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Ok so I just recently discovered your blog and I'm in love with it! So I'm wondering, as you seem to be very knowledgable in both AP and IB as well as college applications, what would you recommend to me (who's currently a sophomore) on the things to do in order to be accepted at one of the prestigious universities, besides having high academic achievements?

Good question! Here are some things that prestigious universities look for:

1. Test Scores

Whether you take the SAT or the ACT, strong scores will help you stand out as an applicant. If you’re a sophomore now, you should probably be preparing to take the PSAT or the PLAN. The PSAT is the precursor to the SAT and allows you to get a good estimate of your performance on the SAT. The PLAN is the same, but for the ACT instead. I have a video here describing the differences between the SAT and ACT, if you’re confused about which one to take.

2. GPA

Like you mentioned, high academic achievement is hella important in the college apps process. DON’T think that a weighted GPA will save you, because a lot of colleges will calculate your GPA unweighted before taking into account honors/AP/IB/etc.

3. Rigor

At this point, colleges will look at the rigor of the classes you took. Did you take regular when your school offered AP? That might be held against you. Did you enroll in a class at the community college because your high school’s classes weren’t rigorous enough? That’ll definitely earn you some points. As a sophomore, you should challenge yourself to take the most rigorous classes you can handle. If you can, take a 0 period to show colleges that you can handle the added work load.

4. Extracurriculars

But alas, colleges want more than smart students. They want smart student athletes, smart student artists, smart student volunteers, etc. Get involved with your community! If you’re in IB, that’s what CAS hours are—creativity, action, and service. Even if you aren’t in IB, CAS is a pretty good criteria for extracurricular activities. Creativity: musical ensembles, theatre, dance, color guard, journalism or yearbook. Action: sports, charity runs, working out at the gym, yoga classes, pilates. Service: volunteer work, charitable fundraisers. Try to be well-rounded by showing involvement in all three areas.

5. Essays

You can’t do anything about these quite yet, but I would recommend keeping a journal or a digital file where you can jot down important moments and the emotions that accompanied them. Examples: document how you feel when your team loses at nationals, write about your struggle to become club president. Later, you can go back to this collection of important moments and build your personal essays from them.

6. Recommendations

Again, you can’t do anything about these yet, but keep in mind that you’ll need up to two rec letters from teachers and one from a counselor. For right now, just be nice to your teachers and counselor, and start thinking about who you want to write your letters of rec.

7. Awards/Achievements

EVERY award you get, put it in an envelope or somewhere safe and keep track of what awards you get and where. This information is going to be so, so important when you’re filling out the Common App.

8. A Hook

This is perhaps the most difficult part of any application, but you need to have a solid hook: something that makes you stand out from the crowd. Maybe you were raised by a single mom on welfare, yet you managed to rise to the top of your class. Maybe you’re a stellar pianist that’s performed at state competitions. Whatever your hook is, make sure that your extracurriculars and essays make it obvious.

That’s all I can think of for now. Feel free to message me with any more questions! Good luck!

  • When Black men and women date White people to get away from each other.
  • When Black men and women use the terms “bitch” and “nigga” as synonyms for “male” and “female”. 
  • When dark skinned Black women attack light-skinned Black women by attacking Black men. 
  • When light-skinned Black women use racism and colorism to their advantage and try to do emotional harm to dark-skinned Black women.
  • When someone says internet activism is wack…and they don’t participate in any activism.
  • Any person that says “school wasn’t for me” instead of “I felt overwhelmed”
  • How Black women helped the White media portray all Black men as ex-cons, closeted homosexuals and insatiable womanizers for 20 years straight.
  • How Black men helped the White entertainment industry portray all Black women as sluts, gold diggers, welfare moms and scapegoats for drug convictions for 20 years straight.
  • When Black people put on their “White voice” in business meetings.
  • When people keep it ghetto as a way of keeping it real.
  • Confusing a ghetto upbringing with Black culture.
  • Going out of your way to clown Africa in Rap music. 
  • Rappers with felony convictions and songs about “face down/ass up” commenting on how “protestors could be more effective” in Ferguson/St. Louis.
  • Black men and women who don’t understand that your partner’s behavior towards you has jack shit to do with the relationship they should or do have with their children.
  • Black men and women that punch each other.
  • Dating a man you know is a dope dealer and pretending there’s a future.
  • Dating woman you know is a stripper and pretending there’s a future.
  • How behavior promoted by chauvinists 50 years ago is now seen as empowering by feminists.

And just so we don’t get it confused:

  • How we conveniently forget that white people are more likely to be pedophiles, serial killers and welfare recipients than you.
  • How White people think we don’t know they are even more fucked up than us. 
here's a little thing some people don't seem to understand about poverty:

No one has ever specifically directed this kind of vitriol at me, mainly cos I’m functionally white and also have the resources to appear middle class even though I’ve been living far below the poverty line for my entire adult life, but I’ve felt it indirectly and it pisses me the fuck off.

People who talk shit about moms (this disproportionately happens to WOC and/or single moms) for getting welfare and not working outside the home or not working full-time outside the home: clearly, you have no fucking clue how expensive childcare is. Even if you can find a job, which is hard enough in this day and age no matter your situation - if you don’t have a job with a decent wage, you will be spending all or most of your paycheck on getting the childcare you need just to keep the job. And FUCK THAT.

So I was looking into it more

And I think I found some things that could clear up everyone’s fears about Trump (yaaay I’m talking about him again how fun)

1. He clearly said he supports the LGBT community, and stated how proud he was knowing that so many of his Republican supporters think the same

2. He’s turning down the $400,000 salary the president makes and only wants $1 a year

3. He did not say all Mexicans were rapists, he was talking about many illegal immigrants.

4. He said he doesn’t want to get rid of all illegal immigrants, but those with records of crimes like drug dealing and rape.

5. He never wanted to encourage or condone violence and hate against minorities, and is upset and disgusted that some of his supporters took it so far.

6. He wants the riots and hate crimes to stop, not because they’re directed towards him, but because it’s causing people to get hurt.

7. He urged everyone to not be afraid, because almost none of the major claims against him are true.

8. If you look at the numbers, a lot of the people who voted for him would have had to be a lot of the people who voted for Obama, who most likely felt screwed and wanted to try voting in a Republican. My family really did suffer from Obama winning, and so did a lot of other working families. ObamaCare was /terrible/ for us and a lot of others, while a lot of people that take advantage of welfare, like my mom, got handouts for doing nothing…and our tax dollars paid for it. We felt screwed and were desperate for change, like many other people.

8. I know he said terrible things about women years ago, but remember: Hillary once said marriage should only be between a man and a woman. People change.

9. This is my own statement here: don’t be afraid, you guys. He may be….an embarrassment, but it’s okay. Being Republican does not make him evil, just like being Democrat or Liberal does not make someone good. Try to be fair, and don’t judge him because of some racist, disgusting supporters that he hates as well. Don’t believe all the fearmongering, and let’s just see what happens before already declaring that it’s the end of the world. It’s not nearly as bad as you think.

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the only way a fetus could have rights over the body it’s in is to overturn mcFall vs shimp. and then you would also be subject to your body being used to keep someone alive, even if that person was someone you wouldn’t let touch you with a ten foot pole. think about who you wouldn’t want to touch you, and know that if you overturned mcfall vs shimp, you would be required to give them your parts if they needed it. conservatives would have to give welfare moms their kidneys. ,lolololol