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Gothic Half Pipe Made Out Of Forged And Welded Steel

Gothic Half Pipe explores the impact of architectural design on the perception of urban recreational infrastructure through the creation of a functional skateboard half-pipe designed in a gothic architectural style and crafted from hand forged wrought iron. ~ Brandon Vickerd

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Today the Department of Exceptional Upcyling explores the fantastic life-size metal animals made by Iranian sculptor Hasan Novrozi, who welds his creatures together using countless pieces of scrap metal, including old car parts and metal tools.

Visit Hasan Novrozi’s Facebook page to check out more of his stunning metal birds and beasts.

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Chemists can weld metals without a blowtorch. As seen in this movie made using a transmission electron microscope, two 9-nm-wide gold nanowires fuse together when they touch at room temperature in vacuum. The process is called cold welding. Because the wires are made from the same metal and have the same crystal structure, the atoms on the surface of one wire can’t differentiate between the gold atoms they’re connected to in their wire and those from the other. So atoms on both surfaces link up into a single piece of gold. This doesn’t just happen when any two pieces of metal touch because oxygen in the air reacts with metal surfaces to create a very thin layer of metal oxide, which interferes with this process. But inside the vacuum of the microscope, these high-purity nanowires come together seamlessly.

Credit: Nat. Nanotechnol. 2010, DOI: 10.1038/nnano.2010.4

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