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•~ Prompt List #3 ~•

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A/n: I was up a good it of the night adding onto this, and as usual a lot of these are quotes from various media sources and a few of them are from my own brain, so I hope you like them.


#1: “If true love was easy, we’d all have it.”

#2: “She was sweet to me, reminds me of you.”

#3: “Oh, well thank you, no one ever really notices me like that.”

#4: “I’m sorry, but she’s very little and YOU’RE HURTING HER!”

#5: “I make no apologies for how I repaired what you broke”

#6: “Don’t feel stupid because you don’t like all the things everyone else does.”

#7: You’re strange…I-I didn’t mean that in a nasty way!“

#8: “This is the dream. It’s conflict and compromise and it’s very exciting!”

#9: “I’m going to let you in on a little secret. I’m pretty good at knowing when someone is lying to me.”

#10: “It’s pretty strange we keep running into each other.” “Maybe it means something?” “I doubt it.” “Yeah, I thought so.”

#11: “Oh, well you’d never want to burn a bridge you’ve fought so hard to build.”

#12: “I can’t let you do this.”

#13: “I’m so sorry, but I don’t love you anymore.”

#14: “I thought I could make it work, that we could make it work, but we can’t.”

#15: “I really don’t mean to bother you, but can I stay the night?”

#16: “Well, what do you keep telling me for? What am I supposed to do? I’m nothing special.”

#17: “You need to leave me alone.”

#18: “Please go away.”

#19: “I knew the moment I saw him, that I never stopped loving him.”

#20: “So when I win your heart, and I will win it, it’ll be because you choose me.”

#21: “I want to tell you that I love you, and I that I want to marry you and grow old together, but you’re not ready for that. So go, live a little and I’ll be waiting for you”

#22: “You wanna know the truly sad thing? When I met you I thought you were the person I would spend the rest of my life with. But I guess not.”

#23: “This, whatever this is between us, it’s over.”

#24: “I never want to see you again.”

#25: “So go find someone else. Someone who will love you the way I never have, the way I never will.”

#26: “I have loved you for so long, but you. You’ve never even noticed.”

#27: “You know, I styled my hair differently because I thought she’d like and I don’t even think she’s noticed.”

#28: “It’s okay. If I can’t make you happy anymore than I have no right to keep you. You deserve so much better than that, so it’s okay. You can go.”

#29: “Choose me, I’m the one that’s always loved you and always will.”

#30: “Please don’t give up on this, on us.”

#31: “I love you so much it physically hurts to not be around you.”

#32: “Even the idea of you being with someone else is enough to make me wish I was dead.”

#33: “I was just really trying to impress you.”

#34: “You have no idea how wonderful it feels to finally have someone around who knows what the hell I’m talking about”

#35: “It’s not that I don’t feel the same, it’s that you deserve more than me. You could find someone much, much better.”

#36: “You’re all I ever wanted.”

#37: “Tell me what I have to do to get you to forgive me? Want me to jump off a cliff? Done. Want me to hit your ex with a chair? Deal.”

#38: “There’s nothing that could make me stop loving you.”

#39: “Why don’t we just fly away somewhere?”

#40: “I really didn’t mean to ignore what you were saying, but your eyes look really lovely in this lighting.”

#42: “No, no. Please tell me everything about it.”

#43: “I swear to god I’m smart.”

#44: “I don’t need anything else, just hold me for a little.”

#45: “You know for someone so tall you’d think you’d be use to ducking underwalls, but here you are with an ice pack and the doorway has a knick in it.”

#46: “Have you really read all these books?”

#47: “This is going to sound really crazy, but I overheard your conversation and I knew if I didn’t at least attempt to talk to you I’d go crazy.”

#48: “What? You can’t just leave whenever you’re the only person who understands me.”

#49: “You didn’t even say goodbye.”

#50: “Please don’t go, I need you.”

#51: “It was just so painful, knowing everyday I was losing you a little more and there was nothing I could do because you stopped loving me.”

#52: “So what if you’re a boy? I can damn well buy you flowers if I please.”

#53: “Loving you was like walking into a battle I knew I wasn’t going to win.”

#54: “I don’t know what’s more annoying. You not realizing how long I’ve been into you or you trying to push me away because you feel the same and it terrifies you.”

#55: “I know it’s petty to be jealous over you since we’re not dating, but I’ll be damned if I didn’t wanna knock that guy’s face in.”

#56: “I just needed something to be wrong with him, that way I had justification for not liking him.”

#57: “Promise me we’ll meet again?”

#58: “I’d like that.”

#59: “We’re never going to see each other again, are we?”

#60: “Oh no. You don’t get to waltz into my life and make me love you only to tell me you’re leaving.”

#61: “Talk to me, please.”

#62: “If you’re not even going to try and help yourself and least let me try.”

#63: “No one’s ever complimented me before.”

#64: “I’ve just always assumed no one would ever want to flirt with me, so I’m sorry if it came off like I wasn’t interested.”

#65: “You’re just so beautiful and you don’t even realize it.”

#66: “I could make you happy.”

#67: “Don’t go where I can’t follow.”

#68: “You make me want to love again.”

#69: “I’m sorry, but I can’t do this anymore. These past weeks without you have been absolute misery.”

#70: “Close your eyes, it’s a surprise.”

#71: “And just when I thought you couldn’t any more wonderful.”

#72: “I would never do such a thing. I would never leave you.”

#73: “I love you, I love you, I love you.”

#74: “I couldn’t find you.”

#75: “I really thought you’d always be the one who was there for me, but you weren’t.”

#76: “You were missing for over sixteen hours, how the hell do you want me to react?”

#77: “Oh I’m sorry, I’ve just been in love with since the moment I saw you. So, forgive me if I’m not overjoyed to hear you like someone else.”

#78: “I don’t care if it’s selfish, I want you and your attention all the time.”

#79: “Can’t I have one good thing in my life?”

#80: “It’s strange. I didn’t realize how much I needed you until you weren’t by my side.”

#81: “Say you’ll move in with me.”

#82: “Will you stop looking so surprised, it’s not like I’ve never worn a dress before.”

#83: “Well it’s not my fault I act 20x more clumsy when you’re around.”

#84: “C'mon, I’m adorable, you can’t stay mad at me.”

#85: “I can’t explain it. But ever since you came into my life, it’s like seeing color for the first time or diving head first into the sea.”

#86: “I forgot what being lonely was like after I met you, and I never want to go back ever again.”

#87: “For a moment there I thought I lost and it killed me a little.”

#88: “Good morning, sunshine.”

#89: “You are the best thing that has ever happened to me.”

#90: “My apartment’s heat turned off and we’re in the middle of a blizzard, would you mind if I slept with you?”

#91: “You think I care for you so little that betraying me would make a difference?”

#92: “I never planned on someone like you.”

#93: “Save your heart for someone else. I’ve got no use for it.”

#94: “You don’t get to take cheap shots at me because you’re hurting.”

#95: “Excuse me? You were the one who left me.”

#96: “Every day since you left I thought about where we went wrong and how I could get you back.”

#97: “We’ve already had enough bad timing.”

#98: “Don’t run, stay with me.”

#99: “This is about you needing to feel like a hero again.”

#100: “This, this is exact why I’m leaving you, because you lied to me again.”

#101: “Don’t be scared, I’m right here.”

#102: “This is as brave as I know how to be.”

#103: “I know it’ll hurt you, but please, be a little proud of me.”

#104: “You will not insult my memory, there will be no revenge. I will die and no one else will suffer.”

#105: “This isn’t you.”

#106: “If you love me in any way, you’ll come back.”

#107: “Some men might take your silence as off putting, but I’ll have a challenge.”

#108: “I mean why would you choose me over him. He’s broad and far more handsome than I am.”

#109: “Seeing you laugh and shine by just being in his presence killed me.”

#110: “I just wanted to be chosen.”

#111: “I spent a lot of time with you thinking I was second best, but you know what? I am good.”

#112: “I deserve more than to be your second choice.”

#113: “I think about you all of the time, I don’t even have to try. You’re just always there.”

#114: “Tell me that you need me.”

#115: “You never needed me.”

#116: “I’ll make two cups.”

#117: “I am never letting you leave again.”

#118: “All I need is possible.”

#119: “The minute I stop believing things will get better is the minute I know they want.”

#120: “I don’t feel so alone right now.”

#121: “I just can’t help but feel so insufficient compared to you.”

#122: “I never took a liking to him because I knew he was intended for you.”

#123: “What are you doing here?” “I was just passing, saw your light on.” “What? Halfway up a hill, at two in the morning?” “Alright, I drove over. I was hoping you’d still be awake Don’t be a twat about it.”

#124: “I’ve had a lot on my mind lately, and I’m sorry but I think I’m going to need some space for awhile.”

#125: “I’m going away for a while.” “How long is awhile?” “I don’t know.”

#126: “Was it something I did?”

#127: “Why don’t you love me anymore?”

#128: “I would give anything to see you smile.”

#129: “Don’t cry, then I’m gonna cry and I’m supposed to comfort you.”

#130: “Come here, lemme fix it.”

#131: “How do you make this look so easy?”

#132: “Where did you learn to do this?”

#133: “Look I don’t think you understand, I’m in love with you.”

#134: “I understand if you don’t feel the same, but it would be really nice if you did.”

#135: “I could make you happy.”

#136: “Not you, anyone but you.”

#137: “You deserve so much more than you give yourself credit for.”

#138: “Because you deserve a happy ending.”

#139: “I got because it reminded me of you.”

#140: “Promise me you’ll write.”

#141: “I don’t think I can handle another heartbreak.”

#142: “Why can’t you just tell me you love me back?!”

#143: “I didn’t mean to yell at you, I shouldn’t have done it.”

#144: “You’re not scared of me, are you?”

#145: “I’ve got your back.”

#146: “I’m sorry, sir. But there’s been a shooting.”

#147: “She didn’t make it.”

#148: “She’s dead! She’s dead and she’s never coming back!”

#149: “Come back to me.”

#150: “If you wanna hurt them, the way you’re hurting. Shoot me, I’m your eye for an eye.”

#151: “Thank you for not dying.”


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Another 101 Drabble Prompts

Seeing as my first prompt list was so well received, I thought I’d do another one. Most of these I wrote myself, but some are music and movie inspired as well. And once more, please feel free to change any pronouns you would like. *Edit: Please reblog this post. Do not take these prompts to compile your own list and then pass it off as your own.*

1 “I won’t let you fall.”

2 “I’d give you my heart, but I can’t give you something you already have.”

3 “None of this makes sense.”

4 “I-I can’t believe my heart.”

5 “I choose you.”

6 “I won’t give up if you won’t.”

7 “I’m yours.”

8 “It was just a dream.”

9 “You’re safe now. I’ve got you.”

10 “We could be amazing!”

11 “If this is love, love is easy.”

12 “None of that matters now.”

13 “No one will ever hurt you again!”

14 “Make a wish.”

15 “I’m only human!”

16 “I’m not that girl.”

17 “You need to let her go.”

18 “No good deed goes unpunished.”

19 “Please say something.”

20 “Things don’t always turn out how they should.”

21 “Why can’t they see that they’re meant for each other?”

22 “Why can’t you see what you’re doing to me?”

23 “You are adorable as hell!”

24 “Don’t mind if I do.”

25 “You did all of this for me?”

26 “Shut up and kiss me.”

27 “Have I ever lied to you?”

28 “Is it really you?”

29 “Is that a challenge?”

30 “Go away!”

31 “I love you.” “I know.”

32 “I hate you!” “No you don’t.”

33 “Why do I even bother?”

34 “We’re having a [movie franchise] movie marathon tonight, if you want to come.”

35 “What the hell was that?!”

36 “I’m freezing!”

37 “What are you afraid of?”

38 “I don’t want to let you down.”

39 “I’m not the only one who thinks that.”

40 “Keep your head up.”

41 “You can’t just sit on the sidelines your whole life!”

42 “Who brought pot brownies to the bake sale?!”

43 “You don’t know you the way I do.”

44 “You’re not alone.”

45 “You’re my one exception.”

46 “Time’s up!”

47 “May I have this dance?”

48 “Mind if I cut in?”

49 “Where did you learn to dance?”

50 “Is there a problem?”

51 “Let’s do something wild and crazy!”

52 “We could’ve had it all.”

53 “I-I can’t trust you anymore.”

54 “Word on the street is ___”

55 “Everyone deserves a second chance.”

56 “Walk it off!”

57 “Hold me back!”

58 “Don’t freak out… but I think we got married last night!”

59 “Did you hear that?”

60 “There are plenty of people out there who love you.” “Yeah, like who?” “Like me.”

61 “Somebody’s in love!”

62  “Either ask them out or I will do it for you!”

63 “Did I stutter?”

64 “Take it back!”

65 “No! They betrayed me!”

66 “What have I ever done to you?”

67 “We missed our chance.”

68 “Wait, do you two know each other?”

69 “Why are you baking muffins at three in the morning?”

70 “I can’t wait to grow old with you.”

71 “My body may be bulletproof, but my heart is made of glass.”

72 “Tonight I’m Cinderella.”

73 “What is this feeling?”

74 “Why should I worry?”

75 “Come with me.”

76 “Would you go with me?”

77 “Let me buy you a drink?”

78 “There’s something I need to tell you.”

79 “I’ve got good news and bad news.”

80 “I can’t swim!”

81 “I never learned how to whistle.”

82 “Excuse me, I’m terribly lost. Can you help me?”

83 “Why wouldn’t you come to me with your problems?”

84 “Please don’t cry.”

85 “Why are you covered in mud?”

86 “Do you think she could have loved me?”

87 “I thought you were dead…”

88 “Where were you? Do you have any idea how worried I was?”

89 “Let him go! It’s me you want.”

90 “You’ll be the death of me.”

91 “Ok, that is seriously creeping me out!”

92 “Come back to bed.”

93 “Am I the only one who’s seeing this?”

94 “I may have… ripped my pants.”

95 “Is… that my picture in your wallet/as your home screen?”

96 “If he asked, I’d be his.”

97 ″You look like a princess!” “No darling, I’m a queen!”

98 “Did I just say that out loud?”

99 “Who’s gonna stop me? You?”

100 “I can’t… I can’t lose you.”

101 “Let me guess, you were going to ask if it hurt when I fell from heaven?” “Actually, I wasn’t. But you know who else fell from heaven? Lucifer.”

Thanks for reading! Have fun!

A homeless man died in the parking garage next to my work, and what he wrote in his journal is keeping me up at night

Story by braytendo / original

It was last Friday, 7:30 am. I parked on the third floor of the garage outside my work. It was still dark out and I was so tired and sluggish, I only just barely noticed the hum of various insects drawn to something huddled under the steel girders lining the back wall of the lot. There I could see dirty shoes and pants leading up into shadow.

I told whoever it was that they needed to go before security saw them…no response. I got closer. There were a couple styrofoam bowls caked in dried soup and a big gulp full of old cola and wasps. I shook him, but there was still no response. This man was dead, and although his body still looked fine, it had probably been quite awhile. I’m surprised nobody else had noticed yet.

He was clutching a large notebook. I should have just told security about him and left the journal there, but curiosity got the better of me. I took it with me and read it that night. You guys….you all need to read this. I just don’t know what to make of it. At first I thought this all has to be the ranting of a mad man, but it was all too coherent. Is it just some story he was working on? I have no idea, but I can’t stop thinking about it. Anyway, here’s everything that was written:

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Ms. Powers- Part 13

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

Part 10

Part 11

Part 12

“That’s all for today. Everyone, bring a knife for Wednesday’s class, we’ll be working on close contact blade fighting,” you dismissed the training class. You looked at your watch; Steve would probably still be working with Barton on firing tactics. You were 20 feet into your walk to the mess hall when you phone went off. “Y/N.”

“Yes, Fury?”

“We’ve been working on this guy for two weeks now and we still can’t get anything. We need your help.” You changed course and walked in the direction of the interrogation block. You swiped into the room. Sitting on the viewing side of the glass was Fury, two guards, and Steve and Romanoff.

“What are you two doing here?”

“Heard what was going on,” Natasha said, “couldn’t miss out on seeing the little worm squerm. You turned around and looked into the glass room and found yourself looking at the man who, two weeks earlier, had tried to poison all the esteemed guests at your ball.

“You sure you’re good to do this, doll?” You felt Steve’s presence as he walked behind you and asked so only you could hear.

“I’m ready. What all do you want me to ask?”

“We’ve already got his real name: Bryan Klein. From San Antonio, Texas. Software programmer for a private company. Banner was able to get the strain of poison used. So really all we need is the who and why.” You nodded at Fury and opened the door into the interrogation room.

You pulled up a chair right in front of the man. He looked at you and avoided your gaze as he remembered your face. “Remember me? I was the first one to try that delicious soup of yours. It’s a shame it didn’t work.”

He was silent as he looked confused.

“Want to say anything Bryan? It seems like you’re curious about something.”

“You should have been killed after a spoon full of that stuff? How’d you do it?”

“How’d I what? Not die? Magic I guess,” you skipped over his question. “Who are you working for Bryan? My colleagues are eager to know and I have things to do today.”


“I think we all know you’re lying, Bryan. Save yourself some trouble, and me for that matter, and just tell me who you’re working for and why they wanted to assassinate everyone the other night.” You tried for another 30 minutes to no avail. At this point you could feel Fury becoming angrier from the other side of the glass. “Bryan, I’ll give you one last chance before I take the answers from you,” you warned. “Who are you working for and why did they want all those people dead?”

“Go screw yourself. You think if, after two days of interrogation from men lots more intimidating than you, I’m going to tell you anything?”

“No. You’re not going to tell me anything,” you sat back in your chair. “I’m going to take it from you.” You got in his head and shifted through his thoughts. Memories of his family and of one girl school, countless others. You finally got what you wanted- a phone call coming from a blocked number. The end of the call he and the other party spoke the same phrase. “Hail Hydra.” You got out of his head and looked at him. “Thank you for the information.”

As soon as you stepped out of the room Fury spoke up, “What did you get?” You looked from Fury and lingered at the sight of Steve; “What is it,” he asked.

“I got the name of the organization…”

“Well,” Fury raised his tone.

“Hydra,” your eyes darted to Steve who tensed up as soon as the word left your mouth.

“That’s not possible,” Steve’s hands were now clenched as his side.

“That’s who he was in contact with Steve. I’m sorry, but it’s true.”

“What else did you get,” Nat spoke up.

“That man from the hostage situation you and Steve dealt with last week, the tech guy, he was there…in Bryan’s mind. Whatever this is might be deeper than we think.”

You three stood looking at Fury. “I want you three to meet me in 30 minutes on Jet 99546. We’ve got to go to the New York office and figure out what’s going on. Go back some bags.” Steve left the room before Fury could finish his sentence. You didn’t follow him; it was clear he was heated and needed a second for himself.

30 minutes later you walked on to the Jet. Steve sat by himself with his head in his hands. You put your bags away and sat down, at a slight distance, from Steve. “Are you ok?”

“I don’t know what to think,” his voice was sorrowful.

“We don’t know anything for sure yet Steve. Try not to worried about anything yet. Ok?”

“Yeah. I guess you’re right.” He dat back up and extended an arm towards you. You rested your head on his shoulder, “We’ll figure it all out, Steve. We’ll figure it out.”

You did figure it out weeks later..

But it was not the answer you were hoping it would be. Fury ended up dead and Steve had been attacked by a group of Hydra agents that had gone deep undercover within S.H.I.E.L.D. Things happened and now you were with Natasha and Steve in the street with a small army of Hydra agents on the bridge above you, ready to kill you and your friends.

Natasha was off fighting something. Sam, a man that Steve met on one of his joggs, was off fighting something You were fighting a couple of agents. And Steve was facing off when the Winter Soldier. Every time you finished fighting off one pair and took a step to help Steve another pair would jump you. They were gone from your surrounds now and just as you were ready to help Steve you saw him stopped. A single name left his mouth. “Bucky?”

The events after that blurred together. There was a helicopter and a van. You were being loaded into the van with the other three. You were escaping with Maria, and now, you were looking at Fury’s body. His living, breathing, body. Natasha was furious and stormed off. Steve had gone off to talk with Sam about the game plan. “I’m no mind reader like you are kid. What’s going on in that head of your,” Fury asked from his bed.

“Steve’s going to go up against Bucky.”

“Yeah. And he took him on fine before.”

You shook your head. “This’ll be different Nick. Steve didn’t fight Bucky out there- he fought the Winter Soldier. But, now that he knows, he won’t fight. Steve’ll fend him off but he won’t fight. And…”you teared up, “I’m not going to be with him to make sure he’s ok.”

“Y/N,” Fury drew your attention. “Steve will get what needs to be done, done. You have to trust him.”

“I do trust him, Nick. It’s the Winter Soldier I don’t trust. It’s not Bucky in that head…I don’t have to get in his head to know that.”

The time came and it was time to take down S.H.I.E.L.D. That was the only way that Hydra could be brought down. You and Steve were about to break apart to your designated areas when you pulled on his arm to stop him. “You come back to me, ok?”

“Y/N-” you didn’t let him finish.

“Steve, you come back to me. You protect yourself, you get the job done, and you come back to me.”

“Yes ma’am,” he gave you a sad smile. “You be careful too. You never know what skills these guys might have.” While Sam and Nat and Steve were in charge on all the combat you’ve been charged with starting the round up the Hydra members that were still in S.H.I.E.L.D.

“I love you Steve.”

“I love you too,” he kissed your forehead as he held you close. Then, before you wanted it to be over, it was.

It was easy to get focused when the fight started. You had three trusted agents with you, whom you’ve known for a long time and double checked before you asked them for their help, when you started sweeping the building. Floor by floor, room by room, you and the three agents went through clearing any threats. Every time you entered a room you quickly swept the mind of each individual. Those you were hydra got locked up right then and there, unable to move from the cuffs and chains you and your agents wrapped them in. Those who fought back often didn’t end successfully. You were almost done clearing the floors when you saw a bright flash from the widow. You whipped around fast and saw the scene before you: the Project Insight aircraft exploding. “Director General?” You heard one of your agents call your name.

You turned around and walked out past them. “We have two floors left and 5 rooms on each. From what I’m getting there’s only 13 people left above us. Let’s wrap this up.” You wrapped up the last 13, all but 2 were clean, and mindlessly walked down to the street.

Natasha and Maria were talking far ahead of you when you exited the building. Nat excused herself and jogged to you. “Y/N…”

“I saw what happened Nat. I just…I want to be alone right now.”

“Y/N, he’s alive.”

“What,” you felt a tear slip down your cheek. “Where is he?! Is he ok?!”

“He’s being transported to the nearest hospital right now. He looked pretty banged up but he was still breathing. He’s going to be ok, Y/N. He’s a strong guy. Let’s get going over there, yeah?”

Days passed and you were drifting off to sleep in the chair next to Steve’s bed. “Y/N,” you jumped up and looked at Sam.

“Hey Sam. What’s up?”

“Why don’t you go stretch your legs? Get some coffee, maybe? I’ll stay here with Steve.”

“I want to be here when he wakes up.”

“I doubt he’ll wake up the 10 minutes that you’re gone.”

“Thanks Sam,” you smiled and walked to the cafeteria.


“On your left,” a weak voice made Sam look up from his seat.

“You like proving me wrong don’t you?”


“Y/N’s hasn’t left since you’ve been in here and the one time I get her to leave, and promise her you won’t wake up, you do,” Sam laughed. “She’s going to kick me ass.”


You were still fixating on Steve’s room even though you were in the cafeteria. As you took the coffee cups in your hands you felt a shift in energy come from Steve’s room. You took off and booked it up the stairs. “Steve?” You looked at him…awake…on the bed. You rushed and set the coffee on the bedside table. “Are you ok?”

“Why are you whispering,” Steve chuckled.

“I don’t know,” you laughed. “Are you ok though?”

“I’m fine doll. Just a little beat up.”

“Good because if you would have died I would have killed you. Sam,” you turned and looked at him. “I told you I shouldn’t have left.”

“Why’d you stay the whole time anyway,” Steve asked?

“Because that’s what we do.”

Simple Accidents (Pt 16)

All Parts Here

Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Angst, Language

Word Count: 2,134

Italics are inner thoughts, if you haven’t picked up on that!

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Minutes turned into days, turned into weeks, turned into months. Eventually, around the end of the first month, you stopped talking to Jensen altogether, and seeing him. You hadn’t meant to, you just started working longer hours, and sleeping in, and going out more. At first, it was in an attempt to see him as little as possible, but then it just turned into routine, and you hadn’t even thought about seeing him. You even stopped giving your rent directly to him, instead opting to slide it in his mailbox. That was pretty much all you ever did these days; work, sleep and party. I guess you could say you became a bit of a clubber. You mostly went out with Jessy, a buddy of yours from work. He had been one of your first friends at all in this town, and he helped you pass the time. It was obvious he was into you, but you weren’t really interested in anyone. It sucked for him, but he had to make his home in the friend zone.

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#4 Supernatural!5SOS: Halloween Night

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“Come with us (Y/N), it’s a Halloween party it will be fun!” Your roommate says. “I can’t guys.” You say and they roll their eyes. “Oh yeah, your boyfriend right? He can come too if he wants.” “Uh, I’m not really sure if he would want to go to a party.” You said feeling unsure, “besides, we kinda planned a date.” You said. “What time is the date?” Your other roommate asks. “At 10 why?” “Wow that’s pretty late.” “He’s more of a night person.” You said smiling slightly. “Well, the party doesn’t start till 8, so you have 3 hours to kill with us. Please go to the party?” They begged. Later that night you all took a took a taxi to the house party. Music was blasting from outside the house and lights flashed to the beat of the music. Parties like this weren’t really your thing, but you did it for your friends. You texted Michael the address of the party before entering the house. It was a bit hazy with the cigarettes people were smoking by the backyard. There were red cups and kegs, and everyone in costumes up against each other dancing. Your friends headed straight into the dance floor and you awkwardly took your seat on one of the couches. After 30 minutes of sitting you decided to give in and have a few drinks. You did dance with your friends to 3 songs you did recognize, then went back to drinking again and snacking. You felt a little buzzed while leaning against the wall watching some guy chug from the keg straight up. “Hey.” You heard a guy call for you, he was dressed up as some typical vampire and looked pretty interested in you. “Hi.” You said being polite. “Come here alone?” “Yeah, but I’m gonna be leaving soon.” “What? Leaving already?” he slurred. “Yeah, my boyfriend is picking me up.” You said. “I don’t see him.” He says looking into the crowd of costumed people. “He’s the vampire.” You sand and the guy looked at you grinning. “Well you know we-” “Is there something going on here?” Michael says interrupting and putting his hand on the guys shoulder. “Let me guess, boyfriend? You don’t look like a vampire.” The guy says glaring. “I don’t look like it, I am one.” Michael says retracting his fangs, “but, forget that and go get drunk.” Michael says and the guy followed his orders forgetting what he just saw. You looked at Michael wide eyed and he smiles at you before taking you by the waist. Once outside, the both of you started to walk into town, “I can’t believe you just did that! What if someone saw!” You said slightly panicked. “Put your fangs away!” You said and Michael chuckles at you, “but this is my costume (Y/N), this is the only day I could be myself and not worry about an angry mob coming after me.” He says reassuringly and kissing your cheek. “So, what are you dressed up as.” “A homicidal maniac, they look just like everyone else.” You said. “Wednesday Addams, cute.” He says pulling you closer to him. “Where are we going?” You asked. “Graveyard.” He says simply. “Really, typical graveyard date?” You questioned and he smiled. Once entering the town cemetery he led you up a hill to sit under a tree. Beside the tree was a basket and picnic basket. You smiled, “this is sweet, just like the movies, I’m glad you were born in the wrong time period.” You said watching him lay out the blanket for you to sit. “And they say romance is dead.” He says pouring wine into two glasses. You sat between his legs, and he held you keeping you warm. “I like this kind of romance you know? Late night dates to someplace quiet, picnics, and star gazing… No one really does this anymore.” You said quietly. “I thought you might like it.” He says resting his chin on your shoulder. You shuddered a bit feeling his breath against you neck again. He pulled away a minute later and you turned around with an apologetic expression. He smiles at you and takes the empty wine glasses, putting them back into the basket. “It’s okay.” He says and you turn to face him. “How is it that you can control yourself around me?” You questioned. “I just keep telling myself that I don’t want to hurt you.” He says stroking your cheek with his finger tips, “damn, the moonlight makes you so beautiful…” He says to himself and you found yourself smiling and feeling flustered. “Michael…” You called out. “I’m serious.” He says leaning against the tree and covering himself with the shadows. You stood up and stepped out of the shadows walking under the moon light. “Want to walk with me in the light?” “I think I’m okay here just watching you.” “Michael, it’s not the sun, walk with me.” You said letting out your hand. He takes it and leaves the shadows. You took a good look at him and your heart was beating faster, “what?” He asked. “Nothing, I just like night time.” You said still speechless. “Me too.” He says giving you a half smile before leaning down and kissing your lips. Spending your Halloween like this was way better than a house party.


Halloween dance at the school was something everyone looked forward too all week. You went to the dance as Little Red Robin Hood and when Calum picked you up, he asked if you were teasing him. Only when you two arrived at the school, you finally realized the reference he was making. “I didn’t think about that, oh the irony.” You said. “Mmhm, sure you did.” Calum say rolling his eyes. “Cal, I mean it.” You said tugging his arm lightly so he would know you were serious. “I’m just kidding (Y/N), you’re very cute. I know you didn’t mean it on purpose.” He says before giving you a reassuring kiss. That kiss was about to turn passionate but you pulled away feeling a bit flustered, “control yourself.” You said. “Sorry, hormones come with the whole werewolf deal.” He says and you lightly hit him, “even without your little supernatural powers you still wouldn’t control yourself.” You said before dragging him inside the dance. Little by little, you were starting to let Calum socialize with his old friends. You watched him sitting with them having a conversation over sports and smiled. “How do you do it?” Your friend asked. “Do what?” “Calum is starting to act like his old self again, he’s starting to be approachable again. How did you do it (Y/N)?” They asked and you looked back at Calum. “He’s just misunderstood…. He just needs an anchor.” You said before looking back at your friends. A slow song came on and Calum stood up to dance with you, “having fun?” You asked. “I guess, I mean it was great catching up with the lads, I really did miss hanging out with them.” Calum says looking down at you and swaying to the music. “I’m really glad we can have at least one night that didn’t involve research and hunting for the wolf pack.” You said resting your head against his chest and continuing to sway. “Me too.” He says quietly and kissing your head, “maybe the pack is gone, we’ve been searching for days, ah well.” He says before pulling away to look at you. Your smile started to waver a bit, you were thinking about what would happen next considering you were running out of options to help Calum and cure him from being a werewolf. “Cal-” You said before he turned his head to the side with a curious look on his face. “Is something wrong?” You said changing your question. “Do you hear that?….” He questions. “No.” You answered. He continued to look at the exit and decided to leave the party to check out what it was he heard. The DJ started another up beat song, and before your friends could drag you to dance with them again, you followed Calum to the front of the school. There you saw him standing in front of a somewhat large diverse group. “Who are they?” You whispered to Calum. “… They’re the pack.” He said as a representative stepped forward. “You must be Calum.” He says, I apologize that you were bitten but-“ the man says before being cut off by Calum who tackled him to the ground. "You bit me! It’s your fault I’m like this!” He yelled trying to swing at him but only to be tossed by another member of the pack. You ran to Calum who was wincing from impact, “you okay?” You asked and he was trying hard not to get bad. His eyes glowed bright yellow and his claws started to retract. You held his hand and he started to calm a bit. “You’re a little short tempered, aren’t you?” The man says before standing up and dusting himself off, “listen kid, I didn’t bite you, and I’m not the alpha. We were ordered to find you though.” “What for?” Calum said bitterly. “We’re here to help you, train you to control your powers.” “I don’t want to control it, I want to be cured!” “There is no cure kid!” he says, “the bite is a gift, even if we all wish we could go back to our normal lives, we can’t, you can’t….” He says. “I’m not going with you.” Calum says standing up. “You don’t have a choice kid… We will get you during your winter break, prepare to disappear for a while.” “If I don’t?” Calum questions. “Then we will make you, these are our alphas orders, not ours….. If you don’t come quietly, you better keep a close eye on your girlfriend here.” He says looking at you. Calum held your hand and made you stand behind him. “Remember kid, winter break.” He says before him and the pack left. You looked at Calum who was obviously upset, “there is no cure….” He repeated. “We don’t know that, they don’t know that… We can keep trying.” You said, “please don’t go with them.” You begged. “I’m not going anywhere (Y/N)….” You said before he kissed you and held you tight, “and I’m not letting them get a hold of you either.”


“(Y/N), let’s go on a date.” Ashton says as you wake up from your nap. “A date? Where? The living room?” You said chuckling, “Ashton, have you forgotten? You can’t leave the house.” “I can on Halloween.” He says and you sit up. “What? How?” You asked. “It’s a supernatural thing, ghost are allowed to walk for one night….” He says smiling and you smile back. “I really wanna go on a date.” You said feeling the excitement already. “To make it a proper date, I’m gonna ask your dad for permission.” He says. “If he says no?” “Then we’re sneaking out.” He says giving you a cheeky grin. “I have my therapy session, I’ll see you in an hour.” He says before kissing your lips for a brief moment and leaving your room…. You decided to listen into Ashton’s therapy session, it wasn’t like the things he was talking about weren’t anything new. You always wondered what he talked about with your dad and most of it was about grieving for his family. He would ask your dad things like, “was I wrong to push my brother away?” or, “I couldn’t protect them.” He would say. “Ashton, you did what you thought was best and you shouldn’t doubt your decisions…. You wanted to protect your brother, and if that was the only way how then you did the right thing. Your family was able to move on…. If they make you happy then that is all that matters… Now, tell me about the present, anything make you happy lately?” Your father questions and Ashton was hesitant. You grinned and pressed your ear against the door to listen in, “there is this girl…. She’s very special to me and I was planning to take her out on a date tomorrow night.” He says and you heard your dad shift and put his clipboard down on the table beside him. “It’s (Y/N) right?” He questions. “Ashton, don’t take offense, but I really don’t know how to feel about you and my daughter… She’s my precious little girl and…. Are you…” “Are you saying that because I need therapy, means that I’m no good for her?” He questions and your dad hesitates to answer. “Sir, no offense…. I know your daughter more than you would ever know…” He says and the conversation went silent. “I think this session is over… I’ll see you again next week Monday Ashton.” He says dismissing him… Later during dinner it was silent, you picked at your food and kept glancing at your dad, “What’s wrong with Ashton…?” You questioned. “I’m just a little worried for you sweetheart.” He says. “Dad, that isn’t really a reason, you are always gonna worry… I… I like Ashton.” You said, “literally he is the only friend I’ve made since we’ve moved here….” You said looking at him. “No (Y/N), and that is final.” He says and you immediately excused yourself from the table. You entered your room to find Ashton leisurely laying on your bed causing you to laugh slightly. He sits up, “I heard the conversation.” He says with his smile fading slightly. You close the door to your room and went into his arms, “so, what’s the escape plan?” You asked. He chuckles and buries his face into your stomach and you hug his head, “Mmn, I was just thinking we would leave, I have no plan, just go when they are out of the house for a while.” He says giving you a sheepish grin. “Knowing them, they probably wouldn’t even notice.” You said and Ashton looks at you with a sad expression. He reached up kissing you on the lips reassuring you…. The next day your mom left for her night shift, and your dad left to go to the city to meet his other clients. Ashton was out of the house all day, and when the time came he picked you up from the house. You opened the door and grinned at him as he brought you flowers and Starbucks, “m'lady.” He says handing it to you. “I’m surprised you even knew where to get Starbucks.” “(Y/N), I still went out during Halloween even before you moved in…. I got to see this small town change little by little.” He says before letting out his arm for you to hold. The two of you spent together in town, it felt great to be an average couple for once. To your surprise, a lot of people were able to see Ashton, you wanted to question, but you just understood that it was a supernatural thing that didn’t really have an answer. When night fell the two of you went to the beach. Ashton started a small little fire and the two of you cuddled beside it. “I’ve been thinking…” He started before giving you a small kiss and speaking again, “and I discovered you make me really happy…."He says and you smile back at him. "You make me happy too Ashton…” You said before kissing him back. The rest of the night the two of you exchanged kisses. You felt your phone go off and you answered with Ashton continuing to kiss your cheek and nuzzle against you. “(Y/N)!? Sweetie, I’m glad you’re okay. The door was open and-” “I’m sorry mom, I thought I locked it…” “Where are you?” “I’m… Out… I’m at the Halloween party at school.” You lied. “Mmhm, sure, the party ended at 11…. Are you with Ashton?” She questions and you hesitate to answer. “Well… Just get home before 12, that’s when your father get’s back…” She says before saying goodbye and hanging up. “Are we off the hook?” Ashton questioned looking a bit nervous. “Yeah.” You said smiling and kissing him back.


“Trick or treat!” The kids say at the door. You compliment them on their costumes and placed the candy in their bag. When you closed it you heard an un-amused Luke groan of boredom. “You know, when you said you wanted to come over during Halloween, this isn’t what I had in mind.” He says looking at you then letting out another whine. Your parents were going to be out for a party between church members, they were worried about you staying home alone so you lied saying you were going to a friend’s house. It wasn’t a complete lie, Luke is your friend, he was your boyfriend. Your plan was to be friendly to people in Luke’s apartment complex, you wanted them to think of Luke as really nice and try to get rid of these false assumptions about him. You set the bowl of candy on the small table and sat next to a pouty Luke, “hey, aren’t you proud that I lied to get myself here?” He rolls his eyes, “ooh yeah, you are such a rebel (Y/N).” He says sarcastically and still upset. “You can’t be mad at me Luke.” You said kissing his cheek. He looks at you and kisses your cheek back and making his way down until the door rang again and he let out another groan, “I swear to god (Y/N) if you open that door.” “I’m gonna open the door.” “Nooo,” He whines, “just stay here and let me kiss you.” He says holding you by the waist. “Luke, think about the children.” “Screw the children, I was never a child, I’m a ranked demon, I can light stuff on fire.” He says. “You’re acting like a child right now.” You said chuckling. You opened the door to see a little girl holding out her bag. “Trick or treat.” She says. You looked at her costume, it wasn’t much except she was wearing all red, “so sweetie, what are you supposed to be?” You asked. “A demon.” She says with a smile. Your eyes widened as she blinked to show that her eyes were all back.  You backed up a bit and Luke came between you two. “What are you doing here?” He asked. “I wanted to check on you is all, there was a rumor about you and…. A mortal…. Is this her?” She says and her darkened eyes observed you. “Why should I matter, I’m ‘banished’ remember?” “You may be temporarily banished Hemmings, but you still belong to us… She better behave, if she does something we don’t like…. She might make a perfect meat suit for me to wear out… Maybe only then will you be able to kiss her lips.” She says before turning back to the door. She takes another look back and smiles, her eyes back to normal and her typical child act back in play, thank you for the candy miss.“ She says before leaving and the door automatically closing. You backed a bit to the wall and slid down to the floor, your heart was racing and your hands were shaking. "Why did they visit? Why are they so worried about me?” You asked feeling a bit scared. “Relationships are forbidden, even with Angels it’s forbidden….. No one should care though because we all do quickies here and there…” He says sitting down in front of you and rubbing your cheek with his thumb. “Is she going to hurt me? Are any of them going to hurt me?” You said slightly panicked. “Not if I’m here…” He says. You lean against his hand and his his palm before reaching for a hug. His arms wrap around you and he helps you to your feet, “I really don’t feel like letting you go tonight… Not after that visit.” He says in a hushed voice, “stay the night? Just this night.” He says with a worried expression. You nodded and hid your face into his chest. He shut the lights to make sure no more trick or treaters would stop by. He guided you to his room and made you a cup of tea to calm your nerves. He laid beside you and hugged you close. “I promise I won’t let anything happen.” He says kissing your forehead reassuringly. You heart started to slow down, and your eyes grew heavy. Tonight wasn’t ideal, but as long as you were with Luke, you felt safe.

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