Anonymous said:Tony and Steve, if you had to do a threesome with someone from the team who would it be?

“Whaaaaat? Why you guys are even asking such questions? Our team is our family, we can’t–”


“… Excuse me?”

“Oh. Ohhh. Did I say it out loud? I didn’t mean Thor, I meant, uhmmm, eem–”

“Thor, huh?”

“It.. It is just theoretically, Steve. Like you know, have a threesome or the world explodes. Not that I would ever go to bed with Thor! I have you! And you should be flattered really! You and Thor are similar in terms of height and musculature, so it is not like I want to sleep with Bruce who is short and hairy, but I want the blue eyes blond type! Like you!”

“Thor, huh? Hmmmm… Gotta say, I agree with Tony.”

“You do? Really?”

“Yeah. You know, if we really, really had to. Not that it would happen, I won’t share you. But if I had to.. you would look so cute and tiny between mine and Thor’s muscled bodies. And I have a super soldier’s stamina, Thor is a deity.. You would walk funny for weeks.”

“Bring on all the sexy, muscled, tall blondes.”

“Don’t push it, I can still make you walk funny on my own.”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way, Captain.”


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