Remember that time?
  • Harry: Hey guys, remember that time I refused to shake Malfoy's hand?
  • Ron: Haha, yeah, good times!
  • Harry: What about the time I threw mud at him by the Shrieking Shack?
  • Hermione: I still can't believe you didn't get in more trouble for that!
  • Harry: And remember how I used the map to follow him around sixth year?
  • Ron: Haha...
  • Hermione: *rolls eyes*
  • Harry: Okay, well, remember that time I snuck into the Slytherin dorms under the cloak to watch him wank, and then I stole his pants but he noticed so he followed me back here and then I panicked and tied him to my bed? And then remember when I freaked out and left him bound and gagged upstairs LITERALLY STILL IN MY BED?
  • Ron:
  • Hermione:
  • Harry:
  • Hermione: Uh...
  • Harry: HAHA yeah me neither
{ Look, it's nothing personal. }

Please don’t take it personal if I unfollow you, that doesn’t mean that I don’t like you, that doesn’t mean that i hate you, or that i don’t want to talk to you. If I unfollow you for whatever the reason, feel free to ask me why I did so and I will try to reply to you.

Sometimes i do unfollowing sprees or unfollow people I don’t interact with, it’s most likely temporary, probably i’ll re-follow some again. No hard feelings.

I’m a horrible mutual. Hah.


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Snippet... Saturday? Lol

For the Weird Ideas club (which, by the, has open membership. All are welcome. I believe the only requirements are an appreciation for weird ideas and a love of sass) @amberlyinviolet @maevemauvaise @simulacraryn @kangofu-cb @chronicwhimsy @anyone else who might be interested in a 2x5, 3xR, 4x6???

The dark eyed man’s dancing had slowed to a graceful swaying, and, as close as he was, Duo could see the fine sheen of sweat on his forehead and upper lip. He wondered what those delicate beads tasted like.

“D’you wanna?”

He had the repeat the question when it was met with a confused scowl the first time, had to add in a gesture that he hoped looked like an invitation.

The dark eyed man considered him with a long look, taking in Duo’s entire appearance, head to toe, and Duo, who knew he looked good - had, after all, taken the time to look damn good tonight on the off-chance that he ran into his ex so he could make it really, really clear that the asshole was missing out and that Duo was fine, so so fine the last six months were already totally forgotten - found himself squirming under the gaze.

But then the man shrugged and held out one of his arms, the flesh bare and golden and smooth and Duo wrapped his hand in the proffered one and felt his pulse thrum in ecstasy.

there had been the risk of The Ex and Duo making a fool of himself and Hilde had said she was going it so he Then again, it could be the ecstasy. Duo didn’t do drugs often, well, not anything stronger than weed, but, well, had shrugged and, well…

The guy felt amazing, his body radiating heat and strength and when one of his hands moved from Duo’s lower back to his ass and pulled him closer Duo was pretty sure he wasn’t going to get told to fuck off. At least, not yet.

what if