PTR-91 A3R

One of the variants offered by PTR Industries, the A3R differs simply by having the wide handguard as its furniture option. Bipod is not included so you would have to source one. Normally it would have a fixed stock but the owner/seller added the collapsible stock. Like most PTR models, the A3R has a welded rail on the receiver to allow for a wider variety of optic choices. Definitely a more practical option for those looking for a roller-delayed .308 without spending $2,500+ on a real HK 91. (GRH)


Just finished the post-install touchup on that 20ft railing! This railing was a huge challenge because of it’s size, but we got’er done, and I couldn’t be prouder! :) 

Brownells employees don’t just work in the industry, we love firearms too! You all probably recognize Paul Levy. Here is what he has to say about his PTR-91 - “I’ve always been interested in roller locked guns, and had dabbled in domestically produced G3/91 pattern rifles in the past.  The PTR-91 is the first that I have been 100% pleased with, both in regards to function, fit & finish.  The newest models are great in that they come with 5/8-24 threads, making them compatible with commonly found 30 caliber muzzle devices.  I put a PWS brake on this one to soften it a bit.  The rest of the rifle is pretty much stock besides the HK wide forend.  The trigger is great out of the box for a semi-auto rifle.  The gun is a pleasure to shoot with iron sights using the diopter rear & hooded front sight.  Having the welded Picatinny rail is nice, but I prefer this rifle with irons.”

Come Home

a very, very happy belated birthday to @trashboyanakin. Lion Prince, you’ve been with me pretty much since the beginning of this blog, and I love you for it. I hope this year is being as good to you as you deserve. Have some more Cas crocheting, Dean and Cas having a paint fight, and Team Free Will building themselves a home. <3

Click click click click.

Dean smiled as he entered the bunker’s library to hear the familiar sounds of Cas knitting, the steady rhythmic soundtrack to every single morning. In his hands he held a pair of mugs, and the scent of coffee curled up into the air, exotifying the musty scent of old books and dust-thick shelves. Dean had splashed out last time he went to the store, and bought a special Colombian blend.

Cas was sitting facing the door, his ball of wool resting on the table in front of him.

“Made you coffee,” Dean said, walking over to the table and setting one of the steaming mugs down, leaning over so that he could neatly place it next to the red wool that Cas was using for his latest project. Cas’ hands didn’t stop their work, but he looked up at Dean and smiled warmly.

“Thank you, Dean,” he said.

His needles flashed as they moved, the gentle lamplight catching on their smooth metallic surface. Dean pulled up a chair opposite Cas and set down his own mug of coffee on the table.

“Ahhhhh,” Dean said, taking a sip. “That’s good stuff.”

Cas smiled at him, before turning his attention back to his knitting. He looked so relaxed, the lines of his face soft and gently-set. He was wearing one of his own creations around his shoulders, a big pink scarf that was almost a blanket, and his cheeks were smooth and shaven. He looked so good, Dean could have sat and watched him forever.

And he really could have done. Perhaps once he would have undercut himself for saying something like that, even within the confines of his own mind, but there was something about this room, this exact moment… the smell of the coffee and the light of the lamps over Cas’ shoulders. The way Dean’s own heartbeat was steady as a rock, his hands relaxed, his eyes easy. He’d slept well the night before, lying beside Cas with their fingers interlaced, his head turned so that his face was resting more on Cas’ pillow that his own. Cas had been lying on his chest, so he hadn’t minded, and Dean had woken with the scent of Cas all around him. It had been a good morning. He couldn’t remember a better one.

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A modified custom HK SR9. The SR9 in its original form has a thumbhole stock, a distinct rounded handguard and lacked a flash hider. It did however use a heavy, polygonal barrel unlike the HK91. This example has had a picatinny rail welded to the top of the receiver and the barrel shortened. The SR9, SR9T and rarest of all, the SR9TC, are sought after HK collectables. (GRH)


Most modern railways use continuous welded rail, sometimes referred to as ribbon rail, which has been welded together into one 1,600-foot length.

A special car was needed to unload the 50 lengths of continuous welded rail for a total of 80,000 feet.

Because there are few joints, this form of rail is very strong, gives a smooth ride and needs less maintenance.

Over the last several years, the rail has been used on projects such as the renovation of the Santa Clara station and the replacement of four bridges in San Mateo. It also is used for routine maintenance work.