welfare drug testing

when you say welfare recipents should be drug tested youre saying “i think drug addicts dont deserve to eat or live.” it really doesnt matter if most welfare recipients are drug addicts or not (which btw, they arent.) they still deserve help you are fucking cruel if you think drug addicts like being addicted and just want the state to support their habit.

My local pharmacy runs ads for at-home drug tests by pitching them to parents who are suspicious about their children. Which is, approximately, the worst advertisement.

“Are you concerned about your child using drugs? We all are. That’s why I believe in checking up on them with {product}.”

Fuck that! They don’t even advertise to people worried that their kid with a history of drugs is using again, they advertise that everyone should be suspicious and invade their kid’s privacy. There was never a time when I would have failed that test, but I would have fought being given it tooth and nail. 

On some level this seems much worse than drug-testing welfare recipients, because the consequence there is “you don’t get welfare”. The consequence here is “the people who have absolute authority over you, including access to violence, who you cannot escape, know that you are using drugs”.

I’m comforting myself with the knowledge that the actual, common use of these tests is just something they can’t get away with advertising (”Did coke and not sure you’ll pass a drug test at work? Take one at home first!”). But even on that level, it’s ugly that the self-determination use is taboo, while the invasive and hostile use is totally accepted.

Here’s the Ridiculous Hypocrisy Behind Scott Walker’s Drug Testing Plan

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker ® says he’ll ask the legislature there to require drug testing of anyone who receives government aid through both unemployment benefits and welfare.

But why stop there, Governor? Why not require Marc Lasry and Wes Edens – owners of the Milwaukee Bucks – to submit to drug tests, too? Edens and Lasry, after all, have asked for welfare to the tune of $220 million in stadium subsidies from the state,

Arizona drug tested over 87,000 welfare recipients. Three turned up positive.

When Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker announced his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination, he mentioned policy that would require welfare recipients to pass a drug test before collecting public assistance benefits. Maybe someone should show him the data from Arizona, where politicians said they’d save $1.7M and came nowhere close.

From August 2012 through July 2013, the state prescreened 4,730 applicants to the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program with a written test. The state followed up with an actual drug test for the 466 of those whose written answers suggested a likelihood of drug use.

The 466 tests turned out 12 positive results, as the Associated Press first reported. The results were similar when Florida launched welfare drug testing in 2011 and just 2.6 percent of applicants tested positive. National surveys usually find that about 8 percent of respondents used drugs in the previous month.


Welfare drug testing catches 12 people in Utah

A state representative said that some people dropped out of the application process, and since it mentioned they might have to take a drug test, they must have all been drug addicts, THEREFORE the state actually secretly saved a lot more money. You sure showed those powerless impoverished drug addicts who’s boss!

Another State Might Adopt Foolish Drug Testing Laws for Welfare

Tennessee has an infamously wasteful drug testing requirement for people receiving public benefits, and Gov. Scott Walker has a proposal for a similar regime in Wisconsin.

Now, Arkansas might be joining them.

An Arkansas House Committee advanced a bill that, if enacted into law, would require drug tests for people applying for “job-training benefits and other family aid,” according to the Associated Press. The AP also reports that the program would cost $2 million.

The problem with required drug testing? It’s a waste of money. 

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I understand not wanting to deal with an addict/addicts in your personal life.  I really do.  My father is an alcoholic and an addict. Both sides of my family have a lot of addicts.  And sometimes you just can’t deal with someone or need to refuse contact until they make an effort in changing their behavior.  Sometimes you need to  do it for your basic safety.  That doesn’t make you evil.

But when you try and deny people access to social services or general public space denials, that is evil and an act of violence.  Trying to use the welfare system as a blunt instrument to control people whose behavior you don’t like, even in cases where their behavior is actually bad, is violence.  And it’s a form of violence that effects their families too.  People shouldn’t have to prove they are well behaved enough to deserve food, water, shelter, etc.

Public policy and social services aren’t just for people you would want to spend time with. 

You can’t say “well they’re a drug addict with 12 DUIs” and pretend like that somehow justifies your wanting to starve them.

Why Drug Testing Poor People is a Waste of Time and Money

What’s worse is that the logic of drug testing welfare recipients has no factual grounding. In reality, the data tells us that poor people use drugs less often. Data in 2011 showed that only 3.6 percent of welfare recipients were “using drugs illicitly or suffering from drug abuse or dependence.” (Interestingly, alcohol abuse among the poor is a much bigger problem. But that’s not the concern of state legislators because alcohol is legal.)

Lawmaker wants rich people to take a drug test before they get tax breaks

You know how there are laws across the country mandating welfare recipients pass a drug test? Wisconsin State Rep. Gwen Moore is fed up with that. Moore is set to introduce the Top 1% Accountability Act, requiring the rich to take a drug test in order to be eligible for tax deductions. If it passes, here’s who it would consider “rich.”

Welfare drug testing.

I had a really awkward emotional breakdown this morning. Something triggered this compassionate rage while I was on Facebook, it was a post that said we need to be drug testing welfare recipients.
I found this highly offensive, being the only child of a single, drug addicted mother… I probably would have died of malnutrition and exposure to the elements if that law were in effect when I was young.
I’m not saying that the government should encourage drug use by any means, but isn’t the GA program supposed to be there to help people with real life problems?
Aside from personal issues I have with the idea of incorporating mandatory drug tests to applicants of government assistance, aside from the violation of privacy, and the 4th amendment of the constitution, this would cost more than the amount of money that would ever be saved by instating a program like this.
In conclusion, being almost 30 years old now, I am only addicted to cigarettes, and I can diligently say, that my mom has since kicked her drug problem, (for the most part). I was able to be raised in a semi-decent manner, with a lot of much needed, not to mention, appreciated, help from government funded programs.
Don’t make children suffer even more for being less fortunate. It’s a crime against the constitution, and it’s a crime against the basic fundamentals of humanity.