After being dissapointed at Forever 21 yesterday, as I was walking out I saw this rad french fry tank in the girls straight size clothing (actually the heaven’s parted & the sun beamed down upon it, but I was trying to not be dramatic) & I found a large & decided, why not. I figured it wouldn’t fit but I could at least make a back patch..until I tried it on & BOOM..like a glove. So I cut the neck out (it was too high), threw a mini skirt on, & teased my hair & begged my 7 year old to take photos of me..thus the amazing chin angle. Your welcome.


😂 🍔 #GoodBurger #AllThat #WelcomeToGoodBurgerHomeOfTheGoodBurgerCanITakeYourOrder #EP1

You Guys, You GUys, YOU Guys, YOu gUYs, YOU GUYSSSSS!!!!! GOOD BURGER IS ON NETFLIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is…this is just amazing. Sleep can wait, this movie is my main priority. It’s Kenan and Kel!!! You can to wrong!!!! This movie means so much to me. It makes me so happy. This day just got so much better. #WelcomeToGoodBurgerHomeOfTheGoodBurgerCanITakeYourOrder?