Was it a natural evolution in style that coincidentally arrived with the new neighbors, or something more sinister? After years of artistic drought, she had no choice but to embrace her compulsion to draw large-scale nudes from the rear.

(Photo: Richard Powers; Dwell)

Dear New Jacksepticeye Fans...

       Hello, there! Welcome to the community. If you’re seeing this, you probably know the main man. Around here, we call him dork, the Irish muffin, leprechaun, and many other nicknames (all in good fun), but you know who he is. Jacksepticeye!

       Now, since there’s a lot of new fans around, I’ve decided to take a moment to welcome you all. I’m also here to help all of you get to know him a little better, find cool fan blogs, and just generally get better fixed into the community. I’ll put it under the cut for y’all.

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agutterfullofstars asked:

helloo! I just wanted to say that although you were on my dash because of the giveaway, I'm following because wow what an awesome blog thanks for running it! :) x

Awww, thanks! Also, I meant to put this in the giveaway announcement, but because I am a space cadet sometimes, I forgot. So I will just say it here.

There are some changes in the works for historicallyaccuratesteve.

As some of you already know, I am in grad school for public history (ie, working in museums, historic sites, galleries, archives, etc.). As part of my degree, I’m doing a capstone project, and I recently got permission from my program to expand historicallyaccuratesteve and integrate it into my capstone.

I will be spending part of my summer doing an independent study on presenting the history of comic books and designing both physical and digital exhibits for popular culture, so that research will probably be reflected here. It probably won’t affect the posting schedule much – if anything, there may actually be more posts rather than fewer – but the subject matter may be a little different. There will also be some redesigning of the site, including a more organized tagging structure and a more professional page design.

And if things go the way I hope they do, there may actually be a physical historicallyaccuratesteve mini-exhibit sometime next spring! And if that happens, I’ll post the details for the opening here and make sure all of you are invited.

So yeah, exciting things are happening here! :D