김명수 생일 축하합니다!!!
Happy Birthday Kim Myungsoo!!
I hope your year is an amazing one filled with achieving your hopes and dreams. Haha it’s been a year since I fell in love with infinite but it feels like forever! Ahah last year was amazing for you with you playing Hyun Soo in Shut up flower boy band and that kdrama made me like you even more. You really showed your amazing acting skills and showed off how multi-talented you are; a great singer, a great dancer, an amazing actor and who knows what else you can do?
Aha enough on last year. Anyway I really like your personality and talentedness much more than your amazingly handsome looks and your my 2nd/3rd bias in infinite (first being sunggyu). Ahah had you just had looks your ranking wouldn’t be as high.
Anyway I wish you all the best on your birthday cause its an amazingly special day as its the day your mother gave birth to you!
Ahah I know you’d never see this but I hope you can at least feel all the love and appreciation we give to you as a member of Infinite, an actor, an idol, a singer and as wonderful person!
So Happy birthday again from mine and all inspirit’s hearts!
김명수 사랑해요!


생일축하 김성규!
I hope you have an amazing day on the day you came into this world. Life probably wouldn’t be the same without you and your amazing voice. <3 continue to lead infinite well because they do need a leader like you! SARANGHAEYO KIM SUNGGYU and I hope u have an amazing day with the infinite members, woollim ent artists, inspirits, family and friends! I will always be an inspirit and you will always be the one and only Kim Sunggyu <3 사랑해요 김성규


JB & Kang Sora (Haesung) dancing to Taeyang’s ‘I Need a Girl’ <3