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Disabled Person: “I’d like to work, but employment is made inaccessible to me by requiring unnecessary skills. Those unnecessary barriers should be removed.”

Ableist: “No.”

Disabled Person: “Fine. If I can’t get a good job, then I’ll have to support myself with a low paying job. The minimum wage needs to be raised.”

Ableist: “No.”

Disabled Person: “Fine. If working is not enough to support myself, then I’ll have to live on welfare.”

Ableist: “No.”

Disabled Person: “Then what should I do?”

Ableist: “Disappear.”

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I'm sure you've already been asked something along these lines, but I have a vegan friend considering getting a dog who is not "morally okay" with feeding an animal a non-vegan diet. I don't really know what to say??

It’s hard, because you don’t want to alienate your friend and when faced with cognitive dissonance and pressure people tend to make snap judgement to the side that’s most familiar and emotionally for them. Try to educate them about the realities first and then try to gently make your point.  

First, talk to them about if they really understand the nutritional needs of a dog and how hard it is to keep them from being malnourished on a vegan diet. If they’re not, you can link them to this article that explains it. 

Second, make sure they know none of the commercial foods are truly vegan - the supplements that make up for the lack of animal products are still, actually, derived from animal products. I chased down how those supplements are produced and using actually vegan supplementation would make the dog food so costly as to be prohibitive - they’d be competing with the human cosmetics market, which is impossible to do on a budget, so they use non-vegan supplements. 

When people are really determined to feed animals that need animal products to survive vegan diets, I tend to frame it as an immediate ethics dilemma. If they feed a non-vegan food, they’re supporting the deaths of multiple animals who would die regardless of if they bought the food and whose welfare they have no personal influence over - but they’re providing the best possible welfare for an animal whose quality of life they have voluntarily taken sole responsibility for. If they choose to feed a vegan diet, they get the moral righteousness of not supporting an industry they don’t like… but the dog that they voluntarily took in and accepted personal responsibility for is going to suffer directly and they are entirely responsible for that. I think the good of one animal you have direct influence over is more important than taking a moral stand about an industry and multiple animal lives that the lack of one person’s business doesn’t do a damn to effect.


It doesn’t matter if I’m in his heart or not. Lying to him, I cannot.

Best of Yan Da/Shi [as Yun Fei] [as Ying Kong Shi] [as Sword Spirit Shi] [as Li Tian Jin]

Media talks a lot of benefit cuts and people struggling with this, disabled people being denied money and mobility cars, the rise of foodbanks. It’s easy to look at it and think the media is exaggerating, that it’s not as bad as they make it out to be.
I work for a welfare charity on the helpline, doing benefit checks and grant searches. I get 30+ calls, and we’re massively understaffed for the amount of calls we get. Every single day, I hear people’s stories. I don’t ask them why they’re calling, I ask how I can help, and the caller will tell me what is happening in their life at the present moment.
The media isn’t exaggerating. Every call I get is someone about to be made homeless or is homeless, is starving and can’t get out the house due to having no method of transportation due to their car being taken, needing emergency help, getting benefits that don’t even cover the rent let alone the bills and cost of living. For 9 hours a day, I hear stories throughout the UK of how the population are suffering.
If you think you won’t ever suffer from welfare cuts, don’t be so sure. People can fall ill at a moment’s notice, can have someone providing financial stability die, you can lose your job and be restricted to find another. Benefits are there to help when circumstances hit you so hard you don’t know how you’re going to live.
The benefit cuts effect everyone in the UK. They will effect every member of your family, your friends, every person you know who may need them to survive. The cuts have only happened due to Tories being in power.
For the sake of your future, for your financial stability, for your friends, your family. Register to vote, and don’t vote Tory. The Tories want the rich to get richer and the poor to get poorer.
For the good of the country, vote, and don’t let the Tories win.

What they didn’t tell you

Animal rights activists think those of us who do not agree with them just need some education. And by that they mean we should watch propaganda videos and read literature produced by organisations who stand to make profits from donations received by people they suck in with their sad animal stories. It is a good marketing ploy, I mean, what heartless person wouldn’t want to help a poor, sick, abused animal in need?? But please don’t get sucked into their trap. I actually volunteer MOST of my time to helping animals in need and I grew up on a farm. My whole family is still in the agribusiness and I’m going to be a vet. I’m currently studying animal science at university and vet nursing at a vet clinic. I don’t need to watch your stupid video. Maybe you should go to a farm. Talk to a vet. Volunteer at an animal shelter. Actually teach yourself something. 

Don’t just watch a clip of some really sick pigs sitting in a pen and tell me not to eat bacon. What they didn’t tell you is that those pigs were just visited by a vet and are in that pen for quarantine reasons. 

Don’t watch a clip of some bald hens and tell me not to eat eggs. What they didn’t tell you is that the so-called activists broke into the barn, pulled out the hens feathers and then switched the cameras on.

Don’t watch or share these videos if you weren’t there to see what happened before and after filming. You know people make a lot of money out of editing films right? And no, I wasn’t referring to the entertainment industry. 

Also, when a farm is shut down because propaganda videos destroy a small, family business, those animals are not saved. They are killed. They are still sold onto another farm or to an abattoir. Shutting down farms does not save animals. If there is no money to be made from them, they still get killed. Don’t believe me? Just check the animal shelters in your area. Dogs and cats get killed by the tonne because there are too many of them. The supply outweighs the demand. If there aren’t enough people out there saving puppies and kittens, you can bet there will be even less people putting their hands up to save farm animals. Not that I believe people should adopt any animal just to save it from euthanasia, but I’m off topic. 

Today I learned: total social spending (health, pensions, welfare, etc.) per person is technically higher in the US than in Denmark and Sweden, but its provided in dramatically different ways, far less of it goes to the poor. 

The standard measure of a country’s social spending (health, pensions, welfare, etc.) is “gross public expenditures as a share of GDP.” According to this measure, social democratic countries like Denmark and Sweden provide much more social security for citizens than the US does (row 1). However, this measure doesn’t take into account “private social spending” (employer-provided benefits), it doesn’t take into account tax breaks as a form of social spending, it doesn’t take into account how much of benefits get taxed, and it doesn’t take into account differences in GDP per capita. That matters a lot, since, unlike in most other countries, the US does a lot of social spending through the tax code and employer-provided benefits; additionally, we tax public benefits going to the rich at a lower rate, and we have a higher GDP per capita.

When we use another measure which takes these things into account, “net public and private social expenditures per person,” we actually spend more on social spending per person than either of those countries do (row 2). However, because employer-provided benefits typically go to those with well-paying careers, tax benefits are used more by the wealthy, and public benefits going to the wealthy are taxed less, it’s simply that the poor receive far less of this social spending for the poor (bottom decile) (row 4). This produces America’s lower income in the bottom decile (row 3) and higher rates of material deprivation (row 5).

Something not taken into account in this analysis, however, is that greater total social spending in America may only be because of dramatically higher healthcare costs, as it would cost more to provide the same level of healthcare coverage here than in Denmark or Sweden. Thus, “spending” may not accurately represent the value of the benefits.

Source: Lane Kenworthy, “Social Democratic America,” 2014, pg. 124-127.

My view on the "taxation is theft" meme

Personally, I hate taxes. I hate the fact that twice a month every month I get more than a quarter of my paycheck taken away, and I have 0 say in the matter. I hate the fact that my paycheck is taxed to fund government programs that I don’t support whatsoever. I hate the fact that even after you pay off a house mortgage, you must pay a tax to the government or else they’ll come and take your property from you.

Taxes are, for all intents and purposes, in their current form, theft. It is money you have earned, being taken from you under the threat of force. Okay? That is simply the fact of the matter.

But notice I said “in their current form”. This is because there are forms of taxation that are not theft.

I’ve supported the idea of replacing all current taxes with a national luxury sales tax, pretty much ever since I read @mr-cappadocia’s post on the matter and started reading/listening to more information on the subject.

And having only a national luxury sales tax accomplishes a few things:

1. It makes taxation an entirely voluntary transaction by not taxing any transactions necessary for day-to-day life such as buying food, water, and potentially toiletries. This is why I stress it as a *luxury* sales tax.

2. It essentially forces the government to compete in the free market. If the government implements policies that hurt the market, then people have less disposable income, which means the government collects less taxes.

3. It frees up more income for those in poverty, potentially allowing them to get off of government welfare programs. A person getting taxed $200 less each paycheck no longer needs $200 in food stamps in order to feed themselves.

4. It allows individual citizens to determine their own tax contribution amount. Those who disagree with the current government policies could hold off on buying luxury items, depriving the government of their tax dollars.

So when I post/share something in the vein of “taxation is theft”, it encompasses the greater point of “the current form of taxation is inherently coercive, by definition it is theft, and is therefore immoral and should be changed”, not the Anarcho-capitalist idea of eliminating taxes and government entirely.

I’m sure other people aren’t thinking this, but these are my personal thoughts on the issue as what I guess you could call a Conservative Libertarian.

Some of my NoctLuna head canons (requested by @hernkydernky123​): 

ps I don’t write this kinda stuff very often so bear with me >///<

- Both Luna and Noctis love to sing together. On late free afternoons, they’d sit down beside each other, and softly start to sing for one another. Luna singing and humming in higher pitched tones, and Noctis supporting with low tones. which results into a beautiful and peaceful moment for the both of them. 

- Luna is actually very anxious on nights when there is a thunderstorm going on. This is because of a traumatic event that took place back in her childhood. She really insists of having a faint light on then, while being curled up in Noctis his arms, shaking slightly with each thundering sound taking place. Noctis comforts her on such nights, softly speaking reassuring and loving words to her while stroking his fingers through her hair.

- There is not a day that goes by without lot’s of snuggles and kisses, they both love giving each other love, and surely express that, and remind them of the fact, how much they love each other.

- Luna and Noctis both really care about the welfare of their people/citizens. And every so often, they travel incognito, to personally learn and observe their people (instead of just hearing reports about their welfare ). Personal experience is really important for them. They truly are King and Queen of the people and for the people.

- Noctis really loves giving Luna massages, and for Luna much the same. Noctis, truly adores watching Luna almost falling asleep, while he gently rubs her delicate feet.

the boy with two souls.

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When you cram two minds and Auras together, memories tend to bleed into one entity. When one mind is technically dead, murdered by a Maiden, things can get a little tense. Ozpin’s memories terrify Oscar. Oscar’s mind confines Ozpin.

Together, they run into more than one kind of trouble on their trek to Haven Academy. 

Dedicated to @tigerstripedmoon

Oscar hops off the empty train and promptly lands in a puddle.

He looks down in disgust, now soaked to the ankle, mud sloshing around his rubber boots. The train screeches before whirring to a start and streaking off, sending more rain splashing out, and with a yelp, he hops away from the tracks, shivering. He is used to mud— farming, unfortunately, is full of it— but he’s never liked getting dirty.

“It’s freezing out here,” he mutters, sloshing away from the tracks and looking around. “And there’s not a building in sight— Ozpin, am I in the right place?”


“Helpful,” he grumbles, storming off. At least it’s not raining, but if the dark, threatening clouds rolling in from the east are anything to go by, it will be soon. “So where do I go now?”

Continue walking onward. You should be hitting a river shortly. You should cross over the river and through the woods that bank the western side. I believe they’re abandoned.  

“Seriously?” Oscar says. “Over the river and through the woods?”

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I commented on that vegan group the information about that dogs and cats can’t be vegan and an admin sent me a inbox saying what I wrote was false information and that I should remove it or they would. They deleted my comments….
I’m done with that group.

Guess I can’t even feel comfortable around vegans (some of them) care more about their morals than animals welfare 😒

  • everyone on this website: So who do you ship Sansa with? Petyr Baelish? The Hound? Tyrion? Ramsay? Joffrey? Jon?

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I want to write to Kip Kinkel but i don't know how to write "this first letter", I am quite shy and reserved, I am really afraid to bore it. I am afraid to pass for a groupie, I don't want to know anything about his actions, his past (i read books, blogs about the shooting), all that interests me is how he goes and how he plans to go in the years to come, I just want to be a friendly presence,if he will grant it to me. It's really hard to write for me but Kip Kinkel is the first one I want to do

Hi! I think its great that you have taken an interest in Kip and you are concerned about his welfare :)

Ive never personally written to Kip, but I’ve written to other famous inmates. I can understand why you are nervous, as I too was scared that I would be regarded as a groupie. But its totally up to the inmate to decide whether or not to respond, and even if you stipulate you arent a groupie they might decide not to write back anyway. So keep that in mind.

In regards to writing to Kip, the best advice i can give is be genuine and polite. Talk to him as you would any other person you’ve just met - call him Mr, say please and thank you, and dont prod him too much with lots of questions. Be open about your intentions and ask him about his routine, his hobbies, how he spends his time.

If you can, send him a handwritten letter instead of a typed one. Its a nice touch that lots of people appreciate.

Apart from being open and genuine, theres not much you can do to increase your chances of a response. A high profile inmate like Kip is likely to be quite guarded about who he responds to, so dont be too upset if you dont get a response. Good luck!!! 👍