We “Like” GD (Facebook Project)

The staff members at GDBIAS are going to make a small project (booklet and crafts) to send to YG Entertainment. We will pick 10 of our favorite facebook comments to add to our project. Much more information will be given to the winners! The rest is a secret for now~ ^^

To enter the contest:

1. Follow GDBIAS on Tumblr and reblog this post.
2. Like our Facebook page. On our wall, begin your message with “I like GD because”.
3. Maximum amount of sentences is five. English or Korean only and no cursing, please. 


I like GD because he makes amazing music. GD, you inspire me to follow my dreams. I can’t wait to see you in concert! Tumblr URL: charlove

(EDIT: We’re going to pick the winners at random using a number counter.)

Contest ends on March 14.