Fire, Fire Everywhere….

The Ghoul’s at the Junkyard got a visit from the Welcome Wagon today.  John Paul Jones decided to sit everyone down around the campfire and tell the new neighbors the story of how the Ghouls came to be.   Much to the neighbors horror, John Paul concluded his story by setting himself on fire to demonstrate his immortality.

Once the new neighbors had fled in terror at the sight of a fully immolated Ghoul, and the horrific stench that comes with it,  John Paul decided to take a rose petal bath to relax and clean up.  Somehow I’m thinking all the roses in the world won’t clear the stink of burnt Ghoul flesh from the air.  In fact, I hear ole John Paul had to take two baths to wash all the charred flesh off.

Not moments after concluding his bath, and changing into some fresh duds, John Paul grabbed a slice of the heirloom fruitcake, and proceeded to set himself ablaze yet again.  He claimed he didn’t care for the temperature of the fruitcake.  This time the only casualty was a Freezer Bunny Rave Rug.  Once he finished his flaming Fruitcake,  John Paul extinguished himself and left for work, as though nothing was amiss.  There was a big protest planned in Nukecrest, which John Paul was anxious to lead.

Literally moments after John Paul walked through the Junkyard gates on his way to work, another fire broke out in John Paul’s container. Thankfully,  Typhoid Mary and Tommy Lee K. were on hand to extinguish the blaze.  Shortly after,  Dr. Frank Enstyne set to work installing Fire Prevention units on all of the containers at the Junkyard.  Probably a good idea too, nobody enjoys the smell of burning Ghouls.  Not even Ghouls.

Welcome Wagon


Dena stood outside of the Camden Lock underground station. She was sucking on a lollipop and wondering if she’d worn the right outfit even a little bit. 

She’d put on a long, lightweight jumper with the Picasso quote ‘The world doesn’t make sense so why should I paint pictures that do?’ on it. She was also wearing leggings with the underground map on them. Then, she was wearing doc martens. 

She hoped that it didn’t make her look completely ridiculous. Her braids were back in a headband, mostly to keep them out of her face. They had just been redone recently, which was a relief. At least they’d look really nice. 

When she saw Sheena emerge from the station, she nearly jumped out of her skin. 

“Hey! Sheena!” she called out, raising one hand to wave.

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so i may or may not have been inspired to try and write some uliro because of you and boss.


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Hi! So, I'm kinda like the welcome wagon to the community, so.....welcome! We're so glad to have you! If you ever need anything, feel free to hit me up on my blogs askthegirlwholoved or metamorphmagusmuggles! ~Gracie

Wheeee~ thank you lovely!

“When someone breaks into my house, I usually don’t invite them to stay. But that’s me.”

Once upon a time

Melinda May followed her mother’s steps, an intelligence operative, when she joined S.H.I.E.L.D., believing the organization was the best defense for the world against any threats that may come their way. Trained by the best during her years in the academy,  she becomes an aced pilot as well as a martial arts and weapons expert. She met Coulson there and they befriended back then. Their first mission together turned out to be a bust and she had to wait five hours in the water until he came to extract her. Several years after, both of them along other agents were sent to Bahrain as a “Welcome Wagon” but the mission went wrong. May, single handled rescued the hostages and crossed the enemy forces, with her bare hands, gaining then her famous nickname of the Cavalry, which she hates.

After that, she changed and finally asked to retire from the field, entering the Administration, not wanting to see combat ever again but keeping her pilot license. After Coulson’s death, she’s charged by Fury to assemble a team to watch over him, which she does without questions. When he finds out the truth about the T.A.H.I.T.I Project, they have a big argument, leading her to get away  from the rest of the team just before the organization fell. She comes back and help them fight against HYDRA -and Ward-. As Skye’s new C.O. she grows more and more fond of the girl and acts as Coulson’s right hand, helping him on his new duty and with his condition.

What the headlines say

Having Coulson’s back as she ever did, she’s handling most of the ongoing missions in the Playground to let him deal with what he has to deal with. Still training Skye to become a full field agent, she seems to let herself go more often, opening up to the young girl. Not really pleased by some recent additions in the team, she grew out to appreciate them and seems to like teasing Hunter. In light of the recent events, she’s even more protective about Skye and is willing to try everything to help her cope with what happened. Even if it means reconnecting with her ex-husband.

Helping Coulson has let her to an unexpected journey. The one of finally allowing herself to think of him as more than just a friend. She has partaken in some fun with old and new recruits and has filled in for Coulson on many occasion (especially when he went on the field).  She has watched helplessly when Mack was shot in front of Skye and Coulson’s eyes. Knowing just how much that can affect a person, she is worrying for Skye and Coulson. She has been an active element in trying to locate  Tony and Clint , mostly keeping the shit together, until the boys were back.  Right now, she truly wish to be on vacation.

  • RACE – Human
    POWER /ABILITY –  master pilot, martial artist, acrobat and marsman, multilingual
    AGE –  45
    OCCUPATION  Shield agent, pilot

  • Status: Taken
  • Player: Miu