welcomes to the tourists

i really??? really love that it’s canon that lovi is sweet to tourists and literally kisses them. imagine the boy helping tourists from all over the world up and down stairs and hills with their luggage and directing them to where they need to go and telling them the best places to see on their trip.

even with a language barrier i just think it’d be so cute like, imagining him gesturing and making faces and laughing with people that are coming to visit his neck of the woods and sjskfkf i love him so much!!! lovino is the goodest boy there is!

Silent is the Sea | SICHENG

Genre: mermaid!au | fluff | angst

Member: Sicheng / Reader

Word Count: 6,800+

Note: a collaboration with the wonderful @tenpioca, check her version out here

Mermaids are liars. They’ll manipulate you until you brandish your hand of your own accord, happy for them to pull you under with cruel mirth.

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v a u d e v i l l e

it’s about time i made a proper character poster eh? ahh uhhh, if you care in the slightest if you’re curious from left to right is Emmit, Merri, and Jasper. Welcome to Vaudeville

World of Our Own | Harry Styles Uni AU | CHAPTER 1



LISTEN TO Sweetest Thing by Allman Brown
You’re the sweetest thing that I ever did see
Like a bird taking way
Tears that set you free
You’re the sweetest thing that I ever did see
Oh yeah
See, oh yeah


Word Count 6.5k

The solid, wooden, dining table, was chipped and stained from mugs of tea that had been filled too much. The kitchen windows were steaming from the rain that hit them from the outside, but the warm breath that filled the inside. It was four pm and the world was growing dark, street lamps were coming on, the sky was edging closer to blackness at a rate of knots, and it was cold. So cold. But it was home and Rae hadn’t felt as warm, as she did then, in long while.

Living with four boy’s hadn’t exactly been part of the plan, and Rae knew she’d have to keep that from her dad for a little while, but for her it was exciting. Not because they were boys, but just because they were new. New people were like treasure troves to Rae. They were undiscovered, exciting and always filled with trinkets and jewels. For Rae no one was boring or mundane, everyone had a story to tell, and each story was gold.

There were four treasure troves sat around the table with Rae, but it was the one at the end of the table that she wanted to uncover the most. Harry, with the dark hair, fluffy and pushed back from his face in something quiff-esque. A few rogue ringlets trying desperately to form around his ears. The intriguingly quiet, but not in a conceited way, one. The one with the startling eyes, in a shade of green Rae didn’t recognise, and she was sure she’d seen every colour eye imaginable. Eyes were her thing, she always noticed them, but these ones were having an effect on her that she was unfamiliar with and it wasn’t just because the colour was new.

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(At a Mall in Barcelona)
  • Me: *Casually inspecting scented soaps and hoping no one recognizes I'm a tourist*
  • Salesclerk: *In Spanish* Hi, welcome to Lush! Have you shopped with us before?
  • Me: *In an incomprehensible mix of Spanish, English, and French* Yes! I've been here before! .....Actually, no. I haven't. But I did once reblog some fanart of Remus Lupin and Sirius Black buying bathbombs at Lush, so I feel like I know my way around here.
  • Salesclerk: .....¿Que?
Graveyard Gardens

It is October, which means the community graveyard gardens are ripe for harvest in our tiny haunted village, Peyroux.

Travelers and tourists are welcome to join the festivities, and are reminded that if you dig up a ghost or skeleton, you should give them a treat for good luck. Don’t be afraid to ask them for gardening advice either, this is their land and they know it well.

The shocking moment gangs of HUNDREDS of youths rob tourists and brawl
Gangs of hundreds of youths of African appearance have gone on a beachside rampage in Melbourne, brawling and robbing locals and tourists.

Ah look at these African youths enriching Australia.. So lucky they immigrated to the West to enrich us with their vibrant cultures and ways of life, here we see them welcoming tourists to Australia by beating the fuck out of them and robbing them. #diversity # multiculturalism 

Family Holiday || Sam Drake x Reader ||

Characters: Sam Drake x Reader

Requested: Yup! By Anon, thank you this was cute! [Sam Drake x reader where they all go to vacation somewhere]

Prompt: You, Sam, Nate, Elena and Cassie all go on a family holiday to Australia. Despite a long history of dealing with a lot of weird shit, none of them is at all prepared to take on the most notoriously dangerous wildlife lurking around the hot continent. 

Tags: @rafeadderall @dragonjedihobbit @shararogers @delicrieux @solarsystemus @roses-are-bae

Word Count: 2,000

A/N: This idea was something @missdictatorme and I were discussing, Sam being absolutely petrified of spiders despite being tough as shit. Also, I live in Australia, I can 14/10 confirm that crazy shit like this happens and has happened before in my own personal experience especially the fucking snake THEY ARE EVERYWHERE???? I also live in the country so we do see more shit than suburban folk. ENJOY 

You woke up with a smile on your face, oh how Australia had been such a breath of fresh air for not just for you, but Sam, Nate, Elena and Cassie. Sam groaned beside you, feeling you had shifted. “Mornin.” He mumbled into the pillow, he was face down on the bed and you were sure he was trying to suffocate himself when he fell asleep like that. 

“Good morning. It’s a beautiful morning.” You grinned, peering out the window of the lovely apartment over looking rolling hills and beautiful vibrant farm land, The first week you all had done the typical touristy business, staying close to the city, visited the iconic Opera House and Harbour Bridge. Now the five of you stayed in an apartment further away from the city, wanting to experience wildlife to the fullest. 

Next week you were all going to camp out in the wilderness. 

“It’s also incredibly hot already, what time is it?” Sam rolled onto his side and looked at you as you checked your watch. “Almost ten, and according to my phone, it’s too goddamn hot.” You informed him, making him groan. The sweat had already started forming on his skin as well as yours, but it didn’t deter your excitement.

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rpf . jodie comer/jacob collins-levy . 2 750 words . rating pg

notes: the following words are for fun and these are all lies, lies,  l i e s . i own nothing and no one. it’s a rpf, and if it is not your cup of tea, that’s fine.


This is the sort of thing that happens with actors, Jacob knows that.

Close quarters, forced and immediate intimacy; a sort of emotional cabin fever, though not an unpleasant one. Of course you fall in love with your co-stars. Of course you do; at least a little; your life now suddenly revolving around them in brief, ecstatic bursts of intensity. You have to love and hate instantly; that’s part of the job, a job Jacob is good at. He’s seen it happen, and when it happens to him, he lets it fuel him and waits for it to go away. He is pretending to be a man pretending, feigning, acting; repression is second nature, at this point and for his career. Of course it will go away; he is not really in love with Jodie Comer.

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cantily-sclad  asked:

Why is Spain having a debate on tourism? Is it for disrespect? Or did something happen too often?

The problem is that there’s massive tourism (located, mostly, in Barcelona and the Balearic Islands): people getting drunk in the streets, sleeping naked or entering supermarkets naked as well, tourists shouting at 4am when they go out, some even masturbate/have sex in the streets. There have also been cases of people doing drugs in public (not legal) and sometimes they do parties the whole day and night. The reason why the debate started is because the youth wing of a political party, la CUP, did a graffiti on a tourist’s bus and they’ve also broken bikes (used by tourists) and they threw confetti at people who were having lunch. The youth wing of a Basque political party, Sortu, also threw painting to the Basque Agency of Tourism and they’ve also done more protests. In several Spanish cities there’ve appeared graffitis that say things like “Tourists go home, refugees welcome” “Tourist go home” “Tourismus macht frei”, “Tourism kills the city”, “Balconing is fun”, etc.  The Guardian has published an article that you can read here. This is not new, there’ve also been protests in other European cities such as Venice. In Barcelona there are around 9,000 legal tourist flats and 7,000 illegal ones. The city hall will order Airbnb and other websites to take down all the illegal ones. Something similar is going to be done in the Balearic islands.

Another problem that this kind of tourism has created is that people are leaving their neighbourhoods. In el barri gòtic, in the centre of Barcelona, the prices have increased a lot due to tourism (and in Barcelona, in general) and people can’t afford living there. Also, the rents get more expensive due to tourism and it affects the housing market. Same happens with la Barceloneta (a neighbourhood in Barcelona). There’s a building in Barcelona where they are going to throw out all the neighbours because the owner has sold the whole building to a firm that will rent the flats to tourists. In my city, they are going to evict a whole building that has been sold for the same reason. There’s a video about this case here (in Spanish and Catalan). Also, the salaries of those who work in tourism are miserable: long hours for no more than 900€. I’ve got a friend who is living in Mallorca because she goes to uni there and she didn’t find a students flat until the end of September because they were all rented for tourists (=more expensive). Her flat costs, in total, 800€, and she’s living with three other people… Many police officers, nurses, doctors, teachers, etc. refuse to go and work in Palma de Mallorca (or Mallorca, in general) because the rent is so expensive that it’s not worth it. Many people who own restaurants there have empty flats so that their workers can live there, because, otherwise, they can’t afford a flat with their salary. There’re, of course, many other issues, but this are the main ones, I’d say

Anyways some AmeIce headcanons cus im board (and also I’m trying to avoid college stuff).

- Iceland loves wearing Americas bomber jacket to the extent that America barely ever gets to wear it himself anymore.

-There Friday night ritual is building a pillow fort and laying inside of it while watching Golden Girls re-runs (Ame likes to make fun of Ice by telling hin he ‘acts just like rose’ and of course Ice gets all huffy about it)

- Iceland loves to tell America scary folk tails from his country and America is always spooked for the rest of the day.

- One of America’s favorite things about Iceland is how many of his people are still farmers or shepherds. Ame feels like he’s lost touch with his countries history of farming and Iceland lets him get a little of that back.

-One time America brought Iceland up to Alaska to show him the horned puffins there and Ice was amazed by how big they are.

-There both amazing hosts and between Ame’s southern hospitality and Ices nack for making tourists feel welcome they can make any social event amazing.

-Iceland gets into a lot of arguments with America’s bosses much to Americas chagrin (He punched Reagan in the face once and Ame was horrified to say the least).

-sometimes they leave world meeting while there still in session to go get coffee and when they come back they mess up their hair and switch ties just to make people speculate.