Halloween 2015 - Furiosa

I’m SO excited about my costume this year! I absolutely loved Mad Max: Fury Road and just had to be Furiosa for Halloween. This costume is over an month in the making, I wanted to get each detail as accurate as possible. 

I hand cut and welded the arm out of sheet metal and other objects around my workshop. The arm took me about a week total to weld. The rest of the pieces are made of hand-sewn leather scraps, clay, and foam. 

Happy Halloween, everyone! Oh, what a lovely day!

*Photos taken by Brenna Kalicki, @bluespottedtail

Chemists can weld metals without a blowtorch. As seen in this movie made using a transmission electron microscope, two 9-nm-wide gold nanowires fuse together when they touch at room temperature in vacuum. The process is called cold welding. Because the wires are made from the same metal and have the same crystal structure, the atoms on the surface of one wire can’t differentiate between the gold atoms they’re connected to in their wire and those from the other. So atoms on both surfaces link up into a single piece of gold. This doesn’t just happen when any two pieces of metal touch because oxygen in the air reacts with metal surfaces to create a very thin layer of metal oxide, which interferes with this process. But inside the vacuum of the microscope, these high-purity nanowires come together seamlessly.

Credit: Nat. Nanotechnol. 2010, DOI: 10.1038/nnano.2010.4

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Need to stick two pieces of pipe together in confined and hazardous industrial settings? Soon there might not be any need to stick a human in there. Instead, just send in the laser-firing robotic snake. 

A UK-based company called OC Robotics has demonstrated that their machine can maneuver through areas with limited access until it arrives at its target. Once there, a rotating head outfitted with a 5-kilowatt fiber laser can cut and weld metal pipes. The company’s robot adds to the growing list of snake-inspired machines in the world, which now includes units working in the medical field, disaster relief and other applications. See the video below.

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