Regardless of how this works out, and the Pats usually are OK, this sucks a rusty football.  Now, and for a while to come.  Many more thoughts…I’ll save them for video.  Just…he leaves us, feeling unwanted, after all that and all he did?  And runs into the open arms of Seytopn Manning?

Yeah, def need a beer / gonna be sick / need to find some neighborhood kids to yell at.  More later.  So much GFY…

(pic courtesy the-destroia)

Echo Press: “Up in smoke: Fire destroys home near Lobster Lake” http://www.echopress.com/event/article/id/81309/group/News/

Lobsterfist press statement: “Lobsterfist offers sincere condolences to the people who lost their property last night. We are all thankful that the house was uninhabited at the time. And also, dude, there’s a place called Lobster Lake in Minnesota? Are you fucking kidding me? That’s awesome.”