well all of the music i like does

Maladaptive Daydreaming Starter Pack™

• “Wait, this isn’t normal?”
• “I thought everyone does this!”
• Steals every movie and book plot that I know.
• Not being able to sleep well because of the urge to daydream before sleeping.
• Not being able to wake up because of the urge to daydream after sleeping.
• “I actually didn’t study at all because I was too busy daydreaming last night.”
• Long car rides are heaven.
• Always brings earphones everywhere along with 50 music playlists.
• Making facial expressions in public and end up being seen by 50 random strangers.
• Overlapping universes and characters that aren’t real.
• “Recovery? A life without daydreaming? Nah, I don’t know them.”


Summary: Through Bucky’s eyes, he falls in and out of love with you.

Pairing: Fem!Reader x Bucky Barnes

Word Count: 1,545 (incl. lyrics)

Warnings: Angst. 

A/N: Heard this song today and well, this came out. Hope you all enjoy.

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Well I heard there was a secret chord
That David played and it pleased the Lord
But you don’t really care for music, do you?
Well it goes like this: the fourth, the fifth
The minor fall and the major lift
The baffled king composing Hallelujah 

I remember the day I met her. I recall everything, the clothes she was wearing, the weather, the name of the waitress that was taking my order, how stale the soda became because I was so entranced with her, with the way she moved. I remember everything. And every now and again, my brain goes over this occasion, because it does not want to forget, does not want these details of such a monumental moment in my life to fade away.

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Why you should watch “Atlanta”
  • The aesthetics! Atlanta is so pretty!! It’s rare to come across a tv show so pretty. The creators are really paying attention, the scenery, the action happening in the background, the tone, the colors, it really feels like some sort of modern oil painting. I can’t say enough about the visuals. 
  • The characters are well developed, diverse, and pretty much comprised of a completely Black cast. Every character in Atlanta is easy to empathize with and be curious about.
  • The acting is fantastic, from every member of the cast. Donald Glover is in it, being a fantastic actor in a role that fits him really well.
  • The soundtrack. The music for this show is so good. It’s just so good. 
  • It’s really funny. I like a show that can make me laugh without feeling like it’s begging me to laugh. Atlanta does this really well.
  • It’s kind of surrealist? Like not all the time, not even some of the time, but just occasionally theres a scene that’s completely intentionally unrealistic and sort of bizarre, and it throws you for a loop, but it’s just lends to the chill, dramatic aesthetic. 
  • The social commentary. Atlanta says a lot of things about a lot of things. I don’t wanna start preaching any more than I already am, but it’s a really smart, subtle show. 
  • DARIUS. 

    Just go watch Atlanta. Really.

I’m honestly still in awe at how underrated hyuk is like..he’s so well rounded. He’s a great dancer, vocalist, actor, and apparently now he writes music as well?? He’s smart (was the top of his class) and translates english for the members with ease, and he plays piano really well. He’s really dedicated to what he does and I don’t think many people know this but he’s SUPER SWEET to starlights (letting them squish his nose omg, being really friendly to an i-starlight when she was backstage at one of their tours, doing aegyo when the hyungs aren’t there lol) idk man more people should appreciate hyuk y’all are missing out

I always end up headcanoning that tsukishima has surprisingly soft hobbies while yamaguchi is the opposite. Like we know tsukki likes to read, listen to music quietly, and nerd out about dinosaurs. Further headcanon that tsukishima likes to do oragami and cook as well. He likes that as long as he does all the steps right, the end result is good. He also likes that they’re indoor and individual activities. Plus, it helps to have something to do with his hands when he gets restless and anxious. It’s calming. On the other hand, I hc yamaguchi being super into motorcycles–he likes watching motorcycle racing and is super into car mechanics stuff. He also listens to death metal on full blast and has a tattoo of a big black crow on his left shoulder. He’s already planning on getting more. The only hobby the both of them share is gardening–they used to both help out tsukishima’s mother when they were younger and kind of never dropped it. Imagine the team finding out about these things slowly and just getting more and more shocked at the disconnect because. What?

A Guide To Caribbean Memes - Pt 1

Well, actually, just to the memes that were popular around me while I was in college. Most of these come from songs. I am tired of memeing around my American friends and having them be like “wut???”, so I am educating you all now.

I. [X] does give me me powers

The origin of this meme is the song Phenomenal by Benjai. It come from the line “Soca does gi’ me me powas; ey-ay”. ie: “[Caribbean music genre] makes me powerful; [sound of enthusiasm]”. The specific way this is used varies a lot.

Most commonly, it’ll be a comment on how something has given you the ability to do stupid things faster with more energy. “coffee”, “ganja”, “cocaine”, “manga”, and “pumpum” (ie: vagina) are all things I heard people say gave them powers (it has to be two syllables to fit the song). Alternatively, if your friend has just done something stupid, you can comment on it this way - usually attributing their sudden energy to something silly as a form of ribbing.

Alternatively, you can use it as an image macro, as we often do on WhatsApp (yes, we’re whatsappers). The general format here is a call-and-response macro. The first image is of the thing giving the powers, with the caption “[thing] does give me me powers”. The second image shows someone doing something silly, with either the caption “Ey Ay”/”Eh I” or the caption “See me deh/dey/there”.

Example from WhatsApp:

However, the punning potential is great and terrible

(I’m a horrible person, I know)

And, thus, you have been educated! Which is great, because I am constantly tempted to use this meme, and then have to refrain from it to avoid confusion. But no more! Go forth and meme like a true rudeboy

The Only Game Worth Playing

(warning, this got away on me)

Ginny’s speech on the mound to Mike during the Pitch finale was awesome. I am 100% all here for Ginny learning to call the shots for herself, like she should.

I also think we all need friends who’ve got our back and I think that moment between Ginny and Mike on the pitching mound provides this to us as well.

From the way the whole scene was shot, just prior to their talk, Ginny was in fact perhaps having a small moment of being unfocused: she looks at the numbers, she’s taking deeper breaths, and the camera shots and slowed-down music indicate dizziness or the weight on her shoulders and then she proceeds to throw some wild pitches.

Now EVEN in all their awkwardness throughout the Pitch finale, Mike knows and reads Ginny like he does his own body. He can still tell what’s going down. So like the responsible catcher that he is, he goes out to the mound. And just like Mike can read Ginny, Ginny can read Mike as well, so she knows what he’s going to try before he even opens his mouth.

Listen, they’re getting EVEN MORE IN SYNC.

So then Ginny stands up for herself thereby shutting Mike down, and he doesn’t try to override or talk over what she has to say. His face is serious, he’s focused on Ginny and what she has to say. He nods in agreement, and perhaps even in gruff admiration, because, yes, he thinks she should be the one making the decisions for herself. 

I mean look at them :

AND THEN, one of their teammates comes along and asks what’s up and they BOTH reply in UNISON. At this point they’re like supersonic synchronicity.

Of course, because he’s still Mike Lawson and they have a particular dynamic, Mike makes a joke about the great speech he was going to give, except their relationship has shifted and grown in certain ways and now it’s not just the rookie listening to what her mentor has to say, but equal partners pushing one another, so Ginny tells him to shut up and he says okay.

These are two people who UNDERSTAND and KNOW one another profoundly.

Mike doesn’t even need to say the speeches anymore, simply by his presence can he ground Ginny!! He goes out there and then she refocuses. Ginny asserts herself and says what’s going to happen so Mike goes back and throws himself after a ball like it’s his life mission. She gives lost and confused Mike the focus and direction he so needs!!

They make each other better, stronger individuals.

As I’ve said before, Ginny Baker and Mike Lawson are not only endgame, they’re the only god damn game worth playing.

I do not believe that the girls wrote that second letter. Although they all posted it, I truly believe that management wrote it. The wording just does not seem like them and the fact that it was posted at the same time on all of the accounts with no further comment leads me to disbelief. I honestly think they would have said something and added some well wishes. I believe that Lauren has a much stronger voice and would’ve said something more. I believe that they are being forced to post those posts by management, if they weren’t posted by management themselves. The music industry is, sadly, a very cruel industry.

Seventeen Reaction To Their Girlfriend Being In An Established Girl Group

Reaction Masterlist

Anonymous said:

cani request a seventeen reaction to you being in a girl group thats really popular? like 2NE1 or SNSD so not only did you debut before them you are a pro that slays all the hoes in the audience

S.Coups: Look at how your leader does it boys and take notes - I’ve got a truly impressive girlfriend ;)

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Jeonghan: It only makes sense that a beautiful, talented boy would be with a beautiful, talented girl.

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Joshua: We can make beautiful music together. *always trying to get her to do duets with him*

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Jun: *cocky* Of course I’m with a girl like that, we complement each other well.

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Hoshi: * is in the closet about being a fan boy for her past performances*

Originally posted by hosoeks

Wonwoo: *just hopes she doesn’t find out about anti-fan blog from the past*

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Woozi: *another one who struggles to keep the fan boy in and also desperately wants to do all the duets with her*

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DK: *if you think the two of them would not go to Karaoke all the time and compete against each other you would be wrong*

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Mingyu: *is in utter disbelief about it.* I cannot believe that she’s my girlfriend, it’s super cool right??

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The8: *would just be cute and probably would ask her for advice about being an idol while offering his own support for her career*

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Seungkwan: *sassy af, known to rub it in the face of the other members.* You all should take notes from the king.

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Vernon: *Another one in disbelief, and it comes out in interviews when he’s asked about her* Oh yeah…we uh…It’s just really incredible. I never expected this to develop.

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Dino: *definitely  doesn’t hate the ego boost that comes with it. I picture him going to practice with her, just to practice moves and hang out. Another one to really take in and appreciate any advice she has about the industry*

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“We started working together in the middle of the series. I listened to IU’s music a lot before that. I knew she wrote and composed her own songs, and I always thought of her as a sensitive person. Because she’s someone who does music, she was able to express sensitive feelings well. She was also mature for her age. She looks very small, thin, feminine, and like she’d get tired soon, but she’s not like that at all. I don’t know if it’s because her stamina’s good or if she just withstood it, but she has more strength than an average man. She held her form from beginning to end. Though acting isn’t her original career and she’s still gaining experience, she was extremely professional.” - Hong Jong Hyun

list of scenes where beauty and the beast shook me (tbh the whole film got me shook it was so wonderful):

  • i love the way they told the curse/prince’s background like a tale in itself, it was horrifying and magical at the same time
  • the musical numbers were lovely and so well-done, they just make you happy: - ‘belle’ and ‘gaston’ were pouring out life it was great, ‘how does a moment last forever’ was touching and heartwarming, ‘days in the sun’ was all kinds of mixed emotions and it all went too fast they got me sad, ‘something there’ was simple yet very heartfelt - it explained how things were going too fast, their ‘falling in love’ was driven by curiosity and impulse decisions i love it, ‘be our guest’ was enchanting it was so good
  • listen ‘evermore’ is the fucking shit; that scene was literally so fucking sad and heartbreaking fuck; the irony of its happy and hopeful melody contrasting to the beast’s reality - it was all too much i fucking cried the moment he let her go ugh why i’m so emo (i’m still sobbing damn it)
  • that scene where they went to belle’s old home; it felt very real and genuine; and the fact that they both lost their mothers really makes you see how they could easily understand each other after all the fuss
  • i love their book nerd scenes, beast straight up dissing belle for loving romeo and juliet and all kinds of romance, but he ends up reading one too and ahhhhh they’re so cute, i love how enthusiastic and happy he was and just gave her the library lol and she was like what??? (just like the audience) and just screamed - tbh me
  • i love how awkward they were at first bc they just dealt with a life and death situation and now they can’t remain strangers lmao the otp
  • the waltz scene got me crying it was perfect, the palace staff were adorable too ahhh
  • but then when he was alone in the roof i legit felt all the sadness i wanted to hug him
  • when all this time he referred to himself as ‘a creature’ but when he fought gaston he finally said ‘i am not a beast’ i’m so fucking proud forreal i threw a fist in the air
  • he fucking got shot 3 times, shit went dark real quick; he jumped far to get to her - i was crying again, and omg her tears and his eyes it was all just ahhhh the way she said ‘i love you’ my heart broke, the transformation scene was magical
  • dan stevens is so handsome i was imploding, i loved how charming and dashing yet simple and ordinary he looked like, the prince’s and belle’s beauty was the kind that wasn’t showy/flashy, they were just ordinary excluded people with beautiful hearts, his eyes and his smile!!!! damn!!! the kiss was so good!!! and then the dance in the end!! when she joked ‘maybe you should grow a beard’ and he growled, i legit melted, so fucking cute and hot at the same time, this otp i swear just get married and have babies already they’re too cute (there are more great stuff about this movie but these are my first thoughts and i’ll do a proper review once i get myself together i’m too emo)
  • watching this film is truly the happiest i’ve ever been

Hooooly cow, the music, colors and everything is working so well together, it’s all making these scenes even better.

I think this show has the greatest music out of all cartoons i’ve watched in the past.




Uh, yeah, but some things are still unclear, why did Lion even come there in the first place, why does he want to protect Steven?

If Steven really keeps him Lion might really come in handy for some missions, he seems to have amazing destruction power.

Lion seems pretty intelligent for an animal, even though sometimes he acts just like a big pink cat.

  • Miss Flemming: What is so dangerous about a character like Heather Chandler is she gives good kids bad ideas. The last thing I need at this point in my career is 1,500 Heather Chandler disciples running around these halls. She jeopardizes my ability to effectively govern this student body.
  • Principal Gowan: Well, she makes you look like an ass, is what she does, Pauline.
  • Miss Flemming: Thank you, Ted. I think you're wrong.
  • Principal Gowan: Well, she's very popular, Pauline. The sportos, the motorheads, geeks, sluts, bloods, wasteoids, dweebies, dickheads — They all adore her. They think she's a righteous chick.
I know I’ve got followers who can help me out with this...

So, tumblr, I’m looking for a really specific flavor of music recs. I’m seeking songs that fit into this ‘transcendental southern gothic magic/witchcraft’ vibe. Pandora does not understand at all. Here are songs that I already have that fit well enough:

When I go, Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer


this song is the founding kernal of this mix.

I go like the raven, Tracy Grammer


Rocks and Water, Deb Talan


Starlight, The Wailin’ Jennys


Deeper Well, The Wailin’ Jennys


Instrumentals that fit the vibe:

Elephant revival, Ancient Sea


Daniel Bachman - Coming Home


Songs that almost fit (right subject matter, wrong sound)

Maire Brennan, Against the Wind


The Fabled Hare, Maddy Prior


Inkubus sukkubus, Storm


I Imagined BH6 if it WAS a Musical...

I love the way BH6 turned out and I wouldn’t change a single thing about it (well, maybe one thing, but that would require a LOT of working around that issue)

And keep in mind, I’m NOT a musical person at ALL…

But this is making me laugh SO HARD because

I’m imagining in the beginning Tadashi singing to Hiro and they’re arguing about bot fighting in song like…

And I imagine that Hiro has SO MANY opportunities where he could break out into song, but he just doesn’t because he hates singing and he thinks he has the worst voice ever. 

But he finally does sing…


Oh and instead of ‘Immortals’ being sung by Fall Out Boy, Big Hero 6 (with the exception of Baymax who doesn’t know how to sing) are the ones singing it. 

Aaaaannd then there’s this….

That’s all I can think of right now, but I hope you liked this!



Listen to on Spotify HERE

This is the fourth and final playlist in a series: check out my Summer Playlist, Fall Playlist, and Winter Playlist as well.

In a lot of ways, this was the most difficult of these four playlists, because I don’t have a lot of songs in my library specifically about spring. Instead, most of these are love songs, which feels appropriate, and all of them give me a springy feeling. Regardless, I think they work well, and I’m very happy with it. I’d love to take a long road trip and listen to all four of these back-to-back to see if it really does feel like an entire musical year. That would be a wonderful feeling.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy! Happy first day of spring!

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Faraday/Vasquez for the music ask? :)

Yaaay Faraday/Vasquez!! <33 Thanks for the ask, lovely! The song that came up for these boys was I Heard Ramona Sing by Frank Black.

The boy is back again.

Well, calling him a boy may not be totally accurate. By the measure of height alone he can’t be much younger than Ale, assuming he isn’t of an exact age. He’s still lanky in the way of all boys who haven’t quite grown into themselves, lanky like Ale is, all gazelle limbs and occasional bouts of clumsiness, though he’s broader than Ale is at the shoulder, looks a little more solidly built.

He’s in a blue plaid flannel with a bleach stain all along one side, unbuttoned and left to drift open over the Pickwicket band tee that Ale has seen him in at least three times so far - faded and well loved, with a scrawl along the bottom that reads ‘Fuck you J’ in Emma’s familiar looping handwriting alongside a couple of thin squiggles that presumably belong to Teddy and Matt. He can picture the boy asking for their signatures, those green eyes sparking with sharp humor the way they do when the stage lights hit them, mouth tilted up in that infuriating smirk he’s always flashing at Ale from the shadowed corners of the handful of little dives that Thieves & Assassins has played over the past six months.

While Sam drops from his range-pushing rock’n’roll holler into something closer to a croon, Billy abandons his favored post in front of Goody’s keyboard and drifts casually across the stage while he lays the main melody down. Ale turns away from the second mic, which he occasionally uses to wail a harmony along with Sam, though this part of this particular song is fairly well contained to a solitary vocal line. When Billy gets near enough, he jerks his head toward the audience and Ale follows the line of his gaze to where the boy is nursing a beer along the back wall - older than Ale, then, or with enough charm to talk his way into it despite Tito’s uncanny knack for sniffing out fake ID’s - and grinning out across the crowd of sweaty, swaying horde of twenty-somethings and townies like he’s in on some grand and dangerous secret, eyes shadowed by his dark ginger curls.

“Your boyfriend’s here,” Billy says, just barely loud enough for Ale to hear.

Ale is already sweating under the lights - a surprisingly sophisticated set-up for such a small stage, but then Tito has always loved music so it’s not a total shock that he’d want to do the best he could with what he has - but he flushes hotter anyway, stomach twisting a little.

“Fuck off, cabrón,” he mutters, and Billy smirks and makes his way placidly back across the stage.

The music scene in Abernathy, Connecticut is pretty solid, which had been one of the mitigating factors in making the sudden shift from Mexico to bumfuck nowhere in the American northeast less devastating when Ale got sucked along in the riptide of his mamá’s career a few years back. There’s a rotating handful of really pretty stellar bands who take their gigs seriously, all dedicated hopefuls voraciously seeking the elusive record deal, and enough passable side-projects and hobbyists to pad the show lists at any of the dives looking to host weekend jams.

Pickwicket are definitely the biggest in terms of notoriety, but that has a lot to do with Emma Cullen’s unbelievable magnetism and deeply aggressive stage antics, and Thieves & Assassins isn’t so far behind. It’s easily the best band that Ale has ever been a part of, even if he did come into it late, interviewing for the spot as bassist after the last guy had left the band in something of a lurch before they set off on a tiny, three-city tour. It’s not exactly sex, drugs, and rock’n’roll, but they’ve got a solid EP under their belts and they’re saving up for studio space to put together a full-length album at the little recording place downtown that Sam’s cousin can cut them a deal on. Besides, Ale can’t say he’s ever had any major difficulty in finding willing bed partners when he’s in the mood, and he figures two out of three isn’t so bad, for a kid who just barely skipped past eighteen.

His mamá isn’t thrilled that Ale has no plans to go to college, but she can see how much he loves what he does and she supports him as best as she can, putting the band up at some of the B&B’s she manages for cheap when they’re not traveling far and accommodating their band practices in the guesthouse, which has been soundproofed in the years since Ale first started dragging his new friends home to dick around and play half-assed grunge.

There’s no rush that Ale has ever felt that’s quite like being on a stage, with people losing themselves in your music - and he had a fairly calamitous party phase during high school just like most of the bored kids in a town as small as Abernathy did, so he knows a number of deeply questionable highs rather intimately. He doesn’t recall seeing the boy anywhere during that time, and he’s sure he would have remembered, so he must be new in town.

Ale has always been a fan of trying new things, so after their set is over, while the assemblage whistles and cheers and Emma Cullen makes up for her belated arrival by hollering, “Fuck me gently, Sam Chisolm!” from her position atop Matt’s shoulders, Ale pushes the rolled sleeves of his black button down back up to his elbows, helps clear the stage for the next performance, loads their gear up for transportation, and then shoulders his way through the crowd toward the back wall of the bar. It isn’t especially difficult - tall as he is, people tend to make room for him, and it’s a stroke of good luck that when he makes it through the boy is still there, bottle tilted back and the long line of his throat on display while he empties the last lingering dregs of beer from it.

When he finishes, he catches Ale out of the corner of his eye and seems surprised, for a second, eyes widening barely perceptibly while one of his eyebrows twitches. He tilts that canary-fed smirk of his up and slouches back into the wall a little more, like his edges have softened under a sudden burst of midday sunshine.

“Hi,” Ale says, letting a little of his own amusement into his face. He still feels warm, like he’s baking under the stage lights, like this strange and mysterious boy is radiating heat, body all lit up electric.

“Hi,” the boy says easily, parrying Ale’s greeting. His eyes flick from Ale’s face down his body and then back up, catching on all the usual places as he goes - the creeping vines curling their way along Ale’s skin from under his sleeves, his collar; the leather cord around his neck and the little medallion therein; the long, lean sprawl of his legs in a pair of grey skinny jeans. Ale knows what he looks like and he knows how to flatter his best qualities and he isn’t disappointed by the way the boy’s eyes go a little darker, by the slight, rosy flush that bleeds into his cheeks. He licks his lips, an absent little flash of pink on pink, and continues, “You were good up there.”

“Thanks,” Ale says, and steps closer to settle against the wall alongside the boy. He offers up a hand, lets his grin go a little warmer. “Alejo Vasquez.”

The boy has one hand down by his side, bottle dangling from his fingers by the neck like a limp, dead thing, but when he meets Ale’s grip with his free hand his grasp is warm and solid and strangely gentle.

“Joshua Faraday,” he says, giving Ale’s hand a little squeeze though he makes no move to let go. “Pleasure.”

“It could be,” Ale agrees, and Joshua’s delighted grin curls a little sharper, cheeks flush a little redder, eyes go a little darker. “You new in town?”

Joshua lifts on shoulder in a noncommittal shrug. He’s still holding Ale’s hand.

“Sort of,” he says. “Spent some time here when I was real small and only just moved back.”

Ale hums, a small, thoughtful noise, and drags his thumb across Joshua’s skin. Joshua sucks a tiny breath past his teeth that scrapes sweetly against the inside of Ale’s skin, sets him to tingling.

“You a big fan of Sacramento Gold?” Ale asks. Even if he is, Ale might be willing to forgive it for the sharp shadows his cheekbones cut into his strong jaw.

“Who?” Joshua breathes.

Ale is distantly aware of Emma heckling Sacramento Gold’s drummer, a bastard of an asshole named McCann, while he sets up his kit.

“The next band,” Ale provides.

“What? Oh, no.” Joshua shakes his head, starts absently brushing his thumb over Ale’s knuckles. “No, not at all.”

“Good, they’re terrible,” Ale assures. He’s trying to figure out the best way to ask Joshua if he’s as interested in sucking on Ale’s tongue as Ale is in sucking in his, but Joshua beats him to the punch, for a given definition thereof.

“Can I buy you a drink?”

Ale ducks his head and huffs a laugh.

“I’m only nineteen, guero,” he provides, amused. “Besides Tito knows my mamá. No way can you buy me a drink.”

“Ah,” Joshua says, short and slightly dejected.

“You could take me for a milkshake, though,” Ale continues breezily. “There’s a diner at the end of the block that’s open late.”

“Yeah?” Joshua asks, seeming slightly bewildered but overall pleased.

“Yeah,” Ale assures. “Though if you get plain vanilla I reserve my right not to make out with you in the parking lot after.”

Joshua’s eyes are almost all pupil by now, irises bare slivers of fever-bright green.

“Lucky for us both, then,” he says with a slow, steady smirk, “that I’m a fan of chocolate.”

A day with BTS... Tag?*:・゚✧*

Thank you so much @tae-la-tiger It is really cute *-*

Rules: Write down all 7 members names and label your bias/bias wrecker(s) then describe anything you’d love to experience with them etc.

Then tag 6 others! Xx

*well I really love all of them so this bias thing is really hard for me. really. believe me. but i will try*

Namjoon ~ (my bias)~ Well I would like to talk with him a lot. Like all day long, or night. yeah night too. because his thoughts are really interesting and the topic is does not matter. i mean we would talk about anything, countries, music, books, politics, weather… it could be anything because I just love to listening him, and during this we could take a walk in a park or somewhere ^^

 Taehyung ~ (bias wrecker. but it is still hard to choose.anyway..) ~ A day with him during a sightseeing would be good. all day in the outside and oh. we should definitely make a hwarang marathon. yeah. with tissues and icecream. did I mention tissues?

Jungkook ~ well because he is younger than me and he is good at a lot of stuff and I am… well..I am not I would be greatful if he could teach me how to skateboard or other things he is good at.

Jin ~ (he is kind of a bias wrecker too but nevermind) ~ I want to do a grocery shopping with him. After that we would go home and we would cook together and talking about a lot of stuff. Yes… cooking with Jin, it would be good. 

Yoongi ~ Hmm… I know he can play the piano so I would listen to it maybe all day, and before dark we would go outside and he could take some pictures about the nature or the city. 

Hoseok ~ I want to go to an amusement park with Hoseok. I mean just think about it… how perfect would it be with him? *—*

Jimin ~ Ahw ^^ I know he liked hwarang a lot too so we should do a marathon with him too and maybe oh god… he is so lovely. we could go to a coffee shop or to the cinema or it would be better to watch movies at home. 

I tag @chhalien @bfkook @yoongisgaybff @hipsonlou @taeyongsmiles ^^

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What is Owen's sex drive like

On. All the time. 

Well, not really. He has a freedom now, that he didn’t in the Navy. Sneaking off base and getting laid wasn’t always an option, especially when he was at sea. Employed by InGen and given the whole of Isla Nublar to run free on, Owen finds himself with women in his lap. He’s not really interested, they’re just things to him, dancing to the beat of loud music, barely dressed. 

He does play, like a cat and a laser. He knows he shouldn’t, but he also has a pretty decent itch to scratch and he’s just about addicted to doing so now. 

Owen isn’t the romantic type of guy. Barely does he buy Claire flowers or shower her in gifts. He’s not the kind of show his affection by doing things for her (he considers renovating their home a show of affection/devotion) or buying her things. He’s a touch man, tactile, he likes to have her under his fingers as a silent way to show Claire he’s right there and to remind himself she’s real. 

Their sex-life raises the bar on everything else he’s experienced. Claire turns him on, mentally and physically. She encourages him to think beyond the physical, to connect because he wants to. Claire isn’t a simple fuck for the hell of it. She’s got him mind, body and soul - and that’s keeping his switch flicked on at all times. She’s sexy as hell, let us not forget that, between the heels, a lingerie collection, and her take no prisoners attitude only Owen gets to see the full extent of - he wants her all the time. Because he adores her, because she challenges him, because she’s different from everything he’s seen at ports, bars, and company wine-and-dines. Claire Dearing is endgame and his improved libido only goes to prove that.