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So one of the many reasons to become vegan would be to stop animal cruelty. However this could also be done a non-vegan way, such as buying from only selected farmers. For example where I live, I'm lucky enough to have some around who keep their animals in really nice conditions (I see the animals every day). And sure the meat, eggs and milk cost more and not everything is available, but the animals are treated well and have a well cared for and long life. Wouldn't that be acceptable as well?

I think the fundamental problem with this kind of reasoning is that it works under a very restrictive and difficult to defend understanding of what “animal cruelty” means, namely, the definition that animal agriculture industries themselves made up. We can see how absurd this reasoning is when we look at specific examples of an animal being harmed. If we had a pig being punched or kicked, these farmers and presumably you would no doubt agree that this was clearly cruel. If however, that same pig has their throat slit or is shot in the skull with a captive bolt pistol, somehow this is not cruel.

 I have never heard any even halfway decent defence for why this distinction is made, and no one has ever been able to offer me a logical justification for this blatantly self-serving definition. Are we honestly happy to work under a definition of animal cruelty which considers throat slitting and shooting perfectly acceptable? Would you be happy if that same definition were applied to pets? If not, why is it only cruel when done to specific species of animals? We certainly can’t argue that one form of cruelty is unnecessary and the other isn’t, since most of us can be perfectly healthy without consuming animal products, that means that all harm caused to farmed animals is unnecessary.

Farmers exist who don’t routinely deny their animals their basic needs, but there are some things aside from slaughter which are undeniably cruel. Cutting off an animal’s tail, searing their beak off or cutting off their horns are standard practice even on the best farms, as is castration which is usually done with no anaesthetic whatsoever. Killing undesirable offspring is cruel, separating mothers from their children is cruel, again, all standard practice. 

Even if somehow you found some farmer who does none of these things (I have never seen any evidence that any such farmer exists) they would still be cruel because all the belly rubs and ear scratches in the world don’t make up for the fact that once they reach slaughter weight, a human who they have grown to trust will send them to their deaths, purely for profit. That, under any reasonable definition of the word, is cruel. Keep in mind that there is no such thing as an organic, free range slaughterhouse, and farmers have little to no control over how the animals they supply are slaughtered, at what speeds, or how they are transported, and licencing laws mean they are forced to make use of what are usually the exact same slaughterhouses that factory farmed animals end up in.

In short, no, that would not be acceptable. There is no such thing as a humane animal product, each and every one of them is the result of animal exploitation, cruelty, and usually slaughter. There is no humane way to kill someone who does not want to die, nor any harmless way to take what is not ours. Going vegan has never been more accessible, we don’t need to settle for the “lesser” of two evils by funding slightly less horrific animal cruelty, because most of us can choose to not fund it at all. 

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In reference to fake donations, I generally donate to people others have vouched for but tbh there'll always be a chance its fake, so when I have money I see it as I'm choosing to believe they need this, and if it turns out that's a lie then so be it. If you want concrete proof that every $ you ever give is spent right you'll always be disappointed. And if that means you don't want to donate that's your prerogative, but I'd rather donate to 5 peeps and have 1 not rly need it than donate to 0

Not to mention, people spend money a lot of “legitimate” things that wind up being worthless garbage and far less than whatever was promised. But the only people who can EVER be dishonest scammers are the poor & destitute people in the world who are scrounging by on some spare change and fluff. Yeah. Right.

I’ve talked about this before, but this is another instance of the kinds of images that are coined together under capitalist media. The overwhelming myth of “welfare queens,” the idea that people who are asking for money are always lying, always cheating the “honest people” in the world. Even though there are corporations that steal, and cheat and lie to people on a regular basis in order to take their money. But yeah, sure, it’s the one-off Tumblr blogger who’s asking you to donate $5 to their Paypal so that they can find a meal to eat who’s lying to you. Right.

- Mod A

If you’re calling white food stamp recipients “the real welfare queens” because white people make up the largest percentage of food stamp recipients, guess what? You’re still equating being a recipient of income based aid with being a lazy drain on the system, and you’re perpetuating the MYTH that welfare queens are an actual thing that exist.

Poor white people don’t face racism, true, but they still face classism, and if you’re using the phrase “welfare queen” at all YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM, even if you’re not aiming the phrase at black women.

Welfare queens don’t exist. There is no “real” group of welfare queens out there.

i see what you’re saying and i wouldn’t want anyone taken advantage of but this comment reminds me of the american myth of “welfare queens”, the idea that people who need government assistance (namely poc but specifically black people regardless of the fact that white people are also on welfare) are lazy and just want to somehow cheat the system for handouts. maybe you can find instances of someone lying to get welfare or making a false post on tumblr for money, but we all know that’s not a majority of the cases??? poor people in my experience have a certain pride about asking for money because they’re taught from a young age that they can’t ask for things because they don’t have the money for it and being poor also comes with a certain shame/stigma. so when someone asks for money or is on welfare it is not by choice i’m sure everyone if given a choice would choose to be financially stable! what’s most amusing to me is that i see people on this website get sephora gift cards and other gifts of non-necessity items and they aren’t criticized for it, but the minute a poor person makes a posts asking for financial help for rent and bills/food/clothing/gas and other transportation/healthcare/other things that are necessary to someones livelihood they are bombarded with asks/comments telling them they don’t deserve money they shouldn’t be asking/begging people on the internet that they should just get a job. so my question, again, is why the fuck do yall hate poor people?

I don’t think there’s anything morally wrong with cannibalism. I mean, obviously doing it like Hannibal Lecter would be wrong. But, like, if we just ate those who don’t contribute to society or who live off government benefits, then wouldn’t that be a great way to put them to good use!
—  Law student graduate submitted by anonymous
The Welfare Myth

I don’t normally post to Tumblr about personal things, but I’m so angry about this, and I figure this is a good place to vent my spleen. If this somehow piques your interest…well, you probably shouldn’t follow me because I usually only reblog Hamilton gifs. 

So here’s how my story starts. The prologue, if you will: 

My lower-middle class family never set anything aside for me for young adulthood. I was expected to get a job at 14 and both work AND maintain my grades. When I turned 18 - literally on my birthday - my mother threw me out of the house at 2:00 in the morning. No clothes, no transportation, $20 in my wallet. 

The scariest thing in the world is being an unarmed girl on the street in boxer shorts and a tank top, in the middle of the night, with nowhere safe to go.

If I had not been dating my then-boyfriend, I really would have had nowhere to go. Luckily, he had an apartment, and I used that last $20 to catch a cab to the other side of town. I wore his clothes for several days until I could rescue my possessions from my mother’s house. 

So, here’s the situation: two teenagers whose parents will not help support them, living in a low-end apartment, both working 25-30 hours a week because you know what a manager at a theme park or a lazar tag arena or a fast food restaurant isn’t going to do for a teenager? Give you 40 hours a week and possible access to healthcare. 

We each had two to three jobs at a time. The most I ever earned at a job was $7.25 an hour. I didn’t have a college education or any kind of work experience - and certainly not the right gender - to help boost that number.

We took loans from family when things got tight. We tutored college students for spare cash. We scrounged. We didn’t do anything for fun because most fun requires money - and we didn’t have time between working and sleeping, anyway. We survived on $150 a month for groceries, which is generous, considering how little other people, against all reason, are able to survive on. 


We never applied for financial aid from the government. 

You think you know where this is going, but you don’t. 

We never applied for financial aid, but oh god, I wish we had. If I had known right from the start what eating ramen every day, twice a day, will do to your body, I would have. If I had known that there would be more times going hungry than eating, and that the stress of it would put me into a spiral of mental and physical health issues that couldn’t be treated because we couldn’t afford medical care, I would have begged for help. 

If I had known then that there should be more to life than working and stressing and worrying about that next paycheck, I would have. If I had known I could have had help when trying desperately to find quarters in pockets and under the bed because my clothes were all filthy from being worn five times and the only way to wash them was the laundromat down the street, I would have asked for it. If I had known that I could have gone to college when I was 19 and not now, when I’m 31, and that with that little bit of help from the government, maybe we could have improved our situation, I would have asked.

If I had known my husband would require thousands of dollars in dental care, and I would require medical care now, because of those years when we couldn’t afford it? I would have fought harder for things like socialized medicine. 

We didn’t ask for government aid because we were proud, and we were both raised on the Welfare Myth: welfare is for liars, drug addicts, welfare queens, and lazy people. Hard-working, honest people shouldn’t need help, because you can pull yourself up by your bootstraps.

Because my then-boyfriend, now-husband is a white man, and because he’s smart, abled-bodied and able-minded, because his stepfather had connections, and because we never had children or any kind of immediate, serious medical issues putting us into debt, we were able to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps. It was slow and difficult, even for people with racial privileges like we have. We were lucky. We were so lucky.

Imagine if I hadn’t had anywhere to go that first night. Imagine if I had been outed at a shelter as bisexual, or had been gay or trans, or a woman of color, or if I hadn’t had that last $20 in my pocket. Imagine if we hadn’t lived near a bus line that would get us to our respective jobs. Imagine if my husband hadn’t been skilled, or smart, or a white cis male. Imagine if, because we had no access to birth control, I had gotten pregnant. Imagine if one of us had gotten sick. If the hospital bills had climbed into the hundreds of thousands as they are wont to do, we would have been fucked

I think about those things every day. When my friends are in need, I remember that tight feeling in my chest that never went away, and how it always felt like I could never catch a break. When I see someone with a hand out, I remember eating someone else’s leftover birthday party food because we had nothing until payday. I remember crying about bills and fighting constantly with my husband about nothing because the stress broke us. I think how much worse it could have been, and how much easier if I had just asked for help from a government that would have given it. 

I don’t dare judge.  

I think every day about how lucky I am, and what my level of privilege in this world has made available to me. I don’t want to downplay our resilience: my husband has worked hard. I worked hard. We suffered and sweated for what we have today. 

Not nearly as much as other people in the US suffer, though. Not even close. I’m a white, able-bodied, het-presenting woman married to a white, het-presenting man. I had only the smallest, most incomplete glimpse of the hell other people are living every single day in this country. I had to endure it for seven years, while others go through this their entire lives. I can’t even imagine.

You deserve help. You are a person. If you need it, apply for government assistance. Seek out charities. Ask your friends online to reblog your GoFundMe page. It’s not about being deserving. It’s about being able to live, not just to survive, and to have a little fucking dignity. 

Helping others isn’t a game of deservedness. Your lives matter.

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“I WISH YOU WOULD WRITE A FIC WHERE…” Darcy is technically a super villain but it's really hard to fight her because she fights for good causes.

“DARCY PLEASE STOP THIS,” Jane yells, crackling electricity surrounding them all and striking the steps of the building again. Various politicians duck for cover behind her. 


“… are we SURE she’s the one we’re supposed to be fighting?” Steve asks. “I mean, are we positive?” 


Indigenous activists burnt the Australian flag today at G20. The Courier Mail reported it and unsurprisingly the hyperpatriotic racist bogans came out of the woodwork. Other than fact the welfare myth surrounding First nations  is patently untrue, you’d think for a moment they’d consider it from their perspective for just a second.

Since 1788 White Australia has established an illegal Australian government. Sovereignty has never been ceded nor has a treaty been signed. Since 1788 White Australia has committed genocide and massacres, it has and continues to rip First Nation children from their mothers, it has raped and tortured, it has suppressed culture and religion, it continues to incarcerate and imprison.

At what point would they feel allegiance to an entity that kills, belittles and exploits them ruthlessly?

At what point would they feel the need to honour those who died under the flag when our Government refuses to recognise and honour the thousands of First nation soldiers who died defending their homeland against white invaders.

and at what point would they see the apparent sacredness of the flag when White Australia has trampled and bulldozed sacred ceremonial grounds of our First Nation people.

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Hi! I was wondering if you had any thoughts on the movie Blackfish and the captive whale debacle in general?

Blackfish gives me an uncomfortable feeling… not because of the subject matter, but because it is a “documentary.” While they may have a point, many films in this vein rely on sensationalizing the truth for *dum dum dummmm* DRAMA. They often have a very specific message in mind and have no problem using outdated footage / material, cutting interviews, and ignoring opposing viewpoints in order to show that their view is the correct view. 

I would much rather prefer to watch a dry, fully sourced, scientific documentary that shows BOTH SIDES about a topic (especially in regards to animal welfare), and allows the audience to come to their own conclusion…  but that doesn’t really get general audiences interested.

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Actual research study excerpt: “Users report using meth to provide the energy to work multiple jobs or be a good mother.”

6 Insane Drug Myths People Used to Teach as Fact

#6. Drug Addicts Are Easy to Spot

The stereotype of the unemployed drug addict isn’t particularly accurate. The gub'mint estimates that three-quarters of drug users are employed. That shouldn’t be too surprising if you’ve been to any good parties. But while we’re busting myths, let’s talk about the drug-addicted welfare recipient, tokin’ his marijuanacrack on Uncle Sam’s dime. Drug users are just about as common among welfare recipients as they are anywhere else. There’s zero evidence for a giant underclass of drug-addicted welfare sucklers. It’s almost like bad shit happens to sober people too.

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Some thoughts on fear of what this country will become with Tr**p in charge

I’ll be 44 in a few months and I’ve seen a few Presidents in my time. None perfect, politicians never are. Never will be. I watched 9/11 happen from work. Lived with the fuck yeah, Murica! Sentiment that gripped hearts & minds. I was affected by Reagan’s false Welfare Queen myth that still won’t go away. My mother even more so as she nearly lost SSI benefits.

I’ve lived through all the Bush’s in office. All of the fucked up things they have done while in power. Yet I didn’t fear as I do now. I know I said I woke to a dystopia when I saw who’d won. I was going for dark humor, but considering what we’ve seen so far? Not a joke. The things that he’s done already, scrubbing off all traces of Barack Obama’s two terms from all White House places, is a sign.

It’s not the first or last. This is not a peaceful transition of power. This is scorching the Earth, salting it in hopes we forget. The White House YouRTube page was barren of everything within the last 8 years before the day was out. Save the Inauguration video. [It autoplays as a warning]

The Whitehouse dot gov site gives you the POTUS and VP first encouraging you to sign up. Make America Great “Again”. It’s not for us anymore. The office of POTUS is the ultimate service job. To serve the people of this country. Yet it’s now about the bully at the gate. I’m not a political analyst or pundit. I’m speaking from the heart. Going by what I’m seeing happen in the country I call home.

Right now, I’m afraid. Not just for me. For everyone in mortal danger once they gut the ACA. For everyone barely scraping by. I’m afraid that the arts will suffer. Angry that there’s already moves being made to defund the Arts. To defund creativity. I’m afraid that we are going to wake up to a dictatorship in name if not law as things are done incrementally in the hopes no one noticed. I’m afraid we’ll see World War 3 begin under Tr**p’s regime. Not hyperbole, I am genuinely afraid of this happening.

I’m actually embarrassed that he was elected. I am angry that so many chose to fall for lies, chose to put a vile man in power. For the first time in nearly 44 years, I am ashamed, angry & embarrassed to say who the POTUS is. I might just say I’m Canadian until 2020. Fears aside, I am trying to have hope. It’s hard, really hard now that the swearing is done, the seventh seal opened.

More than anything, I’ll #RiseUp, do what I can to resist. Be strong & work harder than before. Giving up isn’t an option. Before I go start my day, actually get out from this blanket roll. Let’s remember how we got here. For those who want to pretend that this is an anomaly, a blip in how things work.

This guys entire campaign has been built on fear of the other. The idea that a black man made us less than great as he lead the country. His lies, his bluster went unchecked by the media who took him seriously. Who did not check him with facts & dispute lies. He fed on the racism that lurks in the hearts of those who felt like they’d “lost their country” with Obama as POTUS. He used thatvfear and hatred. That wrong fitting suit of feeling left out to pull them along by the nose. And they went willingly to intellectual slaughter.

He played on their false pride of not being great because a white man was not in the highest seat in the land. He also got white women to cape for him, somehow. Even after “grab em’ “talking about forcing himself on women? Still went to bat for him. So let’s stop acting surprised this happened, still. Don’t forget the nearly 50% of eligible people who didn’t vote & 3rd part split. Y’all aren’t off the hook either. But it’s done. He’s sworn in and unless impeachment happens (G*d let it happen) we’re stuck.

So let’s get to work, resist, fight. We’ve got to. Hell, survive out of spite if it helps. But don’t give up. Please

Last thing. If you read all that & came away with but I’m a good white person, how dare you?! Then you need to think before you reply to me. If you can’t read someone’s thoughts and fears for what’s happening without making it about you? Re-evaluate yourself. Don’t start no shit. I’m not a patient person on a good day. It’s not going to be a good day until we get him out of office. So watch yourself & your responses. Discourse, discussion is fine. Disagreement too if you can do so without being an asshole. It’s possible, shocking I know.

But derailing that whole thread with white guilt, re-centering hurt feelings over my fears for surviving gets a block hand. That’s it, that’s all I got for now. I’m gonna try for productivity after some coffee, what about y’all?

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If there's so much white privilege, then how do you explain the majority of welfare recipients being white?

privilege =/= wealth


And don’t try to tell me that there isn’t a racial element in the dislike/hatred of welfare recipients or Imma have to refer to you of the origin of the welfare queen myth.