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I’m Utterly In Love With You

Part 1 (It’s really not that necessary to read it to understand what’s going on); Part 2; Part 3; Part 4

Kim Jongdae (Chen) x Reader

Summary: Your parents gave you up so you had no choice but to become his wife.

Genre: Mafia AU, fluff, angst

Word count: 1,861

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“Stay with me, like this” were the first words you remembered when you woke up. You looked around and soon realized you were alone in the room. His room. You couldn’t see him after what happened, it would be so embarrassing. You quickly slipped out of the bed and went downstairs, carefully checking if he’s not there. You couldn’t find him anywhere, so you went to the kitchen. After finally discovered where the mugs were you made yourself a coffee but couldn’t get yourself to drink it because you kept remembering that you actually went to him yourself. You set the cup down and decided to make one for him as well, maybe he will come back soon.

“Hoho, so now where even on that level where you make coffee for me,” Jongdae cooed and you almost spilled the coffee.

“Jongdae! Don’t scare me like that!” but he just continued his speech.

“That’s understandable though, since we just slept together,” he said taking the cup out of your hand.

“We didn’t sleep together…”

“What do you mean? We did! You were lying right there, looking all cute,” he smiled, making you blush.

“Agh! You know what I mean!” you said stomping away. You stopped in the doorway. “Wait. Were you watching me sleep?”

You caught him red handed. He just averted his look and sat down at the table.

“No, I… Of course I wasn’t” he mumbled, taking a sip. “Okay! I was. I admit it but you looked so adorable I just had to.”

You covered your face with your hands. Him and his cute, flirting nature, your heart can’t take it. Wait did you just thought he’s cute? You peeked through your fingers and saw him patting the chair near him but you sat on the opposite side, well you can at least finish your coffee with him. This setting reminded you of the time you signed those papers but you quickly brushed it off.

“What got you so scared last night that you came running to me?” he asked. You never told him anything about yourself, so you wondered if you should share this as well.

“You don’t have to tell me, if you don’t want to.”

“No. It’s okay,” you can’t keep it to yourself forever, maybe you will feel better when you speak about it. “It was my sister.”

His eyes fixed on you. He was suddenly very interested.

“Your sister? What about her?”

“She… She died,” you finally said, your grip on the mug tightening, if you would have kept your eyes on him, you would have noticed that he wasn’t any bit surprised by this.

“I’m sorry,” you heard him say in a quiet voice.

“It was a long time ago but I still think about her some days…” you closed your eyes and breathed out. You can’t start crying now. “Okay, let’s stop being all emotional. I’m more interested in all this,” you said, gesturing to the area around you.

“What do you mean?” he asked. “I’m not getting divorced if you’re thinking about that.”

“That’s not what I mean. I was going to ask what’s going to happen now?”

“That’s actually what I wanted to talk to you about as well,” he said, taking out a key and sliding it along the table surface to you.

“What’s this?” you questioned.

“A key. You can go anywhere you want, I’m sure you won’t try to run away but since that incident with Jimin I can’t let you go wandering alone, so it will be with me or one the bodyguards. Other than this, enjoy yourself,” he smiled.

You picked up the key. You certainly didn’t expect this, well having a bodyguard is not very fun either but he finally gave you the freedom you longed so much.


The other few months went by so fast and you two lived more like roommates. He didn’t force you to do anything you didn’t feel like doing but his flirting never ceased. Now that you could actually go out, it all felt so normal. After a long time you felt happy and content with your life and he noticed that you smile more often when with him. You weren’t bored but you wanted to repay him somehow so one day you asked him about work.

“I have all this money, at least let me treat you.”

“You do it all the time anyway,” you pouted.

“Don’t you want to study instead?” and your eyes beamed up at his suggestion. He thought about what he said for a while and then changed his mind immediately. “No, you know what, it’s too dangerous. There’s too many guys in the campus. Nope, no way.”

“Ahh don’t give me false hope!”

“You know you can always work with me,” he said.

And you knew you could, he always told you that because that way you would be with him for most of the day. He spoke about his job often and didn’t hide anything from you but you wanted nothing to do with that part of his life. It was dark and cruel. Violence is not something you could get used to, so you refused for seemingly 100th time. Staying inside, you started to enjoy cooking again and despite him liking it very much, he often took you out on dates to such expensive places you never even dreamed. One evening, you were reading on your computer and noticed an article that had you in it. “Famous CEO finally taken.” You looked at the photo in the article from one of these dates you two had.

“A CEO?” you thought. “Well that’s one way to hide what’s he’s actually doing.”

You were so immersed in the article that you jumped up when Jongdae burst into your room through the door.

“Oh my God! Jongdae!”

“Y/N come with me, quick.” he said taking your hand and dragging you out of the room.

“Where are we going? When did you come back?” he usually worked really long hours and you were genuinely surprised to see him this early. He took you out to the balcony. The sky was clear and very beautiful.

“Come,” he said, guiding you to the railing.

“Why are we here exactly?” you asked him.

He smiled to you and looked down. You two stayed silent for a moment before you spoke again.

“Jongdae did something happen?”

“No, everything is okay. I just like being near you.”

He turned and looked at you.

“You know,” he said, taking something out of his jacket’s inner pocket. “I never got you that wedding ring.”

He opened the little box revealing a beautiful golden ring inside. You had no idea what’s happening.

“Is this a joke?”

“It’s certainly not, you signed those papers yourself,” he laughed.

“I can’t.”

“Y/N please. It may be just a ring to you but it would mean so much to me if you wore it, so can I?” he said taking your hand, he held it for a while before you finally nodded. He then took another ring out and you chuckled.

“You want me to put it on for you?” you asked and then slipped it on his finger.

It felt so strange actually wearing one and only now you realized that you are indeed married to this man.


“I’m always happy with you,” he said, interlocking your fingers with yours. He stared deep into your eyes.

“Y/N,” he finally spoke. “You may have already noticed it but I’m utterly and extremely in love with you.”

You started blushing immediately after his sudden confession, especially since he was holding you so close. You felt kind of bad you couldn’t say the same to him yet or maybe it was just your stubbornness but in the heat of the moment you couldn’t stop yourself and wrapped your hands around his neck and tugged him into a kiss. The kiss was sweet but also passionate at the same time, you felt his hands slide down to your waist and you two had no intentions of stopping when somebody cleared their throat behind you. Jongdae pulled away.

“Am I interrupting something?” you looked at the man who had cat like eyes standing near the door to the balcony.

“Yes you fucking are, don’t you have eyes Minseok?” Jongdae was angry and annoyed, a side of him you didn’t enjoy seeing.

“You know, I don’t even care that I interrupted. All of us were trying to contact you since morning, where the hell were you?”

“Are you seriously here because of that?”

“No. I’m here because it’s urgent, something came up and you’re needed.”

“Can’t you do this without me?”

“We can’t,” the man glared at him. “All of us need to be there, so you better come with, you’re getting on my nerves as it is. I will be waiting outside, you have 3 minutes,” he said and walked away.

You looked at Jongdae who was trying his best to control himself.

“He ruined the mood and I was starting to enjoy myself,” he said, checking his clock. “It’s about 10 pm now, so don’t wait for me because I will probably only be back in the morning. We can continue what we started then,” he smirked and kissed your forehead before going out himself.

You stood there confused, still not sure what happened. Did you seriously just kiss him? You must be out of your mind. You looked at the ring on your finger and smiled to yourself. You had to admit it, the kiss was pretty good. You looked at the stars for a while but since you had nothing better to do after that, you went to sleep. You woke up early and he still hadn’t come back.  You have decided to spend your time cleaning the apartment while he was gone because you refused to hire maids. You rarely went to his office but since you were at it why not clean it as well. You piled up the documents neatly on his table when you noticed something laying on the floor, you bent down and picked it up. It was a photo. Your photo. Way back from high school. Where did he get something like that? You wanted to stand up but bumped your head into the bottom of the table and a bunch of other papers and documents fell down from underneath it. You looked at them and quickly realized it was you. All you. You couldn’t believe what you were seeing or rather you didn’t want to believe. There was your school club activities, addresses of all the places you have lived in, your routes home, day jobs, your friends list, parents, photos as young as teenager. Anything and everything it’s possible to know about you. You picked up another photo. It was your sister. Near the picture you saw something why all of this was hidden in the first place. You were studying and rereading through everything over and over again when you heard the familiar footsteps and that sweet voice call out to you.

“Y/N are you in there?”

~ Part 6 ~

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Omg could you elaborate more on your thoughts about Yasu & Nobu's dynamic? Ever since finishing Yasu's Noble Ending I've just been really intrigued by their relationship, the way they've known each other for a long time and how they interact.. yeah, it's definitely layered..


okay I had this all written out like a week ago and then refreshed the page accidentally (I am…kind of a loser about my writing y’all) so here we will try again. IN WORD THIS TIME.




I haven’t read Nobu’s sequel, and I don’t know what happens, so, for all I know Ieyasu could betray him and I’m just WRONG so keep that in mind.


To ME, Nobunaga and Ieyasu have an indulgent, mischievous big brother to petulant, bratty and mistrusting little brother dynamic and I love it. I think Nobu sees wholly through Ieyasu and Ieyasu is both in denial of that and needs it and because he is Ieyasu probably semi-actively tries to destroy any sense of kinship because of his trust issues, even if temporarily surrendering control, and being accepted on the merit of his actions and not his name, is a relief, even if he thinks he’s lying. Especially because he tells himself that Nobu’s too much of a fool to do any real damage with the control he has. THAT’S IT. THAT’S THE WHOLE OF IT. YOU CAN STOP READING IF YOU WANT.

But if you want to go down lee’s thinking-out-loud INTP rabbit hole abyss with her, HERE WE GO:

Things I headcanon about Nobu in regards to Ieyasu:

  • Family is desperately important to Nobu. Especially his brothers. There is a particular moment in his MS involving cups of sake that just breaks my heart. This extends and includes even to the point of them betraying him – that’s basically, in some sort of ways, a non-issue (it is, but, not in the stops-him-from-loving them sense)

  • Nobu also has a soft spot for bratty kids - we see that in his ToL ES, but in other stories as well (watch him with Sasuke!!)  And as often as not, his method for dealing with them is poking the sore spot while teaching them how to defend from it until they poke back. He openly tells us this is in part due to being a big brother, reinforcing the sibling-sense overlap.

  • Nobu 100% sees through Ieyasu’s s— (we see some hints of this at various points, especially because we’re given Nobu’s little side-smirky sprite)

  • The BIGGEST ISSUE with Yasu’s nastiness is the power imbalances, right? He’s pouring all this toxic, vicious venom into people with no defense for it. BUT, with Nobu, the power structure is inverted. Yasu has to play nice with Nobu (which makes his venom ALL THE WORSE because he hates it, right? Not right, actually, but I’ll get to that – he thinks he does). and Nobu can 100% handle that venom. Like. Are you kidding me? do you know what this man’s been through? One snotty little grump is entertainment more than it is hurtful. Like honestly Nobu probably thinks it’s REALLY FUNNY.

  • Biggest difference between these two is that Nobu already sees everyone as family. We see this from him ALL THE TIME – like regardless of what you may think about Inuchiyo’s route, Nobu is amazing imo. Like, he’s paying such close attention to the mental and emotional wellbeing of all of his retainers that even a random cook he’s had like two interactions with rates his OWN COAT for comfort. He sends away someone important for the same reason. In Mitsuhide’s route, he semi-manipulates MC into making his favorite food just to help him take care of himself. Nobu may be a fool in some regards, but he gets his people, and gets what they need.

  • We can sort of extrapolate that this extends to Ieyasu as well. Nobu trusts Ieyasu, even knowing he’s a manipulative, angry little snot, and  probably knows what Ieyasu needs. So, what does Ieyasu need? (covered in a sec)

  • So he looks at Ieyasu and he sees the whole person. He has the luxury of doing so, because he’s one of the few people who gets to look at him straight in the eye instead of in deference, and he’s Nobu, he can do whatever he wants (including seeing a snotty, terrified, angry KID instead of a vicious, scheming, toxic lord–he sees that too, but I honestly think he sees that as fixable or he wouldn’t bother. I think he also sees it as less of a problem than it is for the same vantage point reason - like, I think he sort of figures if he drags Ieyasu around enough, time will fix it rather than active interference)

  • I also think Nobu just pokes at him sometimes because it’s funny to do so and we know he likes his entertainment. 


  • OKAY SO BACK TO ‘what does Ieyasu need?’ (Ieyasu needs a dang mother imo - unconditional familial love with affirmation of his inherent value as a human being and not as a Tokugawa but, back to that later)

  • Ieyasu has TRUST issues and Ieyasu has CONTROL issues. And combined, those two things invariably cause him to poison any healthy relationship he may have. I really, really believe this.

  • OKAY here we go into Lee rabbit holes, your mileage may vary.

  • I also think he’s like, in the 19-ish age range it would explain a lot >>

  • I also feel like Ieyasu had WAY TOO much of other people controlling his life in a genuinely awful fashion that when he has control again he a) doesn’t know how to be in control because god knows he’s never had it nor a healthy example of it b) doesn’t necessarily WANT to be in control but EVEN MORE c) doesn’t want anyone ELSE in control of him either because he’s been down that road and we can see how horribly it affected him, he can’t come through that again.

  • To me, that’s a driving force of why he is so gosh darn nasty. He’s completely hemmed in by a dichotomy not entirely of his own making, where he has to desperately cling onto something he doesn’t want with a white-knuckled death grip and that would make anyone temperamental (that he doesn’t handle it well, to the point of being destructive and damaging, is a separate discussion I don’t want to go down – this is the best analysis of it I’ve seen of it and explains why my heart hurts for him as a character even if his behavior often isn’t immediately acceptable as a love interest)

  • But that choice of being in charge is taken from him when Nobu’s ordering him around. One of the interfering components is removed from the equation.

  • Think about when we see Ieyasu’s façade cracking and when he’s at his absolute smoothest – when he’s at Nobu’s beck and call. It’s effortless. He tells himself he hates it (and doesn’t hide it as well as he thinks he does lolololol) BUT ALSO. He (consciously) believes Nobu is a fool. He believes he can outsmart him. There’s no risk to letting him be in charge, because Ieyasu can keep control and he can keep it in the way he’s most comfortable with – where no one else has to know. (Because if nobody knows, nobody can take it away) so, there’s some relief to that, and he’s at his easiest to handle.

  • I also think deep deep deep down Ieyasu knows Nobu knows and he trusts him anyway or why would he be serving Nobu without actively sabotaging him? But he can’t acknowledge that because it would require VULNERABILITY and Ieyasu doesn’t do that.

  • BECAUSE REMEMBER Nobu’s place is a meritocracy. So, Ieyasu also gets to know that he’s there on the merit if his accomplishments and his actions, not his name. It’s not quite the same as being loved for who he is as a person (I think for Nobu it’s the same thing, and he may not fully understand that Ieyasu won’t/can’t understand that because for him it isn’t) but it’s as close as he’s ever gotten (Sakai obvs loves him but Ieyasu can’t separate that from the ‘Tokugawa’ component) and he craves that with a genuine desperation. Like, the poor child inside of him that never got it still needs it. So he sticks around, because, subconsciously, that’s better than nothing. Like not that he is EVER going to admit to anyone that he needs to be loved, but, everyone needs to be loved and accepted.

  • Yasu has to keep him at arms length and snarl his petulant, bratty little teeth because, issues, BUT he’s all bark. Whatever he’s done to Nobu (at least to my memory and routes I’ve read) is minor, especially compared to how Ieyasu behaves to and around ACTUAL ENEMIES (*side-eyes a certain Kai route*)


  • A huge part of what colors this for me is that Ieyasu is who eventually ends up uniting Japan, right? (*cough* uh, spoilers I guess?)  Okay well, sort of, it’s complicated BUT I do (as someone very new to this history) think it’s fair to say it’s Yasu there when the dust settles on unified Japan, and the dust stays settled, mostly, under him esp when compared to previously? History is messy.

  • Who taught him that? Who started him down that path?

  • To me, Ieyasu is SO MUCH like a bratty, grumpy little brother being dragged along to play cops and robbers because his big brother needed one more person to play the damsel in distress and it’s humiliating and he’s TICKED OFF but at the same time, he gets to be included in something, and he’s learning, and he’s itching for his turn because he’s watched everyone and they may think he’s the dumb kid but just you wait, give him the chance to be the robber and he’ll rob you all blind.

  • And the twist is – Nobu knows that. That’s the real reason he dragged him along.

  • (the other is, Nobu doesn’t leave people behind)
Strange Apology

Request: bts suga’s angst scenarios, please? when he get closer with ur bestfriend (female) and you got jealous. one night, you, suga and her had dinner together and he ignore you. you try to talk with them (suga and ur bfriend) but suga get angry and yelled at you, he said hurtful things to you. you really mad at him and want to break up, but he regret it. happy end please?💕 sorry for my bad english T___T

Member: BTS Suga x Y/N

Type: Angst (happy ending)

“What are you two laughing at?” I smiled weakly from the opposite side of the table. 

Yoongi shot me what seemed to be the thirtieth dirty look he could muster up that night. My best friend, Nari gave me a similar look as she looked back to Yoongi. 

Nari and I had been close since before I could remember. She was the one to introduce me to the boys of Bangtan and I thanked her every day for it. She always had a special kind of friendship with Yoongi that I could never quite get a handle of, not even when Yoongi and I began dating. Sometimes it was exhausting, and I didn’t know how to cope. Sometimes those days happened today during dinner. 

“I’m starting to feel like a third wheel here,” I sighed, shaking my head. I sipped anxiously at my soda in front of me as Yoongi gave me another blank look. He stood, grabbing me by the top of my arm and began to pull me from the restaurant. 

“We’ll be back in a second Nari,” Yoongi smiled, tugging me along. 

“Yah, Yoongi, you’re hurting me,” I hissed, as his grip tightened and he pushed me out to the sidewalk. 

“What is your issue?” he spat, spinning me around to face him. 

“My issue?” I croaked. “Well maybe the fact that every time I want to be with my boyfriend AND my best friend at the same time, I feel like the unwanted party.”

“You don’t get our jokes Y/N,” Yoongi gasped, throwing his hands in the air. “You just don’t get me like she does sometimes.”

“Oh? Is that right? Have you ever thought maybe you don’t give me a chance Yoongi?” I muttered, crossing my arms. 

“It’s not like we’ve been together for years Y/N!” Yoongi shook his head. “We literally just went public, you can’t earn this type of relationship over night.”

“And apparently we’ll never earn it at this rate,” I grumbled. 

“Look, if you don’t like it, and can’t handle my friendship with “your” best friend, just leave, alright?” Yoongi said angrily. 

I blinked in surprise. “Leave?”

“Yes,” Yoongi nodded, pronouncing the word to it’s fullest. “As in this relationship because I’m done.”

I was shocked. I could hardly breath as Yoongi turned around, shooting me a last dirty look. 

“Yoongi,” I squeaked. 

He continued to walk away, pulling open the door of the restaurant. 

“Yoongi!” I screeched this time, a mix of anger and sadness throbbing through my veins. He promptly shut the door again and sped to walk up to me, only centimeters from my face. 

“Do not,” He hissed. “Cause a scene right now Y/N because you brought this on yourself.”

“Brought on my…?’ I stuttered. I pushed his shoulder and began to back away from him, as if his words were a snake that had bitten me. “You can’t be serious.”

“As a heart attack,” he confirmed, his eyes not leaving mine as he began to back away as well, sliding back into the restaurant entrance. 

The sound of the restaurant door thudding vibrated through my body. It seemed like the outside lights had grown brighter and the people on the streets louder. 

I stumbled away slowly, blinking back the tears sliding haphazardly down my cheeks. Yoongi was right. We weren’t together for years. We had only been dating for roughly 300 days, our anniversary near the horizon. I didn’t know him. I knew bits of him, parts that he’d allow me to see. He broke down walls for me, showed me sides I never thought I’d have the chance to learn. I was grateful, but no one handled this situation well. Not him and especially not me. 

I rested a heating pad against my stomach and heaved a sigh, trying to keep another sob from rippling through my body. It had been a rough night. My eyes were swollen and my heart felt like it would burst. I had been nursing a stomach ache for hours.  I guess this is what love felt like or at the very least, heart break. 

A light knock hit my apartment door and I jumped, not expecting any visitor tonight or really any time in the near future. Maybe it was Nari coming to let me know that she still cared about me. I could really use a friend right now.

“Can you just call me an idiot so we can cuddle?” Yoongi said bluntly as I pulled open the door. 

My eyes widened as he stood in front of me, a more defeated man than I had left at the restaurant. 

“What are you doing here?” I whispered, beginning to adjust my clothing to not look so disheveled. 

“I called myself an idiot about fifty times on the walk over here…so I figured if you’d call me one, it might make me feel better about how I spoke to you…” he sighed. 

“That sounds like an awfully strange apology,” I grumbled, waving him in and shutting the door behind him. He remained in my entry way and leaned against the wall near the door. 

“I’m not sure if you’ve actually talked to me,” he said quietly. “But sorries aren’t my strong suit.”

“Well forgiveness isn’t mine,” I muttered, setting him with an icy glare. 

“The way I spoke to you was wrong,” he nodded, approaching me slowly. He placed a light hand on my elbow and stroked the skin there with his thumb. “If I were in your position…I’d be a jealous mess.”

“And…?” I hummed, still waiting. 

“And I think we both need to learn to be patient with each other,” he continued. “We’ve got some days under our belt, nearly three hundred now…and I don’t want to go wasting it because I’m too foolish to break out of my comfort zone and really let you get to know me…”

“And…?” I repeated, my harsh attitude slowly melting away as Yoongi’s apology continued. 

“And I’m really sorry,” he winced. “Now can we cuddle?”

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Rafael Barba | Before; Home, Again.

Per request HERE, re: how Rafael & Reader were before her abduction.
Related to my Home, Again series.

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Fingers flashed over your eyelids, and you were drug backwards by stubborn hands until your spine was flush with someone’s chest. “Guess who-” the phrase was sung instead of spoken, as if that would sincerely help mask the voice it belonged to. Of course it didn’t. Actually, it was quite the opposite- between his song and the manly scent of his cologne, his identity was given away.

But, that would be too easy; so instead you thoughtfully tapped the toes of your heels against the cement steps and placed a fingertip to your chin. “Oh, is it that cute detective with the anger issues?” The fingers on your face tightened, and you made no efforts to hide the smile that pulled on your lips. “Or the tall one who follows that ol’ ADA around like a lost pup?”

Rafael released you at the final taunt, and teasingly gave a shove between your shoulder blades. Not hard enough to send you tumbling down the steps, of course, but hard enough to convince you to take a moment and regain your balance. Just in case, though, he reached for the ends of your scarf and tugged it taught in hopes it would keep you on stable ground. “You’re lucky I’m so sure of myself, or else I’d think you’re growing bored of me.”

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Anything about Sith tattoos! All three of those options sound great!

*claps* Okay! I’ll start off with a few.

1. Sith tattoos cannot be removed. 

Literal poison, as well as Sith magics in some instances, are used to create Sith tattoos. There is probably a way to remove them buried deep in an old holocron somewhere, but as of the Clone Wars era, there isn’t any known way to remove them.

Not only are these things impossible to remove via the usual tattoo removal methods (lasers), but if one were to get scarred, the tattoos would eventually appear on top of the scar tissue. Once these things are on, they’re on.

2. Sith tattoos are written in Sith.

Looking at written Sith language, I don’t think is too farfetched an idea. Perhaps it helps to imbue more power into them via words, old chants or what have you. I assume this has changed over the millennia, and it isn’t always the case with some tattoos, but I still think it’s a cool headcanon.

(Bet you five bucks Palpatine wrote ‘Property of Sidious’ somewhere on Maul.)

3. Sith tattoos can be used for protection or strengthening.

These things don’t just have Sith alchemical magic in them so that they stick. They can also be used for a myriad of other things. Strength. Protection. Forcing someone to stay alive through excruciating pain.

Ngl this one mostly came about because of Maul.

“I survived because of my singular hatred for you” no you fucking didn’t, you dramatic cockroach. You survived because Palps tattooed you with runes that will legit keep your heart beating even if your head is cut off. It’s both a gift and a curse. A gift because, hey. You get to live. A curse because, hey. You get to live. 

I also like to think the eye tattoos Bane and Zannah shared were meant to strengthen their perception somehow, or at the very least to cement the whole Master/Apprentice thing via shared tattoos. Which brings me to my next point…

4. Sith Lords can use the tattoos to keep tabs on their apprentices.

This is an art that few have mastered, since it takes a particular intimacy with the Dark Side as well as extensive knowledge of Sith lore.

So, naturally, Palpatine is quite good at it.

I call bullshit that Palpatine didn’t know Maul was still alive. He did. He so fucking did. He was just pissed Maul failed so he was like “Lmao have fun in the garbage, failure.” Then, when Maul made his return, Palpatine simply kept up the illusion of having no fucking clue what he was up to because he wanted to see how much shit Maul could fuck up. (And then dramatically return and put the fear of Sidious in him on Mandalore.)

By the time of Rebels? I assume Palpatine just doesn’t give a fuck anymore. Maul is washed up. He serves no purpose. Palps has Vader now.

5. Sith aren’t the only ones that use Sith tattoos.

There are multiple Dark Side sects that use tattoos, the most notable being the Nightsister clan. These differ slightly from conventional Sith tattoos, but by and large are pretty difficult to tell apart. 

Mother Talzin has built up the practice of having her sons tattooed at a young age. (Depending on what lore you go by) She tattooed Maul before giving him to Sidious. 

(I personally like to believe Maul has tattoos both from his Mother and from Sidious. In fact, Sidious was clever enough to incorporate Mother Talzin’s work into his own designs, making the final product twice as powerful.)

(He’ll never admit it, though. He hates Talzin.)

“How much longer are you going to be in Japan?” Raven chewed on her lower lip, pulling their sheets tightly over her body. She stared at the ceiling, watching the headlights from passing cars shine shadows and flicks of diffused light as they passed.

The small apartment still smelled a bit of fresh paint, reminding her of the last thing they had done together before Garfield had been whisked away on another mission. She knew that this was part of their job and part of the uncertainty that filled their lives, but she honestly wished it didn’t take up so much of their time together. They barely saw each other as it was, and it felt even harder when the space of a whole planet was between them.

“I don’t know, Dick’s got me pretty much booked for at least another week – running around checking out leads, being a general superhero without any breaks.” He sighed and shook his head, running his thumb over the stubble on his jaw. “I don’t even think I’ve had a chance to shower in two days.”

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