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Don’t Be A Cog...

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Sorry if this is a bit long guys but I really hope you enjoy it and I hope you don’t like Dwight too much…just saying haha!

Sometimes life doesn’t go according to plan…especially in Gotham.

Here I am…just left school and starting on my way on a career path…well that is until I got fired.

Typical office job…9 til 5 and 5 days a week.

It was okay…a little boring but okay.

If it wasn’t for the supervisor…she wasn’t a manager but just a supervisor who acted like a manager. She was probably the reason the term ‘Micro-managing’ was created.

I really needed this job and she knew that but still just through me out like trash.

I know they say you can’t find happiness at the bottom of a bottle but I wasn’t sure what else to do…I didn’t want to go home just yet and confront my parents.

So I made my way to a new club that opened not too far away. After flashing my ID to the guy standing at the door, I made my way in and weaved through the crowd, taking a seat at the bar.

I ordered the strongest drink they had and was shortly served. While sipping my drink I looked around and noticed everyone in the club was dressed in the same sort of clothes. The shirts appeared to be straitjackets and a lot of people were wearing messy clown makeup.

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the fear of losing you // stiles stilinski

Summary: Stiles and Y/N can’t stand each other but as soon as one of them gets hurt their differences don’t seem to matter

Requested: yes

Pairing: Stiles & Y/N

Warning: no 


“All I’m saying is that maybe if you focused a little bit more on the unsolved cases instead of chasing after a girl, who quite frankly doesn’t love you back, you wouldn’t have so many red strings on the board!” Y/N huffed, sitting up in his bed and folding her arms across her chest.

“Sorry not all of us are heartless monsters like you.” He sneered.

“Fuck off Stiles!” She shouted. “You asked me to help you with this remember?”

“Well maybe it was a mistake.” He shot back.

“Maybe it was.” She reached for her backpack and slammed the door behind her.

The next day their group of friends seemed to sense the tension between them.

“Wait, Anakin Skywalker is Luke’s father?” Lydia asked Stiles as he presses his palms to his head in frustration


"So then who is Luke and Leia’s mother? Darth Vader didn’t have a wife.” She asked.

“Padmè.” Y/N grumbled, taking a sip of her milk.

Stiles rolled his eyes as she grabbed her tray to throw away the remains of her meal. He followed behind her mocking her and making faces for the rest of the pack’s amusement.

“I don’t understand why they can’t get along.” Lydia frowned. “They’re practically the same person.”

“That’s why they don’t get along.” Scott responded, pointing in their direction. “Because they’re practically the same person.” Lydia looked up to see Y/N’s white shirt stained with the chocolate milk Stiles had been drinking only moments ago. She tried the best she could to drown out the sounds of their bickering as she covered her ears and let out a loud sigh.

Days past and they kept their distance. He wouldn’t admit it, but he didn’t know what the next step to solving the case was and he needed her help. He stood his ground though, never giving into her death stares or snide remarks.

Scott approached her after school one day to try and get her to open up about their differences.

“You know he needs you to figure out the case right?” He asked, shoving his hands in his pockets.

“He knows where to find me.” Y/N responded, not meeting his gaze. When he didn’t reply, she stopped walking and looked up to see him smirking.

“What?” She questioned.

“You may be able to fool Stiles Y/N, but I know how you really feel about him.” He announced.

“And how exactly do I feel about him?” She mocked.

“Ask you rapidly increasing heartbeat.” He mumbled. Rolling her eyes she made her way down the hall. He sprinted to catch up to her.

“Forget I said anything, ok?” Scott offered.

“Fine.” She mumbled.

“Don’t forget about tomorrow.” He told her.

“I’ll be there.” She assured him.

Tomorrow came and she found herself in Scott’s house surrounded by a bunch of rowdy teenagers. It wasn’t her scene, it never was, but Lydia said that if she didn’t come that she wouldn’t talk to her for a month.

She spotted Liam and Hayden first and waved at them, not bothering to go over and interrupt them. She paced around the house, occasionally humming whatever song was playing and stumbled into Lydia who was clearly drunk.

“You came!” She squealed.

“Yeah, you told me you wouldn’t talk to me if I didn’t.” Y/N laughed.

“Lydia!” Scott called after her. Lydia squealed as she ran away from him.

“She won’t stop running away from me.” He sighed as he greeted Y/N.

“How much did you let her have to drink?” She eyed him.

“A few drinks.” He groaned.

“You did this to yourself.” She laughed. “Not all of us have the alcohol tolerance you do.”

“I’m gonna go make sure Lydia doesn’t shove a fork in a toaster or something.” He informed her as he chased after the strawberry blonde, leaving Y/N alone once again. She made her way to the kitchen and decided to pour herself a drink. Not feeling like dealing with the effects of alcohol the next day, she filled her solo cup to the brim with different juices that were meant to be mixers.

“I didn’t know you were coming.” She turned around and saw Stiles standing behind her gripping a similar red cup as hers.

“Lydia forced me to.” She mumbled. He nodded his head, understanding.

“What about you? I thought parties weren’t your scene.” She took a sip of her drink.

“They’re not.” He admitted. “You’re the only person I know here, other than the rest of our friends who are off doing god knows what.”

“How’s the case coming?” She asked, looking up at him for what felt like the first time in weeks.

He looked awful. He seemed paler than usual even in the reflection of the neon lights bouncing around the house. His eyes were glossy with deep purple circles beneath them and his hair was pushed in multiple directions, like he’d constantly been running his fingers through it everyday for at least an hour.

“The board is still full of red strings.” He sighed.

She felt herself release the tension in her shoulders she didn’t know she was holding. Seeing Stiles in such a sad state actually made her feel bad for him. He wasn’t that bad and she knew it, she secretly liked the times that they’d spent locked in his room until 2am trying to figure out how each case was connected or if there was even a connection at all. She missed him. The constant bickering, the sarcastic comments, all of it.

“Y/N?” He called out to her, snapping her back to reality.


“I asked what you were drinking.” He asked her.

“Oh, a mix of all the mixers.” She giggled, realizing how funny it sounded.

“What about you?”

“Water.” He chuckled.

“Adventurous.” She playfully nudged his shoulder, causing him to press his lips into a small smile revealing his dimples.

“Y/N, I-”

Words were cut short by the sound of breaking glass coming from the living room followed by multiple screams. They watched in horror as people ran frantically around the house trying to find and exit.

“Can’t we have one night where we don’t have to deal with the shit?” Stiles grumpled, setting his drink down and reaching for a steak knife. Y/N followed suit, grabbing something close to her hoping that it would defend her against the unknown supernatural creature.

Peeking around the corner they noticed that it was none other than a very large, angry looking boy who they swore was dead.

“Theo?” She questioned. Her grip tightened around the bottle of vodka she’d grabbed from the counter as his face twisted into a devilish grin towards her and Stiles. 

Run!“ She shouted. They made their way to the back door and ran as fast as they could.

"He’s suppose to be dead!” Stiles shouted

“Well, he’s clearly not!” She yelled back, jumping over a branch.

“You don’t think he’s the reason-” She couldn’t finish her sentence before Stiles grabbed her wrist, causing her to stop.

“Split up.” He told her.

“Absolutely not!” She protested.

“Y/N, please! We don’t even know if he’s still following us. For all we know Liam, Maila, and Scott could have already taken him down and we’re just running deeper into the woods.”

“Stiles, I’m not leaving you.” She said sternly.

“Why are you so stub-”

The sound of a twig breaking caught their attention. Stiles brought his finger to his lips as they took a small step backwards.

“Scott?” He called out.

When he didn’t receive a reply, he motioned for Y/N to run for help.

“I wouldn’t do that Y/N.” Theo’s voice echoed through the trees. “We both know you won’t get very far.”

Stiles protectively stepped in front of her, shielding her from Theo.

“Long time no see Stilinski.” He chuckled.

“What do you want Theo?” Stiles asked through gritte teeth. Y/N grabbed onto Stiles’ arm out of fear as Theo started to corner them against a tree.

“Isn’t it obvious?” Theo frowned. “I thought I was getting better at portraying my emotions.”

Y/N took the opportunity to throw the bottle she’d been holding at him. It whizzed through the air only to be stopped by Theo’s large hand catching it before it shattered across his head.

“Seriously Y/N? Your weapon of choice was a bottle of liquor.” He laughed at her as he uncapped the bottle and took a long sip.

“What do you want Theo?” Stiles shouted, demanding answers.

“Let’s just say I’m holding a bit of a grunge with you.” He smiled stepping closer to the two, pulling out a handgun. Y/N’s eyes went wide as her heartbeat sped up.

“I don’t want this to take very long, I’ve got other, more important things to do, so if you wouldn’t mind, I’d like to get this over with.” He said in a cocky tone.

Stiles flung the knife towards Theo hitting him in the leg. He cried out in pain as he gripped his leg where the knife had just landed.

“You really thought a kitchen knife could stop me?” Theo shouted. “For a boy who’s so smart, you’re the dumbest genius I’ve ever met.” He stated as he removed the bloody blade from the flesh on his thigh. “Looks like you’ll be first.” Theo said, looking at Stiles. “And I’m going to make Y/N watch.”

Her body shook with fear as she watched Theo kick Stiles to his knees. She wanted to scream but she couldn’t. Fear had taken over her body making her unable to move. Theo took a few steps back and pointed the gun at Stiles

“Any last words?” He asked Stiles. He turned to Y/N and looked into her eyes. He had so much he wanted to say to her but not enough time to say it. A single tear fell down his cheek as he swallowed hard.

“Alright then.” Theo smiled. “Let the fireworks begin.”

As soon as she saw Theo’s finger hover over the trigger, she immediately started running towards Stiles. All she heard was a gun shot go off and Stiles arms wrap around her.

“Y/N and Stiles?” Theo snickered. “What an odd pair.” She felt the warm liquid pooling around her body. Her clothes stuck to her abdomen as she lay in Stiles’ arms. He looked down in horror to see that she had been the one to take the bullet for him. Her whole body shook as she wrapped her fingers around his hand.

“This is actually brilliant.” Theo smiled. “I was going to shoot both of you, but I think I’ll just let Stiles live with the fact that he’s going to be the reason that Y/N died.” He grinned wickedly before hearing an all too familiar howl. “Looks like it’s time for me to go.” He said, jogging off into the dark woods. “Until next time.” He called back behind him.

“Why would you do that?” Stiles asked looking down at her laying in his lap.

“Someone has to stay alive and solve the case.” She smiled weakly.

“But I can’t solve it without you!” He raised his voice letting a tear spill from his eyes.

“Stiles don’t cry.” She begged him.

“Why not?!” He shouted. “The only person that I care about is going to die in my arms and it’s all my fault.”

Her eyelids became heavy as her vision started to blur. The numbness spread throughout her entire body and it became hard for her to hold onto Stiles any longer.

“No Y/N, c'mon don’t die on me.” He mumbled as he reached for her hand and held it in his. He felt her body relax into his as her eyes shut fully.

“Please don’t die.” He begged her, as he pulled her into his chest. “I actually like you a lot and these past few days have been hell without you. I miss you so much and I miss the constant fighting and bickering because that’s what we do. That’s how we get along. I know that beyond the bad ass attitude you have you’re actually really sweet and caring but you don’t let people see it. You’ve let me see it a couple of times, hell, you just took a bullet for me!” He choked out. “Please don’t die Y/N, because I don’t actually hate you and I can’t imagine my life without you.” He held her cold hand in his as he let a few more tears fall off of his cheeks. He held her close to his chest as he slowly rocked back and forth. He looked down at her pale face and felt his stomach drop.

“You’re so beautiful.” He whispered, rubbing his blood stained thumb across her cheek. “I shouldn’t have let you go.”

“Stiles.” She mumbled causing his heart to almost stop completely.

“Y/N?” He asked as she wrapped her fingers around his hand.

“I’m cold Stiles.” She said softly.

“But you’re alive.” He smiled happily.

“Stiles! Y/N!”

Scott came charging towards the pair, eyes widening when he saw the state she was in.

“We have to get her to the hospital.” He announced.

Running off for help, Stiles removed his jacket and covered her with it.

“Better?” He asked.

“Much.” She said with a small smile.

“You scared the shit out of me.” He mumbled. “I thought I lost you.”

“I’m not going anywhere Stilinski.” She whispered. “Besides, you need me remember. We’re the dynamic duo.”

“That’s right.” He chuckled.

“You called me beautiful.” She smiled, causing him to clear his throat.

“You are.” He said nervously.

“You’re pretty cute yourself.” She admitted.

Scott returned moments later with Malia and Liam to help get Y/N safely back to the house so that they could get her to the hospital.

“Did you mean it?” She asked Stiles as Scott lifted her from his lap.

“What?” He questioned, still holding onto her hand.

“All that stuff you said about me?” She clarified. 

Of course.“ He said, kissing her forehead causing the color to return to her cheeks as she blushed.

"We can talk about this later.” He smiled, squeezing her hand. “We need to get you to the hospital.”

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Fluff Meme: Cuddles Edition

“Mm…you’re warm….”

“You are ridiculously comfortable…”

“Awe! But I don’t want to get up….”

“Get back here and cuddle with me…”

“Nope! You’re my prisoner today…”

“I’m tired, come to bed and cuddle with me please?”

“Well I guess I could come over there and cuddle with you for a bit…”

“Well if it’ll make you feel better…”

“A little cuddling won’t kill you, I promise.”

“It’ll be warmer if we cuddle together….”

“I’m sorry babe; I’m just not in the mood today, could we cuddle instead please?”

“I always sleep better when you’re here with me…”

“Why don’t we just relax and cuddle all day, hmm?”

“I’m really sore today, could we just take it easy and cuddle today please?”

“Somehow cuddling with you is even better than I expected it to be…”

“Can we cuddle for a bit please? I’m feeling kinda down…”

“I’ve had a rough day and honestly all I want right now is a drink and someone to cuddle with…”

“You’re so cute when you’re half asleep like this…”

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Hey I was wondering if you could write a Drabble/ficlit where TFW is at a hunter reunion or something and a guy keeps hitting on Cas and he's getting all flustered and it makes dean jealous and realize how much Cas actually means to him *cough-destiel* Maybe have a little bit of background shipper!sam if possible, sorry to bug you and thanks so much!

Here there anon, here have a quick (un-beta’ed) (PG rated) ficlet.


Jody had invited them to a hunter gathering in Iowa, enticing them with the promise that Alex and Claire as well as Mary would be there as well. They all readily agreed to go – Dean and Sam because they hadn’t seen Mary since Asa Fox’s wake, and Castiel because he wanted to catch up with Claire. Dean wouldn’t admit it, but he was also looking forward to seeing the little brat again.

So here they were, in a bar that had been rented out for the occasion. There were about fifty people there, which, for hunting standards, was a big deal. If any of their more powerful enemies were to find out they were all gathered there…

The dark thought fled Dean’s mind when a beaming Jody came up to them.

“Dean, Sam, Castiel, so glad you could make it,” she said, embracing them each in turn.

“Hey Jody, glad to be here,” Sam replied. Dean grunted in response, but his smile belied his fondness for her. Castiel was looking around, his eyes flickering from face to face.

“I bet I know who you’re looking for.” Jody smiled knowingly. “Claire’s over there,” she said, pointing at the corner of the room where the young woman was sitting in one of the booths next to Alex, chatting animatedly.

“Thank you. It is good to see you again, Jody.” After a nod and a small smile at Jody, Cas walked off to join Claire. Dean wanted to go with him, but he figured the guy needed some time with his kind-of-but-not-really adopted daughter. It was complicated.

“So!” Jody exclaimed, clapping her hands excitedly. “Let me introduce you to some friends of mine who I believe you haven’t met yet.” She stepped in between them, linking her arms though theirs, and proceeded to drag them to the nearest group of hunters.

A few hours later Dean was chatting with a hunter named Dave, who was telling him about the time he’d killed not one, but two lamia’s (apparently the whole “they only show up in Greece” thing really was bullshit) and barely lived to tell the tale. Dean privately thought the guy was a bit full of himself, but he had to admit that he was a little bit impressed. He remembered how difficult they were to kill.

“I was in that hospital for two weeks, going stir crazy….” Dave was saying as Dean’s attention wandered, his eyes seeking out Castiel. He found him, talking to…Was that Max Banes, the witch-slash-hunter they’d met at Asa Fox’s wake? He was smiling at Cas, standing so close to him it made Dean grimace.

“…and I just knew I was lucky to be alive. Oh, hey Sam!” The sound of his brother’s name snapped Dean’s attention back to Dave, who was waving at someone behind Dean.

“Hey Dave,” Sam said, coming to stand next to Dean. “How’s it going? I heard about those lamia’s. Well done dude.” He lifted his beer in a salute, looking perfectly sincere. Dean could see that he wasn’t, but only because he knew Sam so well.

Dave grinned, looking very pleased with himself. “Thanks Sam, I was just lucky though. I was just telling Dean here how close I was to being a goner.”

He opened his mouth to say more, but was interrupted by a group of rowdy, drunk hunters, who yelled out his name and grabbed him, asking him to regale them with the tale of how he survived the lamia attack. Only too happy to be the center of attention once more, Dave complied without another word to Dean or Sam.

“Looks like I didn’t actually need to come rescue you,” Sam remarked, watching the group walk away.

“Thanks anyway Sammy,” Dean said, turning to his brother. “I needed a break from the guy’s humblebragging.”

“So,” Sam said, changing the subject. His teasing grin instantly put Dean on edge. “I noticed you saw Cas talking to Max Banes. Or, well, not talking, really. Flirting’s more like.”

“What?!” Dean’s head whipped around, refocusing his gaze on Cas and Max, who were in fact still talking and standing way too close together.

“Oh yeah,” Sam continued, seemingly oblivious to Dean’s distress. “Did I not mention that Max was gay? He’s very forward, too, though I doubt Cas knows he’s being flirted with, because he’s Cas.” Sam shrugged.

“He…okay, well…good for him,” Dean stammered. There was nothing he could say that wouldn’t give his frustration with the situation away (which would lead to awkward questions he did not want to answer). He was sure he wasn’t fooling Sam, though. But he could damn well try.

“Yea, I thought so. I mean, I’m pretty sure it’s not gonna go anywhere, but hey maybe they can have some fun together. I’m not judging.” He sounded so blasé about the whole thing Dean wanted to punch him.

“Yeah…fun…Uh hey I see that Cas doesn’t have anything to drink. I’m gonna bring him a beer. You want one, too?” Please say no.

“Nah I’m good, still got half of mine left,” Sam replied, tapping his beer bottle.

Dean moved to the bar, signalling the bartender for two beers. After paying for them, he went to join Cas and Max, catching the tail end of their conversation.

“…You should come to our store sometimes, we have a lot of books and blessed objects you might be interested in,” Max was saying, his eyes fixed on Castiel’s. “I know it’s a bit out of your way, but don’t worry about finding a place to stay. You can stay with us. We don’t have a couch, so you’ll have to stay in my room. I hope that’s-”

“Actually, angels don’t sleep,” Dean interrupted them smugly. “So he wouldn’t have to stay anywhere.” He pushed the beer in Cas’s hands. “Ain’t that right, Cas?”

“Yes that is correct,” Cas responded, taking the beer from Dean with a small frown. “Although lately, with my grace much diminished, I have found myself tired after expending a lot of it. I have on occasion needed a short rest to recuperate.” He looked ashamed, as if admitting that he wasn’t all-powerful pained him.

Dean couldn’t help but reach out to him in comfort, placing his hand on the angel’s back. “Come on Cas, everyone has to recharge their batteries sometimes. It’s nothing to be ashamed of.” He glanced at Max, who was watching them both looking thoughtful.

“Still don’t mean you gotta stay in this guy’s room, though,” Dean couldn’t help but add.

“Aw,” Max said, the playful grin back on his face, “I never said we had to sleep.”

“Oh.” Castiel flushed, as if only now realising that yes, Max had been flirting with him all this time. Dean gritted his teeth, irritated and even insulted that Max would dare voice such a blatant come on to Cas when Dean was right here, dammit.

Without consciously thinking through the implications of what he was about to say and do, Dean dropped his hand from Cas’s back to his waist, squeezing the angel and closing the gap between their sides.

“Really? What were you planning on doing then?” He said casually. “And it’d better be something along the lines of ‘playing board games’, dude.” His grip on Cas’s waist tightened.

Max’s eyes flickered between Cas and Dean, his cocky grin slipping from his face.


That single syllable, one that he’d heard so many times coming from Cas’s lips, immediately dropped the enormity of what he’d just done on him like a pile of bricks.

Holy shit.

Afraid of what he’d see, Dean slowly turned his head to look at Cas, his arm dropping from Cas’s waist to hang uselessly at his side.

The warm, wondrous smile on Cas’s face took his breath away.

“Cas…” Dean didn’t know what to say. This moment felt too important to ruin it with anything else but the truth, and he wasn’t sure he could give Cas that, here, in public surrounded by hunters.

“Hey, uh, sorry, I didn’t mean to flirt with your boyfriend man,” Max’s voice cut through Dean’s increasingly panicked thoughts. “That’s not really my style. Sorry to you both. I’ll leave you to it.”

With an apologetic look, he walked away, heading towards his sister who was all the way on the other side of the bar.

“We’re not…” Dean called after him, voice way too silent to carry over the noise of the crowd. He couldn’t even bring himself to finish the sentence, even though it would’ve been the truth.

Because he didn’t want it to be true.

He turned back to Cas, who was still looking so happy. “I am still unaccustomed to ‘being hit on’,” Cas said, and there were the familiar verbal finger quotes, “or I would have stopped him sooner.”

“You would?” Dean nervously took a swig from his beer. “Why? I mean, he’s not my type but I’ve seen the looks he gets. Dude’s popular.”

“Don’t be stupid, Dean,” Cas admonished him and, in the next moment, took his hand and laced their fingers together. Dean almost dropped his beer.

“What kind of person would flirt with another man in front of his boyfriend?”

Dean was speechless, his mouth slightly open. He looked down at their clasped hands, before slowly looking back up to meet Cas’s eyes, which sparkled in amusement.

“As I said, I don’t know all that much about human courtship rituals, but I believe this is the moment you’re supposed to kiss me.” Cas was teasing him now, obviously greatly amused by his speechlessness.

“Damn angels,” Dean managed to grumble before pulling Cas in for a searing kiss.

He could hear whooping and cheering around him, but he didn’t care. All he cared about was kissing Cas so hard he saw stars. That’ll teach him.

The loudest cheer, however, came from Sam at the back of the crowd, followed by a “Finally!”

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Well… she did know how to open it… (Anna and Remington (my ocs) and 2017) Happy New Year!

Just throwing it out there that Molly is so brave and loving for going against her heart and staying to help John, not for his lying cheating ass, but for Rosie and her wellbeing, knowing full well that John was in no state to care for a helpless baby.

And of course she would send Sherlock away, she wouldn’t want there to be a scene in front of the baby, and she knew nothing good could come of it this early in the game. She chose to be the bearer of dickhead John’s message, to protect the man she loves from the other idiot and his sorry excuse for grieving (or rather, own guilt for being such an ass).

Also, I was so happy that Molly was shown a little bit of love by everyone, or rather, BY MARY, by being made godmother to Rosie. How lovely was that.

P.S. I hate John Watson.

BTS Reaction : To hurt you during your first time

Hi!! Can i have a bts reaction? First of all: sorry for the eventual mistakes, i don’t speak/write in english very well ‘3’ So… You’re having your first time, and when he slowly puts his dick into your pussy, you feel a very strong pain (even with all the careful he had) and lets a painful moan escape from your mouth, while little tears fall from your eyes What will be the reaction of each one?

Seokjin : A bit disapointed, he didn’t think he could hurt you that much. He would freeze in place. Jin would want your signal before going in deeper

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you. Are you still ok ?”

Originally posted by jhopies

Yoongi : He’d whispers apologies against your lips, still slowly going in, trying his best to take his time and not slam into your tight pussy

“Sorry, sorry. Please wait a bit, you’ll feel good in a few minutes” 

Originally posted by yoonkooks

Hoseok : He would stay in place, trying to distract you on the pain by nibbling on your neck or kissing you deeply

“Do you think I can go in deeper or do you want to stop here babe ?”

Originally posted by jinful

Namjoon : This guy would gently rub your clit with two oh fis finger, trying to put some pleasure in the pain 

“I’m nearly full in sweetheart, please, it’ll feel good”

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

Jimin : He would smashed his lips on yours, playing with your breasts and when you’ll let out a small moan he’d go in deeper

“I’m in, do you still want it ?”

Originally posted by bwipsul

Taehyung : Sweetheart would whisper sweet nothings in your ear, reassuring you on the pain, making promises on how it’ll feel nice when the pain will fade

“Come on, just some more centimeters and I’m in, trust me, I’ll be good to you”

Originally posted by hellosarang

Jungkook : He would immediatly get his erection out of your body, a stressed look on his baby face, eyebrows scrunched in worry

“Are you okay ? Should we stop now ?”

Originally posted by jinkooks

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Yuri!!! on Ice Screenshot-related Screaming

Oh my god I just noticed something about the opening scene of Yuri!!! on Ice, when Viktor is dancing/skating for Yuuri. 

The song is “Stay Close to Me” and it’s about wanting to keep someone by your forever or something, right? Well, I downloaded a gif of that one scene where Viktor is reaching out to Yuuri, and I noticed something very important within the frames.

Check it out below the break! (Sorry for that cliff-hangery pause there.)

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sinners like us (saeran x reader, part II)

rating: 13+ (707 route + secret 02 end spoilers, idk saeran yells a lot here…)

notes: GOD. i didn’t think it’d take me two damn months to write chapter two. sorry. part of it was me working on other things and part of it was that this fic is a little hard to write because of the setting. i finally, finally ground some things out so hopefully writing won’t take as long. the keyword here is hopefully. 

anyway, i’m a little worried that saeran is a bit spotty here. especially… well, you’ll see. i hope you guys enjoy this update. i’ll try to be more frequent from now on. TT_TT

chapter one | chapter two

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An Unexpected Turn (Barry Allen x Reader)

Originally posted by angelwings4barryallen

Requested by: @lisagust14“Hey! Can u write barry x reader imagine where the reader works at ccpd , is sarcastic one and hates romance. At first they hate each other but then they fall in love with each other. And readers also works at star labs❤️ thank u”

Word Count: 2.5kish

Author’s Note: Hey guys! I’m so sorry this imagine took so long, I really wanted this one to turn out well:) anyways, school’s been hectic so I will try to upload maybe two a week? Three if I manage my time well! Thanks for your patience guys AND THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 500 FOLLOWERS I LOVE YOU GUYS

“You don’t just step all over a crime scene, Barry!” you yelled angrily. No, angry wouldn’t even describe what you were feeling right now. You were furious. Enraged. A bit on the “I’m gonna kill this guy” side.

All because little Mr. Know-It-All decided that running all over the crime scene in less than five seconds would be the best way to obtain crucial evidence without “contaminating” it. Stupid.

“What, I got what we needed! The police would never let us have this,” Barry argued, trying to keep up with your pace ironically.

You turned on your heel, stopping abruptly. Barry quickly stopped in his tracks, his Converse squeaking against the quiet hardwood floor of the CCPD building. He looked down at you expectantly while you raised your chin slightly. 

“Oh, sure! Let’s just steal from the damn police, Barry. Let’s just take some totally unimportant evidence because apparently, we don’t trust them to successfully catch the metahuman!” You took a pause from your rant, and glared at him. “I’m the police, Barry. Me. Not you. Me.”

Barry shrugged his shoulders and looked away. “I mean, I’m technically the police too…and the Flash,” he retorted, smirking at you.

Your mouth dropped slightly while your eyes squinted more in a small feeling of shock at what he just said. Did he just say that? 

You let out a groan of frustration before taking a step closer to Barry, almost chest to chest. You were shorter than him, but standing closer allowed you to feel more in control.

“You give me fucking migraines,” you growled. “The only reason I even associate with you is because of Caitlin. So try, try, not to be so damn annoying.”

Barry crouched down slightly so that you and he were now eye to eye.

“Nice to know I have such an effect of you, Y/N,” he said back, one cocky eyebrow lifting up.

You scoffed. You were at a loss of words. When you opened your mouth to say something, Barry took a step back and crossed his arms. 

“Nope, I’m not in the mood to hear you complain about me again,” he said, shaking his head.

“Excus-” you started, but Barry cut you off.

“Nope. I’m going back to S.T.A.R. Labs. Caitlin’s going to want to see this evidence,” Barry said. Before you knew it, his signature streak of lightening flew past you.

“Yeah, which you stole!” you yelled after him. However, he was gone and all that was left was the effect of blown wind and your anger still bubbling inside.

You sighed in frustration before heading back to the main hallway of the police department, eager to get your mind off of the guy who gave you actual headaches every day.

Barry slammed the evidence bag onto the table where Caitlin and Cisco were talking in the Cortex when he started pacing back and forth. The two looked at each other confused while Barry murmured to himself. Then, he looked at his friends.

“Why is Y/N so mean? She’s really mean!” the frustrated boy exclaimed, throwing his hands up in the air.

“Y/N?” Cisco asked. “Y/N’s like the nicest person here, along with Caitlin,” he added quickly. Barry scrunched his eyebrows in confusion.

“No, she’s mean.” Barry pointed at Caitlin, who was your best friend and the reason why you worked at S.T.A.R. Labs every once in a while. “How are you friends with her? She’s…mean!” he repeated.

Caitlin laughed at his tirade about you. “Y/N’s not mean, Barry. You just haven’t gotten to know her,” she said. “It’s probably because you keep on annoying her.”

Barry scoffed, leaning against the table in the middle of the Cortex room. “Me? Annoying? How?”

Cisco scoffed, leaning back in his seat as if ready to make a list. “I mean, there’s a lot of things,” Cisco started. Barry held up a hand and indicated him to stop.

“Okay, fine. But, she’s over exaggerating. She got mad at me because I “stole” evidence,” Barry said, putting quotation marks around ‘stole’.

Caitlin’s eyes grew wide. “Wait, you stole this?” she asked, holding up the bag.

“No!” Barry defended. “Well, not really. I mean, it’s not really stealing when no one saw me steal it. Plus, we’ll return it. It’s like borrowing,” he said smiling.

Caitlin pursed her lips and glared at the speedster. “Yeah, sure.”

“Okay, but that’s not it! Y/N’s just a mean person!” Barry continued.

“At least I’m not irritating,” you said, walking into the room with the same glare on your face that was plastered on his.

“Oh, hey, Y/N!” Caitlin greeted. You waved at her and Cisco before sitting down in the chair in between them. 

“I’m leaving,” Barry stated. He walked out the door and turned left, probably going somewhere in the building. 

“I’m going to go see where he went,” Cisco said, pointing at the doorway. Him and Caitlin shared a look but you decided to ignore it. You nodded, and leaned over to what Caitlin was doing.

“How’s the DNA looking?” you asked. 

“It’s actually a perfect sample,” Caitlin said, looking at the cell structure on the computer.

“Yeah, I was hoping so.”

Caitlin looked at you slightly confused. “Why? I thought you didn’t want Barry stealing this,” she asked with a smile.

You chuckled. “I was kind of expecting him too. Plus I wanted him too. We don’t have this type of technology over at the department, and if I were to steal some evidence and get caught, I could lose my job. But if the Flash were to do it, well, no one would have a problem with that,” you explained truthfully.

“So getting mad at him?” she questioned. Your smile grew larger and you looked at her with a mischievous glint in your eye before shrugging.

“I just like to see him get frustrated.”

Caitlin laughed, and then looked at you with a look.

“What?” you asked suspiciously.

“Do you think…” she grinned. “Do you think you two could like each other?

You coughed, choking on your own saliva. 

“We-we what?” you asked, laughing at the ridiculousness of that idea.

Caitlin’s smile grew larger, if that was even possible.

“Oh, but you do like him, Y/N! I knew it. I knew the second that you guys saw each other that there would be something there,” she squealing excitedly.

“Me?” you asked. “Liking Barry?” You shook your head. “Oh, no. No.”

“C’mon, Y/N. It’s like one of those, you know, love-hate relationships! It’s cute,” your friend gushed.

“What? No, Caitlin! That’s way too cliché. No, no. That sounds horrible. Plus, he gives me enough problems now. I couldn’t survive dating him,” you said.

Caitlin jumped in her seat. “But you did think about dating him!” she stated. Your mouth opened and once again, you were wordless.

Caitlin gasped. “Oh my gosh, you did,” she said.

“Caitlin!” you scolded. “I don’t like Barry, and in no way does he like me. He probably hates me,” you said frankly.

She rubbed your shoulder. “Barry does not hate you. I know that for a fact,” she said. You raised an eyebrow and chuckled.

“How do you know?” you asked.

“Well, Barry usually doesn’t spend that much time talking about a person he doesn’t like. Even if it is ranting about your arguments,” Caitlin laughed.

You glared at her playfully. “He. Gives. Me. Headaches.”

Just then your phone beeped, indicating that you were needed back at the police department.

“Oh, I need to go, Cait. I’ll see you later?” you said, already standing up, slinging your purse over your shoulder.

“Yeah, Y/N. See you later. And maybe Barry will too,” Caitlin teased, wiggling her eyebrows.

You laughed, secretly playing the idea of you two dating in your head.

“Yeah, in your dreams.”

For the rest of the day, you couldn’t get the idea of Barry and you potentially being a thing.

“Damn it, Cait,” you whispered to yourself as you looked at Barry from across the room who was talking to Joe.

You shook your head. “Nope. No. That’s too cliché, Y/N. Since when did you like these romantic things?” You paused. “And since when did you start talking to yourself?”

Mentally shaking your head, you went back to your computer and attempted to focus on your work. Then, Iris walked in. You attention immediately focused onto her. You knew that Iris and Barry were best friends but since the first time you met her, you’ve had an uneasy feeling about her.

Suddenly, a thought struck you.

Was this feeling…jealousy?

“Caitlin…” you groaned. You put your head into your hands and closed your eyes.

‘You do not like Barry. You are not this kind of person,’ you thought to yourself.

Just then, you felt a presence near you.

“Hey,” you heard Barry say. “You okay?”

You raised your head up in confusion. “Huh?” you asked.

For the first time, you could see that Barry didn’t have his usual cool demeanor on. It was like he actually cared how you were.

You smiled genuinely. “Yeah, yeah, I’m fine. Just…headache,” you said. Barry chuckled.

“I hope not because of me,” he teased.

You paused in mock thought. “I don’t know. It could be.” You both smiled, and then a silence fell over the both of you. However, right as Barry opened his mouth to say something, Iris called him over.

“Bar! Let’s go, we’re gonna be late,” she said.

Barry nodded at her and looked back at you.

“Oh, where you going?” you asked, suddenly curious.

“We’re just going on a simple date, and such. Nothing serious,” Barry informed you.


You gave a smile small and waved. “Well, I hope you have a good time,” you told him.

“Thanks.” With that, Barry smiled at you and walked back over to where Iris was standing and escorted her out with one backward glance towards you.

When he disappeared, you began to think.

Just this morning, you guys were at each other’s throats. This has been probably the first time in a while since Barry had actually been nice to you besides when he first met you.

What changed?

Then, something hit you. Did Cisco have the same talk with Barry that you did with Caitlin?

Did he realize that you could like him and just wanted to be nice to you?

Was him going on a date with Iris his way of telling you that he wasn’t interested in you?

“Oh, I’m going to kill them,” you whispered to yourself.

A month passed by since that day.

You found out that Cisco did propose the same idea that Caitlin did, but he told you that Barry was kind of vague with what his reaction was to that.

Over the month, you realized that, maybe; you did actually have feelings for Barry and just suppressed them with hate. You were never good with romantic feelings anyways.

The only person that you told was Caitlin who promised to keep it a secret. Not only were you horrible with feelings, but you were even worse with rejection and seeing how Iris and Barry were going on frequent dates, you could tell that it would be a really bad rejection if you ever told him how you felt.

But something, deep down in your gut, told you that Barry wasn’t enjoying these dates. He would come back to the labs unhappy and just bored. Like the night he had wasn’t all that great.

But if he didn’t enjoy the dates, then why did he keep going on them?

Day after day, you would contemplate on telling him how you felt. Every day, you would watch Barry when he wasn’t looking. As creepy as it sounded, it was calming.

Sometimes, he would make faces that he didn’t even know he was making. Other times, he couldn’t hide his emotions even if his life counted on it.

It was the small things that really got to you, and day by day, you could feel yourself liking him more and more.

One day, you just had to tell Caitlin.

“Aww, Y/N. That’s so sweet!” she raved.

You scrunched your eyebrows in slight disgust for yourself. “It’s literally the most corny thing that I’ve ever heard myself say. My gosh, what’ve you done to me, Cait?” you asked, frustrated.

“I made you realize your true feelings,” she said smiling.

You slouched back in your chair and sighed.

“But I don’t want to like him, Cait. It’s…he likes Iris and it was just so much easier when we were mean to each other,” you said softly. Barry and you still talked, teasing each other from time to time, but ever since that day, you couldn’t actually insult him anymore.

“That’s because you were in denial. Now you aren’t! And now, I’m encouraging you to go after him, Y/N,” she told you.

“I can’t. He has a girlfriend.”

“Well.” Caitlin started. “They’re technically not dating.”

“Yeah, we’re not,” you heard a voice say behind you.

A chill went down your spine.

‘Oh, crap,’ you thought. ‘Oh, crap.’

Caitlin winced before standing up awkwardly. You gave her pleading eyes, mutely asking her not to leave. She winked at you before walking out the room, leaving the two of you alone with your heart beating furiously.

You turned around in your chair to face Barry who was still standing next to the door frame.

“So,” you began, “how much of that did you hear?”

Barry took a step closer and shrugged lightly. “Enough.”

A small ‘oh’ escaped your lips as you looked anywhere besides him.

Then, in a split second, Barry appeared in front of you, you standing up now and him grabbing your upper arms firmly but gently.

“Why didn’t you say anything, Y/N?” he asked you softly.

“I-I…I saw how well you were doing with Iris and I didn’t…want to mess that up,” you whispered, looking into his green eyes.

“You knew that I wasn’t enjoying those dates, Y/N.”

“Then why did you keep going?” you asked.

“Because,” he said, letting go of you and taking a step back, “I thought that my feelings for you weren’t real. I thought that if I spent more time with someone else, then I would get over you,” he admitted.

You quirked up an eyebrow. “Hold up, you thought you could just date your feelings away?”

“Yes?” he said. “But,” Barry continued, his hands hovering over your waist, “now I know that I do like you, Y/N. For a while now.”

“And when you were mean to me?” you asked, smiling. You both knew that you guys never actually hated each other. Caitlin was right. Perhaps it was a “love-hate” relationship. 

“That was when I didn’t know how to handle my feelings,” he confessed. A moment later, his arms snaked around your waist and pulled you closer.

“But now I do, and I don’t want to let you go,” Barry whispered.

“By all means,” you replied, “don’t.”

Just then, Barry kissed you softly, but with passion. As if he’d been wanting to do that for a while.

And just when you think that you’ve got it figured out, life can give you an unexpected turn.

The End


  • Bulma: I think we should break up.
  • Yamcha: Ah, okay.
  • Bulma: Okay?
  • Yamcha: Yeah, I mean if it's what you want.
  • Bulma: Yeah, that's what I want.
  • Yamcha: No worries.
  • Bulma: Great. Okay. Well, goodbye.
  • Yamcha: Bye.
  • Bulma: Okay, sorry, Quick question: you're taking this really well. Why is that?
  • Yamcha: I mean, it's not working.
  • Bulma: Well it wasn't working for me, but it was working for you right?
  • Yamcha: Sure, whatever.
  • Bulma: Cool. Goodbye, again!
  • Yamcha: See ya.
  • Bulma: Look, I'm breaking your heart here, the polite response would be to show a little bit of emotion!
  • Yamcha: Excuse me?
  • Bulma: You should be devastated! Why aren't you devastated!?
  • Yamcha: Bulma, people are staring.
  • Bulma: Oh I see, so I'm embarassing you! Well you are supposed to be embarrassing me, fella!
  • Yamcha: ... okay, well I'm gonna leave, so...
  • Bulma: This break up is not over! I'm calling you later!
I’m trying to study! Part 5

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Bucky x Reader College AU Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

Hello, my amazing angels! I am sorry for the slight wait, but my college has started up again after Halloween and my time is limited. Also, I’m so happy to be working on a request right now as well (my first ever request! Yay!). Anyway, here is part five, and I hope you enjoy!

Word count: 1793

Warnings: a little bit of fighting and confusion, some light swearing, overload of fluff, mentions of fonduing

When you cooked dinner, it always turned into a disaster.

Not because you were a bad cook, no. In fact, you were excellent; people went as far as fighting each other to eat some of your food (more often than not, the fights were between Sam and Bucky. But then again, those two didn’t need much of an excuse to start a row.).

Cooking dinner was a disaster because no matter how hard you tried to keep focused, something always distracted you. Today, that something - or rather someone – was Natasha and her new boyfriend, Clint.

Natasha met Clint a few weeks ago, at the nightclub she tried to persuade you to go to. Apparently, your absence at the club was a blessing for Nat; she met Clint, danced with him, got his number, the whole lot. After a few days, they began to hang out quite often, as they had a lot in common. They only got together last week, but it felt like they had known each other since childhood. You liked Clint; he was extremely sweet with Nat, but also playful and funny. Even though you had known him for just a few weeks, he already felt like family and that seemed to make your redheaded friend very happy.

The downside was that they were currently in the middle of a heated make out session in the living room and you could hear everything through the paper thin walls. Of course, you were glad Nat finally had a man, but it painfully reminded you that you were still single and so far, there seemed to be no chances of you getting together with Bucky.

The commotion in the other room was driving you insane and after about five minutes, you finally had enough. Slamming the lid on top of the pot of soup, you turned the heat off and angrily shoved your coat on.

“I’m going out, enjoy yourselves!” You called out into the apartment before shutting the door and walking to the only place you knew would bring you comfort: Bucky’s place.

“Oh, hey, (Y/n)! I didn’t know you were coming over”, Sam grinned, opening the door. You smiled back, laughing a bit.

“Yeah, I didn’t, either. But Nat and Clint seemed to be getting a bit… frisky.”

Sam barked out a laugh just as Bucky shoved him away from the door to let you inside.

“Hey, doll. Please, come in.”

Smiling gratefully at him, you walked into the cosy home and ran your hand through your hair.  “Nat and Clint were nearly going at it while I was still there. Figured I’d get out while I still can.”

Bucky burst out laughing. “I don’t blame you, (Y/n).”

You grinned at him and your heart skipped a beat at the sight of Bucky’s smiling face. The brunet caught your gaze and blushed, his gaze boring into yours. You felt your legs carry you closer to him, your heart speeding up even more. Bucky cleared his throat, his eyes never leaving yours, but just as he was about to speak, Sam sauntered up to the two of you.

“So? Are you guys coming or what?” He grinned, smirking when he saw you glare at him slightly. Bucky broke out of his haze and nodded in a rush.

“Sure”, he replied, offering you a smile. “You coming, doll?”

You sighed and smiled back. “Of course.”  Ignoring the look on Sam’s face, you followed the boys into Bucky’s bedroom.

“So…” Sam wiggled his eyebrows at you.

You rolled your eyes. You had spent the past few hours studying with Sam and Bucky, until the three of you had grown impossibly bored, causing Bucky to get up abruptly and slam his books shut.

If I study any more, I think my brain will explode. I’m going to get stuff to eat and drink for us, be back in a sec”, he had said, leaving the room soon after, which caused you and Sam to be together. Alone. This was not going to be good, especially since Sam seemed to have figured out that you have a crush on Bucky.

Scoffing, you turn away from Sam. “So nothing. Stop making that face at me, Sam. Whatever the hell you’re thinking of right now is not going to happen.”

Sam pouted slightly. “You don’t even know what I was thinking of!”

You scowled at him slightly. “You were probably thinking, ‘let’s embarrass poor (Y/n) over here! It’ll be fun!’ So yeah, not happening.”

Sam snickered. “No, actually. I was gonna ask why didn’t you just kiss Barnes when you had the chance.”

Your eyes nearly bugged out of your head. “What?! Wilson, are you crazy?! Why the hell would I do that?”

Sam’s face gained an innocent look. “Oh, come on. Just make out with him already! I mean, you loooooove him!”

You could hear the mockery in Sam’s voice. “Pfft, if you must know, I only like him, not love him. At least it’s not obvious, as I am a master spy and I excel at hiding my feelings.”

“Oh, really?” Sam challenged.

“Yes, really”, you replied, your voice unsure after seeing Sam’s face.

In a split second, Sam’s face turned from jeering to purely demonic. He took one step towards you, then lunged and attacked you with his hands, his nimble fingers going straight for your most ticklish spots.

“SAM WILSON! STOP THAT RIGHT NOW!” You shrieked with laughter, trying to roll away from the young man in front of you, your sides tingling from how much was tickling you.  Sam laughed in response, stalking towards you once again.

“In your dreams, (Y/n). Right now, I’m making you suffer. You deserve it, after that look you gave me when I came between you and Barnes in the corridor!” Your eyes widened in horror as you attempted to jump away from him and avoid your fate. However, Sam was much faster, pouncing on you and pinning your arms on the wall above your head with one hand. You yelped, wriggling like a worm.

“Game over, ‘master spy’”, Sam mocked you. “How will you escape now?”

“I…uh…” you attempted to figure out a brilliant escape plan. “I will-”

“What the hell?!” A voice roared from the doorway. Sam immediately released you, spinning towards the figure at the door. You saw who it was and felt yourself go cold all over.

Bucky was holding a tray filled with snacks and drinks, but what frightened you was the plastic of the tray that looked like it was about to crack from the pressure he was applying to it from how hard he was gripping it. However, what frightened you even more, was the coldness and hurt in his eyes.

Bucky glared at you and Sam. “If you guys are gonna suck each other’s faces off, at least have some decency and GET OUT OF MY ROOM!” He spat out, slamming the tray down on the bedside table and spilling the drinks in the process. He then turned on his heel and sped out of the room, slamming the door closed. Sam stared at the mess beside the door, then wordlessly turned to look at you.

“At least now you know Barnes likes you too”, he stated, making you roll your eyes at him.

“Really, Sam?! Now you bring that up?”

Sam grunted. “I’m just saying! You should probably go after him though. You two have a lot to tell each other.”

You nodded with a sigh, glancing worriedly at the door. “You’re probably right. Doesn’t mean I’m not gonna kill you afterwards for this.”

Sam lifted his hands in defence. “Hey! You’re going to thank me for this later, no need to get mad!”

Nodding sarcastically, you muttered a “just you wait” and ran out of the room, your heart pounding and your thoughts focused on Bucky.

You found Bucky on the roof, staring out across the city.

His entire body was tense; his fists clenching and unclenching the whole time. A few loose strands escaped his bun and flitted around in the wind, but he didn’t seem to care. You came up close beside him and could feel the wind being knocked out of you when you saw his face.

Bucky was crying, angry tears pouring down his cheeks, his eyes red. His face wore an expression of anger, hurt, sadness…it was easy to decipher exactly what Bucky was feeling. As soon as you saw what state he was in, guilt settled heavily in your chest and tears pricked at your own eyes. You reached out and gently touched his arm but as soon as you did, Bucky jerked away from your touch and turned around so you wouldn’t be able to see his face.

“The hell do you want?” He mumbled in an irritated tone.

“Bucky, I…with Sam, it’s not what it looks like-”

“Really?” Bucky cut in. “Because it certainly looked like you were about to…fondue.”

You cracked a small smile at this. “Goodness, no! Sam is like a brother to me, not anything else!” You reached out and grabbed his arm; this time, he didn’t pull away. You took a deep breath.

“Look, Sam and I were just messing around. He wanted to cheer me up because…well, what I wanna say is…I guess that…”

Before you could stutter even more, Bucky did something that astonished you. Turning around in a flash, he grabbed you and roughly slammed his lips onto yours.

Your eyes shot open and you went rigid, unable to move a muscle. Bucky kept his lips on yours for a while longer before pulling away, his hands shaking slightly.

“S-sorry, (Y/n)”, he murmured in a broken voice. “I just thought y-you wanted to say you l-liked m-me…I’m sorry.”

You gasped slightly, realizing that he thought you didn’t like him back. Grabbing his hand, you stopped him quickly.

“W-wait, Bucky!” You cried out. “Of course I like you back! You just surprised me, like, a lot.” Laughing nervously, you looked up and met his gaze.

Bucky laughed in relief. “Oh, thank god. For a second there I thought I was wrong.”

You giggled as well, your nervousness quickly fading away. “How could I not like you back, Bucky?”

With that, you pulled him as close to you as possible and leaned up, brushing your lips against his, feeling how relaxed his body became and quickly leaning into his touch. You loved how gentle he was, loved how the setting seemed so perfect and loved the feeling that nothing could ever go wrong anymore. But, most of all, you loved Bucky; with him, you felt at home.

As long as I have you with me, nothing can bring us down.

So here it is! I hope you all enjoyed this part and the little rooftop scene ;)

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Me: posts a short analysis on the conspiracy theorist Keith headcanons, gets almost 600 notes on the post

Me: posts a drawing of Lance that I spent several hours on and thought it turned out pretty good, gets 25 notes

Me: well 👏 gosh 👏 diddly 👏 darn 👏 👏 👏

you’re still my werepuppy (isaac lahey one-shot)

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Summary: It’s mortifying when the boy you like suddenly can’t stand to be near you.

Pairing: Isaac x OC

Rating: cute (◕ᴗ◕✿) 

This second part was requested by kalajmic.​ You can read the first part here.

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