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Seems this is Abby’s day. She’s currently my only none D&D character doll, so per request I’ll write a bit about her and the setting I created for her. I used to have a couple of dolls from the same setting, but from the 1920s rather then contemporary, but for reasons I got rid of them.

Setting: The setting is much like our own, with the technology, history and people we have today, the big difference of course being that mythical creatures were always amongst us, if hidden from larger society. Leading up to the industrial revolution, mythical creatures or “Mythics” were driven more and more away from the public consciousness and seeing ambition and behaviour of humans, most were okay with that and chose to ether isolate themselves or secretly blend into human society. Of course the further away from population centres one were to go, the more likely you were to encounter people that would never go into a fairy ring or that would still set out porridge for the nisse.

This changed during and after WWII, with the boom in technology and desperate and bizarre research by both Axis and Allies, it was inevitable that mythics could stay hidden forever. Both sides would use them for their own gain, coercing, forcing or convincing them to assist or making deals with entities such as Fay or Devils. The war eventually ended, but the cat was out of the bag. Following was decades of social and political activism both for mythics and disadvantaged humans. Not till 1989 we’re all mythics granted personhood under the United Nations and till this day it is still necessary for certain groups to lobby for specific amendments pertaining to the individual needs of specific species.

A side effect following the discovery of mythics worth mentioning is the religious aftermath. The discovery led to a great spike in followers of the pagan faiths. At the same time Abrahamic religion greatly disenfranchised itself with their human centric world view and doomsday cults. Though several sects remain, ether as stubborn hate groups or more adaptable welcoming congregations, in number they have been overtaken by pagan and polytheistic faiths.

Jackalopes: Old creatures, native to North America. They have several powers, they can mimic voices, they have a natural affinity for magic in the illusion and nature schools and if gathered in a group, they can control the weather. Jackalopes are fond of music and whiskey. There are few situations in which a jackalope can physically refuse an offering of whiskey, even their young drink the stuff in a watered down form, though they get inebriated they seem to whitstand the wear on the liver and other organs that other species has to deal with when partaking in excessive amounts of alcohol.

Jackalopes were not always what they are today, they were little magical animals, it was not until the great “taming of the American West” that as a species they took the choice to integrate into human society and take the humanoid shape they have today. For decades they hid in plain sight, using their subtle magic to masquerade as humans. Some can shapeshift to animal form, but after generations have passed, that skill is harder and harder to come by.

Abigail: Or Abby for short is a jackalope in her mid 20s. She’s originally from the American Midwest, but when she was just out of college, her parents disappeared, leaving her and her baby sister alone. On the verge of being kicked out of their house, she took a crazy chance and accepted a job offer from an internet friend in Oslo, Norway and moved there with her sister. She now works in IT as a system manager by day and takes care of her sister when she’s off work. She still practices a bit of magic in her spare time, but it’s hard to get a full coven of jackalopes gathered where she currently lives. Personality wise she’s driven and daring, she’s kind, but takes no shit.


Abby is a hybrid

Head: Withdoll Nana
Body: Resinsoul double jointed, small chest
Legs and ears: Soom Mali/Tenchen


every episode of criminal minds » 4.17 - demonology

Matthew knew the Bible inside and out, and he started to question everything. Why? We moved around a lot when I was a kid. Because of my mom’s postings. It was hard to get accepted. When you’re fifteen, that’s all you want. You’ll do almost anything. You got pregnant. Yeah…I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t tell my mom. Matthew suggested I talk with our priest…He said that if I had an abortion, I wasn’t welcome in his congregation…Matthew found a doctor, he took me there, he stayed with me. That Sunday when we got back to Rome, he held my hand and walked me into the church. Father Gamino actually stopped his sermon, but Matthew told me to hold my head up and we walked to the front pew…He and Matthew just stared at each other. It was like a battle of wills and then suddenly Father Gamino went back to his sermon. Matthew saved my life. He made me feel like I was worthy of love and friendship…He started doing drugs, and when that melded with his religious questioning you could understand why his parents were afraid he was possessed by something evil. It’s my fault that Matthew’s life unraveled.  

Manchester church offers second baptisms for transgender Christians
Transgender baptisms are to be offered for the first time in the UK, at a church in Greater Manchester.

Transgender Christians who were baptized under a name that isn’t truly theirs now have a chance for a second baptism. 

At the New Chapel Unitarian and Free Christian in Manchester, England, officials have agreed to baptize trans people living as their true selves.

Jean Clements, the church’s worship leader, proposed the change after meeting a couple who had a transgender child.

The church was moved to make a change in order to help those in the same situation.

Mrs Clements said: “I felt saddened by the fact that this family were being shunned by many mainstream churches.

"However, when the family came to New Chapel, the congregation welcomed them with open arms. ”

That’s love right there. 

mystic-perrian-nerdfighter  asked:

I am not bi, however, I have one piece of advice for the anon who asked about starting a group at the church: use your words. Just ask the pastor. If they are a welcoming congregation, then maybe they know other LGBT people who need that fellowship. The worst they can do is say no.

Thank you for your advice! I’m sure it’s appreciated. ^^
With love,

Charleston, S.C. – Four days after a gunman killed nine inside the basement of Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, the doors were once again open to welcome congregants.

“We ask that everything be done with dignity. There will be no backpacks, fanny packs or cameras. This is for security purposes,” a man doing crowd control at the church told the swarm of people assembled near the door.

Charleston police stood in the vestibule.

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Determined to give voice to the millions of Christians who believe in equal rights for all, including the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered (LGBT) community, Believe Out Loud is launching a campaign to get one million Christians to break the silence and join the burgeoning chorus for full LGBT equality in the church.

Progressive Christians across numerous denominations believe that Jesus’ message of justice, compassion and love compels them to be fully welcoming of all people, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. Now is the time to speak up and remind the world that it is possible to be Christian AND believe in LGBT inclusion.