So with that being said…it’s my sole duty ( no, not rlly -,-..lol j/k) to keep you informed on the info,kay?!? Anyone else as excited as i am?!? xD probally not… but for thoose whom aren’t able to attend this years’
fest DO NOT FEAR for the D.I.Y queen is here…to give some tips
of how to rock out,dress like a hobo, and still have the free spirit
fun even if you aren’t in cali.

So look foward to this weeks’ post my awesome lattes’ cuz the pots
about to overflow..the fashion pot that is…(smh, cheesy i know but ya’ll still like it :P.) P.S. if you all have any ideas for new songs to add to my playlist send them to my ask anything pg and i will defently add.