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in which takenaka gets shot bc this whole thing is such bullshit

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can you believe isak and even are best friends too who just want to spend all of their time with each other and learn everything about each other and their favorite thing is becoming that boring couple who stay home together and shop together and finish each other's sentences and want to spoil each other with love and affection because they know they're going to be together for the rest of their lives

(Why do you always hurttt mmeeeeeeeeee)

There were things Isak never talked about to anyone, not even Jonas. Things like how stressed he gets before an exam and how he can’t sleep sometimes because he’s afraid he might fail. Things like how he misses his mother sometimes and wishes things were better between them. Things like how his experience at home really messed him up and made a tear in his soul. Things like how he felt he was robbed of his teenage years, like he didn’t to be a happy kid. Things like how he had spent so much time in fear and im denial that it ate at him a little bit. Things like how he couldn’t help but feel insecure sometimes. Things like how he’s so touch starved and only wants one thing: to be held and to be loved.
There were things Isak just kept to himself because nobody had to know about them. Things he hid deep down so well, so damn well, that even he forgot about them sometimes. There were things he didn’t talk about, alright.

But then this tall guy with blue eyes comes into his life like a breeze of fresh air and turns his world upside down. And Isak has doubts, alright, but he still trusts him. He wants to be around him. He wants to spend time with him, watch him smile, and hear him laugh, and eat horrible sandwiches with him. He wants to kiss him even though he has a girlfriend and it might hurt. He wants to be with him because he feels so damn safe around him. He wants to lie around in bed and do nothing all day but smoke and talk and make out and cuddle because it feels so right, nothing’s ever felt so right. He wants to be held and cuddled and he wants to lie on his chest and have him play with his hair and he just wants this moment to stretch into infinity. And then Even says those words “Can we just stay right here forever”. And Isak’s heart bursts because ‘he wants the same thing’. And he pines and he waits and he falls deeper and deeper and he trusts him. He trusts him so much. He tells him about his mom, something he’s never told anyone before. And gosh, Isak must be losing his damn mind because he wants to share everything with him, even the embarrassing parts, the parts he couldn’t even admit to himself. He likes him so much, so damn much.

They’re in a good place now. They’re a couple now. They’re THE couple now. And people still can’t believe how they haven’t gotten bored of each other yet. How they always find something new to discuss. How they spend every damn minute together at any party ever and how they just come running back to each other when they try to socialize with others. How a game of Fifa still means the whole damn world because it’s with each other. People don’t get it. What they have. They don’t get it. Nobody does. And to be honest, Isak isn’t sure he gets it either. It’s too strong, too overwhelming. It’s almost as if they were parts of the same soul, same heart. So in sync. So balanced. Isak can’t believe it but he won’t question it. He won’t question it and he won’t give it back for the world.
So he tells Even everything and Even tells him everything and Mahdi says they’re gross but whatever. They’re gross together.

Isak won’t tell Jonas. But Even is his bestfriend now. 💛

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Hey! Your colouring is always so perfect! I'm new to digital art and when I colour, it looks fine on my laptop but on my phone/home computer it is VERY over saturated. I tried calibrating my laptop but I got nothing. Your art from my phone to my laptop is relatively the same (a lil duller on my computer but I figure that's just the size adjustment of the resolution) so I was wondering what you do to get your colour so perfect? What resolution and dpi do you use?? Thanks! Love your art❤️❤️

Thank you! :) I’m not entirely sure but I guess the phone screen shows the actuall colours, at least I read it somewhere, or maybe heard… Anyway, I calibrated my laptop at the beginning too because the colours were really weird. I think the graphic card is also important but I’m not an expert at those so I won’t help you. When I was buying my laptop, which is super old now, I asked about something that would allow me to see colours pretty accurately for art stuff. I use approximately (it changes all the time) 4000x5000 px (or A3, A4) canvases with 300dpi, though I know other artists go for 460dpi. But it’s important in case you want to print your art, it doesn’t affect the way the colours look like on your computer screen (at least I think so xD). I save my drawings in png format for better quality.
I’m sorry I can’t help you more. Maybe there are smarter people who can give you any advice?

Hello, dear lovelies. The bad news is that I am probably going to be around a lot less (and also writing a lot less) for at least a little while - not because I’m trapped in the internetless boondocks of Appalachia (though I am, at the moment, and they’re gorgeous, and thankfully I am not part of anyone’s blood feud, though the corner store down the street apparently had several of its customers go to prison and several more of its customers murdered … perhaps by the first set?), but because I won’t have much time.

And I won’t have time because the good news is that I got a job! A real, live, career-style job wherein I use several if not all of my degrees and some of my weird experience (I’ve been paid to untangle seahorses from nets, to sing ‘Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes’ in several languages, to tie knots and hang from rigging, to hop in fruit trucks to get to school - all of which were delightful and none of which had what we might call long-term employment possibilities.) So I’m off to the blazer-wearing daily grind, and then hopefully eventually back to writing Raylan and Boyd out of their adolescence and back into Harlan. Wish me luck!

Was walking in front of a car parked outside the bakery this morning when a short half-honk startled me right out of my earphones. I turned to look accusingly, wondering what I could’ve possibly done to offend or entice anyone, and was greeted by the sight of an incredibly dapper, grinning miniature schnauzer with both his paws on the steering wheel. 

Well, bless my melting little heart! In all my years, I never ever considered there ever could be a right way to be honked at…

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Okay so I really wanna make a page with people’s birthday on them. Mostly for myself so I can remember everyone’s birthdays since it would be impossible to recall everyone’s here by memory. If you send me your birthday I will send you a message and also put a birthday shoutout on my blog so others know! Just send me your bias and your birthday! Here’s the page if you want to see: x

Edit: Send by ask, message, or reply to this but only do one! Also MX biases please! You’ll get a confirmation from me if you haven’t yell at me that I forgot yours lol! 


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The Hak and Yona relationship, IMO, is not a relationship filled with mutual understanding and respect where both party supports and gives. It's a one way relationship with one person doing all the supporting and giving while the other takes, demands, and uses. It's obvious which is which. No one's expecting them to be perfect from the start but outside of Yona's feelings for Hak turning romantic, there has been no change or real growth in the relationship they share. What am I missing?

Ngl anon, when I saw this I immediately started typing up this massive reply where I first went through every arc to show where Yona respected, understood and supported Hak and then began explaining how this was all connected, how they’ve both changed together as a result of these occurrences, and how their thinking has changed. I’m… not even kidding, here’s a screenshot of part of the original draft:

But, then I realised a little way through that the fact that I could find evidence in every single arc of development between the two, could point to moments in canon where they specifically say that they mean a lot to each other and want to support each other, and that they are so obviously not the same people they were in the first few chapters, made me come to the conclusion that maybe you are just missing something anon. And I don’t want to mean that in a nasty way - after all, we all read stories and interpret them differently and find different messages. But, if you’ve read 140+ chapters of this manga and can’t see a change in Hak and Yona and their relationship, then there’s nothing I can do. That’s honestly the bottom line for me. And, if my praising of them annoys you so much that you want to message me and point out your opinion every time I comment on them, I think it’s best that you un-follow me. Or, if you already don’t follow me, just ignore my blog. Honestly, it’ll save you a lot of annoyance, save me from constantly having to spend time defending a viewpoint you will probably never agree with, and we can part ways as unlikely friends. As a start to this unlikely friendship, here are three random facts about me:

  1. I hate lime flavouring in candy. It’s icky *pulls face*
  2. I have 15 mobiles/wind chimes hanging in my room because I love chimes and people like to gift them to me.
  3. My dad makes the best unbaked cheesecake. 

Message me three random facts about yourself anon~

I just found a “vegan” blog where the op occasionally “saves” “escaped animals” (or “smuggles them”) from their “campus lab” by stuffing them into tiny, ill furnished enclosures that fail to meet their needs for survival. And then ignores or makes excuses when people point out the poor husbandry.

My sodium levels have spiked this evening.