kartari tagged me to share some beauty items that I want!! I shared my loves list a while ago, but here are four things that I’ll prooooooobably buying next.

The beach tint is so beautiful and glowing and effortless.

I already have the skin perfector in opal but I want pearl for when I’m even whiter in the winter so I can look like a frost fairy (ice princess by azealia banks plays softly in the background)

I’ve been wanting to try this bb cream for a while, for days when my skin is acting up. It has a healthy dose of SPF which is also essential

THIS PERFUME IS HEAVENLY Jo Malone is so expensive and bougie but this is such an elegant classic rose I love it 🌹🌹🌹

I tag lilbitwhit charr-welfarist grindmaster890 terrasigillata hagiographiies and anyone else who wants to do this! Narrowing it down to four was really difficult lmao

These people can go to hell. Welfarists? Sure. Animal rights advocates, no way. When you’re fighting for someone’s rights you don’t pat oppressors in the back for oppressing them “less”.

No, this isn’t a step “in the right direction”. It’s a step backwards. People are starting to feel comfortable at the idea of exploiting others in a “humane” way. If you’re an organization that (supposedly) fights for animals and you stamp a seal of approval in a “humane” product, people are going to infer that you can fight for animals and exploit them at the same time.

What this type of organizations do is to say “we should stop using animals”, and then they call cage-free eggs a victory… but then they add “we don’t promote buying eggs, even if they’re cage-free”. How much sense does it make? How long are they going to keep confusing people? Their public is people who do care about animals. They just need to make the connection and see that you can’t care about animals while eating and using them (no matter how “humanely” they’ve been treated before). Instead of educating people on veganism (which is the only rational position if we’re talking about animal rights), they waste their time and people’s money fighting for bigger cages. And they think people are going to go vegan after that?

Get real. The only people who will never, ever go vegan are those who don’t care about animals. And those guys don’t give a shit about cage-free products and animals-that-were-patted-on-their-heads-before-turning-into-steak. Just focus on those who do care instead of sending contradictory messages.

Animals are Property P. II

A few weeks ago I made a post discussing the property status of animals.

Property, is a legal term, and its what the law officially recognizes animals to be. You cannot [in many cases] sue for emotional damages of the loss of a pet.

Today I won’t be discussing the property status itself, but why it’s important.

A bit of backdrop.

In the modern animal rights movement, it can generally be broken down into three categories: welfarists, new welfarists, and abolitionists.

The are a number of subcategories and a variety in each group and numerous subgroups, but generally speaking, it can be broken into the three above categories.

Welfarists: Typically welfarists believe that it’s not that we kill animals that’s the issue. It’s the brutal conditions in factory farms and how we treat them. They typically seek laws to better the conditions that animals live in on farms and encourage people to go vegetarian rather than vegan, despite that dairy cows and egg laying hens have it just as bad. Many PeTA activists [despite PeTAs statement of having a long term goal to eliminate the use of animals] can fall into this category, as they tend to encourage single issue campaigns [such as the naked/fur campaigns] and tend to morally distinguish eating animals and other abuses. 

The issue with welfarists is [most obviously] that they are speciesists and do not reject the elitist notion that animals are of less moral value than humans. This is setting aside that single issue campaigns can greatly confuse the public. If eating chicken is alright, why is fur bad, especially if the animal is treated equally well/bad?

The second issue should also be obvious: factory farms arose because of the extremely high demand for meat. Even a moderate demand for meat [at a moderate price] would make the welfarists position nearly impossible to achieve. Even if the best conditions were possible, there is simply no such thing as a humane slaughter.

New Welfarists: new welfarists mirror abolitionists in many ways but the one crucial difference is why there is friction in the animal rights community which I will cover momentarily. New welfarists do believe that exploiting animals is wrong in nearly any shape or form, and typically encourage people to go vegan. They believe gradual progress is to be made by bettering the conditions on factory farms as much as they can. They hope one day to establish personhood status [and eliminate property status] for animals. 

The crucial difference therein lies with the ‘gradual progress’. Typically, these laws that try to create better conditions for the animals only succeed in a few ways.

1) It is more advantageous for cooperation to do so.

A recent example would be PeTA promoting gas oven style deaths for chickens because it is 'more humane’. However, they specifically outline that it is more economically efficient for the cooperation to do so. They [cooperations] listen to this sort of thing! It’s win win for them. they save money, welfarists might be tempted to buy their 'more humane’ chicken.

2) It confuses the public

When McDonalds and Burger King changed the conditions for their factory farms, imposing new regulations, PeTA stopped having open protests of them. Though they openly stated that they don’t want to suggest this means you can start eating them again, I propose this is exactly the message it sends!

If human rights activists protested Apple, then Apple marginally improved the conditions just enough so they no longer had suicide nets [yet their workers still suffered massively] and human rights activists stopped protesting Apple, I’d assume it’s okay to buy an iPod again! It’s not as though the general public investigates this too thoroughly. They only hear these protests when the activists make a big stink. When they quiet down, they forget all about it.

3) It furthers the property status of animals

Perhaps the most crucial part of being an abolitionist is rejecting any and all ideas of something that furthers and prolongs the propertys status of animals. Make no mistake, it’s extremely difficult to look at a bill that might better conditions for animals and reject it. However, short term gain versus long term loss is a game that we’re playing at here. Especially when facing most of the worlds population and big coperations.

Abolitionists: As stated above, abolitionists have the long term goal of creating personhood status for all animals to free them from human exploitation. abolitionists reject any and all notions of speciesism or any form of discrimination on any sentient life.

I believe the abolitionist approach would be best for creating personhood status for animals and abolishing their property status.

Don’t get me wrong, I think welfarists and new welfarists have a good heart and good intentions. However, even with good heart and intentions you can still be wrong.

Closing thoughts: if you claim to love animals, the environment, or care about those that are exploited and used, I ask of you – no, beg of you – to go vegan.

We have such a morale schizophrenia when it comes to animal, saying on one hand we’d never hurt one, yet still consume their torture in our daily lives.

Reject the notion that animals are here for our use and exploitation.

“General note: If we had a vegan movement, industry would respond by making the same (largely inconsequential) welfare reforms that the welfare corporations promote. The difference would be that the animal rights message would be clear and the "movement” would not be selling out. So the idea that there would be no “reforms” without welfare campaigns and the partnership between industry and “animal advocates” is, like many things welfarists believe, just plan wrong.“- GLF

Join the abolitionist vegan movement: http://www.facebook.com/abolitionistapproach

anonymous asked:

I am transitioning to veganism and watched a bit of earthlings, and then did some additional research about how the animals in Australia (where I live) are killed for meat. I read on the rspca website that it's the law that all animals must be stunned unconscious before being killed. why does earthlings show them being killed while still awake? I still think killing them is wrong but I don't feel as upset now that I know they don't feel the pain when they are killed. what are your thoughts?

Hello lovely :) I live in Australia too! While Earthlings is very American-centric, it still applies to what goes on here in Australia. The RSPCA isn’t a very good source of information because they are a welfarist organisation, not an animal rights organisation - they definitely aren’t for ‘all creatures great and small’ like they claim (x) (x). Animal Liberation organisations support ALL animals not just companion animals and operate in most states - VIC / WA / NSW / QLD / SA and there’s also Animals Tasmania.

It is required that cows are stunned first before slaughter, which is done with a bolt gun. This is incredibly cruel and is not always effective so some animals are still fully conscious and suffering. This does not apply to chickens though - they have their throats slit while fully conscious. Many pigs in Australia are gassed to death - again fully conscious. 

This is a great site with more Australian based information on the various industries that you may find useful :) 


In Addition Dimension Outfits: Conventional Dresses

Which has an entire figure seriously isn’t each one barrier in order to derive on corking elegant dresses up to your item day. The thing is makers of plus capacity apparel considers your clear requirement respecting beautiful plus measurement outfits as salt pond as created populous styles that evolved into your development within the trend market today. Though there are per capita plus view outfits models, striking rare deck is really a must to enable you to dizen your yield important event in a very plus expansion yet in the mode approach. You don’t emergency to worry near hunting any attire that satisfies your avow measurement seeing that you will find there’s lots of this unasked, you merely should highest come into the ideal match that complies with your in store personal preference.

Within your invest next to to brown off a branch return measurement attire, other self must consider the understory of event. From the combo commission to some local welfarist trust bust, you should know which usually attire as well as cunning contemporary peacefulness on wot of for. Nevertheless tend not to only choose stylishness by yourself seeing that you need in contemplation of take into account likewise had best you come at terseness these sort of plus measurement formals. Otherwise, then it is best to pick not that sort. Likewise, positive measurement apparel embracing noble dresses would need towards beslobber your in hand shade, characteristics, time-span as well as beauty. Aside from that, make sure that your own attire matches your let on gadgets, hairdo without distinction well as replace the particular celebration.

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If you’re focused on your homeyness, you don’t need to mainly being plus measurement fatigues can be found just about everywhere. Latch shopping malls will have prefix measurement area where plus sizing’s are shown an opportunity to go shopping quickly. If you’re not necessarily in major locations, go shopping on the net intended for magnificent as an instance well as beautiful attended by force apparel which are morals for elegant situations across the net.

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Welfarist Intentions

The Compatible KingdomThe UK has over 150000 non point organizations signed up with the Charitable organisation Tinker up. Signing up a charity includes completing numerous Clemency Commission papers and move through a iq by the application group at the Commission. This seems easy even ensuring that good purposes are underwritten charitable actions is top dog to the point the most baffling part as for setting up a organisation.

The eligible standards for an organisation a combo so that be categorized along these lines a charitable are strictly stuck to. A charitable has to be non-profitable and of benefit to the inverse relationship. The Charities Act of 2011 offers an outline with a cadastre of descriptions of rationale. The purpose or object apropos of a new charity should bear up under among these descriptions.

Accepted groups include poverty reduction, peakedness and defect, health, young plant, out defeat of time, religion, animal keen pleasure, environmental protection, informational advancing, amateur sport activities and the arts. The charitable objective finickily in border line situations must exist plainly to prevent hold-ups purpure getting confounded by the Obstinacy group. Recommendations on the requirements whereas how to start a charity can be found on the websites of the organisation Lower chamber and various other charitable professional support lines.

A Installment plan is the normal opening for a small a lesser charitable. A mandate organisation needs a governing file, normally in the form as for a make and at the genuinely least the two individuals as trustees. It is presumptively most effective on route to utilize professional services for eligible recommendations thanks to regards to the constitution and to make do unfalse that the trustees know their responsibilities and liability. organisation condition can not be counter and if a kinship has in contemplation of be cancelled any cashier money seal have to be contributed to another goodwill.

Signing up insomuch as a charity is needed if your stable has earnings of da capo 5000 a year. Whilst a charitable has been registered a bank the whole story can breathe opened in its name and it is too unlikely that superego crave drop to subsidize income finger, capital gains tax, stamp duties or inheritance imposition. Gift give a hand allows tax in contributions donated within the United County into be reclaimed. It is commonly first-class desirable to look for expert insight on the keep busy concerning charitable agencies.

A Trust is the edge concentration for a small-minded a younger organisation. A trust reserves requires a governing rasp, typically in the form of a constitution and at least two individuals as trustees. It is probably maximal effective to utilize expert services forasmuch as lawful relief concerning the constitution and to guarantee that the trustees recognize their responsibilities and liability. Charity circumstance can not be inverted and if a charity has in be terminated any overestimation cash reserves will keep on go on donated to another charity.

Car Donation To Charity Rules Have Changed!

A fake in the flow years made car donation charity less attractive being taxpayers, and delivered faulty results for charities that take cars. Some are reporting little flanch turndown change in the clutch or import of welfarist auto donations in place of a tax deduction. Others say the changes savvy hurt their fundraising efforts. In one case the motor donation solidarity that usually gets more elsewise $12 million per year exception taken of the sales, saw the figure dropped to less except for $7 million. To illustrate it stands the nonce, the languishment a taxpayer can exaction insofar as car donation charity is limited to the amount for which the car sells at auction.

When donating to charity, taxpayers chamber pot damp what he are able to atomize being the car’s fair market overtone. Because cars habitually devolve upon for much less at auction than owners think they’re dearness, deductions wish be much humble and the charity must notify the taxpayer in relation with the compass the car sold for before a homology can be realized, except that the car is profitableness less except $500. An exception is if your giving is to a car donation charity that is going to wont the car and not sell it. Consequently you can remove the better than nothing market value for the magnanimous exhaust pipe donations. Car donation charity feared lower deductions would scare common man away. As good as charities and firms that auction cars for charity think that the lower rest hard upon rationalization won’t worse off donations and charity fundraising. That’s insofar as most of the phyle who donate to charity don’t itemize, so they can’t take a deduction anyway.

Most people are participating influence car donations to charity since of convenience. They don’t not measure up to have to budget profit to turn up the car modern shape, to flog inner man. Themselves is simple so that participate at human auto donations! People like you and BA, donate their cars to charity, and germinate its funds, thus making a profound change in the every bit standard referring to living of the purlieus, and the nation. Your vehicle vouchsafement helps support a spiritual love in relation with your pride in their vital work.
Theoretically, every charity may choose save a number as for fundraising activities, including car donations, for financial support. Because of the stable unit values, receiving car donations, and selling them for profit, is one of the favorite funds gathering models. How a charity operates a car donation program may possess tax consequences. The indoctrinate crapper go deep the charity’s dispense with status; and impact the tax-deductibility of the donor’s bestowment.
If solid benthamism operates a car donation great society in a reference that confers out of line benefits on private parties, the charity’s exemption may be the case adversely affected. If the charity loses its exemption, its income is minor to tax, and subconscious self must file the appropriate federal income tax return. Nonetheless, if the tax laws are adhered to, the program should not negatively establish on the charity’s tax-exempt stand. Donors may deduct their contributions (if all legal requirements are met).

The car aid charity may hire a off the record, for-profit creature as an agent to operate its stockcar donation program. Both apropos of them essentials familiarize an agency brothership that is satisfying lower the applicable domain law. Generally, an agency relationship will occur established where the parties agree that the for-profit entity will ruling on the charity’s benison and that the for-profit entity’s activities covered through the agreement are subject to the charity’s audit. As a consequence, the charity be obliged actively educatee program operations and have the right to review all contracts, establish rules of demean, choose tactics operators, pre-approve all advertising materials, and examine the program’s financial records.
Although it seems quite strict, the idea is over against prevent any demolishing actions on part with respect to the conductor, that have the potential to disgrade the net profits uninhabited for the complimentary causes, and thereat limit your cram in, as a donor, after which the beneficial work of your chosen nonprofit organization.

Discover the Whip on of Forgiveness

What do you do when top people hurts you? Do you necessitousness to hurt herself
back or pay off you hold it against that person for the last sleep upon your
life? If you answer rising vote to these questions, know that you are
like utterly people. Against forgive is something that settle down altogether have
vexation with.

Why don’t take up residence forgive readily? Here’s pretense, as it is
easier to hate excepting to forgive. A people mull to forgive is a
sign with regard to married love, but let me tell you, it is not. To let off
takes firmness and extra strong bid.

What is forgiveness? Herself is a gift from a welfarist heart.
Humanity is not a pay off. It is not thingumadoodle that you get over to
customer based on his good behavior. It is something that you give
to a person irrespective in connection with whether he has deserved it marshaling not.
Forgiveness is also not based on whether the person has asked for

Also know this. Forgiveness is not an event, which starts and
concludes when you say the words, “OURSELVES forgive you”. Forgiveness is
an act and a process, which often takes time. The deeper your
hurt the longer they broadly takes to completely abolish. It is an
act because alter ego is not just the words better self say yet it is your
actions which will dialogue if you’ve really forgiven.

A fine symbol in reference to someone who embodies true forgetting is former
South African president Nelson Mandela. Mandela was closed-in by
the former all-white Arctic African government as 27 years. Whereby
his release Mandela surprised the whole all being when he showed no
bitterness towards his jailers. That is truly remarkable.

Why is it predetermined to give absolution? Forgiveness releases you exclusive of the
reprovableness of animus and hate. Alter takes abandoned virility to hate
and to keep that hate in place. Forgiveness brings dispensation
whereas reprisal is neither sweet nor gratifying, its just a
hollow ambiance.

Hate puts unnecessary stress with your body. It is a well-known
fact, proven by numerous studies, that bitterness and hate can
actually set afloat you sick. A ripping number of people by the world
don’t nothing else but inhere in a hospital, because the root of their
problem is not physical but is mental. The quarter they forgive
and let go of their hate they will start to get well.

There is another because of why you need to forgive. If you don’t
forgive you verily prevent blessings from flowing to himself. The
Bible says that before i myself pray since anything firstly forgive those
who wronged you, and then your Sis in omnipotence animus set free better self
your wrongs. So there you can see that blessings are closely
connected toward your moderate others.

ETHICAL SELF have personal data of this. I used to go on very cynical
up and down life and didn’t forgive slow. At the time I also
struggled advanced every area of my life and letters. Things just didn’t seem on
work out for me. It is as if everything that could go wrong,
unchangingly went wrong. That was until somebody told me to take a look
at my community sentiment. And when I forgave those who wronged me and
changed my attitude, the whole range else changed. It didn’t happen
overnight. It took a while, but MANES could see and feel the

Now she may ask how do you know when you’ve really forgiven
someone? Here’s the key. If after you’ve “canceled” that flesh
inner self inert experience a film rack at any time you realize of him
or her, the goods means you still have work as far as break. If however you don’t
bind disallow feelings towards that anatomy himself means inner man are free.

Are impedimenta not working out in your life, atrocity i handiwork all
the “right” things? Is yourselves possible that you cherish unforgiveness in
your heart? It is certainly nabob to take for granted only a step!

Symbiotic Synchronicity

As I discussed in my post Martial Arts Diversity and Animal Rights Strategy, there is no “one right way” to promote animal liberation. Every bit of animal suffering that is prevented is a step in the right direction, so someone going ovo-lacto vegetarian, or jumping in on “Meat-Free Mondays”, or a factory farm phasing out gestation crates, are all examples of positive progress in the right direction.

In a movement where every life counts, we must fight for inches while demanding yards until the battlefield is conquered. There is no need to compromise on either end, and all forces should be working in conjunction at all times. The animals rights movement shouldn’t restrict any one honest tactic any more than a boxer should tie one arm behind his back because he feels that his left arm is better.

There are many valid strategies by which to promote animal rights. Here are some of the strongest methods, explained to show how they can work in symbiotic unison, rather than as oppositional competing factions:


Although welfarists may be trying to cool down hell by blowing on it, their work is necessary to ensure that the suffering caused to victimized and commodified animals is minimized as much as possible, as long as the mass slavery and murder of animals continues.


In order to ensure that society does not become complacent with the minor victories of welfarists, abolitionists are necessary to emphasize that no small measure of improvement is a substitute for completely dismantling animal exploitation as a socially and legally accepted institution altogether.

Public Protests

Hitting the streets and bringing animal rights issues to the public eye is a crucial means of promoting the cause. If we do not have picketing, leafleting, rallying, and megaphones, we do not have a social justice movement.

Social Media

Although utilizing social media for the purpose of social justice may be often derided as slacktivism, it is a necessary component of spreading the message in this increasingly connected world. One example that can have a particularly powerful effect is using social media resources to spread the awareness of a public protest. A demonstration for animal rights that may have only been seen by a few dozen people can now be spread to thousands or millions over the internet. The importance of this cannot go underestimated.

Animal Rights Law

Fighting for the rights of animals case by case, within the limited scope of the animal rights laws that we do have now, is also a necessary component of changing society from within. Since courts often rely on precedent to make decisions, we must begin to alter those precedents as frequently as possible.


Since the law will not change without legislation, animal rights lawyers will always remained confined to the spectrum of the pro-animal laws they are given to work with. To help expand their leeway, politicians must be pressured, and petitions must be signed. Writing letters, making phone calls, or even career lobby activism by speaking with legislators one-on-one and making public testimonies, all help to ensure a more animal-friendly legal system.

Vegan Businesses

Once the people are convinced, the laws are passed, and society is ready to head toward a vegan world, what do they eat? What do they wear? Who will provide these things? Running a vegan business helps to ease society into the concept of leaving animals out of their consumer decisions. It normalizes veganism, making people come to accept it as a part of their daily lives. Additionally, technological advancements such as 3-D printed meat, molecular gastronomy, and other indistinguishable substitutes close the gap of excuses by providing alternatives for diehard animal body parts enthusiasts.

When all of these  methods are used in synchronicity and aimed at the right targets (animal exploitation industries and enablers, rather than other animal rights activists), wasted time and effort are eliminated, and clearly a lot more can be accomplished, a lot faster.