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What I Thought About Berkut and Rinea (spoilers ahead)

After finished Fire Emblem Echoes, one of the thing that become my focus is the pairing, because unlike free pairing in Awakening and Fates, in Echoes they’re designated so all pairing appear are canon like Clive X Mathilda (that surprisingly in category baka couple), Gray X Claire (I screamed reading their end card), Boey X Mae (I’m kinda shocked but not really I guess), Zeke X Tatiana (sweet couple), Alm X Celica (honestly I thought they’re bro sis before), and Berkut X Rinea. I actually crack shipped Celica with Atlas because I love their support dialogue.

My most favourite pairing happened in this game is Berkut and Rinea, and the main reason is the Memory Prism we got after defeating Berkut.

At first, even their early appearance is when they’re dancing together. This is so sweet, and after saw Memory Prism it becomes much more meaningful. They met at the ball, when Rinea become wallflower, and Berkut flirting at her. Well, flirting Berkut style. And even after she told him that she’s from low level nobility, he still asked her to dance with him. Mind you, Berkut is the heir of the Rigel kingdom at that time. If he’s so haughty, he must preferred high nobility woman as his partner, but no. He chose Rinea. And every time his ambition to the throne shown, I don’t remember he ever missed saying about Rinea become his empress, even when Duma claimed his soul, he questioned her if she doesn’t want to be his empress. He didn’t hear that Rinea said it doesn’t matter for her if he’s an emperor or not. And I think that misunderstanding is the main reason why he’s completely controlled by Duma and killed Rinea. And after Alm defeated him, the scene when Rinea pick him up and said about he’s worthy of become an emperor but maybe here is not his kingdom… just remember it make me wanna cry. They deserve better…

I really love this pairing.

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How do you think suga , j-hope and V would react if they found out that their gf had a twin sister that looks exactly like her gf *i love ur blog*


“Holy shit!” Yoongi exclaimed loudly, staring frantically between you and the door.

“What’s wrong?” You asked, looking over at the door to find your sister standing there. Oh, you thought. Well, it was about time he found out about her.

“______,” Yoongi said slowly, “I think I’m seeing double.”

You laughed at that. “You’re not. Yoongi, I told you I have a sister. That’s her. Say hi, sis.”

“Hey.” Your sister waved, rolling her eyes at Yoongi’s expression. The two of you were quite used to being mistaken for one another.

“S…sister?” Yoongi said, still looking between the two of you.

“Identical twin, actually.” You told him, unable to stop yourself from enjoying his confusion. Your sister was already ignoring him and walked into the kitchen, probably getting herself something to eat.

“Identical… WHY did you not tell me about this?”

You shrugged. “It didn’t come up.”

“I’m sorry, it’s just… wow. She looks EXACTLY like you.”

“Sort of the definition of identical.”

Yoongi pulled you closer on the couch, saying with a wink “Yeah but… makes me wonder in what other ways she’s like you. Ouch!”

That last bit came from you hitting him. Yoongi grinned foolishly at you, letting you know he was joking. You still scowled at him, not amused by the notion that your boyfriend fancied your sister as well.

“I’m sorry, jagi, I’m just teasing. Don’t worry, even if you look the same she’s not you.” He gave you a peck, soothing you a bit with his adorableness. “Still, maybe you’d let Jimin meet her? He totally thinks you’re hot so maybe… ow! Okay, okay, I’ll stop!” Yoongi laughed and this time you laughed with him.


“You have a what?” Hoseok asked, eyes wide in shock.

“An identical twin.” You repeated. You had decided it was best to tell him before he met your sister, people could freak out if they just suddenly thought there were two of you so it was better for him to know.

“Like… a sister who looks exactly like you?”


“That’s… that’s so frickin cool!” You blinked. Not exactly the reaction you had been expecting. “I mean, wow! It must be so awesome to have her around, are you guys really close? Oh my gods, do you guys pull pranks on people by pretending to be the other and stuff? I would totally do that if I had a twin!”

You couldn’t help but laugh at his enthusiasm. It was a relief that he didn’t find it weird, your last boyfriend had been super weirded out whenever he was around your sister.

“Oh oh, can we mess with the guys by bringing her along to meet them sometime? We could so pull of the best pranks!” You hugged Hoseok, stopping his flow of prank schemes. “Hey, ______, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” You smiled up at him. “I’m just happy.” Hoseok grinned back. “Also, we pull that kind of pranks all the time! We could do the one where we’re in different clothes and randomly switch, that always weirds people out, or we could…”


Taehyung walked a circle around you and your sister, scrutinizing the two of you. You stood there nervously, not sure what to expect. After introducing your boyfriend to your twin sister he hadn’t freaked out or exclaimed ‘oh my god’ or any of the normal reactions you got. He had gaped at first, sure, but then he had just begun quietly sizing the two of you up.

“Taetae?” You asked, wishing he’d just say something. He stopped in front of you, looking into your eyes with a serious expression.

“What are the differences?” He asked.


“What are the differences?” He repeated. “You can’t be exactly identical, there’s got to be a way to tell you apart somehow. I think your left eye is a bit more slanted than hers but I’m not sure. What else is there?”

You stared at him, eyes wide, as he looked back and forth between the two of you again. No one had ever noticed that difference besides you two, not even your parents. When they wanted to tell you apart they always checked for the birthmark you had on your arm and she didn’t.

“Oh, does she have a birthmark on the inside of her arm as well?” Taehyung asked, still scrutinizing you.

You exchanged a look with your sister, both of you amazed. Then she smiled at you. “Sis, I think you’ve got a keeper.”

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