Name: Hunter || Age: 16 || Most likely to quote Star Wars at inappropriate times

For the most part, he’s a regular guy with a somewhat unhealthy obsession with Star Wars, if you look past the new creepy school, deranged teachers and how every clock seems to stop at 8:13 for him- he’s an ordinary kid; awesome roommate and girl of his dreams in tow.


Welcome Guillaume!: guillaumetine

Bio: For some reason, Guillaume answered Abraham’s call. He’s been training for a better future since he was a squick of a kid. Still, all work and no play kinda made things really dull. So when a sad little orphan landed himself under Abraham’s care, Guillaume took it upon himself to make this new guy feel as welcome as possible.


Welcome Hunter!: a-boy-named-hunter

Meet Hunter, your average Star Wars quoting teenager.

Bio: Sometimes nice guys finish last- but he’s so much more than just a nice guy, considering that he was accepted into MGA in the first place, there’s probably much more than meets the eye, and much more than he himself knows about himself


Welcome Miss Daramount!: georginadaramount

So our first member of staff enlisted? And who else to start us of-

Bio:  Ms Daramount is an unscrupulous and conniving woman who is not afraid of using murder or sexual appeal to achieve what she wants. She’s sinister, far from your typical moral teacher and along with Mr Gibbs, she seems to be controlling her students to accomplish somewhat unidentified goals at MGA. 


Welcome Ike!: leveragewiththedevil

Here we are, welcoming the devil's protégé himself-

Bio: the glory we all love to hate. underneath the layers and layers of oozing sarcasm, general bitterness and scorn hides Ike; is he really just some deranged rich kid with psychopathic killing tendencies, or is there just a little more to all that?


Welcome Casey!: thecaseyblevins

And our fourth addition to welcometomga!

Bio: Casey Blevins is the most headstrong and determined girl you’ll meet, and she’s not going to just sit and stand idly by as the school brainwashes it’s students. She’s going to find out their schemes and she’s going to get out of here- if it’s the last thing she does.