my predictions for Hour of Devastation
  • Razaketh: Welcome to the Salty Afterlife, how tough are ya?
  • Gideon: How tough am I? How tough am I? I blocked a spear-thrust from Hazoret herself!
  • Razaketh: So?
  • Gideon: With my face!
  • Razaketh: Uhh, right this way, sorry to keep you waiting. Welcome to the Salty Afterlife, how tough are ya?
  • Chandra: *rips off Nissa's "ZENDIKAR" tattoo and puts it back on upside-down*
  • Razaketh: Wow, impressive. Go ahead.
  • Welcome to the Salty Afterlife, how tough are ya?
  • Liliana: *kills Razaketh with the Chain Veil and walks in*
  • Nicol Bolas: I guess this is my job now. Welcome to the Salty Afterlife, how tough are ya?
  • Jace: I played chess with Emrakul!
  • Nicol Bolas: Get outta here. This place is too tough for you, little man.
  • Jace: Too tough for me? That's downright ridiculous. I'll have you know I did something really heroic that I can't remember, and I only lost all of my memories and planeswalked by accident!
  • Nicol Bolas: Listen, kid. I think you'd be more comfortable over at that place. *points across the Hekma*
  • Jace: Weenie Afterlife Jr's? Are you saying I belong at Weenie Afterlife Jr's?
  • Nicol Bolas: Oh, no, sorry, I was actually pointing at the place next to it.
  • Jace: Super Weenie Afterlife Jr's?!?!?!
The signs as Avenged Sevenfold lyrics

Aries: “Selfish beneath the skin, but deep inside, I’m not insane”
Taurus: “Miles away from those I love, purpose hard to find”
Gemini: “I am your war, arming the strong, aiding the weak”
Cancer: “Never feared for anything, never shamed but never free”
Leo: “My hand is on the trigger, I’m ready to ignite”
Virgo: “Life so reckless, tragedy endless”
Libra: “Kneel to the crown, stand to the sun”
Scorpio: “Darkness has kept the light concealed, grim as ever”
Sagittarius: “I’ll taste your blood tonight”
Capricorn: “No one to call, everybody to fear”
Aquarius: “Got nothing against you, and surely I’ll miss you”
Pisces: “Hatred fuels my blood, I’ll burn you down”

James March: Without You

*trigger warning*

Los Angeles, 1926

Ah, the roarin 20’s. Your fiancé, James had all of the connections and took you to the most extravagant parties. Even though he wasn’t the dancing type, he loved seeing you happy being surrounded by all of the people and music while he sat back and sipped on his bourbon with the hosts of the parties. He’d rather melt your heart over and over again by slow dancing with you to jazz music.

You met James a year ago at a mansion party that was hosted by a friend of his. His motive with you at first was to take you home and kill you, but once you opened your mouth to speak, revealing your hopes and dreams, he was drawn to you romantically and just had to have you. It was as if he’s never met a woman like you in his lifetime. And from his gorgeous dark brown eyes to his attire, along with the smoothness of his swagger, you were instantly attracted to James. After only a few months of dating, he proposed and you happily said yes.

James recently opened up a hotel named ‘Hotel Cortez’ which was built for his dark hobby and for a place to call your palace. The both of you simply enjoyed living in the suite on the top floor since it overlooks Los Angeles. It was most beautiful at night.

Although James loves his kills, his main goal was to finish his work known as the Ten Commandments killings where he would kill anyone who is guilty of each Commandment. While he worked on his hobby, you either helped with paper work in his office or tended to the front desk to check in guests and potential victims. 

As for the wedding, the plan that the both of you agreed on was to celebrate it in the lobby of the Hotel Cortez, but to your misfortune and his, your life came to an end when you caught a terrible sickness before the time came, leading to your death. James did not take it easy, (as a significant other never would) that he went on a rampage and killed anyone that crossed his path. Your opinion on his way of grieving is that if he’s sloppy, he’s going to get caught from the police and won’t be close to fulfilling the Ten Commandments murders.

After your passing, your spirit even watched over James and even though in his mind you were gone, you were always there from being next to him in bed late at night to following him along the hallways as he walked towards his office. 

You only revealed yourself to Miss Evers because the two of you were fairly close. Both of you were surprised at how realistic you looked, felt and made contact with people and inanimate objects. She didn’t take your death too easily either and she even gave you grief for not showing yourself to James, with knowledge that he’s taking it really hard.

The reason behind keeping yourself hidden from James was that you didn’t want to become a distraction and hold him back from his goal in finishing the Ten Commandments murders and helping the Hotel Cortez strive. 

“Miss Evers!” James found Hazel laundering sheets in the laundry room. “It seems I have an important deed I must tend to. So I ask that you do not disturb me for the rest of the evening.”

“Of course, Mr. March.” Miss Evers obeys and continues laundering the sheets, then James leaves to his office. Of course, he didn’t know that you were standing around, keeping Miss Evers company.

“That busy busy man.” You commented as you were leaning against the wall with your arms crossed in front of you.

“Indeed he is, Miss Y/N.” Miss Evers replies with a smile on her face, being happy as ever cleaning.


Both you and Miss Evers assumed that James was just going to his office to work on his ‘hobby’. But no, it was the complete opposite.

Unfortunately, your hopes for James to reach his goals was crushed because he felt utterly depressed without you. He’s never felt this low in his entire existence and he even thought that giving himself time would ease the pain, but time only made it harder.

In fact, he held a gun in one hand and a knife in the other, deciding which one he wanted to use on himself instead of on a victim of his, per usual. He lets out a dramatic sigh and sets the gun on the table, choosing the knife to slit his own throat to end his life. Before he does so, he looks over at a photo he saved of you, frowning at the fact that he misses you so much.

The knife made contact with his neck and just as he was roughly sliding it across, that’s when you decided to check up on him and you screamed from what he’s done, which ended up revealing yourself. “James! No no no! What have you done?!” 

His eyes widened when he saw you, then he took his last breath and it was too late. The deed has been done. His body slowly fell to the floor as the blood was gushing out of his throat. You fell to your knees and held him close, allowing tears to stream down your face. “Why?! You bastard!”

Barely even a minute later, you hear a male voice behind you. “Dearest?” You were too distraught from your crying to realize whose voice it was until you turned around. You wanted to shoo that person away, but you saw that it was your beloved fiancé. 

You looked back and forth from his dead body and ghostly figure. You gently placed James’s deceased head on the carpet with your palms before standing up to face him.

James assumed you would greet him with a long kiss, but instead, you welcomed him to the afterlife with a hard slap in the face and James was in complete shock. Everyone knows that you’re the only person on this planet that’d he’d allow to do that. “I can’t believe you!” You sniffled and wiped away your tears with your fingers, then turned your back to face him, taking a few steps away.

“But darling, we’re reunited. Why are you unhappy with me?” James rushes towards you, clutching onto your small left hand.

“You’re supposed to finish the Ten Commandments! And the Hotel! What are you going to do?” You shouted, shaking his grasp from you.

“None of it matters if I’m not in your presence.” James said with a softness in his voice, but you were still upset. 

“You imbecile!” You scoffed as you sat on the foot of the bed with your elbows on your knees, hugging your forehead with your palms.

James walks towards you, kneeling in front of you so that that two of you were at eye level with each other as he still kept the softness in his voice. “You see, I couldn’t go on without my queen. And I’ll find another to finish my work. Miss Evers can look after our Hotel or find someone suitable.” He notices that you still wont make eye contact with him, so he gently grabs your chin to make eye contact. “After all, we have eternity, dearest.” James leans over and kisses your forehead.

You aren’t necessarily going to forgive him right off the bat for doing such a terrible thing on a whim, but you’ll forgive him eventually. He’s willing to wait, even if it takes as long as forever, just as long as he’s with you.

The ShinBon Bomb
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On Friday the final episode of Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu aired. After the previous week’s episode, where Kikuhiko (Yakumo) passed on into the afterlife with a smile on his face, viewers expected the beloved series to wrap up peacefully. But Shouwa did not go quietly into that dark night without first dropping a massive bombshell on us: that Kikuhiko may be Shinnosuke’s real father.

The following is this fan’s thought process on the implications of this twist.

On a Moral Level-

Does anyone out there remember the manga/anime Bunny Drop? Do you remember WHY it received the backlash it did? It’s because it’s the story of a man who raised his grandfather’s newly discovered toddler only to TURN AROUND AND MARRY HER WHEN SHE GREW UP. The series tried to make the argument that, because it was later revealed that Rin wasn’t actually Daikichi’s grandfather’s daughter, the two aren’t related by blood and therefore it isn’t actually incest. But incest isn’t the problem: child grooming is. Child grooming is when an adult raises a child in such a way to condition them to be open to sexual advances from said adult. It’s a real thing, and it’s disgusting.

The thought of Kikuhiko sleeping with Konatsu is horrifying: not because they are related by blood (they aren’t), and not because of the age difference, but because Kiku was a father figure to her through much of her life, including most of her childhood. He took her in after the death of her parents and raised her. She is the closest thing he has to a daughter. To turn around and sleep with her when she comes of age breaks any sort of familial trust that was established between them, and is an incredibly dishonorable thing to do to the child of your two closest friends.

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On a Thematic Level-

Shinnosuke as the physical manifestation of the three original mains (Kikuhiko, Sukeroku, and Miyokichi) is an absolute stroke of brilliance. These three characters, who loved and were loved and never found peace with their situations, are finally tied together in a very real and tangible way. It is especially satisfying as you realize through his presentation and appearance that Shin-chan is the lovechild that Kikuhiko and Sukeroku would have had if their relationship had been pursued (and if there weren’t obvious physical limitations). It brings a level of closure to the relationship between these two men who, despite being very close, were always at odds with each other and the world.

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My Personal Thoughts-

I don’t think Kikuhiko slept with Konatsu. It doesn’t make a lot of sense for a man who, despite being super far in the closet, never let Miyokichi (the woman he was the closest to) touch him, to turn around and sleep with her daughter. And do you think, even for one moment, that Sukeroku would have welcomed Kikuhiko into the afterlife with open arms if Kiku had been fucking his daughter?

One thing that is important to remember is that it is Higuchi who puts this theory forward. Higuchi, as a writer, is always looking for connections in things, and has put more than one false accusation forward in the past. Remember when he accused Kikuhiko of killing Miyokichi? We know from Matsuda’s account that Kiku was blameless in what happened to Konatsu’s parents. We also know that, as interested in Kiku as Higuchi is, he also held a vendetta against him for a long time: for both rejecting him as an apprentice and getting involved with a woman the young writer had feelings for.

Do I think it was actually the mob boss? No. Oddly enough, I always thought Mangetsu was Shinnosuke’s father. Why? Some of it was the child’s appearance. He had the black hair, the gray eyes, and the same sly smile as the rich medical student. But what really made me consider the possibility was a scene from episode 6, when Konatsu formally thanks him for helping bring Kikuhiko to the hospital, and Mangestu replies “You finally looked my way, eh?” Konatsu looks up quickly, taken aback. At the time I read this as Mangestu quietly commenting on the fact that Konatsu refuses to acknowledge the father of her child. It’s not a lot to go on, but I do think it makes a lot more sense than the mob boss or the mob boss’s son.

Some people are going to disagree with me. And that’s okay. I agree that there is a lot of evidence sprinkled throughout the series pointing to Shinnosuke as Kikuhiko’s son. Whether that evidence is canon fact or thematic conjecture is going to be up to the interpretation of the viewer. Haruko Kumota intentionally brings up the idea because she wants to introduce the implications on a metaphorical level, but she also intentionally leaves the situation ambiguous, because Shinnosuke’s real father does not ultimately change the larger story of Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu, which is one of love, loss, and the eternal power of rakugo.

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ready, freddie?

Fred Weasley felt the world come crushing down around him, the ground was shaking and everything around him was burning to the ground and the last thing he remembered was his older brother joking as he duelled. He had always made fun of Percy for being the stuck up one, for once he had let it go and Fred had to let it go, too. He felt his body become too heavy to carry and he slowly let it all go.

Fred opened his eyes to an unfamiliar place, he was staring at the ceiling but he had no idea what he was seeing. Then a strong set of hands gripped him and before he pulled him up he whispered “Ready, Freddie?” and he was standing but he could swear he just.. died. Fred turned around to see who it was that helped him stand up and was hit by the man’s striking resemblance to his mother. There was not one but two of this guy and he had heard about them from Bill and his mother. 

“Fabian and Gideon Prewett?”

“Exactly” they answered simultaneously and Fred suddenly thought about his own other half that liked to talk at the same time as he did. “George!”

“He’s alright Freddie, he is alright” said one of the twins as he put his hands on Fred’s shoulders. 

“Where the bloody hell am I?”

“Welcome to afterlife,” revealed one of the twins, Fred still had no idea which was which. He felt his heart clench at the thought of his mother not being able to tell him and George apart and how it must have been an awful reminder of her little brothers, everyday. Fabian and Gideon had the same structure as Molly but Fred could swear he could see George’s eyes looking at him.

“I’m Fabian,” said the slightly thinner twin as he extended an hand. Fred didn’t need to shake hands he needed hugs, firm ones at that. So he just ignored Fabian’s hand as he hugged the man who was unmistakably his uncle that he never got the fortune to meet.

“Alright, buddy” laughed Fabian as he hugged Fred back.

“And that makes you Gideon” Fred said as he pulled away from Fabian and launched himself on Gideon.

“Oh, he’s a smart one” teased Gideon as he patted Fred on the back softly. 

“It is an honour to meet you. Mom mentioned you and Mad-Eye talked about with so much pride–” Fred took a deep breath, he must be here too. The fallen warrior. “He is here isn’t he? Mad-Eye?”

“Of course he is ickle Freddie, he is with Dumbledore” replied Gideon as he pointed to Fred’s former Headmaster, who looked younger than he did his last year.

“Mad-Eye always told us how it took five Death Eaters to, umm–”

“It was seven, but who’s counting?” joked Gideon as he winked and Fred felt a shiver down his spine. How was it that even the way they talked was so reminiscent of George even though they have never met them?

 “Why am I here?”

“We are not sure ourselves, we think it is because we all have something in common and we all have something we’ve left behind, something we are not ready to let go of yet,” explained Fabian. “We weren’t ready to let go of Molly just yet then she started popping all of you out one right after the other and now we stay for the fun of it.”

“Not that there has been anything remotely fun ever since Cedric arrived,” interrupted Gideon, his eyes focused on something Fred couldn’t see. “We are so proud of you Freddie but you know, the good die young.”

Fred remembered the day Cedric left his now older life very clearly, nothing had been the same. He remembered the kind face of the Hogwarts Champion and the way Harry held on to him as they reappeared in the middle of the Quidditch pitch. 

“We want you to meet some people here if that’s alright, looks like we will be together for a while now” suggested Fabian after clearing his throat and taking a deep breath. Well, now Fred know how he got his ability to change subjects almost instantly.

“Do you remember that ridiculous map you used with Georgie?” asked Fabian.

“That map is not ridiculous, it saved our arses hundreds of times from Filch.”

“I think he is in love, Fabian” teased Gideon. “Do you know who owned that map?”

“Umm, the Marauders?”

“But do you know who they are?!” said Fabian impatiently.

“No,” answered Fred, a little taken aback.

“You have met Sirius and Remus right, Padfoot and Moony?”

“WHAT THE– really?!” shouted Fred, he had met the people who created that awesome piece of paper and he didn’t know.

“And that,” said Gideon as he pointed to a man who looked like he could be the twin of Harry, “is James Potter, or as you may know him Prongs.”

“You are fucking with me,” babbled Fred. 

“Now, now, Freddie did you kiss Molly with that mouth?” laughed Fabian as he stared at Fred with a shine in his blue eyes.

Fred was in awe. Him and George owed them so much and he had returned the Map to it’s owner’s son without intending. For the first time he felt excited, he looked up to them so much without knowing them. The original pranksters of Hogwarts.

“But there was a fourth one. Wormtail?”

“Peter Pettigrew. Well, fortunately that bastard is not here.” complained Gideon and Fred didn’t understand what was going on so he stared at the twins with a confused face. “He is the rat who betrayed James and Lily. He was their best friend, now he’s a pathetic mess of a Death Eater.”

“We know he is dead, he just never made it here even if he did, we didn’t see it. We were friends with him, too.” he said guiltily. “None of us understood he was the mole.”

“We should get back Gideon,” said Fabian. “We were watching the war with them, we got to keep an eye on them, everything’s a bloody mess at the moment.”

“Can I watch Georgie and the others?” asked Fred. 

“Of course you can,” they replied together and they walked next to the growing crowd around James and Lily Potter.

Until George arrived to where ever he was, Fred had a new home and apparently a new family, too. He stared down at his twins pain stricken face as he duelled a masked Death Eater with Percy by his side. 

For the first time ever they were separated and this was their final adventure together whether they liked it or not. Fred felt like he should start getting used to the fact that this will be the hardest thing they will ever have to do without each other.

“Ready, Georgie?”


**Hey guys, this is gonna be a multi-chapter fic, and as I’m no longer on Ao3, it’ll be exclusively on my Tumblr blog- if you don’t want to miss a chapter let me know and I’ll tag you in future instalments! Starts out angsty but I promise will end happy!!!**




“Where am I?” The question came instantly, unbidden, before his eyes had even had a chance to adjust to the blackness. Speaking felt different somehow; the words hung heavy and strange on Castiel’s tongue. Something was wrong. He blinked, reaching his hands out in front of him, trying to orient himself, trying to verify this was real, that he was somewhere tangible, but the darkness was so impossibly thick he couldn’t even tell if he was moving.

“You’re in the Empty,” a familiar but unwelcoming voice answered calmly. Other voices sounded distantly, a faint hum.

“No,” Castiel said, automatically denying. He tried to furrow his brow but again had the disorienting sensation of not really existing, of somehow being disjointed from his body- any body.

“Feels strange, doesn’t it? You’ll get used to it,” the voice continued contemptuously. “If you decide to stay, that is.”

“Stay?” Cas repeated blankly. “Why would I… I don’t belong here. I’m not- I’m not-”

“Dead?” the voice supplied. Castiel tried to convince himself he was imagining the mirth in the rich female voice.

“Think, Castiel. What’s the last thing you remember?”

Cas wracked his brain.

“The portal,” he answered slowly. “Lucifer. I stabbed him… I knew it wouldn’t kill him, but I hoped it would buy me time to escape before the portal closed…”

“And did it? Buy you time?”

He remembered stepping through the portal, back to the dirt ground outside the lake house, night falling. He remembered just one glimpse of Dean’s face, relieved and hopeful, impossibly beautiful… and then those brilliant green eyes widening in fear, in shock-

“He- Lucifer. He followed me?” Cas questioned uncertainly.

“You’re dead, Castiel. You tell me.” It was hard to tell, of course, given the pitch-blackness, but the voice sounded gloating. Why was it so familiar? A woman’s voice he’d heard before, several times…

“No,” Cas repeated, but the sinking feeling betrayed him. He couldn’t be dead. He couldn’t be. In the Empty? Was it possible?

“And now, you’re gonna stay dead.”

Castiel’s chest clenched in horror. “Billie…” he whispered.

“Welcome to your afterlife, Castiel.”


“Dean,” Sam’s voice sounded gently. “It’s time.”

“No,” Dean answered immediately. His voice was hoarse from disuse.

They were still at the lakehouse.

“Dean,” Sam repeated softly. His hazel eyes brimmed with concern. “It’s been two days. We have to say goodbye.”

“No,” Dean said, with a little more force.


After spying the Nephilim in the corner of the nursery, Sam barely had time to react before the yellow-eyed human-angel hybrid vanished with an eerie grin. Sam had searched the house and yard top to bottom but the Nephilim was long gone. Reluctantly, Sam had gone back outside to his brother who was still kneeling, still as a statue, next to his fallen best friend.

The image of the tattered, black wings scorched onto the ground was too much- too final, but Dean couldn’t look away. He’d stared at the black outline of feathers and bone because he couldn’t bring himself to look at Cas, at the familiar trench coat and tie splayed on the ground; at the dark hair that the angel had learned to style but that Dean always secretly preferred messed up; at the strong limbs bent at an awkward angle where he’d fallen; at the eyes that once were once an unusually bright blue but were now closed forever. He’d sat there, broken but dry-eyed, not caring about the Nephilim, not caring about anything, until Sam returned and found him.

Sam retrieved a grey blanket from the Impala and draped it across Dean’s shoulders before sitting himself down cross-legged beside him. The brothers sat in silence, tears finally allowed to streak down Sam’s cheeks, Dean stone-faced but clearly devastated. It was dawn before Sam finally made a move to go inside. He put a hand under Dean’s arm, tugging upward, but Dean shrugged him off.

“I’m staying,” Dean said gruffly.

Sam didn’t argue. He did a final once-over of the house, checking for anything out of the ordinary, anything that needed to be cleaned up or destroyed. Kelly’s body had vanished with the Nephilim and while Sam was greatly concerned, he was somewhat relieved at not having to find her family or bury yet another victim of the supernatural world.

He gave Dean an hour before rummaging through the house and making Dean a strong cup of coffee with lots of sugar. Dean accepted the cup but didn’t drink.

“We can give him a hunter’s funeral,” Sam said finally. “Do you want to come with me to chop some wood?”

“No!” Dean burst out immediately.

Sam blinked in surprise. “Dean… we can’t just leave him.”

“I’ll bury him myself.”


“I said I’ll do it myself!” Dean roared.

Sam bit back his reply. Cas was an angel, after all- he shouldn’t have a soul; not that he was likely to come back as a ghost anyway. “Okay,” Sam sighed, resigned. “Whatever you want.”

“Just… just not yet,” Dean said, and he tore his eyes away from the scorch marks long enough to glance at Sam.

Sam nodded in understanding. Dean looked so vulnerable, his bottom lip trembling, the muscles in his jaw clenching as Dean struggled to keep himself together. He turned back to Cas, this time his calloused hand gingerly clasping the angel’s.

That had been two days ago, and while Sam was still mourning as well, he also understood that they needed to get moving. Their mom- who knew what was happening to her this very moment? Not to mention, it was surely only a matter of time before angels and demons alike came sniffing around- it wasn’t safe for them to stay here any longer. And Cas… Sam wasn’t sure what happened to the bodies of fallen angels whose vessels were not really a vessel, but their own body personally hand-crafted by God, but Sam didn’t want to wait to find out. They needed to put their friend to rest.

Finally Dean broke. “I can’t, Sammy. I can’t do it. I can’t.” For the first time in two days, Dean wept, deep, heart-wrenching sobs that shuddered through his whole body. It was too much- Cas, their mother and Lucifer back, both of them lost, the Nephilim escaped, Cas…

Sam itched to comfort him, but he knew Dean would probably reject the affection. It was uncharacteristic of Dean even to allow himself this kind of public grief. Sam settled for kneeling beside him and placing a hand on his shoulder. The younger Winchester wasn’t entirely certain he fully understood the bond between Dean and Cas, but it was painfully obvious that to Dean, this was a loss unlike any other. “I’m sorry,” Sam murmured quietly. “I’m so sorry.”

Eventually, Dean’s ragged gasps slowed and evened out. His eyes remained glassy and red-rimmed, but his tears stopped. He looked exhausted, world-weary; he had every right to, of course, but it wasn’t often he let himself own it.

Neither Winchester was prepared for when Castiel’s once-lifeless body suddenly shuddered before them, sucking in a loud breath.

Castiel pushed himself up to sitting, chest heaving as he blinked around at them.

White as a sheet, Dean stared in terror, scrambling to get off the ground. Sam pulled him to his feet, shaking.

“Dean?” Cas rasped in his gravelly voice. He hurriedly scrambled to his feet as well, his eyes flicking briefly to Sam but remaining chiefly fixed on Dean.

It was a split-second before Dean’s face tightened, his hand pulled back, and a well-aimed fist connected harshly with Castiel’s jaw.

“You son-of-a-bitch.”

  • god: ‪welcome to the afterlife. do you have any questions before we begin?‬
  • me: ‪oh thank fuck, yes. you have no idea how long this has been bothering me! could you please explain the exact thought process of the Devour frozen meals marketing team when they came up with the 2017 "food you want to fork" tagline? please speak slowly, i will be taking notes.
Reflektor (5/).

Prompt: HYDRA is back in its quest to replicate the Winter Soldier success but this time, they know where not to fail and what do to create the perfect soldier. The Avengers and Nick Fury have just one option left if they want to bring HYDRA down once for all, but what would happen when Fury breaks his promise to protect their only option?

Word Count: 869.

Warnings: Nope? 

A/N: Thank you you for continuing reading this guys, it’s building up slowly but we’ll get there.

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The car ride was silent, even their breathings were soft as if any deep intake would drown them. Allen still got the comms in his hand, the right one searched for hers in the dim light of the limo. A soft grasp that lasted until the automobile pulled over, not a single glance was spared to the blonde before she moved out and into the cold night.

“You know, you do not need to do this D.”

For the first time she looked at him, he noticed the fear in her orbs and the subtle shiver that ran through her pale skin. She took his fag and inhale the smoke, something she would always do to calm down, before tossing it to the ground and moving to the entrance.

“I’m sorry but the gala has already started. The doors are closed.”

“Not for me” A dark laugh erupted from the bodyguard’s chest.

“Well, tell whoever is in charge that Danielle Turner is here.”

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this is like five weeks late, oh my lord. i kept rewriting it bc i wasn’t happy with it, and then mebb happened and now i’m procrastinating and decided to string together what i had.

i went with shaynor because how could i not! (also sorry this isn’t in a proper answer and all, the text field kept eating my formatting!) 

16. “Why haven’t you kissed me yet?”

Shepard’s getting real tired of coming back from the dead. This time she doesn’t wake up on a research facility bed but she’s still disappointed that the harsh bright light that fills her eyes isn’t welcoming to her the afterlife. Everything fucking hurts but you know what, she’s used to that, too.  

She wishes that the universe would have just let her rest in peace.


“You have a visitor,” the nurse tells her, several months into her recovery.  Shepard raises an eyebrow because she’s never heard that before. Not here, at least; with repairs still underway on the Mass Effect relays, travel in the galaxy is anywhere between slow and impossible, depending on where one’s going and where they’re coming from.  

Even Before the Reapers, as Shepard now thinks of that time of her life, visits had usually been from Alliance brass, ushering along her recovery between insincere lines of don’t push yourself and take all the time you need. Once upon a time, when the Alliance had asked her to jump, she would’ve asked ‘how high’?

Now, she thinks she’s done enough. The idea of a life free from the auspices of the Alliance terrifies her, but still. The idea of living in general seems ethereal at times. She realises now that she had never expected to survive the war. That’s how it worked, right? The hero always dies in the end.

Except for the times when they don’t.

That’s when the door opens and Shepard hears a voice she hasn’t heard in what feels like a lifetime.


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anonymous asked:

I would love for toddler Gideon's imaginary friend to be his older self. Gideon's friend has a best friend named Roderick and they live down the street from a man called Neal, just like Neal Nolan. Neal down the street drives a yellow Bug like Neal Nolan's sister. And toddler Gideon talks to them all in his dreams.

Aww, this is so sad!

I mean, what if the grown up Gideon we knew did ‘die’ in the final battle, but bc he was good and did the right thing as much as possible, he gets sent to the better place. So he blinks his eyes open, and there’s this weirdly familiar guy standing over him, who helps him up. “Hey, kid, welcome to the afterlife.”

The guy introduces himself as Neal, and Gideon knows that name because Belle told him - in the day or so he had with his mother - all about his big brother. So they hug, and then Gideon is distressed because he knows how devastated his parents will be at his death. All he wanted was to protect his mother and father, and now they’re going to have to go on without him.

And Neal nods, because he knows that feeling, how hard it is to let the people he loves go on without him, knowing the pain they’re in. But he tells Gideon it’s okay: there’s a place up here where they can watch over them. Gideon then quickly discovers that he’s not like Bae: this is only a version of him, not the whole person. So he has the ability to speak to and connect with his other self, and he’s so happy that part of him gets the life he always dreamed about, that his family got a happy ending.

So baby Gideon has a guardian angel growing up, and older!Gideon is not going to let that kid screw things up. He can also take messages from Neal when he visits the kid, and sometimes even get through to Belle and Rumple. 

Up in the afterlife, he finds Roderick and apologises, and Roderick forgives him, especially when he finds out Gideon helped defeat the Black Fairy once and for all. Since Gideon has the ability to actually speak to the living, he then starts going through the other people the Black Fairy abducted, raised, and killed, and passing their stories through to his other self. Belle and Rumple have already worked to save the living prisoners of the Dark Realm and return them to their families, but the BF’s reign was long and many of her victims never made it to see her fall. So when he comes of age, new!Gideon makes it his mission to take those stories and pass on those messages to the kids’ families, questing to bring messages of hope, peace, forgiveness, and love to parents who never knew what became of their children. 

New!Gideon never wields a sword, or fights a battle, or defeats any evil. Gideon - both versions of him, because they’re the same person - still brings as much hope and light to the world as any Saviour before or since. 

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Hope Afterlife Services (i)

The feeling of mourning has long left Hoseok’s inhuman soul. But now, after one unspeakable rule has been broken, the Grim Reaper is stuck with a new type of feeling; regret.

Pairing: Grim Reaper! Hoseok x Reader?

Genre: Mild Angst

Word Count: 1.033 (drabble) 

A/N: As the ‘(i)’ in the title suggests, this is the first part to a Grim Reaper! Hoseok drabble series that I am writing. I hope everyone enjoys! Also, big thank you to @thules for ensuring me that this, and the banner, was postable.

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What if in your Ghost Laurens au philip still got shot but he ended up dying and so either a) john welcomes him to the afterlife and spend years waiting for the rest of theire friends and family to join them or b) philip and john become guardian angels to the rest of the Hamilton kids

This harkens back to another ask I received a couple days ago about Philip’s eventual death one of many, because you guys love to crush my hopes .

For my personal version, he needs to live past his “intended date of death” (possibly until he reaches the age that John was when he died, but that’s not set in stone), because- without giving too much away- that’s the point at which the tables start to turn and story starts to change course.
But if you prefer to stick more closely to the original script, I’ve no qualms with it. I actually love the idea of Philip watching over his siblings, it’s so precious. <3

Maybe he and Alex watch over Eliza’s orphanage while she’s still alive, even.

Fight For Love - A Bellamy Blake Imagine

Originally posted by scenesocialbroken

Summary: Imagine Bellamy saving you from Mount Weather. Requested

You stood on the dropship ramp, anxiously panting as the loud pops of gunfire echoed in your ears. Bombs went off, blasting dirt and body parts into the air. Arrows flew, rapidly whizzing past your ears before meeting their fleshy targets with master precision. Those targets were your friends, the foot soldiers that fought valiantly to protect their newfound home but their efforts had fallen short.

Clarke had just called for the troops to fall back as the relentless grounder army advanced on camp, slashing their way through the delinquents and leaving a bloody trail of death in their wake. You had hesitantly followed her orders, retreating to the protective walls of the spaceship, but you couldn’t seem to remove yourself from the doorway. You refused the let the dropship doors close without Bellamy aboard.  

Amidst the chaos, you saw him. He had just poked his greasy mop top out of one of the foxholes, gazing at the madness of camp with a rifle clutched firmly in his hands.

“Bellamy!” you called out, urging him to make his way to the dropship immediately.

Clarke was getting ready to shut the doors, prepared to roast the grounders alive with the dropship’s thrusters and Bellamy would join them if he didn’t make haste.

As Bellamy’s eyes locked with yours, you felt a subtle sense of relief. He was unharmed, he was alive, and if he floored it, he had just enough time to make it into the dropship and into your arms. That small glimmer of hope was quickly dashed by a tall and fearsome grounder stepping into Bellamy’s path.

You screamed as you watched the grounder viciously knock Bellamy to the ground. He scrambled backward in the dirt as the grounder held him at the mercy of his sword but before Bellamy could come face to face with the grim reaper, Finn dove into action to rescue his friend.

The two young men seemed to struggle against the prowess of the grounder. They wrestled back and forth in the dirt and just as soon as Finn had freed Bellamy from the jaws of death, it was now the spacewalker that was being choked within an inch of his life.  

“Bellamy!” you shrieked again.

Bellamy looked at you and then at his dying friend. And you knew that he would never abandon a friend in need to solidify his own safety. He made brief eye contact with you, giving you a reassuring nod before tackling the grounder off of Finn.

“No!” you cried.

Miller and Clarke grabbed you, forcefully pulling you into the ship as you kicked and screamed in rebellion.

That was your last memory of Bellamy and it haunted you even now as you lingered in the shadow of your own demise.

You had spent the past three days captive in a steel cage inside of Mount Weather. The price you paid for freedom was pain in the form of a drill. They only released you from your cell to harvest your precious bone marrow. Your body was weak, your joints ached, and a sharp pain pervaded your chest with every drawn breath. You suffered so much from the torturous procedure that you nearly welcomed death.

It wasn’t the incessant buzzing of the drill or the burning agony that came with it that made you want to give up the ghost, but it was the thought of living in a world without your best friend that made you believe that surviving just wasn’t worth the fight anymore.

For all you knew, Bellamy hadn’t survived the fiery blast at the drop ship. It had been weeks since you’d felt his warm embrace or relished in his tender kiss and you were beginning to think that you would die without ever experiencing those earthly pleasures ever again. And a life void of Bellamy Blake didn’t seem like a life worth living.    

It was your turn again. The lab assistants dragged your limp body from the cage and placed you on the operating table underneath the blinding, white light. You didn’t fight back as they strapped you down. You just closed your eyes, knowing this was it. With your weakening condition, it would only take one more bone marrow extraction for them to finish you off. Your only hope was that Bellamy might’ve been on the other side waiting to take your hand and welcome you into the afterlife.  

Instead of hearing the high pitched screech of the drill, you heard two gunshots ring out into the room. You heard the weight of the two lab assistants hitting the concrete floor. And out of the blinding light of the lamp, the frame of a Mount Weather guard became clear.

His helmet-clad face was looking down at you as he removed the belted straps that held you in place. Once you were free, he removed his goggles and helmet to reveal messy dark hair and deep brown eyes.

“Bellamy…” you whispered.

He took your frail body into his arms and lifted you off of the table. He cradled you close to him, rocking you gently against his chest.

“Shhh…I’m here,” Bellamy whispered. He planted a gentle kiss on your forehead. “You’re going to be okay…you’re going to be okay.”

Undead appeared after a particularly powerful Old Lord was slain in battle and the gift of life and resurrection was given to the people on the battlefield, slain and destroyed. Their essences flew back to them, and consciousness restored. It’s harder for an undead to be created from a fleshy body, just because the body is fighting it’s soul coming back in. Rotted/mummified bodies are much easier to resurrect. Also, souls can return to a body and have the body added to by other corpses without souls, and be modified, armored, and experimented on with relative ease. Thus, undead can grow to enormous sizes. Undead can also smell when death draws near, and some civilizations/communities use undead as hounds to sniff out the survivors of battles.
Undead culture is heavily based off of ways to keep busy. With time being a relatively un-important concept, being occupied and for one’s efforts to not go to waste are most important.

Undead, or “second-timers” as some refer to them, obsessively collect things; henceforth, they’re unburdened by fashion fads and the popularities of time period. They will often layer many sets of clothing scavenged from battlefields, as they are want to do. Undead find solace in welcoming new bodies to the afterlife.

This particular individual is what’s known as a “Reaver”, one who (usually) harmlessly picks through the spoils of war and battle for hidden riches that even corpsmen won’t touch.

Anon: Klaus dies, but is far more interested in flirting with his reaper than obediently following the light.

Thanks for the prompt!

His eyes traced the lines of his own face, distorted to his perception without a mirror. “Do I really look like that?”

“Don’t tell me you’re one of those that refuses to believe they’re one of the beautiful people.” Klaus turned to find a blonde girl, arms crossed and foot tapping in irritation. “Welcome to the afterlife, I’m your escort, Caroline.”

“You don’t seem pleased to be here, love,” he noted. “As the dead one, I thought I’d bear the weight of indignant pride.”

She gave a sarcastic grin, a sickly sweet thing amid her bouncy curls. “As the one on the clock, I have six more people to guide to their eternal rest. So chop chop, let’s get moving.”

Turning on her precariously high heel, Klaus watched her storm away from the street where he’d been hit by a passing car, leaving his body behind. “And where are we going, might I ask?”

“Wherever the light takes you, duh,” she barely explained. “Can we hurry? I’ve got my eye on employee of the month, and I’ll be damned if I let Saint Elena win it again.”

Klaus lurched forward to grab her hand, if only to slow her down. “How does one become an escort?” He was intrigued by her beauty, entranced by her intractable stubbornness.

“Usually, they answer a vague ad in hopes of making easy money,” she muttered automatically before her eyes went wide with understanding. “Oh, it’s an active choice, usually made by the light.”

“This is where your light led you?”

She canted her head to the side, curious. “Not exactly, but I like having things to do. The resort where they tried to send me seemed like a curse for finding sand in odd places forever. As a reaper, I have a sense of accomplishment.”

Klaus nodded, processing. “Where does my light lead?”

“My file says the woods, you have family already there,” she shrugged. “You can still visit them as a reaper, but never as much time as you like.”

Stepping closer, Klaus breached the line of her personal space. “And other reapers? I find I’d like to spend more time with you, love.”

“Caroline, not love,” she corrected. “And typical newbie, trying to seduce the reaper. If you’re serious, I’ll take you to see Katherine - she has an in with the big guy.”

Smirking, Klaus grabbed her hand and let her lead the way. “To Katherine, then. I look forward to having options.”

Prompt me maybe!


alright so we stumbled across this idea while derping to eachother and it actually sounded really fun so let me know if you guys would read this or not so i know if i should write it!

- so you’re basically a ghost because you’ve been killed by got7’s rudeness

- yup you’re actually /dead/

- you woke up one day and your soul just left your body because they were just too much to handle

- especially bambam these days wtf

- not chill dude

- so you decide to take revenge duh who do these little shits think they are?

- you’re invisible

- but you can touch living people and objects in the real world

- you’re still invisible


- okay but first you need to go to the ghost realm

- there are rules okay

- lol jk

- do whatever the fuck you want you’re a ghost

- Yoongi greets you at the gates because he’s heaven’s receptionist

- ‘welcome to AfterLife™, what can i do for you?’

- ‘uhm idk maybe explain wtf happened to me?’

- *sigh* ‘another dead fangirl? Shit they keep coming out of nowhere. Come with me.’

- Yoongi takes you with him on a tour through the ghost realm and teaches you the ways of haunting

- like what to do and what not to do

- ofcourse you can do whatever you want but just don’t be a lame ghost okay

- ‘writing messages on the wall with blood is so cliché’

- ‘keep knocking shit off of shelves and throw things across the room though that shit’s classic’

- ‘doesn’t matter really humans shit themselves at the smallest things’

- You spend some time together and he becomes your best ghost friend

- until you meet another ghost fangirl

- she’s also killed by got7

- you seeee where i’m goiiiing?

- ofcourse you do

- payback time bitch

- let’s mess with these boys

- have a little fun with them

- pull their pants down at random moments

- ‘Who the fuck pulled down my pants??’

- ‘Wait you too?? so it wasn’t you?!’

- imagine their faces

- priceless

- BamBam and Jackson share a room right

- ‘Bam stop fucking around with the lights already! It’s not fucking funny!’

- And then BamBam just comes into the room after getting a glass of water

- also ghost blowjobs

- alot of them

- you’re sucking their dick in the morning and they can feel it but they can’t see anyone lol

- they don’t stop you though those rude ass pervs

- you just generally make them confused af and they start going crazy bc wtf is going on?!

- it’s gonna be a hella funny, wild ride guys

- like just watch the video of them getting startled by a prank just do it

- they’re such big babies

- the other members of bts will appear as well at some point

there’s so much more though but here is some brainstorming! let me know what you think about it :)

-Admin E.

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4; ghost verse B))

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Prompt. The first time my muse realized they liked yours.

Title. For the Dancing and the Dreaming
Setting. Original
Characters. Arthur Driscoll (@etherealmeliorism), Blaine McDonough (@shadyxplots), Franklin Donut (@rvbsimsoldiers), Lilah Hall (@sleightxofxhand), Rithisak Aydelotte, (@ireofembers), Veata Aydelotte (@ivoryribcage)

Summary. How odd it was to learn that even in death there could be life.

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