well alrighty then!

Midas is king and he holds me so tight

And turns me to gold in the sunlight

I’ve gotten some questions on what the @crossingscomic angels look like.


Because I needed more reason to be sad today. Okay then life, you bitch.

Edit for people who didn’t know: I’m pretty sure it’s just a mandatory thing. I know certain countries have mandatory enlistment for men (and sometimes women) of a certain age. Usually it lasts maybe a year or two but I doubt he’d be involved in any actual fighting, so I wouldn’t worry.

I’m going to be sad to not see him in season 4, but hopefully he stays safe and healthy and we’ll be able to see him again in future seasons or in other works (like that movie he and Thomas were saying they should make).

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Drabble Prompts: Peanut Butter And Pooches


He wasn’t in bed again and the bedroom door was wide open. Sighing, you flicked the bedside lamp on and climbed out of bed.

Padding into the living room you could see him stood in the middle of the room in his pajamas, pointing at something and muttering to himself.

He was sleepwalking again. This wasn’t new, and although it scared the shit out of you sometimes, other times it was funny.

“Spencer, baby,” you crept across the room to him and lightly touched his arm. His eyes were wide open but he wasn’t seeing anything. Not anything that was there anyway.

“Why is the dog covered in peanut butter?”


You didn’t have a dog.

He kept pointing at the imaginary dog. “All that peanut butter. Wasted. Did Henry do it? Did I do it? So much peanut butter…what am I meant to have on my toast now?”

Well alrighty then.

“Spencer, come back to bed. We’ll clean the dog tomorrow. And we’ll get more peanut butter from the store,” you kept your voice low and quiet and carefully steered him back around towards the bedroom. Sometimes you struggled to get him back in there but this time he plodded forward compliantly and climbed back into bed.

His eyes closed almost immediately and very soon after you could hear light snoring.

The next morning you awoke to find him in the kitchen, munching on toast.

“Morning Y/N. I had the strangest dream last night…. ”

“Did it involve peanut butter and pooches by any chance?”

A sheepish look spread over his face. “Was I sleep talking again?”

You nodded, giving him a large grin.

“And walking. I found you in the kitchen asking why the dog was covered in peanut butter.”

“Oh… Least that explains why I woke up craving peanut butter on toast!”

JFK Goes to Buffalo Wild Wings

“Welcome to Buffalo Wild Wings, what can I get ya?”

“Hi!  I was looking to get a twenty piece wing, but I wasn’t too sure of what sauce.  What’s ya’lls hottest?”

“That would be the blazin, but could I recommend only getting five to start out with, or maybe an order of ten of another flavor?”

“Oh, no.  That won’t be necessary.  I can handle heat pretty well.”

“Alrighty, I’ll have that out to you soon!”

“Thank you!”

20 minutes later, JFK gets his wings and takes the first bite

Good gracious!  I’m on fire!!!  Robert, give me your cone!!

luggh!  UGH!  Eth eth not helhing.

Oouull!  UUHHOOH!  Oug guhd eh hudda haken her avith!

Murder Husbands Matching Tattoo Prompt...

This was a fun little unexpected prompt by @petite-mortem. <3 Hello!  First of all, I love tattoos so congrats on getting one.  All righty then, here’s what I came up with on short notice.  Hope you like it and thanks again for the prompt. ;)

“What about ‘Will cannot be quenched against its will?’” Hannibal asked, his smile slightly askew.

“Let me guess, Dante?” Will said as he playfully poked Hannibal in the shoulder.

Hannibal nodded, “But it’s a play on words!  See?  Will?  Will!”

Will laughed, “Oh boy, I cannot believe we are doing this.  We’re doing this! Why…are we doing this?”

Hannibal shrugged, still feeling the warmth of drunkenness cozily washing over him.  “It was your idea, mongoose.”

“But I’m drunk…ish. What do I know?”

The two were currently in a small tattoo parlor just outside of Prague, after spending the weekend there.  Only a few hours earlier, Hannibal and Will had been enjoying some drinks in a charming – yet divey – bar they discovered trying to make their way back to the small hotel they were staying in.  That’s when a heavily tattooed man, with a motorcycle helmet in hand, walked in.

Will, after having thrown back another shot of whiskey, said, “You know what we should do?”

“Hmmm?” Hannibal replied, as he dreamily ran his fingers through Will’s hair.  

“We should totally get matching tattoos!” He yelled as he pointed at the man.

Hannibal furrowed his brow. “Will, would you deign to put a bumper sticker on a Bentley?”

Will stared at Hannibal for a moment then laughed, “Oh my god, you are something else.  Come on, let’s do it.”


“Because it’s something you and I would never do – you more so than me.  Let’s be whimsical and spontaneous.  Let’s do it!”

“I could do without whimsy in my life, Will.”

Will signaled the bartender for two more drinks, then said, “We’re doing this!  I’m going to ask that guy for a tattoo parlor recommendation.”

And so, they currently found themselves perusing tattoo books trying to decide on something they would both like.

“A cartoon character?” Will asked.

“Do you value your life, Will?” Hannibal asked.

Will frowned, “Okay, what then?  A symbol?  A quote?  Your face?!”

“I wish I still had the drawing of that clock you made…”

“Oh, fuck off, mister,” Will said laughing.  “Wow! I can’t believe you just said that.”

Hannibal smirked, “This is quite possibly the stupidest thing I will ever do in my life, and considering who I am that is quite the statement.”

Will pulled up his phone and began Googling with great fervor.  He scrolled for a few moments, and then smiled, “I’ve got it!”

An hour later, the two left the parlor somewhat sober and somewhat sore, marked in the same place, in the same exact way; each becoming more and more identical with every passing day.

Their tattoos?  Quite simply four words in Latin, with dark red ink and a simple script, just below their hearts: Serva me, servabo te.

Save me and I will save you.

anonymous asked:

hi! so i have a question. i definitely don't consider myself transphobic, but to be fair i haven't known any trans people in my life (that i'm aware of). even so, the ones i do know of i have trouble seeing them as their non-assigned gender. I don't know why, its just i see them as whatever gender they biologically are. (please do not tell me gender is a social construct) can you help me figure this out? how do i start seeing trans ppl as they're non assigned gender? i hope im wording this right

Alrighty. Well just so you know, saying something in the words of, “i definitely don’t consider myself transphobic, but…” and than basically listing all the reason you are is not always a good way to start.
I think you need to stop looking at the situation just by looks. As you know, you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Respecting someone’s pronouns regardless of how they look is about understanding that not everyone has resources, such as money, where they can transition. Not everyone wants to fully transition with surgeries or hormones. Not everyone lives in a family/environment where it’s safe to come out. Therefore, having someone, that being you in this instance, who they know and trust to try their best to use their pronouns they go by regardless their situation is not only uplifting, but also supportive and respectful.

~ Sean