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Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist Soundtrack (in order of appearance)
  • 1. Speed of Sound: Chris Bell
  • 2. Lover: Devandra Banhart
  • 3. William Tell Overture: Traditional
  • 4. Screw the Man: The Jerk Offs
  • 5. Twilight: The Raveonettes
  • 6. You Don't Have To Love Me (io che non vivo senza te): Dusty Springfield
  • 7. Xavier: The Submarines
  • 8. Middle Management: Bishop Allen
  • 9. Fever: Takka Takka
  • 10. Sonido Total: The Pinker Tones
  • 11. Our Swords: Band of Horses
  • 12. Snoopy: The Playboys
  • 13. Go Deep: Silas Hite and Mark Mothersbaugh
  • 14. Boys Don't Cry: John Enroth
  • 15. All the Wine: The National
  • 16. Insistor: Tapes 'N Tapes
  • 17. Just the Way You Are: Billy Joel
  • 18. Wannabe: Spice Girls
  • 19. After Hours: We Are Scientists
  • 20. Kennedy: Ratatat
  • 21. Negative: Project Jenny, Project Jan
  • 22. Very Loud: Shout Out Louds
  • 23. Where There's A Will There's a Whalebone: Islands
  • 24. Why: Colin Kiddy
  • 25. Slight of Hand: Army Navy
  • 26. Trust your Stomach: Marching Band
  • 27. 12 Gays of Christmas: John Cantwell
  • 28. Baby You're my Light: Richard Hawley
  • 29. Karate: Kennedy
  • 30. Little Motel: Modest Mouse
  • 31. You Sexy Thing: Hot Chocolate
  • 32. Riot Radio: The Dead 60s
  • 33. Silvery Sleds: Army Navy
  • 34. How to Say Goodbye: Paul Tiernan
  • 35. Last Words: The Real Tuesday Weld
  • 36. Ottoman: Vampire Weekend
  • 37. Electro Socket Blues: Rogue Wave

There you go. That’s me. In the shop. Making a ring.

“…One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them,
One Ring to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them…”

It’s rough. But I like it that way. It took a lot of work pounding that baby down then grinding it out. Maybe I’ll sell them someday.

A Druid can dream right?



My daughter is as girlie as they came but underneath them nails and makeup I raised her to know how to do things.
She came to me in her teens wanting a hitching rail for horses at her friends place. I told her I’d help but that I thought she needed to do it.
These perishable skills should be taught by the parent or at a minimum ensured they are learned by the parent.
Do I expect her to weld a project she needs/wants? No I’m more than happy to do it for her. I just wanted her to know how in case she had to. It was to show her she could.


Handmade Steel Dice

Ben loves to play Magic, and when he accidentally lost his dice bag it was the perfect opportunity for me to make him some! He loves using them in his tournaments. 

Each die is cut to size from some square stock steel rod. Then they were ground to their smooth finish and each dot was drilled in by hand. I had no idea that there was a specific order to the number sides, but now I have it memorized after making all these! This was a fun project. 

I Can Live With That

Request: Hey love :) I was wondering if I could ask you politely for an imagine with Steve? I thought about a scenario where you work for SHIELD but get kidnapped one day by HYDRA and they torture you to get secret information about your work. The Avengers then come to rescue you and Steve finds you unconscious and hurt. He takes you into his arms and carries you back in safety. A few days later you wake up with Steve by your side & you both confess your feelings for each other? :)

A/N: Ooh, I love Steve. Thank you, Anon! Sorry, I kind of got carried away.

Warnings: Mentions of torture, swear words, Steve feels

Word Count Total: 2631

Long Imagine #1

Title: I Can Live With That

“So tell me, Tony, you’re planning what?” Y/N asked when she walked into the lab.

“It’s a secret,” he answered, not looking up from his welding project.

“But it’s me. I keep secrets.” You insisted.

“Let me rephrase this. It’s a secret.” He turned off the flame and tilted his helmet back to look at you.

Y/N pouted, trying very hard to get past Tony’s insistence. But his resolve stood firm.

“I can’t tell you. I’m sorry, Y/N.”

You put your hand to your forehead and sighed. “I thought you loved me.”

“I do and that’s why I’m not telling you,” he laughed. “Captain’s orders.”

That perked your interest. Steve? You felt a small turn in your chest at his name. “Steve ordered this?”

He opened his mouth, and then shut it. Without another word, he turned toward his project again and pulled his mask down. You knew he wasn’t about to say anything else on the topic, so you turned away and made a beeline out the door to find Steve, because you would be damned if he kept a secret from you. But before you could make it all the way to the gym, where you knew he would be, the all-call speakers crackled on and Fury’s voice sounded out through the walls, announcing that senior SHIELD agents must report to the meeting room.

Nick Fury had returned to SHIELD recently at the request of Coulson. He was able to stay at SHIELD and keep out of trouble. And keep the new SHIELD out of trouble. There were weekly screenings of all agents, which was as much to be expected from a man who had to watch HYDRA take down his agency from the inside out.

“There has been a development,” he announced once everyone was settled. He nodded toward Maria Hill, who had a jam-packed manila folder in her hands.

“We’ve been tracking the movements of undercover SHIELD agents who have recently gone missing in Canada, up until their signal went out. We’d like to assemble a team to go in and find these people, or at least pick up a scent to send in a rescue team. We’d like to do this as carefully and quietly as possible to minimize injuries and bring everyone home. The team was tracking HYDRA movements, so please be careful and choose wisely when making the decision to volunteer.”

Your hand shot up in the air first. Your friends were part of that missing team and you knew that this was something that you had to do. Or at least try.

Once you were suited up with the other four agents who volunteered, you were on a quinjet headed out to Canada. You didn’t know if the Avengers were going to be informed on this, but you figured they wouldn’t be if nothing went wrong. So you hoped that nothing would go wrong, because if Steve found out that you had volunteered to put yourself in harm’s way, he wasn’t going to be very happy. You two weren’t dating or anything. Far from it, in fact. But the two of you were very close. Despite that, he would still turn pink if you said anything that could remotely be taken as flirtatious. It probably just embarrassed him because the two of you were friends, you decided. But if he found out that you had gone on this mission, he would be disappointed. And because of your feelings for him, which were more than just friendly, you couldn’t stand to disappoint him.

- - - - - -

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1 & 2 - Trans. tunnel braces have been re-done to fit around the seat & harness mounts better.. it would have been impossible to get at them otherwise!

3 - The passenger seat mounts will be removable, so that I don’t have to commit to using the same (EXPENSIVE) seat for that side as the driver’s. The counter plates get some weld nuts.

4 & 5 - Drill lots of holes, then tack all the mounts in place.

6 & 7 - Nylon bushes for the upper diff brace.

8 & 9 - Diff brace all tacked together.

10 - I thought I’d better check that the brace comes out before welding everything up. It does! Which is nice.

anonymous asked:

I'm putting together my portfolio for school application and I know that pretty much anything goes as far as what to include, but is there anything that particularly stands out? I'm thinking welding and furniture design projects I've worked on, but I'm not sure they're exceptional enough to carry the whole weight of it. Are actual architectural models or drafts even necessary? I feel like I should include at least one but am worried it will show my weaknesses having not studied yet.

Nothing is considered necessary, show your best work. Be it drawings, photographs, welding or furniture projects. I would show at least the best project of the furniture/welding, one page that shows the idea and resulting piece. It shows your design process.

If you want to read previous responses regarding portfolios follow this link.

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