in evil queen’s way, isn’t a very good idea, right? Yuya?
  • Well, Shun always shouted “RURIIIII!!” in original. so, here. He do “YUTOOOO!!!” and got punched by his beloved sister……
  • For Yuzu x Michio = it’s swap version of Mieru x Yuya, you know = w =

PS. hope you like it ^w^

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I'm sure they are just as clingy in private. I was excited when I recently heard that the other members were away doing other activities, but they were the only two in Korea? Ahhh!! We've been blessed with many so kaisoo moments and their love is just something so special and rare if you ask me. I've heard that when two people are meant to be, they look alike. IMO these two have very similar features and mirror each other more often than not. They're just adorbs!! Hope you are doing well, babe!!

Yes they had some days alone in korea, but it seems like Nini was filming most of the time :/// I hope they at least got to spend the nights with each other~ 

They do tend to mirror each other a lot, and I find that they’re quite similar in their manners as well! Soo has always been known to be very humble and polite when he’s working, and Nini has recently been praised in the exact same way ^o^ So I’m very happy they’re both such hard working people. 

They’re both introverted and serious at times as well~ They’re also at a similar level of maturity too, they go very well together!

DGS 1-year anniversary!!!

Hello, my friends!

Yep, this is it. It’s been one year since I started liveblogging. It just started out as a way for me to try and keep track of everything I was reading, and now this has grown to a warm accepting community. I still can’t believe it’s been a year already. I wanna take a moment to do some shoutouts.

First, to JT, for being the go-to person on the Discord server. We wouldn’t have Discord the way it is without you, and it’s truly awesome of you to manage it.

Next, to AS, for helping with moderating this blog, and curating my asks. You’ve filled a role that not many see, and It’s very much appreciated.

And of course, Hex, @hexstuck, for encouraging me to start this project in the first place. This wouldn’t exist with you. <3

And all of you as well! As always, thanks for reading!

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Who were your inspirations to start writing or to create your blog? Also, congrats on 400, you deserve it, really!!

well I always Wanted to write so I then made a supernatural blog but it didn’t go so well, so I then took a break for a year and then decided to quit writing for a while (a year) then I decided that since I loved batman and superhero’s I might as well just come hang with them.

After a while when I had my own ideas and wanted to write them myself but I never did until recently. I say how good others were so I decided to give it a try because of my main inspirations.

my main inspirations are: @speedypan  @batlog @maruthor @cait-writes-stuff @uncpanda @addicted-to-dc @angstytodd @batfamily-imagines @dc-comics-imagines @cupcakesquid @posiey @let-us-imagine @vanity-grayson @imaginethatdc @litbatboys @schninner-writes-some-stuff @the-singing-canary @avengerdragoness @batsyfamhq/ @king-wolfie @actbat @memento-scribet @gothxmsirxns @ask-a-robin @kamuithedragonlord / @nightwingdiva 

basically everyone