Regardless of how this works out, and the Pats usually are OK, this sucks a rusty football.  Now, and for a while to come.  Many more thoughts…I’ll save them for video.  Just…he leaves us, feeling unwanted, after all that and all he did?  And runs into the open arms of Seytopn Manning?

Yeah, def need a beer / gonna be sick / need to find some neighborhood kids to yell at.  More later.  So much GFY…

(pic courtesy the-destroia)


EDELMANIA has returned.

We made this shirt last year, then decided to shelve it when, sadly, #11 got shelved himself. But now that Edelmania is rback and unning wild all over the field for the Pats (“Edelman is the new Welkah, kid!”) we decided to bring the shirt back, too. Available now for the low price of $15 at The Townie News Store this retro-styled shirt will show all the peoples of Patriots Nation just what being an Edelmaniac is all about. Be sure to train, say your prayers, eat your vitamins, and listen to Brady.

And yes, we have plenty of smalls and Extra Smalls for any Pats fans with ladyparts who would love some EDELMANIA all over them.

Order now and LET’S GO PATS!


I am hard @ work on multiple Patriots videos, big news & all. But do you really need to hear from me when you have Debbie’s reaction to Welkah leaving?  Oh Debbie, I feel for ya, sweethaht!  And also - you, my dear, are friggin gold.  Love you, like I love the legend of Welkah.

Go Pats.